A History of God

Quote : ” Modern evidence indicates that if you read the bible as it is currently presented by modern religion.Especially if you are reading an English translation.You arnt reading the real story .What you are reading is an edited version of the history with additions and modifications

Sounds about right don’t it . Obviously Theists have always been deceitful kind of story tellers . Hence how come the EB also tell a modern ” edited version ” of what actually happened with James Taylor Jr at Aberdeen .Theists today will do , as ancient Theists always did do also .

They still continue to tell fibs and live by a great big lie . So there is nothing new under the sun today .Theists today are still just as untrustworthy as they always were .

Anyway thanks to John over on DC for the HT that pointed me toward another interesting youtube video .

A History of God .

Gods evolved within the minds of ancient men as they tried to make heads or tails of their existence on the planet we call earth . There is no more evidence for the existence of God today ,anymore than there was evidence of the existence of God in ancient times .

Folks of faith will say …ohh but but ….Look it says this { } here in the scripture blah blah verse blah blah in the holy bible …Little do these faithful folk realize that its little different from say a Benny Hinn or Bruce Hales follower , pointing to the ministry of Bruce Hales or Benny Hinn . And because they can find it written somewhere within their ministry  , thinking this some how will also validate what they see written .

It’s like me saying ..no its the honest truth …Aliens actually do honestly exist for sure …I know this because …. look this bloke over here wrote that he thinks they do exist …So therefore this means that they must exist.

This is exactly the kind of utter idiotic stupidity that all faith belief is based upon .And just as faithful fools will follow Bruce Hales or Benny Hinn like the brain-dead rats that followed the pied piper , so do all faithful follow these type beliefs like the foolish rats of Hamelin that followed the pied piper.

Thoughtless ignorant people continue to promote such utter foolishness , and then wonder why people get burned at the stake accused of being witches or why abusive cults like the Renton and Exclusive brethren evolve and end up hurting people.

And why is it so many ignorant fools continue to promote such utter foolishness ?

Because they want to gain eternal life for ” themselves ” … That right faith is “founded ” on the selfish attitude of people wishing to gain life eternal for “themselves ”

So why should we expect the Renton or Exclusive  brethren to care about those they have hurt ? …Why should we think maybe other faithful in other faith groups might bother to care about doing something about whats happening within these abusive cults ?

Listen up …Folks of faith are brought up on selfish type thinking , founded on thoughts of gaining eternal life for the ” self ” is all what matters most ….There is no good reason we should ever expect folks in these faiths to honestly give a damn about anyone else …..Outside of the amazing PR campaign of looking oh so wonderful for getting involved in charity , when the chips are down …These folks of faith only give a damn about “themselves” and their dream of gaining eternal life for “themselves” .

The involvement in Charity is the same type of PR campaign that the Exclusive Brethren got involved in when giving to the fire relief fund in Australia ….Faith is like one huge big marketing campaign , run by people who hope to strike it rich ! and gain eternal life for “themselves”. These folk are the gamblers of ancient times , and faith is their one-armed bandit gambling machine of choice ….They have no evidence that life even exists after death and neither do they have any evidence that eternal life can be gained by anyone …But these people dont care about anyone else …Their right to play this gamble is all that matters to them ….Like the modern day gambler who pokes ALL the families money down the throat of a one-armed bandit ,these thoughtless selfish ignorant folks of faith don’t mind if they gamble away matters of “this life” , in hope that “they” might win the jack-pot for “themselves” in some afterlife they “hope” might exist .

Hense why faith is founded on the most ultimate type of selfishness .

I’m quite sure people like Stalin would have realized this .I’m sure Stalin would have realized that deep down below the thin exterior of the PR charity campaigns , these people of faith didn’t really care much about anyone else other than themselves.

That`s what addicted gamblers are most often like.

About ExEB

I'm a agnostic/atheist . Interested in learning more about science. I also am an "ex-member" of a group most publicly known within modern times, as the Exclusive Brethren. Whom are an off-shoot of the original Plymouth Brethren group. I'd say it likely my personality could possibly be described as quirky.You know ,as in being , unconventional , unorthodox , unusual, off-centre, strange, bizarre, weird, peculiar, odd, freakish, outlandish, offbeat, out of the ordinary, bohemian, alternative, zany I'm sure iv'e been classed as "crazy" . Many times But then, being born into a group like the exclusive brethren. Doesn't lend itself ? to tend to produce things considered as being "very normal" .Does it I escaped the Exclusive Brethren cult as a 15 year old teenager. Even since that time iv'e been trying to adjust to living life outside the cult. With much of my life being lived within the genre of "wild colonial boy" style. In the general sense of a church-rebel picking and choosing from role models who appeared within-life along the way. But as the exclusive brethren cult had traditionally maintained a general church-rule , of need to shun and totally excommunicate any ex member of their group.Treating such people as if they were dead. Thus this situation developed more to do with my need of following traditionally enforced church-rule , as apposed to it being so much about "life-choices". Certain emotional experiences, and parts of life in general, have led to me adopting a sense of low self esteem. Which is a situation i still deal with from time to time. Through my ongoing interest in science. I find i am able to gather more information to help me better understand my situation. Much about life for me, has often seemed like a massive puzzle.With many missing pieces.
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4 Responses to A History of God

  1. John says:

    You have a great deal to say and you’re impassioned. This is good!

    You write logically and from the heart. This is also good.

    You have a ‘chip’, but then we all do somewhere.

    The problem is spelling. Just take two minutes and run through a spell-checker. WordPress has one, Word has one, even browsers such as Firefox and Chrome have them built-in.

    If you want me to take you seriously, show a little respect for the language you have chosen to use and this respect will pass itself on to your ideas.

    • ExEB says:

      Hi John , thanks for your comment.

      Yes i admit having a chip.Im an atheist John , and atheists do tend to think that we get only one chance to enjoy life and make the most of it .This is not always made possible for us atheists , in a world over run by theists who seem to think life last forever , who`s beliefs often seem to suggest this life here on earth is what matters the least. Theist beliefs are like a curse to the life of an atheist John , if luck has it they happen to be born into a family of theist bloodlines. Yes i have a chip , and i also fully admit i even find it extremely hard to keep myself on a somewhat friendly level with any theist people , even theist peope like Paul who are still active in promoting theism .For me i would describe its almost like always trying to remember to smile very nicely while in the presence of your hangman , while he plays around with the hangmans noose like its a joyous toy full of great fun and happiness.

      I need to try and always smile nicely in the face of this situation , because i live in a world over run by theists who think i ought to .Theists who feel so terribly downtrodden , dejected and persecuted , should i dare be too HONEST and display my real inner feelings to often in public . Just like the Renton and Exclusive Brethren cult members , most theists only prefer to hear what makes THEM feel warm and comfortable and happy . They dont like hearing what they dont want to be hearing , and so will try to shut down any conversation that disagree`s with what they enjoy . The thing is John , theist charity is a marketing plan to make the theist look so extremely wonderful . This charity was never supposed to extend to the situation where by it HONESTLY cares about others .This charity is for gaining PR pride , not for HONESTLY caring about the plight of all others . Theist charity comes with strings attached , and one of those string is , thou shalt notc ever dare make mine theist position feel uncomfortable at all for i as a theist reserve the ultimate right that i shalt always feel comfortable about my faith and hopes of gaining eternal life for “myself” .

      And then we wonder why the Renton and Exclusive Brethren type cults evolve , John …. And other christian Ex Exclusive brethren members like a fellow named Fisherman and Iain will crow loudly from their newly found church groups outside the Renton and Exclusive Brethren circle , about how terrible these people are . While being involved in promoting the very same attitude that provided a pathway for the situation of the Exclusive and Renton brethren type cults to evolve in the first place.

      For church charity is a very commercial thing John .Its all about gaining pride , its not concerned with taking any HONEST look at fixing the root of the problem . No theist people like Fisherman and Iain far prefer to place the blame fully on the shoulders of these cults that have evolved .That suits their pride as people who still continue to promote theism.Blaming the problem on these cults , allows these other faithful folk to continue feeling comfortable about themselves as they sit in their churches each week warming pews and thinking , “ohh what a jolly good boy am i ..i deserve eternal life in heaven ” .

      Like i said church charity is a very commercial thing . Its not about HONESTLY caring .

      Anyway back to your comment John .First of all , i dont write my blog to try and gain any special notice of being some sort of scholar .Im not a scholar .The truth is when i ran away from the cult aged 15 , it meant i would need to also leave school to try and support myself through work. On top of that all my years spent at school had been hard going because our theist faith made us act like we thought we were above others , which naturally didnt go down to well with other folk .On top of that i had many sad situations happening at home and within the cult that consumed any possibility i had to try and concentrate on learning .

      As such , life has also continually kicked me in the head for my failure of not coming up to the standard of other people i met along the way .So that i dont come up to the standard you would expect John doesnt really surprise me much either.

      Thanks for reminding me to try and use a spell checker .I do try to do this .The situation is this , most everything i learn on this computer i have taught myself .And i do try using the spell checker that word press supplys ,for some reason it often gives me differnt spelling suggestions than what Google does .Maybe its something to do with American english V other english ? …Who knows.

      On top of all this John …I write all my stuff on a computer i purchased for $40 …Did you even realise the type of utter hell i go through trying to get this freaking hunk of junk to work sometimes John ?.Do you know what it feels like to try and write this stuff on a computer that freezes all the time , that crashes and sometimes loses everything you wrote ? .

      John im sorry if my bad spelling offends you .But i can honestly say i never really set out in life hoping to become terrible at spelling .And i have hated it every time i got abused for being bad at spelling , just as much as i also hated it everytime a boss abused me for not preforming on the job …. When it was fear and nightmares etc that kept me awake at night and haunted my sleep .

      John i do try to do my best , even if to many others, my best will always seem far below expectations …But then much of my life has always seem to be about , never quite being able to meet with the expectations of others. … Hey but i already admitted defeat …already accepted being a f**kup ….Hense why i live entirely on my own John …Hense why i have become a total recluse .. I realized i would never come up to the standard others would always expect of me , long ago.

      John if my spelling is to offensive i will totally understand you not bothering to read it …. Whats more i wont ever be offended if you dont . Because i dont pretend to be the scholar that i already know that im not .

      You are correct John i write from the heart . The only school i can really lay claim to have attended is the school of life.

      Anyway thanks again for your comment and i will continue to try and do my best with spelling ..Funny thought while on the subject of spelling i have a brother who im sure is wonderful at spelling having attended university and suchlike , yet in my opinion this brother has proved himself to be very lacking in other areas , such as logic and common sense

      So whats the rub ? John …. Why cant people accept people are different , and learn to cherish those differences ?…Why is it we need to think everyone should need to be like clones and all match a certain grade , so we all fit nice and neatly into some little box ? …. Is this another part of the judgmental attitude of Theism rearing its ugly head , having cursed and infected society with the ugly cancer of needing folks to become clones for some righteous God that lives in the minds of humans …Yet never ever arrives on the scene in person to help clean up the mess

      I think so … Yes in my opinion the idea of God-/s has cused us with so many more troubles than proud theists of this earth will ever be honest enough or willing to begin to admit…..Because like the Exclusive and Renton Brethren cult , all theism in general is also just another ABUSIVE CULT that is JUST AS FULL OF PRIDE AND PIG-HEADEDNESS …. And as such theism wont dare own up and accept the big part that theism has played in these cults that have evolved . Because exactly like these abusive cults , the future of ALL theism rests on fighting to try and hang onto a testimony of being wonderfully right .

      All in all John …please feel free to take me as seriously as you wish to…..I make absolutely no “demand” that anyone should need to take me seriously….I am merely voicing my own opinion here on this blog

      While im at it ….Us Kiwis have not really been so very well known to be much of the conformist types of people…We dont really give a damn if the U.S.A trys to demand and impose upon us , that the U.S.A should be allowed to bring their nuclear powered ships into our ports .We dont want nuclear powered warships within our ports . We do try to promote difference of opinions over here in NZ ….We are not really the type to bow down to overbearing big brothers , which is part of the reason its also some of the Kiwi exclusive brethren who are questioning the position of the EB leader Bruce Hales at the present moment ….. Quite possibly we may even have formed our own form of Kiwi-English language in some situations.

  2. Paul Darroch says:

    This beginning quote goes right to heart of what it is to be Brethren, Ex Brethren, Bush Brethren, Open Brethren or even Atheist Brethren.
    Moses put a curse on anyone who takes from the Torah or adds to it.
    The Samoan Bible contains the word Sutaro- where in other English bibles you might expect the word “Cross”, the reason being that this translator had such a fear and respect for God he would not remove the Greek word -Straight Stratoo- to put in a false Catholic word Cross.
    So when my wife’s grandfather writes in his personal history the words “Deck taught Greek” in terms of JG Deck being the school master at Lower Moutere School it was the knowledge of Greek which Deck, Dron, Salisbury, and other local pioneers had which defeated in the Nelson region the political power of the Church of England and it’s Harlot Queen (I won’t give bible verses for that) Victoria who was a personal friend of Nelson’s newly appointed Bishop Hobhouse.
    The integrity of the Bible is our heritage.
    In Arabic Muslims call us “Ahal Al Kutabu” which I translate as being “Covenant of the Book” and yes hundreds of years has been lavished on attempts to prove that the bible has additions deletions, mistakes and so on… and as an honest intellectual I can speak to and show you things which look like mistakes in the bible and talk about those sorts of the things until the cows come home- but as our nation is dependent on Dairy Eports we need to get back into the milking shed so I’ll close here. Bless yous.

    • ExEB says:

      Paul said … ” Moses put a curse on anyone who takes from the Torah or adds to it.

      Nice guy huh ? … All the EB folk suffer because someone changed something ….. Paul if say my neighbour steals something off me , should i go and steal something off everyone who had something to do with my neighbour ? ….Would that be moral ! do you think Paul ? …Or is it about i can only do immoral acts , when im God or some holy person high up in the faith heirarchy ? ….Maybe this is why Bruce Hales or the Pope thinks they can do stuff other lower people shouldnt do ?.

      Paul i do try to respect that you do feel the bible is our heritage , but i cannot be honest and say i feel the same way. If im honest i must say that looking at much of the evidence of what has been produced by effects of this book i cannot see it as being any heritage i can be thankful for , if im honest i need to remember the dead ! specially those burned at stakes and all the emmense suffering ! , and as such say it like it honestly seems ! …..its been a terrible curse …No less of a curse than earlier humans who also lied about having divine guidence ….who used their deciet to suggest their fellow human should get involved in tossing live babies in the flames of fire ! …in hope this act might have some effect on their fertility

      The way i see it Paul , is very little changes when people go out of their way to not simply be honest …It was because of the lack of this totally upfront honesty , that saw popes trying to hide sexual abuse ….It is due to the lack of total upfront honesty that the situation still remains within the EB and many other places of faith where people suffer on endlessly ….If humans were not a little upfront and honest with themselves sometimes Paul , we would still all be trying to make endless excuses for use of nuclear warfare.

      Paul the many flavours of folks of faith created mean and nasty God-/s .I do understand this has lots to do with humans associating killer lightning bolts , killer earthquakes ans tsunami and sickness and famine …. with the idea that just maybe some supreme being existed that was involved in these matters.But this also has to do with these early humans still living in very tough and harsh times when many barbaric practices were still quite usual conduct .

      But i think we should open our eyes to this factor , just as much as we need to open our eyes when considering the situations like effect of nuclear warfare.

      What i find hard to understand Paul is folks of faith will often get extremely emotional about how Jesus died on the cross , when he upset the heirarchy .And the way the bible tells it Jesus died on the cross having had to wear a crown of thorns and carry the cross and had nails put through the palms of his hands . He was dead a few days and then arose again and ended up in heaven . Something like that. You might say Jesus had a bad week-end

      And folks of faith get all teary eyed and extremely sad and emotional about it .Every single year they have special occasions when they will remember it and most weeks they visit churches and warm pews while wallowing in this faith. They feel all guilty .And worry about their own hope of gaining eternal life etc !

      But make mention of the folks burned to a very slow and extremely painful death at the stake with fire ! by faith that was promoted , folks who`s death was death ! and the total end of their lifetime! and total end of their existence for their loved ones and family . Or mention those stuck in the circles of faith cults who`s whole earthly lives both inside and outside the cults get ruined ! and continually marred with much very long lasty pain and suffering that can last their entire lives …Some who suffer such extensive extreme pain ! they end up finding it easier to decide on comitting their own suicide . Or the many other matters of great suffering surrounding faith practices.

      And suddenly the faithful go kinda blank . Folks of faith will stand by and watch this suffering take place year after year ! , often without even shedding a tear , and never do they bother to remember those who died in extreme agony in fire at the stake ….And often when people like me mention it , i feel i see “faithful” people simply shrugging their shoulders …Sometimes they will try and say it was all totally deserved because of some bloke they call Adam and his Lady called Eve and this nasty talking snake that this “omnipotent” being evidently decided to allow to exist etc .

      Im simply not buying it Paul … To be quite honest the whole situation disgusts me .I think about how easy folks of faith shrug their shoulders and excuse this situation , and then i look toward people like Bruce Hales or the Pope when he trys to hide/excuse sex abusers …And straight away i see a connection ….I see that faith doesnt really help anyone ….In my opinion faith makes people far more unrighteous

      And so i have to ask myself , really what is the point of any of it? …If faith turns people into such harsh emotionless people , why should just the fact people are involved in worship or so-called charity they do in hope of recieving their own payment eternal life ….be reason we should even bother to keep these ancient faiths?

      Paul i cant even be bothered to get into a debate over bible additions ,deletions and mistakes , but the fact is Darby is already one who was involved in such practices …And i`d say it would be extremely stupid to consider he might have been anywhere near the only one involved in such practices .I cant be even bothered looking far but here is a roman catholic blogging that at least honest enough to admit that human minds and hands were involved http://romanchristendom.blogspot.com/2008/03/where-do-books-of-bible-come-from.html

      And just to remind you that divine this and Apostles under the direct inspiration of the Holy Ghost that blah blah …simply doesnt impress me much Paul …Crikey the freaking Pope and Bruce Hales could make much the very same claims Paul

      What i look for Paul is real signs …real evidence …and the only real evidence i see is the very blatant evidence that absolutely nothing supernatural show any sign of existence …..The idea of God existence , remains entirely within the faith claims of the faithful ….For thousands of years these different faiths have existed , and yet still until this very day not even one of these faith claims has been able to be proved to exist by science methods ! …Not even one ! Paul …Not even in thousands of years ! , Paul

      This type of evidence is so very freely available to EVERYONE too Paul

      Now in my opinion thats extremely valid evidence.

      But in saying that Paul i dont dispise you for retaining your faith , even though your faith has also personally caused me a whole lot of pain and suffering like it has to so many others .

      Peace !

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