Preparation is the key

Preparation is often the key to help overcome problems.

Consider the problem with ongoing aggressive litigation. See here for one case study 

Now had i been better prepared myself, in my life,then very likely i would have been best to concentrate more on trying to still get some decent level of formal education .Why so? Well because it is often this higher education, of what soon enough becomes most useful throughout life, to help people have an ability to know how to sort-out the finer details. Things like business plans, and financial book work and legal paper work and so on.

Without a decent formal knowledge of exactly how to deal with that side of the plan. A person can have excellent ideas, and yet still not have much of a shit show in hell, of ever getting the good idea off the ground, that fast, so as to help make it happen

I’m not formally educated .Far from it, the fact is i never even finished high school, due to reason i were acting in leaving a cult, while young .And then faced all kind of other problem of what accumulated from that experience

However formal education, still isn’t always the only base measure, for intelligence

Is it?

Lets face it, the world is full of formally educated folk,some who still fail to make the very most of intelligence .People can still be highly educated, and yet fail to have an ability to also think outside the square


Where as, i learned to think outside the square, fairly well, mainly basically because i was often forced to need to try to do so, so as to survive

The school of hard knocks also help teach people a certain amount of valuable lessons?

But anyway, i feel like this ongoing situation is still constantly able to  be causing, ex eb’ these ongoing problem, due to bad preparation (lack of it)

Now by saying this, im fully aware, of how i’ll not likely be helping to make myself many ex eb friends, by making these kind of statement public .But then perhaps that’s the price of honesty .And anyway this is a fairly standard common occurrence within both eb and also ex eb circle ?

But very bad preparation is helping to cause needless headache for members of ex eb right now  . I still feel fairly convinced its so

Jill Mytton is a wonderful person , lovely lady and so helpful to many. I know this .I can see this is very true.Little doubt about it. And knowledgeable too

However , i still feel like this situation has arisen again, due to an ongoing lack of planning .Perhaps happening due to lack of insight (IE:ability to see outside the square)

This situation, through bad planning, is set up for failure . They are whipping the survivors ,again,demanding money from among people (a fair number) who may even struggle to survive, week to week

To help make the situation worse so as to seem like even more impossible mountain to ever overcome , they also still have no effective plan in place, to help counteract future litigation of what might arise, again, in future times against other ex eb

Survivors will sense that this is likely so too, by now (which of course only helps to let a sense of defeat begin to creep in and engulf the ex eb community)

I had tried time and again, in times past, to warn ex eb how there was obviously a need for this “better plan” to happen .

But hey, as im just an un-educated person ,then they (IE: being formally educated folk) must have automatically figure, that that also means that i must then necessarily be an unintelligent person also as well too ?

Perhaps that’s what too much formal education, may do, to some? (they may begin to figure like they know everything?)

Here i am, risking myself to need to become even less popular, again, while trying in my own way to still precaution in regard to the same thing

And yet today, more than ten years later, and they are still trying to whip survivors into fronting up with cash of what a fair number still wont have on tap? .

How does that make any good sense ?

They might have listened better to a uneducated person ,such as myself. And considered that perhaps some of our ideas, might still in fact be of some merit

Together we might have been able to have formed some way to create a cash fund. Already by now. To then be quickly able to help anyone out in situation, just like this one here

Right ?

People like myself, have ways ,in mind, in which to begin to be able to help others .We had always intended to try to do our best to do so. But alas, we are

1.ex eb

2. Atheist (IE:shunning material)

3 and lack the formal education


Some of us are even been “blessed” with ex eb family ,most of whom are Asperger’s spectrum .God in all his wisdom, has evidently decided to do his/her best to help make our intention even less possible , to hope to achieve?

If we were to consider this situation, from the outlook of theist worldview (which i obviously don’t do)

Meanwhile ,the other formally educated people , such as Jill ,are still busily making demand of us, to help produce the goods

And we will still do our best to produce the goods .Of course we do.We have even also gone so far as to share the information of the fundraiser ,far and wide, already as well, and doing so well before we are being coached to do so (by Jill) .

Mainly because we are certainly not stupid 

In fact we are way ahead ,of others, in some regard

But this is still the wrong way to prepare to deal with this kind of problem.

Isn’t it?

A problem of what will continue to be ongoing, too, until such time as ex eb can learn to really unite enough together, so as to act to actually put some form of better plans in place. Which will then in turn begin to act as a valuable deterrence and precaution against it happening




About ExEB

I'm a agnostic/atheist . Interested in learning more about science. I also am an "ex-member" of a group most publicly known within modern times, as the Exclusive Brethren. Whom are an off-shoot of the original Plymouth Brethren group. I'd say it likely my personality could possibly be described as quirky.You know ,as in being , unconventional , unorthodox , unusual, off-centre, strange, bizarre, weird, peculiar, odd, freakish, outlandish, offbeat, out of the ordinary, bohemian, alternative, zany I'm sure iv'e been classed as "crazy" . Many times But then, being born into a group like the exclusive brethren. Doesn't lend itself ? to tend to produce things considered as being "very normal" .Does it I escaped the Exclusive Brethren cult as a 15 year old teenager. Even since that time iv'e been trying to adjust to living life outside the cult. With much of my life being lived within the genre of "wild colonial boy" style. In the general sense of a church-rebel picking and choosing from role models who appeared within-life along the way. But as the exclusive brethren cult had traditionally maintained a general church-rule , of need to shun and totally excommunicate any ex member of their group.Treating such people as if they were dead. Thus this situation developed more to do with my need of following traditionally enforced church-rule , as apposed to it being so much about "life-choices". Certain emotional experiences, and parts of life in general, have led to me adopting a sense of low self esteem. Which is a situation i still deal with from time to time. Through my ongoing interest in science. I find i am able to gather more information to help me better understand my situation. Much about life for me, has often seemed like a massive puzzle.With many missing pieces.
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