Lost Tomb Of Jesus

In Feb 27 th 2oo7 ScienceDailey did an article about ‘Lost Tomb Of Jesus’ Reveals New Scientific Evidence Supporting Possible Find Of Jesus Family Tomb”  http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/02/070226212800.htm

Then again the next day on Feb 28th titled   The Lost Tomb Of Jesus? Religious Scholar Provides Insight On The Controversy  http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/02/070228135009.htm 

So yeah the story’s old , but i still think its pretty interesting . I`d love to be involved in this type of archeology , it must be so exciting . A real adventure . Where i live there is old gold workings and water races hand-built by the Chinese , i don’t know what it is but being around those places you pick up rocks that you know have been laid by hand . And it almost feels like you can feel some kind of connection to those you know laid them so many years ago .

The article says.

As noted above, six of the Talpiyot boxes have side inscriptions. There is some argument about the preservation and interpretation of the scripts, but Tabor, Simcha Jocobivici and James Cameron, the makers of the film The Lost Tomb of Jesus (to be shown on Discovery Channel March 04, 2007), say the box inscriptions should be read as follows:

1. Yeshua bar Yehosef – ‘Jesus son of Joseph’ (speaks for itself)

2. Maria – the Latin for the normal ‘Miriam’ or Mary (mother or sister of Jesus?)

3. Yose – alternate form of ‘Joseph’ ( Matthew 13:54 lists 4 brothers of Jesus—James, Joses, Simon, Judas—and unnamed and unnumbered sisters)

4. Yehuda bar Yeshua—’Judah son of Jesus’ (some claim this refers to Jesus of Nazareth’s son)

5. Mariamne e mara—’Miriamne the master’ (some say Mary of Magdala’s real name was Miriamne; mara is the same term as Maranatha “Come, oh Lord [mara]” in 1 Corinthians 16:22 )

6. Matya—’Matthew’ or ‘Matthias’ (possibly a husband of one of the women in an unmarked ossuary)

There has been much controversy surrounding this find , and naturally Christians call it a hoax . L.o.L … had Jesus been the only one missing i cant help thinking maybe Christians would have been rejoicing and calling it the most telling and amazing find ever found. Who knows what the truth of the matter is.

Under the heading Analysis this article says.

University of Toronto mathematician calculated that the odds that the tomb does not belong to the Jesus of the Gospels is 1/600. Tabor’s mathematician gives the startling odds that out of 42,723,672 families, the Talpiyot combination of names would occur only once. The general public needs to be a little wary of statistical calculations, Flinn cautions. They never give you the absolute truth but only an approximation of the truth. And Tabor is quick to admit that many of the associations in his book are “speculative,”  Flinn notes. Still, he says, it is important to point out that these numbers do not depend so much on the frequency of a particular name but on the occurrence of the cluster of names, and here the numbers are telling.

So they suggest it’s the cluster of names that they feel is important.

In the first article it says.

Could this have been a holy tomb for Jesus and his family? Evidence shows the following:

  • Leading epigraphers agree about the text inscriptions;
  • Expert archaeologists confirm the nature of the finds and their historical relevance;
  • The tomb contains a mysterious symbol over the entrance found on other Christian artifacts; and
  • A statistical study concludes that the odds – on the most conservative basis — are 600 to 1 in favor of this being the Jesus family tomb.

Here  is another interesting site connected to this subject http://talpiottomb.com/    .Under news dated March 29 2010 it says ….  

Publication of “Did the set of names from the Talpiot tomb arise by chance?” (click here)
March 29, 2010

    Jerry Lutgen, the editor of the talpiottomb.com has just released an article which makes it clear that the names
    found in
    the Talpiot tomb did not arise by chance.  There could be many reasons for this non-chance
    occurrence, only one of which is that the Talpiot tomb is the family tomb of Jesus
    .  This result is important
    because many of those opposed to the Talpiot tomb as the family tomb of Jesus often state that the names found
    in the tomb must have arisen out of chance given that individually some of these names are common.   http://talpiottomb.com/latest_news.html

And here’s a link to James Tabors blog  http://jamestabor.com/blog/

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