Fundamentalist indoctrinatees miss out

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Many fundamentalist indoctrinatees will reject written prayers which means they miss out on what could help them address the PTSD++ effects of early indoctrination. Many of us are really quite unaware of what we really do not know and the self assurance of our own knowledge as peebs is a very big stumbling block. An open mind is something some of us will never achieve.

end quote

With all due respect.To be fair. Maybe its not necessarily totally wise of us, to agree to allow hope , in aspects of faith, to dull these-type of feeling in respect of this kind of anguish?

Don’t forget, that there are in fact also religiously-minded bombers as well, who have  exactly same ability of also being able of adopting this very same practice also as well too (praying and using religion to feel-peaceful in their life and in even in regards with what they are about to take part in acts of killing loads of other people)

There is now little doubt or disagreement (even scientifically) these days, that religion can indeed help to make all kinds of people feel more peaceful and much less concerned about many problems. Problems that perhaps they should really need to remain more-mindfully aware of. And should have need to remain more worried and concerned

How can there still be so many mainstream Christian?.Who would seem to still be able to remain, almost totally at peace , within themselves, while all around about them,there is indeed so many other people who are being constantly forced to need to still suffer, due to nasty aspect of religion and cult’s

If not for the power of prayer and contemplation on religion?

I feel, that perhaps, now is not the time, that we should be continually seeking to find some way to be able to rid ourselves of feelings of anguish?

After all. Isn’t this practice,perhaps, what has helped to uphold the religious stronghold of ongoing abuses and harm ,for so very many thousands of years, now,already?

I will not allow myself to focus on seeking peace (for myself) .Until such time, as i feel i can also say, that i feel iv’e done my bit, to first try to seek peace for all others who also do suffer due to ongoing religious abuses as well

This include anyone (All good folks from all kind of backgrounds including Christian, Islamist,Hindu,Buddhist and yes even us Atheists, and all others as well too)

Freedom is not freedom while its amounting to honestly being based on little more than some bullshit negative-form of freedom. The kind of freedom that, more often than not, will depend on birthright

Which is more or less luck of the draw

Our lives, on earth, should not ever be used abused as some kind of wager on hopes of gaining entry, into an eternity, an eternity that cannot even be proven to actually even exist

I have some doubt, that Jesus would even be someone who’d ever be likely to care to do so, himself either ?


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Class-action lawsuit against Jehovah’s Witnesses

Quote :

Quebec court asked to approve sexual abuse class-action lawsuit against Jehovah’s Witnesses

Proposed lawsuit accuses religious organization’s leadership in Canada and U.S. of protecting alleged abusers

A request to proceed with a class-action lawsuit that accuses the Jehovah’s Witnesses of failing to protect victims of sexual abuse has been filed with Superior Court of Quebec, the law firm representing the complainants says.

The request was filed Friday by lawyer Sarah Woods on behalf of congregation members who allege they were sexually abused and feel they were poorly protected by church’s leadership in Canada and its parent organization in the United States.

The request was filed in the name of Lisa Blais, a Quebec Jehovah’s Witness who alleges she was abused for years by her older brother, also a Jehovah’s Witness.

end quote

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Coalition for Marriage

Quote :

Humbled Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:34 pm

“Coalition for Marriage.

See “

end quote

We look at the site Humbled has posted . And this is what we then read on a page “about” their mission

Quote :

The Coalition for Marriage is an umbrella group of individuals and organisations in the UK that support traditional marriage and opposed its redefinition.

Our supporters believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others and for life.

Since the redefinition of marriage in 2013, the Coalition has worked to protect freedom of conscience on marriage for our supporters and resist attempts by the government and lobby groups to coerce people into supporting same-sex marriage against their conscience.

We also continue to work to promote traditional marriage as a ‘gold-standard’ for couples and wider society, drawing on the substantial body of evidence which supports this view.

The Coalition is committed to a reasoned and courteous debate on this issue, and will highlight any intimidation or intolerance shown to supporters of traditional marriage.

end quote (my bold)

Evidently these folk believe “freedom of conscience on marriage” , means marriage must thus need to” remain defined” as being only something that can only ever happen between man and women (no same sex marriages should be allowed)

Its as if, as soon as Gay folk are able to get married as well. Suddenly those folk who don’t agree with it, will thus have lost their own  “freedom of conscience on marriage” somehow

Yet.How do acts of gay marriages (which is what someone else will choose to do) ,do anything to put a stop to the existence of these (meaning those who remain against the idea of it) people’s own  “freedom of conscience on marriage” ?

Nobody is doing that.Nobody is making any law to stop these people personal conscience (thought)

Thankfully. The Coalition is committed to a reasoned and courteous debate on this issue.

I’m all for that (not sure how the Coalition actually expect to ever be able to enter into debate , though ? . Seem that they don’t even allow anyone-else to be able to comment on their blog, or even on their youtube video either !!. So how is this debate supposed to happen ?. By telepathy ?? .Who knows.I notice how its a pretty common theme though, for groups of believers to most usually only choose to enter into one sided type discussion. (for another instance check out Ken Ham’s blog at Answers in Genesis.Or the Exclusive Brethren blog which most-usually will only ever allow ,through, the comments which suit their own agenda) This common phenomena is not a good sign.More often its perhaps because they already know how they cannot win ?.As too often their ideas, are also wrong, an so also wont be able to stand up to any real amount of scrutiny either)

They ,will highlight any intimidation or intolerance shown to supporters of traditional marriage.

Nothing wrong with that.I’m all for it. I’m even inclined to be very interested myself, in helping to highlight intolerance as well too

And i suggest their stance may seem somewhat intolerant ?. (readers can decide that for themselves) If they honest do want to be tolerant, then we need to wonder, why wont they allow alternative views to also be aired ?

Now.How about we look at this from another angle.Rather than a discussion about traditional marriage. How about we make it into a discussion about traditional sports (so to compare. And also to help further explore this type of situation)

Perhaps there is some people who still don’t see it as traditional,that any women should ever be able to play certain types of sports either

Some people also opposed this kind of change too.The don’t like the idea that sports should be redefined .In fact,  women first made their appearance in the Olympic Games in Paris in 1900

However ,how did this put a stop the men’s freedom of conscience in regard to “their distaste” of women’s ability to start entering into Olympic games

It didn’t remove that right.Men still retained that right. For they still had every right to retain the thought that they still thought it seemed wrong

However some more tolerance was also gained.Not lost

For indeed ,

1 .men still retained every right (of their own),to decide to refuse to enter Olympic games, along side women

2 while women gained their own right (of their own) too.To also have the choice to decide to enter the Olympic games themselves

And so likewise in regard to traditional marriage (there is very little difference.Religion doesn’t get to demand to remain to be something special and taboo .That’s what too often allowed religion to become harmful)

For indeed

1 those who’s freedom of conscience decide that traditional marriage should only ever be between man and women.Can still be able to make this choice for themselves.Our law still tolerate this, for indeed they still don’t need to be marrying anyone of the same sex as themselves

2 while gay folk who’s freedom of conscience decide that traditional marriage should be extended so as to also tolerate same sex marriage as well.Can indeed choose to make this choice for themselves

Therefore once again  some more tolerance was also gained in this situation as well.Not lost

So the real question here would seem to be (in my opinion anyways). How many will begin to be humble enough to be able to begin to see and accept it ?

I suggest, maybe many people (specially people these days 2017.Day’s when now even women can also enter into Olympic games as well too) could be pretty hard pressed to ever be still able to see, exclusion of all others and for life, as honestly looking like it’s any realistic definition of what “toleranceshould perhaps-be  supposed to mean

Just saying


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IMPOSING VIEWS is what is annoying me

Quote :

IMPOSING VIEWS is what is annoying me. Even our national football league has changed their logo with ‘VOTE YES’ along with our major airline, banks, supermarkets etc and if you comment adversely or don’t publicly support the YES [to marriage ‘equality’] you are presumed to be against it, if you put a logo on your business ‘VOTE NO’, if you make any comment in the NO flavour, then all hell breaks loose, you are likely to be sacked from your job, and if a professional person likely to be reported as ‘unfit’ to your registration board.

Religious freedom may be protected but if you are no a church or religious institution, such as a baker, a photographer, private school you cannot exercise the right to either express or prefer your views.  

end quote (my bold)

I’m guessing, that perhaps Peter F is maybe upset about this kind of situation that i’ll now quote below ?

Quote :

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Jack Phillips bakes beautiful cakes, and it is not a stretch to call him an artist. Five years ago, in a decision that has led to a Supreme Court showdown, he refused to use his skills to make a wedding cake to celebrate a same-sex marriage, saying it would violate his Christian faith and hijack his right to express himself.

end quote

I can understand Peters anger. However, what if the tables were ever turned around ?

If that began to happen .Should atheist be freely allowed to demand to refuse to serve any Christians as well ? . Would it be quite-ok if Atheists said “well its against my beliefs“to ever serve any believers?. My belief is, that religious people are evil, therefore they also should never ever be served anywhere on my business premises 

The problem is where does this situation end up ?

NZ is become pretty non religious these days (and plenty of other countries as well now too.Countries like England for instance). There is a high percentage of atheists around NZ nowadays.A number of gay folk as well. And if this anti gay situation keeps up.Then you can pretty much be able to bet your bottom dollar. That chances are, there will also soon enough be some kind of real push-back a backlash that will begin to arise out of the ashes of this situation as well

How will Peter F feel about that ?. Would he then begin to feel like he’s being persecuted ? (only Peter F know the answer to this)

No body is demanding that Peter F , or anyone else , has any need to ever become Gay or have any need to enter into gay marriage also themselves too.


So.Perhaps they may need to consider that?

Merely asking someone to bake a cake,or to take a photo for you, is little to do (more or less near-nothing in fact) with any demand of them to need to also-agree with any of your-own other personal choices

This is reality

However.Sadly some religious folk,would seem so-intent on demanding to need to make a huge mountain out of a  molehill ?

Unbelievable (well almost)

But you mark my word.You just watch and wait-out for them,to all begin to moan and bleat and to begin scream persecution, as soon as the tables start to get turned back-around on themselves for a change

And you bet it will happen

When so-many folks (very likely some faithful religious folk included too), may even soon start to totally refuse to ever use their service ever again. (refuse to do business with bigotry)


This is how silly this kind of situation has real-possibility to become

What ever next ?

Like .Perhaps ,soon enough,there’s a good-chance that certain Christian folk may begin totally refusing to ever even serve any Islamist folk either perhaps as well too ?

Or Vice versa as well perhaps ?

Crazy situation (and so little wonder there’s been so many wars)

Madness !!

But worst of all, silliness and stupidity

Folks should really know far better, by now. Its 2017 ?

Don’t bother to ever demand freedom for yourself (ex exclusive brethren folk) .If you also remain so bloody stupidly unprepared to care to make it also happen for “other folk” too

Stand to reason ?

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Why we should be compassionate

Quote :

Why We Should Be Compassionate Toward Atheists
Atheism is gaining converts every day, and we have a rather daunting job of evangelizing those who would rather God did not exist.

Dr. Thomas Nagel, professor of philosophy at New York University, wrote in his 1997 book,The Last Word:

I want atheism to be true and am made uneasy by the fact that some of the most intelligent and well-formed people I know are religious believers.  It isn’t just that I don’t believe in God and, naturally, hope that I’m right in my belief.  It’s that I hope there is no God!  I don’t want there to be a God; I don’t want the universe to be like that.

Whether or not Dr. Nagel intended to speak for anyone other than himself, I suspect his sentiments are shared by many atheists who not only don’t believe there is a God, but “don’t want there to be a God.”

end quote (my bold)

Sound kinda condescending, ( toward atheists) Full of  patronizing superiority

But oh well never mind.Whats new ?

Perhaps John Clark might have misunderstood  Dr. Thomas Nagel?. For instance , wouldn’t we (atheist) perhaps have some good decent reason to hope that most sane people might wish the God often discussed within bible, might not actually exist after all ?. The God who has been said (within bible scripture) to punish some humans, for an eternity, for their sins that had only occurred over duration of one life time

Would it ever seem moral to us human,here on earth, to decide that we might want to find some way to be able to punish and torture humans who perhaps had been convicted of involvement in committing some crime, for an eternity ?

Perhaps folk might need to honestly ask yourselves that question

The God discussed within some bible scripture,had seemed to condone the idea of stoning our own children to death. For their act of merely even daring to speak back at us

How many Christian folk, can be honest and say, well we do actually hope that this God does indeed actually exist ?

Many ?

I hope not. And so i hope that some decent Christian will still have enough brains, to figure out why , this professor of philosophy, Dr. Thomas Nagel, might have in fact said this (not sure that he had done.But however, never mind, even so, that’s still beside the point that i’m trying to make here)

In this regard atheist in fact have some decent reason to hope that this God might not in fact exist. In exactly the same way we might hope that Hitler might not have existed either as well too

Who would choose to worship Hitler ? (Some did!!.Likewise they were also the ones who were in fact also most concerned with finding some way of saving their own skin )

How sad is that then?. How ugly ?

Little wonder we have Exclusive Brethren members, now today, whom also only seem most concerned about looking to find ways of saving their own skins too

Some ex eb are real-quick to throw the idea of real Christians about.And real Christians are mainstream Christians.The ones often most concerned with holding onto power of religious freedom , which really isn’t religious freedom (it’s a negative form of religious freedom). And whenever the charity commission goes to try to rein religious tyranny in. Guess who writes in to the charity commission?. Plenty of mainstream Christian folk do. For many of them are also (sadly) most concerned with retaining right to use negative form of religious freedom against their own children

Is Jesus being directly connected with these folk ?

Well i’m not so sure he might even be so-pleased about that, if he is

Time might tell.Who knows? But i sure as hell wouldn’t want to place myself beside these so called “mainstream Christian folk”. I wouldn’t want to align myself among any of them

Lets face it. Their lies about freedom of religion, which really isn’t honestly any real kind of actual freedom of religion after all.Is bloody disgusting. Its been the root-cause of loads of religious tyranny worldwide

Imagine (yourself) being Jesus. Expected to return back down here to earth. To come back down here, to be known as the head-honcho instigator of billions and billions of young children’s fearful phobia’s

Its been blatant child abuse

Lets not bother splitting hairs. Long overdue time to be straight up

I have little fear of my atheism. Why would i even have good reason to feel like i’d need to ? . When even Jesus , (to me) had also seemed to have acted very much like an atheist,himself too, on the cross (My God, my God why have you forsaken me?)

Doesnt (to me) sound much like Jesus had in fact thought of himself as being God? . These words, are the kind of words that i would expect some surprised person to be inclined to utter, when feeling surprised that someone didn’t arrive

Would Jesus be likely to forgive me for wondering if perhaps that were in fact true ?

I think so. In fact i feel sure

Even Pope Francis might also  as well too ?. Besides, how could any honestly decent person not do ?

Jesus (someone we read-about who was involved in a kind of decent religious-simplicity.No need of a mega-church idol-ism for him) came to help free us from religious tyranny. While too many mainstream Christians have sadly ,ever since then, purposely chosen to help keep it going(complicated-religious idol-ism)


I refuse to join their ranks.Their ranks are too littered with loads ass licking

As if someone like Jesus?. Would need or even want, any involvement in the kind of idol-ism surrounding aspects of Christianity today.The fear induced phobia belief that has indeed happen to haunt so many young children

Yet Christians.Mainstream Christians. Don’t mind placing their Jesus as being the head honcho behind all of this nastiness

Perhaps many had never even stopped to think to consider the sorts of things that they have agreed to do ?

I hope so

The theist in this original (John Clark) article . Cannot seem to understand that some of us atheist actually don’t believe in God.I don’t. In fact, to be quite honest, i never ever really did either.Even back when i was still very young (5 years old), i couldn’t see reason to believe it

It wasn’t because i didnt want to believe that God existed. I really did wish that God existed.Still do .

Sadly faiths wont ever be able to help save us , if in fact God doesn’t exist

This is the cold hard truth.

It’s not an easy truth to need to face either. I mean, why wouldn’t i have good reason to want to hope God does exist ? . Why wouldn’t i hope there is perhaps some God who can then (later) help to set these cult abuses right ?

I would need to be silly not to wish i could hope that right ?

Sadly hope wont help any of us. If this hope is also been based on false foundation

This is just cold hard truth of the matter

People ,worldwide,will nearly wear out their knees ,while they are all constantly praying to God for help.So. Why doesn’t God ever help to fix these cults ? (he easily could do, specially if he in fact did actually exist)

It simply doesn’t make sense, to me, that it hasn’t already happened

This is just honestly how i happen to feel

Meanwhile cult members worldwide, are constantly still getting away with all kind of abuse, already.

This is the worst thing about this situation that effect us all

Our lives, on earth, meanwhile have already been whittled-away and wagered-with on this hope


Would Jesus, forgive me, for feeling that this seems so totally wrong?

I cannot help feeling like he most surely would do

While my family was being decimated (excommunicated and slowly ripped apart by the brethren cult) . At around aged 5 ,even way back then, i had constantly thought about all these kind of things.My sad experiences had forced me to need to think deeply about it all

I simply felt that i couldn’t find a decent way to be able to connect the existence of a loving God, known as Jesus .With this worldwide great nasty mess 

And i fear not, that i still do happen to continue to feel this way about it,even now too

Why should people,like Bruce Hales (review wrecker) get away with, being able to cause so-many people,so much harm ?

Its basically due to the existence of faith

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They should hang their heads in shame?

Quote :

Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:29 am

Hales takes the view with these historical cases that the problems associated with child abuse only existed between the victim and the perpetrator or pedophile. Hence it is a matter for the victim to take up with the police with no involvement or consequences for the Brethren themselves. They were innocent bystanders.

Well I know how they treated these some of these kids and I’m talking about the Brethren here, when these matters became public knowledge and it was appalling. They said to these children, you were complicit in what went on. You must have gone along with it – which makes you wicked as well. They forget that some of these kids were 8 or 9 years of age or even younger. They offered no help, no support, no protection and no counseling. Removal of this statute of limitations in these cases will see more cases go before the courts and the Brethren’s name and reputation being called into question. They should hang their heads in shame for the way they handled these cases as a church. It was as wicked as it was cruel.

end quote ( my bold)

Bruce Hales the slob review wrecker says, that the

problems associated with child abuse only existed between the victim and the perpetrator or pedophile”

What a big lie that is. Fucking bullshit !

However, lets look at first things first.So let me start right back here, first of all (before i get back on to Bruce Hales bullshit)

Quote : ‘The tipping point’

Many of us had a ‘tipping point‘ – the point of no return where we realized this wasn’t working,wasn’t going to be fixed and the only option was to leave.It might have been our own excercise,it might have been taken out of our own hands( as in many of the victims of the various ‘purges’ ( witch hunts) that result in many true supporters of the ‘System’ who would never leave on their own,find themselves outside looking in with no chance of ‘getting back’ “

end quote (my bold)

Yes indeed. The tipping point. Point when we realized we had to leave

The tipping point had finally arrived for me.At a time that already half of my siblings had either been kicked out, or left themselves (i know for sure two had been kicked out, while perhaps one other had himself just decided it were time for him to leave). There was six of us children, within our family(all of us born within the exclusive brethren ranks.Our membership wasn’t a choice).

One sister had been kicked out and been withdrawn from ,because she had chosen to start a relationship, with a non eb (A neighbor of ours.And an Asian. Which of course was thought of, as “an even bigger” no no . Due to aspects of racism.

Another sister of ours, and our brother in law (her husband) had also already been kicked out and withdrawn from, for daring to suggest that a local priest of their area ,was an adulterer.An adulterer with non eb women (an accusation of which years later, would indeed also be proven to be actually correct too.When this adulterous priest was finally excommunicated .By eb priests)

And one brother of ours, had chosen to leave (or perhaps might have been kicked out.By then all these three siblings of family, had been disowned,as if they were dead, that due to this, my own memory of reasons for this brothers demise, is therefore also somewhat vague) and therefore had been withdrawn from as well

Our father had already died of cancer,many years before then,had died before he had even turned 40 years old (he was 38 im pretty sure).My other brother (the only brother of our’s still left in eb fellowship) had himself moved hundreds of miles away (from where we lived) to another town. My other sister and brother in law had been shut-up (shut up means they were not allowed to come to church,were receiving priestly visits,and while this happen we (we= our mum and myself) were also not allowed to have any contact with them either

I was an unhappy confused and very lonely person.Just mum and myself lived around at our house.Even school-time, for me, was often about being bullied.Made worse,partly because i had also been placed into a non-academic high school class, among children many of whom who weren’t that interested in learning.Because had very often been kept away from school,due to being often sick with tonsillitis ).And also due to our cult-looks which stood-out like a sore thumb (1970s our hair was always needed to be cut-short, while other children grew their hair long)

Another confusing aspect of exclusive brethren (for me).Was to do with their weird way of making such a big deal about matters to do with sex.It was pretty much an in-house kind of obsession .An in house obsession that was pretty much kind of two-faced.


Let me set out (below) the reason why i see it this way

  1. On one hand, they were quick to pass judgement and excommunicate anyone (specially if the eb member was not a front row priest) who they thought was acting sexually immoral
  2. But yet on the other hand,loads and loads of exclusive brethren member also seemed to be really obsessed with actively expressing all kind of sexual innuendo. (Non exclusive brethren readers, would only have need to listen to the tape-recording of this exclusive brethren meeting here,which is a recording of (brethren leader) James Taylor jr at Aberdeen  . A transcript of (the above tape) what was being said ,can also be read below here (go to title:The Aberdeen Tapes – ‘A time of blasphemy’) .

Pay special attention to what is being said here .Quote :

JT Jnr: Now we’re doing all right here. Now JF, you satisfied? Your daughters
are wonderful, I tell you and your wife is superlative. Oh, when she came to me
I thought that was it. And you were scared. He was scared when she came to
me. But she had to do it. It’s too bad you know, there’s only one job like this. All
these people wanting my job, but there’s only one job. And I got Mrs. JF and she
came, and she was something. And she still is something. Those old … you
know these Georges, they don’t get a clue with … but we’ll get on with the
operation, and it’s very fine. I tell you that GT’s production is fine. And then JF’s
is fine, when I got it. What do you think this is? Your bed? This fellow’s sleeping
on me all the time. George, you understand? George, you understand? No. Oh
yes (very quietly) that GT he knows how to produce them.
AT: They’re all like their uncle.
JT Jnr: You’re a liar! You’re a liar!
AG: We all agree.
JT Jnr: George, we’re waiting for them. I tell you that George is something.
GT: The half has not been told you.
AT: Say something original.
GT: I go by scripture.
JT Jnr: You son of a … You devil. I’m telling you, that George is something.
George, George … Boag. You want some help? I never had it so good. I really
never had it so good. I can control Glasgow … Edinburgh … Preston … and,
what the hell is the name of this place here?
JAG: Perth
JT Jnr: Perth. You never had it so good. But that JF, he … I’m not too sure
about him. Cause I got … her. I got her all right. So it’s not too safe for him.
Where are you, where are you, where are you, you honey, where are you? Mrs.
JF, where are you?
Remark: Right up the back.
JT Jnr: Who asked you to say anything?
Remark: I was giving you some help.


end quote (my bold)

If you have a good read through the transcript and other aspect surrounding the whole Aberdeen incident. I suggest you can then start to pick up on these aspects of

sexual innuendo within exclusive brethren rank and file

So, now, let’s get back to what i was previously saying before. I was saying how i was becoming a pretty confused young person.

  1. One of my sisters has been excommunicated for starting a relationship with a non eb Asian
  2. But on the other hand.Another sister and brother in law of mine, had been excommunicated, for accusing a priest of adultery (and now he has finally been excommunicated for the said action of adultery, of which my sister and brother in law had also got in trouble for daring to try accusing him of)
  3. To make me feel even more confused. Iva also seen (with my own eyes) evidence that my brother and sister (who both still remained in the exclusive brethren ranks at that time) were in fact actively involved in showing worldly home movies (Which was in fact also still totally illegal at that time .According to worldly law) of home movies that also included a porno movie.Of which a number of local young brethren members also sat and watched themselves as well too (this is happening at a time when my other two sisters had been excommunicated) They sat and watched these movies in my brother and sister lounge, where they had set-out a number of seats , like as if it was in a picture theater setting (As i was there also in person, watching them and the movies myself too.When i was aged perhaps only around about 6 to 8 years old (at a quick guess right at this moment i’m writing this). I can still provide enough evidence,to this very day, to help prove it too, if ever need be)

I experienced all these things. Life (to me) seem to be pretty much fucked, in lots of ways.My family has been decimated.My sister has been cast out, for trying to help uphold morals.My brother along with a number of other young brethren as well too, can all still stay-in fellowship, even though they have been known to be actively involved in showing (any type of movie was supposed to be immoral within the exclusive brethren) movies including porno movies (which are illegal by NZ law)

Im now dealing with cognitive dissonance .

I live with this on my mind for a number of years.Very lonely years.Some extremely sad years.I deal with it on my own (it seems like it really pays to. Unless perhaps you would also wish to be cast out and excommunicated yourself as well too ?)

Some time later i’m shown pornographic pictures. I’m sexually abused by this person at a age when i’m not even yet sexually mature or active myself. When i finally tell one local priest about this, the person involved is promptly shut up for awhile, and is then returned back into fellowship-again some time later on. (the situation that had happen is kept quiet.Swept under the carpet basically)

And i also didnt receive any kind of professional counseling at all either.

This is about when i started playing up.Some of my behavior even kind of became sexually improper. To make matters worse i was struggling with feelings of guilt. My anger became uncontrollable at times too (and all of this,being made even worse than ever, by the fact my own mum was then sometime trying to control me by threatening to use violence against me)

Then one time, when my mum went to hit me, i had grabbed her hand, and had warned her not to dare try to hit me ever again.We were then both shut-up (not allowed to go to church).While two priest would visit us (at our house) for exclusive brethren counseling meetings that were supposed to help get us right with God.So that we might then be admitted back into Brethren fellowship one day.These meetings had felt more like  (what i would now best describe) Nazi SS interrogation . My mother would be interrogated for any past supposedly wrong sexual experiences of her own, even going way-back so far in her past, as to have happen way-back in times of her youth,long before she had even been accepted-into fellowship among the exclusive brethren (my mothers family/siblings are all non exclusive brethren )

My mum was constantly reduced to tears.To make matters worse.It was also happening within the school holidays.So there we were.Alone at our home.The two of us.Mum was not allowed to go to her job (eb job) . I was also not ever supposed to go play with any non eb worldly children. We were shut up and not allowed to go to church to fellowship with other exclusive brethren folk either.And it was the school holidays. And about all i saw my mum do, was knit and cry. Cry and cry and cry until her face became red with the amount of tears constantly streaming down her neck

( my tipping point )

I just couldn’t deal with it any longer ( my tipping point ). So i jumped on my push bike and rode off one day and i left. I went and made first contact with my sister, the one (i talked about) who had been cast-out ,so many years before, for starting a relationship with our Asian neighbor

At first the priest (the one i made contact with later on that day to ask him to please tell our mum where i had gone to) threaten to have me returned by the police (i was still only 15 1/2) . They never did even dare try to follow this threat up. 

I tell you. I felt so bad about the way i choose to leave.I hated myself.I felt so guilty knowing how this would likely make our mum need to cry and cry and cry even more.Be likely to help make her feel even more wretched about herself..

But what else could i really do ?

Out of interest(another ex exclusive brethren member, who left long after i did, later told me, at a ex eb social gathering, that the only thing, they all the brethren, had ever been told about the situation with me leaving, was that i had to be withdrawn from, for reason i had been acting violent against our mum)

Brucie the review wrecker “nobody better than before me”  is a liar, if he did indeed try to say that

Quote :

problems associated with child abuse only existed between the victim and the perpetrator or pedophile”

end quote


What a bloody lie . Those exclusive Brethren folk . Ought to be all bloody ashamed of themselves too. How dare they stay loyal to this bloody lying fat-creep ? of a review-wrecker

Now .Fast forward many years, to the time during the Exclusive Brethren review

During the review .Out of the blue one day, my sister and brother in law (the one sister who has always remained within the eb) suddenly arrive on my doorstep (where i’m living at that time)

They said that the Brethren had decided how wrong they had been.How sorry they felt for mistreating so many of us, so badly

During the review.When i was visiting my exclusive brethren brother (the one who had shown porno movies in his and his wifes house long ago) .He told me , that Bruce Hales was personally involved, in acting like the overseer of how the exclusive brethren review was going. And that Bruce Hales had said (to my eb brother in law who had also been the one, who had suddenly arrived on my door-step out of the blue) the it was becoming obvious that i (IE: my review situation) was going to take some time to get through with dealing with.

This brother in law (one who’s own brother had also committed suicide himself too , by act of hanging himself outside an exclusive brethren meeting-room,over in Australia) even discussed (with me personally) personal aspects of the sexual abuse i had once experienced, as a young exclusive brethren member.Because the priest had personally told him about it (since i had left) .He even mentioned exactly where one situation of this abuse had taken place (it was not only on one occasion .It had happen on three occasion, in three different places). He knew about exactly where because it had actually happened somewhere around his own house (on one occasion)

So  then .What a lie ?

To try to say that

Quote :

problems associated with child abuse only existed between the victim and the perpetrator or pedophile”

end quote

The problem went deeper. The problem was made

far worse

Because even our own family, members of our own flesh and blood. Didnt even seem to care enough about us (themselves either)

To want to care to come and see us,quickly,so as to help us go and report it


So that then we might also have also gotten professional counseling

Far far earlier as well too

This is what still hurts me mostly of all. To need to know full well that even members of our own flesh and blood

Don’t even give a damn 

That’s what really hurts like hell

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Thanks to those who actively oppose what i do

There is a number of active ways (theists i’d guess?) some people actively oppose my right of even having freedom of speech. Needless to say i don’t really let it worry me (these days more than ever) too much

Generally i just tend to make very sure to keep a note of the kind of action that should need to be recorded for reference .I record all the date’s, and times it occur, and all other details as well too.Being sure to also stash all this information away, for safe keeping, where it can easily always be retrieved whenever need be.And i also make very sure, to tell other people (i feel should also need to know) about it all as well too.And so on

I have been doing this for a number of years already now.Stashing evidence away.I didn’t come down in the last shower of rain.Sure, i might not exactly be the sharpest tool in the shed.I may not have been able to achieve higher education (mainly due to being born in the Brethren cult).But that still doesn’t necessarily mean i’m stupid

To be honest, mostly i find this action kinda silly.I’m left wondering what these folk think they’ll even be able to achieve?.Generally i tend to find it a little bit amusing. All it does is it make me even more intent on carrying on with my right of freedom of speech.Expressing freedom of speech ,is most definitely feeling therapeutic

And having fun can also be therapeutic too.So here’s (below) a little something (gift from me) for all these silly folk who love to actively oppose what i do

Naturally.Most of all.This ones most-specially for Brucie “the review wrecker”

I feel, perhaps i need to learn to thank theist more and more (the way i do), for helping give me reason to want to actively oppose theism . I now see the bad experiences i experienced in the Brethren review as very beneficial.It helped me to see there is indeed very good reason to want to actively oppose religious tyranny 

So thanks Bruce Hales (your a real bobby dazzler)

Bit of a pity you had to help wreck things for everyone though ? (the Brethren review-charade)

Guess that might have something to do with the way you went through university?. Would surely seem pretty easy to see how perhaps you might even posses the intelligence somewhat-equivalent to a common garden pea ?

Guess without that, you might not have ended up helping to make the all Brethren look like rip-offs in regards to charity status too either ?

What you theist might perhaps all need to learn to think a little more about. Is this. The pen can become far more mighty than a sword, a gun, and possibly even a nuclear bomb as well too

Hmmmm ?

Most certainly more powerful than any review-charade run by gullible Brethren folk,  following a cult leader

Even when theist’s choose to kill atheist. In reality it only serve to help make us become even more stronger. Because there is even theist’s whom see this as the last straw

Some of them decide to finally dump theism, all together, and may then even end up joining the atheist ranks too

Such a blessing . To all us atheist folk

You (theist)wont ever be able to win this war by force. And killing atheists generally makes about as much good sense, as it would-do for someone to decide to be actively hacking the heads off of garden scarecrows.

We really don’t even fear death (so much). The way i remember (death,or my former experience of my non-existence) it, i was long dead anyways, for billions of years, long before i was conceived by my parents, so that i’d come to life and be born

And so it’s not like i even expect it to ever feel any different, again,when i finally cease to live “again”

However. Theist acts of tyranny and barbarianism will still be sure to remain very fresh within a number of people’s minds.

Yes indeed. You betcha ! ….   : )

Check out the reports, studying  the continuing decline within religious ranks ,pretty much now becoming a “happening phenomena” , worldwide .

And weep !!

Do you theist even understand this?.I sure as hell, wouldn’t want to be included among theists ranks.Considering the amount of pain and suffering they helped to cause

Religious freedom.Religious liberty. Little more than worthless buzz-words

Wake up Brethren



Update 16 th September 2017 .

The childish phone call harassment stopped the very next day “after i had posted this blog post” above .Who knows what these idiots even thought they might be able to achieve ?.Perhaps they had hoped that it might help to scare me off ?

The phone calls scared me, about as much, as it would do, if i were to come face to face with a three legged toy poodle with false teeth

I  retain recorded details of all the ph numbers. And also recorded all times and date’s that i was being called .Have these details all stashed away in a number of places where they can easily be retrieved. And have already also passed all these details on too, to someone else as well .Just for extra security sake














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Purpetuating the myth


Possibly the worst kept ‘secret’ in the EB was JTJrs well attested to alcoholism,not only at Dorking but pretty much where ever he went until it got to the point it couldn’t be covered up( Aberdeen)BDH makes a complete fool of himself trying to deny it and force the ‘purity’ issue.What does surprise me is there has to be older brethren alive today who witnessed his drunkeness and are still keeping quiet,purpetrating the myth that ‘he was a pure man’,but unwilling to rock the boat with their only wish to ‘die in fellowship’.

end quote (my bold)

None of this would need ever have occurred .If not for believers of all stripes perpetuating the myth of freedom of religion. Or religious liberty

So to be fair.Lets start right at the very root of this evil


Those older folk that Fisherman discusses above (in the quote) ,wouldn’t even need to be in the position that they find themselves in today. But for this dishonesty

So perhaps it’s about time people like Fisherman started being a little more enlightened and honest?

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Brucie the “review wrecker” tries silencing whistleblowers

HT from Laurie

Brucies “Christian mafia” styles

The way “i read” it.Seems like.Anybody who’d dare to ever “let the cat out of the bag” (any whistle blower intent on exposing brethren’s dirty deeds).Might be likely to get “whacked-over” with a law suit.Or something like that ?

That’s the way it looks-like to me (you readers can decide for yourselves)

But why would they (the exclusive brethren christian church) even need to bother,what good reason would they ever have, if they in fact have absolutely nothing to need to hide?

That’s an important question that really should need to be answered

Some strange kind of Christianity then (Brethren style) that is then huh? . Some weird type of “public benefit” too supposedly??

Supposedly “public benefit” evidently as it’s still being supported by our government’s too, through charity status

Unless our governments still remain so toothless ? that they still are unable to stop supporting harmful aspects within society

Ole Brucie “far-more important than anyone -else ever was before me” surely? must be laughing his way to the bank and back

Laughing at the government/general citizens cost 

Stashing away loot that general citizen of our countries society unwittingly help allow  to deliver to groups even involved in faith abuses (Directly or indirectly)

Seems (to me) like they (our governments and general citizen) must have far more money, than good-sense

General citizen who will also then be left the task to need to help pay the health bill too, to help try to fix any ongoing mental health issues caused to members and/or ex members of these harmful religious groups

Therefore citizen in general, are being “ripped off” twice  (in two ways)

Anytime Brucie decide it time to slap any law suit on me. Well i really don’t mind-it one bit . Bring it on !

I’m sure it will at least help me to finally make-up my own decision, to promptly hit the brethren back .Through the law.Help me make up my mind to finally expose the brethren of hiding (sweeping under the carpet) aspect of sexual abuse .I’ll even be happy to do a polygraph test too, if need be (lie detector test)

But i bet that there’s a number of brethren-folk who wont care to need to sit any polygraph test themselves too ? . Bet Brucie sure as hell wont be one to really want to do so himself anyways? (as perhaps some valid-questions might then also be asked of him,in polygraph test, in regard to aspect of Bruce Hales universal control over Brethren decision-making.

General public might then begin to gain insight as regard to “so-called” Brethren-freedom

Brethren “bullshit freedom” at best

If God exist (which i now find too hard to believe myself). Then perhaps Brucie and co might soon enough be all sharing a mighty fucking hot afterlife together anyways?

Sizzle sizzle


The way i read things. Seem to me that “at least Jesus” was decent enough to be quite-prepared, to even need to lose his own life, while he were actively trying to help bring-about something aimed toward bringing about a greater good.

Yet it seem to me.Too many Brethren would aim to save their own skin

Choosing to leave the Brethren ranks ? . Well i still have very little regret myself .





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Where is the love Y’all ?

Quote :

The leaders held up on a pedestal with high regard “would fall to pieces”.

“There were other sides of life that weren’t touched”.

A lot of the members were happy with life, but he knew of people “who aren’t happy there, too“.

However, this perspective would not come out as people who were unhappy would not be interviewed, he said.

“Everything done is put past the leaders for approval.”


“Two days after the Ben Canaan family decided to leave, they were gone.

In a way, we left out of fear.”

They left under the cover of darkness, after making contact with two former Gloriavale members using the mobile phone he was given for work.”

“Ben Canaan had been disagreeing more and more with the leaders before they left.

He realised he would be separated from his family and taken to a house while his family was told lies about him, he said.

If they did not leave, his family would have been turned against him, Ben Canaan said.”

end quotes

Where is the love y’all ?

When even our government and citizen in general within the land where we live. All help to support (via charity status) these mighty-harmful aspect of religious tyranny

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