Freedom to Oppress

Freedom to Oppress: Religious Persecution Versus Religious Privilege

Quote :

This student suggested that many people confuse “freedom” with “freedom to oppress,” and went on to explain the difference.

I hadn’t seen it phrased quite that way before, but I think he’s on to something.

end quote (my bold)


The above piece was published by Sheila Kennedy who is a Professor of Law and Public Policy at Indiana University Purdue University in Indianapolis

I think i would be likely to agree with her conclusion

Seem to me that a number of domineering type religious groups, such as the exclusive brethren group (for just one instance), have been issued with a form of privilege to then be able to have the right to decide how they might want to dominate and/or oppress certain people

The full-spectrum of this oppressive harm being caused (“the slippery slope”) unto certain people, by religious privilege. May range somewhere between (on a scale of harm caused) whether the Catholic women should now be allowed the right to become priests (a situation traditionally decided/ruled by menfolk), through to perhaps whether members of Exclusive Brethren should be allowed the right to keep company with any ex members of the Exclusive Brethren group

So there is a full spectrum of oppression that still runs throughout Christianity.People may not consider it harmful,until such time it so happen to cause themselves some sort of harm personally


And at present, Catholic women are still being denied the right to decide to become priests .While meanwhile (likewise) the exclusive brethren members are also still being denied the right to freely associate with ex members of the exclusive brethren

Same old form of oppression. But just on a different scale

So therefore if you happen to be born within Catholicism, then your degree of oppression might be experienced to a lessor-degree .If when being compared to degree of oppression being experienced by the other people whom happen to be born unto exclusive brethren parent

And so this will help to explain how our “freedom” (religious freedom) ,at the present time, will still only honestly ever amount to a kind of “negative form” of religious liberty

This sort of situation (oppression) was a situation pretty much guaranteed to be likely to happen. The odd’s were positively geared toward the likelihood, that there were indeed going to be certain groups of people whom would be forced to need to experience oppression

The odds were positively geared in the same way that physical harm could have been positively geared to be likely to cause certain people extreme harm as well too, had our road code been run in the same manner. Had we allowed everyone to have their own privileged to be able to decide (for themselves) what road-speed they (personally) feel is safe to drive their car at.

Both above situations, should be seen as being recipes that would/could both help to encourage instances disaster. Both these two scenario would help to invite possibility for disaster



 The bottom line of all this is that they should not be calling themselves Christians.

end quote

With all due respect to abishag .

Perhaps? its best to stop with this continually crying over spilled milk that was bound to end up spilled 

When the odds were geared toward the likelihood that it would/might occur

It’s not like ex exclusive brethren group of people are the only group of people on this earth whom are oppressed and are thus way being forced to need to experience harm and suffering

Far from it. There are quite a number of groups of people all whom are caught-up within this aspect of harm (all experiencing this same situation (degree of religious oppression), even if it be to differing “degree’s” of harm)

Quote abishag

The bottom line of all this is that they should not be calling themselves Christians

No no no , please wake up abishag. The real “honest” bottom line is this. that this same problem might also need to apply to quite a number of other groups too (all of them claiming to be Christian)that are all able to be existing under the very same Christian banner disguise (“slippery slope”)

No good should be expected to come from continually crying over spilled milk. Especially if people had also decided to just continually rely on the using the same old faulty milk jug time and time again (even though its already proved itself to be faulty)


So .Likewise perhaps? one shouldn’t bother to cry over being oppressed. While the ability for religious oppression has also been continually sanction by so many “faithful believers” (and by too many due to their own ignorance)

The situation is faulty . Religious liberty only exist in the negative sense. And so as such the happiness of your own life (abishag) as well as so many other people all around the globe too (including myself), has pretty much been left-up to the random outcome from our fate of birth.

Carelessness of the most highest degree (Human earthly life wagered away on an eternity that quite likely doesn’t even exist)


Your life, was left-up to outcome of luck of the draw . Your life was whittled away by people whom have continually remained fully content to decide to freely allow the right of someone-else to have the freedom to be able to become powerful enough so as to then also be able to demand to be able to gamble with it

This is reality of the situation abishag

These are the people you might be best to ask to change their mind (it might? tend to make far more sense than the way you can be seen to be continually “bitching and bleating” at brain dead cult members )After all , brain dead cult members “generally” are not so well-known for an ability of changing their mind. Are they?

And by the way . Perhaps? we should also expect that we might happen to be (born among some of those people) forced to reap of that whats been allowed to be sown abishag .You and i ,”we” are not anyone who’s extra-special. And so as such somebody was bound to be unlucky enough right?. Had to be somebody (so might just as well be “you or me” then? . Forced to experience the outcome of stupid laws)

And yet perhaps? if we were not born among those whom would be forced to experience this kind of suffering . Then we might? instead then be counted among those “other folk” Folk (lucky enough not to be born into cults and/or highly abusive/oppressive religious groups) whom don’t suffer, and thus also don’t seem to even bat a eyelid or care (millions of “so called” Christian folk worldwide)

Many people don’t even care about this situation (many wouldn’t even give it any thought or consideration,As it just doesn’t happen to effect their own lives.Many people including so many so called “good-Christian” folk as well too) unless they are unlucky enough to be forced to experience it personally

This is how totally unchristian? this whole ugly sad horrid situation is

There is a full spectrum of christian folk. While some christian are cult like, a number of other Christian groups are far less so


And the ones that are less cult like, might then also be likely to be those people whom will also remain less concerned about this cult situation too


The people whom can find a way to live with indifference , are also the people whom actively help to harbor these abuses too

What? would Jesus do abishag .

Was? Jesus able to show a lack of concern (indifference)  toward the suffering experience by the man troubled by robbers (Good Samaritan story)

Would Jesus stand by and do nothing while other people were being forced to need to exist with cult abuse (like so many whom claim to be christian are happily choosing to do)

Quote :

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke

end quote







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The Bullshit of Religious Freedom


It is fair enough to say the JW group is extreme, harmful to individuals and harmful to family and social cohesion. It is opposed to modern knowledge, learning, science and some branches of medicine. It teaches an extreme form of fundamentalism and exercises an oppressive control over its members. In most of these ways it is almost as extreme as Exclusive Brethrenism.

So to ban it would seem a good idea, except for one thing: this would erode the longstanding guarantee of religious freedom, and would set a controversial precedent. Who would be next?

end quote (my bold)

On the one hand here Ian seem to imply that

1. There has been some  longstanding guarantee of religious freedom which has as yet to experience any form “erosion”

But then on the other hand Ian had also already implied

2. that the JW’s exercises an oppressive control over its members (beliefs )

These two statement form a contradiction

1.If JW’s beliefs were oppressed .

2.Then where? was their longstanding “guarantee” of religious freedom 

Religious freedom is never no more than a pipe dream .Theist must need to adopt use of a type of mental gymnastic’s so as to still enable themselves to be able to continue to “faithfully believe” and also therefore pretend otherwise

These are some of the feeble foundations of this sad horrid situation. Mental gymnastic’s



In contradiction of Ian’s claimed longstanding guarantee of religious freedom,  the United States commission of civil rights group had instead had to say about the situation


The phrases ‘religious liberty’ and ‘religious freedom’ will stand for nothing except hypocrisy so long as they remain code words for discrimination, intolerance, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, Christian supremacy or any form of intolerance,” Martin Castro, chairman of the commission, said in a statement included in the 296-page report.

end quote

They were intent on pulling no punches and just saying it like they feel it’s been. No games . No interest of entering into use of mental gymnastic’s .



And however yet again on wikipeebia  within that very same thread had had this to say on Sun Apr 23, 2017 8:28 am

Quote :

I wouldn’t want the EB banned because I believe in freedom of belief. I do not believe in freedom of action. People’s beliefs do not need to be for the public good and in any case, who would decide that? Teresa May or Donald Trump? Or even PeterF or The Questioner?

None of that is the same as them having tax support as in the UK and other places.


end quote

But the exclusive brethren beliefs do indeed also incorporate some actions .

To say I wouldn’t want the EB banned because I believe in freedom of belief”

Is a little bit like someone saying well “I wouldnt ever want to see Hitler being regulated or subdued , because i also happen to believe the freedom of human life”

The idea of banning regulating oppressive groups like the exclusive brethren, doesnt necessarily erode freedom of religion any more than what the idea of regulating Hitler might also need to erode the right of human freedom of life

Consider these thoughts again.

1.Through the war effort against Hitler (the leader of Hitler-cult and all his faithful followers) was thus actively regulated . And that this regulation of Hitler his henchmen then also helped to allow far more humans to then be able to enjoy a far more positive freedom of life

2 So there is no good reason to expect it might necessarily need be so-different in regard to any regulation of any oppressive religious group’s either


Theist  also like to apply a good dose of the scavenger’s trade as well too . For use of that “extra” effect on people’s mind (fear factor)

For instance, like this

“People’s beliefs do not need to be for the public good and in any case, who would decide that? Teresa May or Donald Trump? Or even PeterF or The Questioner?”

Here the questioner try to create (for us) “a vision” of this fearsome slippery slope that we might suddenly need to be faced with . Spoken as if we are not already being faced with one anyway?

Because, in another life,yes indeed it might just as easily have been someone totally different, such as someone like Teresa May or Donald Trump? Or even PeterF or The Questioner? who might have been able to become top dog of the exclusive brethren cult

Instead of it being Bruce Hales who had happen to seize control


So we dont ever get to actually escape this need to face the situation of a slippery slope .

However there is also no evidence to suggest that it cannot be done in a far more appropriate orderly manner. The same way we (society) are also being faced with other slippery slope issues of life ,such as building codes or road codes and so on

So these theist might do well to stop with playing around with metal gymnastic’s . Or perhaps? they are doing us all a great disservice by not caring to do so









Fisherman also “tap dances” around the truth .The man would like to admit the fact, that idea of freedom of belief, is pretty much impossible to uphold .


The problem arises when these ‘freedoms ‘ cross the line and impact the lives of other people. One of the challenges of people emigrating to this country is them trying to excercise the ‘rights’ and practices of their old country.Sharia law might be acceptable where they came from, but not here. You can’t beat a woman in this country for not covering her face

end quote

They want to admit it. Accept for the fact that that might then also serve to start to curb their own right to become dominant  

So  instead they rather choose  to revert to use of tactic of  scaremonger  (warning us of the slippery slope, hoping that this warning might serve to help make-us overlook the thought that we are already being faced with a type of dangerous slippery slope anyways.)


on Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:14 am  says quote

As for Euthanasia how long will it be until mandatory euthanasia is acceptable? Those incapable of adding to the GDP and or population replenishnent should not be allowed to devour scarce resources?

end quote

No evidence . No proof . Only foundation of a scaremonger’s faithfully believed bullshit


Its not as if we are free to make our own choice. Fact is we are already bound-up to the faith beliefs of the Christian. In effect someone else has already made the decision. So see how we are already being faced within the constrants of this slippery slope

We could just as easily ask . How long? has it been, that the Christian-beliefs have forced us all to need to allow for human to needlessly suffer. The level of suffering like we often wouldn’t care to ever dare allow our own pets and animals to need to suffer

This is a slippery slope like we are already being faced with (a slippery slope which is already been dominated-over by the Christian-beliefs)

So much evidence is now continually amounting that points toward religion having already been an anti freedom aspect within far too many people’s lives

Like this study for instance . Quote :



end quote

No big surprise .That there may be very many closet atheists who may have felt like they would need to tell lies about their atheism (they felt they had needed to, because religion does not honestly tend to help to promote right of freedom of religion) Due to fear of repercussion

This is reality

So much for this so called “longstanding guarantee of religious freedom”

So much evidence seem to continue to amount-up . Suggesting that the idea of religious freedom is bullshit

It remain the pipe dream of the theist . A pipe dream foundered on feeble mental gymnastic’s of tap dancing around with the truth

















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Quote :

“( ‘if Paul were here today’ he would probably use SKYPE and E mail and not lose any letters or speculate on who wrote them )”

end quote

And yet basically the whole Christian faith is built upon speculation.


Fisherman doesn’t seem to mind it one bit,to be busily speculating that whats been recorded within the bible, is true

He don’t seem to mind it one-bit

Most likely doesn’t even occur to Fisherman that he happen to be doing exactly the same thing that he then also then goes ahead and try’s to warn’s other against doing

That’s how utterly stupid this whole senseless situation is.People have been burned at the stake.Have been put to death having been accused and convicted of heresy.Whole family lives have been laid to waste through shunning and excommunication in separation.Jesus suffering on the cross pales in comparison if it were to be compared to the amount of collateral suffering that so-many have continually been forced to need to endure thereafter due to Jesus and this Christian faith that rest so heavily on huge speculation

I hazard to guess, that if Jesus were here on earth today, that in fact he might want to nail all the Christian lips to the cross

Any kind of God that would want to stand by and do nothing, while so many were being forced to continually suffer in the name of faith belief.Isn’t worth worshiping any more than what someone like Kim Jung-Un would be


This God would need to be no less than a evil monster


 Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:41 pm 

“In the absence of any evidence otherwise it is also reasonable to conclude”

end quote

Theist (worldwide) are well known to be prone to lie.To tell fibs.To be inclined to make false promises.There word more often than not, isn’t even worth the value of the cost of the paper that its been written on This is a most common trait among folks of faith

I shall never again be stupid enough to dare to trust the word of any believer. I have learned this lesson the hard way

So knowing this .Then why ? should i have any good reason, to dare to think that the word of theist of old-times might have been likely to have been any more honest than what evidence suggest theist are known to be like today

Generally these people are most untrustworthy


“In the absence of any evidence otherwise it is also reasonable to conclude”

That theist of old-time were just as likely to also be liars too

This is the most safest bet. Meanwhile so many will still continue to suffer due to these theist whom help to promote lies

They all die thinking that they have been so jolly wonderful. Both the Christian and likewise even the Islamic car bomber as well too

If God is love. Then why is there such a need for this nasty situation that stems from belief in this God

If God is love.There should be little need for religion

God is built upon nastiness of the most highest degree .

God is envisaged to be like some Kim Jung-Un figure.Someone who would be likely to be unhappy,unless he can be continually bathed and smothered in worship and loads of toe-suckery .

God (much like Kim Jung-Un)also  dont mind how many humans will need to suffer badly,just so that he can still get his daily fix of self-worship

God is the ultimate idol

If God can live with the knowledge of knowing how this has been allowed to occur in his name .

Then why? would anyone even wish to worship a being such as this

Due to fear.

The fearful thoughts that can drive a gutless feeble minded person to want to try and do anything possible, so as to save their own skin


The amount of suffering that has constantly occurred in Gods-name . There is no greater evil than this


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Bible is one of the wisest books around

Quote :

Actually, the Bible is one of the wisest books around if you make effort and aren’t literal.

How is e teaching of Jesus spurious? What is so bad about loving one another, visiting prisoners, caring for the sick, turning the other cheek etc?

end quote

The bible sure contains some wise philosophy. However the bible also contains a number of lies .And some philosophy that perhaps could be considered pretty bad philosophy too

Is it? a wise thing, to bother to try to uphold blatant lies, and dubious philosophy.While? also suggesting it to have been inspired by God (thinking about where this could lead)

Bullshitting about talking snakes,donkeys and burning bushes and so on.Suggesting someone might have cast out demons, into a herd of pigs and so on.Suggesting people had been able to have raised other people from the dead.Making suggestion that without-doubt, God existed and that one evidence of this was that prayers would be answered,even though science has been able to have proved these kind of claims to obviously be complete bullshit (if it were not complete bullshit,then maybe by now theist might have been put in-charge of the job of curing peoples health issues) .

The bible contains some great philosophy. But its hard to think the bible is so-wise when considering the amount of bullshit also contained within it

It seems (to me) specially unwise to tell such blatant lies. Specially in a book that folks are also intent on suggesting was inspired by God

How stupid ? was that

Its hard to think of anything more unwise than that. Consider the amount of harm that it has also helped cause, harm that still continue causing harm to some people even still these days too

The questioner seem to be under the impression that before Jesus arrived , people might not have loved one another . Seem to be under the impression that before Jesus arrived on the scene, there was nobody who ever even bothered to care about anyone in jail, nobody who cared about anyone who was sick, nobody who had ever decided to just turn the other cheek

I dont believe this .The fact is that empathy has been one human-trait that has long been one driving force within human evolution. Empathy trait helps to make the human race fittest for survival

This is reality

Theist try thinking of human evolution as being like a “every man/women for themselves” type of situation . Theist have been indoctrinated to believe that without Jesus ,then human wouldn’t have any other reason to care about other people

This is because theists have been misinformed . The information they were fed with, sometimes from their birth, has been inaccurate information


Sadly the Questioner has let his own bias Christian-view get the better of him

Jesus was a pretty decent fellow.Somewhat specially so too considering the general situations existing back in those ancient times.No doubt about that

However it seems to me that Jesus was still human.Jesus wasn’t perfect

For instance. Consider this verse here


Mark 7:24-37King James Version (KJV)

24 And from thence he arose, and went into the borders of Tyre and Sidon, and entered into an house, and would have no man know it: but he could not be hid.

25 For a certain woman, whose young daughter had an unclean spirit, heard of him, and came and fell at his feet:

26 The woman was a Greek, a Syrophenician by nation; and she besought him that he would cast forth the devil out of her daughter.

27 But Jesus said unto her, Let the children first be filled: for it is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it unto the dogs.

28 And she answered and said unto him, Yes, Lord: yet the dogs under the table eat of the children’s crumbs.

29 And he said unto her, For this saying go thy way; the devil is gone out of thy daughter.

30 And when she was come to her house, she found the devil gone out, and her daughter laid upon the bed.

end quote

Is ? Jesus being racialist and/or sexist . Should ? any-humans be looked-upon as if they are being compared to dogs

If so . Then was ? that wise . Specially when we also consider how racism and sexism has continued with still remaining a bit of a problem even still unto today

Christian apologist talk about making an effort to not take the bible literally

Seem to me that what they may really be saying is more like , “remember to also be prepared to turn a blind eye” to certain things

Quote :

The world would be a much better and a far happier place if we could just abandon religion altogether. Human progress will continue to be held back until this happens in my view.

end quote

I agree. I hazard a guess that Jesus might be likely to also agree. I hazard a guess that Jesus might even be mighty highly unimpressed with the way that people have chosen to idolize his life

Think about the amount of collateral harm that this has helped to cause.Think about how many humans were burned at the stake.How many humans were tortured so as to force them to believe certain faith beliefs

We can only hope (for Jesus sake) that Jesus (being dead)  is also totally unaware of the amount of disgusting hurt and harm that has been allowed to continually amount , in the name of Jesus

Jesus suffered but a few days of his life.Evidently, in only a matter of days he was raised from the dead

This pales in comparison to the “huge amount of collateral suffering”, that faith in Jesus-as-god has helped to continually cause so many people ever since then



So many peoples whole lives have been wasted and lost. Due to the idolization of God

This is totally unwise 



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Why, and from what, do we need to be saved?


in the very early days of Christianity. They needed salvation in a very real way from the control of Rome and from their strict cultural religious systems.

end quote

These days we now need saving in an extremely real way from unregulated religion.

Go figure !!

There most likely isn’t any kind of eternity.The life we live on earth most likely is also the only chance we ever get to live and enjoy life

That didn’t stop religious folk from wasting our lives as a wager on the idea of an eternity (No way.Just the same as any other gambler, the religious gamblers they also don’t give a damn about who else might be getting really harmed by their gambling addictions.The selfish bastards they just couldn’t “care less”.Busy with feeling all piously wonderful about themselves too,to boot,all the while that they are at-it)

“Why, and from what, do we need to be saved?”

We need saving from God. Need to find salvation from this faith belief




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In the beginning


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start out with NOTHING ,absolutely NOTHING and end up with SOMETHING

Quote : 


The only thing that makes any sense to me ,that you can start out with NOTHING ,absolutely NOTHING and end up with SOMETHING ,is that there has to be some supernatural force OUTSIDE the created sphere that initiated the whole process…and that’s as close as I can get my head around it

end quote

No wonder theists remain so lost. Mostly they only ever hear all the stuff they learned, being discussed within the four walls of their churches religious echo-chambers

Scientist dont even say they know for sure that there was “absolutely NOTHING”

Poor Fisherman, he’s still busy helping to spread misinformation.Meanwhile he likes to pretend that he is someone who’s interested in facts

He can often be seen busily suggesting that the exclusive brethren might learn to look at the facts . Learn to get their facts right . Learn to educate their exclusive brethren children with the factual truth. Like in regards to James Taylor jr, and Aberdeen incident , and so on



 (Fisherman : “absolutely NOTHING and end up with SOMETHING”)


Fisherman keeps banging-on about this idea how there was “absolutely NOTHING” before the big bang. Little doubt that Fisherman is busily spreading this kind of misinformation among children he know’s too

Fisherman might do well to try and get the facts . Does he? really think scientists can even have some way to see back past the big bang

Perhaps theists like Fisherman might do well to think a little more about this.

If scientist cannot see back past the big bang.If in fact scientists can only see back as far as the first few moments after the big bang Then how? the hell could they even know, for sure, so as to be able to say there was nothing, “absolutely NOTHING” before the bang

They cannot. Its impossible (as yet anyway) . Use of a little common sense should soon enough help anyone to be able to figure out why (perhaps unless they are theists,some of whom don’t often seem to bother with using any)

And so therefore scientists whom are interested in fact’s, also wont ever say that they know this for sure

This is just misinformation . Information that theist have taken out of context  (sometime so as to serve their own agenda)

Scientist do have a few ideas (theory’s) in mind.

For one instance, Stephen Hawking  has had this to say:

Since events before the Big Bang have no observational consequences, one may as well cut them out of the theory, and say that time began at the Big Bang. Events before the Big Bang, are simply not defined, because there’s no way one could measure what happened at them.

and then later on in his essay he says this

It seems that Quantum theory, on the other hand, can predict how the universe will begin. Quantum theory introduces a new idea, that of imaginary time. Imaginary time may sound like science fiction, and it has been brought into Doctor Who. But nevertheless, it is a genuine scientific concept. One can picture it in the following way. One can think of ordinary, real, time as a horizontal line. On the left, one has the past, and on the right, the future. But there’s another kind of time in the vertical direction. This is called imaginary time, because it is not the kind of time we normally experience. But in a sense, it is just as real, as what we call real time.


end quotes (my bold)

So here we see even Stephen Hawking say before the big bang cannot be observed. Therefore it follow,that scientists also cannot know for sure if in fact there was absolutely nothing

To say they did, is due to theists ignorance at best.And almost borders-on willful deceitfulness too (because this information is available.If only theists would care to take enough time to go looking for it)

Theist whom propagate this idea (specially among children) are therefore helping to spread misinformation.

They are very much like exclusive brethren whom choose to stay ignorant of the facts about James Taylor jr and Aberdeen too (as enough of this kind of factual information is also readily available as well,however most exclusive brethren dont care to go looking for it)

disgrace unto Christianity

Its far too soon, (as yet anyways), for us to be able to say we know for sure, how this universe (we live in) might have came about . In future ,we might be able to figure some more things out about that

Here is another idea (theory) that some scientists are now considering as well too

Quote :

( —The universe may have existed forever, according to a new model that applies quantum correction terms to complement Einstein’s theory of general relativity. The model may also account for dark matter and dark energy, resolving multiple problems at once.

Read more at:


end quote


Seems to me , Fisherman seem to actively display this strange phenomena of having “absolutely NOTHING and end up with SOMETHING”

As it seem he have “absolutely no idea” of what the scientists actually said. However Fisherman can still seem to come up with “something out of this nothing” (some weird idea’s of his own, that still seem to remain eternally-cemented within his head)


If he make demand that exclusive brethren should care to consider the facts.

Then maybe? he might do-well to also care to consider taking his own advice as well too


Fisherman had also had this to say too, at the end of that same comment he made on wikipeebia

Quote :

The heavens declare the glory of God’ as the ancients concluded on seeing the night sky in the desert on cold clear night ,probably sitting around a fire of dried camel dung

end quote (my bold)

Sure . And the ancients evidently had also concluded too, that burning-bushes, snakes and donkeys can talk .

This is how easily-led the minds of these ancient folk were

Just because ancient folk might have believed something .Back in times long ago,times when depth of peoples ignorance was obviously far-easier for certain people to be-able to exploit.Times so long ago, when people were still trying to even figure out if in fact God’s were the force behind all kind of phenomena they experienced and tried to figure-out, like earthquake,tsunami,lightning-bolts and tornado and so on

Is not necessarily good enough reason that we also should still continue to do today as well too



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Is that In The Bible

Is That in the Bible?

Exploring the Judeo-Christian Scriptures


Clicking-on either of the two above links, will lead you off to an excellent website run by Paul Davidson (professional Japanese-English translator living and working in Japan),and biblical studies are a personal interest of his

Some of this website information is just “so interesting” to read.Its extremely “thought provoking” if you know what i mean.And so i read through his website, and read what he and others there have to say there in comments that follow, then i also start to see exactly how he (Paul Davidson) can say how he see’s it as being personally interesting unto himself too

I realize how deciphering the bible (and most likely all other holy type books too) need to be done as if someone is trying to become like a “forensic detective” of some kind

That can obviously be an interesting job.You need to think intuitively

No sense in relying on other people scholarly work.So “education” wont necessarily be of any great use.There might be no school book available that you can read so as to learn the answers. For indeed all the scholars of the past, might all have still missed something

This is why education don’t necessarily = enlightenment too . Some people can even become highly educated folk, and yet still lack an ability to be able to think intuitively

Education, is not necessarily equal to intelligence

They may have “learned” how to pass exams all their exams. No sweat. No worries.The answers they needed, were all readily available to read-up.They learned to pass exams. Learned how to be able, to remember what other people had already found-out for them

However. The things that have not yet been found out.That will indeed require intelligence. Requires use of a persons own intuition

You cannot buy it. You first need to want-it. Perhaps you have to “kind of” choose to exercise your own mind, by becoming less of a follower, and a general “try to please other folk all the time” toe-sucker type person.And in that sense, perhaps you may even need to be prepared to put yourself on the line.As sometimes there may be people whom wont like what you decide to think, do or say

But yet if any of your ideas are any good.Then there is a high chance that you should also be likely to able to argue for valid reason why it’s good too

Go check Paul Davidson website out.I dare you to.I dare you to allow yourself to exercise your own mind a little as well. Allow yourself to be pushed to try to think more like a detective might do

What the problem ? … You too scared ? … To used to living your life-like a flock of sheep also tend to do . Too used to finding yourself a easy quiet place that feel safe somewhere within the middle of the flock. And you just don’t bother to look or think for yourself too much, you just trying and listen for the sound of the other sheep’s hooves as they hit the ground if your-flock ever decide it feel time to just up and run.

In effect you also still laying yourself on the line anyway. Cause by what you are doing, you are trusting that hopefully the other sheep might be all still staying aware and looking and thinking

For you ! (so you wont need to bother)

But yet, if they also decided to just take the easy road too. And they are also busy nodding-off in a state of complacency like a bunch of bloody great muppet’s. Then you might actually also be deep up shit creek instead too

Just when you were hoping like hell that you were safe and sound. But you have gambled.You gambled that the-other folk would have already done all of your own home-work , for you


Too bad for you then. Because

Our society are full of a little too many people acting too much like sheep

How the hell else? do some things be able to get so stupidly bad sometimes.Manage to get so far out of hand.Even in cult situation, such as this “text-book” particular instance here

If enough people? would have all been doing enough of their own home work for themselves


But too many humans don’t care to bother.They feel it just takes-up far to much of their-own energy to need to do so

They feel lazy. They rather rely on hoping someone else had did it all for them too

Society has become so much like sheep. We even feel a need to also wear same-clothing that we feel looks kind of familiar .Familiar to our flock.Some cult dick-whackers are some of the worst at looking really really kinda sheep-like

Anyway over on Paul Davidson’s website, the latest biblical interest they are looking into (biblical detective work) is

The Story of Ezer and Elead (and What It Means for the Exodus)


“the tale of two cattle-rustling brothers from Ephraim”


Go there and read along. Even try exercising your own mind yourself, and then if you feel like you can manage to muster enough guts to do so. Try making a comment or two yourself too . To see how you measure up (and if you find-out you feel can’t. Maybe its best that you at least would start asking yourself some question in regards to why that might be that way.)


Time for you exclusive brethren to find-out if your own Exclusive brethren ideas can still hold-water within the big-tent . Find out if your ideas are based on good ground, or just based on loads of cult rubbish and “wool blind sheep” shit

You think you have enough guts ? . Guts enough? to read through at least a few website post’s that Paul Davidson wrote

Bet most of you wont bother. For you are like sheep.You live like sheep.Act like sheep.You even feel afraid too unless you remain always running-alongside of some other-sheep of your flock blindly

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Do they feel remorse?

Quote :

end quote

They are about as remorseful, as what a dog is also like. A dog that decide to just shit in the pavement in the street, right there in front of everyone else, after you just cared-enough to do you best and kindly take it for a walk

Religion seem too often a little bit akin to someone having a lobotomy ,without need of any form of actual surgery


The picture above.Could easily be taken as looking rather similar to  memories of what i also remember of some theists standing and busily praying in church.

Both images (the one above and the ones still etched into my memory)seem to  have much the same vacant type look

How can someone? really be expected to still be able to feel honest remorse.If they have been rendered brain-dead via their “out of control” faith

Back in the year 2010, i had first talked to a first cousin on mine, on the phone.I spoke to this cousin (whom remains within the exclusive brethren still.You know the group of “Christian believers” whom in more recent years have now been trying to pose as Plymouth brethren ,so as to try and escape from some of their bad exclusive brethren legacy)

I told him of the sexual abuse that i had experienced.I gave him the name of the abuser involved.Mentioned the name of the local priest with whom i had first reported the sexual abuse to.

Then when he then replied to me by email.He said that he had approached someone in the locality where our brethren meeting was,so as to have them look into it.So as to see how this case of sexual abuse was handled .

He then wrote to say that he was  sympathetic with the trauma i had experienced in my life . (trauma that in my mind, not only should include my own experience of more than one aspect of sexual abuse, but also the trauma of enforced excommunication of members of my own family,as well as enforced excommunication of some of our cousins as well too.Along with the experience of seeing a brother of mine looking so thin ,that he were in fact close to death.So close in fact, that it was also this brother’s own doctor who in the end was forced to ask the brethren to please accept our brother back into fellowship to be reunited with his wife and children,to save him from dying of starvation and heartbreak.And so much more other situations of trauma, that it’s just far too much for me to even care to think of again so as tell you readers about everything right now)

He suggested that he himself had experienced being unwell in his own mind too.Suggesting to me that Satan takes advantage of this.Telling me that what had got him through this

“was my simple link with Jesus as Saviour, and I am sure He can help you.”

He went on to say


I am not talking about “coming back”, but a real experience with Christ that gives a peace and settlement beyond what we would have thought possible.

I would like to talk to you about this and also will get back to you about what you raised as soon as possible.

end quote

As if ? im going to be so likely to still be able to even trust any member of the exclusive brethren so-quickly again (including members of my own flesh and blood) , after having also already personally experience the utter disgraceful evil sham that the so called “brethren review” obviously was (no need to rely only on my account, as there are also so many other ex eb too, whom can also help verify to this fact)

From then on. Emails (back and forth) continued between the two of us for awhile.


So (by email) i  basically told him that i just wasn’t too keen to drop my guard once again and freely put trust in any exclusive brethren .Mentioning that i hoped he wouldn’t take this as if it were meant as a personal insult . It was more to do with being once hurt badly, then twice-shy

Pointing out how i was now naturally feeling pretty damn wary of contact with any brethren members

I relayed to this cousin how traumatic it had all been for me, to be forced to experience the freely flowing tears of my own mother, when we were shut-up (stopped from attending church and also from ability of having any contact with any members of the brethren. ) and were being visited by two priest whom were involved in priestly visits that were supposedly designed to get us right with God (but to-me had in effect felt much like i were personally experiencing the same type of Gestapo-like visits like what many Jews were forced to need to try to be living with)

In the end i decided i would need to leave.To save my mother from tears that i somehow felt guilty of causing (due to anger i felt,because i had not received any form of professional counselling in regards to the sexual abuse). There we were (me and mum) at a time when it was during the mid term school holiday break. Both of us shut-up and separated from having contact with brethren fellowship, and along with also not being supposed to be having contact with so called worldly folk either (non members of exclusive brethren) I’m 15 and a half years of age. I leave home and the brethren, by riding off on my push bike.Making contact with a excommunicated sister of mine whom i had been forced to not be able to see or have any contact with for around about 10 years

And yet i still don’t get to get any professional form of counseling. Because sex abuse is not really something that is ever that easy for anyone to discuss. (at first the brethren threaten to involve the police, so as to try and just have me returned to my mother.

Although they didn’t bother.Perhaps because they were just far too afraid? that i might then suddenly decide to blow the whistle 

Brethren blame? this trauma experienced, on Satan

I pointed all this out to this cousin, and also pointed out that in the exclusive brethren review , i had been forced to experience my brother (whom i loved) deciding to try and commit suicide, by swallowing a whole bottle of sleeping pills (the very same brother who i had previously seen near to death by starvation due to heartbreak and loneliness).He tried to commit suicide, because (unknown to me at the time) during the brethren review a brother in law of our had demanded that he would need to cease contact with me for awhile while they would try and manipulate me into agreeing to come back into exclusive brethren fellowship

I emailed my detailed account of these traumatic feelings to this exclusive brethren first cousin of mine at the date 27.1.2010 . However i still hadn’t had even had any reply back from him at all by 8. 2. 2010 . When i emailed him again, to just try and remind him that trauma isn’t something that goes away.Specially when trauma has been building over years.Reminding him that i chose to contact him , being that he was also one of the brethren whom had first chosen to make contact with me during the review, after 30 years of excommunication , suggesting that he too was also honestly interested in wanting to try and help make-amends for the bad way that we had been mistreated

Evidently brethren idea of honest remorse doesn’t go so far as to see any good reason to care to keep in touch and take action

On 11/02/2010 my cousin finally care to at least reply telling me that the problem is that the person whom he had contacted (to get to look into the case of sexual abuse) had evidently had to go away somewhere suddenly (why there was only one person whom could help ,who knows?, when in fact there were some others whom were also well aware.Even if they might have not all known the full exact details.This also included the abuser)

My cousin writes a few words trying to suggest to care (but  i cannot help but be thinking he is very likely also just bullshitting too)

I email him again on the 16.2.2010.Basically expressing my feelings that brethren idea of time is giving me the idea that brethren don’t consider time to be of any real essence in life 

I expressed feeling that i had been busily wishing that our father (who had died of cancer at a time when i was still aged under two year old) had of been able to be allowed to use a condom.As it might then have also helped to save us all from some heartbreak and sadness. I told him to try to read-up on some good information about effect of sexual abuse and P.T.S.D etc

I expressed how the sad situation had also had some detrimental effect on my own children’s right to be able to fully experience real happiness as well too. Pointing out that my children had no choice in the matter of who their grandparents were to be.That was down to luck of the draw

I pointed out that exclusive brethren and the act of constantly delaying matters,was seeming to be two things that all too often had seemed to go hand in hand together

I then emailed this cousin once again on 23/02/2010 . Asking him had he learned anything more,or did he even now know anything about how? long the delay was likely going to be. Told him that i had just gotten in touch with a group that is called victim support

On 26/02/2010 i then finally do hear something back from this cousin. He says

I have heard back from Auckland.  Enquiries have been made but the facts are obscure because of the passage of time and also ….. …… has died.

The stress you say that you are under is concerning.  If you think it would help to go to the Police it is your right to do so.  If counseling would help then you should get that.  I would definitely look at helping by paying for counseling – it is important for family to help each other out.

I hope this helps.  I would also consider any ideas you may have as to how I could assist you further. (priest’s name been removed by me)

So then on 27/02/2010 i again reply .Basically pointing out that it seems like brethren are intent on constantly bullshitting to me, to just claim that the  “facts are obscure”

I point out that our mum is still alive.I point out that my brother in law,whom himself had indeed personally verbally discussed  having pretty much full knowledge himself of the sex abuse, to-me during the brethren review.And even to the extent of discussing full-knowledge of exactly where-about one instance of sex abuse had actually taken place

I also pointed out that my brother (the one ive mentioned whom had tried committing suicide within the review) knew at least some details . Seeing that it was he whom had personally answered a phone call (that were made to his own house during the review) from the exact same priest whom had now died, which was a phone made to me purposely to offer me an apology. (these details can still be double checked,as phone records can most likely still always be found to help confirm it) My brother and his wife too, along with my brother in law and my sister as well were all sitting at the same table when the phone call from the priest was handed on to me

Beside all this. The abuser is still alive as well too.There is plenty of brethren and even ex brethren still alive too, whom should at least still be able to attest to the fact that the abuser was indeed put under assembly discipline and was himself shut-up right-away after the time i had first disclosed information of the sexual abuse, to our local priest (the one whom has now died).Not being accepted back into fellowship for awhile, until after they had first “served-time” under exclusive brethren method of in-house discipline

Besides this. I did in fact also happen to quickly mention a few slight details of my experience of sex abuse , to one ex exclusive brethren first cousin of mine.Even if it only occurred somewhat reluctantly If need be. i’m still pretty sure this cousins memory can also soon enough be added in as accumulative evidence 

So.Why have i not? (thus far) gone-ahead and chosen to just report this situation to the police

I might not be a believer anymore.I do now lack any ability to see good reason to believe in any God.

But that fact still dont also mean that im lacking in empathy . I happen to understand that in reality we are all victims of a form of deeply ingrained religious nastiness

Atheist don’t bother to pray.For indeed they see that there is in fact very little sense in doing so.However atheists still try to hold on any slim-hope they “hope” they can.Hoping that against all odds,there may still be by some “slim chance” that people might come to their senses.Some day

This is.We still long to be able to see our own flesh and blood differently.To not need to continue to admit that our own flesh and blood, could ever really have been so heartless 

If you still don’t like to believe me.See more information here in regard to who is more likely to feel compassion

While my exclusive brethren first cousin whom i had emailed back and forth with, in regard to sex abuse, might lack in empathy. So much so, that the thoughtless ignorant brain-dead moron might also have been inclined to be able to think i’d ever be so-likely to feel happy to just have allowed that the police might just suddenly have arrived on my elderly mothers door step . With accusations of sex abuse.And then set-about pressing her for information


Its long overdue time the brethren were to wake up from their slumber.

Do they feel remorse?

Seems pretty unlikely

The brain dead throng have remained so foolishly constantly pissed out of their wee Brethren brains on the wine of Brethren-ism, for so bloody long now.

That it almost seems to me, like many of them might just as well have also actually had a lobotomy, through surgery.

They had the best chance they ever had had ,to finally put thing right, within the exclusive brethren review

But what? did they rather choose to do instead

They far rather to still follow along behind the unbroken line of folly and foolishness

Anytime brethren decide to start the ball rolling, and like to try suing me.The way they like throwing their weight around against some other folk

Might? be the best thing that could ever happen to me.As all i really need now, is to have something to really help motivate me













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God Comes First Until It Comes To money

Quote :

Millionaire dairy farm family try to have son sectioned after he asks for share of family farm

A millionaire dairy farming couple is trying to prove their son is mentally unwell after he left their church and raised concerns about the family business.

Erin Bay says he has been cast out by his parents Stuart and Beth Bay after he left the Open Brethren church to become a Catholic.

He says his parents approached an Auckland psychiatrist without his knowledge on October 26, claiming their son was spiralling out of control.

end quote  (my bold  “Open Brethren”)



So much for genuine love and kindness . Religion and money seem? to matter far more

Generally our government’s still issue religious groups with charity status.The general idea being that region is “supposed to be” of “public” benefit

We wonder.Why? is it of any real public benefit,for our governments to still be helping to support greed and nastiness over genuine love and kindness

These religious groups are supposed to be a good example and thus to also “help” lead the way as if they are our societies moonbeams of moral guidance

Pffffttttt !


Yeah right . And pigs can fly too


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