Greetings fellow Humans .Im an Ex Member of a Christian cult known as the Exclusive Brethren, and this is my blog where i get to rant and rave,even release a little steam, and get to express my own opinion . Without too much fear of being excommunicated, abused , or shunned by those who might really like to shun and silence me if possible and inforce their own personal beliefs on me.

Thats right .I welcome all folks to my blog and i also welcome all folks to choose for themselves whether they wish to agree or disagree with my personal opinions which i will express here on this blog.

In other words, yes i actually left the religious cult known as the Exclusive Brethren, which is why i promote freedom to agree or even disagree also.This blog is not like another religious church where folks must all need to always  agree , or risk being shunned and excommunicated from other. To be quite honest i personally i HATE this type of attitude . Its ugly

So should you make any comment here please do! feel free to be yourself, and feel like you are right at home and able to be totally honest ! with me . Speak your mind ! . Yes i might even disagree with your opinion , but still i will try not to be totally condemning of you, for just daring to be thinking differently.

Remind me too please, if you feel i ever dare try and suggest,that you cannot have a right to your own  personal opinion also . After all if its freedom of speech we honestly wish to try our best to try and uphold. Then it surely must also be something thats being upheld for everyone.

(update): I would just humbly ask, that people might understand that my skills in the field of spelling ,computing , education in general = self taught. I just try to do my best that i can, and will try and learn as much as i can as i go also. While also needing to try deal with so very many other parts of my very weird cult-inspired, dysfunctional lifestyle , all at the same time. Using secondhand PC,s,and dial-up connection. Go easy on me,please do try and excuse my prose a little bit here and there,if you feel like you can . I already do know how its shocking it is. Beside’s also at the heart of it, im really only another lower to middle class, colonial , kiwi. “Crikey”, “stone me crows mate” , nek minnit maybe? only “the gods”would truly even be able to have enough “objectivity”, to be able to be the judge huh ? ,if over half of us can actually even lay-claim we even still speak real proper-traditional-english over here anymore.

Is there even anything known to be as “absolute-englishism” ? i also need to wonder and ask myself. Exactly who gets to decide about that then ?. Gods ?. If its said its really only God/Gods that provide us with any source of “objectivty” to all these sorts of things.

Oh but wait. We do have other ways of finding forms of “objective value”, to lots of decisions being made. Its how we manage to develope our speed limits and building codes and things. Final decisions constantly being made about such things are not really based on subjectivism at all ,are they?. We dont ever have only one-human ,who goes about making up all these rules ? do we.

Surely we must use some form of objectivism if we do make these decisions “together” as a group of human,as apposed to us making these decisions entirely all alone, by ourselves.

Besise if some Hindu points to his holy book and suggests that its this thats the word of God,or instead a Christian goes and points us over toward Jesus and the holy bible. Where ? and how? does anything/anyone actually manage a way,to ever get to have become anymore “objective-value”, than it will ever be,anywhere with anyone else here on planet earth among humankind.

I just doesnt happen. All ideas always need to be filtered through “human” minds  , that will then still need to “decide” anyway.

So while i agree we have some sort objectivity.I dont agree we have any absolutism. Unless its something like our use of the round wheel ,verses of any other designs. Can we ? improve on design of the round wheel . Most likely not? ..Never ??

So how absolute is that then.

It will always need to remain as one groups-opinion,verses the another groups-opinion , anyway. So nothing that a theist ever waves in front of us, ever actually gets any better than that anyhow . And their ongoing arguments often seem they rests mostly, on continually running us up and down a type of philosophical , rabbit-burrow, to try and find us a way we do so.

By the heading on my blog you will most likely guess im no longer Christian, or even a faith-believer , in the religious sense. I now considder myself  an agnostic/atheist,huminist. Atleast thats about the best way i can think of , to try and discribe for interest of the “about-me” ,at this present moment in time. And i do try and keep updating it too, as i go and slowly figure it out more and more.And thats one of the very most TRULY-WONDERFUL things about where my beliefs really “are-at”, right about now. Im able to change my opinion, and learn as i go, and im not bound by any religion and such either ,to not dare do so. Im now more fully free to look and learn. And yes of course its quite ok to make a few mistakes too, just like science does. Just as all the religions always also did do too as well.There is nothing new under the sun. Its really quite normal for humans to make some mistakes.We have ALL often learned many things in that very same way.

Im agnostic/atheist because there is no way i can prove 100% that none God-/s exist .Infact in that sense im agnostic about a number of things such as ghosts,ghoblins,fairys,pink elephants too,and also any celestial tea pots as well !, that may, or may not be infact rotating around mars at this very second as well.  Whenever im remembering to be considdering all things being thought as still possible ! that is .

Maybe all these other things have also decided we are just not quite ready to find any scientific evidence they exist ,yet ?or something . Maybe its only becuase they dont think we deserve? to know about them or something. Who really ever knows? any vast-number of these many things,  anywhere near @-100% .

Can you prove totally 100% that all these things dont actually exist?. I think maybe not . Good bet ?? …We human will always have need to at least try and keep our thoughts/beliefs in check a little bit . We really do need to remember to try and rely lots on exactly what most of the evidence thats most-available is at present, suggesting is maybe the most likely to be honestly true.Thats the very best we humans can actually try and do right? . If we are to be bluntly-honest about it.

Other wise this poor universe, would/could soon turn into one huge big extra-ugly mess of total utter chaos . As all manner of ideas/faiths were quickly , fallacies get quickly pushed forward into the highly-likely-box without need of good evidence. Until proven unlikely.

I mean what about this one :

“1 . If monsters do exist under the humans beds. The human will fear monsters under their beds.

2. Humans do fear monsters under their beds.

3. Therefore monsters exist under humans beds.”

Quick ,shall we all go start ? a new faith . Shucks , surely even the great theist William Lane Craig must at least need to congradulate me a little too right ?……Woo hoo !! , now im a freakin genius as well .. Now all i need to know is where are all my? “faithful” followers …. Looks like im really going to get rich !

It is surely a least a little more logical and of some good common sense! , that us humans do live by treating peoples faith in all the many weird and whacky ideas they may believe, as mere faith ideas .  Until such time truly comes , that real decent evidence is positively been made available to actually prove these ideas, are more than ideas.Its just far to dangerous for us humans to try to live otherwise to often.

By the way if you are faithful can you actually prove God-/s exist ? ,if not, then i welcome you as my fellow agnostic friend. Because in my opinion thats all that faith ammounts to in all honesty.

Anyway be well ! and best wishes to you !, as a fellow traveler on this life experience on planet earth.

Note to whom it may concern : I wish to point out that i claim right to fair use of anyone else’s  material , that i may end up sharing  here on this blog. For purpose of criticism, review, news reporting, research and/or private study. In the same way i allow other people the right of fair use .


12 Responses to About

  1. George says:

    You seem to have deleted your most recent entry.


    • George says:

      I mean the one made on 28th November.

    • ExEB says:

      Hi George.

      I could not sort it out using the editing feature even though i tried to a few times.For some reason with this wordpress system sometimes what i write seems to take on a complete mind of its own , and words appear wherever they wish to on the page. I still have a copy and may try fixing it.

  2. P.A.Z. says:

    I came across your blog through Soulblindministry who had added me, and I just wanted to say kudos from a fellow “non-believer”. So kudos to you sir for deciding to be on your own without fear of reprisal, to think deeply for yourself and for sharing your thoughts/experience. You’re standing up for what you believe in. Sounds ironic doesn’t it?

    This also came to mind. It’s one of my favorite quotes because it best describes my feelings with my upbringing, religious quests and past religious struggles, my live-long spiritual journey, and thoughts on “God”.

    “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able, and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able, nor willing?
    Then why call him God?”

    And as Saint, Saint John the baptist said, “God is love” and well, love can be found everywhere if we look with loving eyes, no?

  3. ExEB says:

    Thanks P.A.Z.

    The “without fear of reprisal” bit ,is still a bit “touch-and-go”sometimes still.

    Some folks really dont take to kindly, to us people who would dare to think different about existence of Gods. Its like they find it really offensive that others would even dare to think for themselves.Or that we would demand need for some real evidence,first, before belief.

    These folk seem to forget,that folks were burned at stakes having been accused and convicted of witchery.

    Via peoples blind-faith that asked for no “decent-evidence”

    These people seem to easily forget ,all those many who already died via the “blind-faith” of people “freely-believing” in the practice of human- sacrifice

    Sorry ive taken awjile to reply.

    I dont always have free easy access to a computer at present.



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  5. Hi

    Could you email me please Duncan.darroch (at)gmail.com
    My father is Paul Darroch who used to comment on your blogs

  6. What happened to PEEBS.NET? It had a lot of great content on it. Does that content exist somewhere still?

    • ExEB says:

      Hi Trish.I agree it had a lot of great content on it.As to what happen to the content on it,to know for sure then you’d need to ask the people who were running it.I would be interested to know their answer too if you ever do find out.

      However at a guess, i’d say it might be a little bit like someone asking what? ended up happening to the exclusive brethren review.There was a lot of “good content” that were happening in that situation too.

      Trouble is that folks of one side of the situation will claim that it were because this ….. and this …. had occurred (fill in the dots).While some of those on the other side of the situation may claim that no it was because of this…. and that …. that had occurred

      However its a bit hard to get to the real reason for sure, especially when they choose to just delete or change information as they go along (whether that may be rewriting brethren ministry,or perhaps some stuff recorded on some ex eb sites)

      Anyway you also asked me if there is any of peeb net content existing somewhere still.I suggest you might like to try looking in these couple of places

      You could try using the way back machine . See here https://archive.org/web/

      And/or perhaps take look through these pages here http://www.discourses.org.uk/

      Try here too maybe http://wikipeebia.com/library/letters-and-memoirs/

      Wish you all the best of luck !

  7. Fanny says:

    Hello! I am writing a scientific paper regarding different religious groups and how the psychology works on members. I am now trying to find something to base it on and therefore are looking for people who have left the different religious organisations I am studying, one of which is the Exclusive Brethren. It would make me happy and help my work if you possibly could answer a questionnaire, and it would help even more if you could post it, if you have the time and will of course, so it would reach out to more people. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeJMQDZF39CqX6jm6jiKN-nMg4kv2Q9MhFcWqEpFibJ3MFEVg/viewform?usp=sf_link

    Thank you in advance!

    • ExEB says:

      Greeting Fanny. I possibly could be interested. Although i’d need to see the details first, so as to decide. So far i cannot see anymore detail past knowing it might google document. Be good hear back from you. Thanks

    • ExEB says:

      You were only acting “the Goat”, again

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