Introduction To Mr Kimmy-Jung-Hales of Brethren-Korea



Quote B.D.Hales.


end quote .See more here  (quoted here under laws of free use.For news purpose and  criticism )



Head Exclusive Brethren (Kimmy-Jung-Un type-equivalent) “author” in history of a time known as the Exclusive Brethren “review”.


B.D.Hales . Chief author of a review that really wasn’t any real honest “review” after all. The review that wasn’t so “helpful” to many of us ex eb .Or so-helpful for eb members/followers either.The review seemingly designed so as to meter out even mega more amount’s of psychological pain.The review that still to this day remains as an historic-legacy of Exclusive Brethren cruelty and heartbreak.Something for all Exclusive Brethren to remain so extremely proud of . Wooo hooo . We all fucked-over our own family.We are really not the very-sharpest tool’s in the shed. Three cheers for our-Brucie !! . (What a great- leader) Everybody rise and stand and salute

Quote :

Barker points out there have been positive changes in the Brethren. About a decade ago, there was something called a “review,” where Brethren visited former members to apologize for past treatment and urge them to return to the church. The review, decreed by their Man of God, was an acknowledgement that the Brethern may have been too severe in the past.

“They had a period where they were very, very exclusive and they’ve apologized for that to many people,” Barker said.

As the legal battle played out, it became clear that not only could the U.K. Charities Commission find no public good performed by the Plymouth Brethren, it found plenty of bad.For Danylchuk in Winnipeg, this led to her first contact with her mother and siblings in the Brethren in 25 years. All they could do was talk on the phone; her family had been relocated to Montreal to shore up the congregation there.

“It really isn’t much of a relationship other than that,” she said, but she still appreciates it.

Admiraal also received an apology but then never heard from the Brethren again. Like most ex-Brethren, Admiraal felt the review was little more than a feeble one-off.


end quote


Read-more about it on here

This the Exclusive Brethren historic legacy


Oh Lordy Lord Lord.Please Lord.Lord lead us not into temptation of ripping off the charity commission.For thine-own-sake Lord.And deliver us from this great evil of family dysfunction too .Please please please Lord,try to leave all our remaining Exclusive Brethren followers with at least a-little some sort of “loving history”,as legacy, so they may then rejoice in such wonderful memories being retained.For “our Brucies” sake Lord .Thy will be done. Amen (1 Epistle of ex eb . chapter 1. Verse 1)







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Protecting the Position – or Covering your backsides. Which is it?


Quote : the Fairfield Kid’

“But here’s the thing. Many, many people in what is now the PBCC  were horribly abused as children – generally by an older person in the church. This has scarred them for life. I know. I was one of them.  And Hales won’t even sit down, have a discussion with them, ask how he can help them to move on and offer to do something by way of retribution for these sins. Not Bruce. No- he listens to the stories of some girls who were abused in New Zealand for example, and all he can think about is getting the evil bastard who committed these crimes back into church after he finishes his jail term. He’s welcome. The girls? Who cares. “

end quote

The Fairfield Kid is pretty correct in most of what he says there. I dont disagree with a lot of what he says in general


However it seem (to me) like the Fairfield Kid is still pretty surprised about his experience of this kind of phenomena. As if the Fairfield Kid see’s it as a phenomena that is some how alien to much of Christianity (one-loaf) . Almost like the Fairfield Kid thinks that this phenomena is something alien that one shouldnt have reason to ever-expect to ever see-happen among other groups of Christians . Other than within those groups known as “cults”

Meanwhile even the Catholic church also hasn’t seemed to react so-differently to the same-way in which these cults also choose to react too

This is reality

The Catholic Church tried to dismiss the evidence of sex abuses

And there lays the very tap-root of the real problem. The fact that very few Christian people will even care to blink an eyelid, to learn that more sex abuses are also actually been a brethren problem as well too

How is that newsworthy ?? …. pffftttttt … Get real

Most folks wont think anything much more of it. Its such “common practice” among church groups.They might read about it in their paper, then they will proceed to forget about it. Because the phenomena is become quite common

Fairfield Kid open up your eyes (completely) for once in your life son.

The sacred white lamb Christianity. Is actually a dirty scummy stinky black sheep with stinking rotten smelly dags all dragging along behind it.

The Christians in general,don’t really even care to bat an eyelid (about sex abuse) in Church, anymore that what those other brethren folk are also seen to do either. So why? expect anything anything-better of the Brethren folk

You may not like “even hearing” this being said. But that doesn’t prove that im wrong

Sad thing is. That Christians in general,

  1. would far rather have it that all the folk whom had experienced sex abuse themselves, would first all need to be those folk expected to step up and publicly expose their own experiences of sex abuse
  2. Just so long as the white lamb of Christianity were able to still remain out of the picture. Looking-sweet an innocent like it were a white lamb that had had absolutely nothing to do with the situation at hand

This is the sad state of affairs within Christianity. It is this widespread lack of empathy existing among Christianity (the one loaf)

Fairfield Kid.Those local  friends of yours down at your local Church.Would far rather have it, that every single person (like you and me)within every single harmful cult, would first need to drag all their own personal experiences of sex abuse, out into public view

Than they would ever care to step-up to make demand of our government official, that situations in general ,with regards to any religious practices, should ever need to be regulated.And investigated generally

You bet ya. Their right to hold up this faithful-idea of this so called “religious-liberty”. Religious liberty™ which has allowed for so much “liberty” within religion, that for some strange reason , people would have found? some reason to need to splinter off into thousands upon thousand of sub-Christian groups

Why would

1.folks whom are truly liberated within religion. Folks whom feel truly free within religion.

2 .ever find they would have any need, to need to schism and split off. into thousands upon thousand of sub-groups of Christian folk


Lets just be bluntly honest here Fairfield Kid . This phenomena, stinks to high-heaven of the smell of religious tyranny


Religious liberation is a bullshit mantra that only serves to please the brainwashed Christian mind.

None of us even deserve to have experienced the true love of our own families either. While this widespread problem still remain untouched

Folks will reap of what were allowed to be sown




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A plea for victims to speak out about abuse


“It takes courage to expose scandals, particularly those involving allegations of sexual abuse, which continue to be whitewashed by powerful religious organisations such as the Exclusive Brethren.Michael Bachelard (Good Weekend and Saturday Age, 18/6) is to be congratulated for holding no punches ”


Many ex eb may have also experienced some form of childhood emotional neglect as well too.Which ? wont help much with their courage -levels (for more info google – running on empty)



Think about this situation. Some folks are now not sure who they can actually trust.Have trouble bonding ,and so on


Who? should we know that we can actually trust.


When we have also learned very well through a number of our past experiences,about how even members of our own flesh and blood family, have been known to be more than happy to just  sweep sex abuse allegations, under the carpet

Thing is. Not every single ex eb family, have all been cut from exactly the same cloth.And while there are some whom will still retain enough courage.It still doesnt follow-on from that, that everyone else will also be able to feel quite exactly the same way as well too


In some instances.Emotional neglect, is  even inclined to help cause a person to want to downplay their own experiences of abuse, and any feelings of neglect that then surround it. We may tend to think more about the “feelings” and “human rights” of “our family members” of whom we feel we might have need to drag into any police investigation that we may start rolling , even more than we may care to consider our own feelings and human rights


Folks may need to look beyond the aspect of courage if they want to find real answer as to why some ex eb have still remained “resistant” to the idea of making allegations to the police.Consider the wider issues


If someone were to ask me ,what do i feel hurts me the most.

  1. My past experience of sex abuse
  2. Or the ever present feelings that come along with the knowledge that even your own flesh and blood, may have become someone whom is more than happy to turn a blind eye, and effect also help sweep evidence of sex abuse under the carpet

Its easy for me to admit that it is number two that is what actually hurts
















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The deepest issue with the Sister of Exclusive Brethren killed in crash





An Exclusive Brethren member who had a charge of careless driving causing death dismissed lost her sister and niece in a fatal car crash just days earlier.


end quote

The even deeper issue with this problem.A deeper issue that has long been overlooked. Is the ongoing issue of low hanging fruit that allow that the exclusive brethren type cults and cult members, will become an “easy target“, for some other theists whom are looking to find a easy way to “blame someone else”.People whom thus can overlook the  very-root and  “full depth” of this problem

This is in fact the very most evil aspect of this issue

For you cannot blame the exclusive brethren,for the very-existence of these cults

For indeed that kind of evil runs far deeper.Not that some pious folk whom still cling onto idea of “real Christian™”mantra would care to admit to it

The thought seem so unsavory

And if our countries speed limits were controlled and run in the same manner that religion is. Then these humans might still think that it was some kind of real “justice”. For us to impose no speed limit. Yet to still decide to “poke the fingers” at anyone whom had caused anyone some-harm by speed


The very worst part of this saga is. That these harmful aspect of cults and the issues they help to cause.Always continue to remain somewhere in this world.Until the pious folk can step down from their high horses, and agree to learn how to at least also accept and own their own “little” part they have “helped to play” in this whole great mess

Even if the exclusive brethren group were to close up shop tomorrow.Plenty of other closed groups (cults) would still exist and would thus still continue to help cause the same issue

1.Plenty of secular folk are heard calling for our governments to step in help initiate change

2.Yet so very few groups of theist care to be publicly counted


The evil of this problem still remain at the very root of this kind of issue.Turing a blind eye don’t help any, to help cover this up


My condolence still goes out to all family of these folk whom involved.For those-folk, just like we ourselves have, have all been caught-up within this kind of immense religious un-thoughtfulness as well too.

This includes everyone involved. Both brethren and non-brethren



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Narcissist and God: Love-Hate Relationship

Very interesting youtube video with information about narcissism / religion combination


Here is a couple of quotes from : Appendix: Jesus Christ, narcissist 

Gurus at the center of emergent cults are inevitably narcissistic, if not outright narcissists. The self-imputation of superiority, epiphanic knowledge, and infallibility and the assumption that others need and crave the guru’s message are at the heart of an elaborate construct which often borders on the psychotic:”


“Contrary to his much-cultivated image, Jesus, like the vast majority of cult leaders, lacked empathy and was a heartless and irresponsible manipulator whose magical thinking ruined the lives of many. He instructed his followers to commit acts that must have had harshly adverse impacts on their hitherto nearest and dearest. Jesus monopolized the lives of his disciples to the exclusion of all else and all others:”

(Read more here)

end quote

I’ve often wondered if there may in fact be some sort of narcissistic connection within aspects of religion.I wouldn’t be surprised if it were found out, that religion can also in fact become “a social vehicle, so that this illness could flourish. Like some kind of infection (like at a epigenetic level or whatever )  changing organisms . This problem is about a “sickness”, not personal choice

Empathy in regards to faith abuses. Seems to be lacking. Because so many folks whom actively seek a place for themselves in eternity, act as if “the end justify the means”

Perhaps ? this could help to explain why so-few Christian folk even bother to think about “faith abuse” or these cult issues. And also why so few are actively involved in actually trying to help to do something to help stop faith abuses

The end (goal eternity) justify the means

Who? else matters.What? else matters.Just as long as the religious-narcissist “hope” for eternity is achieved (it dont matter if there is no such thing as eternity) .

You bet that very few of these faithful folk will even care to “think” that so called laws of “religious liberation”,are in fact also being used as a vehicle of religious tyranny (cults and so on) .

Sure.They might not” purposely” turn a blind-eye to faith abuses.

It’s more likely, that the trance that is being created, by the theists constant faithful focus on “eternity”, also effects their mindfulness of a lot of what is actually happening all around about them here on-earth right now

Worldwide Christianity

  1. will be quite happy for many generations to have continually turned a blind eye to some aspects of very cunning deceitful ongoing religious tyranny happening right there all around about them,and even right within their own town that they live in
  2. yet will soon be all “up in arms” and become extremely sad/angry upon hearing how some Islamist extremest’s are cutting off Christian heads over-seas


Could this same phenomena perhaps also help to explain why it is that priests and Popes had happily swept sex abuse under the carpet so as to help “save face” of the Church

I mean to say.Who? else really matters that much.And what? else really matters that much.So long as the almighty church-group doesn’t ever need to be the one to “lose face”

And then what about the Exclusive Brethren type cults too.Just check out their “narcissistic” air of self importance in which they live..No room even left, for natural love of family kinship to even be able to “break-through”

No way.Because. The end (goal) justifies the means

Who? else really matter.And what? else really matter anyway. Just as long as Exclusive Brethren members will never ever need to actually publicly admit to obviously being extremely wrong. To have helped harmed many.

In those folks dark history back at Aberdeen. We can plainly tell how they would seem to have so many symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder

Here is a link to information of the Aberdeen issue that i have mentioned above. I dare you to follow this link, have a read and have listen to a copy of  tapes of the Brethren “Christian” meeting at Aberdeen

And you can also read the transcript of what was being said, within that tape of that Brethren Christian meeting at Aberdeen here too

Then come back here to talk to me. And tell me that you feel that you cannot see any evidence in the slightest of a  narcissistic personality disorder


Below is a link to some information in regards to the saying “the end justify the means ”


“You can use bad or immoral methods as long as you accomplish something good by using them.”

end quote




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Blocked from Commenting




Quote :   ( Joel Duff)

I am now blocked from commenting on the Facebook page of the Institute of Creation Research (ICR).

Blocked from Facebook – ICR Removes Another Form of Peer-Review

end quote


Professor of biology Joel Duff (who is also a Christian) is blocked from commenting, by other Christians of the Institute of Creation Research


Like i have already said here before on my blog.Seems to be quite “common phenomena”,and is quite widespread tradition within many theist circles.

And in these situation. Even a good education,still wont help stop theists from letting their own emotional-bias from getting the best of them

A good education ,really does not mean all that much.If the educated person, would also allow for their own emotional biases to take over control of their thoughts.Then they might just as well still be some student who is just starting school at “high school”

To make these matters even worse. Too often other humans tend to “swoon” over someone who they know has been educated well.They may swallow pretty much everything that these people say “hook line and sinker”. Without  bothering to actually even stop and first contemplate how correct they may in fact be, about whatever it is that they had said . It almost as if people are sitting in some church, and are listening to their local pastor’s sermon. Because they still “believe” by use-of “faith”  anyway

This is still not to say, that a good education, isn’t something most important.But is just to say that a person can be someone who very highly educated, yet still sometimes continue to act as if they are someone highly stupid instead

Some humans tend to act as if they all exist within church 24 hours 7 days a week.

People really don’t like to even “need” to be thinking things-over properly for themselves.For it takes “energy” to do so. And it  is “physically tiring” to do

This can be a dangerous aspect of humanity.This problem may have widespread implications.For indeed this problem may also have some far reaching connection with “reason-why” we will have ongoing  “wars” and “bombings” and loads of other situations like that as well too

Seems important that humans should be encouraged to think all things-over for themselves.And have freedom to discuss things

Besides, blocking discussion. Isn’t going to help matters. Specially these days.When very many people now also have such “open” access to the internet












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Religion is Out Of Touch

Dr Francis Macnab of St Michael’s Uniting Church thinks “the church is out of touch”

And i totally agree with him.


Because all the while the church, and church-members, all remain so-focused  on their own goal of hopefully gaining their own right to have eternal life and a place in eternity

Meanwhile there is all sorts of harmful things still blatantly happening within religion and within some people’s religious circles.Some of what will also include excommunication of family.

Yet the church and its followers, in the main-part, will tend to think very little of it.Many wont even know anything about what other people’s lives are like who were born into cults .Most wont even stop to consider the full-cost of their goal for eternal life.And the harm that is happening within religion, must be factored-in as also being part of the collateral accumulated cost For their main focus , will be “how they can go about gaining a place in eternity for themselves” . Few will even consider the fact that Jesus didn’t  actually pay the full cost of salvation. Far from it in fact

This might sound light a very unsavory thought , for some theist’s to even hear being said. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that im so wrong in  saying-it, does? it. And maybe theists might first do better, to stop and just simply asked themselves first, why this “thought”  feeling so unsavory (*rather than shoot the messenger).Why does the mere sound of this thought, feel so-unsavory to theist-folk to even hear it being spoken, if in fact the thought were to be so-wrong

Theists would only need to do a simple google search, to see if my suggestion is wrong . Try googling “faith abuse” or “faith abuses”  (in  google-news section ), to see how many hits there are. I bet there will be very little information to find. There will be a few articles about sex abuse within the Catholic church. But very little about excommunication of families within religion. Or anything much about the  ongoing cult problems

So how can that be then ? . If theist are caring enough, to also care how much the full-price of their place in eternity, might be costing

Sad fact is. That most wont even consider, that another persons suffering within another religious-group, might also need to be factored-in as all be a-part of the collateral accumulated cost, of their own salvation

No way. Mostly these folks minds are just so highly focused on the great-joy of their own gains.Many of them literally “jumping for joy”, almost as if they continually remain in some kind of “jubilant trance” . The Jesus drug has worked it’s magic. They found that sense of “peace”, the sense of peace that can also even help to numb thoughts of concern for some other folk living around them whom are forced to experience religion quite differently

Then next ,try something different. Try googling something else. Like the word “abortion”. Or google the words “religious liberty” perhaps ** .Or even better try the words “gay marriage” And so on


Then see how many google-hits you will suddenly be able to find then.See the mega amount of information.Take notice of the high level of “Christian” interest and concern too. See how many interested “thoughts” of theists that will soon suddenly appear from within the internet.

Try it.


Then come on here, if anyone of you have enough guts to try to prove to me how im wrong


Dr Francis Macnab is correct. The church has completely lost its way.It will do no good, for someone like our friend Fisherman to try to keep on continually denying it. To carry on with the bullshit of this so-called “real-Christian” mantra only helps to deepen this problem

If so-many “real christian” do exist somewhere hidden-away within this world somewhere. Then where? oh where are they all. And where? is their active-concern of the ongoing problem of faith abuses . We don’t seem to see or hear anything-about it, from these people

Lets us not continually beat around the bush. Lets just cut to the chase here

No use living in a dream world. A dream world where “real Christians” are supposedly those whom honestly actually think to care

The evidence suggests.That those sorts of Christians, sure do seem so very few and far between


Little wonder that religion is in decline

* Im not here to help prop-up Church pride. There is more than enough of that already happening within many church-circles

** You will see many hits on googling the words religious liberty.The is plenty of religious concern in regards to religious liberty. However the concern for ” religious liberty” is only in regards to the religious right to still be able to shun and persecute and continue to cause harm certain types of people. It is not any concern for rights of religious liberty of any ex-cult members rights not to be harmed or persecuted, for choosing to leave some cult fellowship behind



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From Dust and Ashes of Religion , Secular Humanism forms

The same pattern continues ever onward. Religion is in fast decline . And the “nones” are still on the rise

Read about it here

Or here

Meanwhile some of our theist friends , like our theist friend Fisherman for one instance.All still continue to cling onto that favorite mantra, of there honestly being a group large enough to be really? worth the mention, as to being “mainstream” real Christian.

If enough mainstream  “real Christian . Are to really exist in any real great amount of numbers (so as to be some sort of wonderful role-model for cult-groups)


Then why? is their religion (Christianity for instance) still declining so quick

Im picking that these “real Christian” folk. Really wont be so likely to want to accept, the fact that in general, their faith has delivered itself a very bad reputation



Im picking these real Christian folk will have many other answers in mind. Like “its a sign of evil in the world”. Or perhaps “people are leaving religion because they far prefer to sin” . Or maybe that tried and trusted Christian mantra “Well Jesus had already said it would happen anyway” (like as if it were something totally impossible for anyone of us to ever-think, that their Jesus might have also had reason to have already known, how utterly stupid so-many religious folk can often allow themselves to become)

And suchlike

Any other answer will be quite-acceptable to Christian folk. Just so long as it dont ever also happen to suggest that Christianity in general is in fact still wallowing in very deep shit

Yup …. You betcha



Meanwhile people are still constantly dumping religion in droves.

Like i have already said on here before,

1.Christians are an enemy unto themselves .

2.All the while that they are also being like a real bonus unto atheists  too

So then.How? can atheist lose (these theists are so predictable)

And in the long run. It will also end-up being the advance of secular humanism, that will finally help to fix these problems (for us all) . The problems that have been engineered by these Christian and other religious folk

So it will be non-believers whom will be left-looking like the “saviors” of this mess


Yes.You betcha


Because i doubt we will ever see, all that many “real Christians” stepping up to the mark, to care to be counted

No way !

Seem like .These folk dont ever want to be the ones, to be known as those folk whom had cared to step-in


Meanwhile there is still mega amount of humans worldwide, whom are still left to suffer. People whom are also left to quite naturally wonder to themselves , “where? is this God” that we were taught to believe-in

Which in effect, is also just another gift unto the advance of the nones . Isn’t ? it

So.How ? can we atheists lose  .

These folk seem real keen to just hand it over to us atheists, on a plate.

Because they far rather to do that. Than to ever care to admit, that there were in fact so-few “real Christianfolk left around” , that it were now hardly even worth a mention

They rather to allow faith abuses to continue to exist. So that they can also retain their own right, to also participate in their own form/degree of religious tyranny

Oh my oh my, how the mighty quickly fall. When such widespread pompous pride is able to help block the way


You watch. When time comes that enough numbers of these “nones” , have finally been able to have applied enough pressure on our governments, so as to help enforce change. In regards to these ongoing faith abuses

Whats the bet, that these theists will then still try to step up and claim, that it were their-God , whom had helped to actually bring about change


Not that there will (by then) be likely to be all that many “believers” left around . To even care to stop and still try and believe it

The evidence will speak for itself


God died and has long been buried, within religion
















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Brother Rev’s “Genuine” Christians™

Quote :

Brother Rev 19 May 2016 at 17:26

Jill @ 20:42

You Say – “If you are an example of a christian – then no thanks”

I am sure you know already, but please don’t make the mistake of thinking genuine Christians behave and follow the same doctrines and rules as the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church aka Exclusive Brethren.

The PBCC aka EB are nothing to do with Christianity at all, because they ‘Separate from Evil’ from the rest of the Body of Christ (an act which is an insult to God) and ignore, disobey or twist Gods Word the Bible to suit their own sectarian cultish agenda.

The don’t follow the Bible, they follow the edicts and rules of ‘men’ such as James Taylor and Bruce Hales, who spout nonsense disguised as ‘divine teaching’ that contradicts, ignores, twists, and disobeys Gods Word the Bible. Therefore, their utterances, rules, edicts etc could never be divine teaching as God is not a liar, nor does he contradict his already written Word, the Bible.


end quote (my bold)


The full spectrum of Christianity is somewhat “separate”.


Or what else? is there that would help to explain, the reason that Christian would see need of all the many different Christian-groups and domination’s that do exist. We have the Catholics, the Anglican , the Baptists, and then all the rest of them.

See a list of them here

Christianity is become separated now already, by literally thousands of separations


The Pope can accept that this division, is in fact a Christian disgrace

Quote: Pope Francis

“The pope called for the denominations to ask “above all the forgiveness for the sin of our division, an open wound in the Body of Christ”

end quote

But Bro Rev don’t accept it. Bro Rev still clings-on to the faithful idea of Christian-purity

Talk about “no true Scotsman” fallacy . Crikey.

From somewhere within the separated spectrum of Christian folk. One voice of Bro Rev still rings-out across the land . It is “we-people are of the one-loaf” of Christianity, whom are not at all like any of you eb folk are


Seems that many faithful folk can still find their own way, to be able to continue to believe what-ever it is that they may really want to believe .Therefore Christianity is one-loaf even though its obvious that Christianity has gotten itself into one big separated mess Fact don’t matter too much. When the truth is easily bent in fashion, just-enough, so as it might then look a little bit like it may still fit . But only just so long as the person is also a very “faithful believer”  enough too that is ( you need to remember to always wear a pair of those church-tinted shade glasses)


Meanwhile it is also folk like this,whom will also be feeling quite angry,about the manner in which all those terrible deluded cult members, will still seem to want to cling-onto their own flavor of faithful bullshit as well

Go figure !

Are the blind ? tasked with leading the blind perhaps

Meanwhile many other folks are also caught up with some degree of ongoing faith abuse.Within quite a number of these brainless type faith groups. So surely? the root of this problem cannot be laid at the very feet of one little group whom are known as exclusive brethren (Plymouth brethren).The root of this issue runs far deeper

But Bro Rev cannot allow themselves to see that. Bro Rev is looking for one particular group in which to lay blame

For now.Even Bro Rev doesn’t deserve to have free access renewed to his own brethren family.For Bro Rev first needs to learn to accept, that maybe he must also reap of that what were sown. Just as the JW’s and the Christadelphian and people within so many other forms of faith abuses also must do too

One day. Bro Rev might wake up and smell the roses. Begin to smell that ugly rotten to the core worldwide Christian evil that it has allowed itself to have become

Lets say for interest sake.If the brethren group was to renew access with ex members.

Would ? Bro Rev then even be botherd to stick-around and continue to help fight for faith abuses happening within the JW’s or the Christadelphian , or all the many other abusive groups too


I think not. More than likely Bro Rev would then just disappear off into the Christian one-loaf woodwork.Become another part of the “genuine Christian” throng whom stand by in silence while all these faith abuses are allowed to continue to cause such depth of harm.Without much care for “some other” folk whom would then be left to still need to continue to suffer. The JW’s and the Christadelphian and the Westboro folk whom would all then be left on their own to “fight their own battle” for themselves. Just like what already happens to all us ex eb , with our fight against eb faith abuses. With the way, that we don’t ever often see all that many “Christian one loaf” people,seeming to even be so very concerned, about all these ongoing issues of abuse within the exclusive brethren.And elsewhere.And so in this regard , we ex eb folk are left to fight this battle alone

Christianity is a complete mess . And the one loaf bullshit is an utter disgrace


Even more of a disgrace is the fact that there are still people like Bro Rev ,still keen on promoting the “bullshit” of it


If only Christian folk like Bro Rev could learn how to allow themselves to be a little more bluntly honest.

But ,oh the web we weave when we practice to deceive


The suffering will continue.Lies serve to help cause such kinds of suffering. And so, there is somebody somewhere whom must still need to be forced to continue to suffer faith abuses

So that Bro Rev can still find some way to feebly cling-onto his piece of faithful-bullshit .  The one-loaf mantra

Sometime i ask myself. Why? is it that we don’t see or hear the Pope having much more to say about these Christian issue of faith abuse


I can only wonder, if perhaps the Pope is just a little bit afraid, of awakening Christians-up to this issue too quickly.For fear, of how it might suddenly make so many of them begin feel

After all. Christian are mighty proud of their Christianity.Christianity has been put on a pedestal. Been almost turned into a type of “idol”

Imagine the deflated feeling of so-many Christians that might soon exist. Some folk whom have spent so-much of their whole lives, faithfully praising Christianity as if it has been the white lamb


Sure look to me (Bro Rev) like Christianity is still “One-loaf ” , from the “position” where i’m looking-out-from . Cannot see it any other way



Christianity is separate? .. Pffffftttttt

Shit no . We are “so together” within our one-loaf of Christianity ,and besides the truth of that fact, can also be plainly seen within the way that us Christians have found-need to have continually spawned-into more and more different Christian-groups.With different names . Christian-loaf is all about bringing folk together, not separation

No walls exist between any of us Godly “Christian” one-loaf folk .Shit no.Hell no. None whatsoever . I cannot see any . All looking mighty rosy to-me, from where i look-out from.Cannot see a thing,seem to me (Bro Rev) there is not even one wall in sight.No Church wall of separation. Only pure daylight exist between the one-loaf of Christ

But you ex eb folk . Man you folk all ought to be bloody ashamed of yourselves.For we one-loaf Christian folk, have need of some group on which to lay this blame
















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Standing up for Honesty

Traditionally, all manner of faith abuse has been upheld by constant trickery and deceitful tactics of some theist scaremongers .

Take a look at what is being suggested here in this article by Edwin J. Feulner named “Standing up for religious liberty”

Quote :


“To see religious liberty under attack in the United States is disheartening — and more than a little ironic.

This nation was founded, after all, by people seeking a land where they were free to live their faith without fear of persecution. Not simply to believe what they believe, mind you, but yes, to LIVE their faith. The freedom to keep your beliefs to yourself is no freedom at all.”

end quote

This person then goes on to talk about what “seems logical” . The irony of a theist like this fellow is, in regards? to “logic”

Logic ?

Yeah right .. Pffttttt



Like ive said here before. “Theist-logic” or “theist-reasoning”, is too-often something strangely different .Something often dreadfully illogical. Because it seems it’s usually more like some weird form of “faith”-reasoning,an idea that is totally void of real good form of logical reasoning . First they decide what answer they want to faithfully believe , then skip need to first apply any good-reason

What is most ironic here (which might surprise this Edwin J. Feulner ) is that Edwin J. Feulner thoughts are illogical, and are thus unreasonable too

Does this guy realize?.

The kind of religious liberty that he is trying to promote here, will still allow for some Christian groups like the Westboro Baptist group (for one instance), to still be able to decide to want to “persecute” anyone whom may choose to leave,so as to become an ex-member of their Westboro baptist group . This is a fact that is well known to be true

Therefore “persecution” is something that is impossible, to ever be avoided 100%


So Edwin J. Feulner is involved here in using the tactic of a scaremonger. The man is creating “fears” that need not exist


Liberty is not under attack . Liberty is being re-adjusted

For instance .

1.If the government were to decide to limit the exclusive brethren religious-liberty a little more  (regulation of the exclusive brethren liberty)

2 . Would also then be to help extend the liberty of ex members of the exclusive brethren cult at the very same time too (liberation of the ex exclusive brethren’s liberty)

Here we can plainly see that “liberty” is thus merely being re-adjusted .So therefore there is no attack on religious liberty .

To say it is . Is scaremonger tactics

Edwin J. Feulner would do well , to learn how to stop promoting these kind of fears . Because he is misleading people into believing things what are false

Shame on these people



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