Justice served on Exclusive Brethren Cult

Brethren finally been found out to be too cunning for their own good?


Read all about it here on Laurie’s blog http://laurencemoffitt.blogspot.co.nz/2017/10/victory.html#comment-form

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Business of the Catholic Church (5 facts)

Quote :

1.The Vatican Bank has $8 billion in assets

The Vatican Bank, which has about $8 billion in assets, has often been at the center of scandal and corruption since it was founded in 1942. Pope Benedict began the process of cleaning the bank up, and Francis has continued that work.


end quote

Religion in general has pretty much always been like a hot bed of corruption.To be fair,(in my opinion) Pope Francis seem to be someone,at least interested, in trying to help people begin to face up to it.I feel like he should get credit for that

It was bound to happen?. When they allow any/all religious groups to be issued with charity status and/or tax exemptions ,and suchlike,pretty much “automatically” as of right

That’s a situation system ripe for this kind of abuse ?

To make the situation worse.They also didn’t allow it, that atheist groups would be able to claim the same (charity status .Tax exemption,as of right) . So this also automatically put non believers on an un-level playing field

Naturally it was geared, so that it was pretty much always going to be groups of religious folk, who would end up having far more money to use to be able to build societies schools,hospital and things like that too

Believers then used this system to also help make the non believer then look bad.By pointing out, how it was groups of believers who help to “build more”

As if this should be some great surprise?

Naturally the average church goer, also didn’t even stop to think about the lopsided un-level playing field,either. As mostly their minds were already far more pre occupied with thinking about how to go about saving their own soul (geared toward thinking about how to “save themselves”.Even under Hitler regime,some folks had also allowed themselves to fall under the same type of spell too)

Non believers, also, didn’t really have a shit show in hell, of even trying to help believers to see through this folly  (no more so, than what us ex eb will also really have a shit show in hell,even today, of trying to help the eb see through their own folly either).As all these folks minds, have been pre-trained since birth, to not bother to think about certain matters, they have been told shouldn’t need to be of their own-concern.

I feel pretty sure, i can say that Pope Francis is someone who’s already well aware of this himself. But what can he do? .

Lets face it. It would be mighty hard, for the Pope, to need to come straight out suddenly and tell all the Catholic folk, that they had been wrongfully led to believe that atheist folk were just uncharitable folk


Because specially in countries like America. They have most surely been led to believe it. They have been led to distrust atheist so much,for so long, that they still wont even vote atheists into government even now that it’s year 2017. This is how deeply ingrained this situation is

The whole system is a shambles.The deceit and corruption have run so deep (Sorry to say.But sometime things we really don’t enjoy to say,perhaps, may still need to be said.Perhaps some things wont begin to change, unless we do)

Meanwhile any folks lives that happen to be mixed up in cults (often due to birthright) are the ones who also lose out the most.Because religion has also helped to shape societies mindfulness to be geared to consider situation from a timeline of eternity. So therefore we are forced to live as if there is less hurry to need to attend to these problem right now ,as the general feeling they (the church) helped to introduce into populations minds is that it can always still be dealt with at a far later date (IE: afterlife . Of which we don’t even know exist)

This is the immoral shambles that religion has helped to spawn  (i feel)

The very worst part is, that the church is also now unable to own up to it. I mean, can you just imagine how the old folk would begin to feel ?.Even imagine how believers might begin to feel to need to know that perhaps most likely they had been led to demonize certain groups of people wrongfully

Imagine living with that knowledge

When at present, so many (millions,billions?) of these folk, are all able to get their kicks each week,while sitting in church smugly feeling so wonderfully good about their religious group connection

No way can they ever dare admit it. Too quick?

Church membership is “already” declining too fast.How will they even pay for the up keep of church buildings, if membership were to more suddenly stop?.

That wont work.Beside some folk would be left to feel too bad(the shame of the immorality might be too much for some to be left to deal with.Likewise among the exclusive brethren cult too.Perhaps even so too among ex eb as well.Who knows?)

But perhaps the Catholic church is already smart enough to read the writing on the wall?. If you do have read through this article above, you can then see for yourself how they also report “tourism has tripled in Vatican city under Pope Francis”

In future, perhaps tourism may become the main stay for the ongoing maintenance of many religious buildings

Youth are the people,these days,who are now way less easy (for adults) to lead .Today children are being taught to try to think for themselves, so as to then be able to become our-leaders

But is that such a bad thing ? . If we stop and consider, the state of affairs of the world, as it now is today (like:global warming,famine,diminishing resources, extinction of species,ongoing wars and so on)

Lets hope the children wont continue to follow our example

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Religion the most popular business in Africa

Quote :

many ex EB have found their calling serving the Lord like this….no red shirts though…

You’d think the PBCC would be eager to put their multi millions to work actually DOING mission work



end quote

Unbelievable, how little some people may know, about the end result of their acts of “mission work”?. Sure thing that the exclusive brethren are indeed perhaps the worst of the worst.And yet to be fair, it’s still likely not entirely all their own fault either. Thing is this situation is in fact a pretty common situation to occur within the realm of religion.Seems that wherever religion goes,then there’s also loads of misery and family separation and all manner of other family dysfunction issues that will run parallel

Why don’t the mission folk catch on to this?.

Well who knows for sure.Perhaps its because they are getting so-high on the church group buzz they get from their high and almighty feeling of being “Godly folk” ,that they then just completely forget to even think to bother to double-check any issues about the end results

Fisherman obviously sees it as being such a wonderful thing that the Christian faith is now also being spread further afield.One wonders.Is it not enough that our own lives have already been ruined by religion?

The silly thing is. If God is just about love.Then why the hell do religious folk constantly still feel they have need to turn God into a house club of butt lickers (if God is love, then there should also be no need to coerce people to need to follow some particular faith group club)

Surely they might figure it out for themselves, that if it hadn’t help to create happiness before.And if history of religion also records how it never really has.So then why expect something different might change?.Do they perhaps think of consider themselves as being like some sort of “high messengers” of God. The “true Godly folk” who really know how to go about doing things properly so as to therefore be the group who’s not about to help to perpetuate harm again

How unlikely is that ?

The same sort of shit is also starting to go down in China now too.All these places will soon enough also be faced with a clean up job.Like a circle. Likewise in these other places (Africa,China and so on) soon enough people will get sick of the troubles of religion.Sick of the ways their own family lives will have also be ruined and ripped apart

They’ll then be faced with the same problems, like what we already are

Where will the missionary’s be then?.Will they still be sticking around and actively willing to step in to help fix the problem they had actively helped to cause?

Hell no.

Crikey they are not even willing to help fix the problem in our own lands (back yard).Not willing to step up to demand change.Not willing to actively support government’s and charity commissioner’s ideas to “start” change (instead they write in to oppose it)

They already don’t bother to actively care about fixing our own situation

Instead (irresponsibility)

Lets leave it up to the media to highlight it”they say” (IE: us church folk might have helped cause the shit, but why should we then be responsible to help put it right ? )

Let the media sort it out !

Do these folk even stop to realize the full scope of this disaster that they are saying they now want to leave up to the media to try to fix up?


Take a look at how many numbers of cult groups and troublesome religious groups there now actually are http://www.cults.co.nz/

Then figure in to the equation the length of time involved in how long it needed to take the media to just bring the Exclusive Brethren group to attention of society.To finally start process of curing them of the harm they cause (so far a generation)

Then ask yourself. How long is it then going to take,for the media to be able to attend to all the other problematic religious groups around as well too ? (So = generations times how many ?)

So. A number of folk are very likely going to be long-dead way before their own group may finally ever even happen to see their own real-freedom

That’s not morally good enough right? (specially when we don’t know if eternity exist)

Not morally good enough

And all this because some pious “higher than thou” bunch of Christian folk, still remain unwilling to just admit that religious liberty is in fact little more than buzz word’s

Buzz words used to appease the believers conscience

And yet.Saddest thing of all.This problem could easily be quickly fixed “for all people”. If only more religious folk would willingly care to stop “beating about the bush” (simply admit religious liberty isn’t being upheld)

Evidently, Jesus didn’t bother to be someone beating around the bush himself right ? (even if he got crucified)


Religion is the most popular business in Africa today.Because it is “written” the devil or Lucifer is the root of all evil,we blame the devil for almost all of our problems



end quote (my bold)





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John Howard: Safeguards needed now

Quote :

Mr Howard said it was incumbent on the Coalition government to spell out, before completion of the postal survey, the steps it will take to guarantee “parental rights, freedom of speech and religious freedom in the event of same sex marriage becoming law”.


end quote (my bold)

Interesting to see how rights of children don’t even get mentioned.They seem to show absolutely no concern in regard of safeguarding rights of children.

It’s traditionally been the parents cultural right, to be able to also impose “their own” religious cultural beliefs, onto their children’s lives as well too.

Society happily turns a blind eye to this.Children are constantly indoctrinated and often even bullied into adopting the cultural religious beliefs of their own parents (this explain phenomena in regard of why children can be seen to mostly adopt cultural faith belief of their parents, and therefore also often grandparents as well)

Meanwhile religious adults are able to convince themselves that human right of freedom of speech and religious liberty has been upheld ?

While children still remain of the age of a child.Obviously children are then not even yet counted as if they are in fact human beings as well too.Too often they’ll be treated more like they are family pets,perhaps a little more like they are the pet family dog that’s constantly being controlled and dominated so as to then be trained-up exactly under their “owners” religious expectation

Churches have this way been stocked with church-membership of people willing to be dishonest and lie (mainly because you’ll be rewarded for doing so?)

This inhuman practice then also gets passed on to following generations,next, when these children will finally become of age to be considered adults themselves .

Adult= human

Adult human only then = rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion

For generations past. Church population numbers have been  constantly bolstered by this form of religious tyranny.Like, children who would bow down and agree to declare themselves as Christian,vow to follow Jesus, are those who will then also be more likely to be accepted as acceptable-children, and so therefore will also be more likely to receive better treatment as well too

Its kind of like, the same way followers of Hitler, were then the people who’d become more likely to also receive better treatment

Meanwhile all us adults have been led to believe that true freedom and religious liberty is a healthy truth that is in fact being honestly upheld ?

Unbelievable (to me) that us adults would be stupid enough to believe it

And in the main, we will only be forced to care think otherwise , should we happen to be humans who have been extra unlucky enough to have been born into some extremist cult

This is how irresponsibly thoughtless we have been led to allow ourselves to become (much the same way it happen under Hitler.Forget about others,while we focus on ways of going about saving our own skin)

Had we not experienced the religious tyranny . In extreme measure. Then it follow that most likely we wouldn’t even care to bother to give a damn 

Many of us wouldnt even stop to think about it

Many of us,perhaps even most of us would be joined  among other smug mainstream Christian folk ,who sit in mainstream christian churches . Feeling smugly indifferent as the the extreme suffering of some-other people in society, who’s main crime might have only been that they just happen to be extremely unlucky enough, due to birthright

Deal with religious tyranny due to birth-parents culture

These smug mainstream folk, in the main, are also the base members of our society who irresponsibly help to uphold this ongoing evil (You feel you disagree? Well then,how many do we ever see prepared to be actively speaking out against this situation?.Very few)

And so, to make this problem worse, because cult members remain powerless to ever be able to bring this tyranny to and end, on their own

Therefore this is how this religious tyranny-trap is set so as to also have need to continue perpetually 

Mainstream Christian folk (who more often make up the human majority) are those folk in social society who remain willing to enable this evil 


Perhaps best we can hope for. Is that humanism will continue to rise (as belief in God and church memberships fall) so these people can then help to swell the numbers of decent people who might then also bothered to honestly care

Jesus (if able to be aware) would surely be utterly ashamed (i feel)to know how these irresponsible mainstream smug Christians,worldwide, would publicly profess to be following in footsteps of Jesus

They easily talk the talk (in regard to loving others around them)

Yet they still irresponsibly don’t bother to also walk the walk (honestly care to love and care about others around them caught up in tyranny of cults)

I feel like i couldn’t stand to ever need to sit in some church among groups of these irresponsible folk (I’d feel sick with myself.Feel forced to feel like i was happily sitting counted among a large bunch of smug faced frauds)


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The unique problem with religion


The unique problem with religion going bad, as opposed even to bad politics, is the idea that God has directed whatever is done or said. This makes it difficult for people to challenge.


end quote


And then another unique problem about aspects of religion, is that religion shouldn’t need to be seen as something so unique, that religion would then be sheltered and therefore allowed to escape criticism .

In the past, this has been allowed to become a widespread problem

Not anymore.Times have changed.Religion is now just as much fair game for criticism, as what any other subject of discussion also is ?

Why shouldn’t it be ?

But some theist don’t seem to like to need to be dealing with this.Perhaps because they feel offended by it ?. Well lots of people may feel offended, when faced with criticism.Brethren groups react negatively this way.And likewise many Catholic folk have also reacted negatively toward criticism as well too, like when they were being faced with widespread criticism in regard to child abuses that their church leaders had refused to address.

Aspects of religion are not something so unique that they should be allowed to escape criticism

This is what believers need to deal with (themselves). Get over it !

Its year 2017

To counter attack this situation. Educated theists well versed in use of sophistry.Chose to rather try and turn criticism around, so as to be able to make atheist (involved in criticism of religion) look bad for even daring to criticize theist sacred cows

So cunning educated theist well versed in use of the fine art of sophistry, promptly invented the idea of militant atheist (an attempt to throw atheist into the ring of people of unsavory character)

Seems that this is how far, some sly cunning theist are willing to lower themselves to, so as to continue to still shelter their sacred cows from criticism ? (they don’t seem to care about any amount of harm doing-this might then help to cause.)

The sacred cow matters most above all

So why would we even bother to wonder why so many faith abuses are still able to remain widespread in year 2017 ?

If interested people take interest to study comments of some forum member on wikipeebia carefully.I suggest you’ll soon be able to pick-out certain members who might seem angry about criticism, they feel, is being aimed entirely at themselves.They most specially hate to need to deal with criticism that is laced with a sense of comedy

And yet if a atheist were to only allow themselves to revert to use anger.These theist would then feel able to feel smugly happy about that situation themselves then too. Because in their mind, this is then helping to prove their faith-belief (IE: atheists are bad people.Not just normal human’s reacting in ways how normal humans might usually be expected to do,when feeling anger that faith abuses are not being addressed)

This is another angle when theist sophistry is in-play

Rather than sitting down and taking a few deep breaths of air (like women giving birth), and getting into some serious self-reflection. Caring to address the situation by asking themselves, in more real honest depth, questions ,in regard to why it might be, that they might even have any need to need to be feeling stupid ?

Instead their only reaction is to still continue to try their very hardest, to still continue to find some way, any way possible, to re-confirm (unto themselves) and see the atheist as only being those wicked people who’s intent on continually acting badly

Seems so little wonder widespread faith abuses would continue, even still in this year 2017


I even now have somebody, who even rings my cell phone, regularly.One time this person even went as far enough as to actually speak a few words (in a wee squeaky church-mouse voice) to me,just to be sure to let me know, how he knew the connection between myself in this blog.

Shame on this person

I wont ever bow down to any kind of religious tyranny

I don’t even mind if i’d need to die in refusing to do so. (Im wondering and often im having a good chuckle.What kind of nutter would be stupid enough to want to waste their own money on pointless phone calls?)

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No one will ascend to God or inherit eternal life by

Quote : 

No one will ascend to God or inherit eternal life by means of hard nosed logic, of that I am certain. Such a thing would be illogical. Getting things when we are ready for them sounds nice, and there is probably some truth in the statement. A comfortably familiar pbism.  It might engender laziness and carelessness though, and I don’t need any assistance with that. I still don’t have any thoughts on new covenant ministry, but I am concluding your tint of glasses is probably not of the “covenant theology” variety. Anyway, whatever your variety is, if dispensationalism in conjunction with prophesy is divisive, does that mean that questions regarding Jesus second coming are also off the table as subjects of conversation?



end quote


Well holy mackerel Captain Haddock

Guess that counts Jesus out of “heaven” then?.

No sense in using logic to help oneself feel-like ,perhaps it seem a little silly,for anyone to feel-like they might need to, stone their own children to death, for merely speaking-back at you (Deuteronomy 18:18-21)

Makes far better theology, to continue to stone them to death?.

And then see if they may then be able to decide for themselves ,to perhaps learn to stop speaking back at you then

Wait on !!!

But perhaps they had nailed Jesus to the cross.Because he was busy using logic?


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Dont accept that the bible is inerrant


As I understand it you are arguing that people who believe that the bible is the inerrant word of God have a closed mind
Maybe I am missing something but it seems to me that if I press the belief that I dont accept that the bible is inerrant then I would also be guilty of having a closed mind. A bit like the kettle calling the pot black?



end quote

Humbled is missing something.In fact Humbled is missing a whole lot of things . Kind of like someone standing in front of a whole herd of elephant,while then still saying that he still hadn’t even notice a thing?

Look at this list here

Bible Inconsistencies – Bible Contradictions? https://infidels.org/library/modern/donald_morgan/contradictions.html

If you look further at this site, you’ll see how they have also listed

Bible Atrocities

Bible Precepts: Questionable Guidelines?

Bible Vulgarities

as well

Now theists can perhaps rightfully argue “the details” in regards to certain issues.Argue (split hairs) about what is in fact wrong and what’s still right.And yet theist would still be pretty had pressed to argue that the whole bible is inerrant 

Add to that the fact that believers are still being forced to need to “cherry pick” in reagrds to their decision about what they may feel they may believe is right, or wrong

This is the large elephant what Humbled is missing

Then to top this off. Even Jesus must have also felt that a number of things recorded within the old holy book (old testament. IE which was also supposedly inspired from God as well too) was errant

Like for instance “eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, Exodus 21:24

So the idea of inerrancy does not stack-up, it seem like it’s an idea that’s not able to be defended


So no. There’s no ground here, for Humbled to declare “kettle calling pot black”

This is a miscalculation. A gross miscalculation that Jesus wouldn’t be likely to even agree with

Is Humbled (by forum nameactually humbled enough (by nature) to see-it ?

Meanwhile, earlier other folks on wikepeebia said

Quote :

fisherman    Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:25 pm

Like many ‘issues’ I fail to understand why anybody fights over it,much less breaks a church up over it…fact is,like many things,we just don’t know.In my opinion,time would be better spent taking a pot of soup to a shut in than ‘armchair theology’

end quote

In other word.Fisherman seem to be promoting this idea ?

Who cares if its wrong. Why should we care if these scripture are not quite actually inspired word of God after all ?. Who need to care, that so many people might have been burned at the stake in times past because of it ?. Why should we need to really care now about it either(so long as we don’t hurt anyone ourselves-directly) even if perhaps there is still “some other” groups of theist who still are hurting some “other peoples” lives badly

It matters because there is still so many “other” lives “still” being ruined

The last lost sheep really does matter remember (Matthew 18:12–14) (Luke 15:3–7)

Because its still up in the air as to what this book actually is.Some folks are still forced to live a life that can feel like hell on earth

We (human) will care to remember Azac (New Zealand Army Corps) every year without fail. Religiously

And yet so few care to ever remember all those folk who were burned at the stake (because un-thoughtful people had-chosen to promote a holy book as inspired by God.When it wasn’t)

Now so few also care about the amount of folks still continuing to suffer today (and main reason it only continue to happen is because this situation has not yet been dealt with properly) because of this un-thoughtfulness

People like Fisherman, are some of the first people to step up to say … Hey … lets not bother to worry ourselves too much over it… Why does it need to matter ?

It matters .It really needs to

Just as this book was first pushed to be widely promoted as being inspired word of God (by un-thoughtful Christians)

Likewise , now there also need to be another push ,now too (but by thoughtful kind Jesus followers), so as to make bloody sure,that more folk will begin to realize, it very likely isn’t inspired word of God after all

Or otherwise blood is also on the hands of all those who wont care enough to help do so

You don’t get to absolve yourselves of any blame. By simply saying, well see how “me and my own church friends” don’t happen to hurt anyone personally themselves

While children are still  being born into this religious tyranny

If you feel you don’t agree (with me). First consider what i say directly below

If the man next door were raping his wife. Does this then allow you to turn a blind eye, and declare well i’m not personally to blame at all , i say this because you-see how its not me who’s personally involved in doing the rapists-act ?


You are still partly to blame (yourself) if you wont care to take your own action to act against the ability of this rapists action

If hell exist.You bet it’s also going to have plenty of complacent mainstream christian folk roasting within

As these folk are the smug faced fools who have all stood by while other children were being born into religious tyranny

Born into a hell on earth

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Fundamentalist indoctrinatees miss out

Quote :

Many fundamentalist indoctrinatees will reject written prayers which means they miss out on what could help them address the PTSD++ effects of early indoctrination. Many of us are really quite unaware of what we really do not know and the self assurance of our own knowledge as peebs is a very big stumbling block. An open mind is something some of us will never achieve.


end quote

With all due respect.To be fair. Maybe its not necessarily totally wise of us, to agree to allow hope , in aspects of faith, to dull these-type of feeling in respect of this kind of anguish?

Don’t forget, that there are in fact also religiously-minded bombers as well, who have  exactly same ability of also being able of adopting this very same practice also as well too (praying and using religion to feel-peaceful in their life and in even in regards with what they are about to take part in acts of killing loads of other people)

There is now little doubt or disagreement (even scientifically) these days, that religion can indeed help to make all kinds of people feel more peaceful and much less concerned about many problems. Problems that perhaps they should really need to remain more-mindfully aware of. And should have need to remain more worried and concerned

How can there still be so many mainstream Christian?.Who would seem to still be able to remain, almost totally at peace , within themselves, while all around about them,there is indeed so many other people who are being constantly forced to need to still suffer, due to nasty aspect of religion and cult’s

If not for the power of prayer and contemplation on religion?

I feel, that perhaps, now is not the time, that we should be continually seeking to find some way to be able to rid ourselves of feelings of anguish?

After all. Isn’t this practice,perhaps, what has helped to uphold the religious stronghold of ongoing abuses and harm ,for so very many thousands of years, now,already?

I will not allow myself to focus on seeking peace (for myself) .Until such time, as i feel i can also say, that i feel iv’e done my bit, to first try to seek peace for all others who also do suffer due to ongoing religious abuses as well

This include anyone (All good folks from all kind of backgrounds including Christian, Islamist,Hindu,Buddhist and yes even us Atheists, and all others as well too)

Freedom is not freedom while its amounting to honestly being based on little more than some bullshit negative-form of freedom. The kind of freedom that, more often than not, will depend on birthright

Which is more or less luck of the draw

Our lives, on earth, should not ever be used abused as some kind of wager on hopes of gaining entry, into an eternity, an eternity that cannot even be proven to actually even exist

I have some doubt, that Jesus would even be someone who’d ever be likely to care to do so, himself either ?


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Class-action lawsuit against Jehovah’s Witnesses

Quote :

Quebec court asked to approve sexual abuse class-action lawsuit against Jehovah’s Witnesses

Proposed lawsuit accuses religious organization’s leadership in Canada and U.S. of protecting alleged abusers

A request to proceed with a class-action lawsuit that accuses the Jehovah’s Witnesses of failing to protect victims of sexual abuse has been filed with Superior Court of Quebec, the law firm representing the complainants says.

The request was filed Friday by lawyer Sarah Woods on behalf of congregation members who allege they were sexually abused and feel they were poorly protected by church’s leadership in Canada and its parent organization in the United States.

The request was filed in the name of Lisa Blais, a Quebec Jehovah’s Witness who alleges she was abused for years by her older brother, also a Jehovah’s Witness.


end quote

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Coalition for Marriage

Quote :

Humbled Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:34 pm

“Coalition for Marriage.

See c4m.org.uk “


end quote

We look at the site Humbled has posted . And this is what we then read on a page “about” their mission

Quote :

The Coalition for Marriage is an umbrella group of individuals and organisations in the UK that support traditional marriage and opposed its redefinition.

Our supporters believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others and for life.

Since the redefinition of marriage in 2013, the Coalition has worked to protect freedom of conscience on marriage for our supporters and resist attempts by the government and lobby groups to coerce people into supporting same-sex marriage against their conscience.

We also continue to work to promote traditional marriage as a ‘gold-standard’ for couples and wider society, drawing on the substantial body of evidence which supports this view.

The Coalition is committed to a reasoned and courteous debate on this issue, and will highlight any intimidation or intolerance shown to supporters of traditional marriage.


end quote (my bold)

Evidently these folk believe “freedom of conscience on marriage” , means marriage must thus need to” remain defined” as being only something that can only ever happen between man and women (no same sex marriages should be allowed)

Its as if, as soon as Gay folk are able to get married as well. Suddenly those folk who don’t agree with it, will thus have lost their own  “freedom of conscience on marriage” somehow

Yet.How do acts of gay marriages (which is what someone else will choose to do) ,do anything to put a stop to the existence of these (meaning those who remain against the idea of it) people’s own  “freedom of conscience on marriage” ?

Nobody is doing that.Nobody is making any law to stop these people personal conscience (thought)

Thankfully. The Coalition is committed to a reasoned and courteous debate on this issue.

I’m all for that (not sure how the Coalition actually expect to ever be able to enter into debate , though ? . Seem that they don’t even allow anyone-else to be able to comment on their blog, or even on their youtube video either !!. So how is this debate supposed to happen ?. By telepathy ?? .Who knows.I notice how its a pretty common theme though, for groups of believers to most usually only choose to enter into one sided type discussion. (for another instance check out Ken Ham’s blog at Answers in Genesis.Or the Exclusive Brethren blog which most-usually will only ever allow ,through, the comments which suit their own agenda) This common phenomena is not a good sign.More often its perhaps because they already know how they cannot win ?.As too often their ideas, are also wrong, an so also wont be able to stand up to any real amount of scrutiny either)

They ,will highlight any intimidation or intolerance shown to supporters of traditional marriage.

Nothing wrong with that.I’m all for it. I’m even inclined to be very interested myself, in helping to highlight intolerance as well too

And i suggest their stance may seem somewhat intolerant ?. (readers can decide that for themselves) If they honest do want to be tolerant, then we need to wonder, why wont they allow alternative views to also be aired ?

Now.How about we look at this from another angle.Rather than a discussion about traditional marriage. How about we make it into a discussion about traditional sports (so to compare. And also to help further explore this type of situation)

Perhaps there is some people who still don’t see it as traditional,that any women should ever be able to play certain types of sports either

Some people also opposed this kind of change too.The don’t like the idea that sports should be redefined .In fact,  women first made their appearance in the Olympic Games in Paris in 1900

However ,how did this put a stop the men’s freedom of conscience in regard to “their distaste” of women’s ability to start entering into Olympic games

It didn’t remove that right.Men still retained that right. For they still had every right to retain the thought that they still thought it seemed wrong

However some more tolerance was also gained.Not lost

For indeed ,

1 .men still retained every right (of their own),to decide to refuse to enter Olympic games, along side women

2 while women gained their own right (of their own) too.To also have the choice to decide to enter the Olympic games themselves

And so likewise in regard to traditional marriage (there is very little difference.Religion doesn’t get to demand to remain to be something special and taboo .That’s what too often allowed religion to become harmful)

For indeed

1 those who’s freedom of conscience decide that traditional marriage should only ever be between man and women.Can still be able to make this choice for themselves.Our law still tolerate this, for indeed they still don’t need to be marrying anyone of the same sex as themselves

2 while gay folk who’s freedom of conscience decide that traditional marriage should be extended so as to also tolerate same sex marriage as well.Can indeed choose to make this choice for themselves

Therefore once again  some more tolerance was also gained in this situation as well.Not lost

So the real question here would seem to be (in my opinion anyways). How many will begin to be humble enough to be able to begin to see and accept it ?

I suggest, maybe many people (specially people these days 2017.Day’s when now even women can also enter into Olympic games as well too) could be pretty hard pressed to ever be still able to see, exclusion of all others and for life, as honestly looking like it’s any realistic definition of what “toleranceshould perhaps-be  supposed to mean

Just saying


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