COVID-19 Panic Merchants: Lies, Conspiracies, and Statistics (Oh, and Science)



Fauci dismisses ‘conspiracy theory’ of overstated US Covid-19 death toll


Anthony Fauci, the top US infectious diseases expert, has warned that baseless “conspiracy theories” are swirling around the coronavirus crisis following claims that America’s official death toll from Covid-19 has been overstated.

Fauci, who has been director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, said he had seen unfounded conjecture attach itself to previous crises and dismissed the emerging idea, largely promoted by high-profile figures in rightwing media, that the US’s Covid-19 death toll is being inflated by unrelated medical conditions.

“There is absolutely no evidence that that’s the case at all,” Fauci told NBC on Thursday. “I think it falls under the category of something that’s very unfortunate – these conspiracy theories that we hear about. Any time we have a crisis of any sort there is always this popping up of conspiracy theories.”

According to the official Centers for Disease Control (CDC) count, by the end of Wednesday there had been 12,754 deaths in the US due to the Covid-19 virus, from a total of 395,011 people who have been confirmed as infected.



end quote





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Alan Watts ~ Being Honest About Our Feelings


Our Exclusive Brethren family tried “to pretend” to love us ex eb. They’d also tried to pretend to be ready to apologize to us too.

And the Brethren review, of what was led by Bruce Hales, was a prime example of “this pretence”

It was the Brethren pretending to love . Pretending to care. Pretending to be honestly sorry. And so on

Brethren have grown to become so familiar to freely live with all their many white lies and half truths. Its now hard to even discern where about the lies might end, so as to then know where about the truth would even begin

I don’t love my Brethren family. For one thing, i cant even see reason to trust them. But hey, at least i’m able to be honest


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COVID-19: Sheeple, Pandemic, and Medical Coup Power Grabs

The powers that be, would seem to be censoring Sams videos? 

For instance, even though this video might still “show up” as being view-able, right here, on this blog. Like you see it,above

Iv’e found that as soon as i’d go and click on Sams channel

See here

96.4K subscribers


Then it seems as if the video then can’t be seen “to exist” within the line up of videos, over on his channel. So, to me, it seems as if someone must be trying to make the “video hidden” from sight from anyone who’d happen to go take a look at the video line up, without them going so far as to have  totally removed them completely

That way, any reports that the censorship might be occurring , like what ive been reporting, could therefore perhaps retain a way to seem to be baseless (IE:fake news) , on face value, at a quick glance

But anyway

As an ex cult member, i certainly cant feel comfortable, once ive become aware how there is acts of widespread censorship, of info, going on. Makes me feel uneasy. I’f the info is in fact “misinformed” , then i’d feel far more comfortable to be able to see for myself, that there’d be someone else (in the know) would then be involved in “helping to point out exactly how” the info would be misinformed 

Surely that would be a better approach?

Anyway, i know this much, from what ive learn from some of my own experiences. Us human can be led to be naive. We can easily be sheeple. And sometimes the reason for why we will be led to be naive, can also be due to reason of how we would also like to believe that we could surely trust certain types of people. Like, “your family”. Or “the believers”. Or “the police”, and “the authorities” of our society. And so on

Far nicer world when there’d be certain people around who you’d feel safe enough,to trust 

However. A number of life experiences, taught me, that i were naive. Humanity is become so messed up that the people today would be wise to remain wary of who’d they’d dare to trust. Its as if integrity is now being valued today, as something considered as worthless. Coming “out on top” is now mostly what people focus on. And how you get there, doesn’t matter. Coming out on top is now whats deemed to be most valuable (far more valuable than integrity)

Us ex member of cults can be inclined to “feel uncomfortable” to see the way how the cults will been utilizing their charitable trusts, in ways so as to gather more and more public support, for themselves.Its being used as a PR campaign. 

Reality is, that’s its the act of hypocrite. They’ll be reaching out to offer support to public citizen (who will have never been member of their cults), at the very same time that “behind the scene”, they’ll have been shunning and disowning their own family member. Acting about “as uncharitable as can be” towards them

They are hypocrite 

However, there is another deeper reason for why these cults can get away with acting in this way. The reason relate back to the way that public citizen, in general (including the believers, the police, the politician, and everyone else), have all grown to be far less concern about value of integrity 

That’s “where the root of this problem”, actually lays

Money is “become God”

Citizen are only focused today on concentrating on “coming out on top” . How they’ll be able to get to be there, “doesn’t have need to matter” , anymore

They wont bother to think twice about value of integrity. Its a dog eat dog world. The shrewdest dog with the lowest values of integrity will often come out as “the top dog” too

Money is “become God” now these days

Integrity is gone by the wayside.People will do anything they feel like doing, if it can help them come out on top. They’ll even censor info. Even happily delete any past comments on forum that could serve to cause themselves to face embarrassment, too, so long as they’ll figure that they can “come out on top” from doing so

And if anyone should try to remind them about how they did so, then chances are it will be deemed as being “fake news” . Or whatever  

Everyone tries to act as if “a few white lies here and there” wont have need to matter so much. As its about focusing on these matters of “the greater good” of what should matter most of all. 

Meanwhile the humans have overlooked the way that all these things will directly interconnect. Soon enough they’ll have lost sight of reality. Soon enough everyone begin to end up accepting “white lies” for truth. Even at the stage when its the “cults white lies” about their charity work, too

Or white lies told about value of government bonds, or loan bonds, or whatever all of what somewhere down the line connect to economy of house values , and so on

White lies can soon enough “begin to be stretched out” to the max  

Can’t they?

How can anyone then be able to gauge “whats real and whats unreal”

The greater good, becomes “coming out on top” . And how you’ll get there, really ceases to matter that much

Does it?

What starts off as a few wee little white lies soon enough end up being like an entangled deceitful incomprehensible great mess

Once money becomes God







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Don’t Numb Your Feelings



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Church of COVID-19 Censors Free Speech


I’m against censorship . Even if don’t necessarily agree with another person view, i still don’t see why their views should need to be shut down. Even if i feel that another persons view were stupid, or crazy.I still don’t see that as good enough reason to silence them. But not that i’m saying i feel Sams views are like that.  Sam is mighty intelligent for sure. Sometime i’m not sure “quite what to make” of Sams views, but then that’s also reason why i’d at least still like to retain the option to be hearing them.

I like the way that he describes the “censorship” as being something kind of similar to like how a church will be run . Perhaps that also has to do “with reason why” i would have grown to “totally dislike” the presence of censorship. 

It reminds me “of church”

Humans are not supposed to be like sheep. Humans are supposed to be able to be introduced to a number of different views, and yet still be able to use “reason” so as to filter through these views.

And these human, should still be able to feel quite ok with any time that they’d find themselves “disagreeing with each other” as well too. That still shouldn’t need to matter so much. 

Because it wouldnt need to matter so much, then we’d then also have more reason to hope to think, that perhaps it mightn’t need to matter so much either, if our children were able to see a way to live their own lives. Without need of feeling as if “their whole lives” , had become like “a Church” . Like being in church where by you’d therefore need to make sure you’d always agree with everyone else around you. Wear the same clothes. Listen to the same music. Do the same silly things as what you’d see “the others” do. Drink and drive if that would be what you’d see that “the other sheep” are doing). 

Even making some mistakes here and there sometimes along the way, should be able to “be quite alright” too, being that its all still a “part of the whole process” of our ways of learning


Seems to me as if. Our societies have always been constantly geared toward these ways of “creating flocks of sheep”

Views need to be seen as black or white, correct or incorrect. No room for any grey areas. Anyone “associated within grey areas”, is ostracized ,and/or censored 

I really dislike it. I really don’t feel comfortable with this .

Seem as if “the powers that be” would remain intent on maintaining the “flocks of sheep” too. In the cults, they run their “flocks of cult-sheep”. Outside of the cults, they’ll also still do their best to “run a flock of sheep” even then too

Its as if our whole world is “cult-like” 

Sadly, most human are now all “fully fledged followers“. From cradle unto the grave, they’ll be led to be “follower” . Follower of fashion. Follower of what ever music is in fashion. Follower of particularly fashionable sports team . Fashionable movies. Fashionable past time. Fashionable way to dress your children. And so on

Followers of the assorted-Guru’s that they’ll “set up on the pedestal” .

To begin “to worship and fear to ever dare question”

Human don’t get taught to be human. They generally don’t. They’ll get taught how to “become sheep”

No wonder we’d remain unprepared for pandemic. The people are not acting like humans, they’ll be far to busy act like flocks of sheep. Flocks of sheep of what will be busily hoping that the lead-sheep will know exactly where they are going. Meanwhile, the leader of the flocks, will be the Judas goat. Basically be leading “the sheep” toward the slaughter

How does it happen?

They’ll censor the information whats being presented. They’ll breed flocks of sheep of what only be prepared to know how to handle “black and white” ways of thinking. Flocks of sheep of what will feel uneasy should they ever be faced by any grey-areas of information. Sheep what will be unequipped to deal with sifting through multi-colored info . Sheep what require black and white info 

Even when ive been on ex Exclusive Brethren forum. There was still the remnant of  “the church” mentality that remained. Still the tendency to try and find somebody in particular to put up onto a pedestal, to allow that they’d then be the one “to be glorified

So as to still be able to be acting like a flock of sheep. So as to still allow for the same old familiar ways of the “yes sir, no sir, three bags full, sir ” ….. Way of being

Whats wrong with humans?

When will they decide to quit with their ways of being sheeple 

Who care if someone says something with what you might feel as if “you’d disagree” with. Big deal . 

Maybe their thoughts are worthwhile considering ?. Maybe

How would you know. Unless they’d retain the right to at least present their thoughts


Through ESP ?

Consider the Brethren cult. Well, they’d sure as hell require to know how to use ESP. Wouldn’t they?


  1. They don’t retain the right to free speech
  2.  Therefore they’ve also gained no experience in expertise of “sifting through alternative points” of view

They’ve become sheeple.

Therefore why they’ll be forced to require, the services of  their-leaders, the Judas goats

Brethren had become so completely sheeple .

They allowed the Judas goat, Bruce Hales, to mislead the Brethren sheeple flock in ways of what would in affect end up with re-traumatizing their ex Brethren family member.Ex Brethren family of who they’d been hoping to be apologizing to 

How did it be able to happen?

Brethren had relinquished their right to freedom of speech 

That’s hows?

That’s the reason why. Isn’t it

Brethren had long allowed themselves to become-sheeple 


Didn’t they?

Allowed themselves to become so much alike sheep.

That this then meant, they’d no longer “even know how” to “be prepared to question” the presence of evil nastiness, and sexist-abuse, and a blatant state of drunkenness , even when it was occurring right their within their Brethren meeting room

Brethren flock of sheep 

If human would want to know how to act like human. Then they’d also be best be wary of censorship 

To help human be human. To know how to use the “human mind” as a tool in which to filter fact from misinformation

Then the human mind will also “require practice”

To gain practice, the human mind therefore will also require for some-misinformation to be able to be mixed up in among fact

That way “the skill of discerning misinformation from fact“, can therefore be practiced 

Even if there will be “sheeple-people” who’ll be easily misled. That’s not the end of the world. At least they’ll be misled, in public

Things could be way far worse should those sheep be misled in secret  hidden away places  where “the public” would then not know 

How can anyone counteract misinformation of whats been taught in secret ?


Try to use ESP ?

Censorship doesn’t seem to make sense 

Rather than censor the misinformation, human could be better to see it is being a way to show human how to “exercise their skill” at critical thinking

It take practice ?

How will human ever learn how to practice the skill of critical thinking, if the information would also be censored 

How will it happen

By magic ?

Through divine intervention?

Part of the problem is that societypowers that be” have preference for flocks of sheep , rather than to have human 

Even a capitalist system, generally requires there to be plenty of numbers of sheep

Sheep are stupid. They’ll run towards wherever the Judas goats are leading them towards, most often without even giving it a second thought. Sheep don’t learn to think for themselves. Generally they won’t bother to use strategy. Hunting sheep, would be kind of similar to shooting goldfish in a glass bowl. Their minds run as “a flock mind”. They’ll just follow on after the other-sheep running in front of them.They’ll even run straight over a cliff face too. Wont think twice about it, either, until after they’d already begun to fall

Us human are “so sheeple”

Dangerously so

Why weren’t we “better prepared” for these virus type situation?. How come we’d allowed our economy to become almost entirely reliant on the “open border” systems ?

There were “no preparation” for any plan B. Was there

Everyone lives “in hope”

1.The Brethren “live in hope” that perhaps with a bit of good luck “hopefully” the Judas Goat leader ,will have good morals . Good intention. Hopefully be caring of the member family and loved ones, so that family lives wont be harmed and ruined

2 . The citizen of society “live in hope” that perhaps with a bit of good luck hopefully the politician- Judas Goat leaders ,will all have good morals . Good intentions. Hopefully be caring of the family members and loved ones, so that family lives wont be harmed and ruined 

Bunch of sheep living in hope 

They’ll even hope that the seas will remain healthy 

They’ll hope that resources will be used carefully while keeping the future in mind

They’ll hope that nobodies being doing stuff of what may upset other government, so that war can therefore be avoided

They’ll hope that fresh water resources will be cared for and maintained for future purposes 

“about as faithful as sheep”

Live by hope  

They’ll be so completely comfortable to be living by hope. That they’ll even “feel triggered” and could be horridly upset and uncomfortable should there “be any black-sheep around the outskirt of the flock who’d dare to” try to discuss any alternative view of what might venture off into any grey-areas of discussion

As it generally feels to much like entering into unfamiliar territory 

I always question most things of what i see Sam Vaknin say. I don’t necessarily agree. And yet i still always feel better to be presented with views of what cause me to think. What many times cause me to reconsider my own views. Sometimes i change my own views too

But most of all, i am always at least still learning to exercise my own mind. And i still have the option open to myself, to double check any views of what i’m being presented with

This couldn’t occur once views were being censored  







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Kiwis share touching messages to those outside their bubble during Covid-19 lockdown

It been interesting for me to note the way how the citizen will fall apart, and “begin to lose their sanity“, after only about two or three weeks of “forced separation” , from contact with their family member, and their loved ones, due to the  coronavirus lock down

That’s interesting phenomena to note. Isn’t it

See the full news report story here

Interesting to note how their mental health is been quickly “deteriorating” too 

Isn’t it?

The politician, the news reporters, the citizens and the doctors and all and so on and so on

All been busily voicing their concern for “the peoples” quality of health

Haven’t they?

Suddenly been such a “great outpouring of solidarity and shared concern” sprung-up among citizen in general, being how the “forced separation” is now been affecting almost everyone of them

Majority rules

Suddenly empathy now freely flows like a river

Which is wonderful. And i’m glad to see it


Its amazing to see how freely flowing the empathy soon becomes, once the problem is been affecting the majority 

And yet

The Brethren virus and been constantly causing instances of forced separation to happen, between family members and friends for over a whole generation.

The level of harm is been immense 

See some info here

And here


And yet, because of the way how “this-Brethren-virus” is only ever likely to be affecting a “small minority” of the population of citizen

 Then, more often than not, “the problem” wont even get to “be reported” on the news

Will it?

Whats more

There is also very little chance that the-citizens-empathy will ever begin to flow like a river, either

That’s very unlikely to ever happen

Not when there is “only a minority” who’ll be the ones to be directly affected


Most citizen will simply shrug their shoulder , and carry on as usual, with their own lives of what “remain unaffected”, and quickly forget about it, (even if it were to make the news reports)


Well, because of the way how the Brethren-virus, is been accepted as being ok, being that the harm what these religious-viruses are been able to cause, is also been looked upon “as being like its also an acceptable tradition

Been accepted as traditional source of “viral harm”

Viral harm whats contained within cults 

So long as the virus “is orientated to religious-belief”, then very few citizen will bother to feel-empathy, for anyone who’s been sent into lock-down and being separated from their family, due to the enforced separation

“Most citizen couldn’t care less”

Could they?

Some ex Brethren, wont get to see their family and loved ones “ever again“,for the rest of their lives, either, due to “forced separation“whats caused by the-Brethren-virus 


Generally speaking, most citizen wouldn’t even batter an eyelid about-that

Not even the politician will either

You certainly wont see Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern, on TV, getting all soppy with any great outpouring of sympathy or concern, over the ongoing situation of forced separation,caused by viral-infection of these cults

You wont see Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern , acting concerned over the cost of deteriorated metal health, of cult-escapee either, what also includes widespread instances of C-PTSD , among ex cult members who’ve been forced into separation from family, for many years, due to the extreme harm of the highly contagious nature of the Brethren-virus

Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern  certainly wont bother to lose “any of her own sleep” over it

That’s for sure

Will she?

Yeah nah

Wont even bat an eye lid, either


Well because of the way how citizen have learned to accept these religious-virus, as if they’d be quite-acceptable

Mainly because

The way how they’ll only ever “cause extreme harm” to a minority 

And in this instance

Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern , act as a hypocrite and as such will remain far more interested in taking good care of maintaining the money flow being generated among the Brethren 

Deterioration of health among ex cult member, is soon completely forgotten about

When “capitalism rules” first and foremost

Doesn’t it?

When money is been able to become God

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I wonder do cult members ever consider the level of hurt that they’d help to cause?

How can cult members ever allow themselves to become so damn heartless?

That’s a question what i’ll sometimes wonder about

Feels heartbreaking for me to listen to the words relayed within this poem. I sense the depth of hurt, and struggle what this woman faces. Having been there in facing up to similar situation too,sometimes in time past, myself. It seems unbelievable, to me now, to think that human could ever allow themselves to become so cruel. I just hope that this women will find the love and kindness, and support like what she so totally deserves, and now will surely need to be able to find. I hope so

Even so,i feel, that the cult members themselves, are not the ones who’d ever be “totally at fault” here either. Loads of them will have also been “born into” these oppressive religious groups. Wont they. As ex cult member ourselves, we’ve hopefully begun to learn that the idea of “just leaving” , can “sound far easier” to do, than what it actually ends up being-like in reality

And therefore we really need be real about it

Reality matters

Although not totally the same. It can still be rather similar to the struggle of someone who’d been born into a country controlled by a dictatorship. From a outsiders point of view, perhaps it may look as if it could be simply choice to just choose to leave. And yet, unless you can leave and find a way to take all your whole family along with you. Then the reality is, that its not anywhere near “as simple” as it might (at first glance) look to be, from “the outsiders” misinformed viewpoint 

Therefore why

Reality really matters 

Its the rest of the countries citizen who stand by and do nothing to stop it. Those are the ones who’d also be best placed to be able to be of more assistance too, which are also the very same people who’d be “less likely” to bother to assist, sadly so.

And all because, of how, the problem itself, wont necessarily need to concern themselves, directly/personally (men will react the same way too, toward problem that directly concern womenfolk. IE: because of the way how, the women’s-problems, wont ever need to be of any “direct concern” to the menfolk themselves. Its women’s problem,of what therefore will also only be “directly-experienced” by the womenfolk themselves, too. In other-word’s, those particular problem don’t seem to concern the-men “directly”)

Human often still fail to see how their lives would all be-interconnect 

Those are the subtle detail of what are easily overlooked so that we’d fail to understand, unless it might so happen to “concern ourselves” directly 

So People not unlucky enough to be born into cult, then they don’t need to deal with struggles like what this is “directly” ,do they

Whats wrong with the so called “real” Christians. The mainstream believer

Do they also have hearts made of stone too

Do they?

Those people were evidently supposed to act “like a moonbeam” for progression of moral justice 

Were they?

Have they become nearly as heartless as like what the cult members are

How can they stand by in silence. How can they continue to allow these situation to continue to go unnoticed to the extent like the way what they still do . To be “left unattended” 

Is this what they feel that Jesus would allow ?

The believers are the ones who’d be the ones to “hold the key” that could serve to help fast track change. They do. They are the ones , in contact with their organized religious group, who could then therefore also help organize to steer their groups toward government to “help petition” the government to intervene 

To help further the cause of social justice

They could ?

And yet, it pretty much seems as if they’d grown to be nearly as “heartless too“, as like what the cult groups also are like

Meanwhile, secular society has grown used to their way of living as if this kind of problem doesn’t exist. Generally speaking, they do so, because of the way its now also been able to become a “traditional way” for the secular-citizens to react

Secular society has been conditioned to learn to react in this way. Partly due to the way that religion had also always been more organized. Being more organized, they always have the upper hand in what would then be agreed upon , even within secular society, as being agreed-upon as being-traditional

And also the problem, isn’t directly-concerning “anyone much” within secular society


Generally speaking.Very few people are “so-unlucky” as to be born-into a cult


Should the secular citizen gather enough energy, to care to question the rights of these cult

What happens ?

All the so called “real Christian” will suddenly organize themselves, and quickly step-forward an appear out of the wood word

To help produce a highly-organised “counter-measure”, so as to rally to petition against any government plans to create change to the traditional rules 

They hold the-key of retaining the upper-hand

Via they way of being able to be highly organized

Which then means, that the resulting outcome, would still end up like the picture what follows below



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Narcissist: Traumatized Child Invents God, Then Abuses (with Charles Bowes-Taylor)

Today’s world is been “geared to favor” the narcissist

I’d guess, that perhaps partly due to reason how capitalism has also gotten way out of hand as well too

The Brethren cult “is adapt” at using their charity status to their best advantage too, so as to “capitalize”  on abnormal situation so as to help buy themselves more and more friends. Abnormal situation, like what the corona virus outbreak is been, are able to used as a “great source of narcissist supply”, for the cults, of who’ll also be running their charities. The flip side of this, is that there is very few citizen who are complaining about it. And in fact, there are even very very few Christian who’d ever be bothered to complain about it either

The system is geared toward narcissism

Our society are not been geared up to “cope well” with any abnormal situation what arise, such as the corona virus outbreak and so on. Partly because, “the citizen” are been mainly focused on ways what would allow themselves to maintain their own wealth . The citizen isn’t interested to show any concern with planning ahead of time, for way to “cope well” in any abnormal situations of what may arise. Because, they’d fear that these type of concern might also need to lower their own ability, to gain wealth. 

Therefore, the citizen choice “turn out to become like a God-send” to cults  in times when the abnormal situation arise. Because, it is in abnormal times like this, that the cults are also then able to make themselves seem to “be indispensable”

Isn’t it

The problems still originate with the citizen in general. They’d be the one who’d often allowed themselves to be totally focused on their own wealth. While at the same time they’d be willingly overlooking preparation for abnormal situation of what arise from time to time

Even the bible states, that greed is the root of evil.

Any time that certain people would dare to discuss the idea for societies to become more “prepared” for abnormal situations of what arise. They’ll very likely be classed demonized as “being socialist”. Folks knee jerk reaction is likely to be to promptly compare them to Communist Russia 

Which, meanwhile in the long run, is also been acting “like a real god send” to all the cults . Win win situation for them. When society isn’t been “bothered to prepare themselves” for abnormal situation what arise, then the abnormal situation of what will arrive and do arrive, from time to time, can then become a “God send” for the Cults to clean-up-on and make themselves look like “they might be saints”

People are sheeple?

They act as if “being unprepared” would be a “wise way” to be

A mindset of which then act as “a God send” to the cults

They’ll set these situation up to occur . Allowing the cults to be the only groups who’d be prepared. Then proceed to only moan about situations where by their own families have been separated through cult abuse

And the whole problem generally still stems back to their own greed. The way that they’d have stubbornly refused to help provide for healthy social system

When times get rough, for themselves, and they’ve found their own families to be separated by cult abuse. They’ll then (and only then) finally be seen to remark on the cult members “lack of guilt”

Without acknowledging that the “lack of guilt” is in fact generally way far more widespread

The Brethren’s way of being (IE:hypocrites of the kind who really don’t bother to care about their own ex eb family, yet who also run a charity of whats being used so as to help care for other non brethren), is been acting as a positive adaptation for the Brethren

Hasn’t it

As its been helping the Brethren-collective-narcissist to be able to obtain favorable outcomes 

The favorable outcome is that it then allows the Brethren-hypocrite , a way in which to still look good, within the eyes of all the rest of the citizen “who’ll have remained relatively unaffected” by the Brethren’s acts of “family-division”   

Therefore how the Brethren’s “state of collective narcissism” is favorably acting as a “positive adaptation

Therefore how , the Brethren charities have been turned into a “great source“of “collective-narcissistic supply“,for the collective narcissist Brethren as well too


Our governments are been overlooking this 

Government are supposed to remain responsible for the job of being sure to look after all the citizen health and safety 


“when money becomes like-God

Then who’s going to be “that-bothered” to care about citizens health and safety?

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Roger Penrose: Infinite Cycles of the Universe Punctuated by Big Bang Singularities

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Inter-generational trauma , is a problem for some ex brethren . Quite possibly a problem even among the brethren members today as well too?. It has a way to affect some people more than it will affect others, as well.

People are impacted differently (by trauma)

Its not like its a “one size fits all” type situation

In my view, i feel like as if there are some ex brethren, who fail to understand that part of the equation. They’ll be inclined to try to judge the way what they’ll see some other ex members are reacting, by comparing “these peoples ways of being” back to themselves and their own-ways of being. As if that would ever work

This come down to narrow mindedness. They’d lack insight. And seriously lack intuition too . Because, human lives are not clone-like. Even within the Brethren group, their “ways of being” are still varied. There is still “the class of Brethren” of who’s lives are more stable, than what the lives of some other Brethren families are like

People will be triggered. But they’ll still need to try and allow room for everyone

Inter-generational trauma , affect ex cult members lives, as it does also with the lives of so many first nation peoples too, all around the world. And likewise with the lives of the African people who’s ancestors were used as slaves, and had suffered from terrible abuses. And likewise even the lives of the Jews as well too

Inter generational trauma’s remains as a “common thread” existing among all these peoples lives

Now, there are some ex eb who’ll be against the ways of anyone of us who’d “dare to compare” the lives of the ex cult member, with the lives of the Jews (for instance). They might say, well the ex cult members were “never ever murdered” were they, or had never ever been forced to face extreme violence to level of like what the Jews were forced to face . And yes, this is very true. We wouldn’t want to pretend as if the ex cult members struggle had gone to anywhere near the same level.Thankfully it hasn’t

But this misses the point

This still doesn’t take away from the fact that “the whole lot of us” are still all in the same boat, within the sense that many of our families would now all be struggling against the affect of this problem with inter-generational trauma 

We all relate to that ( inter-generational trauma ) part of the equation

By us saying this, this doesn’t mean that we necessarily see ourselves and our own lives (as ex cult member) as being anywhere near as worse off , as like what some other groups of peoples lives, have been 

We don’t need to

Even so, we are still able to relate to their struggle, far better ourselves now. Because of the way how we have now been able to experience the same affect, to some level . In a way, perhaps this could be described as being “a form of enlightenment”

Through our groups, own struggle, we can now find a way to better relate to the struggles of other peoples groups of people too. We gained a sense of solidarity with them. By relating to “how they’d be feeling”. We’d have been able to have gained “some first-hand” experience, for ourselves, now too.

It is all a part of learning about “the human interconnection”. 

Isn’t it?

Many of us ex cult member have come away, from the cult, while still clinging on to the “black and white” ways of thinking, and of seeing things . I feel, that perhaps this makes it harder for ex member to see the subtle interconnection.

That’s reason why they’ll deny that there be any link “whatsoever at all” between the lives of the-Jew,or the ex Brethren

They’d fail to see the “subtle links” that interconnect

Because of the black and white way of thinking, they’d say that unless a cult member had been able to say that they’d experienced what its like to be starved to death, and/or what it was like to face the gas chamber and so on. Then there’d  also be absolutely no way that they should compare anything about their own lives, with lives of the Jews, to any degree at all 

This is the “black and white way of thinking”. IE: either /or. This is the narrow minded way, of what fails to see subtle gray and interconnected colors in between 

1 The Jews

2 The African slave

3. The Cherokee

4. Us Brethren and ex Brethren

Even although the-struggles of the groups of people above would be varied and some would be way far worse than what any of our own experience has ever been like. And yet, we’d still be able to relate totheir feeling of helplessness“. Still relate to their feeling of the loss of hope too. Relate to the way they’d sometimes possibly have struggles against alcoholism, and/or drugs, and anger.Relate to the divorce and extent of broken marriages/relationships as well . We’d relate to the ongoing damage done through inter generational trauma   

We can still “directly relate to” all that

Cant we?

Its about opening ourselves up to see how interconnected we all actually are, in one way or another (us humans).Sometimes in “subtle way” of what can very easily be overlooked too. That way, we also could begin to build bridges?. Begin to learn how another persons suffering, is in a strange way really still “just another part of”our own suffering” as well too

We are allhumans (one people) . Belong to same the same tribe (once we put aside the bullshit)

Because of the way what our lives all interconnect (1. IE: we share suffering). None of us can find a way in which to make ourselves become totally immune to it

Because of the way how our sufferings are related (even although they’d not always be “completely the-same” in all regard)

The funny thing is, that had we not ever been born into a cult, and been able to suffer the consequence, inter generational trauma personally for ourselves . Then there’s also a higher chance that we’d have then also remained totally ignorant, to knowing about “what the affects” may feel like , too

Wouldn’t we? 

Because, to understand, properly, then it really first require each one of us human, to need to “experience it”, personally, ourselves as well too

Doesn’t it?

We might have been more inclined to always remain the narrow minded type of red-neck human being, who’d be heard to say, “why won’t those first nation people just buck their ideas up then, shame on them” . Or just “look at all those large numbers of them American African folks in Jail, they’d all just need to buck their ideas up too, and learn to do better”

Because of how, we’d fail to see and understand the subtle grey areas of life .


In some ways, our own experiences, as ex cult member has panned out to be like  “a gain” for us.

We all been able to have gained something 

Through the struggles involved in our own experiences, hopefully we have then now learned how to relate a little better, to the struggles of what “the others” are also tasked with struggling to overcome , as well

That’s “a quality that our world , right now, is in even more great need of . Going forward, the human might very well soon need to try better to find ways in which “to relate” to the ways of other people too

Life going forward might require human to learn to relate to one and other better. And being how the “playing field” has just been re-leveled that little bit more. And now nearly everyone is sitting the same boat together. Perhaps it could turn out to be like “a silver lining” 

Everyone’s been presented with a situation to learn to relate to other

Right now, there are folks who are now also faced with living within similar situation what can kind of feel “oppressed” . There will be cases of families who’ll now be more inclined to be fighting and falling apart with each other, far easier. They be struggling with similar type money woes of like what had previously only been experienced by the families with poorer and more dysfunctional background . Far more people will suddenly be finding themselves “to be homeless” and so on. They’ll be more likely to feel “loss of hope” and also the sense of helplessness that goes along with it

The playing field have been leveled 




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