Exclusive Brethren Members Highly Uncharitble Antics?

Seems like it is ?

Check it out


Defence Against Religious Extremists (DARE)
We are appealing for funds to defend Ian McKay, who is a victim of very aggressive litigation by members of an extreme fundamentalist religious organisation, the Hales branch of the Exclusive Brethren.  Ian, a 74-year-old pensioner, has for years been researching the teachings and practices of this sect and observing their practical effects.  He thinks many of their teachings are false, some of their practices immoral and their net effects harmful.  It is clear that the Brethren bosses don’t like his conclusions.  Acting through two of their organisations, UBT and BGT (the latter of which is supposed to be a charity!) they are taking him to the Court of Session in Edinburgh in an attempt to confiscate from him crucial parts of his research material, which would severely hinder his revealing work.

Why the Court of Session?  They are alleging copyright infringement, which any local Sheriff Court would be competent to adjudicate on at a fraction of the cost.  And the UKIPO mediation service is cheaper still. But the Court of Session is the highest and most expensive court in Scotland.  The Brethren behind this campaign are going for the most costly option, perhaps because they hope to bankrupt him, or perhaps scare him into giving them information about the sources of his research material.  They have even split the case into two separate summonses, which inflates the costs even more.




end quote


Seems to me, it makes a real mockery of charity status .Looks to me like, our governments help fund groups to cause harm?


The extremist groups can get away with it. Because citizen don’t bother much, to do anything about it

Governments don’t lose too much sleep over how Government tax funds are spent .

Do they?

They (Governments) are like puppets in the hand, of the extremist groups, whom are well-organized enough to quickly kick up a big stink, should Government dare to question the charity status

What else can the governments do ?

1, Citizen are mostly all half asleep, and about as unorganized as can be

2, Extremist groups are highly organized

Meanwhile the citizen isn’t invited into the cult meetings. It’s an exclusive club, basically? . And is receiving benefit of citizen tax money ,through charity status and suchlike, to help fund the bigotry 

They must laugh at the citizen gullibility ? (quietly/secretly)

I suspect they might

Members of this group, are now become so sure they will always continue to get away with stuff. They’ll even pay people , to have them help cover up sex abuses . See here https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/australia/98220593/potential-witness-in-exclusive-brethren-sex-abuse-case-paid-to-remain-silent


I know from my own experience, how they have swept sex abuse under the carpet, and not bothered to advise the police

They did all kind of underhanded shit too ,within past elections. And still get to claim charity status

Imagine if World Vision charity, had been actively involved in doing even half the kind of stuff, like what these extremist religious groups are easily able to get away with doing ?

Many citizen would be utterly outraged ?

Generally speaking citizen have become so accustomed to believing religious groups are involved in righteousness . Are so completely convinced of it, they don’t even wake up ,no matter how much evidence is tabled ,to suggest that their faithful belief, might be way wrong








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Exclusive Heartless Brethren Atrocities Exposed

Unbelievable that our government would still continue to reward the brethren with charity status

Citizen should take time to have a read of the account that Marion writes on her blog https://maz63.blogspot.com/

Take special note of these latest entries









There is a callous nature that runs through Brethren. Huge lack of compassion and empathy . Evidence of this fact can even flow over to appear within situation outside of what might be otherwise be explained-away, as dysfunctional broken family relationships

For evidence of what im talking about, consider situation like this one here


Or consider this


Now ask yourself, why should a group like this one, still continue to be rewarded with charity status ?

The doctor said, that Craig didn’t have to take the drug. And yet Craig was excommunicated due to being gay 

Didn’t need to take it ?

What rubbish. Of course Craig had had little other choice ?

He’d either need to agree to take the drug, or else end up facing excommunication, and in turn ostracization from family relationship

When will good citizen rise up and help to demand that our governments would finally stop rewarding this evil ?

How many more people will need to be caused to suffer, in ways like of what Marion is writing an account of, now, on her blog that i provided links to above, at the top of this page ?

Society is morally sick that it doesn’t step up to do anything more, to help stop it happening?

Its now year 2018

I begin to feel angry when i read through Marion’s account of what she experienced. Or watch through the video explaining Craig’s account of what happen to him. I feel angry because ive also experienced situations of this same callous Brethren nature, myself before too ,on a number of occasion, when it’s happened within our own family setting .

Perhaps some good citizen might care to go and help support Marion. Showing support matters . It boosts and encourages

There are good citizen around. I know how there are. Perhaps it just more to do with how good citizen have become too well accustomed to constantly allowing religious groups, the right , to be able to get away with almost anything?. It now seems quite normal now

Its been “traditional” ?

Been traditional as well too , to allow the Catholic church to dodge its own moral responsibility ,to promptly face up to sex abuses too?

Those tradition, are not worthy traditions .Those tradition are shameful. The longer the shame remain unattended , the worse it becomes


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Don’t let fallible believers “put you off” God

Don’t let fallible believers put you off God. That what some believers, will be heard/seen telling us atheists to remember

This is the argument, that, as all human are fallible , then therefore don’t be surprised, to see, that in fact the believers are also fallible as well then too

I feel like this argument misses the point.

I don’t study theists, without already understanding, that in fact human are all infallible .I  do understand that real well. I know it. Im fully aware of that


That’s not  what I concentrate on

Consider this.When i see, how there’s loads and loads of Christians/believers, often talking about having a close relationship with God. And claiming that the bible was inspired by God, and so on too

Then what im looking for, to see evidence of , is that believers will in fact display evidence that they are something unusual in a manner of what might then suggest, that “they do“in fact have this  close relationship with a-God of some type, like what they “keep claiming”, to us, that they do have.

We would expect to see something abnormally special about these people then?

Or otherwise, what good/use is a “close relationship” with God anyway. Why bother with it?

Stands to reason right ? (that question)

What real use is this “close relationship” with God

Should be some evidence we’ll all be able to see for ourselves ?

Like, perhaps they’ll seem highly intelligent in some abnormal way?. And so perhaps they be observed to have, a way, to be able to be coming up with supernaturally amazing ideas and stuff?

Idea that few other people even can come up with

Perhaps some particular religious group, will have such a close relation with God, for real , so that they might then also obviously have abnormal healing powers as well too, so much so, that perhaps even our hospitals will be all sending them sick people, so as to have them all healed and cured


After all, holy books did describe that sort of phenomena

I don’t care that i see believers acting normal. And infallible and so forth. That isn’t at all what ever surprises me any at all. I don’t even bother to specially note it really that much. Why would i ? . Its usual human behaviour . Normal

What surprises me, big time though , is that even though so many are claiming to have close relationships with a God. Like what they often do. A God that in holy books is also described ,to be able to impart extra amazing knowledge to certain minds of men .And so on

Then even now, im looking to try and spy anywhere, that i feel i can actually see any evidence of it ,that this is in fact actually occurring 

That’s what i’m looking for to see


And i don’t ever feel like i’m ever seeing it ? . Even when I was a young child, this thought used to cross my mind even back then. And so i’d be there, among believers (who were often heard claiming to have “close relationships” with God), and be asking myself and quietly wondering , WTF?

Where is any sign of it ?

It was always “the evidence” i tried real hard to try an see and  observe and study

Never did see it though. Not once. Still don’t feel like i ever do today?

And yet, somewhere ,there should be evidence like this, of what should in fact be startlingly obvious (in a “stand-out” way)

Like holy books even go so far as to describe it being so?

We don’t see it ? . Where is it ?. Where can anyone say, look see there, that there is something supernaturally “abnormal”.

Its not just the same like what can also be easily seen,just anywhere else

This here is in fact something supernaturally special 

That never really happens ?.

Does it

Never happens

And like.Religions are not producing “supernaturally knowledgeable” brains ? . Extra “super brainy” people . spooky supernaturally so, like what holy books describe often!



Why not then?

This is “the evidence” ,that’s missing. That’s the elephant in the room, that’s worrying 

  1. Evidence of “supernatural phenomena” is one thing
  2. fallible humans is a separate aspect/issue

When the Catholic Church stuffs up big time, with slow attention to sex abuse

They don’t worry me. I know how humans are fallible. I expect it . It doesn’t surprise me anytime when i see it happen. IE “quite normal

What worry’s me. What i find way more surprising . Is where is the “evidence” that some thing “abnormal” is at work here?. Something “supernaturally abnormal ”

Like, perhaps i might of seen evidence that at least some group acted  “supernaturally abnormal “. Perhaps they might have even stood out as acting “abnormal” in the active manner in which they might have never stopped beseeching the Pope to hurry up and take more prompt attention, to sex abuse ?

Why not ?

Then we might at least then be all able to say. Hey look at there at that (evidence there) ,that there is something we don’t see all the time, that there is in  fact something abnormal ,and therefore supernatural too

We never ever saw it ? .

Never ever do. Never see anything much out of the norm

We don’t

The only way that justice, finally arrived, was usual normal same way , slowly ,just like always. Like normal

What about the brethren cult ?

Who seems supernaturally amazing ?

Not there.

They just use all the same normal lies and usual same deceitful ways too . Like what so many other religious charity rip off merchants also all are as well too

Perhaps that explain why non of the so called “real Christian” (real Christian-nudge nudge wink wink, say no more) groups, will dare to come out, themselves, and begin to be vocal against cults ?

Too scared ?

Too scared that their own cover might also get blown too. Found out, to be rip off too, in the process

Perhaps ?

Perhaps they are fairly much all tarred with the same brush?(still so,even if by different brush-strokes)

The cults act similar like what the pawns ,do, within a game of chess. While the pawns are sitting safe-as, then the kings and queen and all the rest of the bunch, can sure as hell all rest up in peaceful sense of blissfulness themselves. Without a worry in the world. No loss of sleep

And be doing well too off of the charity cash cow teat, to boot?

What a real sweet number ?

So yeah . Believers don’t put me off God . It’s the lack of evidence of God, that’s what puts me off from believing in God myself

If I were to believe in God

I would need to be, being dishonest with myself . Dishonest, with myself, about my belief.

Because i just do see any real good evidence

Evidence, for me, is the main key i always look for






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Dont tar ALL Christian with the same brush stroke

People can be seen and heard to comment “Don’t tar all Christian with the same brush stroke”

Few people do though?

I doubt there are even that many atheist ,who’d bother with tarring all Christian with the same brush stroke either. It  makes little sense to do so?

The way i see it, the Christian movement, generally speaking could be described like this

  1. There are a “portion” of Christian groups, themselves, whom are actively involved in directly causing harm
  2. There is another extra large portion of Christendom , who although not directly involved in causing the same direct-harm themselves to any people, are instead just actively involved in happily silently standing by and saying nothing and are busily turning a blind eye to amount of harm that other Christian groups are directly-involved in causing to people themselves. Which then in effect, is  also “piling harm on” and compounding causing even way more harm too, in the long run ,than what the original Christian groups involved in causing harm-directly are even physically able to even be able to cause to people themselves, first-off in the first place (IE: indiffernt Christian act like “bed-partners-in-crime” of harm caused,  which then = in-direct element of harm being also caused, and ” compounded on top of ” the original element of harm,and in turn then in effect making matters “snow-ball” and have need to have become “even way way more worse” than what it originally were before first-off originally beforehand )
  3. Then there is a very extremely minute little wee wee absolutely wee smallportion” of Christendom too, who might in fact actually care-enough, so as to choose to actually take action themselves, and begin to act against the harm caused (a portion that’s sadly still so utterly small in fact  that in “reality” they might “just as well” not even actually exist at all, anyways. IE portion remaining so small, in effect its still hardly even worthwhile us even bothering with even mentioning anything much about it either. There is so little “action”, going on here ,for any one of  us to bother to stop and to “report-about”. Bugger all. Zilch. Nada. As that’s just “reality” of how utterly shocking the sad sorry state of affairs, is been “allowed” to have become like)

So that there, so far, is three separate brush strokes

Not one brush stroke ?

Is it

Most atheist would see the situation in this similar way. Atheist are not stupid. Atheist understand that not every Christian group, are all involved in acting exactly the same manner.

This is common sense

And yet, this still does little to say that Christian movement, is either in fact benign .Or not perhaps causing more harm than good, generally speaking

Lets in stead, consider racism issue (now as another test-case scenario that can also be approached similar)

People could say the same thing. They could claim, “hey don’t bother to tar every person, with same the brush, as all being a racialist persons”

Very true . Fair call !

They would be right to say this too. Because, we shouldn’t just tar all people with the same brush stroke with regard of racism-issue either . Should we ?

But wait hold on

The truth is people don’t?.Do they. They don’t bother to.There is no good reason they’d need to bother to try?. Because ,obviously the same thing will again apply here too, in regard of issue of racism again as well


1 We’ll have a portion of people (less amount of people usually) whom are blatantly actively directly acting as racists themselves

2 Then there will be another larger portion of people (more often the most largest group of people of all too. Sadly so) who wont be racists themselves, “as such”, but who will instead quite happily just act-indifferently toward suffering of other people,and so as such, will simply choose to become one of many others who will all be  turning a blind eye to the racistactions that’s being taken by other-racist people

3 then there will be another portion of people, who’ll choose to be actively outspoken against acts of racism (but too often , a real real small minute group,once again too)

Once again, three brush strokes that people are tarred with here again too


And so on. Same situation also apply to sexism too, or other social issues as well

We don’t tar all Christian with the same brush

Do we ? . Who is doing that?

Hardly anyone ever does.

It isn’t happening. So don’t fool yourselves in thinking it might happen.

Yet this fact still says little about, judgement of  how good or bad the Christian movement is ,”generally speaking”

I suggest, that generally speaking , overall ,the Christian movement is been acting extremely irresponsibly

And disgracefully so too

There now, i’m now involved in tarring the Christian movement “generally” with something a little “more-like” one single brush stroke 

Rightfully so too

Yet this still doesn’t change the fact, that we still acknowledge how Christian do in fact still act in different ways

Even so

Generally speaking, overall the whole Christian movement have been acting rather extremely irresponsibly 

Shamefully so

Bar for one wee small group of them, who’d perhaps careenough“to bother to act against, the harmful act that religious-abuse causes to certain amount of people (this group is so minutely small, that in effect, nobody will hardly even hear or see anything of them ever )

That’s how disgracefully small these “real” Christian are.They only manage to make up a wee minutely small slither of the whole movement know as Christian

So minutely small .. They might just as well not exist

That’s how utterly disgraceful this sad sorry situation really is

No way will we tar everyone with the same brush

No way

For we know far better than to bother to do that.

We have no need to bother?

Lets be quite clear about this. There are a number of groups of Christians within the Christian movement (making up the one loaf)

1. groups of abusers

2. an even larger group of people, more than happy to act in indifference , in regard of pain that’s being constantly caused unto others (IE: all the ones who really don’t care to give a damn)

3 .and then there’s a very minutely small group, who act so as to show how they actually do care (IE: will walk the walk and not just talk the talk )

Put together, they’d all help to make up, a whole different kettle of fish

Christians would do best to get over their idea, that Christians are all being tarred by the same brush stroke

The Christian are not being tarred with the one brush stroke

It isn’t happening

So get over it .Quit with stalling . Get on with what really need to be addressed here . El-Pronto

Time that they’d stop looking for excuses 

Edmund Burke-All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.


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Time evolves, purifies and renews




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Caught between a rock and a hard place

Quote :

I want you to imagine


end quote

Little need, for so many ex cult members, to have any extra need to try to imagine any of this kind of cult antic.

Is there?

No . Most of us are already very mindfully well aware, of use of all these similar manipulative kind of tactic .We are well aware of it

Lack of awareness ,in this regard ,is not the real problem here.Is it?. As obviously,most ex members, of cults, are also all fairly well aware of this issue

So then, what else is there then, that can perhaps help to better explain reason for why ex members are not meeting with requirement being proposed?

I propose that ex members are simply become ill-equipped, with measures, of whats actually needed, so as to help them all then achieve the requirement of goals being proposed here, so as to help fund  this drive to see justice served

Ex members become ill-equipped ,to have decent ability to help themselves, to be able to attend to this proposal

This is the main elephant in the room

Perhaps you might not yet expect to find this observation recorded, as yet, within regular education books being passed back and forth, within universities

Perhaps it might even be so

Even so,id still happily question, any idea, that im any way way-wrong by my act of assuming this “calculated” guess of mine

The alternative is, to consider that perhaps ex cult member are generally some how mostly all become void of their own ability for sense of empathy for others .I doubt that. In fact i feel i see miles of evidence, to help suggest, that maybe empathy is heightened ,by ex cult members own experience of feeling alienated and forgotten and so on

I seriously doubt that ex cult members lack empathy. In fact, a fair number of ex cult members ,will purposely choose to stay interested and involved, for reason that they also fully understand, how many other people, universally worldwide, are being forced to also suffer likewise as well too

So in fact its element of this empathy, of what directly helps to bind the ex cult groups of people together in solidarity

So lack of empathy, is not the elephant in the room here

What ex members of cult do lack, here, is their ability to ALL remain equipped to meet with requirement proposed (specially financially)

This really needs to be considered. Or otherwise there little good that will ever  come ,from assuming wrong conclusion

Right ?

Lets face it, fund raisers can choose to bang on and on and on about “please try and fund this” , becoming more blue in the face by the day ,forever and ever an a day, even perhaps as far as until the cows come home.

Still to little avail ?


And simply because, there’s no amount of coaxing, of what will ever actually “help to change” the reality that’s being faced here

Wont alter the main elephant in the room

I dare, anyone to care to prove how i’m so-wrong by my act of declaring this ?

I dare anyone. Anyone here have enough guts, to try to disprove what ive assumed is the main problem here?

I’d love to see it

We are not magician .Even although a number of us can feel frustrated to need to accept how we are absolutely not like a magician  . It’s not as if we enjoy this feeling.We would seriously love to be able to help far more, too. Little doubt about it. So much enjoyment can be gained, for oneself, from being able to be helping others out

In fact ,with some of us, this idea has always been a constant aspiration of ours of what we’d had, and even ever since as far back as we feel like we can even remember back too .This is in fact reality of this situation here

We are in fact, become highly tuned toward empathy toward others

The elephant in the room here, is more to do with the fact that people are not clones. Their lives are not cloned lives either, that work out similar clockwise. Situations vary .Luck can even vary immensely too. All kind of considerations can come into play here. Luck, genetics, and or religion or so many more other factors of life


This situation, should become a valid learning curve for ex cult members to finally begin to heed this time around ?.

Just all just try to imagine, ourselves, the feelings of pressure and suffering, of like what a non scientist might experience?

Bad enough, to need to be a well-educated person being faced with feeling  pressure of coming under attack by powerful . Now try to imagine too, how a un educated person might otherwise begin to feel themselves. Sense of hopelessness what might face them

My point is. For a number of differing reason, many ex cult members are simply become ill-equipped, to be able to front up with what’s being proposed here

This is simply the stark reality of the situation at hand

This is the real main elephant in the room here. This is what need fairly prompt attention too . As without prompt attention, this wont ever change, so much, anytime soon?

This is the elephant in the room here. This is the root cause ,here, of what’s been constantly going wrong

This can even help to explain how a number of suicide have had to happen. When in fact , far better management might have otherwise helped to have made a whole load of difference

I don’t mind assuming that this might in fact be correct

People, for now, are feeling and experiencing, what it feels like, to feel like being caught between a rock and a hard place .Myself included. Id seriously love to feel able to do far more to help out

Only people who are destined to need to fail time again and again and again, would be the kind to also dare, to overlook this elephant?

Quote :

George Santayana. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Ex cult members ,would do well ,to finally begin to learn way-more, from past experience

  1. Cults are not about to cease with acts of litigation anytime soon
  2. groups of religious people, are unlikely to care to face the reality that freedom of faith, is a myth ,anytime soon either

Therefore it is the responsibility of ex cult members to learn how to create better ways ,in which to then in turn take far better care of all of their own needs ,themselves

This is reality

Not necessarily the nicest reality .To need to be faced with. But still stark reality never the less

Obviously ,there are few theist who’d even actively care to bother to take pity on cult members lot

No use us dwelling on this reality either ?. You can lead a horse to water, but you still wont ever make it choose to drink

Right ?

Far better that ex cult members would unite and face the situation head on, themselves, and then also begin to actively attend to exactly what needs to change here


The time is way overdue ,that ex cult members would begin to unite so as to then also be able to take cults on, at their own game

Time is now already  way long overdue that this would begin to happen

Besides, perhaps God loves people most of all, who can also learn how to help all of themselves ?

That there, would in itself, soon enough become complete total defeat of all these cults, expectation


This highly organized movement ,might then also begin to help serve to highlight the ex cult members plight

Ex cult members main strength could become the way they learn to put aside faith differences, so as to still retain solidarity together


This strength, is a trait of what cults themselves,all have no so little hope of ever achieving ?

Solidarity of love can indeed, help to overcome evil forces








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Freedom from Religion Foundation group sues IRS over tax exemption


(RNS) — An atheist relief organization has sued the Internal Revenue Service, claiming its tax-exempt status was unfairly revoked.
IRS officials say the group failed to file required annual information to the agency for three years.
But the group’s leaders say churches do the same thing all the time and are never penalized.

Nonbelief Relief, the charitable arm of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, filed a complaint Thursday (Oct. 11) in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, after its tax-exempt status was automatically revoked.
The Aug. 20 IRS revocation notice said the relief organization failed to file an “information return” — known as a Form 990 — for three consecutive years.
In its complaint, the charity said it “objects to having to file Form 990 while churches and church-related organizations do not.”

Annie Laurie Gaylor, president of the charity and FFRF co-president, said the suit is “part and parcel” of an ongoing legal strategy of the Wisconsin-based atheist group that has challenged an “IRS code that uniquely advantages religion over nonreligion.”

Gaylor said Nonbelief Relief, which has supported groups such as Doctors Without Borders and provided scholarships to a camp program for atheists, informed the IRS when it sought tax-exempt status in 2015 that it would not be filing the usual 990s that many charities submit.

“We knew that there would be consequences, most likely,” she told Religion News Service the day before the complaint was filed. “We’re just doing the same thing that churches do, and church-related groups, and they do not lose their tax exemption for not filing, so why should we?”


end quote (my bold)

Good on the Freedom from Religion group. Lets face it, there are few people of faith who ever care to question these kind of things

Not even so called “real” Christian will bother to

Those real Christian don’t lose any of their own sleep, either ,when cashed-up cults and closed fundamentalist faith groups are actively involved in suing people. Or are involved in harassing women and causing them to become extremely unwell

Do they?

No they don’t lose any of their own sleep

They also say nothing ,sit back ,and in effect help dilver these cult and fundamentalist harmful faith groups, right of “free rein” to run riot and continue “to act” in the same way like what pawns do, in a game of chess . (IE: while the pawns are  seen to be standing strong, then the rest can also still continue just rest-real-easy in a most blissfully peaceful mannerism)

Cults and closed fundamentalist groups help to create a buffer, buffer that in turn then add a “shelter” for any real Christian to also be able to hide behind (the cults “soak up” the spot light, same way like what pawns will also do too in a game of chess)

Those real Christian ,have more concern for the financial health of their own church coffer, don’t they, than they’ll ever have any real concern for “harm being done” in the name of God

Finance and power, remains their main concern

Most didn’t even care to “say a word”, either, even when the Catholic Church was blatantly constantly involved in “stalling” on situation of attending to sex abuse

Few real Christian “spoke out about it” going on

Most Christian didn’t even  be observed to say a word about the Catholic sex abuse, “until after” the abuses were already finally being attended to.

Never said anything much until “afterwards”

None of them

And then their main concern then too,was more in connection to how disgraceful it had gone and made Christianity to look like

Plenty of concern for how “Christianity looks”

No real concern for the people who had in fact been forced to need to “struggle” and fight so as to try to see justice done

No “great concern” for them


No real great concern in regard to that disgrace? (or even any concern of their own part, in sitting back and therefore allowing it to be slow coming ,and a struggle hard fought for)

No real concern in that regard

Non of these Christian showed any concern in regard to how their “own” irresponsible lack of concern ,has in turn then made Christianity look bad too?

Few even bothered to “bat and eyelid” over that thought

No sleep lost

They remain oblivious to how utterly disgusting their own “lack of concern” really is  (Hint: its even more disgusting than what the actual abuse itself, actually is)

These twats still believe that they’ll be ones who’ll end up rewarded in heaven too ?

I figure, that perhaps it will be all these Christian, whom Jesus will feel most against accepting as his followers

On judgment day they believe in. They’ll say, oh but Jesus did you note how we were always busy over in Africa ,with setting up more and more new churches and feeding clothing and housing the poor.

Perhaps Jesus will reply, i had purposely actively attempted to have made sure that the church wouldn’t be used to cause  harm to people (John 2: 13-22). I was so determined to try and make sure of this first and foremost , that i even went ahead and did so, “at risk” of my own death too . So that’s how “highly important” this particular issue, was to me . I’m not someone who goes along with the belief, that religious liberty wont include regulation . To have religious liberty upheld, also first requires that regulation will also need to be attended to

What did you “real” Christian do , to follow my footstep then, and actively help make sure that religious liberty was upheld ?


Church-goer says poor families feel pressured to tithe


end quote

Everywhere universally worldwide. So much suffering still being caused in the name of God ?

So many complacent indifferent “real” Christians too !

1 + 1 = 2

Be hilarious if the complacent Christian ,get to judgment day, only to learn that the atheist might in fact have far more chance, of being accepted in there, than what so called real Christians will ever do

Be hilarious right ?

Imagine the surprised look on their faces. Their bottom lips dragging on the ground. Some will say

Oh Jesus but we were active in loads of “toe sucking” and “brown nosing”, in church, for you Jesus ,and every single week without fail too .

We all “idolized” you Jesus (swooned all over you in a sheeple-like blithering emotionally driven mess, day in day out , treated you like our rock star)

And see how we also made very sure to help set up more churches too, over in poor countries where the pickings were real easy (easy picking, as the people were so hard-up that they wouldn’t refuse help, and even if they really didn’t even believe in a-God)

But we didn’t feel like helping to attend to the existing faith abuses. As it would mean we’d then need to face up to shame ,of how widespread faith abuses are .

Rather than be able to gain more and more glory through our acts of feeding, clothing and housing the poor, and seeding new churches

How stupid can Christians be ?

Why would they seed more and more Churches , when they haven’t as yet bother to first help attend to safety aspect of the ones that already exist ?

How could they act so utterly irresponsible ?

Imagine if our government were

1 .only interested in concentrating on acts of putting more and more cars and trucks and buses out on our road. Without having any speed limit or road code in place

2 but yet also didn’t want to need to be faced with attending to safety aspect of what they were still actively involved in doing


That would be deemed negligent and grossly irresponsible ?

Sure it would

I have a feeling.Some smug faced “real” Christian might be faced with a mighty big surprise, too, if indeed they’ll face judgment day

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“Real” Christian voice missing

Real Christian voice ?

Where is it . Where was it ,to be observed ,when the Catholic Church stubbornly refused to address sex abuse

Where ?

Nowhere to be seen or heard right ?

“Real” Christians all remained about as silent as a bunch of mute church mice .

So .Little wonder then,that the Catholic church refused to attend to sex abuse promptly?

Most “real” Christian, “made more noise” , only after the full extent of the sex abuse,had finally made it through into the news media


As if it was only “their own” feeling of shame, in regard of the sad sorry state of Christianity it posed, as was what had in fact finally moved them to even care to take any “real” notice at all 

At all

Suddenly, only then did all the “real” Christian, crawl out of their real-Christian closet,to  get interested at all , so as to step up and finally “say” something (“openly”)


Had real Christian voice been supportive to have the sex abuses attended to more quickly. Beforehand. Then chances also are, that the Catholic church would have also felt more pressured and motivated ,themselves ,to act faster too

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.: Edmund Burke

Where is the “real” Christian voice ,in this world ,of what’s been missing , to help counteract evil then?

Doing nothing ?

When a woman has been harassed and treated nastily http://maz63.blogspot.com/

Where oh where is the real Christian voice to be observed in comments on her blog ?

Not there ?

No.Nothing . Sweet fuck all

Not anywhere to be seen or heard. Doing nothing. Still silent as church mice . Still missing

Likewise too

When an ex cult member is being attacked and stood-over through method  of litigation https://www.gofundme.com/defence-against-religious-extremist

Real Christians still remain silent there too ?

Sure do

Not even a squeak. Not even a brass Razo collected in any charitable like “real Christian” manner either

Little wonder then

Little wonder that evil cults can easily “triumph” and “stand-over” and dominate people? .

Little wonder then too ,that the Catholic Church had decided there was no real great hurry, to attend to sex abuse ?

Real Christian voice remain about as scarce as rocking horse shit is


Perhaps “real Christianity” is a myth ?

Real Christians seem like the biggest bunch of hypocrites there ever was (I couldn’t stand to sit in a church along side those people.Would make me feel like throwing-up in disgust)


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Exclusive Brethren Charitable Sham

Quote :

2.6 The ‘Universal Leader’, Mr Bruce David Hales of Sydney, Australia, declared in March 2006

We have to get a hatred, and utter hatred of the world. Unless you’ve come to a hatred of the world you’re likely to be sucked in by it, and seduced by it. You must hate the world, every feature of the world, at every point you hate it.”


end quote (my bold)

  1. Exclusive Brethren deliver hay


2. Exclusive Brethren deliver litigation


3. Exclusive brethren deliver pain and suffering too http://maz63.blogspot.com/

4. Exclusive Brethren deliver lies and corruption as well Potential witness in Exclusive Brethren sex abuse case paid to remain silent

So it seems

Society getting “sucked in” and “seduced” by Exclusive Brethren Sham

Two faced Brethren

Our governments award cults with “charity” status

Street gangs must be jealous ? (street gangs don’t get awarded for “stand over” tactics )

Only religious mafia groups are the groups awarded for doing harm, by government

Street gangs must feel envious ?

Governments award charity status to religious mafia groups which in turn then also allow the religious mafia group to  adopt stand over tactic through litigation

Kind of like “tax free” bully fund  ( “Government backed scheme” )

Perhaps government are wanting to help cults make it seem “very unworthwhile” for people to try dare to leave cults ?

Year 2018 now

Yet government back religious mafia groups are still collecting “charity-status” ,while also actively involved in using stand over tactic

We can “be thankful”,that these days, the religious mafia isn’t awarded charity status by our government, while also actively  involved in burning people

Progress is slow

Year 2018 .Scales of justice still being tilted toward religious mafia

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Playing Dumb right enough!

The financial gain is the reason for why congregation are constantly being led to become like a bunch of sheep (Play Dumb right enough). Charity status is constantly being misused .

They can perpetuate almost any kind of abuse. But then still be able to get away with being “involved in it”, by also taking part in some form of charity act too,just like with what the brethren group does as well with their RRT hay relief in Australia. That’s their “front” they use ,to help shelter their bad reputation and to help make them look like as if “butter wouldn’t melt” in their mouths

They use their wealth, part of which originally was obtained through misuse of “charity status” anyway, to then be able to also “buy people” out . Pay the citizen out ,in return of ownership of general citizens “cauterized” conscience 

Citizen are being payed-off by the “religious mafia” ,more or less. Payed-out , to remain silent (Play Dumb right enough too)

Street gangs “must feel jealous” that their own street gang groups are themselves “not legally able” to claim charity status ,for harming people?

I’d say so

You need to become religious mafia” first”? .Right. “Say how you believe” in a-God, and then anyone can fairly much be able to more or less even get away with even murder, in around about way. No problem . An even still be awarded by governments

It says a whole lot about, the “sorry sad sick state” of our societies, doesn’t it, when we can freely observe how even citizen generally are more often quite happy to allow their own conscience to be “easily brought-out” too, in that way.

And not lose any sleep

Almost everyone, “Plays Dumb right enough” just like sheeple does as sheeple do

Religious abuse has thrived due to misuse of this loop hole

Part of it is due to tradition. Its been tradition ,that we citizen generally would be happy to turn a blind eye to action taken by groups of religious mafia people .Like for instance it had even happen that way, as well too,back in times long ago when groups of religious mafia were busily “burning people” they had accused of heresy, to death

Citizen generally would still agree to “look on the bright side” . And perhaps someone might be heard to say ,”oh well lets all not overlook the fact of how this group of mafia believers here, does also indeed help to feed our poor

Bingo , citizen conscience has been nullified 

How can it happen?

The main reason it continues to be misused is because as soon as the charity commission start to try to tighten up the regulation, then suddenly there is more theist whom will actively involved in  condemning this action , than what there ever will be the ones who might otherwise take action to “congratulate the commission”

Commissions are not seeing/hearing any support coming through from within “religious” groups quarter

Only the fundamentalist anti voice is  there (and is anti the commission move to try to reform guideline/regulation)

So commission hands therefore “remain tied” (dare not push ahead any further ,before first observing some more positive support for their action. As by then it’ll feel like it’s still too much of a “taboo” subject. Commission’s  start to act again like as if they are “treading on glass”  )

Meanwhile.Theists don’t care to be responsible? .The “real Christian” remain silent as church mice. And anyhow, they also  still enjoy the privilege of being free to run religious mafia anyway, whenever they might feel like it, and will even still get rewarded and awarded with charity status for doing so too


So .They are not about to step forward to offer their support to help “tighten” regulation around their own right of privilege?

No way

The cult congregations,for now, are still able to be utilized to “act in similar ways” to like what pawn figurines within a game of chess also do. The pawns (cult congregations constantly involved in abuse) in turn help create a barrier so as to keep the kings and Queens and knights and bishops “sheltered”

Cults congregation act as a barrier shelter ,right now,so as to also help stabilize the real Christians blissful sense of peace

So long as the cults retain freedom to run a religious mafia themselves . Then obviously the regulation will have remain so relaxed , that the “real Christian” will surely still have no care in the world, or any reason for themselves to ever need to be fretting about anything

They can chill-out and relax

Settle back into their own blissful sense of indifference . And wipe their own conscience completely free of any level of their own responsibility, in a kind of ugly despicable irresponsible manner  (like what they do)

“cauterised” conscience

Sweet as .No loss of sleep though? … yeah naaa  no worries

You’d think more might begin to catch on ,and become aware why the youth of today are now ditching religion ,and belief in Gods

Like ,where was God anyway? .. on holiday ?

Like, if God-exist , then how come these groups of abuse , are still able to all get away with the real bad evil stuff  like what they do ?

Be so easy for a-God to step-in to “actually” intervene . if in fact he’d exist ?


Surely we should see at least some positive sign of it happening like that

Yet no, that’s not the kind of evidence of  like what we see happening here, is it? .No. Far from it in fact

Polar opposite of what we see . Our world ,including the groups of religious mafia ,all seem to be running in traditional natural manner, “as if” there is absolutely no ACTIVE input of any God




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Gloriavale father jailed for assaulting daughters across 13 years


An assault case that Gloriavale tried to keep suppressed can now be revealed, shining light on a culture of child discipline in the religious sect.

Clem Ready has been convicted for assaulting his two daughters Connie Ready and the late Prayer Ready.

Clem Ready was sentenced to 12 months supervision in the Greymouth District Court in May this year. 

Judge Tony Couch said the assaults “constituted serious breaches of trust that children are entitled to have in their parents that they will be treated properly”.

The case has been kept secret until now because Clem Ready had name suppression, and all details linking him to Gloriavale were also suppressed.

The suppression was lifted on Thursday after a hearing in the Court of Appeal in Christchurch, where Newshub made submissions arguing it was in the public interest.



end quote

Connie loves her dad still, even though her dad had used violence against her . Connie fought to have this case made public. Even though the people at Gloriavale would prefer it had remained secret . They sense that some of what they actively do is very wrong, and so therefore they also don’t like the idea that the public may become aware of the wrong that they are involved in

Connie fought for the case to be made public , because she wants the public outside of Glorivale to be also able to become more aware, themselves, of what’s going on .

Kudos to Connie . Wonderful woman .Wise and strong. And someone also willing to help change the future for everyone. To try do her own part to help make the world a better place

The NZ citizen need to watch through the video in the news link above, and then ask themselves , how the hell can this be good, and how can it be allowed to happen ?. How can groups that are actively involved in this type of thing ,be able to get rewarded through charity status?

All humans only get one life to live . How wrong that an organized group of what acts as if its been doing good, and gets rewarded through charity status 

Is actively ruining this life, for some

How sad that Connie was forced to even-need to make this problem public . All of that anguish and struggle might have been all avoided , if only there was some more regulation in regard of what goes on within closed organized religious groups

Connie might have been saved from anguish and many tears ?

The dads violent action is connected back to the religious groups teaching as well too . So in that sense ,both the father and the daughters, are all become victims of bad teaching

“Victims” of bad teaching

If the group was instead an Isis inspired group,of what was actively involved in teaching violence against NZ citizen ,then NZ citizen would quickly become outraged about it going on .Right ?

Sure they would . Real fast

And yet, if its a group claiming to be Christian ,of what is helping to teach violence toward children citizen of NZ , most our citizen in NZ ,wont even care less


Because it doesn’t ruin their own lives,any at all

They allow themselves to act in this selfish irresponsible manner. By “falling back” on the age old fucked-up idea, that religion is taboo and about rights of religious liberty (IE: a no go area where no “outsider” should ever dare to intervene )

Even so called main stream Christian are able to absolve themselves of responsibility of this violence of what is allowed to continue to be taught within closed cult like religious groups . By the same approach

With no loss of sleep

So many lives are still being ruined within closed religious groups ,worldwide . Due to these ongoing acts of irresponsibility

Perhaps hell would be full of mega numbers of irresponsible mainstream Christian? . Imagine how indignant they’ll all feel?. Considering how they had gone through the motion and went along to church, followed with the usual routine and read their bible, and prayed and praised and totally “brown-nosed” up to Jesus, and all.Rada rada rada . However had just chosen to act passively irresponsible (unlike Jesus did in John 2 : 13 -22)

The mainstream Christian have remained silent, and passively acted irresponsibly as well too, even while the Catholic Church hierarchy long tried  to prevent sex abuse from being exposed

Mainstream Christian tradition to act passively irresponsible

Mainstream Christian generally still remained relatively silent themselves? (preferring to allow it to remain as if it were the total responsibility of the church hierarchy alone )

Great way to quickly “pass” the buck

Little wonder that justice, for people sexually abused by priests, was such a long time coming then?

Wasn’t like Christian were up in arm and even acting “outraged” ? . Was it?

No not really … Most had remained silent as church mice

Not like many were bothered to lose any of their own sleep over the thought of the irresponsible disgusting mess ?

Yeah naaa ,really not “all that bothered”  .. Aye?

Few even cared (so long as the crime didn’t happen to involve their own lives “directly”)

Therefore most didn’t care less

Throughout generations.So much harm has been able to continue, in this way, due to citizen irresponsible choice to take the passive approach




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Power Corrupts


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