Swallow the party line


My only wish is that EVERY young person in the EB will see it,and begin to THINK for themselves,not just meekly swallow the party line fed to them by the leaders

Things like this give me some hope that the curtain the EB hide behind may yet be lifted….


end quote (my bold)

This is the party line like what all brainwashed mainstream faithful folk are forced to need to believe

The party line that religious tyranny doesnt exist (along with the party line that our right of freedom of religion, is also a right that’s actually being honestly upheld)


They need to believe that people would just meekly swallow religious bullshit (They need to believe this idea, as it also suits their mainstream  peace of mind of conscience to still try to be able to believe it)

It suit their mainstream peace of mind to be able to faithfully believe that freedom of religion is a right that’s also being honestly upheld,and so therefore any people who remain caught-up in cult are therefore also obviously just acting “far too meekly

It would be far too discomforting for these mainstream Christian folk to ever need to actually consider, that religious tyranny might in fact be the ultimate culprit

Far easier to be able to continue to “accuse other” people of just being too meek minded

Isn’t it ? (far easier on the mainstream Christian conscience )

Why do we observe how most children will always end up accepting the same belief that’s been the traditional belief of their own parent ? . Why is it that the children will almost always end up also accepting the same belief as the parents faith belief

Why is that?. What explain this phenomena ?


  1. Because children are just busily acting far too meek minded ?
  2.  Or perhaps because they may risk being shunned and disowned (by their own parent and parent’s family and traditional birthright circle of friends as well too)if they wont agree to ?


Perhaps Jesus had wanted to actively help free the world from the grip of aspects of religious tyranny

Today mainstream Christian wont bother. For they far rather accuse children of being too meek minded

Far easier . Far easier on the believers conscience

They will do anything else they feel is possible,so as to not ever need to face up to the fact themselves that there are aspects of religious tyranny that abound. Worldwide

In Africa today, there will be children suffering under oppression of religious tyranny as well too.Thanks to acts of missionary who sort to widen their power (hoping that these act, will in effect, then help aid themselves in their own self preservation in an eternity)

When cults evolve. And once children will have then become trapped within

Mainstream Christian like Fisherman, will be there, once again, to accuse these children of just being far too meek minded

You bet ya (not a thought as to whether the accusation is real justice )

Accusing people of being meek minded, sure beats needing to face-up to the possibility that religious tyranny is widespread … Dont it ?

Sure help to appease the mainstream conscience with great-ease (IE:blame the trouble on all those children whom are just acting far to meek mindedly. Gloss over the fact that they actually do risk being disowned and shunned by family)

Mainstream Christian compassion and empathy ?


Scientific proven fact these days.Believers are pretty much the very last people in the world that we should ever be expecting to experience real true honest “compassion and empathy” from

So why is this then?.

Well for a start. Read through the books that they believe to be word of God (with an open mind). And then perhaps we should then soon be able to begin to understand why ? (IE:anyone believing these books to be truly word of god, would also first need to forget about empathy or compassion)

Holy books, through fear installed via thoughts of self preservation (self preservation = saving oneself for eternity), then react to help cause the human mind to become more inclined to be selfish (thus more likely to lack in true compassion and empathy toward other people)

Fisherman hope for salvation/self preservation in an eternity , trumps over his thought of accusing sufferer of tyranny of involvement in meek mindedness

These folk are prepared to do anything, to help uphold the party line  that suggest freedom of religion /religious liberty is a right being honestly upheld

The last people we should ever expect to experience real empathy and compassion from . Is the believers.


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Compassion and empathy


Well if that’s the case Fisherman, what about all the people they threw out wrongly which they admitted to in 2003 in the ‘Great Review’? They said “We were wrong and we want you to come back. You did not commit a sin in reality – we got it wrong.”

So the punishment for this blunder of theirs in my own case, was the loss of my family for over 33 years at the time, in which time several of them had died including my parents. Can you get compensated for the loss of your family? Can you get compensated for the loss of your inheritance- long after the fact? Can you get compensated for having your world turned upside down? Can you get compensated for the unnecessary grief you have lived with most of your life?


end quote (my bold)

How much sense would it make, for someone to go looking for honest compassion and empathy among God believers ?

We really would only have need to read through these people’s holy books, to soon learn the answer to this question (if we remain “open minded” enough to be able to see it). Believers do not run highly on empathy. Believers focus mostly run on thoughts of their ability of obtaining their own eternal self preservation

Lets face it many of these folk have been more than willing to worship a evil monster (IE:the written record of stone age God as is depicted within their holy books,ie the God depicted to be inadvertently involved in bashing babies heads against rocks, etc). The reason for agreeing to do so, being that this worship would then allow themselves to find a pathway to save their own skin. Motivated by their own selfish thoughts of the possibility of being able to live forever

Throughout time. These God followers have been more than willing to be party to gruesome acts of burning people at the stake.And so on. The focus of their motivation wasn’t empathy , no it was motivated by self-righteousness and thoughts of self-preservation 

God believers are the very last folk that any of us should ever bother to look toward, in hope for honest compassion and empathy (believers focus on eternal self preservation tend to cancel-out thoughts of compassion and empathy,this phenomena help to explain the situation we observe with extreme cult-abuse experiences)

Abishag is pretty much wasting his time, with asking some God believers who happen to be lucky enough to have retained his own family in life, to actively care about someone else who didn’t . Abishag might just as well be seeking to find empathy from a concrete block wall

If God believers were motivated by empathy. Then these faith abuses would most certainly also have become past history,already, long before now

Why bother to ask for life from among the throng of the living dead ?.The faithfully induced brain dead

These people don’t even think to give a damn so much about any other people.Their minds have become so fully engrossed with pondering over ideas of how to go about persevering their own selves for eternity

Your life on earth Abishag , has been devalued to a low of such worthlessness, that few of these God believers are now ever likely to bother to care about your loss

Why would God believers bother to stop and think to care about your loss Abishag.

When it more fun and obviously far more productive as well too for their own gain to be  concentrating on ideas about how to go about saving their own butts for eternity

Your loss is not valued Abishag. Your loss is merely little more than a wee blip on the screen,of things too, once we would stop and also consider the collateral amount of millions of other folk losses as well too, over time past  (think murder of people accused of heresy and so on.Human life on earth devalued so much, that even acts of murder were easily forgiven and forgotten about.This helps show how much our lives have been constantly devalued by these acts of faith)

Do you seriously think many believers are bothering to lose much sleep over the amount of ongoing damages that their faith have constantly helped cause ?

Get real man !

Most of them don’t care to give a damn. It’s become extremely traditional (Empathy Self preservation)


Wake up for fuck sake


Your life has been actively wagered with, on the idea of eternity

In general ,God believers don’t even give a rats ass either, if eternity doesn’t even actually exist.No way, they don’t care, won’t bother to lose any of their own sleep over your loss .Because they still had lots of their own self indulgence in spending away your life on this lotto ticket (Herein lies the evil of pascals wager.Pascal himself considered it to be no-loss, to himself, that some other folks lives would also be wagered with,through promotion of faith.)

Don’t expect someone like Fisherman to see good reason why courts might overturn assembly judgement . Fisherman (like so many other God believers) didn’t  happen to lose any of his own family remember? (Empathy compassion self preservation rules)

Only fools would bother to go looking for empathy among real Christians  (Christians who may claim to follow Jesus)

You looking for compassion and empathy Abishag ?

Then perhaps you may need to look more toward people who actually act more like Jesus .People concerned with situations happening right now within people’s earthly lives. Like the humanists groups for instance

Don’t waste your time seeking to find honest compassion or empathy among the living dead (God believers.People focused on being most concerned with their own self preservation )

Faith abuses only still continue to happen to this very day , because believers do not focus on compassion or empathy.

The believers  chief focus, is self preservation (they dont mind one bit if “your” earthy life is being wagered-with, so that they can prop-up their own hope for eternity

The more secular and the less religious the world become. The better the chance that we all then will also have then too, that these faith abuses will finally also cease to exist (this fact is very telling. Relate’s directly to what ive been talking about above)


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What wrong with mainstream Christians?


A mainstream Christian Church wouldn’t assist in breaking up someone’s family


end quote (my bold)

The bottom line is that mainstream Christians hold the bulk of the Christian population that (within their silence ) help to uphold (therefore assist) so called religious freedom/religious liberty law that obviously doesn’t amount to real freedom or liberty

Closed abusive groups and the widespread pain and suffering surrounding them, are the symptom of laws that are not achieving what they claim to achieve

To say that mainstream Christian wouldn’t assist in breaking up families is naive.Without the mainstream Christian indifference,  the Brethren closed groups wouldn’t be able to find room to cause harm


Charles and Fisherman and people like that would prefer to lay the blame on shoulders of people connected to a few wee small Christian offshoot groups

They far prefer to set upon “survivors” of these wee small groups demanding that they should be the people expected to step forward and place their own necks on the line.Meanwhile these survivors have “already” been made well aware that mainstream Christian folk possibly wont care to ever step forward themselves to offer support , no matter what level of nastiness might be exposed

Thoughtless .Ignorantly thoughtless


Times like this,that i still cannot help but hope, that perhaps a God might actually exist.That justice might be served at some stage.Because these morons (the people expecting survivors to fix the problem) deserve to pay for they amount of harm they unwittingly help to uphold

They will go to any extent (lower themselves to the lowest level by choosing to pick on survivors) to still protect this evil bullshit so called freedom of religion


Mainstream Christians assist in upholding laws that are “obviously” founded on bullshit (freedom of religion/religious liberty)

The amount of harm being caused to people,by bullshit, is the symptom that shows-up the law to be obviously bullshit

You either need to be ready to accept the truth of the matter (IE: religious freedom is foundered in deceit) or else  some folk (like us ex cult members for instance) must need to be expected to continue to suffer the consequence


Don’t be stupid enough to think you can expect to have it “both ways” (IE: help to uphold bullshit religious freedom laws, while on the other hand also still continually bleating when your religious freedom is obviously not existing)

 Own the root of the problem. Freedom of religion obviously doesn’t really exist (past the negative form)

Even worse

Mainstream Christian folk couldn’t  even bother to care less 






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I would be glad to jog anybody’s memory who say they ‘forget’


I was 18 in 65 and remember it well,first the brash rude ‘know-it- all’ Australians who got the old men to stand up and get everybody to laugh at them because they wouldn’t drink whisky – then the sense of pure relief when they were sent packing back to Austrailia with tails between their legs-AND the denouncement of the ‘Commercial System in the Assembly’ ,yes,I remember that VERY WELL,and while the ranks are thinning now, I would be glad to jog anybody’s memory who say they ‘forget’


end quote (my bold)

Well whippy doo and good for you then.Jogging these “old folks” memory make you feel superior somehow huh?. You wanting a medal for that? . Perhaps some “high place” reserved for yourself in that eternity, that you godly folk help wager our earthly lives away on

You’d feel happier of course,yourself, if those old folk would now agree to jump ship.Let the last years of their own family lives be whittled away as well too, by religious tyranny that is legally able to abound here on earth (is being actively used to differing degree).

If the general population hadn’t taken their own action to deal with Hitler.Perhaps,by now, you’d also be feeling pretty keen too, to get going and be constantly jogging the memory of some old Jews caught-up in captivity, captivity that would also be unfeasible/ impractical for them old folk too to ever try escaping? (pretty close to exactly like what the situation also is with escaping cults)

That would make you feel like a real big man. Like a “real” Christian should be expected to act? (IE:constantly pick on the survivor rather than pick on the root cause.Pick on the person suffering the symptom of the root cause)

And if the wall came down around the brethren closed groups cults. Next you’d be busily picking on some other elderly folk, caught-up within one of the many other closed religious groups that abound on earth, whom are also legally able to be actively involved in wielding religious tyranny as well too.Manipulating and initiating degree’s of forced control over others faith-belief, whenever/wherever they are legally able to.

This would help to make you feel righteous ? . Help you to feel like you are metering out “real” justice ?

“Real” Christians (so called) world wide will do anything they feel they can actively do. So long as they don’t dare ever need to touch on the real root evil that exist behind reasons these closed groups exist (because they are able to use this root evil themselves actively, for furthering their own will as well ). The evil of religious tyranny that abounds (to differing degree).Tyranny that is even used against yound children,so as to force them into believing in God (this phenomena helps explain why it is that children will “most-always” be observed to adopt the same traditional faith of their own parents and family=degree of acts of religious tyranny)

Christianity is cult-like in this sense,in the way that more mainstream groups will still mirror the ways of the more closed groups to some degree. Closed groups will try to look pretend like they are caring and willing to change. Likewise the mainstream church groups act likewise and try to look pretend to be caring and willing to address issues and change too

All these groups are all guilty of dragging the chain (cults and those considered mainstream)

The bottom line is

None of you Christians or your Christian groups are willing to let go of the power you are able to legally wield over people (this also apply to the non closed groups)

You ought to be bloody ashamed of yourselves

You are legally able to even decide to start bullying/brainwashing your own children into belief in God,within their early youth.And you will happily go along with the stinking rotten evil lie too,that this would constitute freedom of religion/religious liberty

Shame you most vilest of human beings

The only time that any of you even care to bother to start speaking out about the detrimental acts of religious tyranny that freely abound on earth.

Is when you feel that the degree of tyranny has finally become far too unbearable to yourself

And yet,very much unlike you low life self-centered mainstream “real” Christian scum. Jesus had indeed acted differently.Jesus choose to act in the defense of other folk


Whats wrong with ex peebs ? .

Whats wrong with the “real” Christian ? (so called)

They willingly stand by in silent indifference (unlike Jesus). While religious dens of robbers, worldwide, are legally able to bully and manipulate people’s lives and beliefs


Allow me to jog your memories about that then


You Fisherman, would have absolutely no need to be picking on those old brethren unluckily still caught up within cults.Would you?. If mainstream Christian were to start to actually act like Jesus did

Get real

Jog your-own memory !

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Most sadly most of whom are brainwashed


A whole new generation has grown up since 1965 – most sadly most of whom are brainwashed if they are still there.


end quote (my bold)

Evidently, if you continue to stay in there (within closed Brethren groups) ,you can only be brain washed?.

Phil T is someone who is a believer, a Christian believer too as far as i’m aware.It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to learn that this is a belief that would get circulated among Christian circles.After all, this belief is most tasteful to hear to the (so called) “real” Christian taste-buds.

Is it necessarily a true statement though? (the idea that most all Brethren are only brainwashed).

Or is it perhaps, more that these so called “real Christian’ (Phil T for instance) are actually unsuspectingly being brainwashed into believing this idea whats proposed is true, themselves?. Maybe the real Christian are in fact people being brainwashed into believing its viable to leave closed group

I suspect it’s very likely far more tasteful to the (so called) “real Christian” palate , to be able to be hearing that Brethren would decide to remain Brethren only because they will have been brainwashed.After all ,that belief is far more comforting .That kind of belief would help to uphold the (so called) real Christian comfort-bubble

Rather than need to swallow the truthful taste that religious tyranny is actually the main overbearing reason that many Brethren would still need to remain among the Brethren?

And so fear is the ultimate evil used here in this regard

Real Christians (so called) will happily do anything a they feel they can do,so as to still never ever need to accept that Christianity in general has been actively involved in helping to uphold acts of  religious tyranny, of differing degrees

Its been widespread (even if some groups may use it far more than what some others may do)

To ever need to accept this. Would ultimately be “far too unsettling”.

For indeed this thought would then also bring into question, another treasured “real” Christian (so called) belief as well too. The treasured Christian belief that Christianity has been able to have remained strong throughout thousands of years past, due to acts of freedom of choice (the idea that Christianity membership stayed strong, due to children’s freedom of choice to believe)

Christians will almost do anything possible, so as to never ever need to face this horrid thought (the thought that Christianity might have been upheld through acts of religious tyranny,even if it may be religious tyranny of differing degrees)

None the less,acts of tyranny is still acts of tyranny, when children’s choices “have not” been made through total freedom

Religious tyranny is still an act of religious tyranny, when children have constantly been bullied and harassed into needing to believe in God (so as to save themselves from experiencing degree’s of punishment).Whenever and wherever children would have continually needed to be faced with possibility of experiencing differing degree of punishment, for not agreeing to do so

Fear of repercussion (through act of religious tyranny) is the evil problem (brainwashing is the symptom of this)

And  brainwashing is merely the lasting  symptom of this most highest evil of all evil acts

Naturally this most horrid thought is highly distasteful unto the (so called) “real Christian” palate  

Christianity (in general) being the cult-like group  like what it is. Will do almost anything possible so as to never ever need to be seen humbly accepting their own part in this most disgusting evil that has been widespread (even if too differing “degrees” of tyranny)

Jesus wanted to help free this world of acts religious tyranny.Free the people from pressure (religious tyranny) the people of those days were under, to need to purchase “offerings to God” (still amounted to pressure to believe in God)

Meanwhile today

Real Christians (so called) choose to turn a blind eye to this immense evil

Shame on those people


You lot ought to all be so bloody ashamed of yourselves.

With your.Busily trying to bully people (Brethren stuck within a cult due to tyranny) by accusing them of daring to show how they “suffer the symptom” of this widespread evil religious tyranny

Grow up. Find enough balls, among yourselves,so as to start doing the right thing so to accept this

Little will ever change,so much, unless you do?

So many other people (beside those trapped within Brethren groups) ,worldwide,are also needing you to grow enough balls, to help save them too from the grip of this evil widespread religious tyranny

Wake up !


Wake up, and admit, its actually not the proper realistic thing to do to leave. Chances are that the cult group might continue on for another generation ,or two, or three or……?

Like these closed groups are now also very well known to more often than not …. do !


Get fucking real among-st your selves

Chances are ex cult members might stand to lose their family, their wives, husband children, grandparents, cousins ,friends and so on


For life !

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Everyone is personally responsible to God

Quote :

Everyone is personally responsible to God as to what they practice and believe.


end quote

And if God doesn’t exist (which according to evidence available,still seems most likely)

The believers will not be held responsible ,to anyone, for the cost of the bullshit they had helped to propagate

So much for accountability then huh ?

Chances are that there is already another world war on the way.And if that wont be enough to help destroy a whole lot of life on earth, then there will still be large problem of global warming to still deal with.Fast gathering momentum of extinction of species that could then help cause a domino affect as well too, with regard to following roll-on extinction of other species that could then also die off through loss of habitat and food resources they need themselves to survive

This wont be the first mass extinction that has occurred here on planet earth .But possibly will be the first one to occur through assistence of widespread  stupidity of man kind

However these scary situations with dire consequence, are also not totally unexpected situation to develop either, when we consider how a vast majority of earths human population have long been continually coerced into believing that some higher being (God) is ultimately still been constantly in control of all things

Faithful believers don’t often tend to bother with losing much sleep over situations that they have been guided to not bother worrying about

Case in hand :  likewise this man has already wagered his bet.Placed his bet on a horse that as yet, even after billions of years have passed by, still remain totally unproven in regard to actual existence

Which would be kind of comparable, in mentality stake, to someone continually intent on wagering a bet on a horse running in the Melbourne cup.For billion of years.Even if the race had never ever as-yet been seen to either start or finish.And even worse, there was nobody who could even be sure if such a thing as a horse had even actually ever existed either

They waffle on about the faithful idea of human being accountable to God

Sounds “assuring” … Sounds comforting (wonderful cuddly rug)

Meanwhile they overlook the glaring problem, that it just might be, that those busily promoting the idea of humans being accountable to God, might in fact be those people actively involved in the most distasteful action .

And even worse, these people may then also actually have very little to lose (themselves,never mind thinking about a whole lot of other people who perhaps do have lots to lose) in their act of taking part in doing so either. Seriously considering that there may indeed very well be no after life and therefore also nobody to ever be able to hold them to account for their own action of involvement in promoting this most distasteful deed

Humans love to believe they are above animals.Better than animals.Like living with the idea that human intelligence is far superior.And yet in the long run, it might pan-out that human intelligence could in fact end up being highly harmful to the future existence of every single living being that has evolved to survive here on planet earth

Through willful promotion of ignorant stupidity

Will most likely continue to occur, because humans happily live like sheep.Sheeple people (5 percent lead, the rest just will follow the lead along behind the leaders, while not even bothering to think much about issues that really do need to matter.Because doing so,living like that, uses far less of their own energy.So therefore they choose to remain lazy,mentally.Faithfully leaving thought-exercise up to other people,continuing the cult- lifestyle of believing their leaders will obviously care enough to  lead them the right direction)

This is “superior human” intelligence?

A prime feeding/breeding ground for widespread cult like lifestyles. Perfect habitat for a brainless breed of being that wager on an idea of eternity, even at the ultimate cost of willingly helping to destroy life as it actually exist in the present moment

Quote :

Everyone is personally responsible to God as to what they practice and believe. It is not for me or anyone else to interfere with a persons belief and practice, unless it is a risk to others, although some here think otherwise.

end quote (my bold)

Well good luck, with proving how there is no risk to others then?

Perhaps you overlooked it ?.Far preferring to do so (overlooking the obvious is generally a very blatant widespread cult like mentality)

Skeptic and groups of humanitarian,worldwide, are now those folk who are in fact actively  stepping up to the mark, now deciding it time there is need for themselves to “actively” interfere

As there now really seems little use, in continually waiting around any longer,banking  on faithful-hope of believers assistance?

Sadly the believer response,we should perhaps pretty much now almost know to always expect, might likely be to the effect


In general we are all wasting our time and energy but for some with no other public discusion venues this serves a purpose.

I am not really interested in them except in a curious way


There is very adequate support through this site and other avenues if any wish to escape.

end quotes


IE: Don’t bother to take interest so as to waste “your own” time.Ability to escape tyranny is already sufficient enough (Cult members fearful of losing family, or Jews held by Hitler, might tend to argue that ability to escape should never be seen as morally sufficient?)

Believers who choose to retain right of involvement in acts of degrees of religious tyranny.Wont be so-likely to ever agree?. Perhaps wont even allow themselves, to ever even see, that there is in fact need for more active interference


Humanitarian groups offer my hope for the plight of other people (few humanitarian will be members of cults “themselves” ,and yet humanitarian still see good reason to care to offer their-own active assistance to help the plight of other people)


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What is wrong with ex-Peebs!

Quote :

I don’t understand why so many ex-Peebs are reticent to get involved in fighting against a foe that has ruined their lives to some extent. Despite the most glaring of events, evidence and facts, they soldier on in silence. (Apart from the usual vocalists – myself included. Who most people are sick of hearing from.)

Somebody somewhere has gone to great expense and time to set this website up.

It is our only conduit of facts as they occur and information on this evil little cult that destroys people’s lives. A cult that has more changes in direction and compromise in its integrity that any other.



end quote

Get this conduit of fact abishag. Cults of differing degree’s that can and do wreck people’s live’s, are still fairly widespread.Are not at all illegal.So much so in fact, that they are still also thought of as being nothing so far out of the ordinary

Not out of the “ordinary” Abishag

You want your family back?. You feel like you didn’t deserve to have your family life ripped off?.Wasted away by the wind of time?

Fair enough too . It’s obviously wrong … And definitely evil 

But consider this.You are most certainly not the only person around who has also been dealt with this same hand of cards in this world

This is what perhaps should by now be most interestingly important to you (IE: the plight of so many other folk)

It goes without saying

There is bound to be a cost to this evil .

This bullshit pretense of religious liberty/freedom of religion (freedom that obviously isn’t freedom)

What makes you feel that you shouldnt be someone paying the price of this bullshit?.

Lets face it Abishag, if you had of not been served with this unfair hand yourself. Then just like billions of other so called Christian around this world, like them folk, you also probably wouldn’t be losing much sleep over this issue either


The only reason you care to get upset.Is due to the fact it happen to harm you personally

This there is the root of this problem Abishag

In the most part, quite obviously, folks have only been caring to feel concerned about things effecting themselves personally

This is the full depth of the lowliness of this evil.Being revealed unto you through experience of your own very personal  pain and suffering

Why shouldn’t you be one of the unlucky few getting dealt this unfair hand?

Via unfair laws built on foundation of lies of so called religious freedom/religious liberty that in actual fact amount to no more than bullshit that serve to help appease so many so called real Christian conscience ,right around the world today ….. Globally

And yet if it didn’t happen  to effect you personally Abishag … So bad like it has

Then you, like so many billion other so called real Christian… Also wouldn’t care less to be giving a damn about who else it does affect …either ?

This is the root of this evil we suffer from Abishag

No good should ever be expected to come from an act of singling out one whack job small wee cult

When the issue runs so far deeper

And specially when you wouldn’t personally care less, about how many other different folks are also dealt the same unfair cards of being forced to need to suffer too, in plenty of other religious groups actively involved in tyranny

This is the real evil root of this problem

Real Christians don’t start to give a damn, themselves, unless they might just happen to also be someone else who’s unlucky enough to be dealt a bad hand in life


Evidently Jesus was most concerned about people other than himself https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleansing_of_the_Temple

Real Christians worldwide are obviously not following in the footsteps of Jesus?

Jesus didn’t worry about how the den of robbers “might affect himself”.

No his concern wasn’t self-centered. He acted to cast out the den of robber due to his concern for how those den of robbers might have a harmful effect on other people

Get this Abishag

Millions Billions of so called “real Christian” worldwide ,

couldn’t fucking care less !!!!!!!!


about how this cult-den of robbers are in fact actively detrimentally effecting your own life Abishag



So.Next time you go to church with the so called “real Christian” Christian congregation people

Perhaps ask them why they don’t follow Jesus?

Jesus didn’t wait around for the den of robbers to finally decide for themselves to stop robbing people

Did he? …. no

This is the root of this issue. Christians worldwide have allowed robbers to have the right to decide to rip people off


What makes you suppose that you shouldn’t happen to be one of the unlucky ones ?

You suffer !

So that you might then also learn to feel active compassionate concern for so many others who likewise (like yourself) are also still forced to need to suffer through the very same evil injustice

Sadly, there’s evidence , that suggest folks would only really see good reason to need to care, so long as it involve their own lives that are being affected personally .

Quote :

So it seems you’re nearly there, in your re-integration with the world. Except one thing. For some reason in and out families are still forbidden to have anything to do with each other. Weird! Of all the worldly people out there, most of whom you will now associate with, surely families are the most precious and should have the highest priority?

So, just one more step Bruce, sever the barrier that was implemented in 1959, and I’m sure you’ll even earn brownie points from within as well as without.

Then there’ll be no need for this website, and no need for you to pay someone to monitor it for you!

Go on, just one more step. You can do it! You know you want to!

Yours in Him,

Mister Balaam


end quote (widespread phenomena.) my bold

Sadly.People who had lived life long before ourselves, would also have seen things much the same way as this phenomena as well too.Therefore few people would have ever even thought to care less, unless perhap something happen to unluckily affect “themselves personally”

This phenomena is bound to become far more prevalent as well too,within a world so widely populated by believers, people who therefore are also more inclined to also see human life on earth, as merely being like the mere beginning of life (thus eternity being seen as the continuation of this life.A idea that still remain unproven to this very day.Our eartly lives have been wagered with on the bet that perhaps an eternity might exist)

And when life on earth has been allowed to be devalued in this reckless un-thoughtful manner.

This then has then been allowed to become the most highest evil, of all evils




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News flash.Wealthy Australian has cloned an obsessively obedient flock of sheep

Quote :

Exclusive Brethren supreme leader in NZ curbing ‘wicked’ behaviour, insiders say
Last updated 05:00, October 8 2017

The supreme leader of the Exclusive Brethren church has flown in to New Zealand on a private jet, sources say.

Bruce Hales, also known as the Elect Vessel and Man of God, has wide-ranging powers over the 40,000 worldwide members of the Exclusive Brethren, 8,000 of whom live in New Zealand.

A current church member said Hales, a reclusive multi-millionaire from Sydney, was visiting because he was unhappy with his New Zealand followers. He had raised concerns about “lawless and wicked” behaviour.

The member asked not to be identified for fear of being labelled a traitor and thrown out of the church for speaking to media.


end quote



Poor sad ass wee things.Ignorant fools or so it seems.Completely lost any human trait of empathy that sheep within their group perhaps a generation or so ago, might have then still had way back then.Like puppets held in the hand of shepherd Bruce, they willingly helped shit on Christianity and in effect also are busily shitting on all of themselves at the same time as well too.They will more than happily even be fully prepared to totally disown members of their own flesh and blood as well and leave them for dead -> you can read more than enough evidence of that yourself, via this link here http://wikipeebia.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=14


Seems that their one main goal in life, now, is to continually contemplate day in day out, about how to go about their life existence of saving their own skin.


Baaaaaaaaaa baaaaaa baaaaa  baaaaaaaaa


Plenty of them have long known more than enough about number of these cases of sex abuse. Abuses that were swept under the carpet and kept quiet within the Exclusive Brethren cult walls

They shunned university.Shunned professionalism of psychologist and psychiatrist too.Shut themselves away within a wall of ignorance for mega amount of years

Due to this willful ignorance .A number of people have continually suffered needlessly ?

They ought to be ashamed of themselves


Thank goodness there are still a few existing within their walls, who still have a heart,and as such, would also actively do their best to help uncover this lifestyle existence

Kudos to them decent folk !

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Exclusive Brethren hush money


Potential witness in Exclusive Brethren sex abuse case paid to remain silent

  • Michael Bachelard


The Exclusive Brethren church has been covering up child sex abuse for decades, and last year I wrote about it. The story told of children who were denied, bullied or bought off by the religious sect to keep their abuse secret.

The main source for the story was the Brethren’s former spokesman, Tony McCorkell.

World leader of the Exclusive Brethren, Bruce Hales.

A towering, flawed mountain of a man, McCorkell went nervously on the record with me, breaking ranks a decade after leaving the church and confessing to the role he had played in the history of cover-ups. It was a role that ate at his conscience.

What was not clear at the time, to either McCorkell or me, was how far the Exclusive Brethren would go to continue resist the truth being told.


end quote (my bold)

Go on and check it all out for yourself. Via the link just above.They even have copies of txt messages discussing hush money payments

Quote :

The offer was made, McCorkell said later, “because Jenny, Bruce Hales’ wife, was feeling the sting of the barrage of stories, and Bruce was trying anything possible to stop the flow of the negative press”.

end quote (my bold)


Do the right thing Jenny

Do justice a favor now…..Tell the truth about whats been going on .. Because it sure seems that  slob husband of yours, wont ever care to bother to do so (and he drags you-down into the low life gutter along with himself)

The slob is most interested in money and himself

He has empathy about equivalent of a green garden pea.The moron couldn’t even possess the brain so as to properly oversea a decent caring exclusive brethren review.Without harming a whole lot of people in the process (the review was a set-up.A total charade)

You need to do the “decent thing” yourself Jenny



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Exclusive Brethren’s evil wicked “hush money” scheme

Quote :

Potential witness in Exclusive Brethren sex abuse case paid to remain silent
Michael Bachelard

The Exclusive Brethren church has been covering up child sex abuse for decades, and last year I wrote about it. The story told of children who were denied, bullied or bought off by the religious sect to keep their abuse secret.

The main source for the story was the Brethren’s former spokesman, Tony McCorkell.

A towering, flawed mountain of a man, McCorkell went nervously on the record with me, breaking ranks a decade after leaving the church and confessing to the role he had played in the history of cover-ups. It was a role that ate at his conscience.

What was not clear at the time, to either McCorkell or me, was how far the Exclusive Brethren would go to continue resist the truth being told.

The Exclusive Brethren is a Christian-based religious sect that former members say is a cult. Led by multi-millionaire Sydney businessman Bruce D. Hales, it hides from public scrutiny. Its members will not eat, form friendships or communicate with outsiders, except to do business with them or to lobby conservative politicians.

It donates freely, but secretly, to the Liberal Party, even though its members do not vote. It splits families, denies children the opportunity to go to university and minimises its tax payments. Hales recently recommended one member take arsenic or rat poison rather than communicate with his own family members.

The church’s response to my sexual abuse story was swift and comprehensive.

Before it was even published last June, they warned me I was in danger of breaching the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act and the defamation law. A Melbourne-based church functionary, Lloyd Grimshaw, wrote to Fairfax Media chairman Nick Falloon seeking “management oversight” of my journalism.

A month after the story was published, a Brethren company registered as a charity, the Plymouth Brethren (Exclusive Brethren) Christian Church Limited, briefed Sydney lawyer Mark O’Brien and sued Fairfax Media and me personally in the Supreme Court for defamation.




end quote


Michael Bachelard appears to have a copy of the actual gagging contract between the Plymouth Brethren (Exclusive Brethren) Christian Church Limited (a registered charity) and Tony McCorkill. See http://www.theage.com.au/interactive/20 … dacted.pdf. Making that contract looks dangerously close to being a criminal offence, and unequivocally a moral offence.

Around 2005 I was startled when a normally gentle, mild, devout, Christian contributor to peebs.net expressed the opinion that Exclusive Brethrenism was an evil, wicked organisation. Events since then suggest that he was just more perceptive than I was.


end quote (my bold)

Exclusive Brethren use confidentiality contracts laced with money, so as to avoid justice through keeping people silent

See evidence of one contract here http://www.theage.com.au/interactive/20 … dacted.pdf.

In my opinion, i feel they are low life scum . Some of the worse in society, because they claim to be Christians 

Crazy that our societies,would allow scum like this to be rewarded with charity status ?

Crazy as right ?

They break up families.Ruin peoples lives. And then large portions of our society,”wallowing in indifference“, helps to reward them, through charity status

Religious liberty/ religious freedom … evidently ?

And yet if this situation ,had have instead had something connected to someone “like Harvey Weinstein” or someone like that . Then there would soon enough be widespread outrage among loads of the human population, that might even spread globally

All hell would break loose

So then how come its always religion that gets mollycoddled? … Little wonder these religious criminals have been able to continue to get away with it for so long

A couple of free sandwiches here and there http://www.plymouthbrethrenchristianchurch.org/media/videos/rrt-videos/

So as to help sweeten the general public opinion

Done deal  ( more or less , as if a confidentiality clause  signed with general public as well too)

Then who really cares right ? … Why give a damn about cases of sex abuse that the Exclusive Brethren rapid relief never had cared to even bother to rapidly help ?

Few people give a damn (they got their free burger/sandwiches)

Even most Christian don’t seem to care less either.Whenever the charity commission considers revoking the exclusive brethren’s right to claim charity status…… There is suddenly an influx of loads of letters , written-in by Christians … Demanding that Exclusive Brethren should also still be able to receive charity status

Well ,why not offer charity status to Harvey Weinstein as well too then ?

Why not ?

Harvey Weinstein and the Exclusive Brethren both have about the same kind of track record, for paying people hush money,so as to help keep them silent


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