Holy Bible Rape Laws Made Easy

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About ExEB

I'm a agnostic/atheist . Interested in learning more about science. I also am an "ex-member" of a group most publicly known within modern times, as the Exclusive Brethren. Whom are an off-shoot of the original Plymouth Brethren group. I'd say it likely my personality could possibly be described as quirky.You know ,as in being , unconventional , unorthodox , unusual, off-centre, strange, bizarre, weird, peculiar, odd, freakish, outlandish, offbeat, out of the ordinary, bohemian, alternative, zany I'm sure iv'e been classed as "crazy" . Many times But then, being born into a group like the exclusive brethren. Doesn't lend itself ? to tend to produce things considered as being "very normal" .Does it I escaped the Exclusive Brethren cult as a 15 year old teenager. Even since that time iv'e been trying to adjust to living life outside the cult. With much of my life being lived within the genre of "wild colonial boy" style. In the general sense of a church-rebel picking and choosing from role models who appeared within-life along the way. But as the exclusive brethren cult had traditionally maintained a general church-rule , of need to shun and totally excommunicate any ex member of their group.Treating such people as if they were dead. Thus this situation developed more to do with my need of following traditionally enforced church-rule , as apposed to it being so much about "life-choices". Certain emotional experiences, and parts of life in general, have led to me adopting a sense of low self esteem. Which is a situation i still deal with from time to time. Through my ongoing interest in science. I find i am able to gather more information to help me better understand my situation. Much about life for me, has often seemed like a massive puzzle.With many missing pieces.
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12 Responses to Holy Bible Rape Laws Made Easy

  1. Paul Darroch says:

    When I was at university a book we all read was by an American anthropologist “Coming of age in Samoa”M Mead. But finally after 30 years of peddling nonsense an Australian Professor who actually understood Samoan society replied, and pointed out that far from being an island paradise Samoa was one of the most violent societies on earth… but yes! Deuteronomy 22 style young men did as described in that book use the rape technique to obtain a wife and this had become a culturally accepted way to do things!
    How seriously should we take this Law ?
    Well… the opinion of my father was from the time he knew his wife was pregnant, that I am illegitimate, therefore all my generations are curse for the next 300 or so years! But was he right ? Numbers makes provision for the wife so accused to go to the priest and if the child is unwanted, then she and the baby dies (Abortion!) and if not then she and the baby live. As it was, this accusation my father brought, was a cause of his mental illness and thus locked up I grew up without knowing him. But did my father have cause to have this kind of opinion ? Maybe… in which case I would have been willing had my community taken the matter as seriously as they should have, would have been willing to cast a stone, if the matter had been proven. Why ? Because New Zealand pays billions of dollars on Social Welfare, a cost destructive of my nation and society (Researchers showed how once Abortion was introduced into parts of USA the crime rate dropped about 20 years later..) Yes it is sad, and tragic, but afterwards the peace that comes living in a righteous society is worth it.
    Finally even if we don’t work the Torah- does God do it ? Aids ? Sudden wars ?

    • ExEB says:

      Hi Paul …Ahh it makes better sense to me now i know you did go to university . I already felt i could tell at some stage you had done lots of research and reading and suchlike . Excellent

      New Zealand offers tax rebates and all manner of freebees for Churches and church groups , too Paul .We give tax rebates to all the many different faith groups of people , who long ago followed the colonization of these type of countries , faith groups that then attempted and succeeded to split and devide traditional families that once existed , so as to gain the upper hand ! and rule them . So why do you blame this problem on New Zealand ? . I was abused by a group of folks of faith and the ongoing effect of this abuse has also had quite a dramatic effect on my life and psychology and even effected my ability to always earn a living , so would you like to blame New Zealand and myself for this problem also ? …When will the faithful stop for a moment and learn to take a long hard honest look at the widespread damage caused by the infiltration of faith and the ongoing cancerous curses that their nasty holy books bestowed upon us ? …..What use are holy books and all the mega ideas of Gods , it all these books ever bring us is faithful bigotry and groups of people who spend their time looking to blame everyone else , rather than focus on the root of the problem because the root cause is directly connected to their beloved books ? . Why should we ever expect any different of splinter groups like the EB , if at the general base of ALL faith the song always remains singing the very same tune ? .

      So far i see absolutely no reason whatsoever to even suspect that God-/s might exist , or that they might be involved in any phenomena we experience around us . I see very many situations where man made phenomena has had a very dramatic effect ! on humanity , such as nasty manipulative faithful indoctrinations that effect the minds and actions of men , driving some insane and others to act extremely nasty often even splitting and dividing families while other of these groups will still try to look how to blame everything else but the man made faith beliefs that traditionally have sat like a malignant cursed cancerous growth maiming killing and hurting many , just as it ALWAYS has done since the time of its first man made conception .

      I see absolutely no reason to even suspect Gods are ever involved in any of the phenomena experienced around us, Paul . Anymore than i would expect Gods were likely to have been involved in phenomena experienced by ancient humans , back in times when some faithful ancient humans trialed their faithful idea of sacrificing humans or casting live babies into the flames of fires in hope it might help with fertility . Previously you spoke about Pike mine , God was not involved in any of the phenomena experienced at the Pike mine nature was involved and obviously combined with humans miscalculations , and time will possibly tell whether there was also some bad luck or even some lack or care and caution . Mens minds can be driven by fear toward insanity by manipulative indoctrination of faith books that might suggest things such as …” generations are curse for the next 300 or so years! “ , just as men can be driven to the insane with the belief that 70 vigins might await them as repayment for murder of some innocent people , just as men can be driven insane and fully believe they might have been abducted by aliens and been subjected to anal probes , just as men can be driven insane by faithful indoctrination to the stage they will fully believe casting live babies into the flames of fires might have great benefits for improving fertility , Just as some men can be driven so insane by faithful beliefs , they will end up fully believing that the IRA or inland revenue or N. A. S. A or trolls, goblins , pink elephant or garden fairys has got so special agenda to try and find and pounce on them .

      Folks of faith have been looking for sign of the supernatural since we evolved out of the dark ages when everything person that quietly disappeared in the darkness ,had to have been pounced on by demons or supernatural beings , even if the honest truth was some silent hunting panther was actually silently lurking .

      The honest truth never really mattered one iota , if faithful men had already decided within their own minds that they would agree to let their imaginations run riot . It is no less surprising if your father let his faith indoctrination effect his mind , anymore than its so surprising faithful indoctrination of ancient man allowed them to go insane and fully blame the silent work of hunting panthers , on man made imaginations of the existence of mystical demons and supernatural beings .

      There is nothing new under the sun , Paul ……Mans insane mind has been imagining all manner of things ! since time when they first sort to understand life in the vast jungle of ancient times . The monsters that in ancient times once were fearfully thought to lurk in the dark outside range of fire light or cave entrances , have now moved on into town and have even began to lurk under childrens bed after dark .

  2. Paul Darroch says:

    Darby in my humble opinion there fore makes the typical ‘Catholic/correct teaching of the church’ mistake of believing that with the coming of Christ we live under Grace!
    Sorry Torah still applies even among us ignorant- God is unchangeable God!
    Jesus proves Sharia Law still triumphs in Matthew 19.
    Here this Nazareth new religious upstart is up against the best Jewish Torah experts the world has ever seen. They had seen him fail to condemn a woman they had brought to him to stone- a fair catch well known among religious people… But now Jesus out flanks Moses calling even him a wimp when it comes to taking a literalistic approach, to these life and death issues for Jewish society (My favorite verse on this particular sin is Nehemiah 13:25)
    While in my using this passage I use it to destroy Muhammed and the current version of Islam that relies upon him as their false prophet, This religious ruling given here by Jesus is binding upon all men because it quotes the literal words of Adam on the true meaning of marriage/covenant, he established it!
    Sorry if you are immoral hiding behind being religious the day is coming when your un-confessed sins will be exposed for judgement.

    • ExEB says:

      Paul said …” But now Jesus out flanks Moses calling even him a wimp when it comes to taking a literalistic approach, to these life and death issues for Jewish society (My favorite verse on this particular sin is Nehemiah 13:25) “

      Ahh yes how extremely terrible it is that people trying to use what by many was considered a type of manual for life , would ever dare to try using the literalistic approach .

      Oh how extremely lucky we humans are that these Gods and supernatural beings never tried giving people any divine guidence on how they should write car repair manuals or medical text books or rocket science for N.A.S.A and whatnot . Just imagine all the EXTREME confusion and very grave DANGER and mega amount of SUFFERING and DEATH that very soon would ALSO develop if these types of books were endlessly arguing about what supposedly should or should not be taken by a literalistic approach etc . What a complete utter circus this whole world would soon degenerate into . Faith circus causes us enough problems already ,with the squabbles and discussions of the supposed wise men as they try laying claim to having all the translations correct between what might be literal and what might be not. ….. One starts to wonder …why did they even TRY to suggest God doesnt ever tempt man or dare to set him any traps ?……If God was HONESTLY involved in guiding whats been written within faith books , the simple fact remains , God was partly involved in helping set up human traps whether he meant to be involved in such a practice or not.

      How ever to be honest , i question whether God was even involved at all in these books . I question if any God even exists . ….Is it really such a extremely great crime to simply seek the honest truth ? , when history already reminds us ! of all the extreme harm that deceit can bestow on humanity

      Words start to become terribly meaningless , when all they end up being is a great jumble of words that never actually quite manage match the honest truth . We start to see the same type of struggles of people grasping at short straws to try and even uphold the idea of honest truth honestly existing , as the very same type struggles we blatantly also see happening in Exclusive and Renton Brethren type cults and other dodgy faith dominations

      Paul i fully allow you the continued right to have total faith in the divine nature of these holy books and faiths that revolve around them if you feel your consience tells you you should continue to have faith in them . I just hope you can extend the same type of right toward me and my conscience if i feel it tells me i should not continue to have any faith in it .

      After all most often the truth should always be able to stand strong on its own merit , if the truth really honestly has the strength of being founded on complete honesty .

  3. Paul Darroch says:

    You know I think Jesus is enjoying this interchange! After writing it bored before we went to a family gathering (the children and grandchildren of the sister of Uncle Douglas Wills of Nelson) I picked up a book produced by the Wahabist London Mosque, where the author pretended to demolish the Torah so that the Quran and Islamic sharia Law can replace the Bible God’s Law.
    What he did was obtuse and extremely devious.
    First of all he quoted from the Jewish encyclopedia to say that Ezra at the time of the first Return had check the Torah and put in pointing… and then said. -Look Ezra rewrote the Torah because the bible said it had been burned and destroyed. Cute!
    Then he goes back to parts of the Torah where the editorial comments of both Moses and Joshua (Joshua 8:32 and see how he is still writing and using an ancient Iraqi style Job 19:23/24). And then saying Ah we cannot trust this Torah because it is written at a latter time because the verses honestly indicate that time has passed on some matters and names have changed. So the most minute features of a book studied more than any other book has or ever will be studied are being used to compare it with the Quran which falls apart as soon as you take time to read the thing….AHhhh!!!!!
    Why- because you cannot operate a literalistic view of moral behavior without coming back to the Torah regardless of what deviation Christian or Islamic you have developed. As I say I really think that Jesus is actually watching and taking a personal interest in what two brothers, me as a Bush Brethren and my other brother the greatly beloved by us, Atheist EBer are saying…. but what do you think ? love paul.

    • ExEB says:

      Hi Paul .

      Yes well in my opinion faith is the breeding ground for deceit .And they all claim to know whats right .They all claim that they follow the one true God . They all claim that God speaks to them in a divine guidence sort of way also .

      So whats the rub ? …. Does God play tricks ? ….. Or Do Theists tell loads of bull ?.

      In my opion non are worth trusting . And i see absolutely no reason to believe more ancient Theists were likely to be anymore trustworthy either.

      Theist say Moses this and Joshua that ! .

      Says who ? .. A book ? ….. A book written by Theists ? ….. Theists that we know very well love to be deceitful ?

      Why should i believe anything because somebody wrote it in a book ? …Sheeze i might as well read Brce Hales ministry ….Only real difference is ones ancient ministry ..the other is modern

      Im afris im only interested in beleving any of this stuff when i see reason to …Like seeing evidence that suggests God even exists would be a good starting point . And if God exists he know this problem ..He knows Theists have been found out to be deceitful and very untrustworthy .

      So God cannot expect humans to put their trust in liars our books that liars write.

      So its so stupid to even suggest humans even have any need to fear of God . Unless Gods hate men who are wary of putting trust in liars ?.

      This whole Theist carry on is a Joke …And it might even be funny if many humans had not paid such a great price for this Theist joke

      Paul im sorry i cant believe any divine guidence from God , would have men writing a holy book thats supposed to be a manual for life ….As something not to be taken literalistic .

      Thats worse than somebody writing a car repair manual or surgery manual with all sorts of gibberish included.And then when somebodies car blows up or somebody dies from bad surgery practice .

      The book writer suggests ….Oh dear ,,,,,,look this book wasnt supposed to operate as a literalistic view !

      No …. Im sorry something seems very suspect here to me Paul

  4. Paul Darroch says:

    We do not take Jesus- the Real Jesus who was born as a Jew circumcised in the Temple on the 8th day- take him seriously.
    For him The Torah as he says in Matthew 5 is non negotiable, is bedrock. His religion is what ever is in the Torah- a position he shares with all Jews who have taken what Moses has put down for us seriously and do not mock it, or as Christians do explain it away.
    When Jesus says to the woman in John 4- ‘salvation is from the Jews’ he means it!
    Thus what I am writing here in response to the Torah is unfortunately not a Christian Gospel. Rather having spent seven years as a Muslim in the Islamic environment working as an Islamic believer, I think differently, handle the scriptures differently, respond differently to Jesus; Than do you as readers of this.
    It is like Moses going to the Arabian Hejaz- he came back different, Joseph going to Egypt, Daniel to Babylon, God has changed us, how we think how we operate, yet as ‘Bush Brethren’ we still have a heart for our Exclusive and Open Brethren!
    If there is No Rapture!- Yet we are now coming into the End of Days…. Well we will in accordance with the prophecy of Isaiah 28 be coming into at the Ends of the Earth a bit here a bit there, coming into an Israeli way of doing things. And moving away from Egyptian and Arabic ways of doing things.
    In the Motueka Valley outside St James church there is an obelisk. On it is the name of the very first New Zealand man to be killed. In Egypt in The Great War. Ngatimoti boy. Why an obelisk ? (Snapped off but glued back- seven years after it’s ‘erection’ by the 1929 earthquake) Because the Masonic Lodge had a Civil War going on with Deck’s Motueka Brethren and when one of our Motueka Assembly boys young Keith Holyoak became a politician I would have to say the Lodge Won, our religion had lost and was in decline. But now coming out of Ngatimoti again God is again taking up the biblical preaching of our founder James George Deck….. but do we believe the Torah as Jesus did and argued it in a way that makes Muslims and Jews sit up an take notice ?

    • ExEB says:

      Well Paul once again i do find it interesting when you teach me some of the history of Mr Deck and times in the Mot valley and situations that heppened around Ngatimoti etc . And i read what you tell me is written within the bible and Torah and suchlike .

      But in my opinion if the worlds coming toward any end times , Theist cant have helped matters much considering Theist have been near the front of invading parties that went to colonixe countries keen to plunder their resourses and reap the riches even at the cost of resource depletion and polution . It doesnt help matters when Theist teach their children , look dont worry about this stuff , God provides and God will provide a new earth or place to live if we end up needing it.

      In my opinion this is such a irresponsible attitude . In my opinion Theism promotes irresponsibe attitudes . Even there theism looks to suggest the problem started with Adam and Eve and a snake , as its not prepared to take personal responsibility . It suggests humans are bad because of Adam and Eve and a snake , so humans will sin , and suggests its acceptable humans sin so long as the repent …And Thests make good use of these clauses …They simply sin and repent , sin and repent , sin and repent etc .

      Its the most perfectly engineered cop-out .

      If the world is going to end the world will end ….. But theism hasnt helped us when we still have religious hate causing us wars and bombs getting lobed here and there …. Massive bombs blowing up left right and centre isnt helpful to extending the life of the earth ….Neither is it helpful having so many faithful theists whos faith says …look mate this earth dont matter …the end is nigh !

      Is it any wonder our familys sit rotting in cults ? …while life fades away for those who should have spent time together !

      I dont see how you will ever convince me faith is good …….But still im happy to accept your faith is faith

      However being accepting and understanding of it …. Is very different to needing to appreciate and like it !

      I understand and accept some people do belong to gangs too …..And i wont allow myself to hate them for it ……. but needing to apreciate or like it is very different matter …. specially after these beliefs cause us personal harm

      So long as Theist folk understand my postion as an agnostic atheist

      I`ll do my best to understand their position as a Theist ……Even after its been like a harmful curse in my life

  5. Paul Darroch says:

    Is an adventure that I had earlier this year reading Hitler’s Mein Kampf and coming to some very Jewish conclusions about it.
    One thing that surprised me was that in order to argue that German/Anglo Saxon Super Race to rule the world Hitler was getting into the same sort of governmental and prophetic material that we see in the book of Nehemiah/Malachi.
    He was genuinely distressed by cross cultural marriages, by seeing Black nation people in his Europe. By having Jews marry Germans…. in other words he was just as fanatical as Nehemiah who in the quoted verse (13:25) is pulling other peoples hair out because they let their daughters marry people who are not Jewish.
    Morality for Hitler has become not allowing people to marry cross culturally- the same issues which are central to the Torah set in a tight Israel tribal context.
    Without knowing the Torah- Hitler has stumbled on the most important part of it- hence my joy that we are studying the essential ‘Rape Laws’ Covenant/marriage- which in Malachi 2:14/15 God himself involves himself making it a three way covenant (see Hebrew text or the RSV translation)
    What I think Hitler has come to; is the special blessing which some Europeans related to other ‘lost’ tribes of Israel have intuitively discovered. Sure Darby goes off by claiming that we ‘gentiles’ will be raptured to heaven leaving a wrecked resource depleted earth for the Jews to suffer in… but the challenge we readers here face (even atheist ones) is what do we do with our many generations of faithful Brethren heritage which our forefathers have blessed us. (Sure I never earn much more than the minimum wage but I have a wife who is a Lawyer, we have a large house and several family members have already sat in Parliament in the youth Parliament… so yes we are blest)
    Pray with me now; Lord God this is a very strange venue to be thinking about important issues which honestly despite our life time of Bible reading we do not really understand. Please Lord for each one of us, believers and no believers, brothers together, in fellowship and out in the bush, Lord help each one of us to understand at this time what is important in our lives and and what is not, direct our ways and thinking, so that we can build together as Brethren in righteous living forever amen.

    • ExEB says:

      Quote : Morality for Hitler has become not allowing people to marry cross culturally- the same issues which are central to the Torah set in a tight Israel tribal context.

      Not surprising to me Paul . I sure do understand that much of the barbarian attitudes that still last within society today …Is because the attitudes of ancient barbarians hang arround like a bad smell within our modern societies …In big part …. because our societies have been founded on these old ancient books of babarians of ancient times … Times when laws were mean and very unfair for women with regards to rape because ancient male biased men were unfair and mean nasty barbarians who wrote the holy books .

      Thinking and reading history of ancient mens attitudes .

      I would be surprised and have real reason to wonder if indeed these holy books might have divine guidence .

      If they didnt contain so very much extremely unfair mean and nasty content !

      But the fact is these book DO contain so very much extremely unfair mean and nasty content ….This is totally consistent of the extremely unfair mean and nasty barbarian men of the same time with which these books were written .

      Meaning for me these books point toward mere word of unfair mean and nasty man of ancient times

      I see in these books only what i would expect to see …if these books were written by ancient men who lived these type of ways

      And that Hitler or the EB or the Rentons or Jim Jones or any other nasty folk exist .

      Doesnt surprise me …one bit ! …When our societies have continually suckled on these books like unwary and unwise babies

  6. Paul Darroch says:

    If I have one complaint about this forum it is the levels of utter deceit that atheists and some of our fundermentalists cult leaders go to win and argument.
    I mentioned the London Mosque publishing the deliberated mis quoting of a learned Jewish source about Ezra’s genuine concern that no mistakes had crept into the Torah in his biblical Torah Revival, to claim that he had completely re written the Torah and so that the Torah could not be trusted when there are such glaring differences between it and the Quran and one of them is incorrect. The Islamic scholar in that case is siding with the father of all lies because there is literally tens of millions of dollars coming from Wahabi Arabia to under gird that deceit.
    And now we have Adolf Hitler whose raves taken logically turn out to be nonsense. He is a deluded liar admits as much- but then clearly tells us that it is not about truth but winning hearts and minds and gaining total power.
    Sorry Brother Darby, Brother Taylor, Brother Hales; GOD IS TRUTH! Twisting God’s word to justify your attempts to manipulate God’s saints (Witch-craft describes the process best) has met it’s match.
    The real God- The God of Israel, first he laughs at what you brothers have been doing, but now he is angry here at the ends of the earth. And thus continuing in this explanation of Psalm 2 we have these words; ‘Kiss the son least he be angry and ye perish in the way’

    • ExEB says:

      Oh well Paul ….You can be rest assured those folk wont be the only folk who mis quoted or even deceitfully miscopied scriptures or even deceitfully suggested they had information from Gods when they didnt .Because so happens we have thousands of ideas about Gods dont we …so they cant all be right ….who says any are right ? …There is no way to know …what more there is absolutely no God arriving on the scene in person to provide some sort of honestly objective information

      The only so called “objective” opinion is opinions written within holy books …which in all honesty …are absolutely no more of an objective opinion …than yours or my opinion be .

      This is the type of deceit that holy books are founded on …so called …”objective opinions ” from Gods …Supplied through opinions of non objective Theist human brains … Pure deceit

      Hense why so many different faiths could all claim it was there particular group that had …THE one and only … “objective truth” …delivered from God

      Money and power to control money and power will have always played a big part in ALL these faiths.

      But like i keep reminding you Paul …this is my personal opinion …..You do not have to agree with my opinion ….. I dont mind hearing your own Theist opinion either …i do not seek to stop you having your Theist opinion in the way a bigot would by telling you to shut up ….or by withdrawing from you ….or by seeking to burn you at the stake

      You are welcome to your opinion here as long as im welcome to mine also …Let all the youth have the right ! to hear both opinions i suggest , and then let them have the right to decide for themselves .

      If the truth is the honest truth then it holds the power that should be able to stand on its own merit

      Do you agree or disagree that thats fair ?

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