UK Government ‘committed to religious liberty


International Freedom of Religion Day: UK Government ‘committed to religious liberty’
Sat 27 Oct 2018
By Alex Williams
The United Kingdom government is “committed” in its support of religious freedom, a minister has said during International Freedom of Religion Day.
Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, who was appointed in July as the Prime Minister’s special envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief, also praised those who stand up for the right to exercise faith freely.
He said: “I am committed and I shall continue to push for a world where people of all faiths and none can live their lives free of discrimination, free of fear, free of persecution.”

In a video released by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office – where he serves as a minister of state – Lord Ahmad said it was right to remember those “who have suffered and continue to suffer” for their faith.

He added: “We salute those who stand courageously for these rights, who promote tolerance and respect between communities, different faiths and religions.”

end quote . (my bold)

push for a world where people of all faiths and none can live their lives free of discrimination, free of fear, free of persecution.

They will need to take action to regulate cults then?. And faith groups, of what demand for family members to excommunicate . Attend to those groups, with leaders ,that spread hatred of the world

Only then will all citizen be set free, to be able to live without fear of acts of discrimination and persecution.

Lord Ahmad should begin to make start, at home first, within the UK ?

Watch closely, the kind of people who’s leader are demanding Quote:

Bruce Hales

March 2006, White Book 161, page 11

 “What we’re trying to bring is the young people through now to see that the world is, the whole principles of the world have to be scorned and disdained and just hated, really, hated. We have to get a hatred, an utter hatred of the world. Unless you’ve come to a hatred of the world you’re likely to be sucked in by it, and seduced by it. You must hate the world, every feature of the world, at every point you hate it.”

end quote

That ought to set alarm bells ringing


Bruce Hales ministry inciting hatred 

People within groups like that ought to be watched very closely? . They might also  be inclined to proceed with acts of litigation ,too ,so as to silence people

Perhaps Lord Ahmad better need to begin his house cleaning at home within the Uk

Or otherwise his action may seem biased and rather two faced?

Let the UK begin to lead (the rest of the world) by good example 

Or why would other countries like Iraq ,Malaysia ,Burma or Sudanfeel obligated themselves, to need to uphold religious freedom, while Lord Ahmad still-allows cults within his own country, to still use acts of religious tyranny ?

That would make a mockery of Lord Ahmad’s words ?

Would make his word seem to be hollow, and worthless .Without substance. Be very much like an act of someone intent on speaking with the “forked tongue”

Bring on religious freedom. Bring it on. About time it would happen. Bring it on, honest religious liberty . Bring it on positive religious liberty, where by nobody should ever have need of fear of persecution or discrimination

Countries where by faith groups will no longer be rewarded with charity status, while involved preaching hatred . While coercing family to divide.

This action is long overdue ?

Whole generations of people’s live have been allowed to be wasted, already. People have been mistreated bad enough so as to even cause suicides 

Enough already

Why have government been involved in constantly rewarding these groups of people who have actively helped to cause this kind of extreme harm ?

The Governments ought to be ashamed?

We people, who have been mistreated, should all be suing our governments, right now, for their negligence  in allowing this to have taken place for so long









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