Ex cult members share common ground with First Nation people

First Nation people, and all us ex members of CULTS , have things we share in common (in my opinion)

The both of us have had our traditional family bond, and health and well being of life

Ripped apart and ruined through religion

With first nation people, and with ex cult members too, in both cases it is religion combined with government indifference what is at the root cause of the family dysfunction of what now continues to make all these groups of people lives, become more difficult than what it otherwise would have previously been

Interesting to consider ?

Have a long hard think about it. (also pay special attention to knowledge that all these groups now do commonly share ongoing problem with mental health and substance abuse and so forth)

  1. Tribes of First Nation People have struggled with dysfunction ever since colonization what allowed” religion to forcefully take control over their traditional family nucleus . Ever since that time came to pass, survivors have struggled to find a way to return their lives back toward previously happier times when dysfunction had at least once then been less of an issue
  2. Likewise too among groups of ex cult members. Ever since time came to pass that forcefully overbearing religious groups were allowed to intervene and take control and in fact decimate previous traditional family bonds of what had once existed previously and had at least provided better level of stability within former far happier times beforehand. Ever since then, ex cult members have also continue to struggle with family dysfunction as well too

Can you see the common ground we share?

Common ground that groups share once overbearing religion is been ALLOWED  to  cause introduce family dysfunction

Our governments have ALLOWED it to happen?

Sadly ,our governments have been negligent within the way in which they have stood aside and have in fact allowed this evil to ruin our lives

Haven’t they been negligent ?

If we were to study the dysfunctional family lifestyle of first nation people

Compare it to

Dysfunctional family lifestyle of ex CULT members

We would soon see that there are in fact a fair number of similarity .

Our health and well being problem, in our lives, are very similar 

Modern science , is only just beginning to WAKE UP to understand the huge importance of the stable” family nucleus (how dare they allow religion to mess with it). The knowledge that is now finally being learned, via social science . Is still in its infancy .

And yet there is now science reports available what help to prove how immensely damaging it can be

Governments have been negligent in not waking up to this . Reality is, it was always fairly obvious anyway.

There was never need for anyone to need to become a rocket scientist . Was there?


Simply use of common sense would have sufficed

If only governments might have cared to use it

This here is some information, what includes links to studies within the references section on the same page https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/HealthyLiving/Strong-relationships-strong-health 

Check it out

You can also soon find more info available online too, by using google

But, the science of the nature of family bond importance within study of health and well being of human, is still within its infancy

Governments have been highly negligent, in the manner in which they have stood by indifferently, and have taken little action to help stop the pain and suffering of what we have had forced upon us

Before now?

Why haven’t they stepped in well before now

They should have already moved to help prevent this ongoing pain and suffering, before now 

Negligent that they haven’t done so

We should be banding together ,already by now, to sue the hell out of these negligent governments

Sue them for billions

Hold them accountable for the level of harm they have allowed to continue to occur

How could they have rewarded abusers with charity status?

How could they be so unthoughtful and unfeeling to have allowed it?

That feels like the ultimate slap in the face ? . Doesn’t it

Correct ?

Will they be rewarding the rapist with charity status too?

Will they?

The citizen would soon all feel outraged if they were to dare to start doing so?

So Governments wouldnt dare to reward rapist with charity status. Would they

So then

Why the hell do they STILL reward religious abusers , who in fact have been busily ruining people’s lives for MANY generations now already

Our governments ought to feel ashamed about their negligent manner in which they have acted indifferently and turned a blind eye in regard of the health and well being of us people, whom have been forced to have suffered greatly due to fate of life

Why are we not suing our governments for negligence ?

We should be gathering together, to take a class action together against government for negligence

For their negligence in rewarding religious abuser of whom have ruined our health and well being through division of family bonds

Find the best lawyers we can

We could then begin to QUICKLY fix the HARMFUL problem of ALL CULTS . Within one clean swoop 

Help change the lives for so many other people, for the better, in the process as well too

Bypass “wasting our time” with trying to talk sense to lost and brain damaged fundamentalist religious people https://mic.com/articles/45811/religious-fundamentalism-is-a-mental-illness-that-could-soon-be-cured#.ox2aNrveE

Makes far more better sense, for us, to deal directly with the government who have been negligent  in their own action of allowing these harmful practices within religion?. Plus even going so far as to also be in fact even rewarding those groups whom are actively involved in causing harm, by allowing these abusers to claim charity status.

That’s negligence to fairly high degree

Chances are, they will have better ability to be able to see good sense, in changing their ways

1.We should be holding our government to account directly for their negligence in ALLOWING this level of harm to occur.

2.Then the governments can then choose to chase up the mentally damaged cult leaders, themselves, if they do in fact decide that they might still “feel like” it, so as to try and recoup government losses (off of brain damaged religious peoples groups)

It shouldn’t be any of our own responsibility to “struggle so bad” due to issues of our government acts of negligence ?

Should it

That’s the governments negligence. Therefore is then also the governments own responsibility as well too


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Exclusive Brethren Members Highly Uncharitble Antics?

Seems like it is ?

Check it out


Defence Against Religious Extremists (DARE)
We are appealing for funds to defend Ian McKay, who is a victim of very aggressive litigation by members of an extreme fundamentalist religious organisation, the Hales branch of the Exclusive Brethren.  Ian, a 74-year-old pensioner, has for years been researching the teachings and practices of this sect and observing their practical effects.  He thinks many of their teachings are false, some of their practices immoral and their net effects harmful.  It is clear that the Brethren bosses don’t like his conclusions.  Acting through two of their organisations, UBT and BGT (the latter of which is supposed to be a charity!) they are taking him to the Court of Session in Edinburgh in an attempt to confiscate from him crucial parts of his research material, which would severely hinder his revealing work.

Why the Court of Session?  They are alleging copyright infringement, which any local Sheriff Court would be competent to adjudicate on at a fraction of the cost.  And the UKIPO mediation service is cheaper still. But the Court of Session is the highest and most expensive court in Scotland.  The Brethren behind this campaign are going for the most costly option, perhaps because they hope to bankrupt him, or perhaps scare him into giving them information about the sources of his research material.  They have even split the case into two separate summonses, which inflates the costs even more.




end quote


Seems to me, it makes a real mockery of charity status .Looks to me like, our governments help fund groups to cause harm?


The extremist groups can get away with it. Because citizen don’t bother much, to do anything about it

Governments don’t lose too much sleep over how Government tax funds are spent .

Do they?

They (Governments) are like puppets in the hand, of the extremist groups, whom are well-organized enough to quickly kick up a big stink, should Government dare to question the charity status

What else can the governments do ?

1, Citizen are mostly all half asleep, and about as unorganized as can be

2, Extremist groups are highly organized

Meanwhile the citizen isn’t invited into the cult meetings. It’s an exclusive club, basically? . And is receiving benefit of citizen tax money ,through charity status and suchlike, to help fund the bigotry 

They must laugh at the citizen gullibility ? (quietly/secretly)

I suspect they might

Members of this group, are now become so sure they will always continue to get away with stuff. They’ll even pay people , to have them help cover up sex abuses . See here https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/australia/98220593/potential-witness-in-exclusive-brethren-sex-abuse-case-paid-to-remain-silent


I know from my own experience, how they have swept sex abuse under the carpet, and not bothered to advise the police

They did all kind of underhanded shit too ,within past elections. And still get to claim charity status

Imagine if World Vision charity, had been actively involved in doing even half the kind of stuff, like what these extremist religious groups are easily able to get away with doing ?

Many citizen would be utterly outraged ?

Generally speaking citizen have become so accustomed to believing religious groups are involved in righteousness . Are so completely convinced of it, they don’t even wake up ,no matter how much evidence is tabled ,to suggest that their faithful belief, might be way wrong








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Exclusive Heartless Brethren Atrocities Exposed

Unbelievable that our government would still continue to reward the brethren with charity status

Citizen should take time to have a read of the account that Marion writes on her blog https://maz63.blogspot.com/

Take special note of these latest entries









There is a callous nature that runs through Brethren. Huge lack of compassion and empathy . Evidence of this fact can even flow over to appear within situation outside of what might be otherwise be explained-away, as dysfunctional broken family relationships

For evidence of what im talking about, consider situation like this one here


Or consider this


Now ask yourself, why should a group like this one, still continue to be rewarded with charity status ?

The doctor said, that Craig didn’t have to take the drug. And yet Craig was excommunicated due to being gay 

Didn’t need to take it ?

What rubbish. Of course Craig had had little other choice ?

He’d either need to agree to take the drug, or else end up facing excommunication, and in turn ostracization from family relationship

When will good citizen rise up and help to demand that our governments would finally stop rewarding this evil ?

How many more people will need to be caused to suffer, in ways like of what Marion is writing an account of, now, on her blog that i provided links to above, at the top of this page ?

Society is morally sick that it doesn’t step up to do anything more, to help stop it happening?

Its now year 2018

I begin to feel angry when i read through Marion’s account of what she experienced. Or watch through the video explaining Craig’s account of what happen to him. I feel angry because ive also experienced situations of this same callous Brethren nature, myself before too ,on a number of occasion, when it’s happened within our own family setting .

Perhaps some good citizen might care to go and help support Marion. Showing support matters . It boosts and encourages

There are good citizen around. I know how there are. Perhaps it just more to do with how good citizen have become too well accustomed to constantly allowing religious groups, the right , to be able to get away with almost anything?. It now seems quite normal now

Its been “traditional” ?

Been traditional as well too , to allow the Catholic church to dodge its own moral responsibility ,to promptly face up to sex abuses too?

Those tradition, are not worthy traditions .Those tradition are shameful. The longer the shame remain unattended , the worse it becomes


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How to Remain Calm With People

How to Remain Calm With People

That’s the key?. Look to understand reason behind the pin.Our anger can then become pity (instead of anger)


Even Israel Folau deserve to be understood?

He is also one of us 

The hate is usually passed-along via enviroment.If children are not choosing the environment in what they are tasked with growing up existing in (steeped-in many times from their cradle unto their grave).  That should also need to be fully understood, by us all, as being- citizen of OUR countries?

To be fair

Children are not born to hate (that attitude of-hate, is an environmental aspect, of our children’s lives)

Note: OUR children  (being that the children remain also all, STILL as being one of US as well too)

They are a-part of US (all us who’d all help make up “the-whole loaf ” of people .IE: In other words = humanity)

This (understanding how it had happen) doesn’t make it ok that hate for gay people still occur. It doesn’t. But what it does do, is it help us citizen to be able to bring ourselves to a level in life to see ourselves from the situation/view of a whole load of young children’s view still = today, even in places like Australia or NZ who are STILL tasked to need to live exist in high-control religious environment of what then CAN act to help indoctrinate people to hate on other certain people

Whenever/wherever someone is being singled out so as to be hated on, that act is also like an act of hating happening against one of us  (IE: against all of ourselves at the very same moment in time as well too. Being that even our environment itself, is all of ours, also too as well, and is-so at the very same moment in time. In a strange weird way we remain far-closer-connected, still even right now, than what we can even begin to imagine)

We are one people.Therefore We PEOPLE must also actively refuse to allow organized group to be dividing-up US people either (as we ALREADY can tell, BY EXPERIENCE, what the fruit of where that evil, will end up)


Our anger can then be shifted toward the bullshit-laws of what allow that to still occur, even in this modern year 2019 (why are children being instructed, within organized groups, on how to hate on certain-people, so as to install boundary walls being used to define “others”?)

We should hate the fact that this would still be able to occur?

While at same time being all able to feel a sense of pity and deeper understanding, for Israel Folau’s unsocial attitude

To be fair

Many children don’t choose to become unsocial. Do they. Environment are what usually help create foster unsocial attitudes

Its still got plenty to do with aspect of luck (IE via birth). Can depend on culture connected to birth. And so on

In other words there are aspect of luck involved (specially so too,when the “check and balance system” is feeble and impractical & faulty and so-badly designed it might just as well be non existent )

Progress wont occur (very fast)by us constantly getting angry back and forth at each other. Change only happen after we get angry “at root things of what cause” hurt and harm, of what then causes us to feel anger


We could see Israel Folau’s presence into public view , as being like a cry for help .(appearing in public view, from out of Israels mouth) Cry for help for ALL children worldwide who remain caught-up within unsocial circle of high control groups, of whom are also still being pressured through-indoctrination” into hating-on certain people whom have been misjudged as being “the others”

While we stand up for the right of ALL of us human. To all have the right to be accepted as being “us” (IE:one people)

Meanwhile at the same time we should also be feeling a sense of pity too, toward any children who have been pressured into hating . And “dividing” . By organized groups of who remain actively intent on doing this

These children are victim of “a type”, themselves too . Victim of our laws of what obviously fail to help protect them

Human should be angered by this (root cause)

And yet, so few people are?

As yet

Instead they’d rather to adopt the far more knee jerk reaction and suddenly start hating like hell on someone in particular. exactly like what happen with regard to Israel

As if that’s any actual way to ever fix things

As if ?

Our attitude toward OUR  society need to become more holistic in our approach to solving problems










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Group Psychology: Manipulating the Masses

Edward Bernays and Group Psychology: Manipulating the Masses

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The Value of Anxiety Disorders

Carl Jung and The Value of Anxiety Disorders

Carl Jung on Overcoming Anxiety Disorders

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The Shocking Truth About Your Future!


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How We Enslave Ourselves

Human act sheeple?. Its easier to act sheeple, as that way there is also far less of our-own energy what’s needing to be expended through  “thinking” (takes 20% more energy, for us human to think “things through”, for ourselves. So, human can save 20% of their own energy use ,by leaving the thinking-process up to someone else to do “for them”)

While we may save on energy. On the other hand we lose out big time, by us all being far less aware about knowing ” exactly what’s what”

It also helps set human up to become pawn fodder of cults and high control groups as well too

As that  “cult” type thing is exactly what lazy minded human being, are (unconsciously) all been constantly craving for.


A place where they can “flock up” similar to like how what a flock of sheep will do too. Be able to be all instructed about our lives,so far as even be instructed as well too in regard of what good cult member, might even have need to all “say and think”

Like puppets


Therefore any forum of what may freely display alternative views , or alternative personal views and opinion and so on

May feel scary and frightening ? . People may feel “uncomfortable” and  somewhat out of place in that kind of “intellectually free” surrounding, as if they were feeling overwhelmed with a whole new different world

Rather than bear with that uncomfortable feeling. Rather than persevere with it. Rather than do the hard graft involved in what it takes to learn a new set of trick and to become comfortable with existing among a sense of total freedom

What happen?

They’ll begin to set up new similarlyrule-bound” echo chamber , ONCE AGAIN

Its far easier to deal-with ?

Involves far less patience and energy. Therefore will require far less focus, and determination and so on too

So much easier to achieve …energy wise… “SHORT” term

Adult human MOSTLY couldn’t care less about long term planning ?

Am i correct

They figure that those “sort of things” can be overlooked and forgotten about (for now)and left for the children to take care of later whenever time comes for children to be finally become faced with them, then themselves

People are constantly punishing human for daring to hold alternative views and opinion. By their constant (unconscious?) act of being apt of shunning and ostracizing ones who’d try

Thus how the same situation can continue to role on and on like a perpetual plague

Human need to change?

Human should begin to celebrate their diversity in more other further ways than what they do right now

Not only celebrate diversity of sexual orientation. But also our diversity of thoughts and views as well too. And boundary between-us need to be dismantled and pulled down, similar to like how the Berlin Wall was dismantled

The walls only serve to create “sets of others”

At the end of the day human are human. Separation causes more harm and problem, long term, than it ever helps to solve?

Time has come for our governments to help us to “dismantle” walls of what serve to cause separation among human

Time has come when our government system of “check and balances” would first be applied before charity status are dished out like a “lolly scramble ”

Far more government active interest is required , when we are ALL in this same boat together?

White supremacy will flourish along with the high control harmful cults and religious groups as well too

All these kind of anti social group will arise 

Whenever government official are caught napping within their own “state of indifference”, and as such are then obviously not been acting anywhere near interested half enough as what they really ought to have been doing

Or not?

Its human indifference “toward others” what then allows room for separation to begin. Once room for separation exist,then the walls (walls used to help stop information being able to be shared freely back and forth between “us and them”) are able to be built up

Government can play their own role, by acting to help to break down the “sense of indifference”


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How dogma pollutes discourse

how dogma pollutes discourse | qualiasoup & theramintrees [cc]

Tyranny – freedom – tyranny – freedom-tyranny ,and so on . Its a circle that human are following (perhaps many times, its happening “unconsciously” so too?)

To begin to break the cycle . Then human would first of all need to “want” to break the cycle. It wont ever happen “unless” enough of the human would first “want it” to happen

That’s the first step

Next step would be for human to begin to make their own focussed attempts to adjust their previous ways, and so as to help make room for it to be able to begin to occur

Its the highest mountain there is left for human being to try to summit? . One of what will also offer the best most valuable reward that’s even been on offer

And yet

Human will  still rather to spend more of their own time “focused on climbing” those snow top peaks?. They crave glory that can provide sense of bliss mainly design for serving purpose of their own ego’s, alone


These other far more WORTHY higher-peaks, have still yet to ever be conquered by human-being looking for real WORTHY adventure of what might in fact even also be “huge benefit” to so many “other human” also as well too?

I can see reason to explain why families and siblings might have their own personal reason to excommunicate from one and other. I can easily understand that

But human who’ll hardly know each other. Perhaps not even have need to ever meet each other in person.Still feel need to remain separate from people what they deem to be “the others”

Why would they feel need to remain so separate in life, that they’ll not even share a forum, “together online” in cyber space, with others with whom they’ll disagree


What i find way harder to ever understand, myself,  is the way human have these craving need to want to “flock up” similar to like how flocks of sheep will also tend to need to do ,too . Both sheep and human-sheep will suddenly scatter an “flock” up at the drop of a pin, hardly without questioning reason for doing so, or even stopping to give it much thought at all.

Can anyone understand what they hope to achieve?

Its almost like some “knee-jerk” reaction they all inherited from other generation previous?

As its been able to become such a widely held “traditional” human habit ? (IE: it now seems so normalized, that it now even seems like best-practice available too)

Human don’t have need to accept it. They don’t?. Like any other bad habit, human are faced with and are STILL able to make a focussed choice, about either accepting or rejecting

At the end of the day there is no such thing as “the others” .

We human, today, are now learning faster now , about how even the vast sea what exist between country ,is like no real decent boundary at all after all  (even although we had fooled ourselves into dreaming-how, it “might” be like one)

We cannot separate ourselves from one and other?

Polluted waters and seas that may soon fall-dead themselves as fish life and so on, dies off 

Still continually runs “freely back and forth” among us all

We are us

Even air we breathe, is of what is being

altered by peoples attitudes elsewhere in differnt country to our own country wherever we reside ourselves


We are one people

More than we realized ? (were aware of). More than our parents had been in a position themselves to be feel able to teach us about either

Because they too were also “feeling confused themselves” too about idea of boundary between human. They fell under the same form of tyranny of what STILL strive to stop human “from accepting” THE TRUTH  of their shared-humanity



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Criticism when you’ve had a bad childhood

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Oneness – Understanding it without being Enlightened

Oneness – Understanding it without being Enlightened / Spiritual Teacher Adyashanti




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The whole existence is just one energy

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Capitalist Realism, Mental Illness and Societies of Control

Capitalist Realism, Mental Illness and Societies of Control


“personal responsibility, is only as good as the environment in which it exist”



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