Gospel message became distorted


When the Emperor Constantine adopted Christianity he probably saw in it a convenient means of controlling people, and he began to control it and shape it. Others followed his example until the official religion of the Empire had become fully institutionalized, used mainly as a means of control, and the gospel message had become hideously distorted. Questioner has vividly described one of the perverse forms it still takes today.

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Quote :

Prior to Constantine, Christians, in the way of Jesus Christ, were peacemakers, even pacifist. That all changed. The just war theory was invented to at least moderate military force.

Today, fundamentalists have ditched pacifism. They are now even ditching any semblance of a just war theory. Both Trump and May are willing to strike first with nuclear weaponry.


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I feel it’s always nice to see some believers that obviously realize the brethren are not the root of the problem. The exclusive brethren group might be better described, as merely being like one “branch” group of believer that have grown out off of the root (the root being the Christian (or religion) movement in general)

But i see the Questioner describe ..Quote

Christians, in the way of Jesus Christ, were peacemakers, even pacifist

Well i question, that Jesus could really be described as being a pacifist ?. If Jesus was in fact a pacifist. Then what would we make of the cleansing of the temple narrative?


Jesus was obviously interesting in actively helping to keep the peace.Part of this process he used, needed to involve an act of actively stopping people from having the ability to turn the temple into a den of thieves

This temple cleansing, was not an act of a pacifist.But to help keep the peace, Jesus knew he would have need to become actively involved in conflict

“Conflict” involves act of force”.And yet force is sometimes something needed to help keep the peace

So peacemakers may use force sometimes

Today the Christian movement has often indeed become very much like a den of robbers.They are everywhere.Too many groups of these theist-robbers, who are freely able to run riot and ruin people lives in so many different ways.Imposing their way to differing degree’s.(too many for me to even begin to be able to list down here)

Had Jesus been around today.I feel he would feel utterly ashamed of seeing/hearing folk who claim/suggest to follow him(Jesus),yet don’t care to actively do anything to help stop these thieves/cults/faith abuses

Unbelievable (to me) that Christians don’t care to do anything.Many far prefer to “waffle on” about it being about retaining right of freedom of religion/religious liberty

Imagine Christian folk (back in times when Jesus was alive) saying to Jesus

“oh no Jesus,lets leave those robbers the right to rip people off, if they decide to. After all its about our need to help uphold their right of religious freedom/religious liberty. To rip people off if they become able to do so (impose a negative form of freedom,just exactly like what still happens in cults and domineering groups today)

Can you imagine it ?

Bloody hell

Do they realize Jesus didn’t believe in the idea of freedom of religion/religious liberty.It is something strategically impossible, for us to ever uphold, after all (the freedom more or less end up devouring itself.When it soon enough becomes about religious freedom of tyranny).

Or why else, would Jesus have purposely been fully prepared (himself) to step forward to actively help cleanse the temple of the rip-offs ?

Even at his own risk of getting himself nailed upon a cross

Jesus was no pacifist. Jesus, if here today, would not ever be someone to stand by in silence, and not care, while there so many others being left to need to suffer.In faith abuses and cults and divisive domineering religious groups, all over the world

In the way that so many smug thoughtless uncaring unaffected mainstream Christian folk surely don’t mind doing (seems like,to me, anyway)

Shame on all these people.

The mainstream christian folk ,they are the pacifist low life Christian folk of today who in effect help to enable the den of  robbers that still are able to continue to exist to this day

Jesus wouldn’t want to have a bar of it. Wouldn’t want to ever be counted anywhere among these gutless unaffected folk


Every time some mainstream Christian smugly sits in their mainstream unaffected church, feeling all jolly wonderfully great about themselves.While also busily claiming to be followers of Jesus

Can you imagine how hearing this, might be making Jesus feel?

Shame on all these people

You folk are the main amount of folk (you make up the highest number) who help enable this ongoing harm (via your indifference)

I feel sure even the pope knows that he really need to be doing far more.

Problem is, our world is full of idiots who all think freedom is being upheld,somehow. By just pacifically standing by and leaving religious freedom up to luck.”Luck of the draw”. Often coming down to children cultural luck of birthright

Their prospect of  life, is left to become like a gamble

Children are often (more or less) being forced to need to try to believe. Because belief will then= better treatment from their parents

The system is become like a complete shambles (some places they even have military style christian groups badly abusing children, all under the same banner of religious freedom) .So much so, that at time it seem strange (to me) to think it’s now year 2017

To say that the  “Gospel message became distorted” is to say something  straight up for real

When will more people wake up to this ?




About ExEB

I'm a agnostic/atheist . Interested in learning more about science. I also am an "ex-member" of a group most publicly known within modern times, as the Exclusive Brethren. Whom are an off-shoot of the original Plymouth Brethren group. I'd say it likely my personality could possibly be described as quirky.You know ,as in being , unconventional , unorthodox , unusual, off-centre, strange, bizarre, weird, peculiar, odd, freakish, outlandish, offbeat, out of the ordinary, bohemian, alternative, zany I'm sure iv'e been classed as "crazy" . Many times But then, being born into a group like the exclusive brethren. Doesn't lend itself ? to tend to produce things considered as being "very normal" .Does it I escaped the Exclusive Brethren cult as a 15 year old teenager. Even since that time iv'e been trying to adjust to living life outside the cult. With much of my life being lived within the genre of "wild colonial boy" style. In the general sense of a church-rebel picking and choosing from role models who appeared within-life along the way. But as the exclusive brethren cult had traditionally maintained a general church-rule , of need to shun and totally excommunicate any ex member of their group.Treating such people as if they were dead. Thus this situation developed more to do with my need of following traditionally enforced church-rule , as apposed to it being so much about "life-choices". Certain emotional experiences, and parts of life in general, have led to me adopting a sense of low self esteem. Which is a situation i still deal with from time to time. Through my ongoing interest in science. I find i am able to gather more information to help me better understand my situation. Much about life for me, has often seemed like a massive puzzle.With many missing pieces.
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