Brethren Rapid Relief Team Support Isolated Families


Community / Compassion /  Support

Supporting people in times of crisis is at the heart of what they do at the rapid relief team

Specially when a covid 19 virus causes people to self isolate


Religiously enforced isolation creates a whole different ball game

Religiously enforced isolation caused by the “Covid Brethren virus” will create a whole different ball game

The ball game then becomes

No community/ No compassion / No support

Well not from Covid-Brethren-Virus quarters anyway?

For more than over a whole generation already now, there has never ever been either a cure, or a vaccine whats been able to be created , of what can help stave off the Covid-Brethren- Virus

Extended periods of enforced isolation, from family, might remain for many many years on end 

Rather than merely for months 

In some cases maybe need to remain in place for the full length of whole lifetimes too?

Such is the nasty contagious rate of infection that results

And its remained unstoppable 

And so therefore, thereafter the continued rate of infection has remained relentless

Thus far, the only most promising cure for Covid-Brethren-Virus, that’s been able to be developed, would involve process of trying to smother the Virus in Truth

Smothering this Covid-Brethren-Virus in truth

So far seems it might be the “most promising” approach that can be found 

Although, to date, this process has still produced fairly mixed results

The Covid-Brethren-Virus infection rate, ebbs and flows, but generally speaking due to the relevant reliability of theprophets the-profits, the high rate of birth-infection of this virus, is still ongoing

With the projected rate of infection becoming “extremely upsetting” to some 😯

Those who’d dare attempt to mess with this Covid-Brethren-Virus, could even stand to have their “blocks knocked off” too evidently

So virulent is this particular strain of virus 🙄

Seems that this Covid-Brethren-Virus, via stealth mode, and upon “flying under the radar” could easily even serve to destroy the viability of businesses, plus reduce business owners to tears

Associated mental health side affects such as suicide

Plus depression and C-PTSD

Have been noted by health official to be an all to common occurrence 

Which is obviously quite understandable 

Seem to be absolutely nope hope that a “softer approach” might even help to pierce through the “outer membrane layer” of this horrid Covid-Brethren-Virus cell structure either

Its as if it might already become completely impervious to love and kindness as well too

This infectious virus is even able to completely nullify the human heart 🤔

Turning human hearts into stone in the process

So far this Covid-Brethren-Virus has been completely incurable 

















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Are Brethren Narcissists Ever Truthfully Remorseful

I have a theory that narcissism,by now runs rampant, through the Brethren

The more i do research into narcissism. The more it is that i become convinced .Take some time to watch though the following video

How much chance is there, that the Brethren would feel sense of remorse about any ex eb’s hurt?

What would go through the Brethren’s mind when they see ex eb’s expressing their hurt?

Whats the chance that “the exclusive brethren” would generally feel a sense of joy, to be able to see ex members, expressing their unhappiness

What about that?

Perhaps they wont have the same emotion or empathy, as like what normal people, might usually have


Does anyone remember that expressionless cold stone hearted look, on their Exclusive Brethren family members face, that time when you were expressing your feeling of sadness

Can any ex eb, remember that ?

Your hurt is like “delicious narcissistic supply” , to those Brethren

Isn’t it?

I bet those Brethren would know, of times that even their leader, within Brethren meetings, will pretty much been “feeling openly joyful” , in their meetings, to be “able to report” about how so and so “ex member” lives have been falling apart.

Bruce will be there in that Brethren meeting quietly “crowing about” the joy of seeing, or hearing about the way in what some “ex eb members” lives have been tough-going

Wont he?

Bruce will be “quietly” feeling gleeful ,at the thought of it happening

Hasn’t that happen ? (any exclusive brethren who’s reading this, will quietly know, that i’m only being completely straight up about the truth of the matter here)

Isn’t that the truth?

I’m only trying to help warn you Brethren people

The narcissistic will usually have these “small wee tiny little ego” of what require to be “stroked” and to be built up

See here …. Quote:

Craig Stewart


A very senior EB brother, close to Bruce D. Hales said to me ref. BDH “it’s almost idolatry”. Almost …… ?

One HEB / PBCC protocol, that came into force early in BDH’s reign, controls the congregation’s personal behaviour for all special meetings attended by Bruce. I found it disturbing and silly. Here are the details;

All the brethren must be seated before Bruce enters.

The ‘church’ is abuzz with conversation …….

A brother appears in the door at which the ‘Great Man’ will enter and gives an indication … total silence!

(No babies at special meetings.)

The ‘great Man’ appears in the doorway ! …. everyone stands. The ‘great Man’ walks down the isle and lowers into his special seat. Everyone else then sits. The service commences.

At the close of the service there is complete silence, except for any conversation initiated by the ‘great Man’.

A male usher stands blocking each exit door …… The ‘great Man’ assumes the erect position …… Everyone else silently stands ……

No one speaks unless spoken to by the ‘great Man’.

No one except a special few (principally his son’s and son-in-law) are allowed to approach him unbidden.

The aisle which he uses to enter and leave has selected persons pre-positioned in the aisle seats to prevent any member of the congregation reaching out to the ‘great Man’ for help. You must only speak if spoken too.

When he’s ready the ‘great Man’ heads up the isle and goes into his special chamber (with ensuite).

The ushers unblock the exits, the silence is shattered by many voices, many old and young rush to the toilets.

Is this representing The Lord Jesus Christ ?




end quote

Does all of the above sound very much like its a

“Ego building exercise 101”

Or what?

Wake up Brethren

Brucie review wrecker Hales, doesnt like the idea of letting “any other person” to become the center of attention

Does he?

Isn’t that a reasonable explanation, for reason why Bruce would have felt need, to step in, and ruin the state of the Brethren review, for others involved

He was beginning to become to fearful that perhaps “other people” might begin to corner a piece of “the-attention”

And Bruce would demand to remain as the center of attention

Or what?

Wake up Brethren

Bruce felt less happy, to see how family member were reconnecting together within the time of the review. And were happy, and laughing together “at their own jokes”, and were even having loads of fun and doing fun things together, again

They only validate you, within times of love bombing

For instance,like in times when Bruce was busily love bombing loads ex eb’s, for only  a short period of time within the review, so as to “take the heat off of himself” and his cult,long term

It was merely “a purposely designed strategy”

And Bruce had still always made very sure, that it would be himself who’d remain center of attention too


You certainly wouldn’t have ever seen Bruce Hales bother to stop to shed a tear himself “for anyone else” who’d been hurt very badly, by the going’s on, within the review

Would you?

Wake up Brethren


Once Bruce Hales had us ex eb’s secured within his trap,within the review, then not long after, the love bombing had ceased, almost as quickly as it had started


Because, by then, Bruce could only see us ex eb’s , as if we were merely to be possessed or discarded, only as if like we are no more that being like “an object”  in life

Something that can be so easily forgotten about (like no more than an old cell phone,  or old model car, or jet plane, or push bike or toy that now no longer holds the same value as before)

Narcissist much Bruce ?

“The idealization love bombing phase ended abruptly within the review”

Isn’t that completely correct Bruce Hales ?

“And painfully too for many”

Correct Bruce Hales ?

Before you know it, you’ll be the target of psychological abuse too


The Australian man who leads the Exclusive Brethren has said a mentally tormented young member of his flock would be better to “get a shot of poison” and “finish yourself off” than talk to members of his own family.

end quote

Cannot ever allow that anyone else might have become the center of attention, aye

Correct Bruce Hales ?

Narcissist 101  Brethren style

Brethren narcissist certainly showed me a way to learn to live without them. Yeah nah…that’s for real . Last place i’d ever wish to be. I would to need to return to become captive among the Brethren narcissistic cult

I feel extremely sorry for them

The poor things

Extremely poor of heart. Those poor Brethren people?. Even if they’d be wealthy money-wise

Money certainly isn’t everything

Yeah that’s for real

They don’t even seem to have a slight conscience

Not even “a slight” conscience?

No wonder then, that they’d also never be seen to show any true remorse either


You wont see it. Their fragile ego’s wont ever allow it to happen

Will it?

“Far to poor of heart”

The poor things

They’d all sit there in church every Sunday making a complete mockery of matters

Remaining far to “up themselves” to even care to “think of lowering themselves, a little, so as to at least learn to be able to agree to eat with others”…. again

Again … after having needed to turn so many human lives into misery


Meanwhile they wouldn’t even shed a tear for member of their own family, who their cult had helped to destroy

Would they?

Or even worse

Had perhaps even caused to commit suicide

Meanwhile Brethren still happily act as if their shit never stinks

Bunch of wankers

Will will their youth wise up… show some real-balls for once in their lives… and begin to at least help to spill the beans


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Have the Brethren issued anyone any written apology as yet?

Have any written apology even been supplied

Have they?

You’d expect that at least the family who’d lost their family member, to an act of suicide, might at least have receive some written apology, by now (well before now)

Wouldn’t you?

If Brethren ,were honestly feeling remorseful

Surely they’d have already delivered some written apology, to some people,by now ?

For instance, like maybe a written apology to the wives and/or children , of the deceased ex eb

Or to extended family member too

Surely this might of happen?

If in fact Brethren had of actually changed their way

So then the question is

What more evidence does the Charity commission require?

They could simply ask the Brethren to provide evidence

Couldn’t they?

Ask Brethren to provide evidence, of who they’d made x-amount of written apology too?

If in fact they ever have done?

If in fact they have actually ever cared to… As yet?

It doesn’t seem fair, to me, to see the way that the Charity commission would make demand that the “broken hearted” ex eb member, would have need to try and prove that the Exclusive Brethren still fail to change their way

Why make the ex member, have need to run up and down rabbit warren, working their gut’s out with the act of trying to pin down cunning wealthy cult liars down, so as to provide the Charity commission with enough proof, so as to prove how the Brethren have still been playing the game “hide and seek”. And have failed to change their way toward ex members

How is that fair on ex members?

That’s too hard

That’s still allowing the Brethren to have “way to much room” to still “wiggle their way around” the truth of matter

“To fly under the radar”

(so to speak)

Just like usual


How about this other idea

How about the the idea, that the Brethren should be made to provided evidence of exactly how they have in fact actually changed their ways toward “the ex members”

How about that idea then?

Charity commission ?

That would at least serve to finally help provide a far better form of accountability 


Lets put the ball back in the Brethren’s side of the tennis-court

“Play ball”

Exactly what kind of evidence, are the Brethren being presently required to provide as  a form of”proof” of the way in which the Brethren attitude have in fact changed toward the ex members


Any at all?

Or does the Charity commission presently choose to simply just accept the Cult-liars word “as if it’s truth of the matter”

As if like its the gospel truth of the matter

And then simply take it for-granted

That it is truth

Without need of any evidence ever being provided

Or what?

How is happening

In what way are the Charity commission “regulating” this situation, at all



Surely the Brethren cannot be following the agreement within the charity commissions demands in accordance with the Deed of Variation. Unless the Brethren would provide proper written apologies to all the people they’ve harmed in extreme manner ?


See info here


The Charity Commission has now published a second monitoring report as part of its programme of post-registration monitoring of the PBCC’s Gospel Hall Trusts. Over 100 Gospel Hall Trusts have recently registered as charities; and the Commission made a commitment to monitoring a sample to ensure that they were complying with their governing documents, including a Deed of Variation (DoV). The report notes that:

As with Preston Down Trust, a key element of our decision to register each Gospel Hall Trust was that the trustees agreed to address any issues of detriment and harm in accordance with the Deed of Variation, which clearly sets out PBCC’s principles and teachings and, in particular, that associated disciplinary practices and dealings with former members would be mitigated by compassion.”

The monitoring programme began with the Preston Down Trust, which was the first charity registered.

According to the new report, the Commission did not identify any significant regulatory issues relating to the charities’ compliance with their governing documents and saw sufficient evidence of each charity’s engagement with the wider community to demonstrate public benefit.



Charity Commission monitoring report on Plymouth Brethren Christian Church

end quote

That’s the charity commissions Deed of Variation

Isn’t it?

That “dealings with former members would be mitigated by compassion.”

You’d think the Brethren would be required to provide written apology (in the very least)

Surely you’d think it would “be compassionate” for Brethren to at least see fit to deliver us some written apology

Wouldn’t you?

Surely so

After all

That would then be more in line with the agreed-upon commissions  requirement, quote:  “dealings with former members would be mitigated by compassion.”


Where is the evidence “of true compassion”

Charity commission ?

Wake up

How many ex member have ever receive any written apology at all

Charity commission?

How many can Brethren provide proof of having sent off , to anyone of us

Charity commission?

Do your job properly?

What more evidence do you need?. Its obvious. You have no proof that the Brethren have followed through with the Deed of Variation

Can Brethren supply proof of making anyone any written apology?

If they cannot

Then what more evidence ,of “their non-compliance“, should you require?

Lets get real

I’ll hazard to bet, that the Exclusive Brethren will fail to provide evidence of them issuing any written letter of apology


They don’t care to bother

They have no remorse for any of the many people whom their group has mistreated

This will also precisely explain reason for why they’ll fail to provide evidence of any written apology

This is the reality of the matter

An ex eb said … Quote:

Jill Aebi-Mytton Trouble is Samuel we have no proof that this happens. Hard evidence is needed


end quote

How much hard evidence can Exclusive Brethren provide, to say they provided anyone of us with any written apology?

Surely that would be in line with the charity commissions Deed of Variation

Are the Brethren being also reacquired to provide evidence?

Evidence that they’ve changed their way, so as to now be in line with the Deed of Variation

Or what

Or do just get to claim the charity status, without following through with their agreement

In regards to “dealings with former members would be mitigated by compassion.”

Obviously its compassionate to apologize properly ?

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Marianne Thrush’s 6 organ transplant


Marianne is 30 and a beautiful spirit. She has almost no stomach, definitely no duodenum or any small intestines. She weighs just over 40 kilos. Her whole adult life has been spent carrying around a Stoma bag and having a Hickman line for food and medications to go straight to the bloodstream . Her digestive system has never worked properly, even as a baby. Yet she has tenacity and a great will to live that has seen her overcome constant pain, countless blood infections, near death experiences, and a life either at hospital or with her mum daily picking up IV supplies. This beautiful girl is featured in the age as being Australia and the Austin Hospital’s first potential 6 organ transplant. Her pancreas and liver are also irreparably damaged. Several years ago I became good friends with Marianne and her single mum Lorraine  when they first came to Melbourne to start this battle for a transplant. I’ve seen how tough it’s been to live. I’ve seen Marianne vomit litres of blood and often writhe in terrible pain. I’ve wondered if she would make it a dozen or more times. But it’s crunch time now, and her amazing surgeon Prof Bob Jones and the wonderful team at the Austin Hospital are waiting for a suitable donor and hoping it’s soon so they can perform their miracle. Marianne and her mum Lorraine have survived on the kindness of others, Centrelink benefits, and occasionally taken a few international student boarders. Finances are getting visibly tougher.  Amongst other things, Marianne’s car is almost dead but she can’t afford to fix it. She also dreams of a life post- transplant where she can finally live like an adult and study something like interior design. Surviving week to week doesn’t allow for luxuries or dreams. This go-fund-me is for Marianne, and her wonderfully supportive but exhausted mum Lorraine. It will make an enormous difference to their lives. If you are reading this perhaps you can share it with your friends or just send an email to a potential kind corporate sponsor or friend. Your donations and kind words, no matter the size, will all lift their spirits.

end quote

More info here




Marianne was born into the Exclusive Brethren in Queensland and her family fled the ultra-secretive religious sect which has been marred by controversy in recent years when she was a young child.

Their decision to cut ties with the sect, and leave with only the clothes on their backs, has meant her mother, Lorraine, who is her fulltime carer, often struggles to pay for the medical bills and care Marianne requires.

Of the dozens of Victorians who die in each week, few are suitable donors for Marianne.

“In 12 months in Victoria there would likely be about three suitable donors,” Austin Hospital liver transplant unit director, renowned transplant surgeon Professor Bob Jones,  said.

end quote (my bold)

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On a Brethren Sunday morning … coming down

Perhaps something might sound something kind of slightly familiar to some ?

Hic ! hee hee haa haa, hic heeeee haa “you bum you” haaaaa  ahhhhhhhh oooowww hee hee haaaaaa hic hic aahhaaa yaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hee hee haaaaaaaaaaa “stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp ” haaa heee haaaaaa

Yyyouw never ad it like dis hic ahhhh hee hee haaaa “son of a bitch”  haaaaaa “bastards” haaaaa “stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp ” hic weeeeeheeee haaa hic haa heee hee haaaaaa

Ahhhh taught tee taww tee puddy cat , heee haaa hee he tewww plurry pissed at tee time tuu even know? haaaa hee hee hic haaa

Yyyouw there George ?  hic hic haaa yyyouw aaalways asleep at meetings aall the time George?  haaa hee hee ahaaaa … Yyyouw tuuu plurry pissed all the time on de whisky tu ahh yee George? aaahaaa hee hic haaaaa hee heee

Following link below is from the “way-back machine” link to the very same Aberdeen audio


Click to access TheAberdeenIncident.pdf

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Shadow Motivations | Becoming Conscious of Unconscious Motives

Very good information

Religion can be adopted as a tool, to act as a whip in humans lives too. Can be used to cause the kind of fears and resulting “shadow motivation” of what are unwarranted, as well too.

These shadow motivation, of what are unwarranted, can stem from trauma caused by lingering fear of hell

Many Brethren can tend to look very worn out, and tired and generally unhappy. And little wonder. Their lives can be consumed by fear of the whip that revolves around “the trauma” of their deeply ingrain fear of hell, that their mentor (IE: the Brethren hierarchy) are able to use toward their own gain (power/wealth)

IE: like, as “a form” of extortion 

This fear of hell what is been able to be used as a whip ,so as to rule over Brethren’s lives through fear. Is been able to be made powerful by the way that the unscrupulous Brethren mentor have misappropriated  religion so that in a round about way the-religion can be used as a tool so to further their own GREED for power and wealth. These unscrupulous act a first initiated by way of implanting extreme fear of a-God and an-afterlife within the psyche of very young children. And with “the younger the better” also being the Brethren’s purposely chosen style of such indoctrination 

They don’t bother to wait-around until the children would have grown to an age whereby they might have already begun to think for themselves. Because, that isn’t ever been any part of the Brethren’s plan. They set about to create human being that know how to use their own minds. The Brethren intention has ALWAYS revolved around INTENTION of purposely creating a flock of sheep. SHEEPLE  people

Even back in times of Aberdeen, they’d already been well and truly involved in rewarding THE SHEEP. SHEEPLE people 

They prefer SHEEP. SHEEPLE people, people who’d feel it were quite ok to stand aside and to laugh at the harm being “meted out” to another

This SHEEPLE  “uncaring” and “self centered” manner of being, had been able to become so STRONG and prevalent and widespread among Brethren. Can even be a fairly strong remnant that still can remain among ex Brethren, at time as well too. Naturally so

Perhaps because the biggest problem is that “old habits” die hard

Most Brethren lives can be ruled by this particular hell-fear style of whip from the-cradle unto the-grave. The hierarchy are taught to know how to adopt “fear of hell and eternal damnation” as the preferred style whip of choice, to use as a tool of fear to lash-at the SHEEPLE minded Brethren asses with

To cause them all to work their whole lives away so as to gather together more and more wealth of what the hierarchy then fully intends to become beneficiary of, for their own gain 

Its plan so cunning, you could almost pin a tail on it and call it a weasel

Meanwhile, the SHEEPLE  minded  Brethren would also HAVE NEED TO AGREE to forgo their-own-natural -love they’d normally naturally be able to have ,for any of their family member who’d have been excommunicated , as well too

Therefore how the Brethren lives, are left at loss , on two fronts 

Brethren lives are being swindled in two ways

Most Brethren “wouldn’t even know how to suspect” that it’s been happening

Would they?

Hell, when used as a whip = power & extreme wealth

The most “tried and trusted” method of extortion there ever was , on earth

And plus also the most perfect method there ever will be, to help breed a line of SHEEPLE  minded human, to boot

Brucie review wrecker Hales must be near to keeling-over from affect of the ongoing fits of laughter  (Once again being served at lowly SHHEPLE Brethren’s, expense?)

When he isn’t involved in busily cracking this whip of guaranteed wealth and power, just so as to insure that the money flow, wont stop



  • Tammy Kennard Rob McLean suppers are 5.20am.. at the moment each family is to dress up and have the supper in their own house. Other meetings they also have to dress up,. Put scarves on etc and they get to sit on a zoom meeting and watch brucie sitting in his armchair with a scotch in his hand. Ironic hey
    Find support or report comment
  • Rob McLean Tammy Kennard Are you serious???
    Find support or report comment
  • Rob McLean How do they know if everyone is ‘attending’?
    Find support or report comment
  • Tammy Kennard Rob McLean deadly serious, my mother confirmed it with me a week ago, shes the only one who still talks to me. They know who attends because it registers each email address when they sign in to zoom, and of course they would have their own police monitoring it 🤨
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  • Rob McLean Tammy Kennard So, take the sunday reading for example. Is all of Oz tuned into Bruce for the duration? Wonder about NZ?
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  • Tammy Kennard Rob McLean yeah they get to see brucie a lot more, what a privilege haha but im not sure about other countries
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  • Rob McLean Tammy Kennard That’s just hilarious! I actually feel sorry for them
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  • Tammy Kennard Rob McLean haha yeah me too. Lately brucie has become agitated and threatening God’s wrath if someone leaves the church. A few months back into last year he yelled in the meeting saying “there’s no such thing as a worldly Christian!!” I was like, yeah whatever mate I know quite a few
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  • Deb Ghinn Yep Beedie’s being beamed into the UK like this too. Only difference with what you said Tammy is that last Sun they had the Supper at 9am. The reading was at 12.30, and JSH or BDH replayed at 4pm-ish.

    I’ve never used Zoom, but what’s to stop someone logging in on time to ‘show willing’, but then *accidentally* blanking their camera & muting their mic and buggering off out into the garden for the duration? Just a thought 😎😇
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  • Rob McLean Deb Ghinn Interesting!
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  • David Macdonald Deb Ghinn … and the edict a few years decades ago… computers and electronics are Satan’s control….you touch and excommunication…. and now they can’t live without them and still being controlled…. how ironic !!🤪🤪
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  • Michael Hewitt David Macdonald BDH had his own computer before JHS pronounced on them.
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  • David Macdonald Michael Hewitt …. 🤪 and guess it wasn’t a double standard and some can do anything they want while the rest are the subjects….
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end quote (my bold)

Ole Brucie “cracking the whip” whats been pre-dipped in the usual “fear of hell” our world’s most tried and trusted method of SHEEPLE MINDED HUMAN breeding trade-tool

Among Brethren SHEEP, there’s generally never ever been any use seen for the carrots ?

Yeah nah

No way

They’ll only know how to  crack the whip

That’s what the Brethren sheep have been taught to be motivated by?

That’s their tool of the trade

Isn’t it?

Fear of hell . That’s the only tool whats always been used so as to help motivate the Brethren


Poor Brethren

Brethren had completely lost touch with their “feelings” of true love and kindness , long long ago.

And so, the Aberdeen incident itself, is also a perfect most obvious example, of the outcome of this phenomena   .  

True love can over come all fear 

Does it?

So, what had happened to “true Brethren love” then. At the time within that Brethren meeting back at Aberdeen. When so many Brethren were more than willing to just sit there in their seats while laughing at the expense of “the other Brethren” who’d been the ones to be singled out to be abused and be laughed at

What had happened to true love ?

Where had it disappeared to

Had it been buried by the whip laced in fire and brimstone fear of hell tool of the trade, of what constantly been misused by unscrupulousness evil preacher who have been intent on breeding long lines of SHEEPLE  minded human 

Is that what had happened ?

You Brethren. You need to wake up

You’ve been taken for fools . Been used as idiots who’ve been trained to be overcome by greed

You don’t even know what true love is anymore

Do you? 

You wouldn’t even know where to begin, anymore, were you ever to try and lead your children “to choose to believe”  by their own free will

You are all forced to have need to rely on the whip 

The very same whip of what the Brethren hierarchy also uses so as to turn you all into SHEEEPLE MINDED ADULTS 

Shame on you

What kind of example do you give to your offspring?

Weak minded SHEEP , who’d all be fully prepared to stand aside with the other Brethren,who’d been the ones to be singled out for punishment and derision

Would be left to suffer for the consequence of your gutlessness 

Shame on you

Where is the true love gone to Brethren?

Where is that most glorious golden carrot gone to, Brethren ?

You sold your soul for money and materialism

  1. When you all die, you wont take any of your money with you 
  2.  Plus, by then you will have also gone an left behind a most materialistic state of unkind ignorance, of what you’ll have allowed your children to also have need to inherit

Shame on  you all

How could you ever all be so foolish?

It was all due to that whip , wasn’t it

That whip what was “pre-laced with the hell and brimstone” type of gospel 

The very same whip of what was also used so as to turn you all into a herd of feeble minded HEARTLESS  human SHEEP

Jesus might have died on the cross himself, so to help to provide people “with a carrot” for the human to choose

To replace the whip

That incident had occurred around time back when there had been other church leaders, at the time, who’d also been very keen on “using a religious whip” to enforce believers, too  (Matthew 21:12)

They’d also seen a handy way in which to use fear of hell as a whip to enforce human to purchase animal for use as a sacrifice to God 

Unscrupulous human have always been well aware of the way that faith in God can “be turned into a tool of fear” of what can then also be adopted for the gain of power and wealth by all those unscrupulous people who’d learn how to adopt it toward this use 

This is the very reason for why the crucifixion of Christ would have need to occur

It was an act what were purposely designed as a way to take the power completely right out of the sails of ALL unscrupulous human being, who’d thereafter ever dare to try to use faith in God, as a whip toward their own gain

That’s was what that act was designed to achieve

An ultimate act of unconditional love


Here on earth today, the “hell and brimstone whip” is still being used as the chosen tool, by many unscrupulous human beings, so as to still help turn humans, into sheeple minded  beings

Through “fear” 

Sheep just run. Generally only know to take flight. They don’t think about anything at all, to much. They just sleep, eat grass and/or take flight. So mindless in fact, that they’ll even dash on right over the cliff face without even stopping to think about any move they’d make,too. So as to unwittingly kill themselves, like a flock of fools, specially so if the shepherd were careless enough so as to spook them 

Brucie review wrecker Hales is a rather careless shepherd

Isn’t he?

Careless shepherd within the review, not even taking care to make sure that nobody might attempt to commit suicide, during the review process

Brucie Hales is careless shepherd

Careless shepherd generally due to his ways of being ultimately  focused on GREED  for power and materiel wealth

He only knows how to crack the whip

Is that how he rolls?

Certainly doesn’t seem humble enough to even openly apologize after his failure within the review

Far to  puffed up and “hard hearted” to care 

Is that what it is?

Knows nothing very little about the carrot, the tool that involves unconditional love and kindness 

The golden carrot that was seriously missing ALREADY among the Brethren, even long way back well before the time of Aberdeen 

Wake up Brethren

Jesus died on the cross, so as to help provide humans with the-carrot 

That act, was supposed to be able to become the replacement for the-whip

Wasn’t it?

Why do Brethren have need to be so determined to return to use of the whip?

Because of the way they’d completely lost touch with unconditional love 

Is that why?

That would sure explain the reason for why ADULT  Brethren, would be able to choose to stand aside in silence at Aberdeen

While a drunkard were acting so cruel

And sexist 

And crude 

Wake up Brethren

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Be Yourself – Alan Watts




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Alan Watts ~ The Benefits of Solitude


Brethren could do well to spend some time alone as well. Time alone in the sense that they’d be able to “get away from proximity of” other Brethren’s thoughts and conclusion. Get away from a type of situation where by a person, or even a whole family for that matter, cannot help but to be directly influenced “by the-others”

Brethren are closely influenced by the other Brethren around them

They pretty much live like what a flock of sheep also would

They have no choice, not to?

This can be a problem

Because, there is a certain value to solitude .

So then, this will also help to explain why, the cults, like what the Brethren group is like, wont tend to regard solitude in high esteem

That could explain it?

They don’t want their SHEEP  to get the benefit of being allowed enough time, in solitude, so that they’d then begin to wake up, due to the silence that they’d then be finally able to be “surrounded by”

Do they?

They are forced to fear the humans right to experience solitude


Maybe they cannot help but to fear it

They have no other option 

Believe it or not, silence can in fact actually serve to help wake a person people up.

It can

At face value, first off it may sound crazy and wrong, to hear it being said. That  “a lack of “noise and commotion” of all the usual day to day working of a busy society lifestyle”, could some how serve so as to help allow a human to WAKE UP and to become more aware 

But in fact its quite correct

Silence can serve to help wake the-people up

Funny, but true

Only when we spend enough time apart from others, Do we then manage to get a better chance, to be completely alone with our own thoughts. To be able to make up our own minds. To begin to fully exercise our own minds 

There are many Brethren, who’d do real well to go spend more time, in a form of solitude.

Be of great benefit to the Brethren

Really would

As it can certainly serve to help de-clutter a persons head space 

Not only the Brethren either. All people. All of us. Even the Catholic church folk too, who’d agreed to go along with the cover up of the pedophile sex abuse scandal. Who’d agreed to stay silent about it

Good chance, that had they gone away and spent some “more time alone in a form of solitude”. Then they’d have been awaken from their group induced slumber, enough so as to then also become more aware of the fact, that their action were both futile and immoral

Feeling of solitude isn’t necessarily easy. It can be a culture shock. Might even feel very frightening too, at first. It did for myself. One moment i’d live my whole among Brethren, then within six months im living out on a large sheep and cattle station, only just turned 16. And there’s suddenly many times when i’m feeling more alone than what i’d ever even imagine that anyone could ever feel like. It wasn’t easy. But these days, i now look back on these many solitary moment in life, and i can sense that maybe in around about way iv’e been lucky. 

High chance that had i stayed closer to ex eb family. Then my mind might have still remained captive to the “group think”

I suspect that the Brethren may be ruled by group think way  far more than what they’ll even realize be able to be aware of

But then, with the way that Bruce review wrecker Hale, will be focused on maintaining his control over the Brethren purse string

Then perhaps Bruce wont allow the Brethren to gain a sense of solitude?

Maintaining a flock of sheep within group think. Is a great way to clutter up mind with the feed-back of the noises being made, by droning-affect of all the other people mingling thoughts 

To often, you wont allow your own thought to surface. Your own thoughts will may have been overcome by all the background noise 

Maybe not


But then, hey, how would anyone ever be able to know that for sure?


Unless we would be allowed to spend some time “alone” in a more solitude type situation 

Its important?

It allows us time to reflect on our own thoughts

I gotta get away sometimes, oh yeah
I got to get away
I gotta slip away sometimes, oh yeah
I got to slip away to my special place
I woke up yeah on a cloudy day
I’m feeling blasé blasé from last nights party
And in the back of my mind I got work today
I couldn’t find my shoes to lardy dardy
Excuse me sir, me car broke down
Me Mrs left me with the baby now
And I can’t make that date today
It might have to be another day
I said I’m sorry
I said I’m sorry
Oh yeah
I gotta get away sometimes, oh yeah
I got to get away
I gotta slip away sometimes, oh yeah
I got to slip away to my special place
I woke up yeah on a cloudy day
I’m feeling blasé blasé from last nights party
And in the back of my mind I got work today
I couldn’t find my shoes to lardy dardy
Excuse me sir, me car broke down
Me Mrs left me with the baby now
And I can’t make that date today
It might have to be another day
I said I’m sorry
I said I’m sorry
Oh yeah
Got to get away
(Gotta get up sometimes that will give you the feelin’)
Got to slip away
(Straight blessing the place our natural healing)
To our special place
(Gotta get away from the noise of the city)
I got to get away
(I got to slip away to my own reality)




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Science & Spirituality: An Interview with Dr. Joe Berger

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The shame people feel when they come from narcissistic families

I relate to this video. All my life i felt like as if i could see a totally different approach to the way that family could co exist.A alternative way of being, to way of what our family and extended families had chosen. I felt as if i could plainly see how there were so many other families ,around about us, of who were already able to be ALL benefiting, from choosing to follow this alternative way of being

That alternative way of being ,seemed so close, and yet also still seemed to remain just a little to far out of our reach. Unless we’d see a way in which to reunite so as to all reach out together to help grasp a hold of it

That act would require a team effort. And yet, our family is always acting as everyone of us would need to be looked upon as being on a whole separate team.That’s the only way what they know

Iv’e even experienced situation where sibling set out to purposely try to do me in. Years later, they’d explain, how it was driven by their own feeling of jealousy.Their attempt to do me in ,was an attempt to level the playing field . Meaning , they’d obviously had no recognition, of our family being all part of the same team

All my life, i could never understand how “other family members could all still find ways in which to remain proud of themselves“, after leaving another family member, for dead 

These days, i now understand that family have in fact lost knowledge of  their interconnection

They no longer see/understand, the knowledge, that “by allowing harm to occur to another family member”, is still in fact an act of actually allowing harm to also occur to oneself 

They lost sight of the knowledge that they play on the same team

This knowledge of human interconnect goes even further . In the sense that all of us human being, are generally still related . As humanity, we’d all still play our own part “in team-humanity” 

We overlook the reality

When the neighbors children are missing out on quality parenting. We’d refuse to see those neighbors children as, in a sense , “still being some of our children”. When they’d fall into bad company, and be learning about bad habits, drinking and driving or involvement in violence and so on. Habit what ultimately lead to criminal offense, of what then cause need for larger jails.

Us human still refuse to accept how we’d be all part of the same team. The “us versus them” mentality goes way deep. Doesn’t it?. It never occurs to us how we human “are all paying a part of the costs” of society. Including the rising cost of our jails. Our health services. Our social services. And so on Therefore obviously do still remain on the same team


You’d hope that a crisis like what the crona virus situation has brought upon us, might serve so as to help wake the human up to the reality of the closeness of their interconnection 

Might help make them become more aware of need for teamwork

Might enlighten them to the fact that they still do ALL play for the same team

Might help them realize how they’ll be bound to only continue to do further harm unto themselves in around about way, as well, unless they’d finally see reason to alter their ways of being

Every generation tries to get by, in their own lives, without need of facing up to it. Don’t they?


They figure, if i can just live with it, and handle it being the way that it is been handled, until i can die .So as to then forget about it Then things will be all just fine . 

They’d overlook the way the same situation still remains the growing problem. for future generations ahead

I feel,its not hard to see reason why some people are saying that our society is generally headed in a direction towards narcissism.Human are taught, almost from cradle unto their grave, to be acting as if they’d all be on separate teams 

When a virus crisis arrives. It has the short term affect of reminding human about how they play on the same team. But then soon enough,once the crisis passes, they’ll get tired of the-teamwork. 




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Paul, the True Founder of Christianity


When I was in college I used to get so perturbed by my Bible professors because they all seemed so annoyingly liberal. It was a shock to my system, since I grew up Southern Baptist and since the school I was attending was a Baptist college as well. Our religion professors were far more liberal than any of the students, most of whom had chosen this college precisely because they wanted a conservative Christian education. Our English professors were practically fundies compared to our Bible professors, and at first I thought that owed mostly to an interesting quirk in our denominational history.

[ iTunes | spreaker | youtube | pdf ]

Back in the late ’70s and early ’80s, theological conservatives in the Southern Baptist convention organized themselves and flushed out the bulk of their seminary faculties because they felt so many of them had drifted too far leftward, assimilating neo-orthodox theology into their curriculum. The ousted professors didn’t have anywhere else to turn, so they sought out teaching positions at the undergraduate level, finding therein a more welcoming environment in which they could ply their trade. This is at least part of why the religion faculty at a conservative Baptist college could look far more liberal than any other department at an otherwise textbook evangelical school.

But time and experience have shown me that there is another reason my religion professors were so much more liberal than all us “preacher boys” looking to earn our bonafides before climbing into the pulpit: It turns out that anyone who takes up the formal study of the Bible will soon learn that things are not as they were told by the people they trusted. There is this sweet spot of biblical studiousness wherein you love it just enough to learn a lot about the world of the Bible, but not so much that you begin to figure out how much of it really doesn’t add up.

end quote

An interesting read

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Has Religion Surged During COVID-19 Pandemic?


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Hope for a Generation

There is certainly hope for the younger generation within the Brethren today anyway

The youth today are inclined to be more in tune with social change, and associated social activism.I have been pleasantly surprised, lately, to learn that there are in fact Brethren youth who “are well aware” of how injustices have occurred among Brethren.

They feel the burden of the false pride that presently still hangs around their neck too,weighing heavy on their minds, like a millstone 

Due to Brethren pride what gets in the way of Brethren’s option to openly apologize to all who have been caused harm , by Brethren s ways

That causes “a weight” for Brethren to still have need to lug around 

The youth, don’t bother to pull punches, themselves either, when it comes down to open apology .When it comes to being bluntly honest and straight-up. There is certainly loads of hope for a generation once a generation would be ready to own up and admit to the truth of matters. There is potential for another opening for many good things to begin to occur,  again

Renewed opening for Brethren to finally begin to honestly completely deserve their charity status as well too

That’s “the reward”, of honesty. And of openness 

Isn’t it so?

There are huge rewards

How silly the the Brethren elder, would choose to look upon “open apology” as if it would be something of what would serve to incur loss for Brethren member

How silly

How misguided can Brethren elders, “ways of thinking”, be?

Brethren have plenty to gain, FOR THEMSELVES, by merely just openly owning up to harm done

Could quickly serve to finally lift a huge weight of guilt off of their neck of what presently still continue to weight the Brethren group down,

like a millstone

And yet. So simply to remove it.That’s about all that forgiveness ever require

Simple state of open honesty

That’s about all

And yet, without it, forgiveness is also something that in turn is destined to remain an option of what remains unavailable

Destined to continue to remain something for Brethren to still have need to yearn for

And yet, the Brethren elder now have very little to lose. Being that its now already really no great secret anymore, to public citizens knowledge , of harm caused by the Brethren’s misguided way of being

Its no great secret

Is it?

There is miles of evidence available. Much of which the Brethren have no way to deny. Without being expose as liars

Even our health department have loads and loads of data compiled within their health record, all of what provide a written record that when studied can easily attest to level of harm caused by brethren-cults misguided ways of being

Its really no great secret anymore

Is it?

Today now that citizen all around the world, are presently experiencing for themselves, the feeling involved in situation of lock down, due to corona virus outbreak. They can therefore sense the feeling that are experience by ex member shunned by cult “lock-down” measures now too

The cults ways of causing harm. 

Its now no great secret anymore 

Why would elder refuse “to openly” apologize? 

They’d now have “so little to gain”. And then meanwhile also so much to continue to lose out on, by refusing 

This Brethren harm is now no great secret now anymore 

Pride that is surely undeserved . Remains utterly worthless, no matter how long the “Brethren elder’s” would proceed to still try and dress it up to “look different”

This Brethren harm is now no great secret now anymore

Pride that is undeserved only continue to act like a millstone of what  hangs around the heads of Brethren

There was always very little to ever be gained from it

And is still so much to continue to lose out on

Whats wrong with the Brethren elders ?

How sad that they’d think to allow their pride to continue to act as a millstone

That must surely serve to create many tired and weary Brethren elders?

And yet, this would be the reward of pride that would be unwarranted 

How sad to think that “the Brethren elders”, would still choose to set their pride above “the value” of their integrity

That’s got to be, a terribly misguided way of being?

Terribly misguided way of choosing ?

Sad to think that Brethren elder would choose to make it their choice they’d prefer

They’d have so little to lose, and meanwhile would also have so much to gain, by “simply choosing to drop the pride”, and as such to promptly alter their future route ahead

Why not?

When the reality of forgiveness is sitting right there for the taking 

How could Brethren elder be able to be so blinded they cannot even see it ?


Wonderful thought though

To still have hope for a generation 

Hope for a generation

Just beyond my reach

Not beyond my sight

Hope for a generation

Just beyond my reach

Not beyond my sight

Hope for a generation 

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JWs & the Social Distancing of Shunning – with Criminologist JULIA GUTGSELL

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