Ex cult members share common ground with First Nation people

First Nation people, and all us ex members of CULTS , have things we share in common (in my opinion)

The both of us have had our traditional family bond, and health and well being of life

Ripped apart and ruined through religion

With first nation people, and with ex cult members too, in both cases it is religion combined with government indifference what is at the root cause of the family dysfunction of what now continues to make all these groups of people lives, become more difficult than what it otherwise would have previously been

Interesting to consider ?

Have a long hard think about it. (also pay special attention to knowledge that all these groups now do commonly share ongoing problem with mental health and substance abuse and so forth)

  1. Tribes of First Nation People have struggled with dysfunction ever since colonization what allowed” religion to forcefully take control over their traditional family nucleus . Ever since that time came to pass, survivors have struggled to find a way to return their lives back toward previously happier times when dysfunction had at least once then been less of an issue
  2. Likewise too among groups of ex cult members. Ever since time came to pass that forcefully overbearing religious groups were allowed to intervene and take control and in fact decimate previous traditional family bonds of what had once existed previously and had at least provided better level of stability within former far happier times beforehand. Ever since then, ex cult members have also continue to struggle with family dysfunction as well too

Can you see the common ground we share?

Common ground that groups share once overbearing religion is been ALLOWED  to  cause introduce family dysfunction

Our governments have ALLOWED it to happen?

Sadly ,our governments have been negligent within the way in which they have stood aside and have in fact allowed this evil to ruin our lives

Haven’t they been negligent ?

If we were to study the dysfunctional family lifestyle of first nation people

Compare it to

Dysfunctional family lifestyle of ex CULT members

We would soon see that there are in fact a fair number of similarity .

Our health and well being problem, in our lives, are very similar 

Modern science , is only just beginning to WAKE UP to understand the huge importance of the stable” family nucleus (how dare they allow religion to mess with it). The knowledge that is now finally being learned, via social science . Is still in its infancy .

And yet there is now science reports available what help to prove how immensely damaging it can be

Governments have been negligent in not waking up to this . Reality is, it was always fairly obvious anyway.

There was never need for anyone to need to become a rocket scientist . Was there?


Simply use of common sense would have sufficed

If only governments might have cared to use it

This here is some information, what includes links to studies within the references section on the same page https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/HealthyLiving/Strong-relationships-strong-health 

Check it out

You can also soon find more info available online too, by using google

But, the science of the nature of family bond importance within study of health and well being of human, is still within its infancy

Governments have been highly negligent, in the manner in which they have stood by indifferently, and have taken little action to help stop the pain and suffering of what we have had forced upon us

Before now?

Why haven’t they stepped in well before now

They should have already moved to help prevent this ongoing pain and suffering, before now 

Negligent that they haven’t done so

We should be banding together ,already by now, to sue the hell out of these negligent governments

Sue them for billions

Hold them accountable for the level of harm they have allowed to continue to occur

How could they have rewarded abusers with charity status?

How could they be so unthoughtful and unfeeling to have allowed it?

That feels like the ultimate slap in the face ? . Doesn’t it

Correct ?

Will they be rewarding the rapist with charity status too?

Will they?

The citizen would soon all feel outraged if they were to dare to start doing so?

So Governments wouldnt dare to reward rapist with charity status. Would they

So then

Why the hell do they STILL reward religious abusers , who in fact have been busily ruining people’s lives for MANY generations now already

Our governments ought to feel ashamed about their negligent manner in which they have acted indifferently and turned a blind eye in regard of the health and well being of us people, whom have been forced to have suffered greatly due to fate of life

Why are we not suing our governments for negligence ?

We should be gathering together, to take a class action together against government for negligence

For their negligence in rewarding religious abuser of whom have ruined our health and well being through division of family bonds

Find the best lawyers we can

We could then begin to QUICKLY fix the HARMFUL problem of ALL CULTS . Within one clean swoop 

Help change the lives for so many other people, for the better, in the process as well too

Bypass “wasting our time” with trying to talk sense to lost and brain damaged fundamentalist religious people https://mic.com/articles/45811/religious-fundamentalism-is-a-mental-illness-that-could-soon-be-cured#.ox2aNrveE

Makes far more better sense, for us, to deal directly with the government who have been negligent  in their own action of allowing these harmful practices within religion?. Plus even going so far as to also be in fact even rewarding those groups whom are actively involved in causing harm, by allowing these abusers to claim charity status.

That’s negligence to fairly high degree

Chances are, they will have better ability to be able to see good sense, in changing their ways

1.We should be holding our government to account directly for their negligence in ALLOWING this level of harm to occur.

2.Then the governments can then choose to chase up the mentally damaged cult leaders, themselves, if they do in fact decide that they might still “feel like” it, so as to try and recoup government losses (off of brain damaged religious peoples groups)

It shouldn’t be any of our own responsibility to “struggle so bad” due to issues of our government acts of negligence ?

Should it

That’s the governments negligence. Therefore is then also the governments own responsibility as well too


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Exclusive Brethren Members Highly Uncharitble Antics?

Seems like it is ?

Check it out


Defence Against Religious Extremists (DARE)
We are appealing for funds to defend Ian McKay, who is a victim of very aggressive litigation by members of an extreme fundamentalist religious organisation, the Hales branch of the Exclusive Brethren.  Ian, a 74-year-old pensioner, has for years been researching the teachings and practices of this sect and observing their practical effects.  He thinks many of their teachings are false, some of their practices immoral and their net effects harmful.  It is clear that the Brethren bosses don’t like his conclusions.  Acting through two of their organisations, UBT and BGT (the latter of which is supposed to be a charity!) they are taking him to the Court of Session in Edinburgh in an attempt to confiscate from him crucial parts of his research material, which would severely hinder his revealing work.

Why the Court of Session?  They are alleging copyright infringement, which any local Sheriff Court would be competent to adjudicate on at a fraction of the cost.  And the UKIPO mediation service is cheaper still. But the Court of Session is the highest and most expensive court in Scotland.  The Brethren behind this campaign are going for the most costly option, perhaps because they hope to bankrupt him, or perhaps scare him into giving them information about the sources of his research material.  They have even split the case into two separate summonses, which inflates the costs even more.




end quote


Seems to me, it makes a real mockery of charity status .Looks to me like, our governments help fund groups to cause harm?


The extremist groups can get away with it. Because citizen don’t bother much, to do anything about it

Governments don’t lose too much sleep over how Government tax funds are spent .

Do they?

They (Governments) are like puppets in the hand, of the extremist groups, whom are well-organized enough to quickly kick up a big stink, should Government dare to question the charity status

What else can the governments do ?

1, Citizen are mostly all half asleep, and about as unorganized as can be

2, Extremist groups are highly organized

Meanwhile the citizen isn’t invited into the cult meetings. It’s an exclusive club, basically? . And is receiving benefit of citizen tax money ,through charity status and suchlike, to help fund the bigotry 

They must laugh at the citizen gullibility ? (quietly/secretly)

I suspect they might

Members of this group, are now become so sure they will always continue to get away with stuff. They’ll even pay people , to have them help cover up sex abuses . See here https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/australia/98220593/potential-witness-in-exclusive-brethren-sex-abuse-case-paid-to-remain-silent


I know from my own experience, how they have swept sex abuse under the carpet, and not bothered to advise the police

They did all kind of underhanded shit too ,within past elections. And still get to claim charity status

Imagine if World Vision charity, had been actively involved in doing even half the kind of stuff, like what these extremist religious groups are easily able to get away with doing ?

Many citizen would be utterly outraged ?

Generally speaking citizen have become so accustomed to believing religious groups are involved in righteousness . Are so completely convinced of it, they don’t even wake up ,no matter how much evidence is tabled ,to suggest that their faithful belief, might be way wrong








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Exclusive Heartless Brethren Atrocities Exposed

Unbelievable that our government would still continue to reward the brethren with charity status

Citizen should take time to have a read of the account that Marion writes on her blog https://maz63.blogspot.com/

Take special note of these latest entries









There is a callous nature that runs through Brethren. Huge lack of compassion and empathy . Evidence of this fact can even flow over to appear within situation outside of what might be otherwise be explained-away, as dysfunctional broken family relationships

For evidence of what im talking about, consider situation like this one here


Or consider this


Now ask yourself, why should a group like this one, still continue to be rewarded with charity status ?

The doctor said, that Craig didn’t have to take the drug. And yet Craig was excommunicated due to being gay 

Didn’t need to take it ?

What rubbish. Of course Craig had had little other choice ?

He’d either need to agree to take the drug, or else end up facing excommunication, and in turn ostracization from family relationship

When will good citizen rise up and help to demand that our governments would finally stop rewarding this evil ?

How many more people will need to be caused to suffer, in ways like of what Marion is writing an account of, now, on her blog that i provided links to above, at the top of this page ?

Society is morally sick that it doesn’t step up to do anything more, to help stop it happening?

Its now year 2018

I begin to feel angry when i read through Marion’s account of what she experienced. Or watch through the video explaining Craig’s account of what happen to him. I feel angry because ive also experienced situations of this same callous Brethren nature, myself before too ,on a number of occasion, when it’s happened within our own family setting .

Perhaps some good citizen might care to go and help support Marion. Showing support matters . It boosts and encourages

There are good citizen around. I know how there are. Perhaps it just more to do with how good citizen have become too well accustomed to constantly allowing religious groups, the right , to be able to get away with almost anything?. It now seems quite normal now

Its been “traditional” ?

Been traditional as well too , to allow the Catholic church to dodge its own moral responsibility ,to promptly face up to sex abuses too?

Those tradition, are not worthy traditions .Those tradition are shameful. The longer the shame remain unattended , the worse it becomes


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God’s Most Bizarre Punishment

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The New Religion: God is Dead

Alan Watts~The New Religion: God is Dead

at around about the 5:45min mark ,quote :

“for some reason or other, people who commit themselves to this kind of exclusive following of Jesus, become exceedingly obstreperous, because they will either damn other religions outright, or far more insidiously damn them with fake praise”

end quote

Generally speaking,overall Christianity is been rather like an “exclusive club”

That exclusive attitude, still wont cease, the moment that people would leave from within confine of certain Christian cult, like Brethren cult, either .

The attitude continues on

That “exclusive” attitude, wont cease, by simply leaving the membership-confine, of a-cult.Will it?. No it wont

Why not ?

Because its like leaving the sub-cult, of a larger base-cult

And because the roots of this exclusive type attitude, do in fact run way far deeper within the whole of Christendom generally

Its been thriving, there, within Christendom festering  for thousands of year

That exclusive (IE bigoted attitude), had ALREADY long existed among Christians, within Christendom, way long before any exclusive brethren group had even been heard of

You bet ya

The leaven, (of that “exclusive” attitude) had already long leavened the whole lump of Christendom, generally speaking, well before any exclusive brethren group would even finally form into a certain particular sub-group themselves

Way long before Exclusive Brethren had chosen to do even more damage , themselves, by simply amplifying the harmful effect of this pre-existing exclusive (IE:bigoted) attitude

Because amplifying a pre-existing problem . Is all they mainly help to do (and its only through the act of when this problem is been amplified that we will then also be able to become “more aware” of the problem as well too, ourselves.Its usually our own suffering, that then helps cause us to become more aware of a problem of what many other people will remain ignorant of)

Yet funnily enough, there are still some Christian ex eb, who’ll act as if they can see how a “few thousand feeble minded bogan cult members”, can some how be, the only ones who’s ever completely held to blame for the whole situation of all of what has developed


While they choose to continue to do this. They’ll also still continue to miss the mark of the root problem . Plus will also therefore act so as to help cause the problem to have need to go on perpetually, for x-amount of generation year to come ,due to root-problem not ever being able to be attended to properly, fast enough

Change will still happen (so,it’s not a matter as if it wont ever happen). In fact its already been slowly happening

But the problem that remain is, that it could have been attended to already long before now way faster . If only there had of been less Christian within Christendom , with active intent on passing the blame on

Like what happens, as soon as Christian are continually intent on bullshitting themselves with the idea of real and non-real Christian . (so as to try and protect their own dearly held image, of their sacred cow)

The exclusive Brethren group, are a extreme by-product of a more deeply ingrained pre-existing exclusive attitude 



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The Truth About The Bible

Alan Watts – The Truth About The Bible

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Subpoena Warfare

Subpoena Warfare – Episode 21 – Watchtower In Focus

Do Jehovah’s Witness Leaders Love Bans?


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Losing faith

losing faith | my departure from theism [cc]

telling stories | how humble tales manipulate us [cc]

bending truth | how adults get indoctrinated [cc]

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Are Jehovah’s Witnesses a Charity?

Our government have acted irresponsibly and have turned a blind eye to these elements of religious extremism  . Similar way to same way like they also turned a blind eye to elements of white supremacism in our society too

In both instances, our governments have been far too slow to react to warning signs that suggest how certain things are wrong.


Mostly because the situation, were usually only ever really affecting a minority group of citizen (either way whether it is to do with aspect of cult abuse, or aspect of white supremacist abuse toward Islamist)within society. So therefore most government official will obviously never ever actually need to be someone being “affected personally”, themselves

Indifference, and extremism go hand in hand




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A rising tide of religiously unaffiliated


In a shift that stands to impact both religion and politics, survey data suggests that the percentage of Americans who don’t affiliate with any specific religious tradition is now roughly the same as those who identify as evangelical or Catholic.

Support independent Catholic journalism. Become an NCR Forward member for $5 a month.

According to newly released General Social Survey data analyzed by Ryan Burge of Eastern Illinois University, Americans claiming “no religion” — sometimes referred to as “nones” because of how they answer the question “what is your religious tradition?” — now represent about 23.1 percent of the population, up from 21.6 percent in 2016. People claiming evangelicalism, by contrast, now represent 22.5 percent of Americans, a slight dip from 23.9 percent in 2016.

That makes the two groups statistically tied with Catholics (23 percent) as the largest religious — or nonreligious — groupings in the country.

“Nones have been on the march for a long time now,” Burge said. “It’s been a constant, steady increase for 20 years now. If the trend line kept up, we knew this was going to happen.”

The shift could signify coming political changes. Evangelicals often lean conservative and are known to have outsized influence on American elections: According to exit polls, white evangelicals alone made up 26 percent of the electorate in 2016, even as their share of the American population has dipped far below that, according to Public Religion Research Institute.



end quote


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Early Christian Schisms – Before Imperium

Early forefathers of Brethrenism evidently

Who’d have ever guessed huh?



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I’m being Subpoenaed by Watchtower? How can light harm JWs?

I’m being Subpoenaed by Watchtower? How can light harm JWs?

Interesting to note the way how this phenomena is somewhat common . Considering the way in which the Exclusive Brethren group (recent years re-branded as Plymouth Brethren for PR reasons) are also following somewhat similar ways of working as well too https://www.gofundme.com/Ian-McKay-defence-against-religious-extremist?fbclid=IwAR0ilocPsklDdJwxZ7kfC6HTrXalDSRK8yQILf8gxT2UUZhabWlYM5rMl08

How can light be of any harm to groups of what claimed to be working in separation from evil ?

You’d think they’d be welcoming scrutiny . Wouldn’t we. Why the need for shutting people down?. Surely if the “opposers” conscientious objector‘s are wrong and barking up the wrong tree.

Wouldn’t we?

You’d think that these groups would be keen-as to bring everything ALL out into the open, so as to expose where opposer’s conscientious objector’s, objections, are all wrong

Wouldn’t we?

We would expect to SEE the righteous groups, ALL welcoming scrutiny. And yet we don’t

Do we

Conscientious objector’s, interests, are important

We would expect that the righteous groups with charity status might even be openly inviting CONSCIENTIOUS people to scrutinise the situation

That’s seems “fairly reasonable” to expect to see

Why is it become common they don’t invite scrutiny ?

Why has it been allowed to become SO COMMON, they’ll even use money to shut down voices of conscientious objector’s


Why has it become so common, that even the Catholic church group would have ALSO not seemed to act so pro-active in welcoming scrutiny of their own group either ?

Why would these groups ALL have tried to cover things up

Sadly our society would ALSO allow their own indifference to then help set perpetuation of these issues ABUSES, in stone 

Usually because it doesn’t effect themselves directly

In short, due to a blight of selfishness  of what has overcome decent ethics of social society

Society is geared toward self satisfaction

There is a COMPLETE DISCUSSION,  in a holistic sense of thinking, of what really needs to take place a.s.a.p. It’s already way overdue happening. It involves ethical interests of way more groups, than any one group alone, as well . It really does. And our indifference, toward ethical interests of others, shouldn’t ever be what continually gets in the way, of our own ability to have this complete discussion either


As that’s exactly what’s been happening for way too long now already?

We need a complete discussion to take place so as to help heal society holistically

We do?

Only once we care to take interest, ourselves in “other” people’s interests. Will things then MAYBE ALSO begin to change holistically speaking, for ourselves also

As it has something directly to do with law of reciprocity


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (Luke 6:31)

One people

One love





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Supremacy Hate groups

Supremacy groups all choose a certain SELECT group of people, in society, of who they’d like to discriminate against.

Dont they

These hate groups then also try and create a army of other foot soldier haters, too, who become members and will all GANG UP and all proceed to HELP shun and hate against the select group of what’s chosen to be abused

Wont they

1.White supremacists hate monger will usually discriminate against dark skinned people. Plus will try and recruit other foot soldiers to form a group together and help escalate the pressure of hate they can use to abuse any dark skinned victim

2.Islamophobic  supremacists hate monger will discriminate against Islamists . Plus will try and recruit other foot soldier to help escalate the amount of abuse they can use against their Islamist victim

3.Divisive cults of hate, like what the Exclusive Brethren or Gloriavale type groups run, will choose to discriminate against anyone who’d dare ever decide to cease following hate cult rules of their membership and who’d try to live their life (normally) differently to what cult membership demands. Plus will try and recruit family members as well too,  to act as their foot-soldier so as to help escalate the level of hate-power, of what they employ against their ex cult member victim, to discriminate abuse them

In all three instances above, there is a huge lack of empathy. All three groups of people are also acting to coerce others to act against others as their foot soldier’s of hatred, against a certain “select group” of our society

One of these three examples, as in example 3 , are even being awarded with “Charity” status , by Government .

So not only are the cults able to discriminate against a select group of society, they are also even being rewarded

They are

Cult hierarchy are usually far too intelligent and cunning to run around shooting at anyone. They don’t shoot your family member. They just manipulate their memberships mind’s, and turn their cult members heart’s into stone. Have empathy to such low levels that they’ll even begin hating on their own flesh and blood family and disown them all, as if they were dead

I wonder

How many cult members would understandhow low” their level of empathy actually is?

How many?

How many will still care to bother to “think” about it ?

How many

Most minds (cognitive ability)will be blocked via fear

How many blind-minded cult member will have stopped to think and consider that even most white supremacist will still ATLEAST have a level of empathy of what remains for their own family. They will. And even  Islamophobic people as well too, will also usually still retain a certain level of empathy, for members of their own family

As well

Neither of example 1 or example 2 groups are motivated to hate their own family

They wont hate their family . Their level of hatred and lack of empathy, isn’t become quite “so heartless”, as to cause them hate-upon their own family

Bad enough to think that their would be groups  coerced into “hating against others

That’s low enough ?

Meanwhile cults are taking the lack of empathy to a different higher level

Teaching family to hate their family

They help coerce family to hate against family

They do.That’s the act what they do right?

They coerce family to hate against family

The lowest of low

Can empathy ever get any lower

How much lower can anyone’s empathy-level, ever go ?


Utterly unbelievable that they cannot see how low they are

Cannot see it

Embarrassing  (for us ex cult member’s)to think these people are our own flesh and blood

These cult members ,who’s level of empathy has fallen so low in the gutter, they’ll even agree to hate against their family

Level of empathy fallen so low in the gutter

They’ll even gladly do nothing to help. Even while their own family are committing suicide http://wikipeebia.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=14&sid=3551700efb824dae3808b738d80d8fdc

How low can level of human empathy go ?

So low

So frigging damn low

So low that a whole group of cult recruit , will ALL stand by in silence ,and say very little, even after their cult hierarchy has been caught out trying to hide evidence of sex abuse against children 


That low

Empathy level so low

Empathy so low in the gutter, that the pride of cult comes first before children’s right of safety does

They wont even be aware?

They wont even be aware of how utterly low their level of empathy are ?

Hell no

They wont be any the wiser

Not when you come from a cult group, of what’s been able to have evolved such low level of empathy, that they’ll drink drive and be killing their own while pretending to be living in separation from evil, and then even be sending out the recruit’s  “clean up crew” to help “hide the evidence ” as well https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12015112

How low can a groups level of empathy go ?

As if it’s not bad enough that these evil are able to exist within their midst

They want to go even further 

And try and hide the evidence

Hide the evidence. Meaning their problem are also set to still continue

Yet meanwhile, even so our government are still rewarding these hate groups

Governments reward Cults

Government still continue to reward cults by issuing their groups, with charity status

Ex cult members are supposed to feel happy about this (thank God our Government don’t award Islamophobias with charity status too. As that would then be like feel” like the ultimate insult, by government issue. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy)

Because cults stop short of shooting people.

They don’t bother to shoot people. Do they. No way

As they are well aware of how they can hurt their victim’s far more, by keeping them alive, so they’ll continue to “feel” tortured by their family excommunication

This is the cults form of loaded gun what they’ll use against select groups of victim

They can this way get away with still acting to discriminate against a select group of our society (IE: anyone daring to try and “live differently” and/or warn the public)

And government will gladly reward them with charity status

Plus its only the ex cult members who’ll be forced to experience the torture of family division, and fruits of LARGE SCALE family dysfunction, of what evolves from this mess







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