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All in All its Just Another Brick In The Wall

When I think back On all the crap I learned in high school It’s a wonder I can think at all And though my lack of education Hasn’t hurt me none I can read the writing on the wall “Kodachrome” … Continue reading

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Lost Tomb Of Jesus

In Feb 27 th 2oo7 ScienceDailey did an article about ‘Lost Tomb Of Jesus’ Reveals New Scientific Evidence Supporting Possible Find Of Jesus Family Tomb”  http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/02/070226212800.htm Then again the next day on Feb 28th titled   The Lost Tomb Of Jesus? Religious … Continue reading

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A Peebs Worst Nightmare the Hypocrisy of Faith

Hypocrisy of Faith is something that annoys a number of ex Exclusive Brethren. And for very good reason too . Because its true its all to easy for matters to become like one big charade , and it be more about … Continue reading

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Peebs Net Community Watch.God Religion and Man.

Like i said in my earlier post it seems many faithful folk still have a problem accepting  human beings should still have the freedom and rights to also be questioning the existence of Gods. I say Gods in the plural sense because the fact is humans have … Continue reading

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