Don’t forget to pray

And ex eb proposes that prayer would be an answer


  • Bethany Mulvey Roz Froud and Craig. yes. Be patient. Pray. Have a community of prayer warriors because if we pray according to God’s will, he answers at the right time. I never thought my parents would leave. Friends prayed, I did not have the faith to, although I tried to keep the commandment to honour your parents as much as I could. After five years they left.

    My advice. Get legal help, protect yourself from pressure as much as possible, and keep yourself strong. When your family leave they will need your strength. My parents were completely lost, frightened and bewildered at first.

    Please pm me if it helps.

    Find support or report comment


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With all due respect “to believers”, prayer, has been part of the problem. Perhaps it been the “biggest part” of the problem too. People have been constantly relying on their hope that prayer can in fact “actually work”, so as to actually help “fix things”, for generation after generation now

All around the world this is exactly what has been constantly happening. The largest number of the whole earths human population,by far, have all been made-up of human whom have had “faith in the idea” of prayer being able to cause-change

This is ended up being the worst mistake of all

Its created the perfect storm

While people have been busily on their knee’s,praying for a-God to intervene, so as to take action “on the part of” human

Meanwhile, this also means, that there then ALSO are FAR less human, within our societies, who’d then be bothered to step up to act and to take action with the-business, themselves

This is been the natural flip side of human faith in prayer

Its pretty much been bound to occur

While people are praying, and putting their faith in the idea that a-God is active in taking care of matters

What is the flip side of this faith?

The flip side is

That human will have then found a way, in which to basically forget about problems

This is presently turned into a most dangerous situation

We are now, beginning to see the very tip of the ice burg, in regard to amounting problems caused through faithful humans lack of physical attention, to GROWING PROBLEMS

We are

Even to extent, when talking about environmental problems too

These problem, have grown, due to human disregard for need of their own action . Disregard for need of their own attention

What was the larger part of the population all doing, while the enviromental problem were growing, and getting larger and more-problematic by the year, as each generation had passed by

What were they active in doing?

They were praying to a-God. Praying that, a-God might be CAREFULLY ATTENDING  to the growing problem , all of what the human being would far rather to be able to find a way to simply forget about

In other words

Payer amount to a form of mental masturbation, of what realistically only serve to allow human to “absolve themselves” of their own responsibility  

By opting “to participate” in acts of prayer

Human can then absolve themselves of their own responsibility, to

  1. Feel anxious about problems
  2.  have any need to take more-of their own action
  3.  have need to feel partly responsible for these ongoing-problems,themselves (by allowing themselves to instead see it as being like as if “its the will of God” that the problem would still remain ongoing. In other words, creating themselves, a way-out.A easy way-out to relax,and let go of personal responsibility)
  4. have need to continue to further-contemplate the issues
  5.  (and so on)


I can sense how this kind of talk, will/would be inclined to naturally automatically offend the believer

Naturally it would do

For one thing, this question will feel uncomfortable ,to face 

Believers  really don’t like to be faced with these uncomfortable questions

Do they?

They don’t like the feeling. They don’t like to face the sense/feeling of “cognitive dissonance” that these kind of question might cause

Do they?

No. They dont

Neither do the Exclusive Brethren member, like it, or ever feelso comfortable to have need to face any of it either

Do they?

But then, i’m not here to cause things to feel gloriously comfortable for human

I’m here to try and GET 100% REAL

it’s not necessarily always a comfortable feeling, when we human would agree to try and get real about matters, is it?

Is it ever so comfortable, for Exclusive Brethren member, to be faced with GETTING REAL  about the amount of suicides of what their own-group have played a huge part in causing 

Is it a-comfortable feeling for Brethren to get real about that

Is it?


But then, getting real about matters, doesn’t necessarily need to feel comfortable

Does it?

That would be false. Would be setting up possibility for an unrealistic sense of security to prevail

Which is exactly what things have come down to today

Even when thinking about environmental issues

Even then, human have found a way in which to be able to feel quiet comfortable, to live with an:

unrealistic sense of security

Indeed they have right?

And more often than not, the reason behind why they had found a way in which to feel comfortable with living in this way

Comes down to

The human faith that there’d be a-God who’s taking care of responsibility for worrying about these matter

On the part of human

So that human, might then be able to act irresponsibly , themselves,  and yet still feel peaceful, and bypass any feeling of anxiety that the growing problem, might have otherwise been able to have caused unto the human- mind (=feeling)

Its a way (for human) to forget about important worrisome matter

Unbridled capitalism requires for this to occur too

For reason of how it will require possession of a a work force of sheeple minded human being

These human being can then “be manipulated” in ways what can help to cauterize there innate sense of anxiety 

The innate sense of anxiety of what previously had in earlier times,been able to be acting as a large part of the human race survival mechanism 

These days, (theory of) a-God has been set in place, so as to sever and in affect ” to destroy” the innate sense of anxiety

This has ultimately allowed that the human-mind could therefore be manipulated into “seeing” a way in which to cease feeling anxiety about the worrisome problem that were growing

Meaning they might then spend more time on ways in which to create mega capitalist wealth

Even if this mega-wealth came at the cost of our environment

Why worry?

“when a-God is available to do the worrying for human”

Why worry?

Why worry. Why bother to worry when a-God can abosolve human of their own-responsibility to have need to worry and feelanxious about growing-problems

Why bother?

Why not just put your faith in (theory of) a-God, sit back and relax your anxious-minds,  forget about these worrisome growing-problem and most of all work your little hearts out, so as to help make mega wealth for prosperity of the capitalist system

Isnt that the best way?

Or at least the easiest way-out for you and your feelings

Isn’t it?

Wouldn’t you far rather to take the easy road,right now at this present given moment in time, so as to easily forget all about the immensely hard road of what arising ahead, for your own children to tread and then have their own need to worry and feel anxious about

Isn’t life ONLY all about you?

Why bother to worry about a future for your children?

Why bother

Leave those worry’s up to a-God to worry about for you

God really loves to help promote human-adult sense of irresponsibility evidently

Doesn’t he?

He uses ” religion as his vehicle ” for aid of promotion of these “ways of being”

Isn’t it?

Religion is acted-as the perfect tool to cause widespread human extreme sense of complacency  

Hasn’t it?

Yeah nah… it sure has

Whats worse

They even then felt extra morally righteous to boot

As well

Can you imagine it?

First of all they find a philosophical way in which to allow themselves, to absolve themselves of their own responsibility, for growing problem

Then, to make matters even-worse, they also begin to see themselves, as being more morally righteous , and as being “better-than” , the non believer

Bigotry much?

There is so little sign/evidence , to help suggest that perhaps there might in fact be no such thing as a-God , in existence, who’d be taking any active role in attending to any growing problem, within our world


In all reality , we would also obviously all be forgiven for daring to think, that very-likely, there is actually no such thing , as a-God

We would be forgiven for coming to this conclusion

Wouldn’t we?

God would have need to be one mighty nasty piece of work

If he’d be inclined to punish human, for “coming to conclusion”, that seem backed by evidence of what’s-available to us to observe

We don’t see a whole lot of evidence

Of a-God intervening within growing problem,within our world

Do we?

And perhaps because

A-God simply doesn’t actually exist

Wouldn’t that kind of conclusion, actually serve to help explain so much of the phenomena, of what we ALL  can freely observe, within our world

Wouldn’t it?

You think about that (put aside the uncomfortable feeling, these thoughts can cause you to feel. Anxiety, has been a big part of human ability to survive,specially in times back within our distant past. Perhaps becoming even more specially-important,again, to right at this moment now. For instance, with regard to worrisome environmental issues )

It is not necessarily wrong, for human to be forced to feel anxious

Is it?

Is it really ever so-wrong,that human might be forced to feel anxious-feelings, like when crossing the very busy highway?

Or when climbing up the mountain cliff side. Or when trying to flaps arms so as to try and fly like a bird

Is this anxiety wrong?

Or is is about our-survival

what about the possibility, that religion and other types of meditation

Might have been overused/misused

Within our societies (similar to like how antibiotic has also been overused / misused)

What about that thought?

Could this thought, go a long way to help explainthe reason for the crazy stupid silly problem of what is now finally becoming BLATANTLY APPARENT  unto us all , in our life here on earth today, at this moment in time

For Christ sake

How stupid could man have been to have been stupid enough to place rubbish dump right beside wagter ways

How the hell could that have ever happen

In such widespread-scale



Human minds ,would have been manipulated , in ways so as to help human become dangerously complacent , and less interested in use of intuition


Far to faithful in idea-of a-God too

How else can it be explained?

These stupid ways. These environmentally disgraceful ways. Way of what the First Nation people had of been already equipped so as to be able to warned us against using

How could that occur ?


How can this phenomena be explain. Unless we would face up to the thought, that perhaps our minds, had been manipulated 

Had been dumbed-down  through manipulation

Through brain washing  (IE:belief in a-God whats, worrying for us, and in charge of taking care of things, for us)

In this way, prayer would have in fact turned out to have ended up becoming far more like a complete curse

Because, while our people have been pontificating over the idea that there’d be a-God who’s  (supposedly) always busily looking-out for us

We have dropped the ball

We have been able to have forgotten all about the growing problem

Forgotten about the valid need for use of intuition

I dont like to say this. Because, i can sense how by saying this, im pretty much attacking the believer cuddly-rug . Which will “feel” offensive , to the believers feeling

But let me ask this (of these believer)

How many time do any of you believer, who sit around relying on prayer (and so on), ever-care to spare a thought or two for feelings of us non believer

How often?

Do you ever BOTHER stop to care ? . Do you ever stop to consider how our (us non believer) feelings might be ?

Be honest in thinking about that question

Do you understand how your own way of living, are also in-affect, acting to flow-on and inturn beginto affect all the non-believers existences as well too

Do you?

Do you understand how “closely interconnected”, the lives of all us human, would actually remain in this world

Do you?

Do you realize how there is very little separation between the lives of us all


How often do you bother to ponder the thought of “what physical affect” your faith in regard to your conviction toward “relying on prayer”, might in-turn then have ongoing physical affect on the lives of others of us who don’t believe

Do you ever stop to really think hard about it?

Do you

While we non believer, wait around for the believers “God” to materialize , so as to be able to be of any help to anyone of us

Our lives are already being wasted-away (due to human unrelenting  belief in the bible being about word-of-God).

In many ways. It is due to the-believers, unrelenting faith in existance of a-God

That in turn

Then causes the-bedliever, to decide to leave option to cause-change, up to dcecision of God, to make, if a-God should ever see reason to decide to act-upon these kind of decision

But hold on

What about this consideration

What if

There is actually no such thing as a-God anyway (IE: in the physical sense of the word. Outside of faith-belief within the mind of human)

What then?

How could we then hope for a-God, to act, so as to help create change

How would a non-existent God .. Ever be expected to have a hope in hell , to take-action ,anyway ?

 Perhaps there might be far more hope that a river rock, might suddenly decide to step-forward, to take action

At least evidence of the river rocks, is always readily available for all of us, to observe, with our own eyes

How many believer would ever stop to consider those thought ?

That what i wonder

I know that they’ll all mean well, when they’ll exhort human, to use prayer

Sure “they’ll mean well”

They will

I don’t deny it

They generally nice kind people

However, kind nice people,”who’ll mean well”, can also exhort human, to take part in doing things ,of what could be helping to waste-time

The suffering of whats remaining stable

While we wait-around on the event of a-God to step in, so as to-act

Is already been causing immense suffering,of the kind of what might have been attended to,long before now

If only

If only, there might also have been less human, who’d been convinced, that a-God might exist

What about that thought?

See, a huge part of the problem,with cults, is still remain to do with the large number of of-believers, who’ll all promptly write in to complain about the intended action, of any government department, who’d decided to consider making changes 

Did you believer ever stop to re-consider this factor?

All very well exhorting human to rely on prayer

But there are these-consequences of what still remain potent

You people, should at least do proper justice ,of considering them thoroughly

I feel, perhaps you’d be coming to a wrong conclusion, to conclude that religion could be described as being a “benign aspect” of the human existence

If believer were to exhort other believer “to act” rather than to rely on prayer, even “half as often” as they presently usually spent their time with exhorting other-believer, to use-prayer


Chances are, that cults might have already become ,a thing of the past

How many believer would care enough to “bother”, to consider that thought

How many?

I suspect, it might would be very extremely small numbers

Jesus didn’t waste his own time, with “exhorting” other believers , to pray in hope that money changer’s might suddenly-change their heart & mind, like magic

Did he?

No . It was about taking “action”

If prayer had of had a hope in hell of “changing the situation”

Then how come Jesus, didn’t “rely on prayer”, himself too then?

Ask yourselves that question

Perhaps,its action, that is always been “the real answer” to these things then?

Anytime anyone ever goes near a church, or near to any other-believer’s

They ought to be exhorting those other-believer , to take action

Action against the continued existence of all these cults . Against the faith abuses .

Most certainly against institutionalized act of shunning

But, most usually they wont bother . Perhaps feel “to afraid” that they’d “offend” somebody

Most wouldn’t dare to question whether “prayer” would ever be enough, to cause change, fast enough

Be far to afraid to cause “offence to frail feelings” of other-believers

About ExEB

I'm a agnostic/atheist . Interested in learning more about science. I also am an "ex-member" of a group most publicly known within modern times, as the Exclusive Brethren. Whom are an off-shoot of the original Plymouth Brethren group. I'd say it likely my personality could possibly be described as quirky.You know ,as in being , unconventional , unorthodox , unusual, off-centre, strange, bizarre, weird, peculiar, odd, freakish, outlandish, offbeat, out of the ordinary, bohemian, alternative, zany I'm sure iv'e been classed as "crazy" . Many times But then, being born into a group like the exclusive brethren. Doesn't lend itself ? to tend to produce things considered as being "very normal" .Does it I escaped the Exclusive Brethren cult as a 15 year old teenager. Even since that time iv'e been trying to adjust to living life outside the cult. With much of my life being lived within the genre of "wild colonial boy" style. In the general sense of a church-rebel picking and choosing from role models who appeared within-life along the way. But as the exclusive brethren cult had traditionally maintained a general church-rule , of need to shun and totally excommunicate any ex member of their group.Treating such people as if they were dead. Thus this situation developed more to do with my need of following traditionally enforced church-rule , as apposed to it being so much about "life-choices". Certain emotional experiences, and parts of life in general, have led to me adopting a sense of low self esteem. Which is a situation i still deal with from time to time. Through my ongoing interest in science. I find i am able to gather more information to help me better understand my situation. Much about life for me, has often seemed like a massive puzzle.With many missing pieces.
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