Supreme Court will review case involving prayer vs. medicine

Supreme Court will review case involving prayer vs. medicine in caring for sick child 

Quote :

“The Tennessee Supreme Court may soon provide clarity to the murky issue of when parents can legally put their faith in prayer rather than medicine to heal a sick child.

The state’s high court has agreed to hear an appeal in a 12-year legal battle in Loudon County that pitted mother Jacqueline Crank’s religious freedom rights against state authorities who deemed her choice of prayer over medicine to be child abuse.

The grant of an appeal by the state’s top court is rare and typically signals the court’s desire to set precedent in unsettled areas of the law. Courts nationwide have been split over a parent’s right to shun medicine in favor of prayer, and the U.S. Supreme Court has been silent on the issue.

Defense attorney Gregory P. Isaacs said Wednesday he and Crank are “extremely pleased” the state Supreme Court has agreed to take up the issue.

“This is an important question — fundamental rights involving parents’ privacy — that needs to be addressed in the state of Tennessee,” Isaacs said.

Jacqueline Crank’s daughter, Jessica Crank, died at the age of 15 in September 20002 from a rare form of bone cancer. Her mother, acting on the advice of alleged cult leader and Jessica’s “spiritual father” Ariel Sherman, spurned treatment in favor of prayer. After years of legal wrangling, both Crank and Sherman were convicted of misdemeanor child neglect. Sherman died from his own medical woes last year.

Isaacs is asking the state Supreme Court to consider the state’s Spiritual Treatment Exemption provision of a child abuse law, which he argues is too vague to pass constitutional muster as it provides no clear line for either parents or law enforcement to determine just when a reliance on faith healing is legal.

The Crank case began when Sherman moved his Universal Life Church flock to a six-bedroom house in Loudon County. There, he lived with Crank, her two children, Jessica and Israel, and a half-dozen other parishioners. Sherman held himself out as the “spiritual father” of Crank’s children and was reportedly Crank’s lover.

When Jessica developed a tumor on her shoulder, Sherman advised Crank to rely on prayer. Although she took Jessica to a local clinic at one point, the mother ultimately decided to rely on faith. Authorities intervened but Jessica died anyway.”

end quote


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Religion is a murky issue alright. Many religious folk have been known to come out on the street in droves,protesting over humans involvement in abortions. Yet when some religious nut case,decides to put their faith belief before the care of their child. Very few religious folk are even heard to bother to speak about it

Many religious folk are hypocrites

For they all piously pretend to care so much about sanctity human life, when it concerns abortion.They love to waffle-on about caring so much for the sanctity of life . And so on .Yet when it comes to concern for a child’s life, like described in this article above.

Then we hear very little from any of them

So its very little wonder Jesus had figured out, that there would come a time, when very many people would begin to really hate Christians. Nobody need be a prophet with supernatural powers, to be able to figure that one out .Do? they. For all it amounts to, is use of some good common sense. That’s all. And anyone with half a brain could easily see why

At the end of the article, it goes on to say

Quote :

State law allows a parent to choose faith over medicine provided that parent is heeding the doctrine of a “recognized church or denomination.” But the law is silent on what constitutes a “recognized” religion. It also offers no guidance on when or how courts should apply the Spiritual Treatment Exemption.”

end quote (my bold)

And that’s the root of the problem. We often hear Christians involved in discussions, suggesting some other group “are not real Christians”

As if there is even any consensus on what actually constitutes a real Christian anyway?

Until Christians decide to finally get their act together, and figure out what a real Christian actually is. And start to regulate those who don’t fit into the category

Then .Such discussions will remain futile. And the words “real Christian”,really amounts to little more than some worthless mindless bullshit

Our governments have pandered to the will of these Christians, for far too long now already. And the authorities need to wake-up and begin to realize, we are telling them, that we have now had a real guts full of it

Jessica might have been far better off, if her parents had just chosen abortion.As it might have been kinder. At least that way, the poor girl wouldn’t have need to experience the nastiness of her parents playing a game of religious Russian roulette with her life.

Christians ought to be totally ashamed of themselves. That this sort of stuff still goes on in the year 2014. That some people would still even think to bother to consider being involved in it

Where are all the Christian voices ?

That by now,we should really be hearing , publicly speaking out against this sort of utterly shameful practice. Why do they even bother with a court case?

They should just charge these people with attempted murder, throw them straight into jail.And throw away the keys

People like Pope Francis . Need to wake their ideas up mighty quick.And start doing something more to also help fix these religious abuse issues.

Or they should surely expect that their churches, will also only continue to become more and more empty.As more time goes by

Jesus would be disgusted.That so many people claiming to be Christians, say very little while this sort of thing still happens (Luke 10:25-37)

(material cited within law of fair use)

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