Religious Monster

When i think about this ongoing situation . Sometimes i consider that religion is kind of being like some monster that has been created by the way that society has allowed these things to get so out of control


Consider religion as being like it is some monster that has many tentacles . And that the exclusive brethren group are merely just one of this monster’s many tentacles. The JW’s are another tentacle . And then the Catholic church is yet another tentacle as well too .Likewise the Anglican,Seven Day Adventists,Gloiavale,Presbyterian and so on and so on

Not every single tentacle is actively causing people quite the same level of grief, as what some of this religious-monsters tentacles are

People whom feel concerned about being caused grief, can be seen busily slashing and stabbing away frantically, but only at each particular tentacle that they feel has happen to cause grief unto themselves

And so this phenomena also help to explain why there are also so few non-effected Christians , whom show any concern. Because Christians don’t care to bother , unless it is also about something that happen to effect themselves in some personal way

Christian have allowed themselves to have become a very self centered people.

There is two main instances where Christians are more likely to care want to take a personal interest.

1 If the situation happen to have some personal effect on themselves

2. If there is the possibility that they might stand to gain pride of participation for themselves (for instance :some involvement in charity work in countries where people are poor)

That’s about it. As so few Christian care to take interest ,merely due to the fact that there are other people whom are suffering

This is how much of a nasty monster Christianity has allowed itself to have become

So whenever we read through blogs like this one here .

Then it is also of very little surprise to us ,for us to also see that there are in fact very few non-eb whom would ever even care to bother to participate . In fact mainly there is no more than about one non eb member of public society who ever even care to take an active interest ,and her name is Joan. And the main outstanding reason that Joan seem to take some real extra interest , seem to stem from the fact that she is also a Christian whom in her own youth had once also been taught by a qualified Plymouth brethren teacher. Way back in times long ago when this brethren gtoup once used to still be allowed to go to university to become qualified teachers

Joan has her own personal reason , for interest in this cult situation among brethren

So religion is become a monster that only ever awaken people’s interest, if they would so happen to have been effected personally.Or if they would also stand to gain something personally for themselves This is the “usual” for modern-day followers of Jesus .


But .Can we? imagine Jesus being so likely to remain so unconcerned. Hmmm? .

Meanwhile there are many frantic ex eb and ex JW’s all wildly stabbing and slashing away at each tentacle. And so therefore nobody is ever getting right down to real the root of the issue.The monsters heart remains totally untouched.

Now.Imagine being Jesus. Imagine that the general expectation also is that you would want to return unto the shame of all this mess

All those millions of Christian folk. So jolly wonderful in their church attendance.And yet even so are also so bloody useless at actually following in the footsteps that what they love to think they do follow

Christianity has helped to create itself a monster . A monster that is quite selfish.A monster actively living with such little concern in regards to concerns within “other people’s” lives

You? want to feel the concern of Catholic folk .

Then first of all you better join up direcly with some Catholic church group

You want? to feel the concern of the Baptist Christian folk.

Well then , you must first need to join up with a Baptist Church group.

You would? like to experience the concern open brethren .

Well then you will need to join up with an open brethren group first

And so on

Because Christianity in general is in deed still being run in a very cult-like manner




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When Religious Freedom Leaves Children Dead


Quote :

Jessica Crank had a swollen shoulder. Not just swollen: In May 2002, when the teenager’s mother, Jacqueline, finally took her to a walk-in clinic in Lenoir City, Tennessee, the nurse practitioner found signs of bone disintegration and “other indications of a serious medical condition” on the x-ray. She called the University of Tennessee emergency room and had them prepare for Jessica’s arrival and urgent treatment.

But Jessica never made it to the E.R., just as she and her mother didn’t show up at the hospital when a chiropractor had urged them to seek medical care earlier in February. Instead, as Jaqueline Crank later testified in court, she chose to turn to “Jesus Christ, my Lord and my Savior, my Healer, Defender, for [Jessica’s] healing.”

Crank “knew there was a problem” with the “grapefruit-sized tumor” on her daughter’s shoulder. But she believed Jesus “was the only Healer,” she said, “and through that belief we took it in our hands to pray for her, to heal her with prayer.”

It did not work. After the walk-in-clinic nurse called the police and Jessica was taken to the hospital, she was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. Getting medical care sooner likely wouldn’t have saved her, but it would have helped manage her symptoms and “positively impacted the quality of her life,” her pediatric oncologist testified. Jessica died in state custody at the age of 15.

end quote

Quote :

Meanwhile, religious defenses against child-abuse charges have recently been in the news. This summer, an Indiana woman used the state’s newly passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, as an argument against felony child-abuse charges. Prosecutors allege she beat her son with a coat hanger, leaving 36 bruises; she justified her actions via scripture, arguing that “[sparing] the rod spoils the child.”

end quote

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Im a person and i deserve more


In Utah, members of the Kingston Clan blend into contemporary society—but the Mormon group openly practices polygamy and incest and exploits its members financially. We spoke to former members to uncover what it’s like to grow up in the religious sect, and what it’s like to escape.


end quote

The  Kingston Clan is a by-product of negative liberty. The “nature” of these folks lives (IE: born into cult-life) have allowed for the fact that they would also be born into a life of  polygamy and incest



The nature of our own lives (IE: that we were born among brethren) has allowed for endless amount of family dysfunction also too


The nature of some Muslim folks lives will be that their folk will live life within isis ruled territory

In every one of all these situation.These human belief is also being imprinted via the very nature of their lives that they find themselves trying to exist within

More often than not.We (humans) just dont have any of our-own real religious liberty. Not in any real positive sense

Religious liberty is often govern via pure chance nature of “birth parent” and is thus also being pre-tagged imprinted along the way with the prevailing  “religious culture” as well too

The  “powerful” theists will naturally prefer to retain their free access to  negative form of religious liberty. For if they were to be without it ,then they also wont have the “nature of their own ability” to be able to become dominant over what some other-folks beliefs are about

However this negative form of liberty is also been very fertile ground for the prospect of many faith abuses too. Ongoing strife and troubles that range from not so bad through to about as bad as we think it can ever get

Humans need to learn to accept the fact they may also reap some of that what were sown. Human cannot expect that some miracle can fix situations that humans have helped to engineer

Ask yourselves this question . If liberation of religious liberty is so abundantly available.

Then why? the hell do all the theist folk feel they would need to be keeping themselves all so separate and cut-off from each other. Feel they would have need, to need to shut themselves away within the wall of some Church building or Mosque

That doesn’t sound like any real form of liberation

Positive liberation is about building bridges. About tearing more walls down. About allowing yourself the freedom to even possibly contemplate some other peoples ideas



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When Did It All Go Wrong

On Wikipeebia , other ex eb are busy with discussing the subject “when did the exclusive brethren go wrong”

See here


So lets gets first things first. This question would seem to imply, that at some particular point in time, things were in fact “right” rather than wrong.

As Ian helped to point out


The question “When did the Exclusive Brethren go wrong?” implies that a church can be either right or wrong, but it fails to recognise that all churches are actually something in between.


end quote


This question is mighty important one. Because lets face it. if the situation were in fact already-wrong , way long before the brethren-groups had even very first begun to form.This thought would then also help to explain, why there were also multiple other schism and divisions that happened within the Christian spectrum

Then this? also then means that all the eb are also in fact just become “some victims” of a problem that is far more widespread .There are a number of other groups as well too (even within Christianity and offshoots of Christianity) that have also “fallen victim” to this very same problem

Therefore the problem that is “wrong” is also “wrong” on a more widespread level

And so there is no real use in trying to demonize any particular “brethren” groups for that. After all , the brethren are by no mean “totally alone” in regards to schisms and problems with division and sectarianism

After all said and done.Sectarianism still ranges from the very worst of it, down through levels that people consider somewhat less harmful.

Living life in regard to matters of religious liberty. Is a little bit like we are forced into playing a game of Religious Russian roulette. Your parents get to spin the bullet chamber, and will help pull the trigger in regard to definition of your “religious culture” and/or “religious liberty”

Brother Rev , another ex eb that often comments on wikipeebia seem content with getting busy beating up on people that still exist within the brethren groups. Exactly what ? does he hope he will achieve

Even if Brother Rev were suddenly able to convince the Renton eb group that they were wrong. What ? the hell will that help to ever help stop all the many other “wrong groups” from continuing like they do

On this wikipeebia thread Brother Rev has this to say

Quote : 

The “but no church is perfect” defence is simply not a defence at all and no excuse for staying within such a deeply defective system.

end quote

Brother Rev has totally missed the point.

  1. The system is in fact “defective” at a far deeper level. (which then help to explain why there are multiple other groups of “ex members” too whom are also being forced to need to live like we ex eb folk do)
  2. To claim that there is no defense for anyone whom chooses to remain within domineering groups . Is a misguided thought, that would seem to remain ignorant of some rather realistic costs of leaving   (ignorant of even plain evidence like this for instance )



Brother Rev conclusion is misguided to say the least. Is never the less built on foundations of extreme injustice. Built upon foundations of what is impossible for all people to ever hope to achieve


Brother Rev should have known this. Brother Rev should already be very well aware of how impossible it is for all (ex members) to survive

For Brother Rev to declare that there is no defense . Is ignorance. Is an in justice. And is a bloody disgrace. Church folk really ought to know better. If only they could also all first learn how to put their religious bias aside

Where was Brother Rev ? , at the very moment when all these folk were living in dire need

You say that there is? no defense  that other cult members (by now) seem to remain a little wary, to want to fallow suit

The problem is that people like Brother Rev , are not-keen to admit that this problem is more widespread than what so many Church-folk would ever care to admit

In this regards , there are many mainstream church folk too whom are (like what the eb are also like as well too) also not so keen to ever need to accept their own part they have helped to play in what is actually wrong

We dont have any right to our own religious freedom. Because in most instances, our religious belief will be “shaped” into what our parents and our parent religious culture has also been shaped within as well too

Our religious liberty. Doesn’t ever exist in any positive type of sense.At very best, our religious liberty is of a negative liberty type

An example of the differences between “positive” verses a “negative” form of liberty. You can look ay this you tube video below


You can see that there is quite a big difference.

We only have right to our religious liberty within the negative sense. It depends a whole lot upon the luck of nature of our life . For it depends a whole lot on luck of whom out parents are, and what there families choice religion was culturally

You notice how i purposely struck out the word “choice”. I did so , because we must do this.If we are able to be completely honest about matters of life. Because fact is , that choice of religion is pre-determined and bound up within family ties within religious cultures

If the nature of our life is , that forefathers of our societies have allowed for the right of “parents within their religious cultures” to be able to dominate over our lives in regards to our right to religious freedom

Then this is a form of negative freedom.

Poking fingers at the renton Brethren Group, and/or the exclusive brethren group . Still wont help to fix the issue that allowed the problem

But few church folk really care to actually fix that problem . Why ? . Because they like having the situation the way it is . They enjoy having the right to dominate over the life of other folk around them . Like “rights and choices” of their own children (for instance)

They like to be able to do so. Without any fear

This is the root of this problem. Folks are being forced into accepting faith beliefs. They are forced to need to do so , or else they will experience punishments

Loads of church folks worldwide are more than willing to just turn a blind eye to this issue . Because they really don’t mind if the status quo remains the same

This is the root of this problem. This also helped to explain why it is, that we only ever see, so very few non-eb christians , or non ex-cult members , caring to step-up and help us to take action

They don’t care that we don’t have any positive type right to religious liberty

Cause they don’t see religious liberty within the positive sense, as a good preference for themselves . Because religion partly rely on the right to still remain overbearing enough so as to still be able to coerce people

Religion might soon begin to disappear. Should religious liberty ever be able to become religious liberty within any totally positive sense

Religious tyranny continue existing underneath the subtle disguise of negative liberty

This is a subject that certain people like Brother Rev or Ian Mckay may far prefer to side-step . May far prefer to choose to not to ever discuss in depth

Because this is the elephant in the room.This situation lays at the root of the nature of life as we presently know it

Those faithful folks want to demand to have their own freedom. While they may also demand to still retain right to be able to dominate over freedom of religion of some other folk living around them

So its like they making demands for themselves to be able to have it both ways


As if that is ever going to be any real answer . Unless it is? only themselves that they think really ever matters so much

Should both the renton and exclusive brethren groups both choose to change their ways by tomorrow. Should theses groups drop their hatred towards ex eb members of family

How does? this help out so many other folk , whom will still continue to experience, the unjust nature of life living under negative forms of religious liberty

We all deserve to live our lives without contact with our eb family. So long as religious liberty only really exist in a false negative sense

We must expect the possibility we may be someone who is forced to reap of what were allowed to be sown

A big part of it come down to pot-luck. In this regard, human religious liberty is instilled via aspects of religious cultural domination, rather than via any honest form of human free choice





The fisherman has this to say

Quote : 

However I do feel strongly that we were never called to walk alone and need Christian fellowship,not just for ourselves,but to support others

end quote

Evidently Christians would see some real need, for themselves to need to feel very alone in life. Unless they can also find some way in which to exist within the confines of some Christian club

There lay the very root of the problem. These people feel alone, unless they can surround themselves within some sort of echo chamber of people whom only think the much the same way as each other. Anything less than that , can make someone begin to feel lonely


Yet quite likely, that these folk will also still wonder too, about reason why there may need to be so much schism and divisions

They figure. If only our whole world, could be like one big huge echo chamber, full of people whom would only ever think to all agree with each other

Then nobody would ever have any need, to have need to feel alone

Its like they kind of wish for a good recipe for disaster . I mean to say …. How likely is it ? , that enough folks can gather together, and always agree on everything

Folks are bound to disagree.

So why the need ? to feel any loneliness, within that fact

Fisherman has just allowed himself to have grown so well accustomed to existing within the confines of the cult Christianity

He now feel alone. Unless he can still find some way in which to sooth his religious addiction

Religious folk have built up their walls all around themselves. They now have the Christian flavored groups. The Islamic groups. Then there is Hindu groups in some countries as well too. And so on. Trouble still exist in every instance

We still have a number of ongoing wars that are also connected as well

Yet evidently.This kind of phenomena,still allows for the religious folk to some how feel far less alone in life

In that sense, then maybe Howard Hughe’s was also a “little less alone” in his life too. For indeed he found a way to also be able to shut himself away, from need of too-much of any day to day company of any other people in life , The people with whom he may feel like he tend to “differ” from

But why? do people choose to build these kind of walls around themselves, rather than tearing the walls down so as to try to make way for more room for bridges , instead of walls

Like Fisherman, the members of the exclusive brethren ,will also tend to begin to feel very alone in their life.Yes they will do. If they ever felt like they might need to try and feel comfortable with living out among us people , us people whom happen to think sopmewhat-differently to how they feel they do do

Sad fact

All manner of cult-like lifestyles will tend to create people whom will learn how to harbor this type of feeling .The feeling “im all alone ” in my life ,unless im also able to be living among people of a very similar style of thought

They stubbornly refuse to accept differences. Therefore they also have opened up the door for continuing schism and conflict

Sadly it doesn’t help these matters much either. While we still have so many folks, whom stubbornly continue to lay the claim that “their” holy books are is “word of god”

They leave themselves so much less room, for hope of decent honest co existence 

This bigoted attitude, is the precursor of exactly the same bigoted attitude which would also flow-on to help to form all the brethren movements too

We may expect ? to possibly need to also reap of that what were so freely allowed to be sown

I think so. Chance are , as luck has it with the nature of our lives (as it exists) , that some of us are bound to experience the very most nasty aspects of this situation


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Faith Hinders Reason

I often feel like i can see a pretty constant flow of evidence that continually seem to help confirm how often faith can tend become a great hindrance to people ability to reason things through


For instance.Take a look at a conversation like this one here

Where some ex eb theist folk are busy with discussing issues of marriage equality in Australia.

On that thread we can see how Peter Flynn has this to say

Quote :

But the term which irritates me the most is “marriage equality”. My interpretation of that is the equal status of the man and the woman in a marriage. By definition, to me, marriage is of necessity between a man and a woman. End of story. However, the advocates for same-sex marriage have very skilfully adopted the phrase “marriage equality” to mean that a “marriage” between a man and woman OR between a couple of the same sex has equal status.

end quote

Maybe? they had “skilfully adopted the phrase “marriage equality”,  because the crux of this matter, has something directly to do with issues of marriage equality.

That might easily help to explain their valid reason for choosing to adopt this phrase. Gay folk are saying that it come down to a matter of equality.

Of course Peter is somewhat unlikely to even feel like this inequality might in fact exist.Because, so happens, that only type of extra-close relationship that Peter personally ever experiences, will only ever be of a heterosexual relationship type .

And so perhaps this also help to explain why it might also tend to amount to the “End of story” , as far as Peter is concerned personally

Peter (to me) seems quite concerned that those gay folk would even dare to ask to enjoy equal rights. How dare? that these folks demand for fairer treatment.

Of course Bruce Hales might be likely to tend to also agree too. Like how? dare any ex member would ever even be heard to stand-up and make demand for any fairer treatment.

How dare they,how dare they, if they are within the minority

Any issue of separation doesn’t affect Bruce Hales so-personally.Just as this issue of marriage equality also doesn’t need to effect Peter so-personally either

But allowing same sex marriage. Wont do anything to hinder any heterosexual people’s ability to get married. And it’s not like same sex marriage, will force heterosexual folk to become gay either

Yet folk like Peter still cannot begin to see why some might have begun to see them as acting homophobic.

Balaam’s Ass later said this

Quote :

I heard something on the radio this morning that made me smile. A lady said “I can’t see the problem. If there’s a change in the law, it will make gay people happy. If straight people don’t like it, don’t marry a gay person. So everyone’s happy!”

end quote



So true. If heterosexual people don’t even like the idea of gay marriage. The gay folk are making no demand that they would ever need to be forced to do so .

So whats? the big problem here then

I put it to Peter. That the problem is that some folks like you are still trying to retain ways to rule over the lives of other folk around you choose to live

A few comments later in this same thread . We hear from PeterF

PeterF discusses the idea of moral decline . However he at least admit, that judgement of moral decline is “subjective and dependent” to what kind of moral code people choose to follow.Most usually the code will also parallel the very same code of our parents. Faith is often kind of cultural. So we thus obviously have no totally objective way in which to decide. Best we can do , is to try our best to continue to learn through all ongoing experiences (social science) and so on

PeterF also seems to feel, that life should be run via vote of majority rule. He feel that because it’s the minority who is making these demands for marriage equality, then this minority should perhaps just learn how to “shut-up and accept” the majorities choice (rule)

Did ? PeterF even think to also apply his same ideas, to the plight of us ex ebs also. Because we (ex eb’s) are among a type of minority as well too

In another comment, later on, PeterF says “I dont demand anything from anyone, acceptance recognition or space.”

Really ? . So you mean? you would also make no demand,in regard to the issue that marriage should need to remain as choice only available to heterosexual folk.

Hundreds of Christian will also have faith that they make no-demands. However too-often these folk are blissfully overlooking demands that they will actually help to uphold

Next we hear from someone called Humbled . Humbled proceed to humbly directly associate and compare the life of a deceitful adulterer , with the lives of some people who is merely choosing to just live their lives happily in same sex marriages

As if ? the two can ever be compared in any just/fair manner . Theists? are supposed to care about justice

1.On one hand we had a sly married priest who was caught while messing around in a rude and crude and uttermost blatantly adulterous manner.

2.While on the other hand, there was two people of the same sex, whom are merely living their life happily together within an openly gay relationship

Yet for some reason , it seems? that Humbled is still unable to even begin to see that there is in fact any real difference between the two different situations ive discribed.

The lives of some openly gay couples, are being directly compared here to the sly adulterous relationships of people whom were caught trying to pretend to be, what they were not

I feel, that theists do seem to often lack an ability to reason well.

How could ? this person Humbled , have even managed to completely overlook this difference,if it is not for the fact that he/she most-likely just didnt even really bother to “reason” things through properly first of all (because theists are apt to so-often live their lives through-faith)

Theist method of reasoning is most often faith-based. That is that they

1 .First start their approach from the very point of where they will finally want to end up

2. then skip through need for in-depth contemplation of all the checks and balance (reasoning)

3. Move on .Come straight to their preferred conclusion, based on the “faith” that has already been passed-on to them,via other faithful folk


That works fine for them.Right up until such time, as they may find how their conclusion are being “questioned” and “shown-up” as wrong

Meanwhile theists are also still busy with trying to tell us atheists, that it is in fact “God himself” whom is directly behind helping to impart human knowledge and human-consciousness

If that is correct ?.

Then how come?, it also seem to be the “theist God-believing folk” whom more often than not,  do also seem “rather slow” to even be able to begin to “reason” or fully comprehend some of these kind of issues

If it is God whom impart knowledge. Then we might ? surely also have good reason to fully expect, that perhaps it would also be likely to be the theist folk too, whom should then also be able to display how they would-have a far-superior sense of knowledge and suchlike

However .We really don’t see any evidence in that respect

If anything, there is in fact loads of evidence,continually amounting, that do seem to suggest the opposite might apply


In the comment that i saw were made by the person named Humbled. They had said this

Quote :

As a sinner I am good at that and also of twisting scripture and facts to suit my opinion.

end quote

The irony with that is ,that even as a theist, the theist still also has a certain abilty to easily find ways in which to twist facts,so as to suit their own-faith

















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Life Can Feel Like It’s Been A Huge Overwhelming Struggle Sometimes

Eight of us kids in our family.Our dad already died of cancer some months before the time that i had turned two year’s old.He was still only aged 38 (if  i’m remembering correctly what i were told).And two siblings of ours had also already not survived either, and had already died and been buried too as well by then.

Our mum then went and appointed our eldest brother as the enforcer of our house.Where six of us kids  that remained alive and our mum lived. I can still well remember all the yelling and screaming, and as well as the violence that had sometimes occurred within that house too.Like the time that my eldest brother was trying to bash-down the toilet door, to get in so as to give our other brother a good beating.I remember standing there crying and pleading that all the anger would stop.Cause i just happen to still have heaps of affections for everyone.But in our family, the most general approach had always been kind of like ,”spare the rod and spoil the child” type of “bent messed-up” mentality. And within our type of cult-life ,normal “natural love”,all too often ran “rather thin”. Folk were made most aware of “devils” and “sin” and all the other silly theist-bullshit like that. Things to do with an-after life, that for all purpose of honesty, the truth is, that still even unto this very moment right now, there is still absolutely no-evidence in even the slightest, to help suggest to us ,that this “after life” , might even factually exist. So our earthly lives were wagered with,in this theistic manner, as if our life on earth were thought to be of so little value

Evidently our dad really also helped to establish that kind of path too, before he had passed on

More than likely, it also really didn’t help these kind of matters much either though, that (unbeknownst to either our dad or mum at the time) some of my siblings were also born on the autism spectrum .Or that there could quite likely also be some sort of ADHD aspect or something like that that were constantly having an detrimental effect on our family-life to boot as well too. For my eldest brother had explored many rather strange things. Doing strange things like nailing our other brother into a banana box, and then throwing him into the creek,so as to see if he may float.Evidently it were just extremely lucky right at that moment, that our dad also happen to be watching at the very-exact time it just happen.And so had had just enough time, to rush out to the rescue.And yet at another different day, this same brother, had decided instead to kindly offer one of our first-cousins to go for a joy ride, by sitting herself on top of a self-propelled reel lawnmower. But an accident happened when the sharp “lawn cutting reel” quickly sliced into the back of her heels.Mincing them up some.

Of course the punishment for this kind of miss-deed, that our dad would then deliver to this autistic-brother, once again was very severe (an according? to some old bible scripture). And were also something that this brother would also learn how to deliver-out to his own children too (later on after he had got married and had had his own children) So in effect, the practice of this kind of violence, then also still just got kind of “passed-on” along the family chain

I still vividly remember how one sister of mine, also seem (to me) to find it like some kind of real fun,for her to actively try dunking my head right under the waves in the surf at the beach. She enjoyed watching  me cough and splutter and very nearly choke to death on gulps of salt water. Leaving me feeling like i were just about to completely drown (to this day i still have some phobia of water,  and so have  still never learned how to swim “properly”). I also remember being constantly teased by other kids at school too,all  because i now had this phobia

This sister, and another sister of mine,as two highly-bored cult members. For some reason would make some of their own kind of fun,to help kill the boredom of cult life, by holding hands together while one of them was also holding onto my hand as well too. While the other one would then quickly grasp onto a live-wire electric fence, that ran right down the back of the place where we lived at that time .I got electric shocks, while they were enjoying the fun so much ,that they held-on .So the outcome of that experience now too, is that i also have developed a phobia of electric-shocks, and so i still really hate to ever feel any electric shocks either .

These days. I now sometimes wonder, if my own? mother might have been somewhere? on the autistic spectrum as well too.

For indeed i also have crazy memory’s of my own mums strange behavior. Such as the one-time that i fell-out through mistaken leaning on the door-handle and thus also opening the  rear car door as we had-rounded the corner at some traffic lights (no kids seat belts back in those days).

My knees were badly beaten and were ripped-up rather badly from after skidding-along on the tar-seal road. However mum still took us both on our original destination, off to church, where mum and other brethren sisters that were also meeting there would then just proceed to try there best to  scrape-out all the grit and gravel from my skinned-knee, and also then applied some iodine ointment or something like that.It happen this way, because of reasons our mum were also always forever so-fearful ,about exclusive brethren teaching, of how we might just miss out on the exact moment that the “rapture” would arrive. If ever caught uncarefull to remain “ever-vigilant” in regard to our faith

So then by the act of her decision in not taking me directly into hospital, for proper examination, or xray .

I would be left with severe tissue scaring on both inside surfaces of one of my knee cap socket. The kind of damage that would then continue to cause me some ongoing pain and discomfort in times ahead, that would later lead on to the final formation of inflammation, swelling and arthritis. Damage that i would just learn to live-with, and would remain unaware of, until some decades later on. When i would get so sore (from the ongoing wear and tear of scarring)  that i finally begged some surgeon to just please at least take a quick wee look inside, by use of micro surgery tools in hospital. Where by they freaked-out, upon finding out exactly how much scarring and damage that they did actually find inside there. Whereby they then also asked me , if i can remember about any past incident, that might help to explain how i might have had this kind of level of damage occur

So after that , by dredging back through these faint memories, one day i did finally begin to remember that faint memory of this past accident happening.Remembering also about how we had never gotten any examination in hospital,due to mum fearing that we might one of those whom might miss the rapture 

Anyway by the time i  had turned age around about 5 to six year old. Suddenly we needed to very quickly learn how to shun and totally disown one of these sisters , as if she had actually died. I remember pleading with our mum, to ask that we shouldnt need to do so. I pleaded with mum, because you see i also happen to still really love thus sister of ours . And im hurting like hell about this

But to no avail.My pleading fell on totally deaf ears.Fell on faithfully deaf-ears in fact. And so from that moment on , we learned to close natural-feelings of family love down, i would then never ever see or get to talk to this sister again , until such time as around about another ten years would first need to pass by. Before i would then finally get to meet this sister once again .

But sadly i cannot honestly add that we would ever get to actually re-unite . For indeed we had already drifted-apart , and would thus never ever get back to feeling truly close to one and other ever again.The thing is , within this time lost, we also do also tend to slowly start to “lose something ” and thus will begin to have grown-apart as well too

So by this time, i have already learned how to suppress some of my own feelings of natural love and human emotion. Thus how some aspects of childhood emotional neglect are already setting in. And so im also already set on a coarse where by i will continue to become un-equipped to ever feel like i can truly afford to allow myself to ever get-close to anyone at all in life

Anyway.By the time i would turn somewhere around 7 or 8 year old (at a guess). Within the fellowship of brethren ,within the lounge-room of the house at my brother and sister in laws own-place. I would soon also see some movies.Movies that at that time, were still of the old reel-type of motion movies too (for there was no such thing as any home-video at that time).

The kitchen table seats were all set up within the lounge of my brother and sister house, and were soon filled by a number of exclusive brethren members as well too.A gathering of brethren members. The three movies (i remember) we all watched together were

1. Charlie Chaplin

2.Documentary of Fiat car production techniques .

3 . An orgy pornographic movie (which might possibly have been named “Debbie does Dallas”, i think) . At a time when pornographic movies were still being treated like illegal-contraband, and so were still totally illegal  for anyone to decide to show

It was “by mistake” that i had still been sitting there within my seat within that lounge, when this particular porno movie-reel had threaded and played.The showing of this movie, had purposely been left until last (because by-then i wasn’t even supposed to still be-awake). They all (the exclusive brethren adults) completely forgot i was still sitting there quietly too,while the Fiat car documentary had played and had finished, and then the porno was finally threaded-up into the movie projector and were played. They completely forgot i was even there within the same room as all  them “miss behaving” brethren folk, until such time as certain actions within the scene of the orgy that progressed,and had suddenly caused the whole room to erupt in rounds of laughter. Due to an act of double penetration

The adults all suddenly went wild.All start laughing and carrying on within their highly drunken-state of mind (they were also all sopping on loads of whisky and suchlike) . An uproar, to which i am also naturally drawn into trying my best to try figuring out “reasons for”  , at myself too even at my “very young” age (as a 7 or 8 year old)

Anyway to cut a long story short, at the very moment that i had quit my silence. And in moments-after im heard (above the drunken laughter)to pipe-up and ask so as for me to verbally try asking them to explain all the-reasons behind depth of all their laughter. Is pretty much the very same moment too, that im suddenly being quickly whisked out of that room, and im promptly being sent packing off to bed.

I was so peeved off about that (IE: about me being sent to bed, after i had been doing my very-best to stay silent for so long, had been watching the movie quietly (like i had been ordered to do) so that others-there could also be able to hear exactly what was that’s being said by actors on the movie screen). That the very next day when i finally awoke, i would also demand to move out of that house right-away,so as to then go and stay over at my sister and brother in laws house instead,  they live in their house on the other side of the same town (and they never thought to even ask me for reason why i chose to leave) .

Even stranger than all this weird stuff . Is this .That after that experience with the porno movie, that within a matter of months (or perhaps a year or so “at the very-maximum”) this sister and brother (where i had demanded to go and stay, my sister and brother in law whom had not been involved in slyly watching any porno movies). Would be soon to make accusations (to members of local exclusive brethren) about a certain local exclusive brethren priest, of whom they had also found out evidence to suggest that he was more than likely actively involved in adultery

But sadly this sister and brother in law was tossed out of the exclusive brethren. Excommunicated . And the exclusive brethren demands were made, that we should now need to totally disown and excommunicate from loving-company of this sister and brother in law too

Yet quite-soon in time to come. The real truth of the matter would soon come-out. For indeed evidence still soon surfaced, that indeed the accusations (my sister and brother in law had already made) were in fact correct. The local priest was indeed actively involved in adultery .

So therefore, my sister and brother in law ,had in fact been wrongfully withdrawn from, While meanwhile, my porno film watching brother and sister in law and exclusive brethren fellowship friends to boot ,has somehow managed to escape any punishments at all, They all remained within the fellowship of the exclusive brethren church

The same exclusive brethren church that lay claim to separate from evil

So you see (reader) how im already been receiving some sort of really morally mixed-up messages here .

1 .I’m surrounded by deluded exclusive brethren followers whom faithfully believe that they are keeping-pure and as such are thus actively separating themselves from evil

2. I’m also surrounded by loads and loads of other deluded non- exclusive brethren faithful folk within this world too . Christian outsiders , most of whom have also been faithfully convinced into believing that the exclusive brethren members (as believing-folk) must thus surely also obviously be just good honest decent caring Christian folk too? right.


By now, my excommunicated sister and brother in law, have now given birth to a child that has a very rare genetic disease ( you can google the words : “Maple syrup syndrome children” , for more info on this rare disease if you wish to learn more) . My sister and brother in law are being told that this diseased-child has been born unto them, as punishment due to their own sinful act, of daring to try accusing any (hierarchy) brethren priests

The wee boy would finally pass away dying when aged only around 4 year old.His heart having finally given-up , due to the amount of times he had often lay in hospital, within a state of “near-death” . His wee heart were doing far too-much overtime, while trying to stay alive, whenever he were constantly put back and forth, into emergency hospital care . The wee chap was a lovely wee personality.He would like to jump up onto the couch, would stand up there and sing along to Neil Diamond songs that often were played within that house,while he were also pretending to play “air guitar”



However sadly there was never any parent of ours whom were ever there to offer them-two (my sister and brother in law) any kind of parent-support at all.Not even one bit.No not even in the very slightest. Not even for even one single moment of even one single day, thereafter the time that they had first been excomunicated) Due to the fact that my sister and brother excommunication had meant that they had then also lost all contact , with either of their exclusive brethren parents from both side of their marriage. And the same thing too, for awhile, from “some” of us brothers and sisters as well

We buried our nephew. But when i say “we” buried our nephew , im now talking about this really “emotionally broken” and totally fucked-up fragment of a family of mine, one that had  slowly all escape as first of all the escape “dumping” of our single-sister, and then next escape “dumping” of one-couple too, and then after that three more sibling-escapes (including myself) that also slowly continue to happen one by one,these were our random method of slow-escape from within the ranks of the exclusive brethren group.

A family that once upon a time also might have actually even also had a far more decent chance, to just possibly have even near-enough gotten to have been like a real family really should have been able to be

So we all never even learned how to properly love each other.So then, how? the hell were we then ever supposed to even be-able to know-how to properly love other people too whom we will also soon to get to meet along the way.Even sometimes our own children (in any fully proper and decent normal manner).I’d say we still all suffer some ongoing after-effect of the kind of trauma/torture that we have all experienced.And while i do realize how there are some other ex exclusive brethren folk whom have thankfully managed to hold their family scene together far more.Remembering lots of love and laughter.

Well for us, this was just something that it would seem were pretty much  already made more or less pretty much near impossible for our-family to ever be all that likely to ever achieve .

A lot of it kind of come down to simple maths. The odds are kind too often been running against the grain

Some first cousins of ours,have fared far better than our family ever did.But how the hell? can anyone of these folk, ever faithfully think to themselves, it possible that maybe some-God might have played even a small part in being involved in any of this pot-luck kind of destiny  that we have been forced to survive and live-with

Theist folk sure have a tendency , to be apt to take real-notice of evidence that they think helps to shore-up their own faith. While these very same folk also seem to shield themselves from even considering any evidence, that might also instead help suggest that maybe much about life is totally random and as such is also without sign of any real evidence of Gods-handiwork

My own father, had been one member of the local city exclusive brethren church membership where we lived, whom had decided to take an active stand in regards to the immoral disgusting and often sexually crude action that had openly been seen and experienced to have happen at a brethren meeting at Aberdeen, Scotland , when James Taylor Jnr had been so drunk during an exclusive brethren hall church fellowship meeting

You can read more information in regard to this particular incident, via this link here 

Dad had made a personal-stand within our locality. And had taken some heat for his boldness in even daring to accuse a man of God of any such terrible accusations

Not long after this.Or maybe, even at approximately the same time. Our Dad soon also learned, how he in fact, had terminal cancer. He soon died as only a mere gaunt thin skeleton of the man that he once were.

Our dad died while he were also closely contemplating the idea that it was likely to be something about “Gods will” for mankind

He left me a personal-letter, that he-wrote me ,when he were laying on his final death bed. And this letter, was one-half of my total-inheritance . A letter that certain members of family would decide to drag out of the cupboard wherever it was stored,and would read to me from time to time. A kind of highly emotional letter, that (to me when very young) it often used to feel like it had almost cut me in two

I now still have this letter today.It was returned to me. It’s by now looking very tattered old and faded.

Our father was a very family orientated dad (so ive been told anyway). And i personally can confirm that there is evidence that this was indeed a trait of his,that was so much so, that our Dad had also even thought to have purposely gone out and had purchased a camera himself.He did so before he even purchase us our own house (it was for our family to be able to use so as to still help us at least to capture a few happy family moment’s of some memories together) and he had taken photo’ of even some “extended family” that were also camping there with us on these beach holiday camping times together, whenever they were all having loads of fun  camping at the beach. Such as ,friends and family enjoying the fun of riding along upon car-bonnets, that were being towed-fast along behind the car by a rope,in the sand running along the sea-shore at the beach

Some times, when we were young, and were still all lucky to living in contact with each other.We would all gather and sit around and have a special photo viewing evenings within our lounge room at night.And all the photo slides would be dragged out of the cupboard . We would all sit in the dark room, while they would then be displayed through our photo slide projector, which was shone up onto a white bed-sheet that had been pinned-up onto our lounge room wall. And the older kids continued to battle over “exactly” who was who

Those pictures had depicted some past times, that were also of some times that were memories of some far far more happier earlier brethren times together, it  had seemed to me. But mostly those memories were also all of times that had happened before i were even born

Within my life time. I already have had two experiences of the aftermath of both of my elder brothers having attempted to try and use ways to take their own lives through an act of suicide

More than once ,i have experience both these elder  brothers of mine too, to have pretty much acted far more like i would really expect an enemy’s to tend to be more likely to want to act toward me.

The natural usual human attachments have been so thoroughly fucked up

1 One brother more often than  not, always acts as if he would sure as hell be completely happily to choose to just leave me for dead, whenever he had also thought that such-acts would also help him to save his own skin

2 The other brother is educated having been though university. Has personally admitted to me , how he tend to feel better about himself, whenever he can find some way,  to try and make me look worse , than what my brother personal feels about himself

So then.Who? would really need to worry so much about any other type enemy there may be in life. When they already have family members like this

I still have very many more other experiences too that i could still try and continue to recall and write down here too . So that some other folk might perhaps begin to understand reason why i might have become the way i am. Someone whom feel like they don’t have anyone that they can ever really trust

But it wont ever fix it. It wont help to re-write any of this history. And each and every time that another distant memory is being dredged up again from within the dark corners of my mind , where i have purposely tried to file them all away. Well it also always kind of help reestablish that raw wounded feeling that ive spent so many hours of my lifetime, in trying my hardest to bury

However. While i remain silent. Some folk can also only think that im wanting to be this way. That i must choose to be unhappy an emotionally inapt


That’s one of the worst things about this ongoing situation with cults. The hurt continues. We continue to feel all kind of abuse, for some things, that we really had never even chosen to take part in, in the first place

Cult members

1 . Must first suffer the consequence of being born into these cults.

2.Then will also still continue to suffer the lasting-effects that will still continue to remain effective even a long time after they had chosen to leave


Even after the brethren review had came and went. Some very hurtful things have still continue to cause me to tend to feel like life is continually such a huge struggle, that its just almost too-hard. And while i was still struggling to try and find some way to “come to grips” with all the lies that i had swallowed within the review. Delivered unto me, by certain close family members of mine, of whom i was also trying to believe “were loving” and “honest”.

  1. I also happen to come in contact with this guy here as well too. Someone whom is also constantly getting caught for re-offending
  2. And then not so long after that, and while im still struggling (on my own) to come to grips with everything. And while my metal health still isnt very good, and while there is still no decent support that ive been able to find. Some property neighbors of mine decide that they would also like to turn the stress levels up even higher. Im so lost within my depression, that in the end im finally forced to need to just allow my neighbor to shoot all of the beef that have been running on my property.They do so treating it like its some kind of pleasurable fun . They shoot all my animals in a show-down that someone (whom experienced it visually themselves) later relayed to me that it seemed like he were watching some kind of slaughter that happen at the OK coral . For indeed they all laughed and jeered with joy, as they proceeded to bomb-up my animal with guns. Only stopping to slash off the best cuts of steak, pushing most of the dead animal over a bank where they were then left to rot away. These folk all already know very well for sure, about how i happen to have not even one family member whom would ever actually care to bother to come to my aid. They already know about how im pretty much completely alone, and as such very-used to having my back set against the wall
  3. These same neighbor later on also lit a fire on the back of both of our property where the boundary meets, that got so out of control, that it then burned right out over my property as well too. Destroying loads of trees and bird-life on my property as well too in the process. But im not in any mental condition , to proceed in trying to make any complaints. So once again, they will also get away of this too, Scott-free
  4. Later on after that, i find myself forced into living somewhere with people whom don’t really care about me.I’m forced to be living there because of my ongoing depression, and the effects that that has also had on my ability to earn a living. The person at this place purposely chooses to open and read some of my mail that is been marked as private and confidential , and that is been addressed to me. It has to do with sexual abuse i experienced, as a youth, while i were still living among the exclusive brethren


And so on

Now you might be wondering how some adult person would ever just allow this kind of stuff to be happening to them. Its not even like these people could bully me physically , but yet they still know how i’m very vulnerable to this kind of approach. Being that i never have no family around. They also know how i could never ever afford to allow myself to be jailed, for then i would surely stand to also lose most everything that i have struggled so hard to get

And sometimes i still even try and figure this out for myself. Best answer i can still ever think of. Is that this kind of shit has just tended to happen all too often to me within life.That in the end, these days too often now i just start to get so used to it happening, that it also begin to seem like its just the way that the “cookie crumbles” in life.And i find myself learning to how accept it. For indeed there was never anyone in my life, with whom i ever feel close-enough, to think to ever even ask any of them to please come and help me. And other alternatives i can think of always seem to lead me to consider possibility that i might just end up in some jail

Some of you might be asking, why? didn’t this fool just go to the police about this kind of stuff. Well some folks have obviously lead lives that have been very sheltered. Because so happens, that ive also had more than one personal experience, of which has involved some issues with some very crooked-police

Like i already said elsewhere on my blog before. Sometimes you begin to feel like you really dont know of anyone at all, of whom you feel like you can really actually even trust in this life

I’m happy that other ex eb have had very different experiences to what i have. I’m so happy that some ex eb first cousins on mine, have also even experienced life quite differently to me.

But then human life isn’t “cookie-cut” is it






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Code Word For Bigotry




Religious Freedom Is ‘Code Word’ for Bigotry, Christian Supremacy, US Civil Rights Commissioner Says

end quote


Religious liberty, only exist as a figment of the theists faithful deluded imagination

Everywhere all around about us. There are loads and loads of different type of religious tyranny rampantly at work. Religious tyranny continue in all its many different shapes and sizes. With leaders of each group, imposing what level of  rules and constraints that they will wish to adhere and uphold

Most are also fear mongers whom like to warn-us people, to remember to be aware of the “slippery slope” , should “regulation” ever be allow to curb religious-liberty

As if ?

There isnt already a slippery-slope at work that were are already born into.And are forced to live with. Within the way that we human are already finding ourselves constrained ,within our right of religious liberty. By religious leaders of groups that our forebears-follow, whom are already imposing what-ever degree of “constraint” and “control” it is, that they will like to choose to try and impose

Religious liberty is an idea that is pretty much self defeating. Because the moment that we would try and totally uphold that right , is the moment that we will have also enabled the right for tyranny to also start to flourish too.

Because a slippery slope between religious-liberty and religious-tyranny will soon start to develop

Which is exactly what we are living with now

Only a bunch of deluded faithful folk could  ever remain blind enough as to still not be able to figure this all out for themselves. Folks whom have totally immersed themselves in the ritual of continuous toe-sucking that they themselves refer-to as being “religious-worship”


Those folk. Well mostly they just never even care to bother to spend much time  with actually contemplating if in fact religious liberty even actually exist. No they dont. Because they had heard their local leader “saying”  how he feels that it does-exist

And as religious leaders are believers. The deluded throng figure that the religious-leaders opinion must surely be totally trustworthy

Quote :

Stop Thinking

end quote


Yes.Too true


And these sort of religious dumb fuckers are everywhere

So.Its very little wonder that we are forced to still struggle on with trying to live our lives within all the different forms and degree of religious tyranny. While our world is overrun by faithful morons whom have all been led to believe that we are religiously liberated

Religious liberty has been foundered on the kind of evil lies that now continue to swallow some of us up, like sinking sand

But that’s what can also be expected to happen to, if foundations of ideas are not built on rocksolid truth or facts

Faith can be very dangerous . More people should be seeing that by now

Specially if they had bothered to be thinking it through without use of bias


11 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.Hebrews 11:1 (KJV)

end quote

Sio then .Where is ? the evidence to help prove that we actually do have our religious liberty right now.

And if we know how some folk are forced to need to be living under religious tyranny rules of so many abusive-cults

Then why did the religious folk scaremonger ? in regard to warning us about “slippery slopes”

The un-thoughtful evil bastards. For they have continually led faithful folks right up the garden path.Had religious dumb fuckers a-many.Happy to be faithfully believing in bullshit


We all have payed the price of this deceit



Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.  Glatians 6:7

end quote

But it still seems to me. That the Glatians have overlooked something important . For they overlooked the fact that some folks are also forced to reap of what some other-folk had sown

Us ex cult members,should by now have begun to be very well aware, that it was in fact some other folk whom have decided what would be sown

Religious liberty is only ever a pipe dream


Pipe dream 


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Is The Bible Holy

It’s always interesting (for me) to watch theists discussion in regard to God and whether holy books are holy.

For instance, there is this thread here that is “still” ongoing (at this moment while im writing this) on wikipeebia. It’s always so good to see this kind of discussion “be able” to take place. Because too all often, any time that any of these particular kind of discussion do start-up, soon enough, they may also tend to quickly shut. Some theists get a dose of cold feet (through fear that it might be “a subject” that one really shouldn’t dwell-on and bother oneself with so-much) Someone, such as someone like our friend Fisherman (a very genuine “well-meaning” person) may “pipe-up” and say something kinda to this-effect “i really don’t feel like i need to split hairs over such details, i tend to keep my faith real simple, and say you can’t go far wrong from keeping to the Lords 10 commandments ”

Fisherman means well. And im sure many theist will also “mean-well” too , whenever they will also “actively” saying these sorts of things. They mean well. And i know that very-likely at least one reason why they will be saying these sorts of things, is that they are worried about what these kind of “in-depth” discussion may do to some other-peoples faith

So . There reason is very well meaning. They are concerned for other-folk

But what if their concern is wrong?. What ? if their concern is in-fact helping to cause harm unto other folk. By leading them astray by coaxing people to be making the wrong decision. Exactly the very same wrong type of “advice”, that right throughout the ages (generations past) have been constantly used to bamboozle people into learning to become fearful of questioning matters of faith.Specially when it concerns any books considered as being holy-books

Considered as being holy books

For holy books, can only be considered as being holy books. Because there is no “absolutely objective” way in which for us humans can say we know for sure 100% . We would need some-God to arrive on the scene,himself, to say to us “yes ,these are in fact my words”

What? if the bible isnt in fact word of God. While Christian folk have been coaxing people to decide to believe it is word of God. Then this? would need to mean that Christians are also guilty of teaching people to choose to believe lies. Lies that have helped to cause so much harm

Of course some theist will then say,well we do have a God whom has already been here to earth and had told humans this personally. He is Jesus

But theist forget that this in fact changes little. Because there are a number of other types of holy books around too, of other faith beliefs  etc, and the-folk that actually believe those books to “be word of God” , will also make exactly the same kind of claim like Christians do

So the situation leaves all human belief within this subjective state. Often it depends mostly, on what? type of belief it is that your own parents and grandparents follow. Chances are that most children will adopt the faith of their kin

So human faith is subjective .

Which (to me) is also extra-interesting because (i feel) it means that what do theists mean, what the hell are they talking about, when we hear theist discuss the issue of “objective morals”

Theists love using this idea of “objective morals” like it some sort of “big gun” that they have for use on their side of the discussion. They say this shit (like this) to us atheist , they say as an atheist doesn’t have morals based on will of God , this then means that the atheist “becomes God” and as such the atheist can decide to do what ever they choose.

But hold on . Hold it right there . What’s? to say that the theists didn’t just do that very same thing anyway. Maybe? theist-humans from times past , decided what it would be that they wanted to accept as being moral , and then simply went ahead and took it further and just started claiming that it was in fact God whom had made these decisions

Theist.Now. Do you? begin to see where im coming from . Do you see why theist can tend to make themselves seem like pure faithful idiots, by being stupid enough to be heard making these kind of silly claim.

You folk rattle on about “objective morals” . You folk love to bash atheist over the head with this sort of rubbish. And in doing so, you have also inadvertently helped to accuse atheists of something that you-folk yourself cannot honestly claim to do any differently

Like atheist , your moral belief is built on things like philosophy . Philosophy can exist without religion. However religion is lost and worthless,if it were ever to try to even exist without philosophy

Morals are built on things like “trial and error” and “philosophy” (Social science). Both theists and atheists alike

Even your own holy books still remain as a written historic record of such practices in action . Check out your holy books. See the historic record of moral evolution in action. Moral evolution where by human opinion changed (evolved) over time of generations past from practices like bloodshed of human sacrifice and stoning children to death for talking-back to parents, to these more modern times when such practices are no longer considered to be moral .


Humans decide. Even claiming it was God, still changing nothing at all .Simply because it is still Humans, whom then still need to even decide who they think God actually is

So humans will still need to be the ones whom will need to decide anyway

So see? what complete deluded bigoted morons that theist can tend to help make themselves look, when trying to use “objective moral” as a battering ram to help enforce faith

How ? much harm have you folk helped to cause . How many atheists im the USA, have been forced to need to suffer, due to traditional bigotry of theist folk

Do you know.Sometimes an atheist such as myself, sure as hell wish there really might be some kind of “afterlife” . Cause it sure as hell dont feel (to us atheist) like we have lived within any kind of real-justice

We were born among Christians. And so then when the majority of our family decide also to remain Christian, guess what, we atheists are shunned and are looked down upon. Our lives are automatically run within the theist-rule.Even though we may leave from within the exclusive brethren cult, the cult of Christianity still continue to try to dominate and rule-over us. We will still be penalized , whenever we choose to do things that the Christian folk choose not to do

Christianity is actively involved in religious tyranny. Both inside and outside cults, the only difference is in regard to the degree of religious tyranny that is put to use .

Christian folk are so deluded, that they still scratch their heads when trying to understand why the new atheist are so angry, if the atheist dont happen to believe in God

This is how bloody ignorant , theism, can help to make a theist become. Theism seem to carpentalize their method of thought . They lose the ability to think outside the square . Their method of reasoning goes a bit like this

1 Human is lost and angry without God

2 Atheist are angry

3 Therefore atheist are angry with god


See what i mean. The dumb fucker theist already decided what they want to faithfully believe about atheist anyway, before they had even reasoned it though fairly. atheist-cartoon

They far prefer to believe that atheists are angry at God. For they hate to believe that atheist might ever have real good reason to be extremely angry at theists , for the harm that theists have continued to cause to atheist folk

So . So much for justice . So much for moral

And so then. what makes this situation even so much worse ? . What help to cement this sad nasty situation within perpetual motion of time . What? helps this problem continue on

“Well meaning” Christian folk. The simple Christian . Those folk whom have been taught, to help teach others folk not to also not bother splitting hairs . Not to question or reason to deeply in regards to matters of faith

Put bluntly. It’s the blind that are helping to lead the blind

And meanwhile we (atheist) will still continue to be forced to pay the price of this bogotry and ignorance

And while Ian Mckay has already decided that it is only the extremist theist whom are helping to cause anyone such harm . Meanwhile it is the liberal Christian folk whom will mostly just stand by in silence taking no action and are thus guilty of allowing it to continue happening

Ian is a highly educated man. But Ian is a theist educated man. As such , Ian is also a man whom is more inclined to want to sugar coat liberal religion.Seems to me Ian will do all he can to try and find some way to totally free liberal religion of any responsibility

This help to enable this problem to continue to exist

Those bad bad cults.Evidently. Rule over the whole world they do. Few stragglers of cults, are those people whom can set the destination for us all

As if liberal folk are playing no part in this continuing situation at all





Imagine if criminal law was being run in the same manner that religion is being run. Well meaning moral liberal folks would just stand back on the side line and would no no more than to continually sling insults at all the rapists, saying see how jolly bad those rapists are.See how they are so unthoughtful and choose to rape people, when they could have decided not to

Few would bother to consider the moral , of the way they themselves are not even bothered to take action to actually help stop it

Far easier. To sling insults at bad folk. And far more “religiously” pleasing for the religious “head swelling” of “liberals” to boot

Someone will pipe up and say. No one is ever caused any real harm within the Catholic Church. Obviously these people have not even bother to care to research it. For had they cared to bother, “google” can be used to soon find plenty of evidence to prove that the Catholic Church has indeed also caused a number of people harm.  The main difference being, the “degree” of harm that this particular group might have caused

Theist love to figure that governments should not ever be involved in regulation of religion. Reason being about how religious liberty is highly important.

We atheists ask .If religious liberty is so highly important. And regulation shouldn’t ever be involved within religion. So that folks are free to believe whatever they choose

Seems rather strange? that religion has any need to have thousands of domination just within Christianity alone .Folks are so liberated, that they found need to need to be separated-off into loads and loads of slightly different separate groups. Within those separate groups, the have set rules and regulations

Meanwhile theist blissfully condition themselves to believe that they are religiously liberated

Easily done. If you simply first decide exactly what it is that you would wish to be able to believe, and then make you conclusion/faith up to suit (and don’t dare bother splitting too many hairs)

Done and dusted

Besides . If governments should never get involved in regulation of religion. And if the theists faith is grounded in reason ,then how come? governments are actively involved in regulating the liberty of Christians whom would like to choose to entirely rely on prayer, to heal their own children of cancer

Christian. Drop the bullshit. Religious liberty obviously doesn’t even exist. Look around about you. Think about the way atheist have become so hated and despised within the USA, this is “religious liberation”

Liberation for? whom . Liberation ? for control freaks

All us ex eb deserve to suffer the harm of this false sense of liberty, that has been built of false foundation . We suffer along with all ex members of all the other many abusive religious groups that still exist worldwide (2016)

For indeed.People should ? be ready to also reap of that what was allowed to be sown


Evidently.Jesus himself had tried to help change aspects of religious tyranny. Jesus believed that there was indeed need for some aspects of regulation within religion.

Or what else ? explains Matthew 21:12 , John 2:15






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The Stupidity Of The Bruce Hales Designed Review

Have a good think about it

How? utterly stupid was the exclusive brethren review. (people can read more information about this “review” via this link here) When we are actually able open our eye (by removing those deeply inbred “brethren rose tinted” sunglasses), so as to look at it from this angle.

Think about the situation this way

  1. Our family having foolishly freely agreed to lock themselves away for most of their lives within a nasty utterly stupid ignorant abusive cult most widely known as the Exclusive Brethren cult .Thus themselves having already also missed out on free contact of their-own family relationships, for year upon year
  2. Then suddenly decide to arrive on our doorstep ,so as to make us an-apology  to us for the loss

Apologies to us ex eb folk ? . What? the hell for .

Why? the hell did they even feel like they really had this need, to need to come to us and bother to apologize to us, for the utter stupidity of their own loss


Sure we ex exclusive brethren have missed-out on family relationships as well too.But does it even dawn on the minds of these deluded cult followers, that they themselves have also lost-out big time too.

They lost-out the very-most .The exclusive brethren members , have lost-out way-more , than any of us ex eb did,during the reveiw. Because it is also they (“the brethren members) whom have been found out to have obviously been stupid and ignorant enough, as to have stupidly agreed to allowed this kind of shit to have even happened

A person would need to be so stupid to have freely agreed to allow it to happen.So how? fucking real-dumb are those eb folk then

Maybe those jolly dumb fuck exclusive brethren folk are still so completely oblivious as to how much they have actually unwittingly thrown-away themselves. Possibly also in big-part due to the sad sorry fact of them folk too-often also being continually plastered on too-much free flowing whiskey. Living day in and day out, pre-soaked in so-much whiskey and alcoholic slosh.So much so, that now plenty of them dumb fucks are also needing to go dry-out , in alcohol addict programs

Tee hee hee .

Next time “if” any dumb fuck cult in bred brethren family member (of mine) ever suddenly think to arrive again back on my doorstep (again), and is trying to look all “sorry” for me.

I now know exactly what i will sure as hell be armed and very ready to quickly try and remind them about

I’ll remind them about this “reality”

Look here dumb fucker.Dumb in-bred brethren cult member. Why? apologize to-me, for your- own stupid loss, in that it were you yourself whom have agreed, to decide to help uphold this rubbish separation bullshit

Cant you brethren-folk see? how completely utterly stupid you brethren folk have all unwittingly all allowed yourselves to have become

Look here. There is no need for you to apoligise to me. Cause i already feel pity and really ashamed for you

This is your loss. Not mine

What a great bunch of deluded religious morons you folk are.

But it is your own stupid fault. The writing has long been written on the wall Brethren, But sadly. You dumb fuck brethren folk, have stupidly decided to just look-away and have ignored it

Why? would anyone be so stupid as to do that . How ? could it have happened

Only some real cult in-bred dumb fucker like what exclusive brethren folk have obviously remained to be likewould ever still be so religiously-deluded, (in this day and age in this modern year 2016)  as to even still be stupid-enough, to ever think to  do such any such dumb things ,as they have allowed themselves to do. The key being they allowed themselves to follow along with this dumbfuckery

How many brethren dumb fuckers can now? see this

Talk about bloody embarrassing (in thinking about it now) . How embarrassing (for us ex eb’s) to need to think how members of ones own family ,must be religiously ignorant

Man how i feel so highly-embarrased, about my need to admit and acknowledge that factual reality.

You clowns. You silly religious clowns

Mind you the real key here, is that the brethren really dont always think everything through for themselves.Do they. Mostly they just follow Bruce around.Like playing a game of “Simon said” .Or brethren henchmen (lets face it,this phenomena can also help to explain foolishness involved in brethren election-campaigning effort “public-relation failures”

Pretty much like a huge big mob of wool-blind religious sheep


Baaa baaaaa .Baaaaaa. Bwaaaaaaaaaa … oh gee shuck’s …Now exactly where ? did you say we were all going now Brucie boy our big-shot exclusive brethren head-clown

And are we? to be publicly known as being the-exclusive brethren, or as being the-Plymouth Brethren “group” (nudge nudge,wink wink, say no more !this year? too Bruce

Such “blessings” from our good lord.. To be publicly displayed (on TV’s) as such idiots

Cough…. Hic .. Hic

Are ? we actively involved in election campaigning once again next election-time too Bruce (personal exercise of our own-decision of course) cough cough splutter .. hic hic hic … (sweet lil white-lies upheld for blessings of our-Jesus)

Anyone? around here interested in sinking yet another bottle of rrrrr risky …  oops risky..oops hic i mean wh ww whiskey hic hic .. Pa paaa prr praise Jebus !. Oh-shucks yet another wee “drunken brethren “oopsie-daisy” yet again Jebus… Jesus … (there there now that’s real easily-fixed)

Surely? .Exclusive Brethren should not need to feel any great-need to apologize (to us ex eb folk) for freely allowing themselves to continue to become so utterly stupid

Let it be known.

That although i find it personally embarrassing.To even need to admit that certain members of my own family, can have managed to have still remained so bloody ignorant

I will still not accept any personal part (myself) . In any of this religious-dumbfuckery

That is a real good feeling (for me) . Im so happy about that

No amount of time. Will ever be able to erase historic-record of this religious-dubfuckery either.Religious dumbfuckery that so many stupidly ignorant exclusive brethren folk have freely allowed themselves to have remain totally involved in .

How could anyone? be so stupid, as to allow themselves, to have remained personally-involved

Man that is real dumb

Written records of this stupidity ,will still continue to remain forever more in many years to come too

The degree of utter stupidy ,only stands to look more and more ignorantly stupid, as more and more time passes by as well

Talk about “waiting” until the hole just grows deeper and deeper

You mark my word . You stupid Exclusive Brethren folk. You watch the future. Your ignorance only stands to become more and more blatantly obvious as well too , to the general public. As more time passes by

So you have a bloody good think about that fact. You mark my word.Think about this ,even after i’m long dead and gone from this world . My thoughts will all still be recorded here, and will still remain

So hey, you best hope like hell, that Jesus actually arrives again some-time pretty soon. Thousand of years have already been and gone.Christians waiting. And waiting.And waiting

To no avail

You folk have unwittingly based your faith on books written so long ago.Books  having also been doctored and meddled-with many times more than once or twice already

Then add to that and think about how deceitful you brethren folk yourselves have often freely agreed to become involved. And then project the likelihood of that kind of willing-deceitfulness , on toward those other-theists like yourselves (of times past)too, that have most-likely also agree to get involved in the same kind of deceitful practice. In agreeing to lie about the real-truth of matters

You mark my word here on this blog Exclusive Brethren. Im more than willing to wager, that more and more future-time to come, will also continue to only help prove my suggestion

Because. Its getting less and less likely that Jesus was ever God. Or that he is ever likely to actually ever return (not in any real physical body-sense anyway)

Yet my words will still remain here on this blog. As a historic record . Helping to record information of your blatant religious-stupidity, from these times here and now

Though i die. And though my time passes by on this earth. My words will still remain, in much the same way that some written records of ancient Roman folk,do also still remain to this very day as well too. Having been historically-recorded and “frozen” in time, upon hand-carved stone-plaque

Are? you exclusive brethren folk so inbred and stupidly thick . That you really think ? you folk can try and “out-live” or let time slowly completely erase your past. And the harm you have caused

You silly fools .You need to re-educate yourselves in regards to the simple realistic fact. That that aint ever going to happen that way.

So more than likely, your terrible brethren-testimony, still only stand to grow even worse and worse, as more time go by

Time past. Has still not helped to completely erase the past action of Hitlers regime either, from written history

What makes? you think that your history will end-up looking any different

You folk must be so totally wool-blind. Brucies blind sheep brethren



I almost feel kind of really blessed. To be able to already claim to be longtime out of the brethren . And im an atheist.

You theist idiot only stand to look more and more stupid , as long as you folk remain willing to let more and more time passes by


What a bunch of bone heads





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If God is about love, he sure still manage to help to create a whole lot of hate


MUSKOGEE, Okla. (Christian Examiner) – A children’s home founded by a Baptist missionary among the Native Americans of Oklahoma just after the Civil War has taken a costly stand to honor its commitment to God.

According to a press release from the Murrow Indian Children’s Home in Muskogee, the group will not accept a large donation from a group of atheists because the atheists asked that the donation be recognized as given “In Honor of the Muskogee Atheist Community.”

end quote

Atheist have constantly donated to theist-run charities. However atheist mostly never demanded to also have that fact publicly acknowledged ,in times past . And partly because the atheist also knew that they would then face active Christian hatred toward non-believers

Theism has been constantly steeped in all kinds of bigotry. And so should we have reason to be so-surprised ? if first nation folk can be seen to live within ongoing family dysfunction . When we also consider that the kind of love they are being fed-with , is conditional kind of love

Theists whom received charity-status and whom also enjoyed the bonus of ownership of rate-free property’s . Also proceeded to pride themselves with the thought that theists had been those people to have built far more schools and hospitals, than what any groups of atheist had ever done

As if ? this fact should some how be all that surprising to us

  1. Theist have tax exemptions and rate rebates etc. While theists constantly also proceed to demonize anyone caught publicly declaring they are an atheist (atheist are thus then forced into living in secrecy)
  2. Theist groups than naturally thrive. While atheism is forced into hiding and secracy
  3. Theist triumphantly claim the high-ground, pointing out how theists have also built more schools and hospitals than what atheist have


This is (evidently) an aspect of these theists portrayal of Gods unconditional love .

In certain places, like the USA .Many of those folks are now even becoming honest enough to now admit how their country does have problem with persecuting atheists .Atheists are pretty much hated.So much so, that theist folk within these places are “more likely” to accept that folks are gay . Than to ever accept atheists

Of course it is also somewhat unlikely to ever dawn on the theist faith-soaked-brain, that they might even have “anti-love problems” here that are still continually been taught (indoctrinated) to children, from cradle to the grave (finer details of matters)

But the overbearing problem is this. If God is mostly to do with love. Then why? the hell do theists feel that they have this need to continually make such a big-deal of God

Christians would have us believe that God is about love. Trouble is that the same theists then still cannot help themselves from also adding some conditions. Making Gods love , “conditional”

Theism is this-way bound to a natural-source of bigotry. Because theism is a statement that man isn’t to be considered good enough as a human ,if human is also without belief in God

Where as humanism (which many atheists also are) is understanding/accepting that man simply isn’t perfect.Because humanism involves very little aspects of condemnation of humanity,thus why humanism can more easily be understanding and accepting of human mistakes and imperfections. Thus making it far-easier for humanism to just try to build bridges and aim to help humanity try to do the best that it possibly can. Like , it is highly unlikely that we will ever see humanist split and splinter off into humanist sub-groups. Like Baptist humanists, Catholic humanist, Brethren humanist , etc

Humanism accepts human

So what we see here with these theists (people whom want to believe in God) is these aspects of the bigotry-problem that they automatically inherit along with their faith belief. Which leads to their endless struggle, with trying to (on one hand) pretend to be “unconditionally loving” (in the nature of God) at the very same time as they are also busily harboring these thoughts of “purity” which is directly connected to their chosen flavor of faith in God.Which as such also happen to include certain moral expectation


On wikipeebia  Fisherman has this to say



“I try to get the ESSENSE of what the bible teaches rather than getting hung up on details”

End quote

Like as if ? the finer details dont really need to matter .


And for sure Fisherman is obviously more than comfortable with “theists” right of living their lives in this manner. But only up until such time, as they may start demanding-differently in the way that they would also seem to feel/say that perhaps those exclusive brethren should perhaps learn how to pay a little more attention, to some finer details of matters

That’s the thing with theist like Fisherman. They cannot be consistent.They think that faithful folk should pay little interest in the finer details one moment (when it happen to suit themselves), but very next moment think some-theist should some how think to bother

How that is likely to happen at the right moment. When theists are also so constantly been taught to not-bother . Your guess is as good as my guess . By? relying on devine intervention perhaps

Trouble is that theism tends to induce people into a kind of trance. We can see it with Fisherman, the man is often lost in such a faith-trance that he cannot seem to comprehend how unlikely it will be that “tranced-out” theist could ever honestly learn how to turn their faith-trance “off or on”  right at the exact moment when its really needed to happen

People drunk on religion, mostly dont tend to remain so-alert to such things . Which of course also help to explain why so many can be seen to be ignorant to sex abuse cover-ups.Or ignorant to the fact that their own-pastor is fleecing them of their own-money.Even entirely ignorant to the fact of their local priests involvement in adultery.And so on


So now we have a world literally flooded with faithful folks living exactly like Fisherman recommends. Millions of folk whom dont bother to see much sense in any real need to actually contemplate any finer details for themselves

Hense why it really should be no great surprise to any of us either, that in fact in this year 2016 there is still abusive cults a plenty in existence (why would cult members consider the finer details to be important. When it has been common theist-practice to continue to promote the idea that finer detail really only matter sometimes

I mean. Its not like theist are really so-bothered to help promote the idea that finer details should really need to actually matter

If Fisherman feel that his faith is foundered on rock. Then why? does he have any need to fear contemplation of finer details of such matters

Theists do often inadvertently openly display their own doubts. They may easily fool many theist-folk , but they still dont so-easily fool us non-faithful folk , whom happen to see how very important these finer detail can often be

Theist have need to adhere to this practice overlooking finer details. Because without maintaining this way of living,as they also can see how faith in holy books could soon disappear too, if too many more people were to suddenly start looking into too many of these finer details

Faith in God. Rely’s on followers maintaining a level of ignorance among the followers. Theist know how faith in God is doomed, once without it

Lets not forget.Keeping the “average Joe” ignorant has always been a bit of a long Christian tradition. This phenomena help to explain reasons why the Catholic church (in past times) had even made it illegal for any normal citizen to possess their own copy of the bible,so as to read for themselves

Mind you. Even those theist folk would have still been heard to crow-too, about how God was evidently still all about love

Sure. And if God is all about love then. Then why? the hell do so many men of faith constantly still see this rabid-need, to need to be constantly making such a big-deal about this God then

And if God exists. And yet still decides to remain unseen , and offers humans no  real decent evidence of his own existence. Yet still demand to punish anyone whom happen to lack faith

This is indeed a God that lay snares in which to help entrap many humans. This is a God, that act little more moral, than like what the dictator Kim Jung-Un is also like













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