ExJW Meetup Sydney Harbour

Ex cult members will naturally begin to re-assimilate themselves back into normal every day human society. Society will by then, have become, a part of “their group” to which they’ll then all feel like they “belong to”

This is human interconnection

There will always be both good and bad people “among us”

This is simply “a small part of” the human condition

Its fairly unavoidable

Cults may try to promote their misinformed idea, that suggest that human can some how “separate themselves” from fellowship with evil, by simply shutting themselves away with confine of cults

But it obviously doesn’t work ?

Does it

For instance. Consider the Brethren bogans, group (or Jehovah’s Witness group, or else whatever other religious group that you’d prefer to use, as your own subject of interest) . Have any of them really been able to separate themselves from having any fellowship among evil people

Have they?

Have they really https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/australia/98220593/potential-witness-in-exclusive-brethren-sex-abuse-case-paid-to-remain-silent


https://www.secularism.org.uk/news/2015/01/58-plymouth-brethren-churches-given-charitable-status/   (IE: uncharitable practices. That are of no public benefit . For instance, by causing family dysfunction via excommunication,which then leads to rise in numbers of mental health problems, of which public health system will then be forced to cover costs of, including cost of loss of employment stemming from citizens bad health= no public benefit)

Plus more

Doesn’t ever work

Religion does not ever provide a fail proof way for human to disassociate themselves from problem of having fellowship among people who’ll “do bad”

It simply doesn’t work

In fact religion could perhaps even serve to help make matters MUCH worse. For one thing, religion can serve to deliver higher power into the hands of bad people. “Systematically bad” people too

Nothing greater that systemic based bad/evil. No other kind of bad/evil that is any more harder to end

Systemic based problem become the very worst to remedy

As the power can help aid the “bad people” to be able to escape and evade the law


Some religious groups are just more or less little more than acting as criminal type gangs , or like mafia-bullies that found a cunning way to “shelter under the pretense” of being to do with “religious belief”

This “pretense of religion” therefore can also allow them to “fly under the radar” an so as to also then avoid facing scrutiny of concern citizen.

Which of course also help to explain reason for why they’ll like to prefer to make their own religious group, need to be “so exclusive”


And then the “highly exclusive nature” of their groups cults , can also serve the evil-nature of their cults so as to help hide inconsistency with regard to them needing to act toward truepublic benefit” and “good

Once they have managed to create their “mini-dictatorships“, within confined border of religious cults. Then this then also means that other public citizen will then have far less ability themselves to ever become aware of bad-things of what continue occurring “inside of cult” dictatorship border

General citizen (outsiders) wont even “be aware” of whats still continually occurring inside high control group?

They wont

Very similar to how general citizen, also have less ability, themselves to ever become truly aware of whats actually continually still going on within border of north Korea either

The two situation will have gained certain “close similarity”

1.North Korean must have need to refrain from daring to speak out= for fear of facing punishment and retribution

2.Cult members must also have need to refrain from daring to come clean and speak out= for fear of facing punishment and retribution

1.North Korea is different, by reason of how there is also ability for North Korea hierarchy to impose punishment, can still include option to impose death penalty

2.(something that religious groups had also once upon a time also been able to demand to apply, by way of convicting human being of crime of heresy )

It is mainly due to the progress of humanity, between the two high control group, of what has helped to “create the change ”

Sadly change has ceased stalled, and slowed down dramatically, ever since “death penalty” has stopped

And yet in both instances (IE: North Korea,Or within high control groups) the element of torture are still quite free to still remain common practice

In both instances

Any acts of daring to question rule of hierarchy authority.Or acts of daring to choose to live lifestyle outside of dictatorship rule

Can cause human suffering caused through torture of ongoing-experiences of family separation and excommunication

Completely similar situation in both instances (IE: ex north Korean,who’ll escape from north Korea and begin to “spill the beans” about harm what happens within north Korea. Will thereafter be shunned by north Korea. Will be forced to have need to then “experience excommunication” from their family who’ll have remained within north Korea

And yet, sadly due to the fact that “religion has allowed for” a way for, mini dictatorship to develop and thrive,even inside of democratic society boundary

Somewhat similar situation still able to be happening inside of “democratic” society

Democracy is therefore not acting as protection against this tyranny

This situation still allow for a similar level of “secrecy” to develop and thrive there also still as well too


How come?

Due to lingering fear. Fear within acknowledgment of the suffering and torture what is NATURALLY inescapable  , for ALL potential escapee to have NATURAL  need to face

Should they dare to question authority of hierarchy?

In both cases (North Korea + Cults) , punishment = separation and excommunication from loved member of ones own family= need for to face ongoing torture of heartbreak and lingering sadness NATURALLY involved

All to often , sadly, culminating in acts of suicides https://web.archive.org/web/20131204204302/http://wikipeebia.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=14&sid=0da5bf29853dae314c62617a0e52aa6d 

How could progress of humanity stall and slow down in way like what it obviously has


The answer is simple

Due to human indifference 

Due to the explanation , that the suffering of this type of torture , is simply not something what ALL human will have need to experience

And because

Unlike a death penalty (IE: like situation of being burned at the stake upon being convicted of heresy. Or through being shot within North Korea or within other dictatorship )

This long lasting subtle form of torture that is suffered ,

1.will not leave behind any sign of blood

2 There will be no visual sign of brain injury.As brain injuries will likely be of the C-PTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder) kind of brain injury. Comparable to similar brain injuries suffered by returned servicemen from wars, or Jews who had suvived the holocaust (including any ongoing secondary-damage being caused to brains of their children as well too)

The injuries , in the most part, are able to remain

“Out of sight and out of mind”

In other words, what the majority of human citizen will have no need to ever see, or experience, themselves

Then that’s all that they’ll figure really matters

The indifference is remaining due to human ignorance

Due to the fact that news of the suffering , will hardly ever make front page news in newspapers. Will hardly even get to make it into forefront of mainstream news of prime TV

Meanwhile, the cults totally love this kind of situation

They do

It creates a slip stream where by FUTURE OF their own ability to become powerful and to continue to gain position to rule-over their mini-dictatorships

Is been made secure 

Therefore they’d also have very little reason to need to fear “progress of humanity”

“Progress of humanity” has been inadvertently “set on hold”

Through lack of interest

Lack of interest that stems from indifference

The worst part of this “immense depth of indifference” , in regard to ongoing torturous suffering caused by cults

Its the so called real Christian . So called “true follower” of Jesus

The “other highly organized “groups of religious people

Who are also the only ones still around holding the best position to be able to become highly helpful to those excommunicated people who have been left to suffer

By “organizing to help highlight the wrong” involved

Who’d also be the organized groups of believer,

Who’d simply not even bother to care to do anything to help, do so

And so

Progress of humanity therefore remains stalled within this slipstream of this immense indifference

Why in the hell would Jesus “be keen” to return to earth

“Why would anyone of any great integrity

Ever be any any “real great” rush. To want to ever need to return unto this level of systematic embarrassment


Ask yourselves

What in the hell for ?

Why bother to be in any kind of hurry?

You’d naturally,hold off. Wait and hope that the slip stream might one day finally be broken by a “renewed awareness”

So that the indifference could then be dissolved







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Jordan Peterson On Loneliness and The Importance of Human Connections

Family connections are immensely important. Family are supposed to help guide us. Family connection were supposed to help nullify the feeling of loneliness among youth, so that youth might then not have need to bother to rush into wrong relationships with partners of what are destined to not last

Sadly religion has become a spanner in the works . With all to often serving to destroy any possibility for good strong easy-flowing family connection to be able to remain strong.


Because of reason how the religious parent may try to act so as to impose their own religious belief, onto lives of their children

Religious people will try and say that religion “is the actual requirement” so as to create strong family bonds. However, this idea would seem to overlook the fact the many times strong family connection have been created without need for any form religion being involved . For instance, we could note that The Pirahã  peoples “family connections” do not suffer due to their lack of religion

Do they (if anything their “connections” are strengthen due to lack of religion)

This is the truth of the matter

Besides, lets say some Christian bigot were to try to suggest that Christian belief, is whats required, so as to help nurture strength of family connection. This idea is obviously wrong. The first nations people family connections were all already far stronger, far more closely connected, before Christianity arrived in the land by piggy backing its way into the people lives alongside with the acts of colonization. Causing family dysfunction that still now continues on strong, even unto this very day (because of reasons how “family connection” ,are ALWAYS hard to heal,once they have been systematically broken and messed-with)

And in fact many times over it has been Christianity what has served to decimate original tribal family connections. Causing all kind of extra family dysfunction to begin to occur in the process  (alcoholism, poverty through systematic loss of tribal land,and so on)

Cults have been wreaking havoc in causing breakdown of family connection too. And then to make matters worse, our government have acted utterly irresponsible by their own act of rewarding these cult by way of issuing them with charity status

Our government should be held ultimately responsible. As a big part of their own job, as government, is to be watching out after the citizen health and safety ?

Many time, our government have become so uncaring, and so far removed from responsibility of taking care of their own job in professional righteous moral manner, that they’ll often even try to refuse to cover the citizen (through accident compensation laws and so on) for any ongoing losses caused unto citizen via brain injuries caused by trauma experienced through cult harm

The situation is totally immoral . Governments should need to be the ones to be held to account. If government chose to reward religious groups of what cause citizen brain injury. Then government had better also be prepared to cover the outcome ?

They should be morally obligated

One brother of mine , many years ago during the rein of one Brethren leader (have a feeling it might have been a Hales) was cast out alone. Shunted out of Brethren fellowship and were “shut up” and put into separation. His wife and all their children were removed from within their home. My brother was left alone to fend for himself. He was required to still try and run is building business, plus to cook his own food and to take of all house keeping. During this time of separation of what went on for months on end, he wasn’t allowed to have any social contact with his wife,children or brethren member. Neither was he supposed to have social contact with any non brethren either. About the only time he’d have social contact with anyone, would only be during work time.

During this time, (from what i can remember being told), evidently the brethren leader of that time had said within meeting (what was then also recorded within Brethren ministry books as well, afterwards too) something to affect that it would be an ok-Brethren-practice, for my brothers wife to be trying to pressure my brother into quicker submission, by threatening that value of their building business might need to be divided up “should it” end up that my brother might need to be withdrawn from (being withdrawn from completely, is total excommunication, and is considered as being  the next step further past the previous act of being separated through being  shut up. Can also many times tend to become permanent .

So Brethren were willing to adopt my brother wife,to use HER as a WEAPONagainst my brother”, so as to pressure and threaten him of financial ruin, by breaking up their marriage through excommunication (as far as i’m aware, EVIDENCE of this idea, being put forward by the Brethren leader, within a Brethren meeting, is now recorded within books of Brethren ministry. So could still easily be found, and be pointed out)

Threatening that business interests “might have need to remain divided”, permanently, unless my brother would hurry up and become more submissive to Brethren hierarchy cult control (or something to similar affect)

That’s how low Brethren are willing to lower themselves to?

They’ll use a mans own Wife and children, (against the husband,)as tool WEAPON to threaten pain and suffering (then go so far as to even skite and boast about it within Brethten meetings. As if they must feel like it should be “looked upon”, as being quite normal MORAL practice)

They are morally sick human being the Brethren are?

Disgustingly so

This brother of mine, having been left to live exist completely alone for months and months on end. While still trying to run his business so as to still provide for his wife and children. While being subjected to threats and pressure from Brethren priests and who ever else. Obviously soon enough became extremely sad and lost. He then even began to lose so much weight, that in given time there were need for his own doctor to have need go see and approach the Brethren himself, so as to warn the Brethren that unless the Brethren would be willing to alter the situation quickly

Then my brother was very soon about to die through suffering extreme sadness for so long, and due to affect of starvation through him not eating enough

It had required THE WORLDLY DOCTOR to take action into his own hands himself (before Brethren would finally then agree to change the way they what they had been doing things?)

Thats how “morally backward” the Brethren bogans are

Unless the doctor had of purposely gone to see the Brethren to ask them to change their way

Brethren are so callous. So void of conscience. So low in compassion and empathy

High chance that they wouldn’t have bothered to care. Wouldn’t have changed their way.

And my brother would have died ,there all alone, in their family home. Due to Brethren’s highly detrimental ways of dividing-up family connection

Brethren have caused family dysfunction

During this time of family separation, between my brother and his wife and children. Who were removed from their family home. So as to put my brother into Brethren-church punishment. Which had lasted for mots and months on end. For so long in fact, that the brothers doctor had to intervene himself, so as to stop “death via starvation” from happening

During this long period apart my brothers “wife and children” had all also basically already begun to have grown-apart as well too

Which is entirely understandable ? (IE: its not considered as anything abnormal,”phenomena”, to have tendencies to happen)

Its not

Whats more, this situation has now ended up as a situation of what would never ever heal (still to this day, these relationship have not been able to heal)

Sadly so

Anyways, fast forward many years, and today my brother is now become an ex eb too (like myself). Since becoming an ex eb, he has now also finally been diagnosed as actually being someone who’s on the Asperger spectrum (which makes perfect sense, to me, when i now think back and reconsider some memory of what had occurred back as far as times way within my own childhood)

Brethren are utterly callous human

Whats worse is this . They are callous human who also COMPLETELY lack a conscience

They completely lack any form of real conscience

All the while they proceed with the facade of “RAPID RELIEF ” for farmers who’ll happily swallow their PR (public relation) stunt hook line and sinker

Without even thinking twice about it

This bullshit has come at a  huge cost to other people . People like my brother (for one instance)?

Farmers wont even know about that ?

Will they

Besides, do they even give a damn to “want to know” anyway? (so long as their own interest are taken care of)= indifference 101

Do other ex eb, who now may get to see their own eb families themselves ,once again…. Give a damn themselves about it either?= indifference 101

Indifference is huge

Indifference is pandemic proportion many times still today

Human (many of them pretending to be followers of Jesus)  SECRETLY really honestly couldn’t give a damn about what still happens with anyone else’s lives

They couldn’t give a stuff ?

Yeah nah

So long as their own lives are “being carefully catered” for

Then why bother to care about anything else ?

Meanwhile, many of them will still go to church on Sunday. Still rant on about “morality” and about “love of God” and so on blah bah rada rada rada

Still feel “real shit hot” about themselves too

Because of being to still claim to be someone who’s still “a believer” (swoon)

Those people. They await the return of Jesus. Still fully expect that they’ll be someone to be listed within the “good book”

Unbeknownst to them

Even although they figure that they might have escaped the cult (Brethren) , but yet meanwhile they still SUCCUMBED  to Brethren NEW FOUND way of LOVE BOMBING

Not that they’ll be one bit aware of it happening

Too thick?

Yeah nah … far to stupid

Bunch of dumb fucks played right into the hand of the Brethren game-play

all over again?

Yep …same  old shit … slightly different style …. different time frame

Same outcome

Indifference 101

Bruce review wrecker Hales must be clapping his hands together in glee

Not only do Brethren congregation remain gullible fools

Now ex eb happily proving themselves to be really no better either

All still happily remain like putty…. like a bunch of complete YO YO, in the hands of cunning Brethren hierarchy

But hey

Its a long standing Christian tradition


Very few Christian  really ever give a fuck about the lives existence of “other people” who remain caught up in destruction and harm caused by cults?

They don’t ?

Those Christian folk, mostly they all feel indifferent as to that

Not their any of own problem is it?

How else would cult harm have ever been able to find fertile ground to flourish?

Without the  “element Christian indifference” of what as always allowed it to happen

Even Jordan Peterson is now also trying to point out how important the family connection really are

Trouble is

Human are become indifferent

Christianity is long been acting as a force for indifference within our societies

Become to pandemic proportion within our whole societies

Specially so to, when obviously its not wrong to think how a little leaven can help to leaven the whole lump (Galatians 5:9 )

1.If Christian have traditionally felt indifferent in regard to detrimental affect of family division

2. If a little leaven would leaven the whole lump. Then little surprise too then, how now our whole secular society would have grown to also find it acceptable practice, as well


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Portrait of a Great Man

It is not for kings, Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wine, nor for rulers [to say], Where is the strong drink?
lest they drink And forget the law, And pervert the judgment of any of the children of affliction.

Proverbs 31:4
He goes to extreme lengths to smear, belittle and malign his critics. He defines “the truth” as whatever he says or thinks. He employs teams of top lawyers to attack and silence his detractors. He believes that freedom of speech and the press applies only to him and his friends. A profoundly divisive figure, he is widely reviled, but his supporters blindly accept his every utterance as gospel truth, while simply disbelieving any reports of malfeasance or misconduct.

An obscenely wealthy businessman, he has handed over his business interests to his sons and sons-in law while he pursues his political ambitions, while also promoting them to influential posts in his government – indeed, his government consists entirely of relatives and cronies. He surrounds himself with “yes men” brutally dismissing anyone who disagrees with him. In his own mind, he is incapable of doing any wrong.

He is widely accused of illegal interference in the electoral process, but always manages to pass the blame to a series of “fall guys”- although it is patently obvious that he instigated and directed the campaigns in question. His image is now so tarnished that association with him is now seen by many in government as political suicide.


end quote

Bruce review wrecker Hales.

Interference in electoral process. And along with interference also as well too, in Brethren review what were supposed to be designed to apologize for previous Brethren mistreatment of ex members

During the review, i were told , by my ex brother, of how Bruce Hales were actively involved in micro managing the goings-on within how the review was playing out

At the time, i were gullible and hadn’t even thought to be thinking anything about how this action might “be suspect”

I didn’t stop to consider that at that time

Mainly due to myself feeling so overjoyed and overwhelmed with thought of our families reunion . And as such, i had also been freely forgiving as well too

Unbeknownst to me (at that moment in time) , the review was simply another type of Brethren facade  . For in actual fact that Brethren review were purposely design far more so as a type of Brethren PR campaign (public relations campaign) . A PR campaign in which us ex members, who had experienced being mistreated by Brethren action, some of us having even experienced sexual abuse of what had been swept under the carpet and as such also not receive professional help from qualified counselor and or psychologist

Were at that time, being used like pawn in a game of chess cunning-manipulation

The review were a cunning facade devised by the Brethren hierarchy.

With cunning intention so as to “quickly” get as many as possible of us ex member back  on side with Brethren (IE:so that we then wouldn’t be so inclined to spill the beans on truth of their acts of nastiness, to news media, and so on. )

In short, Brethren were prepared to sacrifice decency of our (the ex ebs) heart to feel freely forgiving, so as to then gain freedom from scrutiny, for themselves

Brethren are SO POOR OF HEART, their main concern is centered around what they can “stand to gain” for-themselves

That’s historically become the “main concern what drives the mind” of Brethren

Little else (definitely not conscience,compassion or empathy for ex member, even when ex member involve their-family)

Poor Brethren (IE: Brethren=extremely poor of heart)

Brethren have become well rehearsed at putting on the ritz (where situation would require them to need to do so)



Situation not all that very different to present day rapid relief team facade . Once again another situation with Brethren proceeding to steal the hearts of people, by displaying  “pretense of” charity, compassion and empathy

Another act of

Love bombing

That’s still

Void of truth of heart

People who didn’t mind TO ALLOW that member of their “own flesh and blood“, would be driven to extent of despair, that they’d commit suicide


Also wont be the type of people tend to see anything immoral with the design of these type of cunning facade

Will they?

They also wont care less , about the level of harm that their group has caused. Few of them will ever bother to lose any of their own sleep over thought of the level of deceit involved within working of their faith group of which they still remain associate of

They wont

These people still remain “horridly backward” within their social mannerism

Fact is, that very few BRETHREN will even see any reason to think anything wrong of their faith associate practices of trying to conceal evidence of sex abuses and what not https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/australia/98220593/potential-witness-in-exclusive-brethren-sex-abuse-case-paid-to-remain-silent 

They wont?

Yeah nah , they most likely wont

The fools will generally still continue to cling-on to the bullshit failed idea of them being active in “separation from evil”, by act of merely secluding themselves away within some creepy secretive FAITH CULT

They’d still be stupid enough to still believe in it


As if that would ever serve to actually help them stay free from evil

Like as if ?

This is how socially backward their rank and file has been able to become over the years

They’ve been able to be foolish enough to have believed that it might work

Whats worse is

There seem to be nothing that would ever serve to actually help to enlighten them, to acknowledge the extent of this failure

Absolutely nothing

Rather than to acknowledge it

They’d rather to busy themselves with rapid relief projects of what have been also designed by cunning of their hierarchy , so as to help keep their minds occupied with alternative thoughts that have been designed so as to help them ALL to forget about instances of evil where-by their associated hierarchy had been actively involved in

They are so mindless, that their hierarchy could even be able to lead them all right up the gum tree

They still wouldn’t be any the wiser how it might had happened

Would they?

Yeah nah … most of them still wouldn’t even suspect a thing had happened then either

They’d all just still continue to mill around mindlessly in circles…. as usual …. just like what already been constantly happening already for generations

Sheeple still do as sheeple does ?


The “Hales clan” and “hierarchy associate” still get to continually fleece the flock ….. as usual


Fools wouldn’t even have enough brain to bother to question it

Would they?

They’d still ALL remain like putty … like a bunch of yo yo  … like puppets

The poor things

The poor things… They’ve allowed GREEDY men to rule their lives.

Haven’t they?

Allowed them to have ruined their own family relationships too via dysfunction and family division caused by excommunication and so on

Have allowed GREED to gain control

Have allowed themselves to become void of conscience themselves too in the process of being foolish enough to have blindly been allowing it to occur

In this way also becoming void of compassion (as well)

Void of empathy , even for members of their own family whom have been mistreated

The poor things?


Even if they’d be able to claim to be financially wealthy

Only a fool would ever agree to sell their heart for money-gain


Only a bunch of bone-headed idiots

The poor Brethren

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But thanks to God I have moved on

Couple of ex ebs, in discussion


Anthony Worme Hi Peter, while I read your posts with interest, I am wondering if you are still tied up in knots about what happened to us in the EB’s. I was very angry with them for many years, but thanks to God I have moved on and found fellowship with another group who care about people. Maybe you have done the same. The EB’s don’t care about you, so don’t fret yourself over them, it can ruin your relationship with the Lord.
Find support or report comment
Peter M Clarke
Peter M Clarke No,my friend,its it’s not being angry with the EB, but as Joseph said ‘when it is well with you,remember me’ and while we may well have moved on ourselves,as I have as well there are many many more who have a big hole in their lives and still try to cope with the loss of family,and many more who have passed on,it is to those people we owe a debt to never forget until the EB accept responsibility and acknowledge it
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Anthony Worme
Anthony Worme Peter M Clarke I agree and happy to hear you have moved on.
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Peter M Clarke
Peter M Clarke It’s pretty clear the EB have ‘moved on’ ….without a thought or conscience about the trail of broken homes ,marriages and lives they left in their wake.It is a debt unpaid…

end quote (my bold)

Perhaps this kind of conversation, between believer, could be fairly common theme ?

All throughout Christendom, this is exactly what happens. Christian all find a way in which to simply move on, and forget about the damage. Even the anxiety being caused

Been something constantly occurring generation after generation now for thousand upon thousand of years now

Religion is another form of meditation. As such it also has the very same mind numbing quality

Quality to help human overcome their anxiety

In this way it easily can numb a person conscience . The Brethren are been using it to numb their own conscience too. Outside the Brethren, believers within other Church group, are also using religion too, for the very same mind numbing quality, which can also still help them all to bury their conscience as well. Even member of the Catholic church congregation, were all active in adopting the mind numbing quality of religion, what had help Catholic to all bury their own consciences too in regard to widespread sex abuses , within the Catholic church of what had not faced justice 

Anxiety that flowed off of the situation,all of what had in this way easily been able to be forgotten about

Once anxiety is gone, conscience is then lost also

Meanwhile ,all these religious folk, will proceed to then attribute all this deep seated mindless lack of conscience, as having happen to them by “the work if God”

I have little doubt, that back when Jesus had acted to clear the temple of the money changers (John2: 13-22)

That Christian then , very similar to Anthony Worme , even back then in those time long ago, would have also said something similar to Jesus too

Hi Jesus, while i listen to your sermon’s with interest, i am wondering if you are still tied up in knots about what happened to us in the Temple’s . I was very angry with them for many years, but thanks to God i have moved on and found fellowship with another group who care about people.


That’s exactly how they would have also all reacted

They would looked upon Jesus, as if Jesus must be acting like some kind of devil worshiper or something

Whats in the hell is wrong with Jesus? .. see how “he agonizes” over the harm of whats being done onto others

Somethings obviously wrong with this fella Jesus?

The congregations of believers would have felt concerned for Jesus inability to move on and forget about his own feeling of anxiety (over abuse happening within the temple)


Perhaps it might had the “unsavory feeling of working to stir-up their own conscience, a little to much for their own liking?

They’d have all felt horrified (to observe it, and feel it)

After all, this is exactly how ALL these things are always been able to constantly continue to happen.Believers have traditionally always adopted religious meditation, so as to help themselves to overcome their own feelings of anxiety. This can even also easily explain how it was that the sex abuses, happening within the Catholic church, had of also been easily able to continue to constantly still occur, generation after generation, up until fairly recently too


It can help to explain it all

All the evil nasty things that can so easily still occur within religious circles

It can also even explain how easy its been for the EB’s to simply gloss over all of the damage with what the Brethren group has been able to cause too

And so on

All the harm caused by religion, is being glossed over 

Because religion help to provide a form of mind numbing meditation which in turn then help to bury the believers conscience 

The believer then proceed to attribute this as being due to “Gods work”

This then makes for  self perpetuating continuation of the situation

Meanwhile the believer can even feel morally superior too?

It wont even occur to them, that perhaps they might even all be morally bankrupt 

Most wont even stop to consider the thought?


Probably not even for a second

Similar to the EB’s way, they also all just roll on as usual . Same old same old traditional way of participating in “religion”

Constantly attributing their lack of conscience, as being due to “the work of God”


Not hard to see that Jesus way of being, didn’t sit to well among Christian-lifestyle.


Because, a very determine minded Jesus had remain far to mindful of problem, that still existed. That still hadn’t been dealt with

Jesus wasn’t interested in using religious-meditation, to help himself to bury his own conscience so as to then also overcome his own feeling of anxiety 

No way

Jesus wasn’t about to agree to follow that path

That didn’t sit well with Christendom?

Not hard to understand why

They’d all preferred to have a “mindless meditative” congregation of believers who’d therefore all be able to help themselves to gloss over thoughts of injustice , so as to move on

And “overcome” any feeling of anxiety


Chances are.Anyone observed to be unable to achieve this. Would promptly be deemed to be acting as devil worshiper


Those believer are a bunch of real bright sparks . Hell, those folk are so intelligent, they’ll even find a way to class acts of religious tyranny, as being about religious liberty too

No worries

Most wont even think twice about it either?

They’ll freely accept religious tyranny as if it were truly about religious liberty. Then still proceed to feel totally dumbfounded “themselves” still too,whenever observing how their own religious freedom has been lost

These folks are so hugely intelligent


How the hell could that have even happen anyway ? (when laws of so called religious liberty, are in place)

God only knows how ….. hmmmm

For the life of them they really still cannot figure out what in the hell’s been going wrong

Funny thing, to see how the youth today, are now no longer quite so happy anymore, to be feel counted among the believers congregations

God only knows why?


Suppose those youth of today must surely be crazy children. Just don’t even know sense whats good for themselves anymore




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Best way to fix the future

One of the very best ways to alter and fix things for the future. Is for us to first of all start off by making sure of holding our governments responsible ,for the outcome of the past

The outcome of the past, in regard to harm caused by cults and high control religious groups, most often relate to mental health and psychological problems involved with extreme harm caused through acts of shunning

Stemming from this harm, there will also naturally be loss of work income


One way to change the future. Would be for ex member,of all different cults and high control religious groups affected, to all closely unite 

Unite resources together so as to form one powerful worldwide universal association

So as to share and combine resources what can be made available. Then from these resources, there could then be one strong group of highly educated and intuitive advocate,what could then be set up. Their job specialty, would then be to act as advocate for human rights interests of all ex member of cults and high control religious groups

They could act as human rights advocate specialist for human rights concern of all people leaving control of cults and high control religious groups

For instance, even as advocate for situation in dealing with government ACC (accident compensation cooperation). To help fight for ex members human rights, in regard to loss of work income, of what stems from any mental health issues, caused unto ex member through brain injury that stem from harm of religious abuse

Even if need be, be prepared to use top lawyer, to litigate against government policy of what at present may refuse to accept responsibility , through ACC, for cover of ongoing cost of hidden brain injury, such as C-PTSD

If Government law, would allow that screw-ball whack job nutty cults, like what are run by Bruce review wrecker Hales, can legally be allowed to cause ex member brain injury through C-PTSD

Then so be it

Governments have the right to choose to make that kind of decision

However, Government will also still need to be held accountable,  therefore as such must also be prepared to cover ongoing cost ,even for brain injuries caused by these policy,as well too

And so on

The way to redefine the future for all human. Is to start off by making sure to do everything possible, to hold our government responsible/accountable, for outcome of laws of what the Governments themselves choose to find acceptable , in the past and present

We shouldn’t even bother argue with Government about their stupid decision

But rather we should begin to unite closely together into a powerful strong association of advocate ,including employing top lawyer where needed, so as to then begin to hold the governments completely responsible for the outcome of their own policy

That way we will then be making Government pay for cost of  responsibility their own decision they choose to make

Putting the pressure back onto government. Where it rightfully deserve to sit

Which therefore stops the ex member from need of paying the full cost themselves

This is the key to change?

Ex member should be welcoming the offer to unite . Like this https://www.facebook.com/groups/5658649590/permalink/10157645037299591/

Welcoming the offers with open arms

Only people who’d lack intuition , would ever bother to be wasting more time with still arguing about doing-it

Get real

Even more young “would be” ex member, could be considering the idea of trying to leave the control of cults, and high religious groups, right now themselves too

If only they could ALL feel 100% certain , that there would already be a highly organized , well financed, highly educated human-rights-savvy group of universal ex member advocate , whats ready and waiting to act as extremely powerful advocate , for ALL would be ex member, without question. And without any discrimination as to said ex members personal preference choices in regard to personal faith-decision

This is always been the key to future change

Even within the last ten year, this kind of association, has been seriously lacking . And there have been many times when human rights issues , have not been look after and have not been able to be taken care of, for ex members who have already left the control of these cults

This most certain has need to change first off

Before we can ever hope to see a steady flow of leavers

Its not like rocket science ?

Just some simple down to earth intuitive common sense 

Sadly what is also often been seriously lacking

Wake up folk

If it be possible, for a rag tag bunch of highly organized west coasters, to hold our government to account

See info here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pike_River_Mine_disaster

Best way for NewZealand citizen  to secure a far better SAFER future for mining in NZ

Was ALSO by first of all holding out government accountable for cost of bad policy of the past and present

Then obviously, likewise it wont be out of the question , for ex member of high control religious group, to also figure a way , to also attend to the same too

Hold our Governments accountable for cost-of their own decision

Lets not bother to waste anymore of our time,and sanity with trying to convince the mindless mind of cult members. Who care what stupid ministry their whack job Bruce review wrecker Hales might decide to write

He’s and idiot. And so idiots are more or less fully expected to write stupid ministry?

We wont be able to reason with people, who’d never come to their way of existing, through reason within the first instance


As those people quite naturally wont understand “reason”

As we might just as well try to use “reason” on rock?. Or a garden pea. Or a snail

It make us end up being the ones who’s been acting most senseless

Far better that we would UNITE and all turn our full attention onto dealing with holding our governments to account for FULL cost of their own decision, and laws 

Their choice of law = their responsibility for outcome cost too

Same way like what has finally happened with regard to pike river disaster as well

Our governments are not above the law themselves either

Unless we would allow them to get away with it

Perfect timing for us ex member, to unite, and begin to take the fight right into our government quarters


New government re-election time is again getting closer by the day

Time to strike while the governments will be most ready to have need to listen?


When the cost incurred by government bad policy, would finally begin to start “costing the governments”  of who had originally went ahead, and agreed to have designed the bad policy in the very first instance

This will be when the governments will become accountable for cost of their own bad policies, what they chose to make

Not the citizen,who at present ,are WRONGFULLY being forced to need to cover the full cost




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What is the impact of child sexual abuse?

Who can people ever feel like they can trust, if they already know how they cannot even really trust that their own family will care?

That’s the thing to think about. Seems to be at the root of so many family dysfunction . Relationship dysfunction’s and so on

The Brethren’s way of constantly sweeping the abuse under the carpet (due to Brethren-group pride),like what they have done, way to many times, is the worst thing that could ever have happened. Brethren should have known better than to ever allow it to happen,Sad that Brethren are become such small-people too as a group, they wont even be able to be upfront enough so as to admit to it either. Not big-enough people to do so

But Brethren-bogan, are so socially backward these days,and so hugely lacking in conscience,compassion and empathy” and so on, they wont even be SLIGHTLY aware of the amount extended harm what they have ALL helped cause either.

Will they?

Yeah nah

So socially backward, that they wont be even in the slightest bit “aware” of it. Blunder on blindly following the rule set out by moron Bruce review wrecker Hales. Even when it comes at the cost of ruining the review for ALL BRETHREN  who were involved

That’s fairly much something whats bound to happen within a group of socially backward people

Blundering blind foolishness

Poor things  (very poor of heart, big in greed for money=Brethren)

The Poor socially-backward Brethren folk

The ALL played a “active” part in the mess. Many have acted within the passive enabler role. Haven’t they?. Which is the worst

Its often even been “the passive enablerall of who had helped deeply ingrain racism,sexism,marital-rape, and so much more within our societies

Due to their socially-backward, mannerism for lack of concern

Certainly not how Jesus acted. Is it?. I don’t read where Jesus had fucked around with prayer, i read instead of a man who had PROMPTLY stepped forward to act, in a socially forward thinking manner, and even although the act would have cost him his own life

Jesus was socially forward thinking person (not some poor socially backward persons,like what so many passive enable people are often very much still acting like today)

If i were a Brethren member, i would be busily praying like anything, that no such thing as an eternity, would exist.

Mind you, most other Christian within Christendom are ALL no better either. They all piss around and prefer waste time with prayer. And will forget about “taking any action”

Rather than taking action. Rather than demanding that religious liberty be FINALLY upheld in a more truthful transparent manner, unlike the deceitful lie like what most PASSIVE ENABLER with Christendom today can find a way to feel completely comfortable to still live with

Yet then they’ll still be heard to ALL waffle on about “following in Jesus footsteps”, rada rada rada

Little wonder then that Christianity has become irrelevant these days. Mostly Christendom is nothing like the way what Jesus were.Real Christian would be FAR rarer to find, than what rocking horse shit is like to find

Why would Jesus even want to return to earth?

Imagine the EXTENT of embarrassment of what he’d then have need to face if he did.

Imagine the embarrassment

I suspect, that after they crucified Jesus. That the religious people of that time, many of who’d been acting “money changers” within the temple, might have simply proceeded-on, to start their own rapid relief team. The facade

Little doubt that Christendom would have swallowed the bait hook line and sinker too?. Thought absolutely nothing of it

Everyone would have happily made excuses, for bad behavior of money changers. Proceeded to carry on, as if none of it had ever even happened (so long as their own stock were getting fed, and their firemen’s tummy’s were full)

The irrelevance of Christendom is self perpetuated?. Like ive said so many times here on this blog , Christian can often act like their own worst enemy

They talk about moral. Yet will hapilly act as immoral as the worse ,can act

In Roman times, Christendom back then had enjoyed the luxury of being able to get away with everthing with staunch Government support    

Which, to some extent, still continues to this very day today of course too. Although, these modern days, as more and more time goes by, more and more secular people, these days, are now beginning to wake up to this situation. Beginning to demand answers. Plus are turning away from religion,in droves. And also demanding the situation will change

Plus, due to huge irrelevance of Christendom today,church congregation membership numbers have continually been in fast decline too, and so Churches are also being sold-off as well, and many have been converted into building for “far more worthwhile” style uses (rightly so too)

Evidence is everywhere that Christian are constantly been acting like their own worst enemy. All stems back to the deceitful lie of religious liberty too. Doesn’t it

All the troubles stem back to the ways in whats religion been able to be acting tyrannical 

Due to bullshit of religious liberty

That where all the trouble stems from (and of course plus the greed that is behind reason for that being maintained in that way)

This lie has SERVED to help turn very large number of human population, off religion. Human got sick of facing the religious tyranny . Sick of facing the family dysfunction of what this deceitful tactic has ALWAYS also constantly helped to cause

You’d think that perhaps believer might wake up to it?

Yeah nah

Pretty unlikely?. Believers are generally not the type of people who’ll bother to contemplate issues in any great depth?

Are they

Most of them will spend more of their time,with wallowing within the ego to be gained from their “acts of worshiping”

Religion is overflowing with element of human ego. Even the fact of how they help to make a-God out to seem to be like some egotistical being that for some reason, might therefore really have craving need to have million upon million of people, constantly involved in religious ritual act’s of brown nosing-worship and ass licking ,constantly within religious building, so as to therefore help bolster their chosen Gods, self-esteem ?

Honestly… As if?

Get off the grass

What a load stupidity

As if a-God would ever be likely to want or need any such egotistical bullshit (that ego shit, is all HUMAN NATURE orientated. nothing more)

It seem obvious,to me, that this “religious-ritual” relate directly back to human nature (IE: its the nature of the human-ego that will naturally require to have other people who’d worship-them, so as to help build-up ,their own self esteem. That’s definitely been human nature?)

I suspect it will actually have absolutely nothing AT ALL to do with any God (should there be any god of what might actually exist)

Meanwhile, there has been huge amount of suffering caused


If a-God were to exist. I feel sure, that this God would naturally feel extremely angry, and highly embarrassed . Due to the amount of harm of what has “been caused by human-ego”, but yet been done-so in the name of God

I still feel pretty comfortable with being an atheist.

Even after ive seen theist try to directly connect atheists with Joseph Stalin, or other “dictator” . Like they like to do.

I still can say, that i certainly don’t see highly organized groups “of atheist” around about in our neighborhood today, whom are acting to divide family. Which would therefore “become the cause” of family dysfunction

Can any theist point any out ?

To find that level of organized-division, happening anywhere within our own societies. We will still have need to look toward religious groups

This is a fact that theist would do well to finally face up to (should they ever honestly care to bother)










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Undue Influence: Cults and Predators with Steven Hassan

Narcissist personality disorder . People that lack conscience and empathy. Everything is usually about “making them look good” (IE: Brethren Rapid relief team charade?) and feel good. And interestingly, destructive cult leaders (like Bruce review wrecker Hales?) will usually fit this characteristic

In other words they are narcissist 

Also a similar link between most all people/members within cults

Which help explains why even our family, within the Brethren are EASILY able to act heartless . For instance, like with the Brethren sham-review phenomena = cult member narcissism

Its narcissism

Also helps explain why they wont be able to see their rapid relief team , for the “hypocrite-scheme” that it is

Cunning scheme purposely devised to retain their charity status (which explain why it hadn’t happened until after charity commission had pressured the Brethren)

They are narcissist = no conscience

Poor things don’t even feel remorse when one of the family member had committed suicide

Narcissist = no conscience , no empathy, no compassion

Poor things?

Wealthy in money. But poor in conscience 

Sad people

Even the way what Bruce review wrecker Hales , suggest someone should take rat poison



In September 2015, Bruce Hales was asked about a mentally unwell New Zealand Brethren member man who had been in contact with “opposers” – people who have left the Brethren – should be dealt with.

Bruce Hales, Sydney-based global leader of the Exclusive Brethren, pictured with his wife Jennifer.

The “opposers” in question are understood to be members of the man’s own family who have already left the Brethren.

Hales said “having links” with them was “rotten poison”, and that the poison had got into the young man, who is from New Zealand.

Despite having been told that the man was “in what would appear to be torment at times,” Hales told the meeting it would be better for him to kill himself.

“He might as well get a shot of – what’s the best thing to kill you quickly? … What’s the stuff? Cyanide? No, not cyanide,” Hales says.

“Arsenic. How do you get arsenic into you? … He’d be better to take arsenic, or go and get some rat poison or something, take a bottle of it.”

Hales then appears to contradict himself: “Now I’m not advocating him doing that but … that would be better, to finish yourself off that way [rather] than having to do with the opponents of the truth.”

Hales tells them to “send the bastard back [to New Zealand]”.



end quote

Pretty much, text book  narcissism

Isn’t it ?

Poor guy.

Wealthy in money


Terrible poor in heart

Far to small a person to ever allow himself to apologize 

No conscience

Poor Brethren. They possibly don’t even realize the direct link that their  “cold heartedattitudes have with personality disorder narcissism 

Do they?

Poor things

These video would be great video, to share/show among the public, within our acts of peaceful protest

Chances are that Brethren business clientele, and the firemen who are being served by rapid relief team too , probable wont have even stopped to think about it

They wont be aware of this narcissism link ?

Wont be aware

This guy uses science to help reprogram , ex cult member who’ll leave cults with narcissist personality in-tow

Obviously its a fairly well studied phenomena






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The way we think about charity is dead wrong

The way we think about charity is dead wrong

I agree. Way wrong. Why are we still allowing it to generally end up in the hands of the religious organization?

Interesting point discussed at around the 10.35 min mark.It discusses the false nature of “acts of charity” as it to often still stands. In regards to puritan beliefs. The way that the religious were intending to become wealthy. But when becoming wealthy had then felt guilt. So to offset the feeling of THEIR CAPITALIST guilt. They had come up with the idea of creating charity system that would also have need to remain unprofitable. So that this gesture could ultimately then serve to resolve the religious capitalist “feelings” of guilt

In affect, guilt offset through a cunning act

Not that religion would bother to feel any guilt about cunning-act?

By maintaining that charity would necessarily have need to remain within unprofitable boundary. This would then help to deal to competition . Mainly the charity would mostly end up being run by religious , who’s feeling of guilt could become reason for their motivation

A cunning plan

Not really based on feeling of “simple” kindness. Or empathy and compassion

More like a cunningly planned “get-out-of-hell free” card


However today, by now we now should know better. We should know that it doesn’t require guilt , “for human” to want to get involved in acts of charity

Many do charity. Many more of us, EX EB’S would have been more involved in charity too, if only our families hadnt been ripped to pieces. Been driven half insane through sadness and despair due to Brethren actions

We can be sure of that

And beside, religion can act in a negative way to human ability to act charitable . Correct?

Notice how few “other-believer” (IE:non eb believer) are caring enough to bother questioning the Brethren acts of dividing families and ruining whole generation of lives. WHOLE GENERATION have been ruined. While believer, who were unaffected themselves, had stood by and done absolutely nothing to help remedy the situation

See how many millions of believers will willingly live with the lie of religious liberty,as it stands? (so called “liberty”  what allows for people to become entrapped within cults and high control religious groups)

Bullshit liberty

Religion is certainly not the moon beam of essence of charitable-acts

Or even any moon-beam of whats-moral

Is it?

If anything religion is acting against freely charitable action. Even so far as the forces of BIGOTRY of what the faith beliefs have been helping to infiltrate our societies with as well too

Time for big changes to happen. Time that our government would also wise up. Specially now today,with the FAST approach of environmental destruction,and pollution and depletion of world resources

Bloom of homelessness

Charity should not be allowed to be mainly allocated to religion any longer. These religion are long overdue for decent competition. Humanitarian orientated competition

Overdue time that the playing field would need to be made more level

Time that well meaning humanitarian ,and atheist ,would also be provided with a way ,to enter into charity acts, without any need to go “using guilt” against Church congregation. Like the way what religion does

Proper “empathy and compassion” based acts of charity

For a change (decent charitable act, free from requirement/expectation to worship some idol-God-image)

This action, would then help to force religions, to have need to become honestly charitable

No longer could they afford to pick and choose , who they be prepared to help?. They’ll then have less option left open, to be able to decide to deny charity to ex member of their religious cults either

The day of reckoning, for religious charitable frauds, is fast approaching

Only a matter of time

Meanwhile us ex member can continue play a part. For instance we can take all kind of action, so as to help make sure that firemen are informed . Informed about the way that Brethren are picking and choosing who they act charitable towards

There are plenty of youtube video, and other media available now, which amount to masses of collected evidence, of what could even be taken out to stand as close as possible alongside rapid relief team canteens . That could then be used so as to directly help educate the firemen of exactly what type of cunning religious people, they are being fed-food by

I most certainly do intend to start doing so myself too, as soon as i feel i’m quite ready to do so, and able to get everything needed together. Van decked out with media to run a decent number youtube video loops to publicly-display the harmful experiences what were forced upon ex eb’s lives. Plenty of hand-out information pamphlets, and so on

Bruce Hales should grow so bigger balls. Admit to his failure of leading Brethren up the garden path,k due to his greed, within the farce so called Brethren review. In affect, hurting the people far more, of who he’d been pretending to want to say sorry to.

He might then at least prove to Brethren ,that he’s in fact willing to honestly admit to his own imperfection 

In stead of STILL remaining way to gutless 

Brethren business may stand to be the ones to lose out most of all?. Once we start traveling the country,with a road show van equipped to display evidence of harm caused by Brethren to so many ex member, and parking it out alongside as close as is legally possible to their businesses

So as to HELP bring our own “hikoi protest” VERY VERY PUBLIC

this should at least serve to make it harder for Firemen to swallow the food for so-called “rapid relief team” (one which isn’t been rapid at relief of families of what they are quietly well-known to have ruined. Plenty of “doctors records” compiled throughout the years, to even help support this claim too)

If i were a-Brethren, i wouldn’t bother to become complacent? . I certainly wouldn’t bother to be thinking that the truth had “failed” to surface

No way

If i were a-Brethren,i feel id be considering that perhaps there are certain  ex eb’s who have been patiently holding back, so far, due to their empathy and compassion


Be also wondering if perhaps this is now beginning to wear a bit thin

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The Problem With Our Society

The Problem With Our Society – Gabor Mate (Toxic Culture)

Listen through the video above, and then apply it , to thinking about what kind of health HAZARD affect it would have on Brethren and ex Brethren’s QUALITY of health

Below is a few comments of ex eb experiences. For reference

Note: these one quoted below, are merely like the tip of the iceberg (so to speak)

In other words

There are miles more very similar stories, too, than so far remain untold, of similar experiences, what happened to plenty of others as well

My own ex eb sister and brother in law being one of these story. Having given birth to a child of what was born with a rare disease know as maple syrup urine disease

See some info on this disease here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maple_syrup_urine_disease

Note: this disease is genetically driven. It first require both parent would both need to inherit certain genetic  (or otherwise this disease wont happen to babies what are born)

When the child was born to my sister and brother in law, not long after they left the eb and were withdrawn from and had therefore been then promptly treated as if they’d already both died .

Some local eb ,quite likely some member of Brethren hierarchy had then implied that this was Gods “way” of punishing them (IE: the parents)

When this child died later on when aged 4 1/2. After the childs heart gave up,through falling sick often. And perhaps partly due to hospital staff being slow to listen to the child’s parent pleas, for prompt action, to admit to hospital

This sister and brother in law, were to have not even one grandparent , available, there to help support them, not even at the graveside either?

Only for reason because of how all their grandparent had remained within confines of the Brethren cult

Brethren are sick people. Due to hierarchy’s Greed, sadly most ALL BRETHREN CONGREGATION have become void of true compassion or empathy

Considering how true CHARITY  will generally be expected to be seen to start among family

They pretend to be charitable. Sure they do. So as to fool the citizen ,through love bombing . IE” so called “Rapid relief team”

Yet they’ll show no rapid relief ,to loads of ex cult member, whom their CULT, has HARMED  tremendously?

Their kind of “so called charity” is more of an act

Public (PR) relation gimmick 

See the link (who they are not more likely)

Who We Are

Compassion ?

They are merely putting on the Ritz

Compassion and empathy both are usually expected to need start at home, among family. Specially-so, to family whom have been harmed?

The greedy non eb citizen may quite possibly accept it (IE: the ritz-charade), being that Brethren are also offering “business options”, of what other people “without charity connection” status may have less hope to ever offer them?.

Or perhaps those whom are easily fooled into believing Brethren’s claim to “being compassionate” charitable people


  • Miriam Field-Davidson I was so brainwashed, I thought God would hurt one of my children if I left. That was the god I learned in the pbs. A vindictive, angry despot who I better love …or else
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    • Sandie Inkson Miriam Field-Davidson me2 my daughter died @ just 13yrs and the brethren said it ‘was Gods judgement on me 4 selling my birthright 😦
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    • Jilly Moxham Sandie Inkson about the cruelest thing someone can say to someone who’s heartache and loss of their child is at its rawest. Compassion and empathy in the EB Hierachy impossible. That is the sort of comment that never fails to enrage me.
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    • Miriam Field-Davidson Oh Sandie Inkson, I am so sorry for the crassness and cruelty of those people. How horrible. How dare any of them spout verses about love, they are the antithesis of love.
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    • Jenni Mcdougall Sandie Inkson I’m sorry for your pain
      I too was told if I left the brethren that I would have a life of sorry and handicapped children if I married outside the cult
      I had a son Ben with Cystic Fibrosis and a son Kyle with leukemia
      Ben died at 18
      It’s a horrendously emotional trauma that never leaves you
      My heart to yours
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    • Sandie Inkson Jilly Moxham I agree and then they came and demanded her body while she was stil alive ….. its outraGeoUs!!!
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    • Jilly Moxham Beyond belief cousin. Warm hugs♡♡
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    • Sandie Inkson Jilly Moxham Yes I had to get security LoLz
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    • Deb Ghinn Hugs Sandie. Every time I hear what they did, my heart goes out to you all over again. These were ‘our’ people, and it utterly makes me cringe. (Sandie & I come from the same NZ ‘locality’ as the peebs call it.) 💞
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    • Sandie Inkson Jenni Mcdougall thankyou Jenni …. jacqui died of a tumour on the brain stem @ 13yrs I feel and hear your pain #Hugs
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    • Jenni Mcdougall Sandie Inkson thank you
      It’s not the natural order of things to bury your children
      Grief is overwhelming and without family and friends becomes even more unbearable
      The unchristian attitude of the brethren in laying blame and preaching fear is emotional abuse
      If any one else did this it would be unacceptable
      Find support or report comment
    • Miriam Field-Davidson My precious little niece died from the same thing just before her fifth birthday. She is still loved and missed so much.
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end quote (my bold)

What the hell are our governments thinking when they allowed these groups free rein, as like what they do, that would then act EXTREMELY HARMFUL to human health and safety?

What happen to our Governments RESPONSIBILITY for human RIGHT of health and safety ?

Ex cult member, from all different cults, worldwide, should be acting in solidarity in holding all the governments accountable, for their irresponsible ways

One way to help make our government learn from their irresponsible act, in allowing this harm to occur to human health and safety

Is to take action in suing the Governments

That’s what should be happening

Let the government allow harmful cults and high control groups. Fair enough. Their choice. Let them act stupidly in handing out charity status to them to

But then lets act to hold our government responsible for their irresponsible act. Hold the governments TOTALLY responsible for their disregard for human right to decent health and safety

Sue the government for so much money, that they’ll learn to think twice , about allowing this to happen?

This is the answer

Doing this, will help to sort out problems with many harmful groups worldwide 

You might say, it would be kind of like (the saying)killing a fair number of birds, by use of only the one stone

Governments are the ones, who have BEEN WILLING to put capitalism before health and safety of human

Haven’t they?

Even their GREED, came before compassion and empathy too. In this sense, both culkt vmember and politician are simlar. Their compassion and empathy, is been far too easily overcome by Government Greed for wealth of its citizen “in money terms rather than in terms of the citizen HUMAN RIGHT to decent health and happiness


Little wonder then, society today, STILL lack  to see quite enough compassion and empathy, abounding, as yet too?

People who are supposed to be ACTING LIKE the leading light of grace and harmony and kindness and empathy and compassion, within our societies


Right at this moment

For their ability to cause extreme harm unto certain people whom were UNLUCKY  enough ,to need to be born within this evil religious-based source of SOCIAL destruction

At present, sometimes they (our government politician) wont even CARE to cover people for brain trauma injury, through ACC (many times caused by the same destructive group,who’ll still receive charity status)

They refuse to cover brain trauma injury

But yet they will CONTINUE to support harmful cults,of what cause brain injury, such as C-PTSD ,  by issuing these harmful groups with charity status


This is like the most ultimate insult to ALL those citizen dealing with brain injury


This need to change. We need to march on our governments door steps of Parliament building, come next election time, if need be

Ex cult member, of ALL different groups, could combine-together to create their own large  hīkoi


March on parliament building doorsteps

Lets then see , Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern and Hon Winston Raymond Peters, try to explain their bullshit claptrap crap about the idea of New Zealander ALL being like “one people”

As if, as if we are?

As if all New Zealander are struggling against harmful ongoing affect of brain injury, caused by cults, of what Government then refuse to cover, through ACC

As if?

What a lie

A lie told to our world, as if it were TRUTH

Shame on them


Ex cult member MAY SOON need to take a card out of the Maori activism way of MAKING SURE of getting themselves heard ?

Organize combined effort  hīkoi ,of ex member of all  different high-control groups, of whom have been affected through HEALTH AND SAFETY 

NO  politician should ever deserve to retain their positions in GOVERNMENT. Should they dare turn a blind eye, “to badhealth and safety policy


We now already have, BACKING of more than enough scientific evidence to prove the harm. To prove how unsafe this situation is

Why are we not suing governments big time already?

Best thing that ex member of all the different cult/high control groups could do for themselves

Would be to organize together, AS ONE , and then take COMBINED ACTION  against government irresponsible disregard of their citizen health and safety 

Never mind trying to talk SENSE  to cult congregation

Don’t waste our breathe ?

Lets sink the whole “cult-fleet“, IN ONE single BLOW, by taking combined highly organized action against our governments

Tha’ts how we could QUICKLY fix things for all people

Its them GOVERNMENT that need to be held ultimately responsible for all this harm what has been allowed to unfold, through badly thought out Government policy, of which were irresponsible, considering the total disregard of citizen right to proper decent health and safety


It happen this way because the government

They have put capitalism GREED first, before consideration of the citizen right to have decent health and safety


Governments should pay huge compensation

Same way what businesses would also be held to account for such irresponsible act

Where was decent Government health and safety policy . When ALL these CITIZEN ,who died through suicide , had needed it? https://web.archive.org/web/20131204204302/http://wikipeebia.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=14&sid=0da5bf29853dae314c62617a0e52aa6d


Shame of the government


You let down your citizen human right

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Ex eb’s will even duck and dive around responsibility too.Pious Christian are the very most worst at doing it as well.

All of our own suffering might have been avoided but for these non eb, pious foolish people ,who’ll not care to take the action, of whats been LONG needed for many generations past already now

If i were them. And truly believed in existence of a God. I really wouldn’t want to be one them, that’s for real

Certainly wouldn’t want to be

I wont say too much more. You cant talk sense to senseless foolish people?

But i’ll say this

Imagine if human, were to pretend, that for human to truly have freedom/liberty of life

Then this would necessarily require of us, that we would leave things “up to human groups” of what might evolve, to be able to make their own decision, about how they’ll live and what they’ll decide to do

Imagine the complete uncontrollable chaos of like what some of our lives might be existing like now?. Why would rape of a wife be considered as wrong?. Violence toward women and children?. Or why would drunk driving be wrong? . And so on

We could use the same usual TRITE POMPOUS claim ,of  like what cunning MANIPULATIVE theist have constantly too often used, for many generation already now

We could propose the question below

Who among us should have the right to judge then?

Which is the same crap clap-trap bullshit “slippery slopesophistry


Debi Crocker Ilona Hughes Lyons I think there needs to be some legislative standard set. After all, a pub can’t claim to be a retail shop and open early so why should any church be allowed to claim it is christian if in fact, it is not?



end quote (my bold)

Valid question being put forward by Debi Crocker

Same old shit though, isn’t it, with they way what everyone turn a blind eye to these important question. Promptly pretending as if they hadn’t even seen sign of it being put-forward for discussion

Usual tactic

Far easier for so called “simple Christian” pious bunch, to use the cults and high control groups as scapegoats for their own disregard of their own responsibility

Isn’t it?

At the end of the day, if a-God exist, then this God will also know exactly who these so called “pious simple christian” people all are. The ones who have CONSTANTLY ducked and dived around this question concerning very root problem,with regard to TRUTH  of OUR right of religious liberty

Meaning that due to this evil cunning “use of” sophistry, this then led on to the very “making” of  MANY EXTREMELY harmful cults and high control religious group,worldwide, including the group as like what the high control Brethren groups are become like now

The onus will still rest on them CUNNING MANIPULATIVE  THEIST folk. Pompous ones claiming to be pious Christian blah blah blah, wont stand for much reward in a-Gods eye?

In thinking themselves “the humble ones”, they likely managed to have fooled themselves, big time?

When government need “to hear” their support, so as to help bring forth change. It is the pious believers who’ll ALL then ” scurry-awayand hide and will have remained most silent of all people

So therefore they even remain ultimately most responsible of all too, for suicides and extreme suffering ALL OF what has in this way been allowed to go unchecked

Whats more, they’ll very likely also remain responsible too, for not BOTHERING  to help to kick the butts of so many other so called humbled pious foolish congregation Christian folk, into action

Never mind, the constant ass licking style sermon, like constantly relayed in their churches each week. Designed to brown nose God

They should be cautioning the congregations?


About getting their act together. To BEGIN to repair their FOOLISH lack of concern

I’m glad not to be a member among these groups. I feel blessed. My conscience feels at ease

Wonderful feeling. To know how ive been released from this HUGE responsibly

My only responsibility now is to try my best to help warn these people

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Embrace loneliness

Certain environmental circumstances of life pushed me to learn how to embrace loneliness. It was rough going. Im not interested in sugar coating it. But then many things that are worthwhile in the long term. Will also require people to learn resilience along the way as well

I relate to many things said within this video. Even the need for our authenticity. This is been tough to hold on to. Because, with being of a fairly strongly empathetic personality, then you’ll try, for some time, to find a way to please everyone?

Interesting, for me, to note how the lady in the video talk about “the universe inviting you”. That idea spoken about there, is about, the idea that, the present “state of our environment”, would be placing certain “tough to handle” things in front of our own paths we tread in our life, as a way what to also help guide and direct us to what to help do something, so as to try to remedy this situation,of what we will have learned though our own experience, already, is acting to make life tough going for some people. Most likely way more people, than just only ourselves. Which in turn, can, sometimes help to grow our feeling of empathy

Upon knowing this ourselves, in very clear way, we then can have gained an insight, ourselves, of what other people might not have any way themselves ,to ever learn anything about for themselves. Due to their own pathway, in life, being so different (perhaps easier?) than what our own pathway, has been

Here again, this is the phenomena, what people can sometimes be heard to describe as being like “the school of hard knocks”

People that can hang-in there long enough, and struggle on through the rocky road, then they may some day have a chance to gain practical qualification , of the type what in the main part, cannot ever be taught to people who are the so called “luckier ones” in life, who instead may only get the usual “university type” education degree, and so forth

As people who’d been through the school of hard knocks.Though it might need to be a huge long struggle. Once we finally come out the other side of this struggle. We will then start to see all kind of “wonderful options” of what then finally begin to suddenly open up for ourselves

We may find it so much easier, ourselves, to clearly SENSE and understand things to do with the likes of “social sciences”. And suchlike

Someone who’d easily understand exactly what it is im describing here (in my own very unconventional way) would be Gabor Maté


My ongoing struggle, right now at this present moment in time, is to find a way how, to not offend the learned “conventionally taught educated”type peoples feelings too badly, all of who’d been through the standard university style way of learning. For some of these people can have very fragile ego?. Just saying

Its not my intention to make enemy. I’m an inclusive person at heart. I love everyone, (Even people who’d turned bad,due to experiences of environment aspect of their life pathway). I still do value their-own traditional style knowledge . How to still make this clear,while retaining my own authenticity as well at the same time, is what i’m working on presently right now.

This is the stage what i’m personally at right now. And again, for the most part, i’m needing to revert back to making use of my own knowledge, all of what were ONLY learned via school of hard knocks. So, its still fraught with certain pit falls and danger .

What doesn’t kill us. Can stand to continue to help make us, even more resilient, and stronger, and hopefully perhaps slightly wiser?

I can joke and laugh about it. But only because this has ALSO often needed to be my own-way of survival mechanism too. I’ve learned to laugh even when i’d been rather wishing like i wasn’t living anymore. But being an empathetic inclined person personality, naturally so due to certain rough life experiences, never could i think to take my own life. No way. Never. Being that i also known (through my own experience as well, of my siblings past effort, to try doing so to themselves) how this would only then in affect, go on to cause “hurt and pain unto other people” too, who know-me and who like me. I have good people in my life, even if not my own flesh and blood relation, who’d learn about it through the grape vine, and then perhaps be “beating themselves” up about it, in worrying about whether they perhaps “should have” been doing stuff to help. I certainly don’t want this, as i’m actually totally thankful enough already, to all these amazing caring kind wonderful people, of OUR WORLD

Whakawhetai to you people

Sadly the school of hard knocks can take up to 40+ , to finally get close to your final day of graduation , haaa hee hee . Perhaps you never quite finish learning either?. And chances are, you’ll certainly not even ever receive any fancy piece of paper, in which to “proudly” display up there on your wall either , hee heeeee

Shit happens

No biggy as truth is, i couldn’t care less about this small detail. I still wouldn’t have my life run any other way, now i know, about, all what ive learned?. Although , perhaps it might have been nice, sometimes, to have family who’d support and to work alongside me?. But then, maybe then i’d get to miss out on ability of learning all the many vital finer detail, of struggling and frustration and so many important unconventional-detail and so on

So all in all

I’m very thankful for everything now (even Brethren for being the assholes like what they are, too?. Yes i think so)

Whakawhetai to you universe


Whakawhetai to you too mother earth

Whakawhetai to Brethren assholes too

PS: special thanks too, to Bruce Hales Almighty review Wrecker. Cheers m8. Hope you can be feeling real-wonderful, today now, about yourself now too?

“Nice one Brucie”, i can now see how you did extremely well by me, taking-up your own valuable time, to be so kind and caring, in your own bumbling messy way to think to teach me about EXACTLY who you are?.Wow truly wonderful thing. Im feeling so grateful now. And to think how, i might otherwise never ever have been able to learn these things, without you caring to be so carefully thoughtful, and through with your own expert way in teaching-me these finer details, of our life’s lessons. To you too Brucie Hales, Whakawhetai to you e’ho

Interestingly to note, that in your own messy unconventional bumbling way,Brucie, you are actually in fact, an active force for good,in your own right?. Wow wow.Who would have even guessed this might be so?

Without closer retrospection

You teach us what is extremely bad to happen to people lives. Teach us all about whats highly detrimental to peoples mental health and well being and so on.So our whole world can then gain knowledge, ourselves, as to why certain aspect of our environment, should have VALID reason to have need to change

You are a little bit like the master teacher?. Sort of act little bit similar to like the Brethren equivalent of a “Jackie Chan  drunken style “martial artists way?

Lucky for you too huh Brucie?, Brethren folk all very very very experienced “whisky drinker”, all very very very experienced, bumbling-fighter too . All show lot “of spirit” as well , very very extremely drunken bumbling “style of spirit”

Even some Brethren children,  also learn Brethren whiskey drink, “drunken style”, fight plan too?. Complete with swearing highly masterful fight-plan of calling people “cunt” and so forth, and any other outright abuse of people who’d dare to counter?. Brethren can most surely expect to become “all very Zen-like” with their drunken style, master fight plan?

Truly amazing to watch

Absolutely anything beats fear of needing to  humble oneself enough publicly and admit to wrongdoing, or perhaps begin to honestly act so to in some way compensate people who been mistreated bad ?

Very very masterful plan



Ka pai

Its always been my real pleasure sparring with you

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On a Brethren Sunday morning … coming down

Perhaps something might sound something kind of slightly familiar to some ?

Hic ! hee hee haa haa, hic heeeee haa “you bum you” haaaaa  ahhhhhhhh oooowww hee hee haaaaaa hic hic aahhaaa yaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hee hee haaaaaaaaaaa “stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp ” haaa heee haaaaaa

Yyyouw never ad it like dis hic ahhhh hee hee haaaa “son of a bitch”  haaaaaa “bastards” haaaaa “stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp ” hic weeeeeheeee haaa hic haa heee hee haaaaaa

Ahhhh taught tee taww tee puddy cat , heee haaa hee he tewww plurry pissed at tee time tuu even know? haaaa hee hee hic haaa

Yyyouw there George ?  hic hic haaa yyyouw aaalways asleep at meetings aall the time George?  haaa hee hee ahaaaa … Yyyouw tuuu plurry pissed all the time on de whisky tu ahh yee George? aaahaaa hee hic haaaaa hee heee



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Still absolutely No Authenticity Then?


Peter M Clarke

Seems there is a concerted effort to entice ex EB to ‘come back’. Now I think mending fences is welcome under any pretext, but the EB seem to actualy think they have something to offer …friend of mind ran into an old acquaintance he hadn’t talked to for nearly 50 years, but this time,rather than scuttling out of the way and pretending he hadn’t seen him,this time the EB came up, glad handed him and professed great delight in seeing him and told him ‘they missed him’..made the pitch to ‘come back’ to the assembly…freind asks, well that’s nice,what have you got to offer? ‘Big meeting-Lots of people’ ( maybe 150,when the interchange swells numbers) ‘Good business opportunities’ (freind says ‘got more business than I can handle now ,but it would have been nice a few years ago when I was struggling to raise a family ) ‘you can make a lot of money’ (thanks , got enough already ) friend says, ‘hey,thanks for the offer anyway, great to meet you again,why don’t we get together and have a beer at my place? Bring the wife and kids for a barbeque and we‘ll catch up’

‘oh,sorry-can’t do that…( little embarrassed laugh) ‘you know the rules’…

Friend says ‘yah,I do,why would I want to come back to that?you‘ve got nothing I need or want – got a good church we go to and we’re happy there,they preach the gospel and have good bible studies,my kids go on mission trips … nice seeing you though’ and the offer to drop over for a beer is good anytime

and that pretty well sums it up,the ‘lord may have turned another corner‘ but EB have nothing we need or want…business connections? ,join the local Chamber of Commerce,’ they don’t pretend to be a church ,no strings attached and you don’t have to ‘give a gift’….have a nice day!

end quote

Same old same old, “putting on an act” , and pretending to be genuine

Act of love bombing, with hope to fool people

The old compassion not REALLY in action “TRICKhttps://www.rapidreliefteam.org/who-we-are/

But is used, instead, as a tool for purpose to suck folk in so as to fool people  (which also explains why so called said “rapid Relief”, had only began after the charity commission “began questioning” how worthy Brethren actually were of charity status?).

See some info here https://www.theguardian.com/voluntary-sector-network/community-action-blog/2013/jan/03/christian-brethren-legal-appeal-charity-commission-status

Considering the long list of detrimental harm, what they’d continually caused, unto so many. Including all those, who’d not been able to cope with it anymore


Because charity will usually supposed to beginat home” among family and loved ones, correct?

It obviously isn’t TRUE love, OR COMPASSION ,when you despise people ENOUGH , (not in your religious-club), that you wont even AGREE to simply share a meal together with them. But instead … go so far as to “proudly” (in un-humble puffed-up horridly self-righteous attitude) turn down their freely forthcoming charitable offer , to share a meal together

Proverbs 3:7, KJV ,Isaiah 5:21, KJV , 1 Corinthians 3:18-19, 21, 1 Corinthians 4:6-7, KJV , 1 Corinthians 8:1b-2, KJV , 1 Timothy 1:6-7, KJV , 1 Timothy 6:3-5, KJV , Hebrews 5:12-14, KJV , Proverbs 16:18, KJV , Luke 14:11, KJV

So there you go

See so that’s also how we will be able to gauge the authenticity of claim of being-charitable people ?

Evidently God like the humble lowly, The friendly kind people who’ll happily offer to share a meal, even

That’s mighty attractive too ?

I find it easy, even as an atheist, to see how i still share some common ground with those people . I love them, this world need far more of them. Help to make OUR  world become a far better place. For indeed they still remain as a force for good in OUR world

We are being provide evidence (from a-God perhaps, who knows?) to help us gauge truth of matters


If in fact Brethren were HONESTLY CHARITABLE  people. At heart. Then they also wouldn’t mind one bit, to publicly admit to their acts in causing a whole lot of people a whole load of extreme harm


They would NATURALLY also gladly accept outsider freely forthcoming , compassionate humble charitable offer … to share 


As that’s what humble kind thoughtful people will happily do.

Bruce Hales Almighty Boo Boo , inwardly, will already know how he had in fact allowed his own GREED  for financial gain . To ruin ALL the Brethren’s review experience. For all the many eb and ex ebs who we ALL sucked-in and fooled into believing Brethren’s intention were pure and motivated by true remorse for all the immense amount of harm of what they already HAVE  caused to so many. For all the lives of what they helped to ruin

They went and “broke so many of us ex eb’s hearts (including my own heart), ONCE OVER AGAIN, within the time of that bullshit trumped up charade of a review, of what they put-on,to fool us ?

They broke our hearts

But only

Because, we still actually DO have a pure heart

That’s why (and we wont need to be apologizing, to anyone, for having a pure heart ?)

Surely not

No need to?

However, sadly

Chances are, we will never be able to break the heart of those lost-people, who would seem to have ceased to have A HEART?

Wont happen


Sadly seems they non longer have a heart (definitely not a pure heart anyway)

They lost any ability to have HONEST compassion and empathy,for others, outside of their Christian cult-club

Poor things?

Sad….. Terribly sad

A man can even have all the money in the whole wide world. And yet remain very POOR OF HEART


This is a sad state to be

Where is any written and public acknowledgment to harm caused?

There is none . None what’s worthy of mentioning , so far as yet, anyway

As that would really require Brethren to act be humble?


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Message for Brethren

I feel there’s a message here for Brethren. Even their rapid relief team is part of this message within this here video?

Their “we are persecuted misunderstood Christian” line of attack

It needn’t be this way?

Many ex eb wonder why i havent been to the law about my own detrimental experience among Exclusive Brethren. Reason is, i have understanding of  Brethren with regard of reason why they are who they have become. They chose to be this way. Even although they had the right, to refuse, to accept the road they have taken.

Yet generally speaking, it were a mistake made through falling victim to misguided teaching

I have empathy and compassion in this regard

Whats more, they still have an option open to them all, to begin today to change their road, at any moment. But only they themselves can choose this

Its certainly not an easy road to choose. I know this through experience. Its even harder road too, when you are someone walking the road alone in life. Someone who wont have one flesh and blood brother who’ll be there to care to help cover you, like if perhaps for some reason you may become unavailable to keep an important meeting that’s been preset to happen at a certain given time and place. You’ll have no body to care for you, to back you up, to stand by you and let other people know that you are in fact honest and trustworthy person. You’ll have absolutely nobody to help you. Whats worst of all, there may even be other well meaning ex ebs , who’ll set about with back stabbing you too, behind the scene

But shit happens. Nobody ever promised you that your life would be like a bed of sweet smelling roses. Did they?

But this is life. This is life without sugar coating the situation

Through empathy, and through experience of my own failure. I’m able to better understand Brethren’s ways as well

Together we might have all been able to do so much more to HELP  make our world a better place. This is what saddens me. However, i wont let this stop me from continuing on. I have little regrets, because even although the road ive trodden alone has been fraught with many pitfalls. Overall , its still been rewarding. I’ve learned so much about the so called “worldly” people. So many wonderful things. So many heart changing things. And the pay off is this, even at this very moment right now, should i ever need it, there are homes all around New Zealand where all i’d need to do is to arrive on the peoples door step, and i’d be promptly welcomed in, like as if i’m just another one of the whanau (extended family)

Human share same genes.We are one people in this regard.

Color of skin is merely skin deep

I never could have been able to have learned these things, ever, if in fact i’d chosen to remain among Brethren. It wouldn’t be possible. As i would of remain a bigot. A complete bigot, who’ll believe that “goodness” can only ever exist among Brethren

So,therefore there is been a huge silver lining to these struggle.And thinking back about these struggles now, i now realize how i actually wouldn’t want to change a thing

Call me and optimist. Call me a dreamer. Call me any name you’d like. I don’t mind. The thing is, i’ll expect that i might have been called worse names already. Because, there are people, who’ll spy our weaknesses. They’ll soon see how little “back up” we are forced to live with. They’ll take advantage  of our own inability to get close to people, all the things of what we were cursed with since we were born within Brethren

Even so. I now see why i wouldn’t want to change a thing. Because i can see how this has benefited myself, to help teach me, the way in which so many other human may also struggle themselves too, with these very same things as well

Therefore i now consider myself to be very lucky

Brethren can have all the same options available too?. The same options ALWAYS remain open for every human being on earth

Compassion and empathy has served me very well throughout my life. It allowed me to understand others better. In return, all in all generally speaking ,the same value were then shown to me reciprocally

I would urge Brethren to reconsider accepting this truly most wonderful gift of life. Brethren have a great chance STILL awaiting them, to be able to become a huge driving force for HELPERS of good, within our world today

The blood of all who have committed suicide, cries out in hope that the Brethren would CHOOSE  to do this now. So that the blood of our loved ones, who have passed away, then needed have been shed for nothing 

All these people who’s historic experience of suffering, is compiled and retained , see here below


There is still an option open,to finally help make amends?

Bruce Hales Almighty Boo Boo, the Brethren review destroyer.


Would only have need to humble himself so little. To simply accept that he is ALSO HUMAN, just like what everyone single one of us also are

Oh that it might begin to happen today

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Brethren Narcissism


Ilona Hughes Lyons
20 hrs
Seriously?? You brethren are a bunch of asshole pricks. Sit and watch our house til we leave for Jerrys truck in the morning then sit and watch us say goodbye then start in on how much grace you’ve shown us?? And how you need to keep the Lords Assembly pure? What about all those in there that are ACTIVELY doing drugs, abusing their wives and kids, committing adultery, alcoholics, there’s lots who DONT EVEN BELIEVE!! what about all the adults who provide alcohol to minors? Oh but we are the UNPURE ones because we chose to go to a different Church. Ok 👌🏻 oh and they don’t want to talk to us if our pastor is there 🤣🤣🤣🤣 says a lot. 🙄. Did you not have the balls to come to our house? Or call us on the phone? Slime Balls. I hope the communities around here know the damage you cause among loving families.

end quote




Pffffffffttttttttt !!

Bout only thing pure about Brethren folk, is the pure bullshit they tend to speak. about so called “ambush’ with  James Taylor Jr’s dirty minded antics 

See here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Taylor_Jr._(Exclusive_Brethren)#The_Aberdeen_incident

Oh well . Poor things simply don’t know much better

Do they?

All good though. Let them put the unsocial attitude on display. Try to get a video of the situation next time. Hand it in to police?

Or even better the TV new media outlets

Don’t let it worry you though. Hell you folk are the WONDERFUL staunch strong resilient  gutsy lucky ones anyway. The people with enough GUTS to leave?

Congratulations from us ex ebs in New Zealand … kia kaha !

We all think you’s are real-choice people .

Salt of the earth type

Don’t forget , the Brethren youth don’t have anything so-much better to spend their time doing anyway?. Childish things can sometimes help keep broad narrow minded people well occupied.

Or what?

Its about the best experience of “so called great fun” that they might even think to come up with doing?

That’s how horridly sad things are

Even when they’ve become adults

They STILL know no better. It amount to gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s idealized self image and attributes

See info  here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissism

Their “peer” ole Bruce Hales Almighty Boo Boo (who’d been and totally blown the Brethren review for EVERYONE INVOLVED due to being remaining overcome by his own Greed) , has helped to pave the way for the Brethren Youth to have this ongoing need to remain socially backward

Poor things ?

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JW Protest Melbourne

Good on the ex JWs . They remain very active. And are able to work together. Its highly impressive. Well organized

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The Most Bizarre Bible Story


Double check the bible verses, that are also noted within the video, for sake of reference. There would seem to be a number of contradiction

Makes one wonder, how much might have been intended to be as a “fiction” story?. Early fiction story perhaps, of what were designed to sound interesting and amusing

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Morality Challenge for Christians


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Systemic failure

Generally speaking, within the bible Jesus is depicted as being a kind of reformer. A freedom fighter of sorts

vector silhouette of a girl with raised hands and broken chains

Someone who’s acted to help set believers free of bondage. Even to the extent of being willing to put his own life in danger. That there was how intent he were on changing the direction of bondage. He was even intent on ending the “bondage of high cost” that were in those time involved in procuring sacrificial offering (cost of animal used for ritual sacrifice, to God)

What was working against him?

System. System conspired against Jesus so as to help halt the change. Perhaps that had to happen, because of the power?. Because of reason how there was so much option power and wealth gain, that could stand to be lost . Should the intent of Jesus be allowed to be completed.

This amount to systemic failure?.

Jesus had approached the situation, single handed. But yet it was the “system” of what would then act to stall the progress of this humanitarian reform. So that bondage remained

Funny thing today the situation still seem to remain fairly similar. The system still prevail against humanitarian effort, so to help stall hope for further reform

Systemic failure still remain strong

The so called “real true Christian”, who might otherwise choose to truly follow in Jesus footsteps. Even today, still choose to sit back quietly and to continue to remain silent

The very same “air of indifference” 

That cancer of inequality

Still remain ever so much as strong and powerful, even still today, just exactly the same way like what it also always was way back in those earlier times around 2000 years ago too


Because of reason how the systemic failure, has continually prevailed

Those same believer. Who back in time of Jesus. Might have otherwise been the one, to also step forward, to help highlight inequality, to help make demand for change to happen, for bondage to finally be broken

Didn’t bother to, back in ancient times


They still don’t bother to either


Perhaps this explain why heaven gates wont have need to be very wide?

Who knows, perhaps there may even be far more atheist who’ll get to be passing through them

Imagine that happening?. Imagine the massive amounts of “lip-drop” among believers rank and file. The level of dashed and broken ego

All that time spent on their unfailing upkeep of traditional “religious ritual”, and yet all for such low return

“It is the Spirit that quickens, the flesh profits nothing.”

Even the Catholic church had/has failed to learn from it?. Tradition has always constantly been,all about doing whatever it might take, to save-face. To refrain from changing, possibly due to fear of idea of needing to admit that “former practices” were perhaps not ever practices of what might be required, by God

To need to freely acknowledge that, was also the same thing as to relinquish ones own right, to hold right of power, “over others”

Systemic failure has constantly prevailed against it happening

Bondage and harm still continues on today

Still slip-streaming along within the very same widespread air of indifference

Nothing new under the sun?


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Indifference is easier

Indifference is everywhere. I feel that there are elements of indifference of what even shows up among both exclusive brethren and ex exclusive brethren,as well

For instance, within how some ex eb will have already been able allowed to reunite with their eb family.

Wile there will be some others who still wont have been allowed to reunite

Those who have been able to, will then be feeling/acting indifferent in regard to misfortune of “the others”

This element of humanity then plays right into the hand of the cult hierarchy as well

It acts like a gift to help bolster future ongoing fortune of tyranny

Not that human will be aware of it happening?. Because chances are, that their own indifference, will have allowed them to wallow within the bliss of their own fortune.

Meanwhile many will even profess to be “true follower” of Jesus as well too (blah bla blah)

Cult hierarchy loves it. Loves everything about it. The situation , in affect, is all still a-part of the usual well tried and trusted “divide and rule” PLAN

They’ve secretly PLANNED  for this scenario to occur

Even if this plan has been put to work  stealth-fully 

Fact is, that perhaps some people, will generally be of the non questioning extremely gullible kind of human-type … That they therefore wont even begin to SUSPECT  whats going on

Will they?

They’ll simply swallow the bait hook line and sinker

Be fallen blissfully peaceful within enjoyment of their own gain.

Those who’ll end up reunited. Quite possibly wont bother to even care to mention the plight of “the others” who’ll still remain excommunicated ,  whenever socializing with their reunited family. Will they

Why bother?

Why even bother.So long as your own situation is already been-sorted for yourself

After all

This situation lays at very root of explaining reason for how come the cult faith-tyranny situation might have even been able to have found the fertile-ground to have begun to take root in first place

This fertile ground is ONLY been made available due to selfishness of humans INDIFFERENCE

This indifference soon enough spreads like a cancer.

  1. Once it finds enough room to exist within faith based community
  2. soon enough it then also will be seen as being quite acceptable outside of the faith based community, as well too

Naturally so

At this stage, the only time that any human will then ever bother to care, will only ever happen should a certain special situation ever arise, where by faith-abuse is then been able to affectthemselves directly  

In other word’s?

So as “selfishness rules ” mentality would then begin to thrive like king

At that stage, believer wont care less , should liberty of religion , be ruled by LUCK

Why bother to care less?

So long as this situation isn’t detrimental unto oneself ?

No need

Is there?

When human can choose to just rather to let their feelings of indifference run free


Our world now has a high population of believer, most of whom don’t care that liberty of religion is ruled by luck

They’ll quite happily turn a blind eye to this

Even pretend like as if it’s about upholding human right of freedom of religion . Behind closed doors, children will still continue to be bullied into faith , by parents and family

This being sanctioned under “liberty” of religion

Because of how indifference rules

Theist (who evidently were supposed to act like moon beam of morality ) wont mind one bit, that more often than not, liberty amount to children experiencing “being bullied into faith”

Theist CONSCIENCE  will still REMAIN perfectly PEACEFUL

It generally would?

The main time when Christian might FINALLY see enough REASON  to begin to QUESTION the truth of true “liberty” of religion , would ONLY HAPPEN , when in lands far away, there could perhaps be certain problem occurring due to “bullies of Islamic type” faith  (IE: motivation occur, only when mainly due to bigotry based motivations)

Christians, worldwide, will suddenly feel horrified, should they ever be alerted to news of “action of faith-bullies” of the Islamic type faith


And yet, they’l feel totally at peace, to live with Christian faith-bullies living/existing all around about them,in cults and high control Christian practices, right there within their own countries and townships = INDIFFERENCE

Only then (IE:when Islamist scenario are involved)would Christians care to finally wake-up from wallowing within their sense of indifference 


Indifference is easier

Interesting to note, that according to scripture, it doesn’t seem likely that Jesus had of “chosen to follow a pathway of indifference

Does it?

Seems to me that “true Christian” , today, might be far rarer to be able to find than what rocking hose shit is like to be found

Generally speaking

True Christian are already become as extinct as a dodo

Been continually that same way too, for many generations (IE: this phenomena, is not like some more recent-phenomena)





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A Historian Explains the Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus?

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What we can learn through betrayal

Brethren manifest the kind of behavior  of “what corresponds” with the Brethren’s level of enlightenment

Which happen to be a very low level of enlightenment

Brethren should need to be pitied . We need to feel sorry for them.

We do right?

There they are putting on the facade of charity with “rapid relief” of Australia’s problem with drought and fire and so on. Even go out of their way to make a big deal,get themselves on TV , blah blah blah .

And yet

Meanwhile they still fail to make amends for damage they’ve caused to thousands of families lives worldwide

They talk about farmers need for “hay” and “fodder feed” . They’ll pat themselves on the back for providing “mental health support” and so on, for Australian who have been affected by fire

Meanwhile they still fail to make proper amends for damage what their group has caused to ex members who their Brethren group had caused division and family dysfunction

Basically ruin peoples whole lives in regard to family function and connection

These things cannot be regained. Time cannot be turned-back

But at the end of the day its the fact that brethren are still backward within their level of their enlightenment 

The poor things

They are truly a group of people to be pitied

Even Bruce review wrecker Hales, still remain so backward within his own level of enlightenment

He still “cannot bring himself” to apologize ,to Brethren, for the shame that was brought upon the whole Brethren membership, due to the way in which the Brethren review was mismanaged , in affect causing even more hurt and harm unto ex member of what the review had supposedly evidently “been design” to say sorry to, so as to all Brethren a way to apologize

Bruce review wrecker Hale had allowed his own GREED  to STILL get the best of himself

The POOR guy is still far to small ,”as a man“, to dare to openly apologize to Brethren members. Or even to ex members either

That would require Bruce Hales to have need to become a big man . Which Bruce is unable to achieve

Poor guy

Bruce remain “to small a man” to be able to handle doing it

This is purely evidence of how stunted, and retarded the Brethren’s level of enlightenment is remained

Brethren are a group of people to be pitied

The poor things

They still fail to be able to understand (enlightenment) , that money isn’t the measure of true wealth 

They still fail to understand it ?

While the Brethren might be wealthy with money.

They still remain EXTREMELY POOR  of heart and conscience and true compassion, and true empathy

They do right?

They (Brethren) themselves know that their entry into rapid relief team antic, only has happen after the time that the charity commission had begun questioning the truth of Brethren claim to being “public benefit”

They’ll all understand this

They know this (secretly they’ll all remember . Even although they might be still involved in trying to suppress their own conscience)

Its been a long trait of Brethren folk, to practice the art of “suppression of conscience”

Isn’t it though?

They’ve learned to know how to suppress their own conscience ,even from way back when in times long ago when James Taylor were drunken idiot, and were busily acting blatantly crude  (even in Brethren church meetings)and out of line , and even been womanizing and so on too

But Brethren had already begun to suppress their own feeling of conscience

So nowadays suppression of Brethren conscience is been a very long standing practice these days now


This is sign of how retarded the state of Brethren enlightenment still remains    

Brethren folk need to be pitied?

The poor things

Brethren=Wealthy in regard to money

But meanwhile

Brethren also=Extremely poor in heart= poor in conscience= poor in true compassion= poor in true empathy= retarded in level of enlightenment


Brethren are therefore forced into needing to rely on their rapid relief facade


The facade of what still provide absolutely no form of “rapid relief” to all the many ex members of whom their group had caused harm

Brethren prefer to whit wash it. Gloss over it. Forget about it. Pretend as if it hadn’t happened

Brethren’s level of sense of enlightenment still remain far to retarded to allow themselves to be humble enough to properly apologize ?

They “cant bring themselves” to do so

The “poor” things

Truly a group of people who’d deserve to be pitied

So poor of heart and poor of conscience and poor of compassion and empathy

They’d still fail to honestly apologize to member of their own families

“Rapid relief” , in this regard, remain so slow that its still non existent 

No rapid relief forthcoming to ex member

Brethren level of enlightenment “matches this sad state of affairs”

Doesn’t it

Brethren have become so stupid, that many will fail to suspect that their antics are not actually managing to cover up the details of the number of people they’ve harms

Brethren are that foolish ?

They wont suspect that their cover is already been blown

Far to stupid to be “able to be aware” of that

Hell, they are so retarded, they’ll likely fail to comprehend that the evidence is even been recorded within news papers, within doctors records that will already detail & record the full extent suffering of ex member

The extent of harm that Brethrenism as caused

Is undeniable

And yet Brethren level of enlightenment remain so retarded

They’ll still try to “convince themselves” that perhaps they might have gotten away with fooling the outsider ?

This is what they’ll be hoping for

This is how retarded the Brethren level of enlightenment remain

IE: Brethren remain foolish enough, to dare to believe that “outsiders” still “wont know anything much”, about the extent of the level of harm of what their cult, has caused

I feel so thankful that i had chosen to escape the Brethren long ago. Even if i had remained, it wouldn’t work (for me), as i simply couldn’t bring lower myself to have continued to live the way what Brethren have need to do

To have need to be someone “who’d secretly” be well aware, of “the knowledge” of the full extent of harm of what they’d caused

And yet

Have need to join in FACADE OF putting on the ritz

Pretend to be kind and caring toward “outsiders”

Be forced to pretend to be compassionate toward all Australian

When truth is

I wouldn’t be supposed to show compassion and empathy toward members of ex eb family members who’d been wronged by the very group to which we would all belong

Takes a person of “low moral judgement” to be able to continue to agree to do that facade ?









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