Sanction Individuals Who Carry Out Or Order Religious Restrictions


The new version will strengthen the existing law in several ways:

• It directs the president to sanction individuals who carry out or order religious restrictions.

• It instructs the U.S. ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom to report directly to the U.S. secretary of state.

• It requires all foreign service officers to be trained in the “strategic value of international religious freedom.”

Corbin said the new language in the IRFA could influence how U.S. courts regard atheists at home. All Americans are protected by the First Amendment, she said, but “there has always been controversy about the degree to which they (atheists) should be protected. This law makes clear they are to be protected to the same extent” as religious believers.

end quote (my bold)

Finally right of atheist might soon begin to also protected.Like freedom of religious belief . Namely the freedom to also have the right to decide to not-believe in God

And such changes, will also in effect, end up being of benefit to a number of theist folks lives as well too.Because these changes are a step forward toward  honesty of freedom of religion,for all sorts of folk

Thus a new age of honesty is dawning.Soon enough. No longer will children be born unto aspects of religious tyranny which traditionally have chosen to use forceful coercion to intimidate harass pressure children choice of belief .Intimidation harassment and pressure too-often also being laced with oppressive-threats . Children forced to live lives and confirm-belief under threat of being excommunicated and even worse totally disowned as if they were already dead

This is the foundation of deceit that we were all forced to need to try living under . The most utterly disgusting form of deceitfulness,that were constantly dressed-up and fed unto the brainwashed brain-dead mind of many church goer

How could ? theist have even allowed themselves to constantly live with this most disgusting form of lie for so many generations

What ? is there that might help to explain this shameful phenomena

Well .A study from Berkeley university California made this suggestion

Quote :

Highly religious people are less motivated by compassion than are non-believers

end quote

Theist tend to lack compassion . (in general)

And i can honestly say this suggestion definitely compare with the majority of my own experience of theist too.And also even compare with certain situations that i experience constantly occurring within the peeb net site as well. Peeb net was more or less just another formation of another cult of faith, a place where anyone whom didn’t agree to just bow-down to the big-wig, then you might get forced-out and excommunicated (even crazier that ex cult members that had ventured there, seemed still unaware of this situation)


Theist seem to have become so well accustomed to faithfully believing that this kind of “tyranny is in fact freedom” . That few of them will then ever begin to be able to see through it

Quote :

In three experiments, social scientists found that compassion consistently drove less religious people to be more generous.

end quote (my bold)

Perhaps these study ? , might also helped to explain why it is that even the hierarchy of the Church of England had decided to warn their own bishop not to apologize too fully to sex abuse victims from within their own group

For they are a type of theist too. Thus they will lack compassion (because ? they are too-often far too caught up within scripture and religious-pomposity)

To make this fact seem even more obvious .It was also, quote :

American Humanist Association lobbied both Democrats and Republicans for inclusive language in HR 1150 that would recognize the rights of humanists, atheists and other nonreligious individuals, in addition to defending theistic religious minorities.

end quote (my bold)

It was mainly humanist groups whom have lobbied hard for this change

 Not theist

Theist in general just don’t seem to have enough compassion to care to do so

Their lives are too-often been spent chained up unto religion and thus continually crawled right up the ass of Jesus.Huge hordes of toe-suckers their minds thus flooded and constantly overwhelmed and fully occupied by a constant form of idolization (gaze constantly fixed on ideas how to go about saving their own butt forever.Little wonder they can turn a blind eye to harm happening around about them). (Quite likely to the great shame of Jesus himself too. If Jesus were in fact still able to remain conscious of this.As a humanist i am inclined to hope that he isn’t able to remain conscious of the shame of this inhumanity that has been more or less upheld by theists)

As a humanist atheist. Im more than happy to spend the rest of my life being someone who is actively shunned and disliked by a number of these theist, if in fact it may also help change the future for other folk whom will be born after im long dead and gone

My biggest regret being this

If only there were more people, previously, whom cared and dared to also tread this path, long before i were to be born


At some stage. Someone need to be prepared to forgo their own happiness, in hope that doing so, it might also then help to secure far more happiness for so many more other folk

I do not expect, that any changes likely to be happening from now on, will ever serve to help to mend/fix sadness experienced within my own life. Its just far too late for that






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Stated Clearly

I think stated clearly is a pretty interesting youtube channel .The videos on display there, are produced in such a way that even lay-man (non professional folk) can tend to understand easier . Stated clearly channel tries to help overcome misinformation that exist in regard to aspects of science

Take a look at these two video below for instance



And there is more videos from this same channel here within these two links i have added below (some of which are even been produced in a few different languages as well too)

But anyway, what about this question

Just say.If theist (in general) were to ever find out that they have been really wrong.And have been led to believe stuff, that has in-effect already severely hurt so many people, over a number generations past How? the hell will they ever be able to apologize enough.

Will? they also react kind of much like the exclusive brethren also tend to do. And perhaps just say, oh well, never-mind because that’s just a stroke of bad-luck for some folk 

Will everything (once again) just be white washed over and soon-enough simply be forgotten.Like what has pretty much already happened more than once or twice already . Such as like with the way that loads of people were once upon a time, in the past, accused of witch craft and/or sorcery, and were thus convicted and were burned at the stake or killed in some other kind of manner

Maybe its an ongoing? tradition


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Church Of England Warned Bishops



Church of England warned bishops not to apologise too fully to sex abuse victims

Survivors of child sexual abuse have accused the Church of England of “acting like Pontius Pilate” as a previously unseen document revealed that bishops were explicitly instructed only to give partial apologies – if at all – to victims to avoid being sued.

Legal advice marked “strictly confidential” and circulated among the most senior bishops, told them to “express regret” only using wording approved by lawyers, PR advisers and insurers.

The guidance – written in 2007 and finally replaced just last year – also warns bishops to be wary of meeting victims face to face and only ever to do so after legal advice.


end quote (my bold)

Christianity is pretty much been rotten to the core.There is no real great good that ever comes from people whom keep on trying to deny-it so as to create a prize silk purse out of a real scruffy-grade sow’s ear

The idea that ” genuine Christian Churches” won’t use public relation firms, is an excellent example of the “no true Scotsman’s fallacy” . A particular type fallacy as is explained here

And its a dishonest way that some people choose to use when not wanting to face-up and admit to the full truth of matters.

Christianity has been rotten to the core (and this fact can also help to explain reason why we will also now have these nasty cults as well too.As a little leaven, soon enough leavens the whole lot) Why bother with to trying to deny it? . What? would they hope to achieve

Nothing much-good ever comes from continually denying the obvious

Ex exclusive brethren whom still choose to continually cling onto the idea.Will only do themselves a great disservice, and a disservice to everyone else as well too

Simply because.The idea is foundered on dishonesty

And it is indeed this ghastly depth of dishonesty that has then also helped to allowed this disgusting mess to continue onward perpetually generation after generation , for as long it has done

It is no better . Little different

Than the dishonest way the exclusive brethren are also choosing to be very selective in the information they choose to look for . As in looking for information to find out whether James Taylor jr was honestly a pure man.Or not

Bloody hypocrites


Trying to blame victims of cults . For the depth of extreme evil that has also helped to allow cults to form. Is like taking pot-shots at the very lowest hanging fruit.Fruit of the most thick nutty ignorant childish in-bred kind at that


Its not the first time that the Church of England were accused of using a PR firm . More information in that regard available here


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Toward A More Secular U.S. Society


For the first time in history, Congress has passed a law that protects “non-theists.”

The Frank R. Wolf International Religious Freedom Act – named for a former congressman who championed freedom of conscience – is designed to shield all types of minority believers who suffer attacks and prejudice.

It specifically says authorities must “protect theistic and non-theistic beliefs as well as the right not to profess or practice any religion.”

end quote (my bold)

About time something like this happened.This kind of law has been long overdue . And hopefully it could end up being a step forward toward a far more honest type of freedom of religion

Thus far freedom of religion has really been little more than a huge joke.Its been like little more than some sort of sweet sounding buzz words that manage to help the Christian folk faithfully believe in stinking rotten lies. Faithfully believe that folks were free to decide for themselves and follow their own conscience

That’s the problem isn’t it, that human faith really is worth less than a tin of horse shit, unless it can also be backed up by evidence. Unless it can provide good solid proof of the reality of its worth.

At present.Religious liberty is utter bullshit (its foundered on lies), considering the amount of different flavors of religious tyranny that some humans are still being forced to need to try living under

And so if religious liberty were to honestly exist .Then we should never really need to see any family’s being split and divided,by being coerced to live under separation/excommunication

Coercion is really the key here isn’t it.Because coercion involves forms of active persuasion. And in some instances it’s persuasion using some type of strong pressure, arm twisting, intimidation,oppression,enforcement

So, so much for real liberty then huh. Liberty of the honest kind. That is if many of those fucking Christian are even so very concerned about the idea of upholding honesty in combination with religious liberty

We reap of what were sown.And if the foundation seed were sown deep in bullshit ground.Then little wonder our world is been able to become so riddle with these obvious aspects of religious tyranny

Christians ought to be bloody ashamed of themselves.For not helping to get this problem sorted far earlier

What a waste of breath the parable of the good Samaritan has been.Falling upon Christians blinded by pride and pomposity, and thus way completely deaf unto this kind of wise philosophy


Like ive said on here already more than once or twice before.Christians have allowed themselves to have become like their own worst enemy. That’s for sure. The proof of this is consistent with what evidence we also can see of the continuing decline of people wanting to even be affiliated with religion

Like was also pointed out in this same aforementioned news article as well too


This first-time inclusion of nonbelievers recognizes a transformation in U.S. society: the rapid growth of adults who say their religion is “none.” A recent survey by the Public Religion Research Institute found that “nones” have become America’s largest faith category. They constitute 25 percent of the adult population, compared to 21 percent who are Catholic and 16 percent who are white evangelicals.

Since 1990, unaffiliated people have climbed with remarkable speed in national polls. The increase surely will continue, because young adults under 30 are more strongly secular than older Americans.

end quote

The thing is. Christianity has remained strong and persistent, in big part due to the right of religious tyranny that has also been constantly upheld under the false pretense of religious liberty

And Christian folk all ought to be bloody ashamed of it.None deserve to declare themselves to be free of any blame. How many ? have we seen campaigning to help see that religious tyranny would cease

Bugger all. So very very few. So very few ,that this then has also meant that a number of generations of human have then suffered greatly and have constantly been forced to need to try and survive within forms of religious tyranny

Jesus must surely be ashamed to high heaven (if it exist). Feeling very ashamed  to need to know that his own name has been directly connected as being one of those beings who is directly included as being among this bunch of Christian folk

These Christian fools. All they whom constantly choose to only throw stones at particular little small wee cults, all the while that so many other different degrees of religious tyranny are also rife all around about them

Bloody hypocrites


Religion has helped to promote the art of deceitfulness. Religion has often rewarded those whom were quite willing to lie (to save their own ass from persecution), while at the same time persecuting any other folk whom might have dared to try and be honest about what they personally believed

Yet some Christian folk still cannot begin to work-out (for themselves) how it might be explain that Christianity might have been able to remained so strong, so powerfully prevalent over time

Religious tyranny does this to human beings. It serve to help cauterize the human brain cell 

What else? might help to explain how so many Christian could have been able to see religious tyranny, as religious liberty

The best answer seem to me to be, that all too often religion can tend to help render a human to have become faithfully brain-dead

In a situation like this.The blind are then trying to help lead the blind.The set about picking on all the low hanging fruit. Taking their low-blow pot-shots at all the cult members, whom were (in the main) merely unlucky to have been sadly born unto parents whom themselves (as chance of life has it) had also happen to be caught up within the cult as well too . People whom had fallen into a trap that had laid openly awaiting for victims

And this is the Genuine Christian” idea of justice . Evidently

Im so glad i no longer feel any need to count myself as a member among anything to do with this group. Seems many more other people are also feeling the same way as i do to, if the reports of Christian declines is correct

Religion need to rely on tyranny so as to also retain the power to continue to exist. This would help to explain why we don’t often ever see the Pope actively demanding that people caught up within cults should be freed from this oppression and tyranny

Genuine Christians worldwide also all understand how powerless their belief might become, if it were stripped of its right to forcefully coerce people to believe . Especially their own children


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Genuine Christian Churches don’t use a Public Relations firm

Quote : Anonymous24 December 2016 at 15:50

No, that’s where your wrong, lots of genuine Christian Churches don’t use a Public Relations firm to manage their external public face and spin lots of lies and half truths.

end quote

But never the less Anonymous24 December 2016 at 15:50

Plenty enough genuine Christian churches do indeed choose to use a public relations firms to manage their external public face and spin lots of lies and half truths.

And what’s more Anonymous24 December 2016 at 15:50 .What you should possibly find even more concerning is this.As this fact then also goes a long way to help to explain why there are also so very-few genuine Christian around, whom care to even show any real great concern about this kind of phenomena

For indeed its even been allowed to become common practice among Christian circles

For indeed.Few even care to bat an eyelid.Even when it were the Catholic church whom was actively involved in such practices

And even far worse Anonymous24 December 2016 at 15:50.There are indeed fuck all genuine Christians whom are even bothering to care to lose any sleep this Chrismas either, over the fact that you happen to suffer under the situation of the existence of these cults … This even happen to include the pope too

Very sadly

You see Anonymous24 December 2016 at 15:50 .It just doesnt need to concern so-many of them ,”personally” does it . Not in any way near like it just happen to need to be of such great personal concern unto the life of someone like yourself

So, so? much for the good Samaritan huh

Worthless words, that thus far are still totally wasted on the blind and foolish, and all those whom still didn’t seem to even care to listen

Jesus ? weeps


You need to sure hope so.Too often it would seem to be about the best hope we might have.(Seem like we are forced to try and rely on the help of a dead person Jesus)

Because it surely seem like there are still so very few other so-called “genuine Christian” around whom seem to care to ever even bother to do so


Im not here to help you try to  “cherry coat” your Christianity Anonymous24 December 2016 at 15:50.


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Genuine Christian Churches don’t use a Public Relations firm


Quote : Anonymous24 December 2016 at 15:50

genuine Christian Churches don’t use a Public Relations firm

end quote

Did Anonymous24 December 2016 at 15:50  even bother to do any research on this subject.Has this person done their homework? , before making this kind of claim. Or perhaps? their conclusion is merely being emotionally-charged by the kind of beliefs that they continue to wish would be factually true

Lets do some research. By rights (if Anonymous24 December 2016 at 15:50  has done their homework) i should not be able to find any evidence that might tend to throw any doubt upon these claims that Anonymous24 December 2016 at 15:50  clings-onto

What about this (so-easily found within a mere matter of minutes)



ALBANY — Not leaving it to divine chance, the state Catholic Conference has turned in recent years to some of Albany’s most well-connected and influential lobby firms to help block a bill that would make it easier for child sex abuse victims to seek justice.

The Catholic Conference, headed by Timothy Cardinal Dolan, has used Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, Patricia Lynch & Associates, Hank Sheinkopf, and Mark Behan Communications to lobby against the Child Victims Act as well as for or against other measures.

All told, the conference spent more than $2.1 million on lobbying from 2007 through the end of 2015, state records show. That does not include the conference’s own internal lobbying team.

end quote



So. Either the Catholic church cannot be considered as being mainstream genuine Christian church either

Or else

Anonymous24 December 2016 at 15:50 has allowed them self to have been brainwashed into believing that mainstream “genuine” Christians wont use public relation firms

The latter wouldn’t tend to surprise me a whole lot.

As i’m sure that this idea feels very soothing and kind of blissfully comforting unto the mind of someone like Anonymous24 December 2016 at 15:50

Seems that the truth of matters,really don’t seem to matter all that much. Whether the Christian may be of a mainstream Christian type, or even of the exclusive brethren Christian kind either . Facts don’t matter a whole lot among the faithful throng

Both are been tarred with the same brush.Their brain dead minds having been constantly fed (“mostly” to say the very least) only on forms of “inside information

What better way? is there, to be able to maintain a large bunch of mindless believers ?

Faith remain their mainstay. Faith is their favored addiction.

Fact seem to be of such little worth unto the retarded minds of all those religious folk whom would never care to need to gaze on reality



And Jesus ? wept


Christianity is been continually founded on so much bullshit, that it has finally blown its own cover. So much so, that now days so many folk (especially the youth) are now leaving Christianity behind in droves

Which is really no great surprise. Is ? it

After all. What? kind of youth, would ever really want to be known as being someone  still keen to remain associated with the kind of people whom are all too happy to continue to uphold outright lies .To be counted among the myriad of folks whom still don’t seem to even mind trying to uphold the type of bullshit that has also  helped to caused so-many people to need to suffer so greatly.Throughout so many generations

In this way.Christians have become their own worst enemy

Often seems to me like they are all been tarred with the same brush.Exclusive brethren, and those mainstream christian folk alike. Sad and sorry bunch of folk still trying to find some way how to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear

The religiously blind folk, trying their very best to find some way how to be able to help lead the other religiously blind folk


Jesus very likely wanted to find some way to finally stop this kind of disgusting abhorrent type practices from continuing.These practices of religious bondage. I wouldn’t be so-surprised either. if Jesus was in fact becoming more and more of a humanist kind of person,rather than being a religious theist .

But too bad that there were still a number of theist folk around, whom would have still felt like they could still see how they could be able to make a profit for themselves, out of the continued promotion of religion along with the forms of religious bondage that came with it (Church meetings,Church tradition etc).

However.Jesus likely understood, that it was in fact the mind of men, that would always be seen to also coincide with the type of belief that they then would choose to follow. Religious belief is directly connected to human culture.It is human culture that forms the basis of these faith beliefs.

This would then also help to explain verses like this one below.

Quote :

Jesus replied, “Is it not written in your Law: ‘I have said you are gods’?

end quote

The Jews were about to stone Jesus to death. Under the accusation of blasphemy .

However, Jesus quickly then reminds these Jews about the reality that it also wasn’t going to be the very first time, that some human being, would have evidently been busy with making their own claim as well too ,in regard to the idea of being guided by the mind of God

Such claims had been a common phenomena that had already occurred a number of times more than once already

Jesus very likely wanted to try and help stop the religious tyranny that has commonly always tended to follow along with religion, and religious practices

However.Too bad that so many well meaning Christian folk (pious Christian mother’s included) worldwide have blindly chosen to help uphold this religious tyranny

Jesus ? weeps

Who really knows the answer to that. But imagine how horrid it might tend to make Jesus feel. For Jesus to need to remain consciously aware, about the reality of how the teaching of Jesus had been turned into the type of “idolatry” that Christianity has allow itself to have become

Imagine (yourself) as being Jesus.

Imagine that you thus are the base figure of so much idolization and all the suffering that then tend to follow along-with such types of situations.. Jesus is portrayed as being like some kind of “Kim Jung-Un” figure. The types of people, whom would tend to only revel and enjoy oneself while also having an ability to exist within the constant experience of widespread adulation and glorification 

Someone whom would tend to demand need for copious amount of widespread brown-nosing and ass licking, and cocksuckery  that tend to exist within Christianity in general

Someone whom might tend to become rather angry and mad, even brutally so (hell), if their followers had ever been found out to have some how forgotten to continue to pay homage  . The level of homage that is evidently expected on such large-scale. The kind of scale (homage due) that were always most likely also obviously going to need to bring disaster and destruction and immense amount of agony unto some people throughout their whole lifetime ( IE: such as those people whom are unlucky enough to have been born into cults)

But hey. Why care ? about some-other folks suffering. If you were to personally consider yourself to be some dictator, like Kim Jung-Un, or most of all if you are God

No matter huh ?? . Because. Fame and glory ,also is likely to even matter so much more to Jesus too ,right?

As an atheist. I can feel so sorry for Jesus.

Sad to see the type of person that Jesus has been depicted as being-like. Sad that Christians can have chosen to remain so blind and so utterly brain dead as to still be able to figure that Jesus (the Christian chosen figurine of abounding “love and kindness“) might? really be so-likely to actually even enjoy being portrayed as the type of person whom might ever be so-likely to feel comfortable living within this type of idolatry

Idolatry to the highest degree ever known unto man

Most of us wouldn’t tend to feel comfortable as being depicted as being this type of fame-hungry person ourselves.We would soon feel mighty uncomfortable with it. Unless we were Kim Jung-Un or Bruce Hales or Vladimir Putin perhaps

So then. Why? the hell would any fool really expect that someone like Jesus, might ever then be someone whom would be so likely enjoy it

Why would Jesus(God) ever be thought? to likely be someone so constantly needy and drawn toward widespread adulation and glory. On a constant daily bases. Much like the dictators like Kim Jung-Un and Vladimir Putin type people also tend to enjoy living their own lives like

I suggest to you.That only a complete fool would ever be inclined to be so stu[idly dumb to ever continue to think he really might do

And the cost of this kind of stupidity now amount to this.There is now thousand of domination’s and division’s now existing just within the realm of Christianity alone (without even beginning to also take into account the collateral cost within other religious beliefs too). Such widespread division and bigotry , such things all being constantly sanctioned in the name of Jesus

Poor Jesus


If i were Jesus. I would by-now surely tend to feel sickened to my very core.I would be totally disgusted (even with the mere thought) that my own-name had some how ever been able to be allowed to become directly connected with this kind of widespread nasty disgusting evil

Yet Christians don’t seem to see any big problem with it. They still don’t see anything much so-wrong with it.Billions do continue to support it every single week (although thankfully this number is falling, within countries that are less-needy, and thus also less-likely to need to fall under the spell of religious tyranny)

Yet too many blind brain dead fools still continue to help promote this disgusting mess

All of them quite happily doing so.In Gods-name

Why bother?

As usual.It is the quest for money and power and fame that most often always plays a huge roll behind the very reason to help explain this phenomena


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No Conscience.No Justice.No Compassion.Nothing


“They act with impunity,without any semblance of common decency or Justice, people whose lives have been irrepairably torn apart,and the proud brethren don’t care…they do it because they can get away with it.Absolutely monsterous….made infinitely worse because they claim they are doing it in the name of Christ”


See here

end quote


And yet it seem to me, like Fisherman could just as easily almost be describing Christianity in general to a T

So many Christians worldwide, seem to all love to faithfully believe how we honestly have our religious liberty upheld.And yet at very best,all we have is a negative form of liberty. Our liberty only exist for us, so long as the nature of our lives ,would also allow for it


Sadly the nature of life of someone whom just happen to unlucky enough to have been born within a cult like what the exclusive brethren are.Therefore also means that nature of their life also allows that some high ranking exclusive brethren men are able to gain prominence and to also thus become dominant over us

Yet large hordes of Christians worldwide (including so many good pious Christian parent folk too)are all more than happy to live within this false sense of religious liberty.And many of them spend their lives trying to lay full blame on people whom just happen to have been caught-up within the nature of cults

Christians worldwide have cared to take little notice of this.And especially if it don’t happen to affect themselves personally very much

Where is the justice in this ? .

Let he? whom is without any blame,also then be he whom would be the one casting the first stone.Why? are the cults the only groups who’s finding themselves caught sitting within the line of fire then. Isn’t it? long due time for real honesty,true justice,real compassion

About time for justice.Yet justice cannot be built on any false foundation.So then,did we? ever have our religious liberty.Or was it merely never little more than a “tupperware” type version of religious liberty.”Plastic bullshit” fabricated justice .Liberty within a negative-liberty sense . Liberty ,that can exist only so long as the nature of our lives ,would asl allow for it

Meaning we only have a right to religious liberty, so long as the nature of our lives allow for it. Like, so long as the nature of our birth-parent would “agree to allow” us . So long as we are lucky enough to have been born unto parent whom are Catholic or Anglican perhaps

But not if we happen to be born within the Exclusive Brethren .In this situation the nature of our lives also allows that a nutter like Bruce Hales gets to become head-bully

What? kind of justice is this

Worldwide, millions of believer are more than happy to live with this.They lose little sleep over any thoughts that somebody born into a cult might be living within tyranny


Because these aspect of religious-tyranny has been “sanctioned”.

So.What kind? of conscience is this then.

One? that has been allowed to become void of reality

Cults have long existed for generations now.So many billions of children have been continually bulled by their own religious parent , acts of coercion that in effect have thus worked to in effect “regulate belief” and thus-way force children into adopting faith in Gods. Preferably of the parents faith-tradition Parents along with their children, have come under religious-rules of a number different types of styles and degree’s of  coercive-control as well too.This is church dominationcoercion.It has been widespread in existence, even if it existed to different-degree

And yet it is this that they still deemed to still amount to religious liberty

A belief that rely on faith-alone.A faith void of factual evidence.A faith-belief resting on ugly untruthful false foundations

We reap of that what were sown. Some will be forced to need to suffer far-more than what some lucky other’s folks will ever-do

So then. One wonders

Where? oh where is the fucking Christian compassion in any of that then

We see how some faithful folk so-love remind us about important things like this . Quote:

“I firmly believe that to even understand or evaluate Christianity you have to totally disassociate yourself with almost everything you have either witnessed or been indoctrinated by”

See here

end quote


We agree. In fact perhaps? believers whom seem to love to don “rose tinted” glasses, might also do well to try and heed some of their own advice a little bit more effectively too

We have never had any religious liberty in any kind of real positive sense

From cradle to the grave.Lives of human have most always been regulated and governed by a number traditional religious beliefs

And yet these theist will still quite happily sleep with the faithful-idea stuck in their head that we live lives of religious liberty

Like the brethren.Theist of many types are more than able to train their brain to faithfully-agree to accept absolutely anything.Facts then tend to matter so little

If Christianity in general are more than happy to base their belief (religious liberty) on this level of faith.Then why? oh why would anyone ever dare to care to expect any better of some nutty folks whom happen to still remain caught-up within the confine of cults

That is almost as silly as like someone stupidly expecting that the blind might the best person to step-up to take the lead

We must reap of what was allowed to be sown.A false form of liberty was sown.Religious tyranny masked under the banner of liberty

Liberty formed on the foundation of a lie


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Paul, the True Founder of Christianity

November 6, 2016 by Quote:

“Paul, the True Founder of Christianity”



Quote :

“Somewhere into the early church’s third decade, a new kind of church began to grow up around a dissenting voice among the teachers in the north, based in Syrian Antioch. A theologically educated leather worker from nearby Tarsus named Saul (or when he traveled to Greek speaking places, Paul) began telling a story which many at first found hard to believe.

He began telling people that he had seen the risen Jesus in a vision he had after being thrown to the ground in a kind of seizing fit, accompanied by a bright light that seemed to leave him blind for a couple of days. Many today see in his story the telltale signs ofTemporal Lobe Epilepsy, which produces seizures robbing their victims of sight in varying degrees, also causing them to “see” things that aren’t actually there. They come and go without warning—although they can be made more frequent by a grueling daily schedule involving little sleep, frequent danger, and a great deal of emotional stress—leaving the victim with a weakened body and often permanently damaged eyesight (“SEE WHAT LARGE LETTERS I WRITE WITH BY MY OWN HAND,” Paul once wrote at the end of a letter he had been dictating). “

end quotes (my bold)


So.Christianity may have even been founded by someone who were suffering from a temporal lobe disability


Well. Bugger me.I guess there is no “real great surprise” there then huh




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The Modern Day Christian Samaritan


The good Samaritan. Someone who helps a stranger.Someone who even looks upon the complete stranger in the same way that they would their own next-door neighbor.Theism that were purposely invented to kind of become like a bridge-builder between all humans

Christianity (as we know it) would seem to fall so far short of that kind of standard.


Big huge throngs of Christians today, can soon gather enough momentum to ” all arise” in a great mass and help to vote in someone like Donald Trump.No worries.Their fear of losing the right to be able to shun/manipulate and gain forms of domination over others, is more than enough to help fuel momentum for them all to suddenly step up to take action


They all wont care to even bat an eyelid,if ever told that some “strangers” whom had happen to be born into some weird cult, like Exclusive Brethren, have been found to be left for dead by the wayside .Having been robbed of their right to life of natural family relationships and real love

Meanwhile they waffle on about religious liberty.While all around about them,it so obvious (to those who care to be honest enough to admit it) how many forms of religious tyranny is rife

Some like to shoot their mouth off, and glorify their good ole pious Christian peers.Seeming to forget, that good pious Christians are still a dime a dozen within this world.And yet, no amount of pious Christian has even done anything much, to help take real action against the religious tyranny that robs the lives of some

In the end “Pious Christian” is about as much bloody use as what “tits on a bull” is

This is the sad ugly state of Christianity


I feel so blessed (metaphorically) to not need to be one to wear the Christian badge.So happy to no longer need to be counted among the Christian throng who seem to find it so very easy to rise up to vote in a sexist arsehole who is even more than happy to publicly admit to groping women. Without their consent

Christian who’ll all quite happily pass on by the ex eb stranger, lying by the wayside having been stripped and robbed of family love and happiness within this one and only life that we can actually be 100% that we actually do have


Christian whom are more than happy to allow that this life here on earth, is free game for religious tyrants to wager away on a life-eternal . A life eternal that none of these Christian folk are even able to prove actually exist

Earthly life has been devalued . Devalued so-much ,that they see it as fair game to just “wager away” (gamble) on a life-eternal that no one can even begin to give decent proof for

This is  “how little value” our lives have been valued by the onset of the Christian throng

Evidently. This ? is Christianity idea, of how the good Samaritan goes-about “loving thy neighbor as thy self” . “Love the stranger” , as one loves themselves

How many mainstream Christian ,really can honestly say, that they too would surely love, to have had their own families loving relationships robbed off of them

Very few,if they could ever care to be bluntly honest about it

We wont ever know how many. Because so few (Christian folk) would even care enough to even stop and bat an eyelid, about thoughts of any of the family lives of “other” folk that are being wasted and robbed within religious tyranny that exist in this world

No . So few care. Not honestly anyway.Why bother? to worry about anyone else, other than yourself

Sure.They can easily find ways to step up to vote in Donald Trump. No worries. And they can also make themselves look good, by all doing their charity stints in feeding and “clothing the hungry” people overseas. Which is the Christian PR campaign . In the same way that we also see exclusive brethren actively involved in their own PR campaign too, by feeding sausages to firemen and suchlike (be honest. There is so little difference between to two.Both are done so as to try to gain Christian-fame )

They all like to put on a great show . See? how wonderful we all are. See? how we feed the hungry. See? how we clothe all those poor African. Aren’t? we Christian folk all so jolly wonderful


But meanwhile. So very few Christians would even care to stop and give a rats bum, if some stranger ex exclusive brethren member, or stranger ex JW etc etc,  is having their earthly life robbed and totally ruined by ongoing religious tyranny


This very thoughtless and uncaring nature ,is grown to be so common among Christian.That aspects of this very same evil phenomena are also to be seen to be present within the very way that there are now some ex exclusive brethren, whom have now been issued with the right of renewed family relationships with their exclusive brethren family.

Because you see.These modern day Christian folks, is all made of “chips off of the same ugly stinking block”

These lot are also mostly more than happy to not bother to care less if some other ex exclusive brethren may have not yet been issued with the same freedom

When all said and done. Christianity is just one huge ugly selfish cult. A cult that like to put on a great show, and yet, mostly only even care to bother to take care of its own interest


They bury their head in the sand and far prefer to choose to stay silent, to just walk on by.


In being thankful that their own butt is ok













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Religious Monster

When i think about this ongoing situation . Sometimes i consider that religion is kind of being like some monster that has been created by the way that society has allowed these things to get so out of control


Consider religion as being like it is some monster that has many tentacles . And that the exclusive brethren group are merely just one of this monster’s many tentacles. The JW’s are another tentacle . And then the Catholic church is yet another tentacle as well too .Likewise the Anglican,Seven Day Adventists,Gloiavale,Presbyterian and so on and so on

Not every single tentacle is actively causing people quite the same level of grief, as what some of this religious-monsters tentacles are

People whom feel concerned about being caused grief, can be seen busily slashing and stabbing away frantically, but only at each particular tentacle that they feel has happen to cause grief unto themselves

And so this phenomena also help to explain why there are also so few non-effected Christians , whom show any concern. Because Christians don’t care to bother , unless it is also about something that happen to effect themselves in some personal way

Christian have allowed themselves to have become a very self centered people.

There is two main instances where Christians are more likely to care want to take a personal interest.

1 If the situation happen to have some personal effect on themselves

2. If there is the possibility that they might stand to gain pride of participation for themselves (for instance :some involvement in charity work in countries where people are poor)

That’s about it. As so few Christian care to take interest ,merely due to the fact that there are other people whom are suffering

This is how much of a nasty monster Christianity has allowed itself to have become

So whenever we read through blogs like this one here .

Then it is also of very little surprise to us ,for us to also see that there are in fact very few non-eb whom would ever even care to bother to participate . In fact mainly there is no more than about one non eb member of public society who ever even care to take an active interest ,and her name is Joan. And the main outstanding reason that Joan seem to take some real extra interest , seem to stem from the fact that she is also a Christian whom in her own youth had once also been taught by a qualified Plymouth brethren teacher. Way back in times long ago when this brethren gtoup once used to still be allowed to go to university to become qualified teachers

Joan has her own personal reason , for interest in this cult situation among brethren

So religion is become a monster that only ever awaken people’s interest, if they would so happen to have been effected personally.Or if they would also stand to gain something personally for themselves This is the “usual” for modern-day followers of Jesus .


But .Can we? imagine Jesus being so likely to remain so unconcerned. Hmmm? .

Meanwhile there are many frantic ex eb and ex JW’s all wildly stabbing and slashing away at each tentacle. And so therefore nobody is ever getting right down to real the root of the issue.The monsters heart remains totally untouched.

Now.Imagine being Jesus. Imagine that the general expectation also is that you would want to return unto the shame of all this mess

All those millions of Christian folk. So jolly wonderful in their church attendance.And yet even so are also so bloody useless at actually following in the footsteps that what they love to think they do follow

Christianity has helped to create itself a monster . A monster that is quite selfish.A monster actively living with such little concern in regards to concerns within “other people’s” lives

You? want to feel the concern of Catholic folk .

Then first of all you better join up direcly with some Catholic church group

You want? to feel the concern of the Baptist Christian folk.

Well then , you must first need to join up with a Baptist Church group.

You would? like to experience the concern open brethren .

Well then you will need to join up with an open brethren group first

And so on

Because Christianity in general is in deed still being run in a very cult-like manner




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