Does “aggressive ” activism work?


Does “aggressive ” activism work?

Watch this video. See that some Churches, can at least be honest enough to admit that the ex members, activism, has been helpful, to themselves and been of “benefit” to their church

They can be decent enough to admit to it.

That’s totally wonderful isn’t it ?

I feel it is. That’s mighty decent of them. I figure it would also help ex member, to begin to “regain some level of trust”, as well too

I  really like this Goatlike personality guy. He’s a decent fella. I think he’s still a believer. That’s fine by me. That’s true religious  liberty in action ?

Of course it is

And i agree with his comment , quote:

Goatlike Personality
You Just understood what many never get: disfellowshipping is legal, shunning is illegal. (from a humanrights perspektive)


end quote

Shunning should be illegal

Well , i can say that surely our governments, in the very least, shouldn’t still be rewarding religion , that help to promote shunning , by allowing them to still receive  charity status

Religion that allow their congregation the right to shun family. Should then be promptly denied the right to claimcharity” status


Because the practice of shunning is an uncharitable act

That’s why

Its inhumane. Doesn’t even meet requirement of health and safety issue, GOVERNMENTRESPONSIBILITY” ,in regard to human mental health aspect of life

Human rights should come first

They already do?. There is already generally no such thing as religious liberty. If believers were able to be completely honest.

Consider this

  1. can believer have the right to refuse their children the right to blood transfusion of what might help to save the children’s lives
  2.  can believers choose to deny their children life saving surgery
  3. can believers have the right to sacrifice their children after their birth, like what was once a right of religious liberty, in times long ago

Can they?


They already don’t have the religious liberty

Do they

That’s the straight-up honest answer

Religious liberty is honestly not an option

It isn’t

Why do believer bother to still pretend as if religious liberty,were ever an option of what might ever be honestly possible

Why bother?

Is it because its always been traditional, for cunning theist to use this kind of sophistry

Sophistry, quote:

the use of clever but false arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving.
“trying to argue that I had benefited in any way from the disaster was pure sophistry”
  • a fallacious argument.
    plural noun: sophistries
    synonyms: specious reasoning, the use of fallacious arguments, sophismcasuistryquibblingequivocation, fallaciousness


end quote

Does Jesus enjoy a congregation of willingly false people ? . Liars ?

How evil that believers would adopt sophistry,so as to pretend that religious liberty ,might ever even be, an option 

Manipulative ? . Deceitful ?

Believers don’t have right of religious liberty. “Religious liberty”, stops at the point when harm is inclined to clash with human rights

Humans rights come first

If believers could be honest about it


I like this Goatlike personality idea of teamwork too. I note that he is  already involved in networking with ex member , from other type church group, that differ from that of his own ex member group

Great idea this is

I’ve always felt that this would work. Could be the key to success. That this would help to maximize the affect of us ex members activism

Bruce Hales might also be prepared to admit, that us ex member, have been helpful, in helping to move Brethren , to change their own way

If only Bruce Hales might grow bigger balls . Might have enough guts so as to be able to be honest

But sadly Bruce Hales is STILL only a greedy gutless person . A  GREEDY review wrecker of families

He need to remain ever fearful, that perhaps the Brethren congregation,might then wake up to the fact of how their emperor has no clothes

Therefore he will need to refuse to admit , to the fact, that ex eb have already been changing the Brethren , due to SUCCESS of our activism outside of the cult

Therefore the Brethren congregation, are forced to childishly need to pretend as if the same level of excommunication and separation, still continues as usual

The frauds

Putting on the bullshit . To help keep the mindless Brethren congregation convinced to remain cooped up like as if they remain captives

Just for the show?

Keeping up the mindless charade

How utterly embarrassed would Jesus be ?

Sad, to think, that Brethren would STILL happily run with the evil of it

Their own pride holds them back. To scared their line of “Brethren emperors” might be seen as naked 

About ExEB

I'm a agnostic/atheist . Interested in learning more about science. I also am an "ex-member" of a group most publicly known within modern times, as the Exclusive Brethren. Whom are an off-shoot of the original Plymouth Brethren group. I'd say it likely my personality could possibly be described as quirky.You know ,as in being , unconventional , unorthodox , unusual, off-centre, strange, bizarre, weird, peculiar, odd, freakish, outlandish, offbeat, out of the ordinary, bohemian, alternative, zany I'm sure iv'e been classed as "crazy" . Many times But then, being born into a group like the exclusive brethren. Doesn't lend itself ? to tend to produce things considered as being "very normal" .Does it I escaped the Exclusive Brethren cult as a 15 year old teenager. Even since that time iv'e been trying to adjust to living life outside the cult. With much of my life being lived within the genre of "wild colonial boy" style. In the general sense of a church-rebel picking and choosing from role models who appeared within-life along the way. But as the exclusive brethren cult had traditionally maintained a general church-rule , of need to shun and totally excommunicate any ex member of their group.Treating such people as if they were dead. Thus this situation developed more to do with my need of following traditionally enforced church-rule , as apposed to it being so much about "life-choices". Certain emotional experiences, and parts of life in general, have led to me adopting a sense of low self esteem. Which is a situation i still deal with from time to time. Through my ongoing interest in science. I find i am able to gather more information to help me better understand my situation. Much about life for me, has often seemed like a massive puzzle.With many missing pieces.
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