Manipulative Theism.Jesus loves me this i know for the Bible tells me so.

We often wonder how come our families can still remain within these abusive cults and continue to be led right up the gum tree by endless lies and deceit . Many Ex cult members who still remain Christians will try throwing bible verses about and try threatening the cult members with threats of meeting God in some afterlife and make suggestions they will pay .

I guess threatening this way may help these faithful folk feel like maybe they are something special.It might make them feel better having thrown a few stones around inside the glass house.But do these types of people ever ponder much about how this type situation might have even been able to evolve in the first place.If faith is founded so very much on promoting complete truthfulness and honesty ,then how can faith have helped spawn places like the Rentons and Exclusives ?.

In my opinion i don’t think the faithful in general like to ponder these thoughts very much .Its far easier to toss a few stones around inside the glass house of faith aimed at hitting these groups that have been singled out as the scape-goats, toss stones and lay blame on these groups set up to take “the” fall for faith. Because whether faithful folks like to ponder the thought much or not, the fact remains its obvious theism is literally full of manipulative practices.And there is absolutely no evidence at all that would suggest that the ancient theists would have been likely to have been any more completely truthful or honest either, than we see modern theists are like today.I suggest we can place a pretty sure bet,that ancient theists were also quite happy to bend the truth and deceitfully manipulate matters just as much if not more.They would have sure been able to get away with many more deceitful practices back then ,because human knowledge was less at that time.

Then when these more abusive cults have evolved and people are hurt, they look to find some group to lay the blame on. Many ex cult members will still hold on to some sort of faith like it’s a cuddly rug , they wont dare look inward at this faith for answers .No it’s far more comfortable and much easier to throw stones at these particular cults that they have singled out to take the fall.And thus a never-ending chain of events keeps on repeating from time to time ,because faithful blame other victims instead of having the guts to start to look inwardly at their faith cuddly rug to see all the mould that’s quietly been steadily growing and festering,  going totally unnoticed and undisturbed.

This manipulative Theism that’s long been adopted as being part of a mainstay of faith practices, runs rife within human society .Take a look at this section of you-tube video that’s a part of a debate between the theist Doug Wilson and atheist Christopher Hitchens .Named Christopher Hitchens on Critical Thinking.

What do folks think of it ? .Did folks notice how Doug Wilson trys to quietly slip in the idea that people have faith in reason.He suggest that Christopher Hitchens has faith in reason , and suggests it’s no different to Doug Wilson’s faith in the bible. And whats more take a good look at Wilson’s body language between the period 0:51 through to about period 1:22 on this video when Hitchens is busy explaining why it’s not got anything much to do with Hitchens having faith in reason .Wilsons body language tells us he isn’t really even listening to what Hitchens is saying ,Wilsons body language tells us Wilsons mind is away with the fairy’s and already made up and not about to be changed,and as such while Hitchens trys his best to explain ,Wilson is simply tossing his head around like a loose cannon , not even listening ! his thoughts focused almost entirely on concentrating on rehearsing and refining his pre-learned faith meme answer that he has practiced and polished as an answer to give in these exact type situations.

And this is all part and parcel of faith in general and its long-standing use of the many very manipulative ways theists are often tutored in what manipulative type answers to try to choose to give to people in these type situations. So as to help pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting victim of such deceitful practices.

Did you honestly really think theism was deeply connected to the trait of using complete honesty and truth? ,well if you thought that , i suggest maybe that’s in big part ! due to theism being involved in demanding respect that it had not honestly earned. It does this by suggesting proper faith demands the humans complete faithfulness .While this may even be true ,the faithful will put themselves in grave danger of becoming devoted to the charisma of the belief , and as such will faithfully let extremely important parts of their prefrontal and anterior cingulate cortices shut down.

But anyway back to this video debate between Wilson the theist and Hitchens the atheist, that has been named Hitchens on Critical Thinking . Wilson the theist wants to suggest that faith in reason is just as much about faith as faith in theism is .Theists like Wilson are trained to pull these type of cheap-tricks, just as almost all priests and preachers and yes even Bruce Hales has also got some practiced tried and trusted polished lines they will also try using to try and get the “drop” on the unsuspecting devoted faithful victims around them .Most theist have all been involved in using these practices for thousands of years now.It like humans learning a special cultural accent , Theists learn a special Theist accent that’s passed along among them.Taught from one to another.

Wilson suggests Hitchens has faith in reason, just the same way as Wilson has faith in the holy bible.This is not completely true ,but Wilson is no more concerned with whats completely honest and true than what Bruce Hales is either .Theists like Wilson and Bruce Hales are far more concerned with holding the position and winning the debate and continuing indoctrinating people and keeping them captive within faith .They are not really so concerned with matters of complete truth and honesty.No their fame and position matters most.And feeling that human faith is the ultimate goal ,how that faith is achieved is merely a small side issue to them.If it be through manipulation by use of deceit , they dont mind .

Hitchens has some trust in reason because reason has proved to work for humans.We humans use it all the time.Without using reasoning, we will be far more likely to make many more mistakes.But we don’t use much “faith” in reason ,for if we used faith to reason i might just have “faith” that my cars tank had enough petrol in it .If i have faith that my car has petrol in the tank ,why would i even bother with reasoning ? about whether it has or not. Absolutely no need to reason ! is there ? , if i use faith in my method of reasoning right ?.Like Wilson trys to suggest !

No humans do put some trust in the method of reasoning , but we try our very best to keep faith out of it , for we are not looking for something to be faithful about , no we are trusting that by use of some reasoning we can hopefully help ourselves decide an unbiased view of what might most likely be the honest truth .

Thus it is in our very best interest to try to keep faith out of our reasoning .

Yes we humans do have some trust in the method of reasoning , but for finding an unbiased answer we must be sure to try to not reason through faith

Take this bible verse that Hitchens mentions : “Jesus loves me this i know,for the bible tells me so. “This is reasoning by faith. .Imagine if it read..: ” Bruce Hales loves me this i know ,for the Exclusive Brethren tell me so

Both these sentences above are about faith reasoning ….Does this really sound like a very good type of method of reasoning to you ? . Is it bound to help humans produce an unbiased type of honest truth ?….Kind of circular very biased type reasoning isnt it ?.

1…The bible says so -therefore Jesus loves me

2…..The brethren says so – therefore Bruce Hales loves me

Both are circular faith reasoning

Not really such good reliable method of reasoning is it.

Theists will also try this very same sort of slippery trick by suggesting humans put faith in science . Yet if science honestly had much to do with any faith ,science would soon enough become worthless for helping humans decide what might be the honest truth . Scientists must try their very best to keep faith out of science .

For its extremely important they do . Most important science must also be peer-reviewed .Thus it is in the very best interest of all good scientists to try and keep faith out of science and keep it unbiased and honest . For if they dont they will risk their professionalism and job and quite possibly even end up becoming far more well-known for being a complete deceitful utter fool .And good scientists don’t study such long hard hours at school and university , in hope of some day being classed as deceitful stupid utter fools.And this is the great risks they will take if they dare to bring faith into their science reasoning .

Scientists may have some “faith” in an initial idea ,say like the idea that black holes exist , but after the initial faith of the idea , they must start to try to put some trust in the reasoning that’s gained through use of the tool science , while keeping faith out .This way its trust in the reasoning that trys to help lead us toward what might be the honest truth.Rather than being faith in the reasoning.We must try to keep our  faith out ,and put trust in the hope that reason will simply lead us toward the truth.

Sure science gets things wrong sometimes .Our reasoning gets things wrong sometimes too.Reasoning and science isn’t any fool-proof tool and humans are imperfect…But as long as we choose to try our best and keep faith out we will still have a far better chance of hopefully seeing our mistakes some day if we make any , and thus be able to also make the changes that’s needed.

But to much faith gets in the way of reason as well as the human ability to change.

Why do you think we see our families still remain captive within these cults ?.

Has reason or faith been promoted as possibly being their best bet! for prefered choice to bank on ?.

The Ex cult faithful folk need to try and remind themselves tossing stones around willy-nilly within glass-houses only serves to achieve breaking plenty of stained glass.

People who choose to continue to do this have simply chosen to keep faith in their reasoning .As such they will never learn nothing new .They are bad scientists who will only promote humans who will mindlessly continue onward to repeat the very same mistakes generation after generation.

As has already been the case .

About ExEB

I'm a agnostic/atheist . Interested in learning more about science. I also am an "ex-member" of a group most publicly known within modern times, as the Exclusive Brethren. Whom are an off-shoot of the original Plymouth Brethren group. I'd say it likely my personality could possibly be described as quirky.You know ,as in being , unconventional , unorthodox , unusual, off-centre, strange, bizarre, weird, peculiar, odd, freakish, outlandish, offbeat, out of the ordinary, bohemian, alternative, zany I'm sure iv'e been classed as "crazy" . Many times But then, being born into a group like the exclusive brethren. Doesn't lend itself ? to tend to produce things considered as being "very normal" .Does it I escaped the Exclusive Brethren cult as a 15 year old teenager. Even since that time iv'e been trying to adjust to living life outside the cult. With much of my life being lived within the genre of "wild colonial boy" style. In the general sense of a church-rebel picking and choosing from role models who appeared within-life along the way. But as the exclusive brethren cult had traditionally maintained a general church-rule , of need to shun and totally excommunicate any ex member of their group.Treating such people as if they were dead. Thus this situation developed more to do with my need of following traditionally enforced church-rule , as apposed to it being so much about "life-choices". Certain emotional experiences, and parts of life in general, have led to me adopting a sense of low self esteem. Which is a situation i still deal with from time to time. Through my ongoing interest in science. I find i am able to gather more information to help me better understand my situation. Much about life for me, has often seemed like a massive puzzle.With many missing pieces.
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