What if they’re right

Iv’e been saying the same thing too.

Faith in Gods has helped to turn human into cowards

Hasn’t it

So much so that even your own flesh and blood, your family would have become “the kind” of people to be more than prepared to “leave you for dead” , so as to savethemselves

This “way of being” for human, has then been put on a pedestal, been even afforded charity status too, and been allowed to be worshiped, as if it were to be “a good” and “a most moral” way for which the human might have reason to “want to be like”

And if you’d disagree with their beliefs, then you’d not be going to go join them, to “hang out with them”, forever more far an eternity

Well…. would you really want to “go be there with them”

Why would you?

Just so as to save yourselves ?

Only for to serve your own purpose of “self preservation” too perhaps”

What quality of life would it ever be like, anyway, if in fact you were to be completely surrounded by a bunch of cowards, for an eternity evermore

Would it ever get to become a bit to monotonous 

Would that ever be “true quality” of life within a real sense anyway 

Would it?

Well ,that’s the very same type of attitude too,like what people had chosen to take,  when the situation had otherwise involved another powerful being named Hitler 

In that scenario as well. Most of the human had also been able to be turned into cowards 

It had became all about self preservation 

Happening also via the use of tools of fear as well 

It was also the fear of death of what had turn people into cowards as well then too 

Moral values were quickly sidelined 

Same way like what moral values are often being sidelined, too, when threat of Gods are being used, as a tool, so as to help turn human beings into complete cowards as well

Cowards who’d then even agree to leave their own families for dead

What kind of eternity will it be like then

Can anyone imagine the life like what they’ll (IE: the believer) stand to inherit for “an eternity

To be blessed with a future of “living with a bunch of cowards” 

For evermore 

Such a wonderful blessing that will be-like then huh?

Wonderful joyful feeling 

Imagine the “great joy involved” in knowing how you’ll be completely surrounded only by the complete-coward types of human beings

Absolutely no “others” 

Just the type who’d remain alwaysintently focused” on acts of self preservation

Self preservation would have become everyone only goal

Nothing “other than that focus” would ever matter to anyone

Makes you wonder why in hell the “whole world population” isn’t been keen on quickly cuing up to join in

What in hell’s wrong with those bone-head atheists ?

Wouldn’t they also wish to be “totally surrounded” by cowards for an eternity

Who wouldn’t be wishing for that?

Just look what “wonderful fun time” they might be missing out on

Whenever we come across Brethren within the street. Ex exclusive Brethren will often mention the way the Brethren member’s eyes would seem lifeless . Discuss about the way how the Brethren’s faces won’t seem to be able to openly display a “real sense of joy” either. 

As if the Brethren quality of life is obviously not that great

Yes, they might have plenty money

But, even so, to achieve this, they’ve sacrificed to quality of life of what would have otherwise needed to also involve company of all their family members


Perhaps heaven will also need to feel fairly similar for human too?

Yes you might “live forever”. In a low quality state of existence, while being completely surrounded by all your coward-comrades as well (just to help to really “bring home” the reality)

But meanwhile, you’ll still have sacrificed your one and only option to experience real joy involved in true love of family company

This is “the wager” that Pascal had proposed would have need to involve “no loss

The man was a mathematician

And yet not necessarily sensible. People who will have been overcome by “their fears”, will not necessarily be sensible 

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Are Brethren Narcissists Ever Truthfully Remorseful

I have a theory that narcissism,by now runs rampant, through the Brethren

The more i do research into narcissism. The more it is that i become convinced .Take some time to watch though the following video

How much chance is there, that the Brethren would feel sense of remorse about any ex eb’s hurt?

What would go through the Brethren’s mind when they see ex eb’s expressing their hurt?

Whats the chance that “the exclusive brethren” would generally feel a sense of joy, to be able to see ex members, expressing their unhappiness

What about that?

Perhaps they wont have the same emotion or empathy, as like what normal people, might usually have


Does anyone remember that expressionless cold stone hearted look, on their Exclusive Brethren family members face, that time when you were expressing your feeling of sadness

Can any ex eb, remember that ?

Your hurt is like “delicious narcissistic supply” , to those Brethren

Isn’t it?

I bet those Brethren would know, of times that even their leader, within Brethren meetings, will pretty much been “feeling openly joyful” , in their meetings, to be “able to report” about how so and so “ex member” lives have been falling apart.

Bruce will be there in that Brethren meeting quietly “crowing about” the joy of seeing, or hearing about the way in what some “ex eb members” lives have been tough-going

Wont he?

Bruce will be “quietly” feeling gleeful ,at the thought of it happening

Hasn’t that happen ? (any exclusive brethren who’s reading this, will quietly know, that i’m only being completely straight up about the truth of the matter here)

Isn’t that the truth?

I’m only trying to help warn you Brethren people

The narcissistic will usually have these “small wee tiny little ego” of what require to be “stroked” and to be built up

See here …. Quote:

Craig Stewart


A very senior EB brother, close to Bruce D. Hales said to me ref. BDH “it’s almost idolatry”. Almost …… ?

One HEB / PBCC protocol, that came into force early in BDH’s reign, controls the congregation’s personal behaviour for all special meetings attended by Bruce. I found it disturbing and silly. Here are the details;

All the brethren must be seated before Bruce enters.

The ‘church’ is abuzz with conversation …….

A brother appears in the door at which the ‘Great Man’ will enter and gives an indication … total silence!

(No babies at special meetings.)

The ‘great Man’ appears in the doorway ! …. everyone stands. The ‘great Man’ walks down the isle and lowers into his special seat. Everyone else then sits. The service commences.

At the close of the service there is complete silence, except for any conversation initiated by the ‘great Man’.

A male usher stands blocking each exit door …… The ‘great Man’ assumes the erect position …… Everyone else silently stands ……

No one speaks unless spoken to by the ‘great Man’.

No one except a special few (principally his son’s and son-in-law) are allowed to approach him unbidden.

The aisle which he uses to enter and leave has selected persons pre-positioned in the aisle seats to prevent any member of the congregation reaching out to the ‘great Man’ for help. You must only speak if spoken too.

When he’s ready the ‘great Man’ heads up the isle and goes into his special chamber (with ensuite).

The ushers unblock the exits, the silence is shattered by many voices, many old and young rush to the toilets.

Is this representing The Lord Jesus Christ ?




end quote

Does all of the above sound very much like its a

“Ego building exercise 101”

Or what?

Wake up Brethren

Brucie review wrecker Hales, doesnt like the idea of letting “any other person” to become the center of attention

Does he?

Isn’t that a reasonable explanation, for reason why Bruce would have felt need, to step in, and ruin the state of the Brethren review, for others involved

He was beginning to become to fearful that perhaps “other people” might begin to corner a piece of “the-attention”

And Bruce would demand to remain as the center of attention

Or what?

Wake up Brethren

Bruce felt less happy, to see how family member were reconnecting together within the time of the review. And were happy, and laughing together “at their own jokes”, and were even having loads of fun and doing fun things together, again

They only validate you, within times of love bombing

For instance,like in times when Bruce was busily love bombing loads ex eb’s, for only  a short period of time within the review, so as to “take the heat off of himself” and his cult,long term

It was merely “a purposely designed strategy”

And Bruce had still always made very sure, that it would be himself who’d remain center of attention too


You certainly wouldn’t have ever seen Bruce Hales bother to stop to shed a tear himself “for anyone else” who’d been hurt very badly, by the going’s on, within the review

Would you?

Wake up Brethren


Once Bruce Hales had us ex eb’s secured within his trap,within the review, then not long after, the love bombing had ceased, almost as quickly as it had started


Because, by then, Bruce could only see us ex eb’s , as if we were merely to be possessed or discarded, only as if like we are no more that being like “an object”  in life

Something that can be so easily forgotten about (like no more than an old cell phone,  or old model car, or jet plane, or push bike or toy that now no longer holds the same value as before)

Narcissist much Bruce ?

“The idealization love bombing phase ended abruptly within the review”

Isn’t that completely correct Bruce Hales ?

“And painfully too for many”

Correct Bruce Hales ?

Before you know it, you’ll be the target of psychological abuse too


The Australian man who leads the Exclusive Brethren has said a mentally tormented young member of his flock would be better to “get a shot of poison” and “finish yourself off” than talk to members of his own family.


end quote

Cannot ever allow that anyone else might have become the center of attention, aye

Correct Bruce Hales ?

Narcissist 101  Brethren style

Brethren narcissist certainly showed me a way to learn to live without them. Yeah nah…that’s for real . Last place i’d ever wish to be. I would to need to return to become captive among the Brethren narcissistic cult

I feel extremely sorry for them

The poor things

Extremely poor of heart. Those poor Brethren people?. Even if they’d be wealthy money-wise

Money certainly isn’t everything

Yeah that’s for real

They don’t even seem to have a slight conscience

Not even “a slight” conscience?

No wonder then, that they’d also never be seen to show any true remorse either


You wont see it. Their fragile ego’s wont ever allow it to happen

Will it?

“Far to poor of heart”

The poor things

They’d all sit there in church every Sunday making a complete mockery of matters

Remaining far to “up themselves” to even care to “think of lowering themselves, a little, so as to at least learn to be able to agree to eat with others”…. again

Again … after having needed to turn so many human lives into misery


Meanwhile they wouldn’t even shed a tear for member of their own family, who their cult had helped to destroy

Would they?

Or even worse

Had perhaps even caused to commit suicide https://web.archive.org/web/20131204204302/http://wikipeebia.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=14&sid=0da5bf29853dae314c62617a0e52aa6d

Meanwhile Brethren still happily act as if their shit never stinks

Bunch of wankers

Will will their youth wise up… show some real-balls for once in their lives… and begin to at least help to spill the beans


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Have the Brethren issued anyone any written apology as yet?

Have any written apology even been supplied


Have they?

You’d expect that at least the family who’d lost their family member, to an act of suicide, might at least have receive some written apology, by now (well before now)

Wouldn’t you?

If Brethren ,were honestly feeling remorseful

Surely they’d have already delivered some written apology, to some people,by now ?

For instance, like maybe a written apology to the wives and/or children , of the deceased ex eb

Or to extended family member too

Surely this might of happen?

If in fact Brethren had of actually changed their way

So then the question is

What more evidence does the Charity commission require?

They could simply ask the Brethren to provide evidence

Couldn’t they?

Ask Brethren to provide evidence, of who they’d made x-amount of written apology too?

If in fact they ever have done?

If in fact they have actually ever cared to… As yet?

It doesn’t seem fair, to me, to see the way that the Charity commission would make demand that the “broken hearted” ex eb member, would have need to try and prove that the Exclusive Brethren still fail to change their way

Why make the ex member, have need to run up and down rabbit warren, working their gut’s out with the act of trying to pin down cunning wealthy cult liars down, so as to provide the Charity commission with enough proof, so as to prove how the Brethren have still been playing the game “hide and seek”. And have failed to change their way toward ex members

How is that fair on ex members?

That’s too hard

That’s still allowing the Brethren to have “way to much room” to still “wiggle their way around” the truth of matter

“To fly under the radar”

(so to speak)

Just like usual


How about this other idea

How about the the idea, that the Brethren should be made to provided evidence of exactly how they have in fact actually changed their ways toward “the ex members”

How about that idea then?

Charity commission ?

That would at least serve to finally help provide a far better form of accountability 


Lets put the ball back in the Brethren’s side of the tennis-court

“Play ball”

Exactly what kind of evidence, are the Brethren being presently required to provide as  a form of”proof” of the way in which the Brethren attitude have in fact changed toward the ex members


Any at all?

Or does the Charity commission presently choose to simply just accept the Cult-liars word “as if it’s truth of the matter”

As if like its the gospel truth of the matter

And then simply take it for-granted

That it is truth

Without need of any evidence ever being provided

Or what?

How is happening

In what way are the Charity commission “regulating” this situation, at all



Surely the Brethren cannot be following the agreement within the charity commissions demands in accordance with the Deed of Variation. Unless the Brethren would provide proper written apologies to all the people they’ve harmed in extreme manner ?


See info here


The Charity Commission has now published a second monitoring report as part of its programme of post-registration monitoring of the PBCC’s Gospel Hall Trusts. Over 100 Gospel Hall Trusts have recently registered as charities; and the Commission made a commitment to monitoring a sample to ensure that they were complying with their governing documents, including a Deed of Variation (DoV). The report notes that:

As with Preston Down Trust, a key element of our decision to register each Gospel Hall Trust was that the trustees agreed to address any issues of detriment and harm in accordance with the Deed of Variation, which clearly sets out PBCC’s principles and teachings and, in particular, that associated disciplinary practices and dealings with former members would be mitigated by compassion.”

The monitoring programme began with the Preston Down Trust, which was the first charity registered.

According to the new report, the Commission did not identify any significant regulatory issues relating to the charities’ compliance with their governing documents and saw sufficient evidence of each charity’s engagement with the wider community to demonstrate public benefit.



Charity Commission monitoring report on Plymouth Brethren Christian Church

end quote

That’s the charity commissions Deed of Variation

Isn’t it?

That “dealings with former members would be mitigated by compassion.”

You’d think the Brethren would be required to provide written apology (in the very least)

Surely you’d think it would “be compassionate” for Brethren to at least see fit to deliver us some written apology

Wouldn’t you?

Surely so

After all

That would then be more in line with the agreed-upon commissions  requirement, quote:  “dealings with former members would be mitigated by compassion.”


Where is the evidence “of true compassion”

Charity commission ?

Wake up

How many ex member have ever receive any written apology at all

Charity commission?

How many can Brethren provide proof of having sent off , to anyone of us

Charity commission?

Do your job properly?

What more evidence do you need?. Its obvious. You have no proof that the Brethren have followed through with the Deed of Variation

Can Brethren supply proof of making anyone any written apology?

If they cannot

Then what more evidence ,of “their non-compliance“, should you require?

Lets get real

I’ll hazard to bet, that the Exclusive Brethren will fail to provide evidence of them issuing any written letter of apology


They don’t care to bother

They have no remorse for any of the many people whom their group has mistreated

This will also precisely explain reason for why they’ll fail to provide evidence of any written apology

This is the reality of the matter

An ex eb said … Quote:

Jill Aebi-Mytton Trouble is Samuel we have no proof that this happens. Hard evidence is needed


end quote

How much hard evidence can Exclusive Brethren provide, to say they provided anyone of us with any written apology?

Surely that would be in line with the charity commissions Deed of Variation

Are the Brethren being also reacquired to provide evidence?

Evidence that they’ve changed their way, so as to now be in line with the Deed of Variation

Or what

Or do just get to claim the charity status, without following through with their agreement

In regards to “dealings with former members would be mitigated by compassion.”

Obviously its compassionate to apologize properly ?

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Marianne Thrush’s 6 organ transplant


Marianne is 30 and a beautiful spirit. She has almost no stomach, definitely no duodenum or any small intestines. She weighs just over 40 kilos. Her whole adult life has been spent carrying around a Stoma bag and having a Hickman line for food and medications to go straight to the bloodstream . Her digestive system has never worked properly, even as a baby. Yet she has tenacity and a great will to live that has seen her overcome constant pain, countless blood infections, near death experiences, and a life either at hospital or with her mum daily picking up IV supplies. This beautiful girl is featured in the age as being Australia and the Austin Hospital’s first potential 6 organ transplant. Her pancreas and liver are also irreparably damaged. Several years ago I became good friends with Marianne and her single mum Lorraine  when they first came to Melbourne to start this battle for a transplant. I’ve seen how tough it’s been to live. I’ve seen Marianne vomit litres of blood and often writhe in terrible pain. I’ve wondered if she would make it a dozen or more times. But it’s crunch time now, and her amazing surgeon Prof Bob Jones and the wonderful team at the Austin Hospital are waiting for a suitable donor and hoping it’s soon so they can perform their miracle. Marianne and her mum Lorraine have survived on the kindness of others, Centrelink benefits, and occasionally taken a few international student boarders. Finances are getting visibly tougher.  Amongst other things, Marianne’s car is almost dead but she can’t afford to fix it. She also dreams of a life post- transplant where she can finally live like an adult and study something like interior design. Surviving week to week doesn’t allow for luxuries or dreams. This go-fund-me is for Marianne, and her wonderfully supportive but exhausted mum Lorraine. It will make an enormous difference to their lives. If you are reading this perhaps you can share it with your friends or just send an email to a potential kind corporate sponsor or friend. Your donations and kind words, no matter the size, will all lift their spirits.



end quote

More info here https://www.facebook.com/groups/5658649590/permalink/10157934597529591/




Marianne was born into the Exclusive Brethren in Queensland and her family fled the ultra-secretive religious sect which has been marred by controversy in recent years when she was a young child.

Their decision to cut ties with the sect, and leave with only the clothes on their backs, has meant her mother, Lorraine, who is her fulltime carer, often struggles to pay for the medical bills and care Marianne requires.

Of the dozens of Victorians who die in each week, few are suitable donors for Marianne.

“In 12 months in Victoria there would likely be about three suitable donors,” Austin Hospital liver transplant unit director, renowned transplant surgeon Professor Bob Jones,  said.


end quote (my bold)

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On a Brethren Sunday morning … coming down

Perhaps something might sound something kind of slightly familiar to some ?

Hic ! hee hee haa haa, hic heeeee haa “you bum you” haaaaa  ahhhhhhhh oooowww hee hee haaaaaa hic hic aahhaaa yaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hee hee haaaaaaaaaaa “stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp ” haaa heee haaaaaa

Yyyouw never ad it like dis hic ahhhh hee hee haaaa “son of a bitch”  haaaaaa “bastards” haaaaa “stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp ” hic weeeeeheeee haaa hic haa heee hee haaaaaa

Ahhhh taught tee taww tee puddy cat , heee haaa hee he tewww plurry pissed at tee time tuu even know? haaaa hee hee hic haaa

Yyyouw there George ?  hic hic haaa yyyouw aaalways asleep at meetings aall the time George?  haaa hee hee ahaaaa … Yyyouw tuuu plurry pissed all the time on de whisky tu ahh yee George? aaahaaa hee hic haaaaa hee heee

Following link below is from the “way-back machine” link to the very same Aberdeen audio




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A Desire for Dialog


Darwin never received an apology until after 150 years had past by https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/2910447/Charles-Darwin-to-receive-apology-from-the-Church-of-England-for-rejecting-evolution.html



The Catholic Church, via Pope John Paul the 11, finally apologized to a fair number of people including the JewsGalileowomen, people convicted by the InquisitionMuslims killed by the Crusaders and almost everyone who had allegedly suffered at the hands of the Catholic Church over the years.[1]  


It was all a mighty long time coming? . Wasn’t it

Kind of like, trying to squeeze blood “out of a stone”

Stone hearted” people it often seems like they’d need to be like, anyway

My point is

Seems that Christians are not “well known ” for prompt apology 



The Brethren and Bruce Hales & co are the same way too.

Maybe even-worse

There they are, acting as hypocrite with their support of PTSD, when they’d not even, as yet, even bothered to apologize to the number of ex member of who their OWN group had caused problem with C-PTSD 


Roz Froud

To say nothing of the PTSD and depression the PBCC have caused! Charity begins at home 😫

Image may contain: outdoor and text



end quote

Here’s a link to group they hooked up with



Walking off the War Within



Walking Off The War Within is held in memory of Nathan Shanahan, a returned solider and firefighter, and other fallen Service Men and Women who have taken their own lives after battling mental health issues. The Walk is for Emergency Service Personnel, Defence Force Personnel and members of the public to come together to share the burden and march as one.

Nathan was a advocate for mental health and PTSD; sadly, Nathan lost his battle in December 2016. Nathan started Walking Off The War Within, he created the image of a soldier with a shadow on his back and the walks that happen around Australian now are a way that Nathan’s legacy continues.

The walks replicates the walk Nathan completed in April 2015 from Mildura to Adelaide, when he walked over 400 kilometres with a 20+ kilogram pack to raise awareness and funds for PTSD and depression. This was his Walking Off The War Within.

Walking Off The War Within has transformed from one man’s movement to a series of events, where people of all ages and fitness levels get together and walk and talk about ending the stigma that is often associated with mental health. We hope that each year, the walk continues to grow so that more people are encouraged to have a conversation about mental health, depression and suicide.

end quote

Makes you wonder, if these groups, of what would seem to agree to hook up with the Brethren groups, so as to become associated in situation that involve concern about PTSD, would even know about the “dark shadow’s” hiding behind the Brethren’s dark history

Dark shadows like these https://web.archive.org/web/20131204204302/http://wikipeebia.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=14&sid=0da5bf29853dae314c62617a0e52aa6d

Those suicide victim had lost their own battle with “walking off the war within” themselves as well

The Brethren’s unsociable manner, was what had originally caused the “war within” to begin, for the whole lot of them, to start with

Its was “a-religious war” of what had caused them to cope with the C-PTSD

Never the less, still “a war” . A type of war what still causes the victim to be left struggling with C-PTSD too

Brethren have no scruple 

Do they?

Very little integrity . They wont even hesitate to enter into these PR campaign . They’d have no sense of shame about doing it either

Even although they’ve still failed to ever offer anyone any proper apology









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Ohhh but look what Communism caused

Whenever we would remind the believer about the amounting harms whats been being caused to people through religion . Much of what has also been “whitewashed over”, and also been able to have been fast forgotten about. Almost as if it “might never ever” have even happened in the first place 

The reply will often be

“Oh yes well but then you’d need to look at the harm of what was caused by communism”

Its like the knee jerk reaction, whats taken by believers, so as to help them to avoid facing the issue of “religious abuse”

I mean

What difference does it make ,to matters, even if communism has help to cause people a whole lot of harm as well too

Isn’t that, still beside the point?

Does “two wrongs” then ever help to make these things right?

Does it?

For instance

Lets say if a rapist can point out, the level of harm of like what the murder’s would cause to people. Then does that then mean that rapist’s can then avoid facing the harm they’d caused and just forget about facing justice, with regard to their own act of rape?

Why should it matter, that greatly, that communism has caused harm too


That’s beside the point

Isn’t it

And like, at what point would Matthew 7:5 apply

Who would it apply to first?. The communists. Or the Christians

Would it apply to Christians first. Or would the-Christian be waiting around on the communist to make the first moves for the better, first of all, before the-Christian might then see “enough reason” for themselves to finally start fixing-up their own nest


Shouldn’t the Christian,(specially being as they’d been pretending to act as being like “moon beams” for Jesus), be still most concerned and “more interested” in facing up to their own past wrongs properly first and foremost, so as to then also in that way perhaps even be able to help to “change the future times” ahead of themselves as well too

Wouldn’t that be a far better approach

Would it?

Rather than to create themselves “a side-track” so as to then avoid from facing the situation head on

I never did be able to see any “real sense” in the believers traditional ways of approach in regard to harms that their religions are involved in 

The Brethren are “more or less also only just following along with the very sametraditional way of approach, too,in their own way of also  avoiding facing the harm they’d caused, as well now

When will believer be ready to accept that its a widespread phenomena of like what they’d all allowed to become like normal practice 

I’m not saying that its “the right way” of approach

I’m not

I’m pointing out how its become “fairly traditional” practice within Christendom

To begin to “understand the reason for why the Brethren are so slow in their way of making proper amends. We would first of all have need to study the traditional ways of Christendom 

These issues are directly connected 


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I wonder how


  • Peter M Clarke On one hand I wonder how brethren can deliberately turn a blind eye to all the lies,travesties and hypocricy ….until I remember we did the SAME thing to the people whose lives were ripped apart by JTjrs ‘separation’ ministry, based on scripture totaly taken out of context and against others..we saw all that and willingly turned a blind eye to it- just as brethren are doing today..
    Find support or report comment


end quote

The answer is obvious. If it were anymore obvious, then perhaps a person might trip right over it

Brethren are merely an extension of our society. Its long become the normal thing for society to do. IE: to turn a blind eye and to continue to overlook these kind of issues

You might like to think that Christendom were supposed to act like a moonbeam for “good morals”

But hey, Christendom has in fact helped to lead the way, in regard to the way what these problem, are allowed to be overlooked 

There are million billion upon billion of so called “real” Christian, who are able to sleep well at night, all the while these despicable things are being allowed to occur 


What makes you think that this would then mean, that it would be reasonable, (for us)to even expect, that all of a sudden, as if by magic, for some strange reason, “the-Brethren” might suddenly decide to act rather differently 

They only copy the way like what the whole of Christendom is also acting like

Its Christendom 101

Did any Christian really bother (so much) to get worried, or angry or “all worked-up” about widespread knowledge of sex abuses, within the Catholic Church 

Did they?

Very few were bothered to lose any of their own sleep over it. Mainly because of how it were not necessarily ever really “affecting themselves” , directly

Most remain far more concern about staying quiet, for fear of the shame that news of the abuse might in-turn tend to bring on the PRIDE of the white lamb Christianity’s face

Saving face“, so as to help uphold Christian pride, is remained a pretty big concern throughout Christendom 

You didn’t

  1. see Catholic rushing to own up to the harm what they’d caused
  2. see other Christian rushing to help demand that they would hurry-up and do so, either 


Who the hell do you expect the Brethren to be like then?

Do you really still believe in the occurrence of a complete miracle 

Sure.We certainly might see large amounts of people gathering together to shed tears together on Anzac day

But don’t ever expect people to bother to gather together on a certain day so as to remember all the people of “who’d been burned” to death at the stake. Or those people who’d been executed after being accused of heresy, within the inquisition

Most people generally don’t care to a fuck about it

Do they?

Not even the Christians themselves, would bother to give a fuck about it, either

Nobody bother to lose any of their sleep over it

Other than those people, who’d been affected directly

Our world has been well-trained in how to act in this careless manner 

Whenever it comes to so called matters of religious liberty

Even when the liberty is in fact been negative 


Well, because of the way in which human have learned to be able to live with these lies

They lived with them for so many generation by now


“they’d now not even know to know any-better “

Just like how the Brethren also do. The citizen have learned how to accept lies as if they’d be “the-truth”

Christendom has acted as the moon-beam of moral attitude of the kind of like what has help lead all citizen to learn to accept lies as if they’d be the-truth

This is what has then allowed religious tyranny, to be seen as being acceptable, as if it would be religious liberty

In other words

Even still today

Religious tyranny= religious liberty

Nothing will change about this situation, “so much”, until there would be enough Christian who’d care to take action,so as to help make sure that the situation would change


For now they generally still don’t really care

They certainly don’t bother to lose any of their-own sleep over the problem

Specially when it doesn’t affect themselves directly in their day to day life  

These are also the kind of people who’d be generally claiming, to be doing “the work of God”

Evidently God doesn’t care less about affording people any proper apology. Or justice. Or even about owning up to past wrongs

God is into white washing the past

He evidently prefer that his believers/followers were to all sit aside in silence,and turn a blind eye, while injustices were to remain unattended  

Its nothing new 

Is it?

Christian have leading the march in allowing it to happen in this way

For many generations 

So hey

Its now become like “its the-norm”

By now, too hasn’t it ?

Hence the reason for why nobody now really thinks to even give a fuck about it

Normal practice

Tradition of whats also been able to become “very Christian-like “

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Ancient Aliens From The Sirius Star System | Lost Civilizations of the Sky Gods



How did they acquire that sort of knowledge?. How did they know about Sirius C, 60 years ahead of  when modern science did. How did they about the white dwarf star Sirius B, a star invisible to the naked eye, and both only recently discovered by modern science

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Smack in face so as to help us all learn something


Money, is generally usually fairly useless, to “the dead” people?

The problem can be, that the human brain can be so overcome by their greed, and also the greed of the people they’ll try to grovel and brown-nose up to, so as to gain the votes, that they’ll then have been inclined to try to continue to overlook these kind of thoughts

“Those thoughts slip their mind”

Don’t they?

So as to serve ” their goal for popularity” 

That can continue to happen, until such time as the reality soon-enough comes back around to smack them in face, again . So as to suddenly serve-up yet another “wake-up” call … As a reminder

That’s how it is?

Its been fairly obvious “for a number of years” already now, to any people who’d be willing to open their eyes and to consider-it, that these wake up calls were entering onto the horizon


So long as they’d be willing, to at least consider-it ?

The thing is, the sooner that the human would “dare” to at least properly consider the possibility, the sooner they’ll  also then be able to at least be better prepared 

Seems totally crazy, to me, that “the wise” people, plenty of them also acting within position of politician, have not bothered. Most of them perhaps wont have even bothered to discuss it 

Generally even the politician have remained focused on maintaining “the wealth” and “the economy”   

As if, they’d have been convinced, that the future of the human health and well being, can therefore simply be able to be disregarded 

As if they’d have been convinced that “the economy” and “health and well being” were like two absolutely separate issues, of what were “not at all interconnected” in any way

How could the wise, and so-called “highly educated” human, ever been able to be so wrong ?  

How did that happen

Were they educated, but yet still lacking in their ability to turn toward intuition 

Perhaps they’d thought that “brown nosing” would remain the as best option

And yet, a truly wise person, also won’t necessarily always be the “type of person” who’d see “brown-nosing” as being the only option whats worthwhile 

Will they?

Consider whats happened with the Brethren. Brown nosing had remained as the Brethren’s most-preferred option “of-being” too, for generation. And so just look at the highly embarrassing state of affair, of like what that has also helped to deliver for the Brethren. Embarrassing state of a affair to the extent of like what had “very nearly” even caused the Brethren to lose their charity status 

The act of “brown nosing” their way through life, is not necessarily a “wise way” of being, for humans

Is it?

There is a whole lot of “face-smacking” times ahead, appearing on the horizon, for the humans to begin to finally learn-from

Anyone of us, who’d been able to become “well acquainted” with the-use of “their intuition” will also have sensed how it was obviously heading in this direction 

How do the people get to be able “to learn how to make the most of” their intuition? 

Maybe if the people will have been forced to have need to live life on their own. Have been forced to need to live a majority of their lives, without anyone to help guide them. Then, perhaps its also natural, that those people might then be more inclined to also learn how to develop “intuition” 

Who knows?

Here is somebodies ideas on the subject https://www.samatters.com/intuition-come/


Anyway, i often feel like i don’t see much evidence, to suggest to me that the so called “wise people” among us (IE: the traditionally educated type) people, many of them who’d have acquired the top jobs , within our society, would necessarily be so “well antiquated” with “use of intuition” 

How could that be?

Well, perhaps because our societies, have also become very well acquainted with  the idea , that perhaps “brown nosing” would be wise

We’ve become more like a flock of sheep

We become so afraid of being alone, and/or “afraid of the thought” that perhaps we might not be seen as being so-popular (by the other human sheep), so that we’d then be still able to secure ourselves a place within the flock of human sheep

That therefore in a sense, we are also being led to become like-sheep, from the cradle to the grave 

Everyone of us is “trying to brown-nose our way through” our lives.

Even the politician are no different. They to, will be more than “willing to agree to just step up and dance a-jig” to the most loudest drum 

They don’t bother to worry to much about integrity

Who cares about integrity?

When popularity and wealth is all that the majority of human are prepared to ever be concerned about most

Therefore why

” Our integrity is being sidelined

Isn’t it? 

Been no different among the Brethren either

Has it

Same old same old ?

Same old same old usual brown-nosingpopularity bullshit” games, and even happens among the “Brethren realm” as well too

Isn’t that how we’ve been rolling 

Or what

Even our politician have been led to dance the jig, unto the beat of the “popularity drum”, so that they might then gain votes

Integrity-value of whatever they choose to “say and do”

Is most often beside the point 

Isn’t it?

Popularity is always what matters most of all, to sheeple human. Doesn’t it. And then even if its blind stupidity is whats-remained-popular

Who cares?

Human don’t care. So long as they’ll retain their own place among the popular-majority 

But then

When the universe wont play ball any longer. Throws a spanner in the works. Like a very-timely smack in the face

What then?

For starters, perhaps those human wont be able to rely on “their personal God”

Time to finally grow up?

Let go of the “personal God” cuddly rug …. Or perish 

Time to open their eyes-up to finally see how closely interconnected all of life is on planet earth?

Or will the-human ,continue to “throw caution to the wind”

Just like what they’ll always usually continue to do

Continue to run their lives as if they’d be convinced that there’d be some “personal God” who’s busily looking out for them, ever ready to step in, and to remedy their mistakes of-what they make 

Like what “a father” might generally be expected to choose to do “for their children” 

Where as

The Pantheist styled God. The God of the universe. Would require that the human would also have need to grow to become more adult-like

Would he?


The Pantheist styled God demand that human would act as adult. Live like adult.Think like an adult. As adult, then even be prepared to become unpopular. Being “that integrity” would be valuable and be most worthwhile

I sense that there are some big changes waiting in the wind. For humans. I’ve always felt this way too, for about as far back as what i can remember. 

However, i still wonder whether the human will ever decide to change “their ways of being” to any great degree 


Before that will ever begin to happen

First up.There will need to be many more people who’ll “be willing to” become unpopular

The same thing even apply s also among the Brethren realm, as well too

People need to become unafraid of being unpopular 

Being popular isn’t necessarily always the wise way to be

I hope the-Brethren would also see reason to understand why popularity can be unwise .

Specially the youth among the-Brethren today

Hopefully they’ll be interested in regaining wisdom 

Perhaps “popularity and pride” can be fairly closely connected ?

Is that how it is?

Was it that what had “stood between” and had-stopped the Brethren from daring to speak up about the immoral act of James Taylor Jr 

Brethren had felt afraid “to become unpopular” among Brethren

The fear of losing ones own feeling of-pride 

The fear of becoming one of the unpopular sheep human’s

IE: “The herd mentality” 

Integrity is soon lost, isnt it, once the-human would agree to accept the herd mentality 

Is that the way it is?

Everyone soon enough become like a flock of sheep

Can the-human’s begin to alter their ways of being 

Will they

Will they forget about bothering so-much with the pride of being popular 

Will they grow some bigger balls 


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How we must respond to the COVID-19 pandemic | Bill Gates


The alternative ?


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It’s absolutely clear: capitalism is part of the sickness #MOATS #COVID19

I feel sure, that this virus outbreak, is helping to highlight some serious flaws within the capitalist system, as it stands at the present moment

For instance, the way that people have been faced head-on with choice between their concern for “the money” and their concern for ” the people”

Its interesting to note where each of the countries values are sitting

The virus has been highlighting the flaw in the systems. But that still doesn’t necessarily mean that the human will learn from it . Or alter their ways greatly. Because, the greed is something of what can overcome human ability to use good reason and common sense 

Even the bible refer’s to the thought that its been greed that is mans main downfall. Human are selfish. Personally i feel that i cannot see evidence to suggest that the Christian religion is even been that helpful,so as to stem greed. It often seems as if Christianity has been right in there with supporting greed. Even if it has also been accompanied by the “purposely designed“charade-like act of charity work, of what pretty much (when all said and done) mirror the Brethren’s rapid relief team “trumped-up act of charity” work, designed to suit PR demand, all of which serve to help create a front of “public benefit”. So that the greedy based capitalism can then still continue stealthily underneath the surface 

At the end of the day, from the pantheist view, i can see how what is happening now with this corona virus outbreak, could easily be translated as being a long overdue warning , from within “the universe” 

Could easily be interpreted as being as if like “the universe” is presently trying to help relay important messages to human . Via public exposure of these huge flaws . Flaws of what do not differentiate between rich and poor. Or between black and white. Or even between believer and unbeliever. Chances are, that given time, it wont even differentiate between the-elderly or the-youth, either. Neither will border or country serve to create any “strong boundary” of what could hope to remain permanently steadfast 

This is a warning for human to finally learn about the direct interconnection of all life on earth

Who knows. Perhaps this could even be the last relatively easy chance for human “to alter” their ways, enough, so as to help themselves decide between survival or death (IE: “long term”)

Perhaps from the pantheist viewpoint. A “part of” everyone of us, may all still retain the option to gain retain life eternal. Being how we do all still share very similar genes . And so “our own life eternal” is thus far already been able to be retained, BY ALL OF US, through the magic of “the circle of life” 

Therefore ,this option, of life eternal among human, can also be something of what could be lost 

And of course, it could very well be greed what might be “at the root” of this loss

Anyone with half a brain, can easily tell, how the present system as the way what it stands right now, is been moving toward time when it “will begin” to self-destruct 

All the signs are appearing, out in the open, for all to see, should they care to be interested to want to take note 

Even the way that the value of material & property and even just “the cost of living” and so on, is been skyrocketing 

Is sign that “this capitalist bubble” must surely be bound to begin to burst big-time at some point 

Where will the price of the cost of living, end?

Way things are headed, there is “no end” in sight, and so price of living can only continue to skyrocket

How long will human overlook the sign ?

Will they be “more prepared” to overlook it, also, should they be the type of human of who wont BOTHER to ever stop to look at life, from the pantheist viewpoint 

After all, the “personal God, as like what the Christian viewpoint is concerned . Its more about the-focus on retaining obtaining life eternal, for oneself alone. As in a sense, the believer isnt even compelled to need to feel at all concerned, about their offspring’s prospect for worldly future

Did anyone ever take notice, of how little concern,for nature, and for world resources, that the belief like the Christian belief, have ?

These type of faith belief, seem to pay so little focus, on concern for “management of world resources” , with regard to keeping future generation quality of life in mind 

Do they?

Seem to me, that these faith belief, including the Christian styled belief as well too, have traditionally been more focused on self serving focus of taking care of the “interests of oneself” alone

These belief, in my opinion, seem to fail to produce futuristic option of true life eternal within the naturalistic sense of life

Perhaps humanity is come to a crunch point . Could now finally be standing at the crossroad (of choice)

Choice between reality of life eternal. And being face by the choice between clinging onto at fantasy-styled  type of life eternal, of which would  also require supernatural “intervention” of a personal styled God

Compared to finally facing up to the pantheist styled God of the universe, with what human might now then be forced to have need to admit to having “disregarded” and even gone so far as to have willingly transgressed against, via way of their act of greed of what have in fact also actively served so as to pollute and decimate our worlds resources 

Some have been heard to say 

Pride [goeth] before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. (Proverbs 16:18)

So perhaps that thought then begs the question. Will some people be inclined to always remain “far to proud”, to ever even dare to face the possibility that perhaps “the pantheist styled God” ,might  be more closer to the truth, than “what pride” would had allowed certain people to dare to consider 

Or what?

At the end of the day, if it be correct that the Pantheist styled idea of God, would indeed be closer to the truth of matters


Our universe will very likely,  not be paying any attention at all to differentiate between who’d be black or white or who’d be poor or wealthy or atheist or Catholic or even “the Brethren”  either

Would it?

So then in other words

Human would suddenly find themselves to be “all in the same boat” together

And with no real way of denying it, for any longer, by then either

Being that the universes would have begun to help make reality, become more and more clear, to all involved 






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Alan Watts ~ How To Get Spiritual Awaken


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Positive religious liberty

Positive form of religious liberty versus a negative form of religious liberty


Positive liberty is the possession of the capacity to act upon one’s free will, as opposed to negative liberty, which is freedom from external restraint on one’s actions.[1] A concept of positive liberty may also include freedom from internal constraints.[citation needed]



end quote

How much “free will” would be able to truthfully exist within religion today, then?

Consider that question

1.Did the Catholic pedophile priest, ever actually fully posses their own free will, to choose to become Catholic?

2. Or were they perhaps “being expected to” become Catholic. Could they have experienced shunning, should they have made different choices?

3 Would the “negative form of religious liberty”,serve to help promote more honesty, or deceitfulness ?

Highly organized forms of shunning, is one situation that our society wouldn’t have need to support. Surely our society wouldn’t be compelled to have need to be helping to support these uncharitable, through charity status, due to these act most certainly also being of “absolutely no” public benefit 

Its bad enough to think that a number of unorganized act of shunning, would be taking place within our society. We can be thankful,that our government, in these situation at least are not proceeding to support these uncharitable acts, by rewarding the people involved, with charity status 


Those unorganized random” acts are unsavory enough already

But then, to make matters become worse

Our government are then acting to choose to reward the highly organized acts of shunning, of the kind of like what “the cults” and the “high control religious groups” and other groups have been actively involved in promoting 

By even allowing them to claim charity status 

Like a reward 

This foolishness, is most certainly not been “of any public benefit” to the citizen of our countries

Religious liberty, truly only even remain charitable, and of public benefit, should the religious liberty also be able to be of a positive nature of true religious liberty

Because of the way how the negative form of religious liberty are directly linked to issues of lowered quality of mental health. And therefore also to the loss of human physical health too, of what stems from issues of lowered quality of mental health


Highly organized act of shunning really be best “to be penalized” 

By our governments

Wouldn’t they?

Our government would do well, to work in the best interest of the citizen , by acting to tax and to promptly penalize any “highly organized groups” who’d remain intent on promotion of act of shunning

If need be, government could enact the power to do surveillance too

Why not?

After all,any group of what was wanting to act with public benefit interest in mind, obviously then also wont have any real good reason to need to be afraid of scrutiny

Far more likely that they’d be proactive in “welcoming” it   

Wouldn’t they?

Should religious liberty, be able to be upheld within the positive nature of liberty. Then act of shunning would therefore be able to disappear then as well too.

Would they?

People could then have a-right to access and to exercise their own free will

And the Pascals Wager ,would also then become a far more truthfully valid form of argument as well too

And so

Until such time as the believer would finally help to make sure that this would finally occur

Their Pascal’s Wager will remain foundered on untruth 

With the believer remaining gullible enough, so as to believe these untruth without question, by swallowing the bait (truth of the matter) hook line and sinker in one mindless gulp, without even bothering to stop and reconsider the reality

Very little wonder then, that we “would also observe” how often it is that the cult groups would be manned by gullible believers as well too  

Once we would note how few believer there are being taught about “how to reconsider the reality” of these matter 

Faith is been so widely foundered on blind faith ?

So blind is the faith become, that it can then begin to even leave a “large long line of bewildered hurt human behind” the trail of destruction that naturally occur due to flip-side of this deeply unobservant mannerism 

Meanwhile the punter “still struggle to comprehend reason for why” its all been easily able to occur

They have reason to try and propose that “the devils” been involved

Possibly.Not once will they stop to consider, “the thought” that perhaps it might have in fact had “very little to do with” act of any devil. But had in fact had  far more to do with lack of common sense and reason

But hey

Its still

Way far easier to conclude that the “devil done it”

Isn’t it?

At least that way the punter can forget about feeling bad for allowing oneself to be gullible enough to swallow the hook line and sinker,without even stopping to give it a second thought 

Isn’t it?

Believers have been swallowing the general “religious liberty facade” hook line and sinker, for generation

Not even after when it happens to backfire on a number of them, do they even bother to double question the truth of matter within religious “liberty”

Its as if they’d feel happy to expect that perhaps liberty might be ok to be expected to be able to occur for them, by magic 

As if “reality of truth” simply has absolutely no bearing on outcome of situation of what had unfolded 

Even the mainstream Christian within the realm of Christendom, don’t seem to mind one bit, to still live along with the state of the half truth, as well either 

They’d all arrive to judgement day ,at the pearly gate, stating , how the “destruction what had unfolded” within the-cults, had had absolutely nothing to do with anything involved in any of their own choices they’d made

As if, their own acts of apathy, had in fact played absolutely no-part, at all, in the state of the whole-picture of what had unfolded, on earth

Well, we didn’t “create the cults” ourselves . And so it was therefore none of our work.

They’ll be heard to declare?

We mainstream real-Christian folk, would therefore refuse to ever accept any level of responsibility 

For as you can see, God, we quite obliviously did nothing 

We even had “did absolutely nothing” to help right the wrongs, either

We, the “real true followers” of Jesus ?


So , Jesus, did you see how piously righteous all us “real Christian” folk have managed to be


How viable is free will within the realm of religion, as it stands today







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