Peeb Net Watch- Renton Exclusive brethren Saga

At times i have watched the ongoing saga over the Renton Brethren with all the faithfully brain-dead  punters trying to decide for themselves what might be an abusive cult, or not an abusive cult etc.

Heres the thread on Peebs Net

It’s up to page 35 now and these faithfully brain-dead folk still havent managed to decide

And these twits sit and wonder why the Exclusive Brethren might never learn anything new or manage to change much either.Go figure !! ….The blind hoping to help in leading the blind ??.Sure seems like it.

Yes sadly i think so.

Anyway we are now at page 34 and 35 and this faithful soul named Hannah has piped up lately ,stepped forward to carry the torch of Renton brethrenism .Claiming it can’t be considered a cult for this reason and that reason, such as her daddy can go on holiday or eat his dinner with so and so etc.

And the likes of the faithful Iain and Joan have also stepped in, to give it their faithfully wonderful Christianly nod of approval .

On page 34 Iain says : Again from observation, they go on holidays as much as anyone else, but do seem to make sure they can go to a Renton meeting on Sundays. I find that sad – why can’t they just worship with local Christians wherever they are? And when they go on holiday they do seem to make full use of the facilities – watch TV in the hotel, etc. I am not saying everyone will watch TV, and I dare say some will ‘minister’ against it, but they have no mechanism for enforcing that. They do not seem to regard any such ministry as binding. I wonder what would happen if somebody decided to go for 10 days to Tenerife or some such place – possibly a lot of tut-tutting, but I am not sure every place would make it a test of fellowship.

As Hannah says, at the moment they are very upbeat with fairly substantial numbers joining them from the Strang party (or whatever it is called), and new meetings being opened. They have just re-opened the Linlithgow meeting near here, and I have heard of other places where the Rentons have opened new meetings (Taunton was one such place) – and lo and behold, a new holiday destination for some!

But where you have hard-line leadership as Mechanic has suffered from, you have frustrated ‘system men’. But that seems to be their choice as distinct from universally imposed rules. Even although some may wish to impose the rules again, they would just be ignored if they tried – unless you are unfortunate enough to be in a place where hardliners dominate. :End quote

Such wonderful insight Iain .But do you suppose it might be even better if these folk could simply be human ? .I think that’s whats really sad here,and it doesn’t help matters when religious people like you keep trying to find your faithful angles, to try excusing matters.Faithful folk like you lot sit there on Peebs Net calling the Exclusive Brethren out for supposedly being guilty of being an abusive cult,but in all honesty it’s really just begging the question and pulling at straws ….Because if you were able to be a little more honest you might have the simple decency to accept God belief including Christianity to all be just one big ABUSIVE CULT anyway, even if its abusive to variable degrees.Why bullshit around the matter,trying to pin the blame on certain groups such as the EB or the Rentons.

Doesnt the Christianity belief itself ALSO involve MANIPULATION and MINDCONTROL and used certain methods of FEAR TACTICS .To try to manipulate and control its members ,what else is these suggestions of hell other than being, about ancient methods of manipulation and mind control designed to try to control people through fear ? …You can beat around the bush all you like, with your faithfully brain-dead mind closed off and shut down, through falling under the spell of a charismatic figure named Jesus Christ the Christian cult leader.But Jesus Christ was just another ancient cult leader, like the modern day Bruce Hales is.

But the fact remains Iain and Hannah and Joan …..Your Christianity is a nasty abusive cult just the same! ,even if it might be a slightly different taste of abusive cult than the modern day Exclusive Brethren are.

Why try and fool yourself .Does it make you feel superior?, than the Renton or Exclusive Brethren, to sit there in judgement of those who only became what they have, through following your abusive christian cult faith bible with its universal charismatic figure named Jesus.

If it wasnt the Exclusive Brethren or Rentons who were available to be the meat in the sandwich .Might you instead be busy picking and blaming the JWs or perhaps the Mormon ?.

How long will you be busy blaming everyone else, but the real problem ?

It’s really long overdue time you pulled your blinkers off .Give up being like the faithfully blind ostrich with its head so deeply buried in the faith quick sand.

Iain Joan and Hannah let me break the news to you ,you have left the Exclusive Brethren maybe ….But you still follow the very same nasty evil thoughtless abusive cult named Christianity.A abusive cult with the same base mindcontrol and manipulations of fear tactics

And it’s about time you stopped picking on the Exclusive Brethren and instead finally faced up to the fact that its people like you Christians that continually promote these abuse cult faiths with their charismatic figures ,that in the end lead to the evolution of nasty groups like the Exclusive Brethren.

You wankers remind me of a pitiful bunch of plurry school children in the school yard, all bitching and bickering at each other and fighting over who happened to throw more stones than the other did etc …..While blissfully simply overlooking the utter blatant ignorant stupidity of throwing stones!.

When will you faithful dingbat`s decide to climb down off your high horse, that’s actually nothing more than another inbred dog-tucker , and quit with the childish bullshit !! .And start to deal with the real problem.

Because your bullshit of trying to lay blame on the EB or the Rentons or who ever else you might like to faithfully believe as being to blame, achieves absolutely nothing

Take a GOOD look here your brain has shut down from being under the spell of the charismatic cult figure of Christianity and Jesus Christ

Did you read nuroscience has proved it.It dont help people with the  areas of the brain responsible for scepticism and vigilance.Your God faith is having the effect of shutting down parts of the prefrontal and anterior cingulate cortices, which play key roles in vigilance and scepticism when judging the truth and importance of what people say

In other words turning you into faithful zombies.

You are little better off than an Exclusive Brethren member who`s brain is also closed down, from coming under the spell of Bruce Hales.

It’s why i personally ceased signing into Peebs Net .I soon realized there on that site, i was still actually right in among many members of the abusive thoughtless ignorant nasty cult of christianity ,who all had their brains shut down.

And that was real plurry depressing.

I mean whats the point …Whats the use …..What will it achieve

Get over it you plurry faithful dingbats.Christianity is a cult that always did split and divide and teaches need for seperation and shunning .

Why beat around the bush .Why try pulling at short straws like school children trying to blame one group as being worse than the other.Who do you think you are fooling.

Cut the bullshit.If you are Christian you are an abusive cult follower , your faith has a very long history of being abusive.Bickering and bitching about the degrees of your abusiveness is so plurry freaking childish

About ExEB

I'm a agnostic/atheist . Interested in learning more about science. I also am an "ex-member" of a group most publicly known within modern times, as the Exclusive Brethren. Whom are an off-shoot of the original Plymouth Brethren group. I'd say it likely my personality could possibly be described as quirky.You know ,as in being , unconventional , unorthodox , unusual, off-centre, strange, bizarre, weird, peculiar, odd, freakish, outlandish, offbeat, out of the ordinary, bohemian, alternative, zany I'm sure iv'e been classed as "crazy" . Many times But then, being born into a group like the exclusive brethren. Doesn't lend itself ? to tend to produce things considered as being "very normal" .Does it I escaped the Exclusive Brethren cult as a 15 year old teenager. Even since that time iv'e been trying to adjust to living life outside the cult. With much of my life being lived within the genre of "wild colonial boy" style. In the general sense of a church-rebel picking and choosing from role models who appeared within-life along the way. But as the exclusive brethren cult had traditionally maintained a general church-rule , of need to shun and totally excommunicate any ex member of their group.Treating such people as if they were dead. Thus this situation developed more to do with my need of following traditionally enforced church-rule , as apposed to it being so much about "life-choices". Certain emotional experiences, and parts of life in general, have led to me adopting a sense of low self esteem. Which is a situation i still deal with from time to time. Through my ongoing interest in science. I find i am able to gather more information to help me better understand my situation. Much about life for me, has often seemed like a massive puzzle.With many missing pieces.
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16 Responses to Peeb Net Watch- Renton Exclusive brethren Saga

  1. George says:

    I might agree with you more if you didn’t demean yourself by using the word “fucking” so gratuitously.

  2. ExEB says:

    Howdy George i hope you had a great weekend.Im honestly glad for you to disagree with me on what ever matters you chose to.And guess what this is not a Renton meeting so i dont expect you to wear a scarf or a special hat or dress code either.I have have laid done no rules on my blog of how i expect other people should dress behave or speak,which means just because i swear like a trouper im not expecting that any others need do likewise.I have to do with other folks who do and say things that i dont.

    However for you i have changed the “word” you personally find so very distasteful,im sure most likely plenty of others found it distasteful too.And so to try and please folks.

    However personally i think this is a little sad that i need do so.Where i didnt simply leave the word out,i have changed the “word” to plurry instead.Hopefully you personally dont find the “word” plurry distasteful also.Im sure some people might want to withdraw from me for using this word also….There was a time when folks found people who used the terrible work shit ,as being distasteful.Those folks were dispised, made outcasts shunted off into some seperate group of human beings.The word bugger was once thought totally disgusting,maybe you “personally” still think so,while here in NZ atleast it has now been included in dictionarys

    Yet i have yet to see groups of people demanding that people need learn to swear,no i dont see it often.Mostly i only ever see those who seem to feel they are above, demanding that others should need become more like themselves.

    George im not much of a drinker, but i have friends i considder as good friends and as my “equal” as a human beings anyway.Its petrsonally not my cuppa-tea to get totally drunk like they often choose to,and maybe at times i even dislike it a little that they choose to get so drunk …But im still “trying” to remember i need to try to change from my EB ancestory, and learn that humans have different personalitys, and have lived in different situations, and are not really all clones.And yet i admit ! i still do have my own problems with accepting this.

    I honestly hope any of what ive said here hasnt offended you, because its not my intention im just being honest .Please do continue to feel totally free to disagree with me!.I respect that right greatly!, i think its very important.I do not wish you to become like me,because i know i also do have plenty of imperfections .

    Here on my blog i want to make it that you are most welcome to be yourself George ,and that includes telling me you dont partake in my personal choice of wording.

    I agree with you George we should be allowed to be different !,we should be quite welcome! to speak up! and say we disagree! with anything!, and yes that includes use of language.If this had been able to happen back in the EB when J.T.Jnr was in power,we would quite likely not have had so many families split and devided like we now have.

    George i wish to celibrate the fact today, that you “personally” are very different to me .I still think you are mighty fine.

  3. ExEB says:

    George ,today i will also celebrate the fact your spelling is so much better than mine is.And after reading back over all my very bad spelling mistakes in my reply above, i shall just get down on my knees now, and pray you will forgive my bad spelling.

  4. ExEB says:

    Im sorry for swearing.And im sorry my swearing included a particular word you personally find very distasteful, George.

    But forgive me, sometimes i find i get very angry about all the *************** bullsh**e that seems to get trown around amongst Christians trying to poke sticks at certain groups of other Christians.Trying to suggest this ones an abusive cult, but that one over there isnt.

    Who do they think they are fooling.

    If the teaching of the bible itself aint abusive and aint cultlike ,how the heck do they think these extreme abusive christian cults ever get to evolve ?.

    Does a freaking stalk arrive on their rooftops, and suddenly decide to implant a nasty attitude in their brains ?.

    They sit there on that site peebs net judging the EB and the JWs and the Mormon or Renton or whoever suits their fancy.And they bit*h about the EB not opening their eyes to see whats wrong , and grumble at the EB for the seperation.

    Yet while doing so they are also being the real blind ones!! who are also willing to overlook the real ROOT of the problem . Which is a nasty exclusive devisive book known as the holy bible that was always about a CULT and has ALWAYS split and devided folks since it first started.

    Why i get so angry is because i know little will ever change until more of these faithful folks get “totally honest” about matters.At present they are no better than Bruce Hales who also in the EB keeps trying to pin a tail on a thoroughbred ASS ,and try suggesting it might be a plurry racehorse.

    Until the base facts are faced up to a little more honestly ,it will just keep being a vicious circle.Doing nobody any real good.

  5. ExEB says:

    Iain sits there giving us his wonderful devine translation of this holy bible .Others elsewhere translate it however they happen to do.

    So what do all these wonderfully well trained and biblically trained scolarly trained wise men manage to prove.

    That this holy book can quite easily be translated to suit almost whatever the particular scolarly trained wise man wishes to read.


    And the fools squabble and fight and wonder why this world is filled with so much devision and pain cause by a book these fools try calling “holy”.

    The only thing honestly holy about it ….Is its full of holes ! which plenty of people have sadly fallen through , causing untold pain and suffering along the way.

    My family has been ripped apart .My kids never even got to meet their grandma ….My life was a waste of time and daily i awake wishing i had never been born.

    And thoughtless uncaring pricks still carry on, trying to pin a tail on a utter ASS, and still try claiming its actually a racehorse.

    People like Iain are involved in the promotion of sealing a nasty heartbreaking fate for many people in future generations.

    Because they like to gamble .Hope of their eternal lives and salvation means more to them than the rights of kids not being born to fruitcake faithful folk.

    Gamblers are not well know to be considderate of others. Gamblers think life is all about them.

    Gamblers have no proof they will win the prize ,but they dont care about needing proof of winning.

    As far as gamblers are concerned ,they like to gamble and hope to win …This tickles their fancy

    They dont care who else gets effected by their actions.

    Because of a long line of these faith gamblers …..I HAD TO have the BAD LUCK of being born into a group of faithful nutcases.

    That Jesus died on the cross paid for little.

    I paid with my life on this earth ….My two children also have paid dearly ……For the rights of FAITH GAMBLERS we all had to pay and pay

    Future generations will also need to keep paying ! also.

    All because some people like the Iains of this world think “continued promotion” of their faith gambling habit is ok.

  6. ExEB says:

    And then these fools also try blaming atheism, for who Joseph Stalin became.

    Do they ever wonder what reason Stalin might have had to go calling a certain teacher he knew ,as the black spot ?.

    Might it have been because Stalin also found, faithful folks seemed all to happy to gamble with his life on this earth.

    I can honestly say i near dislike faith as much as Stalin might have.

    Naturally scholarly people like Iain are far to biblically scholarly to ever dare considder my distaste for faith might have something to do with faith gambling.

    Not its suits Iains indoctrination and gambling habit far better to pin a tail on a ASS, and think maybe it might still be a race horse , while feeling so free and easy to judge me of my atheism

    Like other faithful folk judged Stalin.

    And we wonder why Bruce Hales never ever seems to care to even look at himself either .We wonder why it might have been that J.T.Jnr might have been the thoughtless ignorant uncaring prick that he also was…… And Symington too.

    But whatever it was that was wrong with all these folks and many more before them,and likely still many more to come.

    If people become atheists its always due to some supposed devil.

    There could never ever be anything wrong with all the faith gambling

  7. Force Factor says:

    Well I don’t usually comment on blogs but I came across yours whilst I was doing a bit of work researching in Google today so i figured I might leave a quick note. Obviously I’ve gotten a little sidetracked after sticking around to read a number of your posts. Terrific stuff here and I’m going to be back in the future to check out more. Take care!

    • ExEB says:

      Thanks Force Factor for the kind comment,im glad if you found something you thought interesting enough to read a little.Please feel welcome! to drop in and comment, and even feel free! to disagree if you see me get out of line.

      You take care too! .

  8. captain JOHN S. COLMAN says:


    Let every knee bow and confess JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, HE IS KING OF

  9. captain JOHN S. COLMAN says:

    only a fool says in the heart “THERE IS NO GOD”>


    We confess Him now as Lord over all for ever blessed.

    The unbelieving will tremble on the DAY OF JUDGMENT and they will confess His surpassing greatness.

    Turn to Him now you unbelieving of the Southern Hemisphere and accept His forgiving grace on offer, free and without grudges.

    • ExEB says:

      Hi Captain John.

      Thanks for the comment.I welcome your right to your opinion on this matter.

      If Jesus Christ is really Lord of Lord and king of kings , his kingdom is a right mess , its out of control with many many differing groups of loopy faith believers. They cause all manner of suffering and pain .

      What type of Lord or King let his kindom run in this manner ? . A very unresponsible one ? . Or one thats obviously non existant ? .

      Captain John i grew up with all these theist threats . And threatning bullys dont scare me anymore , i see right through them ! . I know all their bully tactics like folks know the nursery rhymes . Why should i fear ? , its all you theists ! that have let all these differing faith groups evolve that caused us all so much pain and suffering . I fear not because i know there is a fair few theists going to be in front of me receiving a mighty swift kicking ! , before i`ll ever even need to start any worrying.

      You make your Lord/King out to be like a real monster . What type of father disappears for thousands of years and then out of the blue suddenly returns at some stage like you suggest maybe he will , who would then abuse his fatherless children for not knowing they had a father that existed ?. Is it the children fault they dont believe they even had a father , if its the father who dissappeared and never showed himself to them ?.

      Your lord of lord and king of king is a evil thoughtless monster if he really exist and be as you suggesting . You and other theists make him out to be this way , i suggest maybe it is you ! that really should have great need to be very fearful and trembling ! .

      Many theist people like yourself have split and divided our families and been the cause of all manner of great suffering and pain , you have judged and been those who cast the stones at people . You have been those ! who used these threats against us , have been those ! who suggested God to be this nasty abusive monster

      By Jove if there is any folk on this earth that have good reason to be trembling , it it the theists of this earth ! for sure .

      I fear not Captain John . I have the feeling no God exist …. But i will sure be rubbing my hands together in anticipation of finally seeing some justice , when the smack-down of nasty divise suffering causing theist gets underway should any God actually exist . For it is the nasty attitude of theists that help suggest to me it seems very unlikely God could be existing , because i cannot see good reason any loving God would likely leave the ugliness of theists running rampant and riot in this world causing suffering the way they always have done so.

      Oh yeah you theist have judged and thrown the threats around havent you , many of you abused us and tore our families apart . And then you come here trying to be telling me its the non believers that have good reason to be trembling ?.

      By jingo`s i would be far far more fearful being a theist after what all your nasty theist kinred have done to many lives of humans here on planet earth.

      I dont fear any God .I see no good reason to believe one exists .

      But by jove if so happens one does exist , i sure look forward to the time when he arrives . Because i feel pretty damn confident plenty of theists are in for one mighty good smack down ! that they sure wont be forgeting in any real great hurry . And after what i have experienced by the hand of these nasty theist pricks , i guarantee you i will be ! there on the side line clapping my hands ! at the great joy of finally receiving some real justice that i have longed for .

      Captain John i suggest it is not i that really needs to be a little fearful and trembling.

  10. captain JOHN S. COLMAN says:

    THE KING , THE LORD is not, repeat not at fault.
    The failures of believers are patently obvious and no one resiles from these.
    The Lamb who shed His blood is on the Throne of God in Heaven.
    His perfections are all that Christians can boast in.
    Like the rambling and abusive writer I too along with many others, suffered and still suffer thro ‘the inferred superiority of EXCLUSIVE BRETHREN.
    we carry a cross and try to follow Him who also suffered-He understands.

    • ExEB says:

      Hello Captain JOHN S . COLMAN .

      No to be completely honest , i dont blame any Supernatural King or lord or God … Whats the use of blaming something i dont even believe in ?

      It would be like blaming santa for not bringing me presents …Or blaming the tooth fairy …why i found no money under by pillow even though i left the tooth fairy a tooth .

      Of course i dont blame God Captain JOHN ……Its not any God that doesnt even seem to exists …fault ….If confused ancient men didnt yet have enough knowledge to know how they should understand phenomena they experienced .It is a pity these men lied about divine guidence though …like they still do ….the priests …the witch doctors ….the scientologist ….. the voodoo ologists ….. the mormon … the EB or the Renton ….All claiming to have guidence from Gods

      Guess you have divine guidence from God too huh Captain John ? …. Thats who told you to come here and tell me im rambling …. Nice God your God ? ….. Sorry im not convinced

      Theist think they can ram rambling Theist books down our throat that end up spltting and dividing our families ….And if we become atheist …and start rambling ourselves .

      We are the abusive ones !

      And they couldnt understand why Stalin ended up hating the faithful ……No the faithful persecutors suddenly felt so terribly persecuted . Boo hoo they cried ….Stalin hates our guts

      But i wont let myself hate people like Captain John …. I grew up around nasty faithful folk …I understand they are the my way or the highway types … Bigots who cant handle any other opinion …Bigots who have ended up with so many splits and dominations …exactly for that very same reason ! …They are bigots who cant handle anyone elses opinion

      Just because you decide you going to carry some freaking cross doesnt mean everyone else needs to Captain JOHN

      Only thing i ever got out of carrying a cross was needing to deal with other nasty bigoted cross carrying pricks like you Captain John …..So why the hell would i bother ?

      Good day to you sir ….. And a merry Christ mass to you

  11. captain JOHN S. COLMAN says:


    • ExEB says:

      Ahhhh i see, you`r a John Nelson Darby`ite … Quote : “AFTER THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM.YOU MAY BE SURE THAT SUCH A MAN IS WARPED AND SINFUL;HE IS self-condemned ”

      You folk like playing to be the local religo-town-bullies ….. Busting up folks families and suchlike … Bossing folk around and telling them who they may or may-not anything to do with .One of those with an earthly judgement system who judges everyone and decides who`s sinful or unsinful.

      I know the type very well Captain John S Colman . We all know these types these days and wider society knows these types very well now too ! … Modern society is fast becoming elightened about the existence and “radical methods” of “abuse” terrorizing type “religious cult Gangs” like the Exclusive and Renton Brethren types have been , dishing out punishments while meddling within some of our families lives and relationships.You yourself know some peoples lives have even been lost in suicide ! others lost their whole lives living in such endless spiritual torment and great dispair while their minds became full of these many sad memories.

      While the religious marfia ….”Gang bosses” … ruthlessly ruled us

      Thats all many religions honestly are Captain John … NASTY Religious gangs holding a Christian banner …..We can just be thankful ! i suppose at least they no longer can faithfully “decide” to burn us at stakes , like their nasty thoughtless ancestors did


      I see so you saying you are a- My-way or the Highway …type Guy ….Anyone who dont follow your belief like a good little puppy dog …. Captain John Colman– excommunicates from him …… Self condemned by will and judgement of Captain John Colman

      Yeah society is becoming well aware your religious marfia type groups exist Captain John and in time they fully intend to start doing something about cleaning up this religious marfia riff-raff abit….In time society will start reminding these religious marfia type pricks that they dont have any supreme “rights” to be running this here show on this eath yet ….Some of them might think they have already become like the religious mafia`s “earthly Jesus” types , but that can soon be FIXED at some stage Captain John .Once we start seeing some human rights abuse cases being played out in courts …We`ll soon see who has rights and who doesnt have the rights to have been doing what for a mighty long time now ! they have been doing.

      Im not interested in carrying any ancient cross with you Captain John

      I intend on continuing fully exposing what the religious mafia has been doing within generations of my people who`s families have had their lives played and meddled around with , by religious mafia bosses who with reckless disregard meddled within our lives like a nasty evil cat that torments a mouse.

      The thoughtless attitude you lot have displey often been very little better than that of mein fuhrer .

      1. Adolf Hitler . Hitler condemned folks lives to the death chambers .

      2. Religious mafia gang types like the Exclusive and Renton Brethren condemned peoples whole lives to forever waste away ! and rot … in separation and total excommunication from their other family and flesh and blood …In DIVISIVE cults ….And often over such trivial utterly stupid bullshit matters ….matters like this here where i all i do is diagree with “YOUR” beliefs i dare disagree with “CAPTAIN JOHN COLMAN” …… so i`lll be damned ….. i`ll be excommunicated


      Well you please your self Captain John.

      But dont expect that firing a few “spiritual threats” at me is really going to faze me much ….Ive already heard it all ! before man

      This stuff is going to get talked about whether old “religious mafia” folks really like other people hearing about it or not. We fully intend to enlighten the general public as to whats been taking place within religious circles

      We fully intend to make sure …that some day there WILL be some big changes made !! …oh yes that we sure do ….And its an extremely sure bet ! that one day in future “religious mafia ” bullies will no longer have these rights they now do , to faithfully abuse us .

    • ExEB says:

      Jesus is obviously totally dead …Captain John Colman

      The fact the religious marfia bullies still exist … helps prove it

      Jesus obviously aint so omnipotent afterall

      He obviously cant help us ! and strangly enough most dead people cant help us either

      Im an atheist , we believe humanity will have to help ourselves

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