Ex cult members share common ground with First Nation people

First Nation people, and all us ex members of CULTS , have things we share in common (in my opinion)

The both of us have had our traditional family bond, and health and well being of life

Ripped apart and ruined through religion

With first nation people, and with ex cult members too, in both cases it is religion combined with government indifference what is at the root cause of the family dysfunction of what now continues to make all these groups of people lives, become more difficult than what it otherwise would have previously been

Interesting to consider ?

Have a long hard think about it. (also pay special attention to knowledge that all these groups now do commonly share ongoing problem with mental health and substance abuse and so forth)

  1. Tribes of First Nation People have struggled with dysfunction ever since colonization what allowed” religion to forcefully take control over their traditional family nucleus . Ever since that time came to pass, survivors have struggled to find a way to return their lives back toward previously happier times when dysfunction had at least once then been less of an issue
  2. Likewise too among groups of ex cult members. Ever since time came to pass that forcefully overbearing religious groups were allowed to intervene and take control and in fact decimate previous traditional family bonds of what had once existed previously and had at least provided better level of stability within former far happier times beforehand. Ever since then, ex cult members have also continue to struggle with family dysfunction as well too

Can you see the common ground we share?

Common ground that groups share once overbearing religion is been ALLOWED  to  cause introduce family dysfunction

Our governments have ALLOWED it to happen?

Sadly ,our governments have been negligent within the way in which they have stood aside and have in fact allowed this evil to ruin our lives

Haven’t they been negligent ?

If we were to study the dysfunctional family lifestyle of first nation people

Compare it to

Dysfunctional family lifestyle of ex CULT members

We would soon see that there are in fact a fair number of similarity .

Our health and well being problem, in our lives, are very similar 

Modern science , is only just beginning to WAKE UP to understand the huge importance of the stable” family nucleus (how dare they allow religion to mess with it). The knowledge that is now finally being learned, via social science . Is still in its infancy .

And yet there is now science reports available what help to prove how immensely damaging it can be

Governments have been negligent in not waking up to this . Reality is, it was always fairly obvious anyway.

There was never need for anyone to need to become a rocket scientist . Was there?


Simply use of common sense would have sufficed

If only governments might have cared to use it

This here is some information, what includes links to studies within the references section on the same page https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/HealthyLiving/Strong-relationships-strong-health 

Check it out

You can also soon find more info available online too, by using google

But, the science of the nature of family bond importance within study of health and well being of human, is still within its infancy

Governments have been highly negligent, in the manner in which they have stood by indifferently, and have taken little action to help stop the pain and suffering of what we have had forced upon us

Before now?

Why haven’t they stepped in well before now

They should have already moved to help prevent this ongoing pain and suffering, before now 

Negligent that they haven’t done so

We should be banding together ,already by now, to sue the hell out of these negligent governments

Sue them for billions

Hold them accountable for the level of harm they have allowed to continue to occur

How could they have rewarded abusers with charity status?

How could they be so unthoughtful and unfeeling to have allowed it?

That feels like the ultimate slap in the face ? . Doesn’t it

Correct ?

Will they be rewarding the rapist with charity status too?

Will they?

The citizen would soon all feel outraged if they were to dare to start doing so?

So Governments wouldnt dare to reward rapist with charity status. Would they

So then

Why the hell do they STILL reward religious abusers , who in fact have been busily ruining people’s lives for MANY generations now already

Our governments ought to feel ashamed about their negligent manner in which they have acted indifferently and turned a blind eye in regard of the health and well being of us people, whom have been forced to have suffered greatly due to fate of life

Why are we not suing our governments for negligence ?

We should be gathering together, to take a class action together against government for negligence

For their negligence in rewarding religious abuser of whom have ruined our health and well being through division of family bonds

Find the best lawyers we can

We could then begin to QUICKLY fix the HARMFUL problem of ALL CULTS . Within one clean swoop 

Help change the lives for so many other people, for the better, in the process as well too

Bypass “wasting our time” with trying to talk sense to lost and brain damaged fundamentalist religious people https://mic.com/articles/45811/religious-fundamentalism-is-a-mental-illness-that-could-soon-be-cured#.ox2aNrveE

Makes far more better sense, for us, to deal directly with the government who have been negligent  in their own action of allowing these harmful practices within religion?. Plus even going so far as to also be in fact even rewarding those groups whom are actively involved in causing harm, by allowing these abusers to claim charity status.

That’s negligence to fairly high degree

Chances are, they will have better ability to be able to see good sense, in changing their ways

1.We should be holding our government to account directly for their negligence in ALLOWING this level of harm to occur.

2.Then the governments can then choose to chase up the mentally damaged cult leaders, themselves, if they do in fact decide that they might still “feel like” it, so as to try and recoup government losses (off of brain damaged religious peoples groups)

It shouldn’t be any of our own responsibility to “struggle so bad” due to issues of our government acts of negligence ?

Should it

That’s the governments negligence. Therefore is then also the governments own responsibility as well too


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Exclusive Brethren Members Highly Uncharitble Antics?

Seems like it is ?

Check it out


Defence Against Religious Extremists (DARE)
We are appealing for funds to defend Ian McKay, who is a victim of very aggressive litigation by members of an extreme fundamentalist religious organisation, the Hales branch of the Exclusive Brethren.  Ian, a 74-year-old pensioner, has for years been researching the teachings and practices of this sect and observing their practical effects.  He thinks many of their teachings are false, some of their practices immoral and their net effects harmful.  It is clear that the Brethren bosses don’t like his conclusions.  Acting through two of their organisations, UBT and BGT (the latter of which is supposed to be a charity!) they are taking him to the Court of Session in Edinburgh in an attempt to confiscate from him crucial parts of his research material, which would severely hinder his revealing work.

Why the Court of Session?  They are alleging copyright infringement, which any local Sheriff Court would be competent to adjudicate on at a fraction of the cost.  And the UKIPO mediation service is cheaper still. But the Court of Session is the highest and most expensive court in Scotland.  The Brethren behind this campaign are going for the most costly option, perhaps because they hope to bankrupt him, or perhaps scare him into giving them information about the sources of his research material.  They have even split the case into two separate summonses, which inflates the costs even more.




end quote


Seems to me, it makes a real mockery of charity status .Looks to me like, our governments help fund groups to cause harm?


The extremist groups can get away with it. Because citizen don’t bother much, to do anything about it

Governments don’t lose too much sleep over how Government tax funds are spent .

Do they?

They (Governments) are like puppets in the hand, of the extremist groups, whom are well-organized enough to quickly kick up a big stink, should Government dare to question the charity status

What else can the governments do ?

1, Citizen are mostly all half asleep, and about as unorganized as can be

2, Extremist groups are highly organized

Meanwhile the citizen isn’t invited into the cult meetings. It’s an exclusive club, basically? . And is receiving benefit of citizen tax money ,through charity status and suchlike, to help fund the bigotry 

They must laugh at the citizen gullibility ? (quietly/secretly)

I suspect they might

Members of this group, are now become so sure they will always continue to get away with stuff. They’ll even pay people , to have them help cover up sex abuses . See here https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/australia/98220593/potential-witness-in-exclusive-brethren-sex-abuse-case-paid-to-remain-silent


I know from my own experience, how they have swept sex abuse under the carpet, and not bothered to advise the police

They did all kind of underhanded shit too ,within past elections. And still get to claim charity status

Imagine if World Vision charity, had been actively involved in doing even half the kind of stuff, like what these extremist religious groups are easily able to get away with doing ?

Many citizen would be utterly outraged ?

Generally speaking citizen have become so accustomed to believing religious groups are involved in righteousness . Are so completely convinced of it, they don’t even wake up ,no matter how much evidence is tabled ,to suggest that their faithful belief, might be way wrong








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Exclusive Heartless Brethren Atrocities Exposed

Unbelievable that our government would still continue to reward the brethren with charity status

Citizen should take time to have a read of the account that Marion writes on her blog https://maz63.blogspot.com/

Take special note of these latest entries









There is a callous nature that runs through Brethren. Huge lack of compassion and empathy . Evidence of this fact can even flow over to appear within situation outside of what might be otherwise be explained-away, as dysfunctional broken family relationships

For evidence of what im talking about, consider situation like this one here


Or consider this


Now ask yourself, why should a group like this one, still continue to be rewarded with charity status ?

The doctor said, that Craig didn’t have to take the drug. And yet Craig was excommunicated due to being gay 

Didn’t need to take it ?

What rubbish. Of course Craig had had little other choice ?

He’d either need to agree to take the drug, or else end up facing excommunication, and in turn ostracization from family relationship

When will good citizen rise up and help to demand that our governments would finally stop rewarding this evil ?

How many more people will need to be caused to suffer, in ways like of what Marion is writing an account of, now, on her blog that i provided links to above, at the top of this page ?

Society is morally sick that it doesn’t step up to do anything more, to help stop it happening?

Its now year 2018

I begin to feel angry when i read through Marion’s account of what she experienced. Or watch through the video explaining Craig’s account of what happen to him. I feel angry because ive also experienced situations of this same callous Brethren nature, myself before too ,on a number of occasion, when it’s happened within our own family setting .

Perhaps some good citizen might care to go and help support Marion. Showing support matters . It boosts and encourages

There are good citizen around. I know how there are. Perhaps it just more to do with how good citizen have become too well accustomed to constantly allowing religious groups, the right , to be able to get away with almost anything?. It now seems quite normal now

Its been “traditional” ?

Been traditional as well too , to allow the Catholic church to dodge its own moral responsibility ,to promptly face up to sex abuses too?

Those tradition, are not worthy traditions .Those tradition are shameful. The longer the shame remain unattended , the worse it becomes


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Exclusive Brethren ‘cult’ sues over publication of sermons

Exclusive Brethren ‘cult’ sues over publication of sermons


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Gods not dead

A number of Christian seem to figure this movies pretty good. Comments are

“Awesome. A very powerful and well presented film”

As ive said before now a number of times, here on my blog, i feel like  there’s reason to question quality of Christians “bullshit antenna” , for instance reasons  of the way i’ll often see a number of Christian who’ll still be claiming Donald Trump to be a true man of God, a loving caring man, and so on. And also in connection to ways that we ALL now know how faith belief obviously has a tendency to be able to coerce non-sceptical believers to faithfully follow all kind of deceitful foolish un-thoughtful bull shit artists, such as like Bruce Hales( and others like him in other groups),  who’ll happily run bullshit Brethren review of what were self serving events devised so as to try and counteract scrutiny, make brethren look “ok” at a time when worldly media was beginning to suss Brethren groups out, for what they actually are (IE: a manipulative money hungry Cult)

My point is Christendom seem to lack a element of scepticism, too often

Perhaps even the bible itself, is good enough evidence, within itself, to show-up the way in which faithful people can too often be able to be easily fooled

Anyway, i challenge Christian to at least try to do their God the decency, of not acting foolishly . If a GOOD  God exist, then surely this God would dislike fools, BIG TIME . Even if we’d still feel like we disagree with things spoken about within the video above, it doesn’t matter, the fact remain, that scepticism can be a valuable too


Because this foolishness is what feeds the way of the manipulative evil un-thoughtful non-caring beings, of what have hurt and harmed so many people

God would expect Christian to act a little more like adults. Not be acting like non sceptical fools, too easily blown about by the wind of foolishness. Cause that is at the root of harmful development

Anyway, following are three videos, of what go over the God’s not dead movies , in light of scepticism . Just to help Christian see that in fact scepticism can be a useful tool, unless it is that Christian in general would be totally intent on making Christendom look like a nest of gullibility ?

I’ll hazard to guess, there will have been a fair number among Christendom, who’ll have made a special point of allowing their children to watch through these Gods not dead movies. Without bothering to point out the instances of bias. Bias of what is in fact also evil

The bias are being passed about among us human, like a contagious virus

To help make a better world, for ALL of us, it is our duty to help do what we can, to help make it cease from continuing?

The videos are excellent (I feel) . It’s excellent, for two reasons, because it also makes a point of pointing out (pay attention of what said, at the very beginning of the 1st video), that scepticism is actually a important tool for BOTH non believer and believer ALIKE

Good tool for ALL of us

This videos above, points out, that the whole original Gods not dead film, have been created so as to serve unmindful peoples, bias. Even the philosophy teacher is been depicted as being a total complete mindless moron. Plus Islamists are pretty much ONLY being portrayed in bad light . So SAD  there are not more among Christendom who’d be able to see through this. That’s a great shame. Very unfair to all the decent Islamist people

Human in general , have been taught to become way too sheeple

We have sadly

We have not been taught how to maintain a healthy sense of scepticism. Have we? .This phenomena even helps explain why human, specially our youth can too often be too easily led into following harmful stupid childish practices (boy racers ?)

It’s due to sheeple mentality. Sheeple mentality is closely connected to lack of scepticism. Connected to demotion of scepticism as a tool of wisdom 

There are HIGHLY UN-THOUGHTFUL people among us, here on earth, who don’t care about us. Even to the extent that they don’t even care about health of our earths environment either. An environment of what will be left for “OUR children” of future generations

Those highly un-thoughtful people, many times are very greedy money orientated ignorant people. All the more reason why a healthy dose of scepticism, is highly important TOOL for humanity in general

Even the trouble we experience with ongoing wars and rumours of wars. Can be traced back , and be explain by studying how humans have been lacking healthy dose of scepticism , of what might then have helped caused human to CARE to take far more active interest , themselves, in elect leader of countries

Rather than sitting back (lazily) with foolish gullible expectation that other human around them can just take care of that kind of concern,all by themselves

My point is, that we human, in general, have dropped the ball (fucked up big time)

Been wilfully acting like a bunch of mindless idiot

And now

Now MANY of our homes and properties are constantly being burned-out by hell fires. Hell fires caused by our own disregard of scepticism as a tool for wisdom  Our planet is being buffeted by high force winds of destruction of what whip-up raging sea what then wreck havoc on earth inhabitants lives, killing and maiming many

Plenty of this due to our past lack of concern. Due to our sheeple manner of expecting that someone else will be watching out for us

That’s been a huge mistake

Mother earth is now highly pissed off about that and is sick and angry

Humans really need to WAKE UP

Christendom ,being that Christendom also still account for the higher population of human being on earth among their own congregations. Therefore carries with it a real responsibility.

You Christian are ALL highly responsible for going down of what happens here on our earth

It is you people, who are most responsible of all, in regard of turning this situation around 

You people still hold the key, to be able to help change the ways of people existing among your congregations

Don’t bother to think your God wont be aware of this

So far you lot have been highly negligent

More often than not, you lot don’t even care to bother TO REMIND  your Christian acquaintances , to learn to act with a little more scepticism

You don’t

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil https://biblehub.com/isaiah/5-20.htm

Apply that thought

God is stone dead , unless Christendom learn to help the Christian congregation use scepticism

Think about it





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How Your Childhood Affects Your Relationships – The Attachment Theory

An interesting video (in my opinion) . While listening through ,i was trying to apply it in line with the kind of life what we had lived, as children, with parent of what were hitched up to a CULT.

The video begins by discussing that , quote:

A strong emotional and physical bond to one primary caregiver, in our first years of life, is critical to our development . If our bonding is strong and we are securely attached, then we feel safe to explore the world. We know that there is always that safe base to return to anytime. If our bond is weak we feel insecurely attached. We are afraid to leave of explore a rather scary looking world. Because we are not sure if we can return.

People who are securely attached are said to have greater trust, can connect to others, and as a result are more successful in life. Insecurely attached people tend to mistrust others, lack social skills and have problems forming relationships.

end quote

As i listen to this, i right away realize it discussing issues that I am  acutely aware of. Even although our mum was a good mum. Due to Cult membership, attachment was still going to be difficult. For our whole family. And even our extended family too (cousins and so on)

Our dad passed away before i were two, then by the time I were aged 4 or 5, i vividly remember how we had been directed/ordered/coerced into throwing out one of our sisters who had begun a relationship with the non eb neighbour of ours, of who was Chinese

I loved this sister ,like how I also loved all my siblings. When one of your parents have passed away while you are still extremely young, although you mightn’t yet completely understand what has occurred, you’ll still sense that something “dramatic” has happened. I know for sure how i certainly did. I have an empath personality, and I sure as hell sensed that there was some emotional shit what had gone down in our household. There was a sense of loss and sadness lingering, and then screaming, and yelling, and tears and even fighting and violence too.

Anyway, by the time i turned 4 or 5, it then came time that our mother was issuing our sister, with an ultimatum, for her to need to leave our house. Because of her relationship, with a non exclusive brethren

This was my first experience of Cult dictated excommunication . Our sister was withdrawn from . Kicked out of our house (nothing i could do or say, could stop it. Not even heaps of tears). From that moment on, i wouldn’t get to see or talk with this sister again , until over another ten years had been and gone . That experience, shattered my ability to bond ,to trust

And yet ,that was just the start of what was soon to follow. Before i’d get to see this sister again, there would also be our other sister and her husband and our niece too, who would be next on the list what were excommunicated. Then next in line was one of my brothers as well . Three siblings excommunicated and disowned ,long before ten years had even passed by (I think it was only period of 8 years. Then another two years or so after that time,until it was then time that i would finally then decide to shoot the gap myself . To go try and reconnect. An impossible option. Too late)

My point is. Even although our mum was in fact a decent mum. We still didn’t have a chance to feel like we could bond .

The dictate of the Cult was overruling our chance to learn how to bond. Or trust

All of my siblings, and myself included as well. We all STILL have extremely great trouble bonding. Likewise with forming strong relationships . Likewise too, with our ability to trust people

I ask myself. How the hell can our governments sit back and allow this to be ALLOWED TO BE happening ?

Where is the accountability ?. Where is their sense of responsibility?

It amount to Government negligence

Makes me feel quite angry sometimes. I understand that i shouldn’t allow it to anger me. But yet it still does, sometimes.  Because the saddest part of all is this, this situation has gone on to even make life harder for ALL of our own children, AS WELL TOO

Vary little we could do to change any of that either. We didn’t stand that much of a chance. Did we?


That’s what is been needed

We get one life on this earth. One chance to have a decent life.

That’s all

Freedom of religion. Religious liberty . That’s what they label it ?

What a farce . Pack of lies . Evil deceitful bullshit, what’s been backed by governments

They even reward our abusers . With CHARITY STATUS

How about that ?

The main reason those government people won’t bother to do anything about it. Is because it isn’t effecting their own families

Is it

Bad enough when dysfunction within families in general, is able to cause these kind of problems for people. That is bad luck

This kind of family dysfunction, like what Cult groups are able to force upon the lives of WHOLE GROUPS of people. Cannot be put down to a mere case of bad luck,

Can it?

Anymore than what we might declare, the effect of Hitler regime, had had on WHOLE GROUPS of holocaust survivors , could be called merely case of bad luck

We didn’t class that as being merely a case of bad luck .

Did we ?

No way. That would be lies. Bullshit . Unjust judgement 

How utterly irresponsible of our governments

Shame on them

Shame on Queen Elizabeth II too

Waste of time her going to Church of England ?

Fucking waste of time. As if she cares about righteousness and true justice ?

Anyway, there is so much more, within the rest of the video as well too, with what i can also closely relate to. Shockingly so. As well as certain things too, of what i see, do seem to relate to personality to do with my siblings

Generally speaking, a fair number of the negative aspects of this video, are fairly close description of my own families dysfunctional manner

It is not through bad luck that it happened to our family

Its happened to us, through our Governments irresponsibility 

Through lies about religious liberty

I hope to see a time arrive in future, when all ex cult members will rise up as one . Take a class action together against Governments, to sue them , for their negligence  









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Churches dirty secrets

Quote :

What ever you do son, if you ever have a problem or difficulty or struggle, do not tell another minister about it. I thought oh crap, that seems could be completely opposite , He says son, the Christian army is the only army in the world, that shoots it’s wounded, keep that in mind

end quote

Excellent video produced by Rex Bear, with Jeff Daugherty

“Hand me down” knowledge is God

I agree with this. I found out that the soldiers of the Christian army, would tend to STILL act in a somewhat similar way too. Even on ex eb sites, like the old Peebs net site for one instance. And elsewhere

I make a point of highlighting the word “still” . Because this problem is due to a virus that Christian are being introduced to within their youth. Its a virus that thereafter makes too many remain extremely unhealthy and contagiously infected  to high degree

But it happen due to no great fault of their own really

Not completely their own fault

This is the reality (to be fair to everyone involved)

Most wont ever realize how infected and diseased they are either. Many will be so wrapped up within the Christian instilled EGO .  The truth of the reality hasn’t hardly even a hope in hell of becoming clear, unto themselves . Because they are sick within, upon have succumbed to the disease earlier on within times of their youth

This is how sad the situation is

Not that its any of their own fault really. Let me be clear ,this virus is a virus carried over from their days within exclusive brethrenism (or else some other religious group) . You can leave from within any sceptically infested  closed group, and yet this still doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll then have automatically shaken yourself clean of the virus of what was instilled within your heart within your youth either

No way . That disease is, by then, already grown deep to the bone

Chances are people will still be the same kind of in bred bigoted fool who’ll tend to hate and despise to ever need to be approached with any different opinion and views, or questions what are hard to account for, and answer

This is the destructive depth of this ego

Your knee jerk reaction will likely be to shoot the wounded. Like those Christian crusader had also ALL before done so, as well too, in generations before ours today.


You lost your ability to think for yourselves. Have become one track minded. Been rendered incapable to think outside the square 

The very worse part of this is then that people ALSO now wont even SUSPECT that it might have happened . Because people have also been led to believe that scepticism is evil 

But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness! https://biblehub.com/matthew/6-23.htm


Sadly today we live within a world that needs light more so than ever before within history

And yet among Christendom the daily manna still remains stale and mouldy and toxically infested with egotistical disease of old

How terrible it will be for those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness, who substitute what is bitter for what is sweet and what is sweet for what is bitter!”


How terrible indeed it truly is TODAY. Terrible for ALL OF US.  Terrible even for OUR environment too

Little doubt we are within the last days of time left to wake up to it

I know one thing for certain. I’m glad i no longer profess to be Christian. I feel thankful. Thankful to not be counted among this scourge (God, if in fact a good God exist, is certainly not interested in bigoted groupie type mentality). This group of what’s sadly been able to have become so overly self indulged within EGO, it even sort to help spread DIVISIVE evils of bigotry

Jesus said “I am the way…no one comes to God but through me” (John 14:6)

Christendom having become drunk on ego, being infested by virus what make human lose their own ability to think outside the square for themselves. Therefore misses the point. Misinterpret the scriptures (philosophy). Easily overlooks the manna what is freshly baked. Alternative interprtations

Quote :

Jesus was really saying is this: “I am the way,” as in, “I know the way.” “I’ve discovered it” which, by implication means, “you can, too.” Elsewhere, he put it like this: “I and the Father are one” and he prayed that we would discover the same as well (John 17).  Which is precisely why he said continually, “Follow me.”  In other words, it’s as if Jesus was saying, “If you believe anything, believe not WORDS but the WAY to Life itself. My way, like many other ways, will guide you into the Eternal.  In fact, you cannot separate the way to God from God herself. The way to God IS God.”


end quote

Due to the insatiable Christian EGO . So many have suffered greatly. Specially so First nation people s universally too. We ex cult members now also share a part of this very same suffering to today as well. This divisive egotistical virus of what has split and divided families many more times than what we could even have ability to even know about.

Evil disguised under the banner of good

Think of how many First nation people within USA were treated like as if they were the savages (By the Christian egotistical  EVIL SAVAGES themselves )

Stop and think about that thought? (if you have the guts to care)

Almost the same thing happening in a number other colonized countries too, like Australia ,New Zealand and Africa and even elsewhere

Today within our world there are Christian who have lost their innate ability to use their brains PROPERLY in the way what brains are supposed to be used. Even worse than this though, is the reality that it’s now not easy  (for people like myself to dare)to point this out, without causing offense 

We feel caught between a rock and a hard place

We really do.

Even more so too, considering when at heart our personality is that of an empath

And yet, time is very short now, these are the last days left for humanity to WAKE UP  to reality of the dire situation of what is NOW unfolding before us unto our own eyes

Consider a situation such as this one what follows . Where by an ex eb comments . Quote:

Silly meme imho 😅

Miracles are not subject to photographic evidence or cynical opinions.

🤔…. is it not rather interesting that the fossilized remains of Egyptian chariots are currently being discovered in the Red Sea.??

Is it not miraculous in those wow moments …. if you are not a cynical pessimist, that is 😉😘



end quote (my bold)

The miracle is that they didn’t bother to doublecheck

The trouble here is that ROOTS of this level of belief is foundered on virus spread within Christendom . Virus of what causes the Christian EGO  to disregard need for study and research outside of the diseased inner circle of Christendom

This belief is foundered on faith alone 

If a GOOD God exist. Then one thing for certain is that this God CERTAINLY wouldn’t want human to be basing their beliefs, on faith alone

For truth sake


Research is important. Scepticism is important too.  Open-mindedness is important . Mindful awareness is important.

And so on

There were alternative answers available . If only people would care enough to exercise their brain so as to actually “bother to” go look for them

Quote :

Were Chariot Wheels Found at the Bottom of the Red Sea?


end quote

As this link points out. Chance is that this is another lie spread by misinformed Christian, among other misinformed Christian too (IE: a trojan virus)

This is not said with intent to offend the Christian who made the misinformed comment. It’s not. After all , when all said and done ,this particular Christian , is merely a diseased foot soldier person, of whom merely has succumbed to the virus of Christendom.

No great fault of their own really

The virus that shoots people who’d dare to question or care to think for themselves outside the square

So no wonder that this lady didn’t bother think to do any research or study

You’ll possibly get shot or shunned or excommunicated?

If you’d dared to. Correct?

Little wonder than that there are also leaders like Donald Trump in power. Few people bother to question/research these leaders moral standard.

Meanwhile they are being led to believe the trojan virus thought-line, what is happily to state that God acts so as to specially put certain people into office

Quote :

I truly think he was put into office as he is God’s man for this time.History will proclaim this

end quote

Quote :

Trump is a true man of God and caring.


end quote

We are talking about a man here who been taped on media talking about sexually abusing women. A man who quite possibly might even have colluded with suspect Russians during parliament election campaign. A man who was in some way involved in action taken what had forcefully separated children from parents. And so on

I don’t believe in God . But if a good God exist, i suspect perhaps this God might feel offended. Offended to know people were active in claiming that hand of God, is been involved

That’s my opinion

Time is very short . These are the last days. Mother earth is really suffering big time now. Once mother earth begins to really suffer big time, soon enough we will ALL begin to suffer big time as well too

We all need to wake up quick








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Crazy Horse Family Talks About Crazy Horse’s Death and Burial


Following video below : A tribute to J.D. Blackfoot


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Beware shepherds who’d censor

Censorship is sure sign of weakness

The way i see it,a part of waking up and becoming more mind fully aware . Is to GROW cautious of people who’d have tendency to censor .

Why would anyone ever need to censor if in fact their opinion are actually well foundered?

Ask yourselves that question

We need to face the fact, that our world is riddled full of would be guru . It’s simply an inescapable natural part of our lives. Ego can soon enough begin to become like a silent thief in the night. As soon as ANY OF US lose focus, on valuable stance of keeping our own feet fully grounded


We having nothing to gain by fearing this phenomena. And a whole lot to LOSE ourselves as well too, through our OWN stupidity of ever allowing people to be feeding our unbridled fears.

Think about that

Meanwhile there is in fact plenty to gain by ourselves, through settling ourselves down and through quieting our inner fear down enough, so as to then allow ourselves to cautiously learn how to move forward and begin facing up to this phenomena, head on

Grace is grace, to 99.9 % degree

And yet our world is been overcome by all manner of would be guru who’d like to teach people otherwise

Why so?

Because that then allows them to ALSO begin to gain power, FOR THEMSELVES, over us ALL, via their sense of elite status

I feel there is valid reason why we’d need to remain somewhat wary of the last day prophet guru . The fear monger

Is grace ,really amounting to actual grace, or what ?

As an empath, throughout my life from time to time i’ve managed to have been “sucked-in” by some of the best frauds this earth produced. For many years i felt downhearted about effect of this personality of mine. But in a similar way to how iron can help to sharpen iron, im now beginning to see that mistakes ive made in times past were perhaps not made at any complete loss after all, unless they were being constantly made by me, without me ever learning anything from making them

The flow on effect of me making mistakes is

These days i’m now learning how to better “smell a rat”, from further and further distances away (honing my senses)

Part of waking up in life in becoming more mind fully aware of our surrounding, is to not need to fear any possible enemy.

Scepticism is highly important in life

Scepticism is the most trustworthy ARMOUR we will need to learn how to use WELL, while approaching any unfamiliar situation and territory

Id have been better off myself too. If only i’d been able to be better forewarned . Alas cult situations sadly can put a stop to easy possibility for this to happen. Make your path harder to discover

And don’t ever allow ourselves to feel pressured into ever needing to be removing this armour-scepticism too soon, either

Why would we be needing to ?

Is grace actually honestly amounting to grace to extent of 99.9 % degree, or not ?

Be wary

Be wary of the narrow gate prophet .Be wary of their type of motivation behind this prophesy. They’ll be telling yourselves to learn to feel forgiving of yourselves. To learn to not carry guilt. Perhaps to even acknowledge that  someone had shed their own life in sacrifice so as to help lesson your own burden

Then next moment . Meanwhile they might flip flop around and soon enough be heard to be busily promoting SELLING

The narrow gate prophesy

What form of actual grace is this then?. Grace with blinkers?. Tyranny “dressed up” so as to be able pass-off to look graceful on face value?

Be wary

Perhaps they’ll have you believe that humans are choosing to be born into this life. That way they can then also find a way to be “pack saddling us up” so as to then begin to burden us ALL with a sense of guilt  (guilt and fear make great bed partners)

For what ever reason . Sometimes more so due to their own ignorance perhaps. Other times perhaps due to a sense of manipulative awareness 

Fear is one of the the worst source of motivation for belief

Let me point out that study history past, is in fact already far more that enough of what’s needed, so as to help teach us this lesson and therefore also help make us be able to become aware of this

We need not fear anything about it. Only allow ourselves to see the mistake of the past, for what they were, and therefore learn

Human wont ever learn so much while frozen within fear

As our minds are simply unable to function fully while still constantly residing within a subconscious state of fear . It wont happen. It had not happen for minds of people who were faced head on by Hitlers regime. It still doesn’t happen for minds of Brethren congregation today still either.

Fear is one of the worst enemies of human ability for mindfulness . Consider this following scenario ,if you feel you are sceptical of my opinion. At the scene of any accident that involve a situation where by the lives of human are still at stake ,at that moment in time  fear will then become the worst enemy of aware enlightened human beings , should they become SO FROZEN IN FEARFULNESS , that they then cannot think clearly in regard to how to proceed to act, so as to aid the lives of other people who may remain in harms way

Im not acting as a fearmonger to say this. I need not fearmonger. When simple truth of matter alone makes itself glaringly apparent

Now what about the question  of fear of narrow gate mentality

Consider the following

Should there even actually be some higher being , or higher intelligence, or God, or Gods, or Alien or whatever else that people may propose that there might exist

And should this identity be the kind of whatever that is in fact intent on imposing the narrow gate type judgment guilt trip upon human being whom are born into this life through luck of the draw

And if it’s true to say that it will only be the faithful few whom will be able to survive

We could just as easily also propose too. That only the faithful few will survive the justice tyranny of Hitler types of being, or any other dictator type bully figure


Who the hell would need to feel so bothered to fear this anyway ?

Other than weak minded type people. Those obviously only most concerned about act of saving themselves. The same type people whom might have also succumbed unto the tyranny weight of the school yard bully as WELL  too

Am i correct ?

Or not ? . You tell me. Don’t ever bother to need to fear anything about what i’m saying. I don’t mind if there are people who disagree. I welcome it. I’ll continue to fight for human freedom of speech. Human right to remain open minded.

vector silhouette of a girl with raised hands and broken chains

These rights are highly important. These rights are valuable. These kind of human rights can help offer human a pathway toward true freedom and enlightenment .

Free the mind !

I see day coming when human may begin to cast their inner fears aside. Bondage fear of death  . To grow bold enough to begin to tackle tyranny from every angle . To begin to tackle the worlds problems from the top down approach

Beginning with allowing ACTUAL grace to begin dissolve the bondage chain of FEAR that has for so long now continually rendered too many human to become incapable of thinking clearly

This prayer i constantly hold within every single breath i take

I can in fact see reason for a certain style of last day prophecy teachings .I can. But from a non supernatural sense.  But only for reason that unless us human will decide to learn to become mind fully aware SOON. Then we are ALL  bound  toward destruction. Through SPEED OF environmental destruction of this planet. Via OUR lack of mindfulness WITHIN THIS SENSE we as human are in fact ALREADY  active in bringing destruction and suffering, upon ALL OF ourselves 

We are entering within the last days of an option to still have enough time left to ALL be able to wake up to it FAST ENOUGH

We overlook it for too much longer . At OUR  own peril

Don’t bother to take my word for it though .Don’t let fear overcome you so as to overrule your own decision .No need to bother. For you can feel free to do your own research. Think about it DEEPLY for yourselves. Check out the environment around you. Environment of what includes both nature as well as man made nature what include things like war and rumours of war and violence what too often stems from social injustices. And so on

These things can all occur, way easily, all the while human would allow themselves to remain unmindful 






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Woe to those who call evil good and good evil


How terrible it will be for those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness, who substitute what is bitter for what is sweet and what is sweet for what is bitter!”


end quote

Interesting thought . Check out the link what i posted above, it includes all the different translation, and interesting cross references as well too

I suspect that this may will have been occurring for ages.People will have promoted good as being bad, and bad as being good.

Even within what we now consider understand to be bible scripture too. Scripture like, the command about stoning our children to death, for their act of daring to question their parents views and ideas. IE: this is evidence of a situation/instance where by evil was being called good

In other words there is/was bad forces at play within bible scripture

Or scripture that would promote sexism , and then even proceed to try to make it help seem righteous by adding tit-bits things, like command that husbands would lay down their own lives, for their wife.

As if that was something totally amazing?. Out of the ordinary?

Human should be happy enough to lay down their own life, so as to help save another persons life anyway?. No matter whether it might be either women or man

That’s ultimate love.

And besides, two minds are often far-better than one mind, with regard to making good decisions, so then why not make women to be the equal partner of menfolk?. That’s the way it should be. That’s only fair

And it would even make far better sense? (two minds are better than one)

The bible is splattered with all kinds of questionable verses of what have been able to have infiltrated  what is otherwise sound philosophy, and therefore have then helped to cause confusion

Why/how would it cause confusion?

Because unmindful human have been coerced in believing that everything contained within the bible, must be good. Must have been inspired by God. People have been led to fear scepticism.

Even the idea that humans were not supposed to eat of the tree of knowledge, seems suspect. What’s so wrong about gaining knowledge, so long as its been used toward things good?. Without knowledge/ higher awareness ,human might have perhaps remain more minded like animal beings are, live only in similar ways like what tigers or lions live like, of what may “think little” about killing prey for fun . IE: human might not have evolved any sense of deeper awareness of what in turn might help human to become different to animal, specially in regard of moral awareness .

Knowledge can be used toward good. Why had God even allow the snake to enter into the garden anyway, unless perhaps knowledge was supposed to occur. What if the deceitful one was perhaps instead the one angry about human gaining access to knowledge?. How do we figure it out, for sure?

We are forced to be open-minded. To learn to actually use the brain what we have. We would be unwise to take it for granted ,to think that no aspect of evil or deceitfulness had tried to even infiltrate holy scripture

It’s as possible that it might have occurred within generations gone past. As it is still possible today, that it can happen that evil and deceitfulness can find ways to creep in

This knowledge then at least should awaken us to allow ourselves to become somewhat sceptical. Scepticism at least will then also help to awaken human mind, so that human minds are then less inclined to be sheeple  

This is highly important?

Our world is severely lacking the sense of scepticism of what in turn can actually then help to diminish sheeple minded humanity

Why don’t Christian think about these things more . That’s what i wonder about. Puzzle over. Sometimes seems, to me,  that unless there is someone who feels bold enough (an open minded theist perhaps or an atheist ) to push these question out there, then it generally wont stand much of a chance, of ever happening. It’s as if its far easier, and less physically draining, for theist to not need to think about it, too much. (not only theist either. However theist are suppose to help act as good role models, for the rest)

That could be dangerous practice perhaps though?

I suspect its partly due to their inner fear (coupled with laziness). Fear of death. Their greed for eternal life at any cost . This is what comatose the people’s ability to think outside the square.

Human become so focused on gaining eternal life for themselves. They then don’t even mind one bit, to need to worship a type of unloving God of what’s hell-bent on gaining revenge and full of wrath and fire and brim stone.

Many wont even think twice about it either


Those human with their minds so-comatose through fear, wont even think twice about their acts of doing so

This brings us back to re-consider this scripture ,quote:

How terrible it will be for those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness, who substitute what is bitter for what is sweet and what is sweet for what is bitter!”

end quote

How can people be sure, while they would also remain far too fearful to dare even question it?

And yet

Within the background of these people’s heart they will still  feel  something could be amiss,and therefore will also quietly understand that this immense indecency of what they have feebly agreed to take part in, is wrong

But the greed for their own eternal life remain  so strong

So strong, the human mind will then fail to heed the moral question of what well-up and arise within. The inner FEELING  what speaks out from within. However the power of traditional indoctrination  often acquired through birth right still washes over them. Drowning moral knowledge of what might otherwise have had far better chance come to the surface, so as to shine through

Shine through, and force them to re-consider. Bring them to think deeply ,and ponder, and therefore to not be led like sheep

Such is the depth of darkness within legality of unforgiving nature what far too often thrives when void of love

Love is like light


Our countries are all lost deep within a very great grave state of darkness right now. The suffering is widespread and immense, even although we often choose to deny it, so as to allow ourselves to just look right on past it within our comfortable lazy state of indifference . Without paying it any real attention. While minds of people have been made comatose through their own selfish inner fear of death, meanwhile our whole planet has still been steadily rendered death bound through greed of wealth and power and immense suffering

Love has ability to cast out darkness of what include human stupidity.

But alas

Sadly love has been able to be overcome BY darkness of feeble minds hell bent on preaching a God of revenge and jealousy and hate and violence

For this is the outcome of human unbridled greed for their own eternal life

We know very well how this is correct ?

We learned about it well, already ourselves, through our own life experience, as ex CULT members. We did right?. We all felt the feelings of life long pain and suffering caused unto us all by YEARS of shunning and excommunication ALL of what is actually foundered on human selfish greed of gaining eternal life for themselves



At heart we can now all ALL feel how very wrong this type of greed is . Correct?. If we could learn how to be more bluntly honest with ourselves, we would need to admit that words of what we read with use of our eyes, can still be able to easily deceive us.

Specially so within situations where by evil human may have meddled so as alter stories to deceive us for their own gain

And yet, even a physically blind human still has a way to feel and therefore to also decipher the knowledge of righteousness in regard of difference between right and wrong

Love can be used for purpose of becoming the third eye of human being ( IE spiritual sense of guidance)

The blind human will even have ways to know (knowledge) of righteousness, from wrong


Think about that. If God exist, then obviously God will understand how some people are physically blind. So therefore God would also understand, that even blind human will obviously still need to have an ability in which to decipher good from bad, by themselves (so as to not need to be deceived by anyone else).


If love is light, and if love is in some connection to human heart, then even a physically blind human will then still have an innate ability (IE: a sense)to BE ABLE to decipher good from bad, for themselves

Wonderful thing that is?

This type of sense of knowledge doesn’t require use of the eyesight. Does it


It wont even matter one bit, either, if in fact deceitful people might have altered holy scripture


As fact is,you can often decipher right from wrong, by simply being acutely aware of feeling 

So why then do human rely so much on scripture


Fear is the foundation of this ignorance (in my opinion). This morally blind stupidity.

I feel that Jesus would have tried to forewarn us people too. Being the wise person he was.Likely through use of parable.

If God is love. And love is light. And if love cast out all fear. Then we have surely been led right up the garden path then.

Haven’t we?.

Been deceived into following deep darkness . An evil so huge that its even been able to disguise itself as if it were good 

This is how great the depth of this evil is

There is scripture what discusses signs of the last days. However, sadly the pride within religious groups has remained so strong. The real roots of the problem has been overlooked

Lack of love is the foundation of too much human blindness

Lack of love has led human to greed of power and for wealth. The depth of suffering of what now stems from this is destructively immense. Over the generations has grown past servitude, poverty and homelessness and violence and bad health. Onward even toward mega levels pollution and environmental destruction, to the extent of what now even threatens the most wealthy human beings also as well too

Think about that

Now  even the WEALTHY PEOPLE  are caught out like sitting-duck right up shit creek, now, in dire trouble, without a decent enough paddle to help get themselves quickly back out of harms way

Due to outcome of greed , DISREGARD FOR LOVE, and the depth of ignorance and stupidity of what stems from this


Even worse. It’s the HIGHLY EDUCATED  wealthy people as well too, whom are now also among us all whom are faced with the price of this level of IGNORANCE

Say what?

How could it have ever happen to end up like this ,if there were highly educated people ACTIVELY involved right within the mix of these things ?

How come?

Comes back to lack of love.; Lack of love what can in turn create pride and bigotry

You’d have thought perhaps at least the highly educated might have been busily warning everyone far earlier, before now?

Those EDUCATED folks were taught how to read words and study and learned how to pass exams and so on. Correct ?

Then how come humanity is still managed to have ended up making a complete mess of the situation like what we now are ALL faced with

Love matters big time

My opinion is this. Education isn’t always the be all end all of pathway to knowledge. Is it. Formal education doesn’t necessarily teach human beings how to think outside the square, or even about how to actually act intelligently . Does it?. Perhaps too often it may work to help to stifle this innate ability

What deepen this issue, is the problem there is in our society, within the way that high education and pride have been closely connected way further than is been healthy. What happen is education is put so high up on a pedestal, that then the educated can become too prideful to care to listen to view held by any of the less educated human beings

Today with the way that environmental destruction is come back to suddenly begin to bite us ALL now, we are about to begin to learn things the hard way around, from this lesson

Nobody can say that human hadn’t had ability to have been able to already learn about environmental conservation ,previously way earlier before now?

We had. The main problem was with the way that we then went ahead and chose to disregard the knowledge. Very often through blatant ignorance of choosing to disregard the knowledge learned by less informal educated First Nation people too

Pride comes before the fall (so the saying goes)

First Nation people certainly didn’t require scholarly books , before having ability to begin to understand value of nature

Did they?

Those kind of knowledge are even still able to be learned by physically blind human beings too. More than anything, it requires human to simply let the element of love to help light up the pathway. Love even helps open the pathway to allow acceptance of views of people who may happen to be less formally educated too . Correct?

At the end of the day, these modern day lesson, will have been learned through the hard way. Maybe the hard way around, was the only way it would ever be possible


Note: for anyone wondering why an agnostic atheist might quote scripture . My view of scripture, is that it amount to philosophy. So i still easily see plenty of value in scripture






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What Is Reality?

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Spirit of God

Interesting video. Still an interesting discussion for myself to listen to, even although i consider myself to be an atheist. An atheist even if im an agnostic type atheist

From what i felt i could figure out, from experience of my time spent in Church, and around believers outside of Churches too, always seemed to me that Church people/believers were always all expecting to one day see Jesus return back to earth again , “in the person”.  (which would be similar to like us expecting to see our family members to return again, after death)

This therefore amounting to the resurrection within the physical sense of the word

Personally, i feel, i find that too hard to see ever actually happening. Too hard to believe (for myself right now anyway).

But what if the teaching have been misrepresented ? . Twisted around even, perhaps, maybe even so as to help suit the greed of a system based on capitalism . Think about it . If humans could have been led to believe to expect to see Jesus return again in the physical sense of the word ( physically return in the flesh). Then upon believing that they should expect to see that happen, then they might then also be far less likely to see reason to need to try being more proactive themselves

Correct ?

They wouldn’t so bother to. They’d be inclined to sit-back ,and fall into a trance and begin to accept the suffering they were living within, as something what should be totally expected to see happening anyway, until such time as Jesus would return in the flesh, to then take action himself, so as to change it all ,and to stop it

But if we were to instead think about the “spirit of Jesus”, return. IE: return of Jesus more so within the “spiritual sense” of the word. Then i figure i could then begin to see how this might then even be quite possible to actually happen

I could

It’s not entirely impossible, for the spirit of Jesus to return. Its little more impossible to happen, than it need be for the “spirit of kindness” to return into mind a criminal of whom had previously been convicted of violent acts. It can happen. Correct?. It can happen. And there are in fact times when it does happen (nothing supernatural about it, either, other than love begets love, and so on )

For instance, if the “spirit of Jesus” were to return to earth, perhaps we could then say that we would soon expect to begin to see more attention being paid to aspects of human suffering on earth. Things like the lives of children living in poverty (even within our own society where there should really be no good reason to have need to happen. It happens due to evil element of our feeling of indifference that is then gone on to have become like a virus on our planet earth).

Or attention to suffering caused through homelessness. Or attention to aspect of life what in turn lead people down a pathway toward jail terms. To acts of violence

Or attention to acts of sexism. Or racism and so on

Perhaps even attention to religious liberty within the true sense of the word. Because lets be bluntly honest here, we DONT HAVE any honest form of religious liberty. Do we. For if we did do, then why the hell would we see any evidence of us ex eb and ex JWs and ex Gloriavale members and so on ,all openly involved in expressing their suffering ,like what we do observe to be happening

The only thing what can help to explain this phenomena . Is that our level of religious liberty, is a lie . Its dishonest. Its dishonest because of how it requires luck. We are required to rely on luck of our birth right

We don’t have religious liberty. Because religion has been allowed to be turned into a form of tyranny. The same way like what was being done, back within the times long ago too, when Jesus was walking the earth .Same situation, just a different generation

Something of what Jesus was in fact actively against allowing to happen (John 2:13-22 )

Back then.This was the physical spirit of Jesus in action

If we were to ever see the spirit of Jesus return here to earth again. Then we would in effect also be able to begin to see evidence that these things would start to be actively attended to

I’m not superstitious . But I figure that if I were to see these things begin to happen, i would be forced to wonder that this might in deed be fairly close to (me) actually experiencing a miracle occur

I  thoroughly enjoyed listening to the discussion on the video by Global Witness. I might even feel like perhaps I wouldn’t necessarily always agree with every single thing of what I sometimes see/hear Global Witness discuss within his videos . But I don’t care . I really don’t. As I still don’t see any good reason why that i should ever need to be seeing that, as being any kind of deal breaker. Why do we human feel like we’d ever have need to be agreeing on everything ?

I feel like, perhaps we human could do well, to learn to celebrate the acknowledgment then we wont always agree on everything. For one thing, think about how many wars might have been avoided ,if only we had of accepted it. Or, think about how much less division might have need exist, within religion and religious groups. And even so within Christianity

We are bound to not get every single thing right every time a coconut. Its impossible. We are human. We are not perfect. Never are. Never will be. If we could learn to accept that fact, then perhaps that might go a long way to help ourselves to then keep our feet grounded . We then wouldn’t need to have half as many Bruce Hales not anywhere near as almighty as they’d have liked to think they are , type people then either

Would we ?

Collectively we might then begin to able to work in together to help return the spirit of Jesus. The same type spirit that was quite likely manifested in other religious figure as well too. Like Muhammad or Buddha and so on .Plus were definitely observed even among First Nation spiritual leaders as well

Who knows, perhaps a spirit of what will even exist within atheists, as well too

Because at the end of the day, the basis of this spirit, seem (to me anyway) to come down to essence of love and kindness .To empathy and compassion and so on. Generally most human are

Our biggest problem is that we tend to think as if acting within this spirit will necessarily need to mean we are then accepting to lose things . Mainly wealth/power

We are stupidly blind in thinking in this way. Deluded and misled

The silly thing is, we never face up to the fact that our own greedy way spirit of thinking , means that we are in fact  accepting a huge massive loss of our own now already anyway.

We are already losing out big time


For one thing, jails do not come cheap . Do they?. They certainly don’t. What’s even worst is that we are needing to build more and more jails as well too. Violence is already been immensely costly loss FOR US all, a loss of what in fact also continue to keep growing bigger and bigger all the time too ,as the generations pass by as well. Hunger and poverty ,is already immensely costly loss for us all too, mainly because it is PART OF the root of reason behind why people would even become thieves in the first place. And so on

This is reality of the situation


It is, Even although we may remain un-aware of the fact that it is

As far as i can tell, seem to me that there will have been greedy minded people whom have always been aware of these problems. But being that they preferred to remain  greedy, and powerful through acceptance of their own greedy spirit within , they then chose to set out to deceive people into believing that human are all inherently evil

Therefore also seeding the idea that no action should need to be taken by us human who might otherwise have cared to bother to take action an try and do something to fix the root of these problems. They seeded the idea ,that we human should learn how to turn a blind eye to our inner feeling of angst , through participation in  MEDITATIVE  religious acts of affirmation

This way, we were being coerced into , subconsciously accepting  that the EVIL SPIRIT  is within us (inherently). And so as such ,was therefore something of what we would ALSO have ABSOLUTELY no hope in hell of ever stopping/changing/altering

But that we should instead wait on Jesus to physically return in person

To  then  take action to change it “for us” 

Think about this

Consider how wrong this type of attitude is?. Consider how child like this type of attitude is. We want the end result (like children will often WANT to have). But we want it to happen, by having someone else (IE: Jesus) come and do it for us .


In other words we’d far rather not need to accept the responsibility to act ourselves

And it was the traditional practice of meditation through religion that has in turn helped us find a way in which to affirm unto ourselves that this is how it should be expected to happen

Similar way to how all types of affirmations will always help human subconsciously learn how to accept certain things

Similar to something like this

Religions have been hijacked for evil purpose. Even Christendom religion has been hijacked too. Religions have been hijacked to help affirm to human being , to subconsciously accept , that human are all inherently evil beings. And so as such ,should therefore never consider the idea that they could hope to change their ways themselves 

This way of thinking. Is within itself  a type of affirmation


It’s a subconscious affirmation that Jesus (IE: spirit of decency and good and love and so on) doesn’t have the power to live within human beings 

In reality, when all said and done, this is the affirmation that Christendom has been coercing us people to believe 

The affirmation that human beings are inherently, fallen, evil, bad

Christians have been accepting this belief subconsciously

Next thing we’ll then also observe how even the Christian congregation is failing to be able to act moral . Failing to be able to act decent or kindly or nice

Why so?

Because this is also the affirmation of what they have also been coerced into accepting

So how the hell would we then have any good reason to expect they might then act any different than what they do ?

There is no good reason they would

For in fact, they are merely carrying out the idea they learned subconsciously through traditional religious meditation affirmation 

The benefit of this ,was that greedy people could then still aspire to gain power and wealth 

Without needing to worry that any person might be decent enough to feel angst in regard to how terribly wrong the situation is

Religion has been hijacked for evil purposes

The effect it has had on people ,is somewhat similar to like what the effect that a wasp will have, on the minds of spiders of which are collected so as to store away to feed the wasps offspring . The being will remain alive, but meanwhile the mind is comatose 

The thing is

The power of these affirmation can work both ways 


They can. They do . There is no real good reason why religious human beings couldn’t decide to choose to change their tune  (tune of the affirmation they help to “put out” there)

They could change it

Let the affirmation become that human needed be fallen beings, but are in fact inherently good beings, of what are good and decent and kind and caring

That way perhaps us human might also then have a far better chance of living up to the role model of what we might like to use as our measure of life

Christians who watch the video above ,might perhaps be inclined to feel worried/fearful . But if they were to stop and think about why they might have those feeling . They’ll need to admit that its mostly based on tradition .  Will mainly be based on biases they learned ,through religious indoctrination of company they shared

I dare any Christian to argue how im wrong in saying that

Rather than feel fearful or worried (which is connected to fears of a evil type God belief. One that could be said to mirror the attitude of tyrant dictator human beings)

Forget about the fear. Put your fears aside and understand that such fears are not based on sound sense . But on deceitful aspect of indoctrination 

God is love

Correct?. And if not so ,then why would any decent person ever be keen on worshiping this God anyway

Love castes out fear

Note: without doubt there will be people who will totally hate the type message like what Global Witness is discussing . Specially the religious leaders of high status . Mainly because, they’ll be aware that the message is heading within a direction of what will seem far too liberating . Its too hard for would be guru to be able to claim demand position of  any form of high status , from among congregations of people who are HONESTLY LIBERATED

The flow on effect of this kind of carry-on, could perhaps even mean that rosy bead economy might be diminished?. Who know what else other traditional ritual might also soon become things of the past too.

Liberation is certainly not so good for BUSINESS

Evidently Jesus had previously also struggled against a similar situation ?. There were religious leaders within those times too, whom enjoyed to occupy position of high status that might even involved sales of animals being sold to congregation members, for their use in their ritual acts of sacrifice to God

This situation can mainly only continue to occur while humans agree to run with it, and allow it

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A Humbling Journey: Theist to Atheist

From video, around 1:01:14 mark, Quote :

In psychology the theory of self affirmation proposes that we are fundamentally motivated to maintain the perceived integrity of the self, with two of the most important component of this integrity being morality and adequacy .Information that threatens this perception such as evidence that our beliefs are misguided or our behaviour is harmful to ourselves or others, impels defensive biases which cause us to dismiss  deny or distort the information in such a way so that our feelings of  self integrity can be sustained. Research demonstrates that [defensive] biases are attenuated [weakened] by affirmation of alternative sources of self worth. If  the motivation to maintain self integrity is thus satisfied, individuals are more likely to accept information they would otherwise view as threatening, and subsequently to change their beliefs and even their behaviour

end quote

This explain why religion would choose to create building with walls, of what will then help to divide people? . Those walls help to segregate so as to blockade against alternative sources,  therefore maintaining bias

It also explains reasons for why believers will affirm unto mind of other believers, that non believers are “not good people” ?

Around 1:48 mark ,the video begin to go into discussing about the issue of how people spend most of their lives forgetting repudiating about the truth of the matter,  in regard to how fleeting the moments of ALL of our lives really are. Human minds are constantly acting in all manner of ways, as if refusing to accept the truth of it

I feel i noticed this phenomena even among members of my own family. Even my own children. Everyone constantly lives out their lives as if loss of contact really doesn’t need to matter one bit. I have a feeling, that the first moment they’ll become aware of being completely wrong about that, will be very the moment they begin to understand that there are certain people they know, that are now laying there dead

People who hang around believers , spend time around believers, are then prone to become blind to fleeting nature of human lifespan .

Belief in an eternity is the root cause of this mindless phenomena.

On the day when finality of death dawns on them and they begin to realize how its now too late to spend time together. Those whom remain alive with then gather together, to pretend as if this loss had in fact actually mattered to them

If they could be honest with themselves. They’d need to admit they were only gathering together at that particular time when a family member had died and passed away, so as to make themselves feel a little better, upon accepting how they hadn’t bothered to be doing so , far more often beforehand 

Personally I would far rather that these people would stay away from my death bed. Carry on with their CHARADE STYLE of living their way of life. I want absolutely no part in being in anyway associated with this lousy low life way of living. Not even in death do I want any part in it.. Much of my whole life has been spent while ive been agonizing over, and feeling deeply depressed in regard of the disgracefulness manner in which this is been constantly occurring.

Our own family ancestor, once upon a time had lived their lives in a way of what was completely opposite to this disgraceful manner in which our modern-day family’s are living today. Those were the days when tribe and loyalty, and so forth, were still valued. My allegiance remains staunchly among them folk . They were at least far more down to earth, and honest. When they came and stood by your death-bed, you could be certain that they were standing there beside you, due to their honest feeling of loss . As their action of what you had observed within life ,would easily attest to this reality 

Honesty really matters, a whole lot, to my own way of thinking

People manage to succeed in denying that life’s moment are in fact very fleeting. This acknowledgement both angers me, and deeply saddens me and then sends me into a sense of depression at the same time. For one thing, in dark moments i’ll think about one of my brothers two children named Hayley and Stacy, and i’ll automatically feel sense of regret and deeply saddened to think about how we have gotten to spend hardly any time together.

Whether we were from tribes of First Nation people. Or else are from other tribal background . Religion has come into invaded  ALL of our lives . In every single situation it has diluted our sense of togetherness . Caused our offspring to ALL lose touch with the reality of how fleeting the moments of ALL of our lives really are

What’s far worse

Religion has managed to achieve this . While posing under the pretence of being about things that should be considered as being good .

Under pretence of righteousness and justice

Evil disguised as good

The trade off with becoming mindfully aware of the moment, like how atheist are more inclined to be like, is that we are naturally bound to inherit a deeper sense existential angst as well too.

A situation like what most theist will be far less likely to ever feel

This is not necessarily a bad thing. Specially when we consider the dire state of affairs that our whole world is faced with today. With things like nuclear war, global warming and environmental destruction and so on looming up FAST on our horizon

Obvious existential angst should be a counteractive measure to help human cope against ever falling into this type of trap

Theist are less likely to worry about facing this situation. Which of course, also help to explain how this situation might have been able to DEVELOP in the first place. Because generally speaking, theist in the main part were not even paying it all that much attention . For instance, it is only fairly recently that the Pope has now finally taken it upon himself, to become proactive in helping warn his congregation to begin to be more environmentally minded 

Those congregation members, being that their minds have been focused steadfastly on eternity,  have therefore failed to retain their mind within the present moment of time. Therefore have also failed to foresee reason for caution in regard of environmental issues as well

Few of them would have even blinked an eyelid ,in regard of the dire state of affairs that OUR world is now faced with. Unless their Pope had of taken it upon himself , to help prompt them to begin think about it more

Why not?

Because theist minds are not mindfully aware of the “here and now” moment of time ,of which we are in fact actually living within

Theist minds are always focused on some futuristic dream-world, named eternity. A future of what there is also absolutely no evidence

This lack of ability to feel a sense of existential angst.

Also effect the exclusive brethren cult members ability to live in the present moment of time too, so that they might then also become more inclined themselves too, to feel existential angst in regard of the dire situation that ACTUALLY faces them RIGHT NOW ,with regard of excommunication and lost contact with ex exclusive brethren family members

Theist forget about this double edged sword

For in fact they are far less mindfully aware of it, than what atheist often are. This is all part and parcel of the theist system what has created flocks of sheeple minded work horses, who’d all CHOOSE to refrain from ever allowing themselves to become so mindfully aware, of the present moment in time

No way would our world have any hope to survive, for future generation ahead, unless FAR MORE human are to first learn how to remain more mindfully aware of all situations facing us within the present moment

This will never occur unless human are more willing to cope with elements of existential angst

Sadly elite members of our government, have far prefer to have a work force made up of majority of human who wouldn’t care to bother to be mindfully aware (mindfully aware people are more inclined to think environmentally aware) . Religion made the perfect bed partner, to help enable our governments to achieve this

This paved the way for capitalism to exploit the environment .

Believers, being less mindfully aware type people, would therefore then also be far less likely to ever BE ABLE to see through this evil practice

Which brings us to this moment in time what we are now ALL faced with today. A time when pollution is now become widespread problem what is about to begin effecting us all. And environmental destruction caused through GREED is now even leading humanity toward catastrophe created  by fast-tracked climate change

ALL these situation have only been able to have occurred due to severe lack of existential angst

Humanity has preferred to feel irresponsible . Each generation has bypassed their own generations need for responsibility, by allowing developing environmental catastrophe be left up to future generations ahead to need to worry about

This allowed those past generation to forgo certain experience of existential angst

Religion became the perfect tool to help human find a way in which to bypass these feelings.Today the tool is now becoming less effective. Partly due to highly vivid nature of climatic catastrophe that we are ALL now being faced with. For instance , it is now become far less possible for human being to forgo feeling of existential angst themselves,while humans are now personally experiencing effect of hell fires and floods and massively high wind of what are now in fact causing harm and damage unto themselves

Similar way to how it was once also fairly near impossible for Holocaust survivors to forgo their own feeling of existential angst either .

Because its by then become a feeling far less possible for anyone to train oneself to be able to forget about anymore. Simply because the harshness of the situation being personally experienced then brings us ALL back to a state of living within the moment of time

We have only to observe the dire situation now faced by America today. To understand that the American population might have remained fairly highly populated by religious believers most of whom are also blessed with ability to circumnavigate and forgo element of existential angst . As it seem like, perhaps they may have relied on idea of ability of God taking care of business for them?

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