Jesus son of God. An earlier version of the failed doomsday prophets. Not a whole lot unlike the modern day Bruce Hales or Benny Hinn or any other charsmatic faith guru that inhabited this planet earth

There is an old saying :  “T is one and the same Nature that rolls on her course, and whoever has sufficiently considered the present state of things might certainly conclude as to both the future and the past”  

  by  : Michel Eyquemseigneur de Montaigne (1533-1592)

Superstitious humans have been guessing all manner of faith beliefs deities Gods and existences of angels and demons etc almost since time began.

Tristan over on the blog Advocatus Atheist has compiled some real excellent information he found called graveyard of Gods   

 It shows how the extremely vivid superstitious nature of imagination of humans specially in ancient time was flat out imagining and guessing all manner of faiths and deities with Gods along with all manner of modes supposedly needed to comply with worshiping each and every single faith they dreamed might be in actual existence.  

These ancient early cave men type  now living in many communities across planet earth strove to learn and better understand about the world around them ,just as they also strove to try learn and better understand what might help account for their very own existence , and what might control certain phenomena they all also experienced from time to time , things such as earthquakes ,tsunami and lightning bolts that to them seemed  to have almost been like it was purposely cast down from the heaven  to kill or maim humans , as if it had been done deliberately by some will of mind and act of unseen hand .

And so it was without any other ways to better understand this natural phenomena of things such as earthquakes,tsunami or lightning bolts and weather patterns  that helped control the possibilities that their crops could either provide feast or famine. That it seems it was almost unavoidable that these ancient humans must also evolve with faiths that then begat all these many ideas of faiths and superstitious beliefs . 

Without the availibility of modern knowledge, it was bound to happen this way it did , just like 1+1 is bound to end up = 2

Long before the onset of modern science these cave men of faith begat what we modern human now know now to be pseudoscience .Pseudoscience is a claim, belief, or practice which is presented as scientific, but which does not adhere to a valid scientific methodology, lacks supporting evidence or plausibility, cannot be reliably tested, or otherwise lacks scientific status …… See here :

Faith is pseudoscience . The killing of people accused of being the witches and sorcerers , was sadly also about use of this pseudoscience, that what was invented by these people of faith .

The excommunication of family members by Taylor,Symington, Bruce Hales and co etc from the Exclusive Brethren, is also but an extension and continuation of this psesudoscience ,this despicable thoughtless ignorance first invented by ancient people of faith ,which is now being carried on like an ancient cancerous curse that it always has been , by the modern leaders of many faiths which now also includes Bruce Hales of the EB.

There is always going to be a consequence for use of such ignorance , and the consequence for the cancerous existence of this ignorance of faith is that one day the Exclusive Brethren cult would evolve in such a way it has, and then people would be excommunicated ,suffer and some would even commit suicide and die in great sadness like they have …just as sure as 1 + 1 will be likely to = 2 …… This is the great endless penalty ! that humanity must need pay when ignorant faithful continue to promote use of such pseudoscience in the form of faith beliefs . And it don’t matter how many excommunicated faithful continue to bleat and pray for the deliverance of their loved ones trapped within this cult , or how often they continually read them favourite scriptures from the bible along with the threats of damnation from some obviously non existent God, who sure enough! is never ever even seen to bother come fix anything himself ……. It wont change  anything much and folks will continue to reproduce history over and over again just as the quote from Michel Eyquemseigneur de Montaigne explains ….. Because there is a price humans must pay for continued use and promotion of pseudoscience , and this particualr form of pseudoscience is faith belief .

The faithful might try claiming atheists use pseudoscience by claiming proof Gods dont exist .But thats where the faithful are very incorrect .One does not need to use any form of pseudoscience to prove the non existence of Gods that are never seen or cannot be tested as effects being experienced .Science proves the non existence of Gods ,it is pseudoscience that continues to make the claim that Gods do exist, without ever being able to provide any scientific evidence for their actual existence.

Im also an atheist with regards to disbelief of tooth fairy’s,goblins,trolls,pink unicorns,celestial tea pots circling mars too …. I cant totally scientifically prove the non existence of all of these things ,can you ? ……Are you a tooth fairy believer too mr/mrs faithful? ….Do you have faith in pink unicorns ? and celestial tea pots circling mars ? …..  Can you totally prove the non-existence of these things ? …. If not are you guilty of using pseudoscience if you are not agreeing to be faithful to the existence of such things ? .

No of course not . Faithful folks who try to use this type of tit for tat type return argument, are just being silly, childish and ignorant and awkward .Its a strawman type argument some apologists use . It’s a argument designed by deceit of people of faith to try to continue on with the ability to pull the wool over people’s eye and mislead , and its little different to type of tactics that were once used by James Taylor, and is still being used by Bruce Hales and co and the PR firms they use today, while continually trying to lead folks continually on a goose chase.

Pseudoscience is a claim, belief, or practice which is presented as scientific, but which does not adhere to a valid scientific methodology, lacks supporting evidence or plausibility, cannot be reliably tested, or otherwise lacks scientific status.

And faith belief sure fits into that discription with great ease.

While atheism does not ,because there is plenty of supporting evidence that suggests no Gods at all seem to actually exist . Atleast not the type that scientific methodology is yet been able to provide any supporting evidence for ….. Meaning atheism is indeed not anything about pseudoscience

Faith has never been blessed with honesty , and so it is to be expected that Bruce Hales and co should have also inherited to deceitful nature of faith .And the price that must be paid for continued promotion of such nasty ignorance ,is some people must be born or converted into these type groups and then have some parts of their whole lives wasted by excommunication and separation from family etc.

This is the price some people must need pay for continued promotion of such lies and use of faith pseudoscience. And until humanity finally stamps out pseudoscience faith ,it will continue to ruin some people lives somewhere in this world as it quietly slowly morphs and evolves into all the many new sects and cults as it always has done in the past almost since time began .

Here is an article from The Huffington Post ,titled was Jesus wrong

It explains : This is a review of The Human Faces of God–What Scripture Reveals When It Gets God Wrong by Thom Stark. It’s also a request to Christians: admit that the Bible is a mess and stop passing on its toxicity to us.

Well even as an agnostic atheist ex EB, i think i can fully agree with that type of thought , stck your f**king faith up your arse! , and dont be making me the one who needs to pay for your use of your “freedom of faith” rights to freaking involvement in taking part in continued promotion of these pseudoscience faith tests . What do you think i am ? … Do i really look like im some bloody two-legged guinea pig ?

And the worst part of all this is millions of DORMANT BRAINED faithful folk sit in churches each and every week warming pews ,while twiddling their fat little fingers and waiting for another glug on the wine and taste of another faith fortune cookie or slab of crumbly old bread in reverence of their great sky daddy, who’s never ever been heard from or seen since making all sorts of promises that never ever came to pass …….. JUST AS DID JAMES TAYLOR and as does BRUCE HALES  continue to do also today.

Empty promises .Never ending faith memes ,and expectation of doomsday prophesys that never ever are seen to actually eventuate and come to pass. Like Jesus ,like James Taylor and Bruce ,like Jane Whaley of Spindale WOFF .

Prophets always “act” like prophets always did and always do.This is and always will be the price of faith.

You bloody folks of faith want to keep on continuing to promote such gullible utter ignorance … Then there will continue to be a price that’s also needed to be paid for it …. Just like the price that was paid for ignorant faith of killing those accused as witches , was the wasting of their lives on this earth …..Then today also the price for continued promotion of faith is continued excommunication and separation and pain and nastiness and even suicides within some families

Friends can be alive, yet still be totally dead and rotting in utter bullshit and continually drowning in such a childlike ignorance , if their “charismatic” “devotion” on matters of faith continues to shut down the use of their brain cells, throwing on a set of blinkers and making them that blind they cannot start to even understand just how utterly worthless their words of prayer and scripture readings will be in helping free THE MINDS of captives within a God faith filled with another bunch of “charismatically” “devoted” faith believers, just like themselves .

Science has proved human “devotion” on matters of “charisma” has the effect of shutting down the part of humans brain that is needed to help aid us in making some informed decisions  , see here

Quote : WHEN we fall under the spell of a charismatic figure, areas of the brain responsible for scepticism and vigilance become less active

When we fall under the spell of a charismatic figure = the Quran = Mohammad = The Holy Bible =Jesus = Paul = James Taylor = Bruce Hales etc etc

Areas of the brain responsible for scepticism and vigilance will become less active .Meaning the chance for good use of braincells needed for scepticism and vigilance in the brain of the faithfully devoted Ex Eb, often actually has about as much chance of existing as has the faithfully devoted brain of the EB .

About nil . Nada . Zilch ….. No comprende el faithfully braindead gringo !

There is a price humanity must need to pay for the continued promotion of this use of pseudoscience which also includes the continued promotion of faiths.

And reading and reciting scripture wont be helpful in freeing the captives forever .If humanity wants to finally put an end to all the nasty effects of pseudoscience of faith ,then they will really need to stop promoting all forms of it.And will need to also start treating it with the utter contempt that it so rightly honestly deserves. Otherwise sooner or later these faith abuses will continue to happen when charismatic devotion of faith shuts down people brains making them become braindead zombies.

About ExEB

I'm a agnostic/atheist . Interested in learning more about science. I also am an "ex-member" of a group most publicly known within modern times, as the Exclusive Brethren. Whom are an off-shoot of the original Plymouth Brethren group. I'd say it likely my personality could possibly be described as quirky.You know ,as in being , unconventional , unorthodox , unusual, off-centre, strange, bizarre, weird, peculiar, odd, freakish, outlandish, offbeat, out of the ordinary, bohemian, alternative, zany I'm sure iv'e been classed as "crazy" . Many times But then, being born into a group like the exclusive brethren. Doesn't lend itself ? to tend to produce things considered as being "very normal" .Does it I escaped the Exclusive Brethren cult as a 15 year old teenager. Even since that time iv'e been trying to adjust to living life outside the cult. With much of my life being lived within the genre of "wild colonial boy" style. In the general sense of a church-rebel picking and choosing from role models who appeared within-life along the way. But as the exclusive brethren cult had traditionally maintained a general church-rule , of need to shun and totally excommunicate any ex member of their group.Treating such people as if they were dead. Thus this situation developed more to do with my need of following traditionally enforced church-rule , as apposed to it being so much about "life-choices". Certain emotional experiences, and parts of life in general, have led to me adopting a sense of low self esteem. Which is a situation i still deal with from time to time. Through my ongoing interest in science. I find i am able to gather more information to help me better understand my situation. Much about life for me, has often seemed like a massive puzzle.With many missing pieces.
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10 Responses to Jesus son of God. An earlier version of the failed doomsday prophets. Not a whole lot unlike the modern day Bruce Hales or Benny Hinn or any other charsmatic faith guru that inhabited this planet earth

  1. Paul Darroch says:

    Bruce Hales whom you name as a Christian leader was typical of others you refer to in his support for young Bush in American 04 election. (What an amazing family Grandfather investing in Germany supporting the rise of Adolf Hitler, Ambassador Bush opening up Communist China to export to USA, and then this young one invading Iraq endorsed by Christian prophets) Contrast that with others you name. Jesus-killed for upsetting his religious leaders. Peter, Paul in Rome upsetting Emperor Nero. Or more recently-1830s Edward Irving for preaching, cast out he and his family die. James George Deck arrives in New Zealand 1852 a broken man having failed to bring peace and unity to The Brethren. Or these days David Wilkerson claiming that God will judge USA for her electronic idolatry and immorality a ‘world’ agenda of evil.
    Paul somewhere in Timothy says a man’s sin or righteousness will emerge sooner or later. And in 1973 elect vessel Taylor was observed doing and saying things deeply disturbing even now when we find out. We the Bush Brethren. (Duet 33:16 also ‘Separate from his Brethren’ Darby Version) Sura 33 in the Quran Muhammed fails the test. Jesus ? The jury is still out. But if ‘all have sinned and don’t come up to God’s standard’ then Try God. Paul did and met Jesus who he was persecuting. love paul

    • ExEB says:

      Paul my friend we could spend another whole millennium bitching and squabblining like children, over trying to define what might or might not equal a CHRISTIAN ….. But you know what Paul it would remain utterly pointless …After that millennium was passed you and i or somebody else …. will still be bitching and squabling like a couple of hairy-arsed school children , still trying how we should decide how to define what actually equals a real CHRISTIAN .

      Thats because it is not really known what honestly equals real CHRISTIAN ..Paul …..Oh yes i know you and i could read enough scripture to confuse the hell out of each other enough ….And have both of use convicted that we was right . while everyone who thought differnt had it all wrong …..Paul why do you think so many different dominations and splits and shisms have been produced on the planet Paul ? ….Because the holy book known as the bible is a wonderful book that make such jolly great sense ? …The holy bibles such a extremely great masterpiece , thats its managed to split and devide so very many ? .

      See Paul …This is where that same …Faith …..pattern will emerge again ….You know ! that general pattern of faith we just talked about before in my last comment to you …The produces faithful folk who will gladly have total faith in all manner of complicate stories and wonderfully intricate explanations , but yet will also gladly overlook any very simple explanations .

      Man has been making many mega prophecies for years Paul .Goodness me a lion can learn to make the type of prophecy to his pride ,that if we wait here long enough by this mingy ming bush ..lo and behold the Antelope will fall into our lion trap. A bird can make the prophecy that next time it rains ,lo and behold it will be likely that worms will be wriggling ontop of the earth .

      Paul man makes all manner of prophecy ….Sooner or later some must come to pass as working out as correct ….But another general ….FAITH….. pattern emerges here Paul ….And that general pattern is folks of faith will quite happily remind us of all the prophecy that come to pass ….But will never ever bother to remind us of all those very many prophecy that dont ever come to pass , and end up a total complete laughible flop ! .

      Now theirs a truly spiritual thought Paul .. The supernatural power of great faithful ignorance that abounds within circles of faith

      • Paul Darroch says:

        You know, we are in more agreement than you could ever believe. Going into Islam was for me getting outside of a religion (Christianity) which my knowledge of Geek and Hebrew reveals to me has some major problems. So I was then able to pick up from Islam different ways of looking at the Christian religion as an outsider not in the least bit commited to Christianity having any success. I could after a few years of that, start with purely Islamic foundational reference points and argue why Christianity as a religion had failed, is failing and will fail… and then suggest Islamic solutions and do that genuinely! That gave me great confidence that faith and real worship of God can survive and grow any where regardless of ideas/doctrine, or the complex religious cultures people have.
        Job 31 is then the finest statement of something which is not (predating Abraham in terms of the cultural aspects of that book and time) any of the religions current in humanity. It as a book is a statement of faith with no agenda what so ever to achieve converts to it.
        Brother, as a ‘Bush Brethren’ that is what I am on about.
        In the 1830s our ancestors were looking for the New Testament Church. I am not looking for that anymore. What I as an apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ am building upon is the foundation of something much more ancient and durable (As in the daze of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man)
        If a Muslim feels uncomfortable when he gathers with us Ikwan-Brothers/Brethren (Ps 133) then clearly we have failed in the test of that Psalm (Sura 103) in create a blessing that will see us working together for ever.
        A fantasy religion? Nah! Our Brethren ancestors were for humanity proto type Zionists. The believed that things written in Holy Prophets would happen(and in 1947-48 it did;) A century before the Jews had woken up. And once again the action is in the Hejaz region of Arabia (See my paul-sevenpillarsofwisdom blog) and in Isaiah 60 verse 8 the prophet has seen Emarates Airlines A380 aircraft and is amazed by what will happen! I look forward to working with you as a brother, relax God is in control. love paul

  2. Paul Darroch says:

    Faith, Science, Pseudo-science all comes down to a unique characteristic mankind has, that we were made in the image of God (According to God in the first cuneiform tablet of the Genesis series signed off by God Genesis 1:1-2:4 so argue with God if you disagree with what he has written). But finally it comes down to Truth-and we Brethren hear the Roman Governor asking reasonably and cynically “What is truth?” But we go about our daily lives, interacting with people things and gradually can make unlike other things in that environment judgments about what is Real, and what is Truth. Which is why I am just so hard against Bruce Hales, The Bush family, Brother Taylor, and Christian Prophets telling a President to go to war in Iraq. None of these men nor Muhammed come up to standard when it comes to truth or reality and history already condemns them for their failure. (Sin is a technical term for failure) But as I said- the jury is still out on Jesus, who honestly is fascinated by what you are discovering. Being thrown out as both of us know is adventure. The last time I was thrown out I went off and became a Muslim spending seven years inside the Islamic religion such as it is here in this nation. Ignorance defines that religion, yet right there in the middle of deceit contradictions, failure, manipulation, abuse of women and children, corruption I discovered genuine faith and Godliness pleasing to God. Abraham (please blog about him next) is as bad as it get so totally delusional that he takes his son, the son God gave an old man and a barren old woman and puts him on the altar to kill him…. And like Deck now I cannot go on it breaks my heart. love paul

    • ExEB says:

      Hi Paul you said : that we were made in the image of God (According to God in the first cuneiform tablet of the Genesis series signed off by God Genesis 1:1-2:4 so argue with God if you disagree with what he has written).

      Paul God himself has never ever written any thing .Man always did all the guessing of ideas about Gods and writing about them .

      See thats the whole problem Paul .On top of this problem folks of faith also like to claim “objective morals” with which they suggest God provides the objective opinion .

      Yet God have never ever yet arrived on the scene, to even be able to offer the opinion that would then be able to be claimed as honestly being “objective opinion” from God.

      Do you understand this Paul . Human moral view has no “objective value” in the sense folks of faith try claiming it has .All moral opinion flows through brains of men , meaning moral view of humans has no more objective value , than human objective view that a round wheels works better than a square wheel does .

      So God given “objective morality” has always rested on complete dishonesty and totally false claims .

      You will be thinking , but hold on how come most all humans even those seperated by large seas ,were found to have certain moral values that were strangley found to be much the same .For instance ,the universal moral values, that murder , rape ,theft ,violence was considdered as being immoral by humans.

      Paul this question is like asking how come all plants even those plant seperated by sea, are strangly all found to try growing upward toward the sun . Thats a silly question though right ? ,because we know all plants are plants and through photosynthesis convert carbon dioxide using energy from sunlight ,and sunlight comes from up above .Meaning most plant will grow toward sunlight ,even if seas seperate them .

      Now if all humans are humans and all humans have emotions that include the emotion empathy ,and all humans survive better living in group that form social societies .And the presence of murder , rape, theft, violence is going to cause big problems for continued harmony and survival of social societies.

      Then tell me Paul ….. Why would we have any good reason to expect mere seperation by large seas , would be likely to cause groups of humans to come to any very different conclusions ? . Paul human morals are found to be universal no differnt to the fact that universally most all plants are found to be growing upwards toward the sun ….. Its because its what simply works out best Paul .

      No Gods needed .

      The objective part of human morality is little differnt to the “objective type views” , gleaned from knowledge and experienced views, of “combine opinions” among a group of Doctors , or farmers who through knowledge and experience soon found out a round wheel worked far better than a square wheel ever really did.

      No matter where human were existing on planet earth Paul , there was next to non using square wheels …The round wheel was a prototype that was a universal prototype ….. We never needed Gods to design unversal prototypes for round wheels Paul …..Just universal human brains ….That created universal common sense and use of some logic .


      I do think you are correct however , and agree that Pseudo-science all comes down to a unique characteristic mankind has .However that unique characteristic was nothing to do with existence of Gods or anything supernatural ….No it was all to do with the fact that early humans had absolutely no other way at all ! , to try to “begin to learn” how to better understand certain factors the phenomena of life that existed around them . Such as.

      1 : What might it be, that caused earthquakes that killed people in some areas yet not in other areas ?.
      2 : What might it be, the caused tsunami that created huge waves that then quickly approached certain areas of land killing people ,while in other areas no tsunami arrived ?.
      3 : What might it be, that caused lightning bolts to suddenly appear from the heavens ,that would then kill people with direct hits ! as if purposely aimed by something with such amazing accuracy ?
      4 : What might it be, that cause some nations to enjoy weather patterns that then brought good crops and riches and feasting , while other nations suffered bad weather and famine and caused many to die from stavation and suffering without money ?
      5 : What might it be, that caused some people to enjoy wonderful health and relative longevity ,while others suffered poor health and died very young ?
      6 : What might it be, that caused some mountians to seem like they suddenly decided to errupt ! like they were possessed by some will of their own ,or were under control of some unseen supernatural force , as if sent to kill and destroy some nations ,while other nations suffered from no such things ?

      Imagine yourself back in those very ancient early times Paul , without the help of any vast librarys filled with many books ,or large schools led by very learned professors who themselves had the modern ability! to pass on vast amounts of modern knowledge that had been collected and compiled and also scientifically tested over very many years.

      What else could you do Paul ? .How would you try and even start to make sense of some of this weird phenomena of earthquakes,lightning bolts,tsunami ,famine ,sickness ,volcanic erruptions etc ?.

      The only answer available was to revert to use of some Pseudo-science .You began to guess ideas. Begin with use of trial and error program ,to see what experiences could be gained . You contemplated and imagined , and thought …hmmmm ?? maybe some type of heavenly and/or underworld “beings” existed, that could be called demons, monsters,Gods ,angels ,witches , magic and sorcery etc etc . That was involved in control and maybe was sometime happy or angry …. Hense why some people were killed or blessed.

      So thats how people started trialing all sorts of types of worship Paul ….In early times some groups of people even trialed throwing live babies into the flames of fire … Their ancient wise-men thought maybe it was sacrifice that help please Gods which might then make God want to help provide humans with better fertility … It was at a place that was on a hill , known by the name of armargeddon …or some such thing Paul …. From this hence later came the myth extention surrounding the ideas of armargeddon and flames and hell for sinners etc .

      People still suffer from faithful folk still proceeding onward with promotion of trialing this ancient Pseudo-science …Paul ….As that is all that faith ammounts to , ancient Pseudo-science that remains ingrained within our societies , locked within many of our minds often even from birth! , through use of continued control by psychological fear of threats of hell and eternal damnation , from ideas of Gods that never ever even been proven by science to actually even exist.

      No Paul ….Strange enough modern science has the ability to prove the existence of very many things …Gravity ….Black holes ….Planets and solar systems that exist mega light years away ….. Yet Gods,demons,and supernatural beings etc ….still only remain within the realms of Pseudo-science to this very day in the year thats now become 2010

      Doesnt that seem a little strange to you Paul ? . Doesnt it seem a little strange that Gods that mind of men created … That can create a whole universe … and supposedly love us , would strangely rather leave their creation alone to guess all manner of God and supernatural beings ….Even if it meant man by use of Pseudo-science would trial throwing live babies into the flames of fires see if that act helped with fertility ?..

      Casting live babies into fire Paul … Children to young to yet be responsible for sin …. What loving God could exist and stand by quietly and allow such a thing ?.

      Paul human mind has created many stories to try and explain why Gods might allow such a thing .

      Yet are quite happy to completely over look the simple possibility ….That maybe no Gods or supernatural beings even exist .

      Hence why man of faith such as within the Exclusive Brethren will also dream about all manner of stories and excuses …about “pure lines” and existence of “men of God” …and “savage interruptions” for situations where James Taylor is found in bed with another mans wife ….Rather than simply accepting simple explanations of James Taylor being a mere man just like any other man be.

      Do you see a general pattern thats emerging here Paul ? … Faith …. Man cannot except simple explanations of Gods not being seen ..instead they need to create all manner of complicated stories and intricate explanations recorded holy books ……. And then people of …Faith …..Also cannot accept simply explanation of James Taylor being a mere man who enjoys whiskey and other mans wife …..No instead ….man of faith ….must create complicate stories suggesting James Taylor was a holy man dealing with a “savage interruption” with all manner of intricate explanations ….trying to suggest how such a thing might be able to happen .

      Do you see a general pattern existing here Paul ? .

      • Paul Darroch says:

        I do agree. And if in fact you look at what I am saying on I am forever looking for a logic which bespeaks a ‘god’ especially as my Islamic god is the King of the Day of Judgement “Malikiyaumidden”
        In my post ‘A Bulgarian saves Russia’ I discover Comrade Stalin being rebuked for his foolish lack of faith and in his gaining faith making a speech which changes the dynamic of what was in the first week of July turning into a rout of the Soviet Army into a very narrow turn around.
        But where is God ? Well where I live the anguish of the treachery of the local farmer Col. Nixon (with land out where the airport is now) and his setting fire to a church building where the elder of the Mangere Stone church had taken shelter, his ensuring that the so called ‘Maori Wars’ started with the burning canoes around the Manukau. Where was God ? Well the godly missionary Mansell was deeply grief stricken by what Nixon and others did in attacking Waikato tribes, and I continue in that grief and await a statement of repentance some time form the Anglican Church Masonic lodges etc in due course.
        God did answer! If you go to onehunga and walk up that main street then you will come across graves at the church there (which is directly down the hill from the lodge building) of the biggest disaster in New Zealand history when a warship attempting to enter the habour to attack Waikato Maori was stopped. In Japanese/Chinese we call this Kamikaze a divine event which saves a people from an act of invasion. Then when it comes to Tidal Waves do visit the relevant Saudi Mosque in Indonesia which is the only building still standing after a 6 meter wave went through and talk to the Iman and you will hear and admission of the Righteousness of God in that action.
        Or getting back to the treachery of the British in New Zealand. The night the waters on Ruapehu broke free and swept the train off the Tangiwai bridge the soon to be Queen of England was here. The next time it happened on a Sunday afternoon Prince Harry was here at Palmerston North doing things with our army.
        It is good to be cynical, I am as cynical as I can be. When it comes to ripping the Bible apart looking for mistakes I am and have been for the past 35 years doing that. That is why I can show you from style criticism what is written by a man, including Solomon putting in things which make his appalling situation as a foreign child look better (Book of Ruth where Moabites are curse to 10 generations is one example) But when I find one document which no man could or would have ever written signed by Yahweh Eloheem well as I say take that matter up with God because how he created things..only he would know. Moses gets water for the people of Israel story. The land of Midian- The Hejaz well known to Moses is a volcanic landscape in parts. When we were putting in a pileline in lower Crawford Ave Mangere Bridge at the bottom of the trench there was solid volcanic rock so we got a machine in to break it. And as soon as we did, enough water was coming out to literally supply all the needs of the people of Israel in the desert. We had tapped into the bottom of Mangere mountain and an untapped reservor of water gushed out. Did Moses know that he could do that when he struck the rock ? Did he need God or did he have that as local knowledge ? Stick around brother and we can go together and talk to Moses about that question as all the other Bible writers (page one being the exception) as to what they are/were saying and what ancient matierial he edited to make Genesis. And as for me ?
        I just keep wtaching. So forexample a couple of Chinese want to have brothel in Auckland. Buy a building for 3 million plan to have a sex dungoen in the basement. God knows what happens next for the basement wall starts to deform and collapse, the building cracks open moving nearly a meter sideways and by 3 am less than 12 hours later it is a pile of rubble. God? We highly superstitious believe that it is, just like the night Auckland’s powere system collapse when Prime Minster Shipley went to the Gay Hero parade. AHHH!!!!!!

    • ExEB says:

      Paul said … I discovered genuine faith and Godliness pleasing to God. Abraham (please blog about him next) is as bad as it get so totally delusional that he takes his son, the son God gave an old man and a barren old woman and puts him on the altar to kill him…. And like Deck now I cannot go on it breaks my heart. love paul

      Paul my friend ….Im sorry i dont know enough about these things to blog about them ….. See i like to keep some things simple . Im not much concerned about having my brain manipulated and indoctrinated by mega amounts of holy words written within books written by many ancient men of faith …..The thing is i have noticed how these things can really screw up people brains ….Turn some faithful folks into jibbering idiots ! who will also faithfully believe in sexual encounters = savage interruptions ,like what happened in the Exclusive Brethren with James Taylor and Madiline Kerr….Just as easy as they will also allow themselves to become indoctrinated to faithfully believe in talking donkeys and talking snakes and silly ideas that some man called Noah might somehow honestly be able to round up every single insect , bird and animal etc on this wide earth ,and also somehow even collect enough food, that he can then too somehow also have a way to keep it all fresh enough !?, for all these animals and insects to eat…for very many days ….On what we now know to be only a very small boat! considdering the amount of room that would HONESTLY be needed ,now we have knowledge of exactly how much many of these animals need to eat …Plus how did this Man Noah allow for animal deaths? ,when us modern humans know we cant even shift a boat load ! of sheep over seas without suffering large losses , on our modern boats that have all manner of modern devices !…….Paul it just dont add up ! …It doesnt sound HONEST

      Paul my good friend…. To be quite honest …personally im not one thats to keen to allow myself to become indoctrinated to much in any great detail …by these holy books …. that right down throughout all history …have become well very known ! for teaching some folks how to become very faithfully gullible .

      I like to keep things simple ….I use my own eyes and my own brain ..and my own common sense and logic etc …and look at these things in the holy books and also specially study the effects they have had on so many people …and look around with my very own eyes ..and notice ….absolutely no HONEST sign of and Gods or demons or monsters, nore talking donkeys or snakes etc actually even exist anywhere, that i can HONESTLY say i see so far.

      Paul i like to mostly keep things very simple and honest.

  3. Paul Darroch says:

    You are right!
    We Bush Brethren do not allow ourselves to get into a position of being manipulated or indoctronated. Leaving England arriving here in 1852 it was another seven whole years before Deck attended another Brethren ministry meeting and then it was he that was ministering and it was on his own farm up there at Waiwhero. Another brother who was there John Park Salisbury may have grown up Anglican but likewise was not attending any Christian organized religion. He got himself converted by reading a bible when working as a lonley shepherd in Malborough. The Karamea Assembly (our Favona Rd plumber is from that Assembly) was started because JPS went from Ngatimoti directly over the tops of the mountainous terrrain to preach to miners and settlers on the coast.
    Those men knew the same god as Moses did. The god of the bush. The place of the outcast (Heb 13:13) the loneliness of being despised rejected and aqauainted with grief. In fact if the truth be known the greatest Brethren preachers (yourself included and me ofcourse) are those who have been will be are being disfellowshipped cast out. those who know what it is to feel grief and pain, who seek what is real. Who can cut through sham and see what is a religious con job a mile off. (A brother gave me a tape of a Pentecostal Preacher long dead Branham and I listened to it and immediately picked he was using the earpiece -but in those days note system where the co workers interview people coming in and then alert the preacher who amazingly as if from God knows your inner most thoughts!).
    Brother get as hard and as cynical as you need to get.
    The New Zealand Brethren movement was started by men who literally did everything themselves and knew God knew the Bible because they studied if for themselves and if the nonsense that is preacher in Exclusive Brethren halls today was preached you can be sure they would have jumped on it real quick.
    The mid 1870s failure (accompanied by the sign of a terrible Motueka Valley flood) was as a result of two of the most highly intelligent men when it came to the Bible and theology in the British Empire visiting Motueka. JND and GVWigram. What Wignram didn’t know about the bible words isn’t worth knowing. And Darby’s comprehensive ‘Rapture theory still has millions of followers even though you know and i know it is religious nonsense (Please don’t tell my brother Chuck Missler I just said that)
    Brother, from now on it is up to God. lots of people are praying for you, I have predicted that you will be Baptized in the Holy Spirit by God. Sometime or other you will need to find faith. And beyond that, relax continue to become more and more cynical and do more research into the good stuff you are looking at and putting on this blog. Because after about seven years or less God has work for you to do! Blessing!

    • ExEB says:

      Hello again Paul hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

      Firstly let me say im fine with Muslim folk,i like Muslim folk personally as much as i like any other nationality.Im not much interested in any racism ,and like to try keeping opinions of people at a personal level.So just for instance that means, im not so interested what anybody else might have to say about you or anyone else.I far prefer forming my own opinion.

      And on a person level the Muslim folk i met were just normal human beings like any other .Even if like any other human it became obvious they were moulded by growing up among Muslim culture with certain types of alien traditions, a lot different to what i personally grew up with.In life ive found this is much the same for most all people ,whether they be Exclusive Brethren , Asian ,German . Polynesian or of any other nationality. We become moulded by tradition and culture we are involved in.

      So whenever i see something that i might dislike,i understand about how tradition and culture plays its part ,and try to remember it plays a part with my own downfalls also …. L.o.L …… Sadly my traditional culture makes this a whole lot harder , because within my culture i grew up in it really wasnt so traditional to be understanding ,forgiving and accepting of other folks that were different to myself .

      I chuckle about this sad situation … in a way any mad-man tends to chuckle about something he finds he still really struggles with . ….Mostly because not to atleast try! seeing the funny side of matter …tends to bring far to much sadness and can in effect drive us into total dispair.

      So Paul please dont ever start to think i personally despise Islam .Please understand i simply feel much the same type feelings about Islam , as i do of Christianity , Hinduism et al . I see them all as totally man made and as cultural traditions , that all often do contain both wonderful wisdom ! , plus sadly also some utter idiotic bullcrap .

      But never the less i still see no real good evidence to see any real honest reason to think any God or Gods or deities or supernatural Supreme beings have been involved …. Yes they may all contain much experience and some great wisdom ….But i see them all for what they are ….Thoughts and experiences of mere men.Nothing more.

      Paul my friend in my opinion i say you are welcome to think differently.I think its imporatant that people be allowed to think with their own mind and make their own judgments .

      But let me simply be honest, in my mind the fact that some Saudi Mosque in Indonesia is still seen to be left standing after 6metre tidal waves ,could come down to very many very natural causes .Without me looking into it in great detail ,it could simple be about havinf far superior structural foundations ,or maybe force of 6metre tidal waves was partly deflected by buildings standing in front of it ,or maybe the lay of the sand in the bay meant that this Mosque was effected far differently.

      There could be so very many natural causes Paul …..Us human need to be so careful of our minds that have evolved with a natural cultural tradition to jump to conclusions that every bump and bang in the dark or thing we dont quite understand …might be sign of the supernatural ….This cultural tradition having evolved from our ancient need of survival ,which meant it was once a great blessing for the superstitious type mind to have us scared of the dark and anything we never quite yet understood …As a great way of helping us possess traits of natural caution that would then aid us in gaining better survival.

      The same goes for this brothel building in Auckland .Look my friend this building was ancient ,humans involved in renovations are as able of fallibility of building renovation errors ,as also is mans wonderful ability of fallibility within faith book writings.Once again humans dont always understand all factors involved , i mean just for instance! can you even be so very sure Paul ? that infact there wasnt some other water leaks involved that were unknown ! and not considdered enough ,that might have possibly helped aid in this failure of this brothel to be ?.

      See Paul us humans have evolved as very superstitious beings, that are inclined to be quick to jump to conclusions! and like to try to interpret things to suit that what we have been LED to believe . Hense why the Exclusive Brethren like to conclude the anger they feel being displayed against them, must surely equal the persecution written about within a holy book named the bible .These superstitions, create superstitious type minds with superstitiously biased mode of thinking .

      See Paul you would like to have be believe your God works in these types of very mysterious ways , but your God simply isnt prepared at all to show any very simple signs …. What is your God some type of riddler Paul ? ….Does your God enjoy being involved in game playing and being the instigator in creation of such types of confusion ? …When your God could just as easily make all matters plain to understand ! ,as you and other faithful try suggesting you feel this God to far prefer talking in riddles .

      Sorry Paul , i just cannot see the point of a God that would even need to work in these type of extremely mysterious ways you suggest.To me personally ! , it just doesnt make any good logical common sense.And if a God exists that created us ,this God would also know us men HAVE BEEN created with a great need to use logic and common sense .This God would know it is actually paramount for our very survival ! , that we do learn to use logic and common sense , as without use of it, humanity is surely doomed from the get go .

      And Paul the very fact that our extreme need for use of logic and common sense, is honestly actually paramount for our very survival .Is really vividly brought home to us, when we do study the extreme detrimental effect that great faith combined with a great lack of logical common sense , is having on even the Exclusive Brethren today.And you can be very sure Paul ,that the exclusive brethren are not the only faithful folk effected this way .

      If God exists Paul ,then God also created us to need to use logic and common sense to help aid our survival .

      So please explain ….Why then would your God use such methods of superstitious mystery , rather than methods of clear straight forward logical common sense ? .

      Sorry it just doesnt make any sense to me Paul .

      • ExEB says:

        In ancient times when man was still lacking in so very much knowledge …..Back then it was use of human logic and common sense that at that ancient time we would have naturally thought that just maybe the earthquakes and lightning bolts and tsunami etc that we saw seeming to look like they were actually being aimed at personally killing certian folk ….Might be controlled by God or Gods .

        For back in those ancient times we had absolutely no knowledge at all of any tectonic plate movement , that caused earthquakes and tsunami .We knew nothing of what caused lightning and why it struck certain objects with such accuracy.

        We used our logic and common sense to gain more knowledge to slowly learn and understand more about these things .

        If God exists and created us.He created us with this need to learn to use our logic and common sense.

        Therefore it seems utter stupidity to me personally, to ever think this God would be honestly likely to think it really so wise to even try and display his work to us humans, in form of the mysterious riddles and mysterious effects on some brothels in Auckland , or even effect of Saudi Mosque still standing after 6metre tidal waves.

        This would leave man wide open to possibilities of so much extreme confusion ,as has happened ! as we can see with situations within the Exclusive Brethren ….And the way all the confusion exists between trying to define God between Muslim and Christian or Hindu et al .

        This confusion is therefore a creation of mind of man ! ,by man means of daring to atribute God or Gods work with method of mystery .

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