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Religion the Wayward Child

To me . Sometimes religion seems reminiscent of the wayward child. Being dragged kicking and screaming. So detesting need to learn to live within the twentieth century . The hardest part for someone like myself. Is trying to find ways … Continue reading

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The Big Race

The big race is on for the Exclusive Brethren  (aka…PBCC “nudge nudge wink wink”say no more) to try to prove how they are actually real true charitable folk . See here To try and prove it to the Charity commissioner … Continue reading

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The Abusive Power of Extreme Positive Thinking

Power of positive thinking can be used as a really wonderful tool that is actually sometimes very extremely positive and helpful to us,. But it can also spell “grave danger” as well too, whenever welded within the wrong  hands.  For instance “power … Continue reading

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Science Cracking Psychological Codes of the Cults

I do so love the ScienceDaily  http://www.sciencedaily.com/  Science has been the best “bible” type reading that ive ever found to help me try and make some “real-sense” out of so much weird whacky strange crazy phenomenon we humans sometimes experience. Things like the zombie type phenomenon observable in many members in cults , … Continue reading

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Faith Compensation

Good on these folks for standing up for their rights against some of the faith bully’s that curse this earth like an incurable cancerous growth .They joined a faith group called group Agape Ministries which was a doomsday group that obviously fleeced some the followers of their money . http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/07/07/2947056.htm?section=justinContinue reading

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Will Atheism Eventually Replace Religion

Ken Pulliam runs an excellent blog called … Why I De-Converted from Evangelical Christianity.Ken is obviously very intelligent and i  really like reading his blog because his study goes into lots and lots of detail and is very well explained. Just lately Ken did … Continue reading

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Dear God Please Exist And Deliver Us Safely Soon From Harms Way Of The Very Grave Danger Of All The Many Insane Of This Wide World Who Seek To Follow You.

Have you ever watched the news on TV that might be covering a story on humans possessing some heartless unshakable beliefs, for instance humans like the Taliban many whom it seems don’t even flinch if their human bombs happen to kill or maim their own people, including … Continue reading

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