Church Dinosaurs

What a funny place to find Dinosaurs.Who would have ever expected to find any dinosaurs in a church.

But yes it seems Dinosaurs may be found in Churches …. Its very true… Honest…See here 

This is a Windowless Exclusive Brethren Church with Dinosaurus Gates

Hmmmmmmmm ????? … I wonder how many dinosaurs could be found in the Exclusive Brethren Churches.

Bruce Hales .Exclusive Brethren Leader.

Ohhh corummbaaa !….. this one looks like he is  BANKING  on something .

Quick come Join my Exclusive Bank My Brethren.It will be Fun...For Me

I demand the M.O.G have right to take full control of the youth too

Haa haa .. Got them by the Balls! ..opps... i mean Bank account now too

Comments from article.

Dave T (Nelson)
02:47PM Friday, 15 Oct 2010
So why the article? Who cares if the church creates a Kiwisaver scheme? Obviously trying to create a story for the sake of it, sensationalist. I must say all my dealings with this group have been fantastic vice with the money men who have bankrupted many mum’s and dad’s in their self interest. I for one would trust this group above most others.
  • MCNZ (New Zealand)
    07:48AM Monday, 18 Oct 2010
    Over a period of twenty years I have been engaged with many business ventures and have never encountered a single issue with regard to the Brethren and their business acumen or honesty.

    I hope that the Brethren Kiwi Saver is open to all to join, because I’d be in.

  • Dave of Nelson has obviously not been an Exclusive Brethren member. And has either a very short memory or only is concerned about face values .

    Read this account By NICK SMITH, MP TASMAN .. Nelson

    MCNZ (New Zealand)  no its very likely you will not be permitted to join in with the Exclusive Brethren like you hoped too.That would be what they considder as being unequally yoked . After all incase you had not thought enough or had simply not realized, its the reason why even Ex Exclusive Brethren family members are needed to be totally excommunicated from by the Exclusive Brethren .


    The ancient Darby-nian prehistoric species .

    About ExEB

    I'm a agnostic/atheist . Interested in learning more about science. I also am an "ex-member" of a group most publicly known within modern times, as the Exclusive Brethren. Whom are an off-shoot of the original Plymouth Brethren group. I'd say it likely my personality could possibly be described as quirky.You know ,as in being , unconventional , unorthodox , unusual, off-centre, strange, bizarre, weird, peculiar, odd, freakish, outlandish, offbeat, out of the ordinary, bohemian, alternative, zany I'm sure iv'e been classed as "crazy" . Many times But then, being born into a group like the exclusive brethren. Doesn't lend itself ? to tend to produce things considered as being "very normal" .Does it I escaped the Exclusive Brethren cult as a 15 year old teenager. Even since that time iv'e been trying to adjust to living life outside the cult. With much of my life being lived within the genre of "wild colonial boy" style. In the general sense of a church-rebel picking and choosing from role models who appeared within-life along the way. But as the exclusive brethren cult had traditionally maintained a general church-rule , of need to shun and totally excommunicate any ex member of their group.Treating such people as if they were dead. Thus this situation developed more to do with my need of following traditionally enforced church-rule , as apposed to it being so much about "life-choices". Certain emotional experiences, and parts of life in general, have led to me adopting a sense of low self esteem. Which is a situation i still deal with from time to time. Through my ongoing interest in science. I find i am able to gather more information to help me better understand my situation. Much about life for me, has often seemed like a massive puzzle.With many missing pieces.
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    10 Responses to Church Dinosaurs

    1. helo Ex Exclusive Brethren Agnostic/Atheists thoughts , i review your blog , that a nice blog and useful. Good for me. bulk Faith and Politics content. i going to visit to read and comment your website.

    2. Paul Darroch says:

      Personally I think Kiwisaver the dumbest thing invented.
      But I am deeply concerned for the business things going on inside the EB empire. So concerned I went down the road a month ago to tell a brother about the New Zealand Reserve Bank governors book and just how close both Australia and New Zealand came to a collapse of our financial system which has already occurred another ‘saint’ south Canterbury Finance. In my community of Mangere there is about 200 million dollars worth of halls and a school. I trust Bruce Hale as much as I know him (I don’t!)
      Please pray that bothers will get their businesses separate; “Be ye Separate and touch no unclean thing” from something which will disappear our community wealth.
      Paul Darroch Favona.

    3. ExEB says:

      Hi Paul.I wasnt aware saints were so deeply involved in matters of finance.

      Pray? .What for ?.Prayers absolutely always will fall on totally deaf and dumb ears Paul .Deaf ears of Gods , and deaf ears of God followers alike also . Dead Gods, produce faithfully dead followers .The two will always go hand in hand together.Dead beliefs ? ,dead believers!.

      Gods are absolutely non existant, and so are all the so called “saints” that follow with their belief in them.

      Prayer wont ever help with the EB situation , Paul . Prayer has never helped with fixing these faith situations Paul.

      What fixes them is when people use their brains and cease with the useless prayer and futile faith in Gods and deities , cast their faith books into far better uses, such as fuel for worm farms .

      And get on with it . Deal with it . Bring on the human action ! .

      Did prayer free the Jews, Paul? .

      No Paul … It was human action ! that finally got its shit together! ,and ceased with the idiotic stupidity of relying on worthless belief in Gods and prayer.

      And thats why its so very important that atheism is promoted and faith should be given the ridacule it so rightly deserves.

      Millions of faithful that could help free the captives within the EB ,warm pews every single day Paul ,while they wallow in self indulged wonder of their righteouness and faith in Gods . What missing Paul ? these millions all pray and believe ! in Gods .

      Ill tell you the problem Paul ,let me enlighten you …… Gods cant help when Gods are non existant ! Paul . ….And so no ammount of warm pews ! and endless prayers ! to non existent Gods will ever be of any benefit either Paul .

      What humanity needs is less belief of Gods and less worthless prayer, and less faith brains laid dormant through wasted faith .

      And more humanity and honest action .

      Prayer and faith in Gods has always been an ancient ploy for faithful to take less honest action , by playing the faith card ,wanking on and on about Gods and prayer ……While pissing about taking less and less action ! , while wallowing in their own wonder of how wonderful they feel they are through believing in Gods

      At the expence ! of loss of humanity and honesty of action .

      Paul if you honestly wish to help people.I suggest you quit the bullshit God beliefs and prayer … And get more honestly humane! and real ! and quickly march on down to you local government office and demand they also TAKE ACTION and do something .

      Because God believers like you who continue to promote belief in these worthless faiths …Only serve to help further premote the type of ignorance … That in time saw members of the EB also finally become captives within this particular cult .

      Now i realize total honesty isnt really what many faithful folk are so very used to supping on .Most of them are far more patial to gulping wine and Jebus fortune cookies on sunday mornings while pating their own backs and dreaming of existence eternal .

      But you do agree right? … Stalin had a point .These faithful folk are a real farce .A utter joke. A total digusting disgrace .

      They speak of good and kindness and love in words …… Yet only ever waffle on endlessly in worthless prayer to non existent Gods ….. When what is really needed is some HONEST love! and kindeness ! that is naturally always best displayed by taking some real HONEST action !.

      Paul the reason why many of our family still remain trapped within the EB ….Is because faith and belief in Gods still exists , breeding a world littered with dishonest faithful God believers who all offer up endless prayers that are extremely lacking in pure humanity of some honest love kindness and real action.

      Your prayers and faith in God are all endless worthless memes Paul . They do little more than tax our society, and cause rights to freedom of faith which then in turn works towards allowing traps that will in time trap family members within abuse as has happened within the EB .

      There is very good reason why faith and belief in Gods must have great need to become know as being disgusting and distasteful , in our human future Paul .There is very good reason why atheism must have great need to be promoted ! , while faith becomes more and more downgraded and utterly despised .

      It is because mindless faith and “devotion” to “charismatic” beliefs , breeds a type of braindead people Paul , see here . And faithfully braindead people will pray endlessly in a very tremendiously “devoted” “charismatic” fashion .

      But unfortunatly this world needs honest action of many more undevoted humans !.

      Not the endless prayers of a miriad of ignorant devoted mindless gits ,all expecting some non existent God to be likely to suddenly appear from out of no-where and provide them a free lunch.

      • Paul Darroch says:

        Great is thy faithfulness! Brother, brother please calm down!
        This here in Mangere is a God thing!
        My family only one generation removed from my wife leaving in the 1960s has cousins who live in Favona Road. So when Ms Simmons turned up in our road in 05 we as a family of Green supporters were in great excitement getting there after the media party had departed our local hall. That both sides of the political action- those feeding expert advice to the Green Party and those attacking the Green Party were and are blood bothers once removed, genuine cousins is quite extraordinary!
        In 1990 by faith I uprooted my Favona Family and went to Jubilee year home lands of Nelson. Poor and homeless we were in a tent in the Mapua clothing optional park when by the grace of God two school houses were offered to us. We took the closer Ngatimoti one arriving where my wife’s grandfather had been educated as a boy. His father first board member of that school, builder of the EB meeting hall there, and within walking distance of where James George Deck and John Park Salisbury and other families gathered for the first Brethren gathering in the history of this nation first day 1860. Waiwhero.
        Honestly I don’t care what you think of God, religious snakes, or the suffering we have experienced (I have been disfellowshiped several times and I am Open!) When God moves because he has a reputation to uphold- then Move Aside Unbelief because the God of Israel is Back!
        Read the Bible carefully. the bunch of rat bags devious twisted people God deliberately choose to make his people. And brother nothing has changed which is why the book is just such a good read. Darby’s version of Duet 33 has the phrase “Separate from his Brethren” but Moses understood that! God understands that! Which is why without you lifting a finger God is going to zap you with the gift of the Holy Spirit so that without wanting to you will Speak in Tongues. God is God! Fear God! love Paul Darroch Favona Mangere.

        • ExEB says:

          Quotewe as a family of Green supporters were in great excitement

          Green supporters you say Paul ? …. The whole family ??

          My my … Well you may well have all felt great excitement , but i cant help feeling the EB would have felt extremely wary! that in their minds, the devil incarnate was in their presence….. Goodness …you were not seen to be hugging any trees were you ?….Or spending any time feeding orphaned birdies or creating homes in your garden for wayward hedgehogs?

          These Christians believe seeing as God created this earth and in their mind he obviously allows all whats always been happening to happen here also,so in their mind they see absolutely no real reason why a Christian should have need to bother so much with any of this green namby pamby conservation rubbish.

          Sadly my family is not even yet one generation removed from these faithfully braindead godly folk.And strangely enough Favona road is not far from the old hometown turf i remember , even if it will have now changed some since i departed there in my youth.

          Paul i see absolutely no good reason to calm down and every good reason to become extremely angry.Wjile i do understand many of the faithful often live in a type of fairytale land, with beliefs that due to Gods and faith in life eternal ,to them this life is like but a blip on their faith radar …Like a short pre summer holiday stopover in sunny Fiji , or something alike so dreamingly wonderful.

          But see the difference between i as an agnostic atheist ,is you as a faith jockey tend to dream that maybe somehow with help of the Gods in your mind our life has ways to last forever.And being as faithful folk as also can be seen with attitudes of the EB , are not really so blessed with being endowed with the ability to considder that their own beliefs do not nessarily equal the beliefs of all others also .

          You just dont get it do you Paul .That as an agnostic atheist who sees absolutely no reason to believe in existence of Gods .I have some right to be a little pissed off that this world has been allowed to become riddled with God botherers ,who`s freaky beliefs have also been allowed to meddle with our short lives here on this planet earth.

          EB are not the type to be so considderate of others who dont share their faith , but then that is the inconsidderate nature of the attitude of the faithful as a whole , merely shining through the EB exterior. Because time and time again when dearling with faithful folk ,im reminding how they only ever care to bother looking at life through their own rose tinted faith blinkers …. Blinkers that cannot allow them to understand that the idea of eternal life is merely a faith …a ancient belief …a dream …..It is not a given truth ….It is not something thats been scientifically proven .

          Paul dont tell me to calm down when in my mind faith beliefs of ignorant people who are involved in continued promotion of faith on this planet earth …Have cursed us born into them with abusive faiths that has ruined and f**ked with our lives so dramatically.

          Im sick to death of these feeble excuses over translations ,and what Darby said or who ever else said what ever .people like myself who need to listen to faith jockeys.

          You said…(I have been disfellowshiped several times and I am Open!)

          Well there you go Paul, this is a sample of the cursed cancerous scurge that these God faiths all bestow on our communities and the lives of people born into or involved in it .

          If what is happening in Mangere is a God thing , then this God really needs his head red ! for pissing around .Many folks have even suicided in the many years gone by, where was your God ? ..Taking a summer holiday? ….Finishing eating his breafast muesli first before deciding its time to be finally taking some action ? ..Waiting for enough people to suffer and suicide?.

          Your God is a f**king idiot if he exists Paul . ..A complete utter moron .A very thoughtless unkind inconsidderate bastard .

          But no …God is simply non existent … Whats happening in Mangere is time is slowly catching up with these thoughtless faith jockeys who like to think they have the “faith freedoms” and “rights” to inforce the outcome of their abusive faith beliefs upon others .

          Thankfully atheism is on the rise ….And in time as the unfaithful youth in countries grow and populate! and slowly take over control of all our governments ,these old faith jockeys and their ignorant faith beliefs will all be sent to the rubbish pile where they belong.As science progresses ,thankfully faith is in fast decline also, meaning in time! faith abuse will also slowly dissappear along with it .

          Your God had a whole lifetime to show up Paul , and show me and plenty others some real evidence of his actual existence .Prove faith in God was worthwhile….. But not even a slight sign that any such being honestly ever existed.

          I dont fear God at all , Paul …..A non existent God is not something that really needs to be feared …..I fear the attitudes of faithful far more Paul…I fear the brain-dead uncaring attitude that faith seems to bestows on people, that makes them believe in life eternal , and then makes them expect the non believers to calm down, and peacefully accept a life ruined by the beliefs of others who are the God believers.

          EBs have this very same type attitude.They think its their God given right to force their faith on the lives of people .Like you tend to think Paul , the EB think to themselves thoughts of “calm down” of any opposers appearing slightly unhappy of abusive EB treatment , that the Godly EB feel is their God given right to deal out to people.

          So i can understand its not really your fault faith also tends to have this kind of effect on you.

          You are a faithful believer Paul .As such you cannot understand my right as an atheist to be angry about how your faith has been freely allowed to have an effect on my life ….In your indoctrinated faith-brain , i should simply need to “calm down” and accept matters of faith that have been allowed to exist in this world.This is how a world run by faith rule ,creates people who think only their faith is all that should be thought to matter.Faith creates this type of bigotry.

          Paul folks of faith have been far to “calmed down” for years and years now .While the EB freely went about their ruining and slaughtering the lives at will in NZ and Australia and elsewhere ….Plenty of other folks of faith like you all sat by quietly and “calmly” in churches warming your pews ,and singing your sweet little hymns and rattling off your sweet little praises to a non existent God who being non existent! wasnt ever going to be about to help anyone.

          Being faithfully “calm” is not whats been needed Paul….”Calm ” brain-dead folks of faith has been the very curse! of this earth! that has in effect actually allowed for all these abusive faith cults to have the freedom and rights to continue with what they chose to be doing.

          Today is not a time to be calm Paul .Today is a day when more and more loud angry! atheists are obviously really needed ! , to take charge and get bloody angry and start demanding some real honest action be taken ….We cannot rely on the “calm” sweet prayer of faithful …Paul …. Specially when no God exists to listen to such sweet prayers.

          We need atheists and honest action !

          Because we cant rely on a non existant God and his “calm” followers to care enough to ever bother getting off pew warming to do anything.Specially when their idiotic faith teaches the follower that maybe life is eternal. ….Those sort of teaching breed fools who stay quiet and “calm” and do nothing to remedy

          Now im not angry at you or any other faithful person personally Paul .

          Please understand its the brain-dead ,”charismatically” “devoted” attitude of faith that angers me .The “devotion” to the “charisma” of faiths , which works to shut down brain cells really needed to help people in the regions of skeptical thinking and vigilance , which is what was needed to help move people! to help make tham want to get busy and actively do something!! more to put a stop to the EB abusive practices .

          See here how devotion to charisma shuts down parts of the brain

          For far to long now Paul, many of our societies have been overrun by so very many folks faithfully “calm” and in effect brain-dead and thoughtlessly uncaring when it has come to taking the “action” thats been long overdue and honestly been needed.

    4. Paul Darroch says:

      Just a Church History note on what I have predicted in the previous reply.
      And Associate Professor P Lynham as a foremost international expert can say if what I have to say is valid comment or not.
      Worsfold’s Charismatic History of New Zealand may have the earliest examples of Brethren receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in the Motueka Valley mid 1930s, but as we took the Ngatimoti school hose and not the Taparewa one I am not in a position to grade that. But speaking to brothers or becoming aware of brothers who were secret Tongues Speakers or had “the gift” especially when in the late 50s early to mid 60s there was fierce disputes going on among proto Charismatics in Brethren and Baptist style gatherings the testimonies I gathered or deduced was that Wham Bam God being God just does it. None of this Pentecostal laying on of hands, rather the head of the church is still in charge and is not stressed by what ever we in unbelief or ignorance are up to. Brother look for signs, or rather do not ignore God doing things which go beyond what is normal and every day. Exclusive Brethren are currently top of God’s Hit List! Move over everyone else they are a coming through!!!!!

      • ExEB says:

        Paul anyone can speak in tongues ,babies often do it when the babble away mindlessly chattering and having a conversation of their own. Heres a secular article on the subject and science tested it also with brain scans ….. and they found quote: de­creased ac­tiv­i­ty in the fron­t­al lobes, a brain ar­ea be­hind the fore­head as­so­ci­at­ed with self-con­t­rol.

        Decreased brain activity Paul .

        I dont ignore the signs Paul …. And thats the thing! the signs have all pointed towards a very large non existence of Gods . A large non existence of action from Gods also ….. A world completely void of any real honest evidence of Gods existence , along with a world liturally riddled by sign of false prophets all claiming the existence and action of Gods

        Paul please dont try suggesting it is me ignoring matters .My brain is not the brain being continually shut down by “devotion” to the “charisma” of faith , Paul.

        My brain is wide open! to look for any honest signs of Gods, Paul .My brain is not biased by faith and sees what evidence is honestly openly available …… No sign of Gods exist ! is the sign i have honestly seen Paul …. All evidence including the fact that abusive cults have had the complete freedom ! to continue onwards with harm and abuse as they please and saw fit ….without any sign to even suggest Gods might be at work even with suggesting other folks of faith should maybe get involved in taking some action … all pointed towards the complete non existence and action of any such God or work of God …Paul

        By their works yee shall know them ….And by their works of all the faithful on this earth Paul , … i saw evidence of a complete void of any evidence of God or God at work……I only ever saw “calm” brain-dead faithful folk ….Folks who`s mind had been dulled and shut down by the scientifically tested effects of “devotion” to all the “charisma” involved in faith.

        In this article : … it states

        Quote : the thinking, willful part of the brain through which people control what they do — were relatively quiet, as were the language centers. The regions involved in maintaining self-consciousness were active. The women were not in blind trances, and it was unclear which region was driving the behavior.

        So the willful thinking part of the brain goes quiet …seems to me babies could be said to talk in tongues too Paul . They dont think just stay concious and continue to babble

        That is not necessarily evidence of any “holy spirit” .. Paul….. Its more likely evidence of the “thinking” and “willful” part of the brain being off somewhere lost in space ! on a summer holiday

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