The difference between a religion and a cult is what happens when you try to leave.

Most believers are busily trying to make it accepted, that their own faith, isn’t a cult-like faith group, like what they also really don’t mind one bit, to think that other  groups are

For instance, if they are Christ they will post pictures like the one above, in relation to scientology , or perhaps the exclusive brethren, or JW’s  and so on

The idea is, that those cults are using manipulation or  extreme forms of coercion, so as to try and retain people within their own faith group

And its correct, this is what happens.

However, Christians will happily believe that real-Christianity doesn’t ever involve any form of manipulation ,or extreme coercion . Right?

But what about the suggestion of hell . The idea of judgment day. Eternal damnation and so on (still in a form of entrapment, through fear?)

Funny thing that Christian minds wont tend to see this as being like any form of manipulation or extreme coercion. Isn’t it ?

Funny that

Very selective in their application of these details


But then, just like all other cult members, even the real-Christians minds  have also been programmed ,to overlook certain distasteful thoughts . Usually doing so, due to fear induced ability to overlook 

After all, its distasteful to consider that ones own group might also in fact be a cult ,if the follower were to allow themselves to become straight forward about it. And perhaps even one of what has also helped to cause massive amounts of harm to a large number of human

That might kill the joy and blissful feeling, involved, with being able to consider ones own group, as being wonderfully perfect


So mostly they just refuse to ever even allow themselves to even stop and contemplate the possibility . The fear-phobia usually helps aid them, to be able to feel quite ok, with not bothering . All cult people are acting in this same manner

Even all though the wont think that they are . None of them will

I’ve noticed that a ex eb member has stated this lately

Quote :

How many disciples have they made recently which is more to the point than their sewer pipe rules??

Remember our Lord Jesus Christ, whose last command to his disciples was as follows:

Matthew 28:19 American Standard Version (ASV)
19 Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit:

end quote

How would could they know for sure that this is what Jesus had in fact even said ?

What if its a lie ? . What if its not what he said ?

Lets face it, even today there is mile of evidence, still available, to suggest that believers are not necessarily honest people


So then why would they be expected to have been any more honest in past times ?

Good chance that they were even bigger liars, back then in those ancient times, than what believers are like today

High chance they were

In fact there seem to be loads of evidence, available, to even help suggest that they very likely were so.

Things like the idea that someone had acted to cast out demons into a herd of pigs (Matthew 8:28-34)

Why would Jesus even do such a thing?. What did Jesus have against a herd of pigs?. Those pigs would then suffer from having demons within them?

That would seem like a fairly clear case of cruelty to animals ?

Obviously, this is a form of mysticism . And mysticism was rife back in those times. Every wannabe guru was often active in lying about such things. The reason they’d do so was because those kind of things, back in those times, had used to be able to really impress people.

See the thing is, folks back in those times, were very easily impressed in this way. They could be impressed ,even by just being told about story (or myth).

They didn’t need to see any evidence of these things occurring. A story was most often “more than enough” to easily convince them

The thought of it happening was more than enough to subdue them in  awe 

Hell back in those times, mysticism was so widespread, that even things like lightning or earthquake or famine was also spoken-of, in terms of mysticism

People would easily succumb to coercion to believe things, through fear

Through lack of knowledge . Because back in those times, there was not scientific knowledge, available, so to help explain phenomena like lightning, earthquake, or famine and so on

So mysticism was rife

The minds of people were like putty  (still remain so today, too,all too often)

Few Christian will bother to question if in fact Jesus had indeed said

19 Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit:

They don’t.

So now we still live in a word today, where religion still is ruining our lives

Why would a “humble person” even be likely to expect to need to be glorified like an idol 

Why?. What for?

Even today, we can see how the honestly humble people, wont ever make request to need to be glorified either

Christians often will revert to use of sophistry so as to try and explain this away. They’ll say ,well those aspect of abuse are not real Christianity

But this idea is missing the point

Its religious fanaticism of what always end up with causing harm

That’s the elephant in the room

And Christianity also amounts to a form of religious fanaticism as well too (specially with the way it has been promoted)

And religious fanaticism always evolves from situations where by glorification and idolism are demanded 


Now, Jesus being a humble man , is therefore also highly unlikely to have even said anything like this himself

19 Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit:

So very unlikely he’d have ever said anything like that himself

When this had then in effect also went on and has caused us all so much extreme hurt and harm

Because as a knowledgeable person, then obviously Jesus would have also understood full well, how glorification and idolism ALWAYS leads to aspects of abuse and harm


He would have understood that

So then, what else might help to explain reason for this better?

What about greed?

What about the idea that there were certain people who’d been hungry for power and have wanted to gain control over everyone

Now that could very easily help to explain the reasons why


Of course it can. But sadly, few Christian will even bother to stop and consider this thought . Will they

No they wont

They wont do, all that much more than what Brethren cult members will ever be likely to question with any of their own faith belief either

Cult members don’t often bother . None of them

If any human manage to survive the ecological self fulfilling prophesy, disaster, of what is soon about to roast and harm huge amount of humans, and along with many other living beings and plants and fish and so on as well too. And will possibly be the cause of a number of living beings extinctions (domino effect due to fast loss of food and habitat)

Then perhaps survivor may have finally learned from this HUGE mistake .Perhaps they’ll then quit with the glorification and idolizing

And might begin to love and begin to care about living

So sad that they’d need to set this world up ,to become a desolate hell on earth ,for their own children to then need to struggle with

There is a huge cost to glorification and idolism of humans

Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us. … And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens …. …25God made the beasts of the earth according to their kinds, the livestock …. Verse 26. – The importance assigned in the Biblical record to the creation of man is … (Genesis 1:26)

We will pay for this cost. And our children and our children’s children, will be those human whom will be forced to need to pay the highest cost of all of us

Very sadly!


The idiot that had first started the ball rolling, and had promoted the lie about demand made by Jesus.

Wont suffer, And neither did they bother to stop and consider the future of their offspring in generations ahead

About ExEB

I'm a agnostic/atheist . Interested in learning more about science. I also am an "ex-member" of a group most publicly known within modern times, as the Exclusive Brethren. Whom are an off-shoot of the original Plymouth Brethren group. I'd say it likely my personality could possibly be described as quirky.You know ,as in being , unconventional , unorthodox , unusual, off-centre, strange, bizarre, weird, peculiar, odd, freakish, outlandish, offbeat, out of the ordinary, bohemian, alternative, zany I'm sure iv'e been classed as "crazy" . Many times But then, being born into a group like the exclusive brethren. Doesn't lend itself ? to tend to produce things considered as being "very normal" .Does it I escaped the Exclusive Brethren cult as a 15 year old teenager. Even since that time iv'e been trying to adjust to living life outside the cult. With much of my life being lived within the genre of "wild colonial boy" style. In the general sense of a church-rebel picking and choosing from role models who appeared within-life along the way. But as the exclusive brethren cult had traditionally maintained a general church-rule , of need to shun and totally excommunicate any ex member of their group.Treating such people as if they were dead. Thus this situation developed more to do with my need of following traditionally enforced church-rule , as apposed to it being so much about "life-choices". Certain emotional experiences, and parts of life in general, have led to me adopting a sense of low self esteem. Which is a situation i still deal with from time to time. Through my ongoing interest in science. I find i am able to gather more information to help me better understand my situation. Much about life for me, has often seemed like a massive puzzle.With many missing pieces.
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