Call for NZ child abuse inquiry


Calls for New Zealand child abuse inquiry after damning Australian report

8,000 people gave testimony of abuse in religious institutions. Credits: Image: Getty; Video: Newshub

An Australian Royal Commission into child abuse has found an overwhelming amount happened in faith-based institutions.

The final report filled 17 volumes and detailed how institutions failed thousands of children in care.

It’s strengthened calls for New Zealand’s Royal Commission Inquiry – however the Catholic Church has rejected several key recommendations.

After its five-year investigation, the Australian Royal Commission’s report has been labelled a “national tragedy”. The commission said the Catholic Church had suffered catastrophic failures of leadership over many decades.

The greatest number of alleged perpetrators and abused children came from Catholic institutions. Of the 8000 who gave testimony of abuse in religious institutions, 62 percent were Catholic.

The report makes 189 recommendations. They include mandatory psychological testing for religious ministers working with children, and recommended Catholic priests practise voluntary instead of compulsory celibacy.

It also says abusers should not be protected by a priest’s vow of secrecy surrounding the rite of confession – and priests be prosecuted if they fail to report evidence of paedophilia heard in the confessional.

Now it’s raised the question of whether New Zealand should launch its own enquiry.

“It’s been a really painful journey for Australia and it’s a journey they’ve been on and something New Zealand is talking about right now,” says Minister for Children Tracey Martin.

The Government has already agreed to investigate abuse in state care. Survivors told Newshub the scope of this inquiry should be extended to include faith institutions.

“Right now there is a group of ministers discussing what New Zealand’s going to do with regard to an inquiry into historical abuse claims here in New Zealand,” Ms Martin says.

One of those pushing for faith institutions to be included in the state care abuse inquiry is Bill Kilgallon. He handles the Catholic Church’s sex abuse claims.


end quote

Good idea. Yes they should also include faith institution in a general inquiry . The time is long overdue for this level of inquiry.

Why have they only just been “talking about it” for so long ?

“How many” cases of sex abuse would there need to be constantly being publicly exposed (through courts). Before our government would finally think to get their fucking act together, and actually start a general inquiry that is  obviously long overdue ?

A general inquiry is needed, as it also helps make it far easier for more people who had actually experiences of this kind of abuse,to also come forward (as it helps these people sense that there are in fact actually people “honestly wanting” to be sure make sure that these instances of abuse, wouldn’t be occurring ) .

Wake up ! prime minster Jacinda Ardern

The time for “just talking” about it is over. Its easy to talk the talk”

The politician will be continuing to help to let the people down, if they wont act








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‘Nobody saved us’: Man describes childhood in abusive ‘cult’


Jamey Anderson says his time in Word of Faith Fellowship was a hell of physical and emotional abuse. Now, he’s determined to speak out about the North Carolina-based church so no more kids go through what he says he suffered. (Dec. 13) AP

SPINDALE, N.C. — Jamey Anderson vividly recalls being a skinny kid trembling on the floor of a dank, windowless storage room, waiting in terror for the next adult to open the door.

He was bruised and exhausted after being held down while a group of Word of Faith Fellowship congregants — including his mother and future stepfather — beat him with a wooden paddle, he said. As with most punishments at the secretive Christian church, Anderson said, it was prompted by some vague accusation: He had sin in his heart, or he had given in to the “unclean.” The attacks could last for hours until he confessed to something, anything, and cried out to Jesus, he said.

Sometimes even that wasn’t enough for redemption. Then, Anderson said, he would be locked in a dark place he called the “green room,” where he would bang his head against the brick wall, wanting to die.

end quote

Exactly nobody saved them.

Mile and miles of Christians ,worldwide.And most of them all active enough too,in reverently going about doing their ongoing weekly “church buzz”.No worries . What basically amount to “mega hours” of Jesus “butt licking” contests (not sure how Jesus would feel honored” to be actively aware of how he’s being constantly butt-licked” by followers within church groups idol chambers.While meanwhile so many children are still suffering faith abuses?).The main goal ,for what motivate them is that they hope by being active in doing so, that they’ll then also get to be able to save their own skin (constant butt licking/for eternal life “swap-meet” buzz),an therefore also get to live forever in an-eternity they hope for (Note: an eternity that lack any evidence)

Church life has turned into a commercial type of self adulation .Church folk see themselves as morally superior human beings, for  getting actively involved in swooning throng of Jesus butt licking sessions .

Even if atheists were to agree to “participate” with Christian’s, regularly ,some time within the designated time for attending one of their Jesus “butt licking” session’s

Would still make no difference.

Because meanwhile children will still be being blatantly abused (IE: because religious tyranny still wont get addressed). Within abusive faith groups.Lives are still being ruined, by groups claiming to be following God.Some children are forced to need to try live out lives that perhaps might even be best described as being almost more-like a kind of “hell on earth” experience (tyranny disguised as right of religious freedom)

Why ?


  1. Christian’s still wont freely admit that freedom of religion is really no more than a pipe dream (the idea is impossible, as it also rends itself “open to these acts of faith abuse”)
  2. Christian’s generally would also seem to care far more about being more active in taking part in methods of  saving their own ass for an eternity, than they care about child abusive damage that a bullshit form of freedom of religion will allow to constantly happen to certain people within this present life happening here on earth right now

Its highly disgraceful

And as an atheist (being that we often still constitute the minority. Or we are considered “society late comers”, being that colonization was usually also coupled along with types of religious domination) there is so much less that we are able to do as atheist about this ongoing problem . For now

Religious people need to quickly (wake up)become far more active themselves (in regard to “reformation” of outdated laws)

Religious folk should be “helping to lead” the way (rather than helping to drag the chain)

Religious people might do more to “honor” their Jesus . If in fact they were to spend far less time in church groups involved in their weekly “Jesus butt licking” parades

And would spent more time in taking action against ongoing faith abuse


“The world is waiting for believers” to hurry up and step forward to help provide motivation for reform to quickly occur (the waiting often feels like one were almost involved in trying to drag a “dead horse” uphill)

Tedious .Bloody tediously slow

Why would the world wait ?

Well partly because, generally non believer’s are not wanting “to need” to turn toward using any acts of force (as it would always be far-nicer to be able to feel like,  we didn’t need to revert to any use of force. IE :Willing participant= less ill feeling)

Far nicer for atheists. Far nicer even for politician’s feelings as well too. Humans are human and as such would all prefer to experience the best outcome (“consent” is naturally far better experience, than what use of force ever is.As one action is about “forcefully” pushing against the will of someone else)

Naturally we (atheists) would still “live in hope” that perhaps there is still a slight chance,that some theists might still be alive” enough (not totally absolutely drunken wasted-out on all the constant Jesus-butt licking mania that turn the Christian throng into “swooning” dead-like human-mindless-mass, who can then easily joyfully turn a blind eye to constant child abuses still occurring under the banner of religious liberty)

Ugly as

It’s totally disgraceful.And also highly “dishonorable” to both Jesus and to humanity as well ,that there are still so few believers caring to get actively involved in process of religious reforms which by now are also in fact “long overdue” 

So long overdue !!

And embarrassingly so

Meanwhile so many children are still suffering serious religious abuses

From one generation unto another generation.Faith abuses still continue (year 2018)

Nobody is saving them

As if nobody (enough) really cares.Then this is obviously exactly how it would also be expected to feel-like too “to the person” themselves who’s suffering from abuse.

Constantly living with the thought, that “nobodies actively intent on saving them”

How many people can imagine living like that?.Only folk unlucky enough, to have ended up in a abusive group.Too often merely via their “fate of birthright”

Why should life be left to be ruled by luck ? (luck of who you were born to)

Our governments require motivation “through” active vocal/written support from believers .Believers themselves need to lead. To help ease and pave the way forward (actively prove to act like moonbeams for Jesus).

What will the believers have done to help save their own soul’s, if  in  fact they mainly spent miles of their time actively participating in “constant Jesus butt licking session’s” in church  idol-ism groups?.

While also happily walking on by (turning a blind eye) so many constantly occurring religious faith abuses (Luke 10: 25-37)

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Massimo Introvigne’s review of Rebecca Stott’s latest book

See here

If instead it was to do with the film industry,about Hollywood and about the Harvey Weinstein issue, with some prominent film industry reporter that was busily trying to down play and kind of insinuate that perhaps sexism and sex abuse really wasn’t any real big issue within the film industry .

Then they wouldn’t be able to get away with it

No. They wouldn’t get away with it (not any longer in year 2018)

Wouldn’t stand a chance

Because widespread public anger would very soon be heard to erupt vocally. The general public would quickly jump on it.Be heard almost simultaneously “all calling the reporter out” on regard of the great disservice they’d be choosing to do, to justice

Be heard almost simultaneously ( with very little hesitation)

But in this instance (Massimo Introvigne’s review ) .Instead its a report about issues to do with religion,(not the film industry). Its sex abuse again but also is sugar coated with dowry of religious based orientation ,and as such the man already has a large audience “willing and waiting” that are already eagerly quick to swallow exactly whatever Massimo Introvigne’s review has to say anyway “hook line an sinker” .

Far more of them will be likely to want to “up and continue to run with the idea of it” ,than the amount who wont and may instead decide to first stop an question an deeply-ponder over it

These Christian just (traditionally) love to be lapping-up these type reviews (type that sound blissfully peaceful. Void of need for different prompt approach of radical change) . As many were “already been spoon fed” on exactly this same kind of stuff anyways,even back from days of their early childhood

Massimo Introvigne is merely more or less preaching to the choir (Because millions of Christian are already hoping to hear what he says .Pretty much so anyways)

Most Christians in general wont even bother to question or ponder over what been said here in the review even anyway.Wont even bat an eyelid. Because they already faithfully live in hope, just hoping like anything that perhaps it’s actually mostly all quite correct anyway (they faithfully hope to believe that issues of freedom of religion, is just fine and dandy)

As such (living faithfully) they wont even think to bother to question it. This review will be simply-accepted by many without question, like almost as if it were word of God, and in much the same sense like what these folk also simply accepting sermons already that they will all hear from their families favorite preacher, down at their local church group (mostly all accepted via sense of an “un-questioning passive faithfulness” also)

We shouldn’t expect to hear any vocal Christian public  outrage (like what can already occur within the film industry),because Christians instead are already so eager to still swallow the religious freedom mantra they have always been force fed on, through Church meeting and what not.Via method of their Christian indoctrination. They wont dare want to “even entertain” the idea that they might have been fed-up (indoctrinated) on lies

Most Christians will simply shrug their shoulders (without a care) an still carry on just as if everything that’s been said, is just obviously all fine and dandy (after all it’s exactly what they were already hoping they might be able to hear being said anyway)

Because religion has been wrapped up in cotton wool.

Always been sugar coated (automatically deemed to always be of public benefit, without any question)

This is the traditional line that people have generally been led to believe

What’s worse is that now days even non-Christians still wont  dare to question or say anything about this review themselves either.No they wont. For they too have also be force fed on the same bullshit, and as such also have become well accustomed to freely accepting the idea that religion is always automatically deemed to be of public benefit. Their own generation, and the many generations that had previously came before their own generation, had always also been fed on exactly the same bullshit too, about religious freedom (even in many cases when it had obviously more likely involved aspects of religious tyranny)

They’d already all faithfully accepted the belief anyway, so that it was by-now also thought automatically immoral,for people to even dare think “to begin” to question it (all too often still for now anyway)

People in general have (traditionally) all learned to live with it.Very few even think to deeply question anything much about religion ,even now in year 2018.Most of them (luckily) are not personally effected, as their own lives are not ever been lived within any extremely manipulative confine’s of some cult setting (luckily)


Society (even the secular side) also evolved with this huge deeply ingrained sense of indifference ,specially in regard to issues that surround aspect of religion

Generally the pubic has in part, been self govern, by their own cowardly act of freely accepting this sense of taboo

Shame on them

For after all. Humans are very much like sheep in some ways. As there is only around 5 % of human who would even care to bother to deeply ponder or question (because it “uses up energy” to do so)these matters that much within their lives, the majority other 95% just follow along with the lead of what they may see other people around them are doing

Sheeple people

The film industry is of very secular nature. Natural minds are “far more inclined” to be influenced by empathy .To react through feeling of empathy (not govern by religion).And so in that sense, it is also not at all surprising that there was in fact such public outrage ,lately , in response to ongoing issues of sexism and sex abuse (the film industry is in no way closely connected to the taboo aspect that religion has been wrongfully afforded)

The film industry is of very secular nature thankfully . Deeply steeped in secular nature. (The film industry is not sugar coated and cotton wrapped-up in an air of “religious reverence”)

The film industry therefore doesn’t retain the luxury of a faithful throng of willing believers whom are already very eager to totally believe and willingly waiting to swallow “only” the sugar coated bullshit line

That kind of luxury has been only afforded to taboo aspect of religion


But Massimo Introvigne’s main “massimo mistake” is that he still “cannot erase” evidence .

Can he ? .

No !

Evidence like this (public exposures ,see MICHAEL BACHELARD  exposure )

Or like this Actual recording of the July 25th 1970 ‘Aberdeen’ meeting

And so on !

Or erase the fact there is indeed a “mountain of evidence” already readily available too.In regard to cults and ongoing faith abuses

Massimo Introvigne still don’t stand a shit show in hell of ever being able to erase all that huge mountain of accumulated evidence

And meanwhile we do still have miles more evidence still growing. Thankfully !.Meaning that Massimo Introvigne’s game of cat an mouse is also becoming far harder and harder to even play, more an more, as more time goes by (as more people are “now wising up” to the problem religious freedom)

Read for yourself what someone known as Miguel Martinez has to say about what he more or less seem to imply as  Massimo Introvigne’s “right wing type antic’s” . Read all about it for yourselves via this following link here

Then also read for yourselves, what someone by the name Tilman Hausherr also has to say on the subject of  Massimo Introvigne too . You can read about it for yourselves, via this following link here

Then also read what the apologetic’s index site itself as well also has to say on the subject of Massimo Introvigne,who co founded site named Cesnur . You can read about it yourself via this following link here

Then after that, ask yourselves this question, about why the Berkley Center for religion,peace and world affairs,site introduction of Massimo Introvigne might need to be certain to also stipulate,quote : “This individual is not a direct affiliate of the Berkley Center” ?.You can read about this fact yourselves, via this link here

My point is this. When religion has been treated specially.When its been constantly molly coddled and been allow to be wrapped up in cotton wool, and been treated as if questioning matters of religion would need to be seen as being a subject somewhat taboo

Its become a form of “protectionism”

This then leads to reason why religious nastiness can still find room to continue, at a time when nastiness within the film industry is already being addressed

How bloody disgusting is that ?

How disgusting the thought that film industry nastiness is being attended to “long before” religious nastiness will ever be finally attended to properly

Given that religion is also “supposed to be” almost acting as if it’s like the “leading light” of morality and in fact “justice” within this world. Within our society

These religious folk are supposed to be like the leading light

Even the Hollywood film industry hierarchy has far more decency (than what religious leaders seem prepared to display)to want to step up to the mark and accept some of their own responsibility in needing to actively help move changes forward (by acts of vocally reprimanding, and even publicly distancing themselves from past connection they may have had with the offending persons involved)

That’s right. Even the film industry hierarchy is openly displaying a far more concerned and careing adult-like active-nature than what folks of faith “care to bother” to do

How morally disgusting is that then?

By now, we should have already witnessed worldwide vocal disgust? (erupting from within circles of Christian folk)

But yet we still don’t as yet(even now in year 2018).

Because mostly they still don’t give a fucking damn?

Perhaps mainly because,this cult abuse doesn’t happen to effect themselves too-personally (IE: they were not unlucky-enough to be somebody who’s born into a cult)

Which means its not only disgusting, but rather evil (bad moral, posing as being-righteous)

1.While our society will quite happily erupt in public distaste in regard to news of ongoing cases of sexism and sex abuses occurring within our film industry’s

2. When news of cult abuses are heard, our society then simply cower in passive silent mannerism of indifference , being still too afraid to dare attend to any existing taboo’s surrounding religious freedom


Religious freedom that in fact doesn’t even actually exist , other than within the negative form of what will also then naturally also be expected to allow for forms of religious tyranny to flourish sometimes too

It is pure evil that religion is still afforded the “special right” to be wrapped up in cotton wool while being treated as if it’s still to remain taboo subject in regard of public scrutiny

There is no voice of vocal Christians erupting . So perhaps at best we can then only hope that there may continue to be even further decline happening within numbers of practicing Christian. In hope that a secular nature might then also continue to evolve and some day therefore even help humanity to also escape this sense of social-indifference 

The very good news of course still is, thankfully, that Rebecca Stott’s latest book has still been read by a number of people who are interested . Enough people have still taken her book somewhat seriously enough.You can read more info,about that, via this following link here


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The shameful “old boys club” mentality of religion

Religion (specially the Christian brand) has been afforded right to exist within an incestuous system that’s always been ripe for abuse. In that sense i’d describe as being almost like a type of old boys club

And so if anyone is wondering why it is, that no matter how much evidence of harm and sex abuses and what not are being exposed, in regard to lives ruin by cults.

There is still no public outcry. Still no unified movement in regard to finally putting a stop to it.

Its because religion still exist like its the last bastion of the old boys club mentality.

While humanity has already had a united movement against racism,sexism and even just lately has even been very united again too in regard to finally attending to issues of sex abuse (long overdue for attention) within the film industry that had had to do with people formally held in high regard (For instance consider prominent film producer Harvey Weinstein)

But then when it come to religion. And issues of sex abuses that keep on being exposed.Then we don’t hear any real public outcry. We do not hear any united front of voices (worldwide)demanding for prompt action

So whys that then ?

It’s because religion is been allowed to be wrapped up in cotton wool . Religion is looked upon as if it’s this “old boys club” that should still be allowed to remain “untouchable” (above the law.“Fly under the radar”)

When the sex scandal with Harvey Weinstein hit the media.Very quickly there was a public outcry. A united voice worldwide, demanding that the issue would be attended to quickly. Many of the voices that were being heard demanding that the issues would receive prompt attention , had came from within the film industry itself 

That’s right. The film industry itself  had the decency to promptly also get actively involved themselves as well too (to help prove that they were actually wanting to actively sort the abhorrent situation out)

After all that is the decent thing to do. The moral thing to do


All the time that these sex abuse issues are constantly being exposed within religion (places that are allowed to be ripe for such abuse to be able occur unnoticed ). Within a large number of religious groups as well too.

Do we hear any united voice coming from within religion? . Doing the decent thing?. The moral thing to do?. Making demand that these issues would start to receive prompt attention?

No we don’t


Where is the united voice coming from within religious circles themselves ? .Being helpful by asking for a general inquiry ? (like what had happened within the film industry,being that it’s also the most decent moral thing to do)

There is fucking none !!!


Not even a murmur  !!!

Meanwhile there’s this huge “swooning” throng of all these believers worldwide that will constantly all gather in church together religiously. Because by doing so it also helps themselves to all feel so morally superior than any other folk who wont be going to church

If i ever went to any of these organized church. I think i’d automatically feel sick . For i’d know that im gathered among a large throng of plastic-people that are expert frauds

The worst part about all this situation is that most of these people also wont ever allow themselves to admit to it either (like the brethren who are also acting the same way). Because to need to admit to it, would then also burst their morally superior religious-bubble 

The shame of that (thought) is too much to bear

Far easier to turn a blind to the ongoing exposure of sex abuses .Convince themselves that they never had quite-known “exactly” how prevalent it had been allowed to become 

The religious folk (Exclusive Brethren or other type) need to try an maintain this morally superior “front”  (IE : facade, deceptive outward appearance)

So therefore they also cannot afford to admit to these problem that remain rampant within their swooning throng of practicing ass-lickers for Jesus club


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Exclusive Brethren alleged rape

by LadyKiwi » Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:28 am


Grandfather watched to see if his child was abusing son
Last updated 16:47, December 18 2017


The man recalled fond memories with his son, such as building a tandem bike. He said the relationship was good about 85 per cent of the time.

The pair would fight the rest of the time and his son would lash out and slap him, he said.

His son was violent, and had a drug and alcohol problem, he said.

“My heart always went out to the boy.”

On one occasion police were called to a family barbecue after his son began acting violently.

The father recalled restraining him with the help of family before the police arrived.

“It was really gut-wrenching.

“We were very concerned that [he] was going to hurt himself or somebody else.”

In 2014, his son, who is now in his 20s, rang him to ask for money for food and accommodation.

His son had told him he was living on the street, had a drug and alcohol problem, and he wanted to come home.

“I love my son very much, but I couldn’t. I wasn’t prepared to give him money to fund his addicitons.”

The man also didn’t let his son live with him as he said it went against his parole conditions from when he was charged with marital rape. He previously pleaded guilty and was jailed for raping his wife.


end quote  (my bold)

Exclusive Brethren parent who’s already charged with rape (guilt admitted), comes from a separatist cult ,group that supposedly “need” to live-separate lives, so as purge themselves from contact with evil (Purge from evil, an “epic fail” considering these details.And even so, one that families are still torn apart over? )

The son would seem ( the way i read it) to deal with mood swings, anger drug and alcohol problem an acts violent

An Brethren granddad says how he’s never seen nothing (in regard to sex abuse with the grandson). But then,did he see evidence of the son’s mothers rape either ?. An beside can we be sure that he would-have reported it, if he had?

Cannot help wondering ?

1.If there has indeed been this “Brethren-tendency” to want to “cover up” evidence of this kind of immoral behavior so as to try to help protect” the Brethren public image (IE “separation purity” ).

2.An good evidence available to help suggest, yes indeed there does seem to be this kind of culture, and at top upper level of their “religious mafia” (check it out here Brethren witness paid to remain silent )


Think about it


They (the exclusive brethren so called Christians) have good reason to want to protect the purity image .Don’t they?. Or otherwise the general public might soon also begin to start to really question ,in regard to whether its actually of any real value, that some families are needing to be torn apart over it 

That’s one reason


Bruce Hales  sure as hell has his own good reason too to try an help uphold this public image too. Doesn’t he ? (after all its his church-cash cow to milk for all its worth (“Charity status” = money for jam@ expense of the general public fools who are still gullible enough to freely allow it)

And that’s another manipulative reason

And truth be known. Perhaps Granddad would be far to fearful to even dare to report anything to the police authority anyway ? (IE:when the cults excommunication/shunning tool, always stands posed and ready 24/7 for continued use against any “would be whistle-blowers”).The grandson/son has already pointed this fact out within earlier court proceedings (there’s evidence he had within new reports available within the wikipeebia thread which readers can still reference)

Surely there comes a time when general society need to start to look at the track record ?

Don’t forget.

Its “general cult practice” to deny “systematic failure”

Dad and Granddad would seem to be suggesting that all the acts of moodiness and anger and alcohol and drug abuse and so forth, should therefore also necessarily need to poise the son in a bad “character reference” light

I’d question jumping to “this conclusion”

 Consider this angle below first


Signs of childhood sexual abuse in Adult Survivors

Psychological/behavioral effects

-Dissociation, or feeling detached, confused, or feeling like your reality is not the same as everyone else’s are quite common feelings.

– You may experience trouble with trust, whether it be not finding yourself able to trust, or trusting too easily.

-You may have trouble establishing boundaries in relationships due to the fact that your boundaries were compromised at a young age.

-You may experience flashbacks to the event(s) that happened to you.

-Many people feel the need to self medicate with drugs, alcohol or other addictions as a coping mechanism.

-Low self esteem is common in adult survivors.

-You may experience isolation, or a fear of intimacy with partners.

-Many people try to cope through promiscuous sexual activity.

-Many people contemplate or attempt suicide or self injury.

-Eating disorders may be experienced.

-Sometimes adult survivors experience sexual dysfunction, or a lack of interest/pleasure in sex.

-Adult survivors are often susceptible to repeat victimizations because they are sometimes more likely to “accept” being a victim.

-Victims often anticipate an early death.

-Extreme anxiety or panic attacks are often caused by childhood sexual abuse.

-Difficulty concentrating, comprehending, or answering simple questions are symptoms.

-Many experience feelings of social withdrawal, or the inability to relate to others.

-Sometimes adult survivors have sexual fantasies about raping or abusing others.

-The opposite is also true – many experience fantasies about being raped, tortured, or abused.

-Fear of medical procedures is common.

Emotional effects

-Constant grief or mourning are common among adult survivors of sexual abuse because of the loss of innocent, childhood, normal relationships as a child, and trust.

-Guilt may be felt due to the fact that you possibly experienced physical pleasure at the time of the abuse.

-The silence that surrounds abuse can lead to feelings of shame.

-Depression is common.

-Feelings of extreme anger or inexplicable rage are very common.

Physical effects

-Gastrointestinal distress, nausea, and chronic pelvic pain can be present.

-Headaches are common among survivors.

-Asthma and/or breathing problems can occur.

-Unreleased stress can lead to back or skeletal pain.

-Sexual arousal, desire or orgasm, is sometimes reported to be connected with physical pain or discomfort.

-Victims are twice as likely to be smokers, and more likely to be physically inactive and overweight/obese.

-Severe gag reflex has been reported, even when nothing is in the mouth.

end quote

Notice how these “characteristic” (describe by the eb parent), can also be in fact some  prime “comparable adult symptom of sex abuse”

Specifically for instance

: self medicate with drugs, alcohol or other addictions as a coping mechanism

: Feelings of extreme anger or inexplicable rage are very common


Then there’s things like loss of trust,to consider . Agonizing over loss of normal family relationships,offering reason to perhaps help explain why survivors might still refrain from contacting authorities “quickly” . And so on

An besides .I can conclude and say myself (from experience) that i too have also experienced “some” of the listed symptom above within this list.

Exclusive Brethren are the very last people i’d ever agree to trust now.For even my own experience taught me. Their (the “Christian” brethren) track record already proves them to often be very-untrustworthy people (my personal experience can be matched with other publicly available good-evidence. See MICHAEL BACHELARD exposure for instance )

I believe that i could post one of the Brethren address book (if i had one in my possession) like what possibly Laurie might have went to jail over (you can read information about it here on Lauries blog . I doubt Bruce Hales the “bumbling review wrecker” would try to set his brethren “poodle” watch dogs onto me

The Brethren (must realize) cannot escape the obvious fact (by now) that evidence has been mounting up. Too many cans of worms (to need to deal with) are been opened already



Silly Bruce Hales. The bumbling fool . He had a chance to make things right (within the review past) but being a money-glutton (that he quite obviously is) he “bumbled-it” like a real-great-fool, an already blew that chance

Now he has “got himself”  stuck-fast between a rock an a hard place


If he ever tries to hold another review, again? . He also would need to admit as well (to exclusive Brethren-folk) how he had bumbled the “first review” like a real great fool

Brethren “elect vessel” (Gods messenger type thing) are supposed to not ever make such idiotic grave mistakes


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Exclusive Brethren bullshit the general public


He would keep his underwear if he got in the bath with his son, as Exclusive Brethren were taught to not be naked in front of anyone apart from their married partners.

end quote (my bold)

What load of bullshit. ….  “taught to not be naked in front of anyone apart from their married partners.” ?

They may like to pretend to be morally superior (may even convince themselves that they are)

But check it out .The truth is they have swept sex abuses under the carpet for years now.So much so that they may have even allowed their own conscience to overlook it.  For instance, consider the case of their one time leader, James Taylor jr . In regard to the Aberdeen incident .

See here for instance


“We are not ashamed”–says Big Jim
London Daily Express

Reunited … Big Jim and Mrs. Ker
Big Jim Taylor put his arm round dark haired Mrs. Madeline Ker at his Brooklyn, New York, home tonight, kissed her lightly on the cheek and said: “I don’t care what people say. She is a very, very pure person.”

Then the balding, silver haired leader of the Close Brethren said: “We have never at any time done anything improper.”

Resting on his lap was a large leather-bound bible, and in his right hand he held a tumbler half full of Scotch.

As we talked in the upstairs sitting room of his large detached house 32-yeard-old Mrs. Ker, mother of four, from Harrow, Middlesex, smiled up at him.

When I arrived at his home, Big Jim was sitting in an armchair wearing only underpants.

He said: “I suppose I had better put my pants on. But, quite honestly, I find it more comfortable just sitting in my underpants.”

Big Jim seemed quite at ease, and quite oblivious of the sensation surrounding him and Mrs. Ker and her husband during their recent visit to Negg, Aberdeenshire.

Then it was claimed that Mrs. Ker had been found in bed with him when other members of the sect walked in.

It led to a furious row among members of the sect, and today Big Jim was busy sending off up to 8,000 letters “explaining” the events in Scotland.

Mrs. K and her husband Alan, a research chemist are staying with Big Jim and his wife Irene (60).

Today Mr. Ker was not at the house, and Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Ker explained that [he] had gone to Washington on business and would be back later.

Mr. Taylor, who claims that his hold on the leadership of the Brethren is still unchallenged, said: “Absolutely nothing happened in that bedroom that Mrs. Ker and I are ashamed about.

“It is true she was laying under the sheet on the same bed as myself. But I was on one side of the bed, and she was on the other.”

Whose clothes were on the floor?

Said he: “Some of the clothes were mine. I don’t know who the other clothes belonged to.” “I didn’t ask her to lie under the sheet. Mrs. K chose to lie under it of her own free will. “Certainly nothing improper happened, and it is wrong to say that she was naked.”
From Philip Finn, New York, Monday

end quote

Please note how this report above was evidently written by a reporter from London Daily Express

Look into it.You’ll soon track down enough evidence.

There are even photo’s available too


The exclusive Brethren leader with whiskey in one hand while his other hand rests on the breast of another mans wife  

Get that ?

Another mans wife !!!

My point is. These Exclusive Brethren have indeed been busily turning a blind eye to this sort of sexual shit for years now. Quietly sweeping it under the carpet

They might declare that they don’t. But there is plenty of evidence still available to suggest otherwise

Miles of it

Oh so you still don’t want to believe it ? . Well just consider this other relatively recent  evidence as well too then


Potential witness in Exclusive Brethren sex abuse case paid to remain silent


end quote

How much evidence does a society need ? (People within general society must be bloody stupid.Acting like ignorant fools.And because of it Exclusive Brethren must be laughing their way to the bank and back.Clapping their hands together for joy that non-brethren can continually remain so gullible)

These liars are still able to claim charity status  .

Imagine that !

An amount of your tax dollars are still being pilfered so as to help keep the sleazy head honcho’s of this crowd rich at your expense

For years you lot (general public with your heads deeply buried in the sand) have  helped to reward deviate scum by delivering them charity status .

And the funny thing is

that they wouldn’t even care to have a cup of tea or eat with any of you. Because they also consider you lot to be “below” them . They secretly despise you all. And for this reason they separate from you and will talk about you secretly (within their church meetings) as if you are evil untouchable low life

And yet you still continue to help to reward them


By “not bothering” to question why your tax dollars are still being issued (through charity status) to a group of people who wouldn’t even want to socialize with any of you.

People who also wouldn’t allow their children to be able to marry any of your own children

Think about that carefully (You dollars are being used to prop up an exclusive club of which your own children will also be prevented from ever being able to enter themselves)

So in this manner

Your tax dollors are being spent to help support folk who are bigoted “against you”

The general public must be bloody stupid?? . Been constantly acting like a bunch of real total dumb fucks

Mainstream Christians don’t care to question this “carry on” themselves either. No way they wont !!!!


Well because they also don’t like the idea that the general public might also soon start to demand more transparency too, in regard to their own “charity rort ” as well

They dont care “so much” if Brethren are busily ripping apart families. What matters more is that mainstream groups are also able to continue to fly under the radar as well too  (IE: they wont demand that brethren would be scrutinized, because they fear that their own group might then be scrutinized more as well also .So in this manner the Brethren and mainstream churches are both members of a common-club)

Lets face it. For generations now.Charity status has been used to help promote religion.If you were to look back through church records, you wont be likely to find many instances where much money has been used to help support atheists

They’ll happily grab your tax dollars through charity status (which you’ll allow them to have ,without question),they’ll then use it to build schools and hospitals (so as to make themselves look far more superior )than any atheist groups will ever be able to help build (simply because atheists are unable to claim charity status like what religious groups have always been freely allowed to do) .

And then they’ll look down their noses at atheists and sometimes might even be publicly heard  suggesting how atheist,  are immoral (for not believing in God)

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!

Funny huh ? (they diddle non-believers for tax dollars and may then also get away with calling non-believers immoral )

What a “sweet rort” huh ? (talk about wickedly great ease of fleecing the general public, a number of whom will have also been atheist)

Perhaps one day more general public may begin to wake up to it.

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How to deal with bigots

Ian posted the excellent ted talk origin version of this video .See here

Below is the you tube copy, for people who are unable to watch the original ted-talk copy


I like the idea that Ian’s proposed.Engaging in respectful dialogue with those that we disagree with, would be the goal. However the situation within this video describes a  respectful dialogue that was able to take place between a cult member and a member within the general public (IE: someone non-affected)

It might have not been half as easy, or likely to even be able to occur, had the dialogue instead tried to happen between a Westboro baptist cult member and a ex Westboro baptist

I’d say that respectful dialogue is likely to already happen now and then (even though it might still not happen half as much as it should be happening) between members of the exclusive brethren and non-affected members of the general public

The thing is, the person (who would some day end up becoming the husband of the ex Westboro baptist girl) within the video . More than likely had also been able to live a relatively  happy normal life. A happy normal  life that would still also continue in this relatively happy manner in future as well too, no matter the outcome of the dialogue .

This makes all the difference to people’s ability “for respectful” dialogue (something that perhaps Ian might have some trouble with understanding himself too,specially if in fact Ian’s life could perhaps also be described as having luckily been a relatively more-normal life?. I don’t know the answer to this,i’m just pointing-out that it does indeed help make a fairly big difference)

Sadly the same thing cannot be said in regard to situation of dialogue that happen between many cult member an the ex cult member

This point is important. An i hope that Ian doesn’t disregard this, as if it wont matter one bit. The truth is that it makes all the difference.The situation cannot be compared as like its a one size fits everyone, type situation

Trying to compare  respectful dialogue able to happen (fairly easily) between a member of the general pubic (IE: somebody relatively unaffected personally) and a cult member ,with dialog that might sometimes occur between cult members an ex cult members (two groups whom are both effected very personally) might be kind of like trying to compare chalk with cheese?

However this video raises a relative point. Why are there not more members of the general public bothering to take an active interest ? . These are the people that are in best position to be able to have sway .

More importantly !!

Where are the so called “real” christian ? .The mainstream religious folk living normal lives within “religious groups of non abuse”. These people are supposedly supposed to be the leading light within our society. These are the non-affected folk (people who’s live have not been ripped apart and ruined) who therefore are also luckily able to possess a cool calm attitude with which to use to help change the mind of the people living within abuse

They are “lucky” folk

Luck has it that they were not born within any cult  (and there are a number of these cults that exist that they might have otherwise been born within, had their own-luck been different)

Birthright comes down to luck.It’s merely luck that will allow that one person will be born as an American or Englishman or Australian or Newzealander, while another person may be born Libyan or Zimbabwean or within some other “disadvantage”

Birthright involves luck

Human lives should “not be ruled” by luck. (for this reason today folks are not born into slavery anymore,in the same way women are no longer supposed to be facing sexism anymore either.This is moral and fair)

Yet these (mainstream religious) folk silently stand behind the scene  (living within a state of indifference), leaving the job at hand all up to the extremely hurt ex cult member, to try to do ? . Leaving it up to ex cult members to try and defend themselves from the grip of harm and hurt

I ask myself. Really is this what their Jesus would also do ?

If Jesus were to return to this earth today. Then most of all, i would most certainly not ever want to be found existing among groups of those mainstream religious folk.

Among those great pretenders (Matthew 23)

Those mainstream people “hold the key” to help fix this problem fast. Yet don’t care to bother.

Because this cult problem doesn’t effect their own lives personally?.

Meanwhile our governments still allow their mainstream group to still be able to receive charity status 

Charity ?

Those mainstream christian folk act about as uncharitably as can possibly be

Shame on them

They live out their lives within a mainstream bubble of indifference in regard to the lives of other people whom are still being forced to need to continually suffer due to the continued existence of these cults and religious abusive groups

In year 2017 ?

The mainstream Christian church groups of today is a farce. They may dress up in their fancy clothes and may publicly weld all their gold and glitter . And gather together in droves (so as to help make themselves “look so” very superior)and while gathered together there, they may also all busily “talk the talk

And yet its still good for little more than window dressing (Matthew 23)


Update 16/12/2017


“I know a very patient lady who uses direct email, letters and face-to-face conversation with current EB members, usually by introducing a non-threatening topic that might be expected to interest them, such as the history and transmission of biblical texts, the archaeology of the Holy Land, the history of the Brethren movement, the biography of early leaders, and so on.”

end quote (my bold)

The lady (i figure) Ian speaks of, is non eb. Was never an eb. Has never ever experienced shunning and loss of her own family, through religion.Has never been disowned or had her family photo’s wiped-out from sight, as if she were considered already dead (like what brethren will actively do to family members they disown and shun) Her own children will have also been likely to have had free access to love of grandparents and family members. In other words she and her loved ones will have been able to have “led normal happy lives together”


Naturally this lady also has ability to feel patient as well too .Has an ability to react civilly.  For she also does not need to see possibility for happy family life, quickly “fading away” and disappearing over the horizon (like what cult members and ex members are forced to deal with)

The more important question is

Why is Joan (an Anglican) acting alone in what she does (discussing matters with eb)?. Why are there not a whole lot more other Christian folk from mainstream church backgrounds also caring to get actively involved as well too ?

This is what needs to be looked into

Does a person need to stave to death “first” (Food famine or earthquake disaster)before mainstream Christian will care to finally decide to step up to the mark an start to act so as to offer their own help and support ?

That’s a hopeless situation (so little wonder cult people will lack patience )

Loss of decent family relationship’s is evidently not considered enough of a loss ? (people staving loss of normal loving family relationships)

Shame on these people !

They are comparable to the same thoughtless kind of folk like what Jesus had vividly described within the parable of the good Samaritan.Those uncaring people who while feeling “so superior” (about themselves)had still far preferred to just walk on by and leave the problem “up to someone else” to deal-with.

If hell actually exist. Then i sure wouldn’t want to be any of these mainstream christian folk (the great pretenders) ?.

More than anyone else (even atheist),it will be these people (of God) who will be the greatest embarrassment to Jesus (folk who followed regular ritual of going to church so as to help pretend to be the real caring honestly decent earthly folk)

At the end of the day, it will more than likely be humanist non-believers who will end up being the people to “actively help” fix this problem with faith abuses (folk who don’t believe in judgment day, but yet can more-easily feel empathy for fellow humans) . Think about that for a minute ?

And an even greater embarrassment to Jesus .Most believers are so caught-up within their feelings (wallowing) of superiority, for their ritual-acts of going to church(wallowing in their involvement in acts of “ass licking” Jesus).

That they then easily overlook their own foolishness

Christianity (of the ritualistic church going kind) has become like a huge throng of swooning butt licker’s club .Bunch of “brown noser’s for Jesus” (These fanfare elaborate type ceremonies are of course also ripe for easily adopting as business money making enterprises. Which is more or less also what modern Christianity has developed into. The head honcho’s all reap the biggest benefit)

Jesus would need to feel totally embarrassed to the max (because his large throng of fans will care to take prompt action in butt-licking while also happily disregarding ongoing faith abuses that also still surround them) ?

These days most church goers have become so drunk and caught-up within their own constant swooning and their own idolized glorified actions of ritual aspects of modern-day church life.

That they now also wouldn’t even be able to know any better

The youth are perhaps the best hope there is left for our future. Today the youth are the people whom are now most busily disassociating themselves from any participation in these traditional butt licking church rituals

Thank God for that ? (or perhaps thank existence of good common sense?)

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Divest themselves of any trace of Christianity


One wonders what depths the Peebs will go to to divest themselves of any trace of Christianity as they compound their unbelievable hypocrisy further, but two examples surface today. I have heard rumours of the outcome of Laurie’s court case but would like them confirmed from the UK. If what I hear is true then I am astonished at both the Peebs and the court system.

Whatever happened to Jesus himself- who said while they drove the nails into his hands- ‘Forgive them for they know not what they do’. His so called ‘saints’ will take you to court and sue you at the drop of a hat. Publishing an address book was probably not that smart but the intention was decent. Why shouldn’t people know where their families live? Has there been one case of abuse of this knowledge? No. But they will be punching the air today on the wave of their vindictiveness.

I also heard of a case in Australia where a brother needing an operation has gone onto Facebook ‘Go Fund Me’ page to raise money from worldlies to do it. Won’t mix or eat with you – will call you all sorts of degrading names- but will take your money with both hands.

For once I am without words. They make me sick and they are totally unprincipled.

end quote (my bold)

I suspect that im likely wasting words (again) .What im about to say will fall on deaf ears. Like as always is most usually the case, whenever one is busily saying something that certain people just wont want to hear

But i’ll say it again anyway.

This situation with the brethren cult needs to be considered in context of “Christianity as a whole” .

And in that regard i suggest that it is totally unprincipled as well too,that mainstream Christians would stand by silently and allow it, and not even be seen to raise an eyebrow whenever these cult situations happen

Never mind that cult members don’t care

Mainstream Christian folk don’t care

They really don’t give a damn (generally). Wont bother to lose any of their own sleep over this situation

As it simply doesn’t affect their own lives personally (think about that !!!)

Now how about Abishag might think to reconsider things that are totally unprincipled within this context then ? (this might help us to get somewhere.)

Social change

Sexism? .When the world expect a  change in people’s attitudes in regard to their acts of sexism (what happens?) . Its the human population that are less actively involve in sexist attitudes, that will also adopt activist rolls against the sexism and be publicly heard to make vocal demands that sexism would cease to happen (this is what helps to bring forward social change)

Racism ?.Is a similar situation once again, with the activist an “anti apartheid movement’s”, and all the vocal public media voices of concern an condemnation.

So why doesn’t this happen (likewise) in regards to this shameful situation with cult abuse?

Why are the anti abusers (IE :mainstream Christian folk) not stepping up to help vocally demand that the cult abusers would stop abusing ? (like what how  any kind of social change is suppose to need to happen

Religious folk (mainstream religious folk) are supposed the one actively leading by example. Becoming “vocal” public activists against acts of religious abuse (and yet we don’t see much of it happening. It more or less just doesn’t ever happen)

Religious abuses kind of exists within a “bubble” of indifference within society



I doubt Abishag will care to bother to consider this. He wont want to

For it might tend to ruin his cuddle rug thoughts in regard to the “wonderfulness” of  mainstream Christianity

And yet i must say this. Mark my words, it really needs to be said.And if Jesus were still here,i feel confident that he would also be heard  saying the same thing too

Even if he might also be hated for daring to do so




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Mainstream Christianity the most morally bankrupt beast of all time

Quote :

Guess what! Today the Brethren are allowed to have beach houses again!

Thirty years ago they were throwing people out of their midst for going anywhere near a beach. Go figure.

end quote


I’ve not seen my youngest son Freddie for nearly 10 years-purely because the PBCC leader Hales decrees that I’m the Devils agent and the man of sin

end quote (my bold)


Both situations described above are indeed morally bankrupt and disgusting .Im an atheist, who feels “empathy” for these other ex eb’s experiences .It saddens me. I understand, because in fact this cult situation has also meant that i have really been unable to form a decent full normal proper relationship with my own children as well. Families are not complete unless our children are allowed to have free access to family-members that should make up our family unit. Due to myself being from a cult background, i was therefore unable to help provide this

How could it all be able to happen?. Why is it allowed to ruin so many people lives worldwide? (and not only just ex members of the exclusive brethren cult. But also ex members of a large number of other cults and domineering religious groups as well too)

Sadly there’s miles of mainstream Christian all over the world who dont bother to care to help do anything about stopping it . Rather than admit that it wrong,rather than help us to put an end to this immoral evil.

What do mainstream Christian folk rather be seen to do ?

They far rather to all busy themselves with acts of clothing and feeding the poor, in other countries, like China or Africa .

They choose to do nothing actively about the cult problem !!!

In effect the mainstream Christian folk are the most morally bankrupt of all?.

The hypocrites who  gain credit for pretending to actively care about people suffering


Meanwhile the ex cult members just carry on getting real busy with angrily stabbing away at the cult beast

They stab and stab and stab and slash and stab …. Causing their own loved ones and family to also be left bleeding in the process as well too (most of whom are helpless to be able to put an end to this immoral mess  by themselves without the help of mainstream Christian.The few that have ever dared to try, have only ended up being punished by being shunned and disowned themselves for life then as well too,in effect causing more harm to their own children and loves ones of whom will more likely remain still imprisoned within the cult walls)

But they (the ex eb believers) cannot ever kill the beast.


Why not ?

Because the root of this evil beast runs far deeper than they ever dare to even allow themselves to imagine  (They wont allow themselves to look at this sad situation fairly,as it would then ruin their cuddly rug imagination about perfect morally wonderful mainstream Christianity is evidently supposed to be)

So they just continue on to stab and slash and stab and slash again and again

Meanwhile all those mainstream Christian folk sit in the homes joyfully congratulating themselves with feeling superior by being so Godly and wonderful Jesus-following folk for actively taking care of all the people whom are suffering badly


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Same old usual bullshit (IE: just wait until the day of reckoning will happen)

Quote :



Luke 12 v 16 – 21 ” Then He ( Jesus ) spoke a parable to them , saying , the ground of a certain rich man yielded plenty-fully. And he thought within himself , saying , What shall I do , since I have no room to store my crops.? So he said , I will do this: I will pull down my barns and build greater , and there I will store all my crops and my goods. And I will say to my soul , Soul , you have many goods laid up for many years ; take your ease ; eat drink and be merry. But God said to him , FOOL , this night your soul will be required of you ; then whose will those things be which you have provided .?
So is he who lays up treasure for himself , and is not rich toward God .”
When the final reckoning takes place before a thrice Holy God – where will you stand. Being a member of the Brethren cannot save , will not save , does not save – I am not saved by a ” Position ” , I am saved by a Person , the Lord Jesus Christ .
I am reminded of the Church at Laodicea – Christ said in Revelation 3 v 16 – 17 ” So then , because you are lukewarm , and neither cold nor hot , I will vomit you out of My mouth . Because you say , I am rich , have become wealthy , and have need of nothing – and do not know that you are wretched , miserable , poor , blind and naked.”
This , sadly , depicts what the Exclusive Brethren have become.
Bruce , you are taking your followers to HELL in the course you have chosen to pursue.

end quote


arfur chooses to lay his treasure up in a heaven he hopes for. A heaven he is also unable to prove even exists.

He will have already paid dearly with his own earthly life (while we likewise are also all forced to have our own live wagered with as well too, on the lottery of eternity ) whether this heaven exist or doesn’t exist. And this is a situation that in the mind of the brainwashed theist will still tend to seem entirely fair and just (In the mind of the theist, human earthly lives are devalued )

Theist have been happily wagering with human earthly lives for many thousands of years already now.They happily slaughtered people accused of heresy.They happily slaughtered people they accused of witchcraft too.Few will have lost much sleep over it. They don’t mind one bit, they don’t even care less about human earthly lives that have already been wasted away on aspect of faith belief. All that matters to the theist-mind is the slim possibility that they hope they might be somehow able to gain in the long run real big-time themselves 

Arfur wont shed a tear for all the billions of people who’s earthly lives have already been wasted away on the whim of people’s hope of obtaining their own eternal life (for themselves). Hell no . These theist belief have long been traditional in this harsh and uncaring manner . And the collateral amount of earthly live lost in the process, is hardly worth even contemplating in any great depth (the motto being just keep your mind occupied on the end results that you would faithfully hope to be able to achieve for yourself)

Selfishness of the highest degree ?

Well lets face it the Brethren will do likewise too (few will ever even bother to contemplate the loss of earthly live that any ex brethren have lost out on due to Brethren faith belief) . As it’s a theist tradition world-wide. Existing right across the many different domination’s as well too

Meanwhile these theist have no conscience in regard to the amount of collateral damage that their own faith belief is in effect helping to cause.

There is widespread feeling of indifference existing in regard to this matter

They (the faithful) will die feeling morally wonderfully superior about themselves as well too ?

God is good evidently

In future time to come, when more people will finally begin to realize that these faiths were in fact fruitless wishful thinking. Folk that will be alive on earth by then , will very likely just merely shrug their shoulders and simply declare “man oh man those lot were a real bunch of silly idiots weren’t they then?”

But hey, There is always a “cost to somebody” when false faiths are being allowed to be promoted widely with such indifference in regards to who-else is also being hurt in the process. There is a cost to the bullshit lie of freedom of religion that’s been portrayed as a reality, when the truthful fact is it doesn’t honestly actually even exist (unless anybody seriously consider that such depth of lie wouldnt also be likely to be expected to need to cause real extreme harm to some folks)

No good sense in crying over spilled milk, is there? .Far more good sense to be sure to see that it doesn’t ever need to occur in the first place

It been a theist-tradition to care little about the lives of other folk they choose to wager with in hope of obtaining their own piece of eternity . Even the Aztec were also involved in sacrificing the live of other folk as well too, doing so with little conscience in regard to their own part in it themselves  (for this is the value that people faith have traditionally bestowed on the earthly lives of some human)

Its long been a theist tradition. arthur like the brethren folk merely help to carry this torch on into the future

None of them will ever bother to care to lose much sleep over the amount of harm that their faith may have helped to cause to other people

Like any gambler. All that matters most in life, is what happen to help please the gambler themselves the most

No different in regard to the faith gamble

It never occur to these folk that Jesus was heard asking why God had failed him, while on the cross (perhaps God failed Jesus, simply because there is actually no such thing as a-God?. More than likely correct, but theist wont bother to ponder these question)

It never occur to these folk, that if Jesus was in fact God, then why wouldn’t Jesus have also already known exactly when he would also be likely to actually return ?

Brainwashed faithful folk wont bother to even ponder these kind of question anymore

The same way that the brainwashed brethren folk also wont even bother to ponder questions in regard to aspect of Aberdeen anymore either

Like two peas in a pod ? (similarity is blatant )

There is a cost to these faith belief. Somebody need to already pay the cost of these faith belief (here and now) that the faithful choose to follow, and somebody must still pay even if these faiths are to end up ultimately fruitless in the long run











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